Source: Wolves, Barea Nearing Deal


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A source close to free agent J.J. Barea tells TNT’s David Aldridge that the 27-year-old is finalizing details on a four-year deal with the Minnesota Timberwolves, which would further add to that team’s seemingly inexhaustable supply of guards.

Barea, who starred in the postseason last spring during the Dallas Mavericks’ run to the NBA title, took more in Minnesota than in New York, which had been talking about a two-year deal, according to the source. But after using the amnesty provision on Saturday to waive guard Chauncey Billups and dealing forward Ronny Turiaf to Washington as part of the three-team deal that sent Tyson Chandler to New York, the Knicks technically fell under the cap, and thus lost their ability to use the mid-level exception starting at $5 million. They only had the new “room” exception for teams that are below the tax threshold that starts at $2.5 million to offer.

The Timberwolves could be looking for a mentor for their high-profile rookie guard, Ricky Rubio, who finally came over to the NBA after starring in Europe as a teenager. Rubio was taken fifth overall by the Wolves in 2009 but remained in Europe until this summer. The Wolves already have veteran guard Luke Ridnour on the roster as well.

The Mavericks, who are intent on keeping cap flexibility next season, only offered Barea a one-year deal, the source said. That left Barea feeling “betrayed” after he’d become a key contributor for Dallas the past few seasons and a major factor last season off the bench in the playoffs for the Mavericks, averaging 8.9 points and 3.4 assists in 18.6 minutes per game in the postseason. He shot almost 42 percent from behind the three-point line, and his 22-point, 8-assist effort in the clinching game over the Lakers in the second round so frustrated Lakers center Andrew Bynum that Bynum cheap-shotted Barea in the closing minutes of the Mavericks’ Game 4 series-clinching rout, earning an ejection and five-game suspension at the beginning of this season.

Mavericks coach Rick Carlisle started Barea during The Finals against the Heat, and the diminutive guard provided a major spark for Dallas en route to its 4-2 series win over Miami.

After waiving Billups, the Knicks clearly need help at the point. Their current starter is second-year guard Toney Douglas, though first-round pick Iman Shumpert could see some time there as well this season. And Barea would  have been an ideal distributor in Mike D’Antoni‘s high-octane offensive attack.


  1. DF says:

    JJ – He’s still just a very small PG and only a bench player. His last season was solid, the playoffs good, and the very last game (6) awesome. So what? 10 mio? It’s ok, I understand, he’s looking for the best deal for himself. And it’s also ok that the Mavs don’t want to offer him more (years and money). He’s just a bench player after all and the Mavs surely expect more form Beaubois this next season and in the future as well as in comparison to JJ. With many guys gone, the only one that really hurts is Chandler. And I wonder what’s happening with Peja and Stephenson? I understand Peja isn’t getting younger but so are (not) the other Mavs. Stephenson I’d like to keep. And then bring in Dalembert or Kaman… and we’re good.

  2. Edward Baker says:

    With Barea, Rubio and Ridnour they have two pg´s with fatal flaws. Ridnour is the worst defensive player I have ever seen at that level, and Rubio is the worst shooter I have ever seen at that level. He is a superior ball handler, can go to the hole and finish or dish, sees the court extremely well, and plays much better than average defense, but he can´t shoot a lick. That is why he would have trouble being on the floor the same time as Barea. Barea is too small to defend a 2, Ricky can, he has the size and quickness, great anticipation, but he can´t shoot at all and he was actually a worse shooter these last two years with Barcelona than he had been previously with Joventut.

  3. Pangit kaayo ka says:

    wolves will be better this season compare to last season. they will climb to the western conference bracket. shame on those haters

  4. FTW says:


  5. toronto area says:

    WOVELS , you guys haveee soooooo much pg . . . give us some in Toronto 🙂 loll . .. . i can almost gurantee that lease 2 of your point gurads wont finish the season in a mini uniform


    I want Barea on the Lakers because he’s from Puerto Rico and so am I

  7. JJPR says:

    First of all, why would he need to stay in Dallas after being slapped in the face with a crappy one year contract after the season he had there? Second, why would he need to go to another “contender” team when they are not offering him what his playing to get, MONEY! The money was with the wolves and that’s where he went. How many great players are there that couldn’t get their championship ring? Barea already got it… Now he’s got to focus on the money and his own security, after all this is a BUSINESS!

  8. kaje says:

    i hate dallas roster right now!!!

  9. tgnick says:

    Ridinour is no big deal. Wes Johnson has proven himself yet. Rubio is wet behind the ears. J.J. Barera was a good player on a very talented and deep Dallas team. He can play 1 or 2. He can just play. Good sign. bye bye Luke

  10. Mike "Superstar" Bibby says:

    W e don’t need Barea. Bibby will start at point guard in New York Knicks. He can teach Douglas some good moves. He is championship caliber until NOW!!!!

  11. tall man says:

    the mavs are my favorites. but, they are really NOT going to win if they give away guys Tyson Chandler, Caron Butler, and now maybe even JJ barea. I just want them to make good decisions , like not trading so many players.

  12. stv says:

    One of the quietist transactions (& I missed it until today) – “During the 2011 NBA Draft, Flynn was traded to the Houston Rockets along with Donatas Motiejunas in exchange for Brad Miller, the number 23 and 38 picks in the draft, and a future first round draft pick.” As a ‘cuse fan, I wish Flynn the best.

  13. Jericho says:

    Was I the only one who thought LaMarcus Aldridge was part of this deal?

  14. Jay says:

    Knicks need to go after Allen IVERSON…IVERSON…IVERSON!!! I’m just saying!

  15. CHIRO says:

    JJ, you should take the 19M and run! Its the best deal you ever going to see. Dont even think it twice!!!

  16. Dallas Fan says:

    Because of JJ Brea the mavericks won the title because , if rick carlise ,have not put barea to starrt the last 3 games the mavs wouldent won the title ! I think that barea has benn better in NY but he decided to go minesota and if is true that he sign with min, minesota has the best gurad in the nba right now ,because for he dallas are the champions

  17. Plummerz28 says:

    I agree we wont go anywhere with vast amounts of guards we have only just about gained some size in the team. Barea is a good hardworking guard i respect that, why dont we go get Billups????

  18. Devon says:

    I don’t understand why J.J would go to the wolves? Out of all the teams, why the wolves? I think he should have stayed in Dallas or signed with another contender.

    • ed says:

      Dallas offered him a 1 year deal, Minnesota is offering 4 years. Which would you take if you were trying to provide for your family?

  19. The Watcher says:

    I’m a Heat fan and I think the Wolves have a pretty sick team…don’t sleep!

  20. James says:

    I’d say that Adelman realized Rubio is going to be mediocre and got JJ Barea for position insurance.

  21. Jason Terry is the best in nba says:

    His three pointer killed the lakers, his clutch three over lebron made lebron look like a bad defender, He can score off the bench or be in the starting lineup, His defense against Wade & LeBron was superb, He actually played the PG in the fourth quarter in the finals not Jason Kidd!! He should of been the finals MVP!!

  22. kelogz says:

    This is a good pick up for T-wolves, if Rubio lives up to expectations then Berea would be the perfect back up, Luke can be used as a valuable trading piece. If Rubio fails then there is still a decent starting pg in Ridnour. As for Flynn, his performance for the last couple season has been so poor I dont kno why ppl would add him to t_wolves list or pgs.

  23. maDSkiLLz says:

    Good move for T’Wolves in case Rubio is a bust.

  24. Fallatio says:

    barea blows anyways BRUH

    • fxmunoz says:

      Yes that’s it, he blows…by any player you put in front of him. You need to get your cable fixed and watch the re-runs of the finals.

  25. Robb says:

    This isnt Kahn it is AJ Adelmen he is doing moves by himself which suggests that Kahn is on his way out.

  26. Kyle says:

    He will be the third point guard on their roster, I don’t understand why this is so hard for people to understand? They drafted a combo-guard, Malcolm Lee, in the second round, but I didn’t expect him to contribute much as a rookie.

  27. JAHSIEL says:

    I think you should opt for New York. In this projection equipment will you need, plus it will have more opportunity to play with Mike Bibby that is almost off.

  28. Marc says:

    Disreguard logic.
    Acquire point guards.

  29. KLOVE says:

    God bless you Anthony J. As a Wolves fan I don’t love this deal, because long mid-terms for playoff heroes usually end badly. But this isn’t a positional issue. Rubio is tall, and could play at the same time as either Barrea or Ridnaur at times. And I’m not sure we should expect Ricky to play Chris Paul minutes this year. He will be learning the game and getting up to speed. Stop worshiping Bill Simmons (who guaranteed all of us that Rubio would never play for the Wolves) and analyze a Kahn move with something other than snark and cliches. The worst part of this deal is the four years, but JJ is only 27, has rarely been hurt, and seems unlikely to be the type of player to take the money and stop working hard.

  30. James says:

    They should get Kyle Weaver.

  31. Anthony J says:

    “inexhaustable supply of guards.”

    “I will never understand why the Wolves keep getting PG’s”

    Seriously, some people need to quit going with what has been spoon fed to them. All this rehashed talk about Minnesota and PG…some people need to do a little research.

    Minnesota currently has at Guard: Rubio, Ridnour, Malcom Lee (rookie), Ellington, and Wes Johnson (who is more of a SF).

    Seeing how Minnesota currently only has two PG on their roster some people need to start thinking for themselves and actually know about the subject, before spouting off

    • Rob says:

      Seems like someone has no sense of humor as I was joking since people say it alot. lol You don’t know what I’m thinking.

    • David says:

      Second this. Minnesota actually is top-heavy with bigs and very thin at guard, especially after Martell Webster’s back surgery. It’s laughable how lazy and prone to spouting the same old tired stereotypes so many reporters are.

    • afrojack says:

      why dont you do ur history and see how many guards the timberwolves have drafted in the 1st round since 08-09..
      thats why everybody disagrees… in my personal opinion johnny flynn is better that barrea and rubio, and the wolves will hang around the bottom of the western conference.

      • Justin says:

        Johnny Flynn has no ability to run a team. If you look at his +/- rate, you will see Flynn probably has the worst the last couple years. I think Johnny has potential, but anyone who has watched JJ and Johnny for an extended time knows that JJ is way better and has a ring to prove it. JJ may be the best guard the Wolves have right now. .

  32. Josiah says:

    Point guards and Timberwolves .. just meant to be!

    Big loss for Dallas if he does sign elsewhere. Shame they didn’t offer him better, he’s a solid pro. Beaubois has to step up! Otherwise Terry and Jones will be running point when Kidd comes to the bench.

    It would be awesome if the Mavericks could make up a package of maybe Odom, Haywood and (if the rumors are true) Vince Carter for someone like Dwight Howard. Otherwise a great acquisition for the Mavericks would be Samuel Dalembert, someone defensive savvy and a decent rebounder!

  33. Terry says:

    y more point gaurds??? a quality pg is going to rot on the bench while rubio gets all the minutes!!

  34. reb says:

    Noooooooo!!!!!! re-sign JJ.. Please!!

  35. Rob says:

    I will never understand why the Wolves keep getting PG’s

    • Cliff says:


    • Justin says:

      The only point guards the Wolves have are Rubio and Ridnour and Rubio has never played a game. The Wolves also have no legit 2 guard who can handle the ball. It’s a good signing and Ridnour can easily be traded. The Mavs won the title last year with Barea, Jet Terry, Jason Kidd and Stevenson. Nobody said they had too many guards.