Cavs still undecided on amnesty for Davis

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The Cleveland Cavaliers have still not decided whether they will use the amnesty provision on guard Baron Davis, according to a league source. Davis is entering the final year of his contract, which will pay him $13.9 million this season. Teams have until Friday to utilize the amnesty provision for this season. Waiving a player via amnesty allows that player’s salary to be removed from both a team’s salary cap and luxury tax thresholds, creating cap room that can be used on other players or potentially getting a team underneath the $70 million tax threshold.

The Cavaliers acquired Davis from the Clippers at the trade deadline last February in a deal that sent guard Mo Williams to Los Angeles and brought Davis and a number one Draft pick to Cleveland.

That pick wound up being the first overall pick in last June’s Draft after the Cavs won the Draft Lottery in May. Cleveland selected Duke freshman point guard Kyrie Irving with the pick, then used its own first-rounder to take Texas forward Tristan Thompson with the fourth overall selection.

Cleveland is exploring all options for the 32-year-old Davis, including a contract buyout that would give Davis his freedom right away — and the ability to sign with any team he wants — while saving the team money on the cap. (Players who are waived via amnesty go into a pool, and must report to the team that submits the highest bid for them, as the Clippers did Monday with Chauncey Billups.) Davis’ expiring contract could also be used in a trade to bring back assets, and the Cavs have another candidate on their roster that could potentially be amnestied — veteran forward Antawn Jamison, who is scheduled to make $15 million in the final year of his contract this season. But the Cavs, in full rebuilding mode, can just let the contracts of both Davis and Jamison expire next summer and clear them off the books, freeing a huge amount of cap space that would make Cleveland a potential player for trades or free agent signings.

Complicating matters is the fact that Davis has been out of camp with a bad back that may force him to miss an extended period of time. He was in the process of getting a second opinion on Tuesday.

Davis’ agent, Todd Ramasar, said Tuesday afternoon that the guard will accept any decision from the Cavaliers as long as it comes quickly.

“A lot of people expected Baron wouldn’t report when he was traded,” Ramasar said. “He was a professional. He was totally supportive of the organization when they drafted Kyrie. He reached out to Kyrie. He did everything you could expect someone to do in terms of the community last year. He came in and tried to lead the team and they were playing better at the end of the season.”

If Davis is waived via amnesty, capped-out teams like the Knicks and Heat could only sign him if no other team claimed him out of the amnesty pool. reported Monday that Davis was “likely” to sign with the Knicks if he wasn’t claimed out of the amnesty pool.


  1. CavsFan says:

    This article is wrong. Davis is signed for TWO more seasons, not just one.

  2. zenobia says:

    Yes you are right Sinclair! Why waste money like that, I would’ve signed someone even if it was only for a year. I think we are gonna need a major player to keep fans in the stands. I hope we can get some good young pieces next year, I presume that is what the Cavs are aiming for. If LeBron doesn’t get a title I figure he might be on his way back from South Beach. I’m sure he misses his hometown and friends. I tell folks all the time, “There’s no place like home”. I miss those good ole days, but oh well, we must move forward.

    The only way they should be rid of Baron or Jamison is for some additional 1st round picks. Maybe, it’ll pay off for us again. Other than that, I say keep them both until their contract ends next year, and they can feel free to go to a contending team.

  3. RussSays says:

    I love the NBA. However, LBJ23 must have knew something when he left the Cavs. Why would you amnesty your best, pardon me, your player with the potential to get to the All-Star game? Who are the Cavs going to put on the team program if they amnesty Baron Davis? Sorry but they are putting alot of pressure on their rookie PG in a league full of great point guards.
    signed Puzzled

  4. toronto area says:

    let them both go , you dont want to over achieve this year if i was a cavs , go to a lottery pick this year again add another talent from the draft an start working your way from there ! jamision and davis should be hunting for that ring !!!!!!!!!!

  5. zenobia says:

    My thought on the process of the Cavaliers, it makes “no sense” to amnesty Baron Davis or Antawn Jamison, when their contract ends next year. Cavs have nothing going on this year, that would be a waste. Furthermore, Baron Davis at some point will be able to help and mentor the young guys. Baron is a true leader, and that is tough to find. I watched him last year and how he brought that expertise and energy to the team last year, and it was very amazing!

    No one is going to buy tickets to wait and see if the young guys can turn it around. These guys need guidance and structure to keep losing might turn some ticket holders off. The economy is tough, so don’t take the fans for granted by throwing any plan together and expect them to buy into it. The fans have waited long enough, so give them some veteran experience to lead these young guys. One more year with these Veterans will not hurt.

    I know that Byron is a great coach, but you couldn’t even blame the losses on him. Give him some experienced guys to help them get these guys to where they need to be.


    • Sinclair says:

      This is true, if the CAVS did however try and make some moves during this year free-agency (I wish they would have) then yes, I say amnesty Davis. However, since they didn’t make any significant moves (push for Nick Young) I say keep Davis. If we bought him out I’m sure he would end up in NY or Miami. I am just upset that we aren’t going to use that $14 million trade exception we have… actually, I think it was suppose to be used by the 9th, so never mind. Either way it makes me mad that we let it go to waste. Could’ve made a push for either Nick Jones or some low key, but valuable players.