L.A.’s ‘Other’ Team Closing In On CP3?

NBA.com staff reports

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When we last left the Chris Paul-to-wherever saga, one team had been officially ruled out: the L.A. Lakers. Per our man David Aldridge early Sunday morning, the Lakers stunningly got out of the CP3 sweepstakes and instead made a move that shook up their championship core: dealing Lamar Odom to the defending-champion (and, as of last season’s playoffs, Lakers-ousting) Mavericks. (It wasn’t a deal that exactly excited Kobe Bryant about the 2011-12 campaign, that’s for sure.)

Per D.A., the Celtics and Clippers were possibly next in line after Paul, but no one knew for sure. Then, we wake up Monday morning as a fresh week of free agency-palooza begins and read that L.A.’s ‘other’ squad has been working frantically to get the four-time All-Star Paul into the red, white and blue of Clipperland. According to Broderick Turner of the Los Angeles Times, the framework for a (new) Paul-to-L.A. (Clippers) deal may be close:

The Clippers and the New Orleans Hornets were working vigorously Sunday night to consummate a blockbuster deal that would send All-Star point guard Chris Paul to Los Angeles to play for the Lakers’ cross-town rivals, said two people with knowledge of the situation who were not authorized to speak on the matter.

The deal hasn’t been completed, but both sides were in the closing stages of the negotiations.

The Clippers would send the Hornets center Chris Kaman, backup second-year guard Eric Bledsoe, second-year forward Al-Farouq Aminu and the No. 1 draft pick they got from the Minnesota Timberwolves that is unprotected in the 2012 draft, considered to be one of the best in recent years.

Clippers owner Donald Sterling and the NBA have to sign off on the deal.

A package from the Lakers for Paul was turned down by the league.

The NBA will probably review the Clippers deal Monday.

The Clippers were in the running for Paul last week, but talks stalled because the Clips balked whenever rising shooting guard Eric Gordon was included in any deal for Paul. Paul wanted to be on a team that, if it acquired him, had enough talent to contend in the future. According to SI.com’s Sam Amick, one player in this proposed deal may already be looking for real estate in New Orleans:

Two sources told SI.com early Sunday that the Clippers and Hornets had re-engaged in discussions, and a source close to Clippers second-year guard Eric Bledsoe said late Sunday night that he was under the impression a deal had been agreed upon and that he would likely be traded to the Hornets.

When reached by phone late Sunday and asked if an agreement in principle had been reached, Clippers president Andy Roeser declined comment to SI.com.

In another wrinkle to the story, ESPN.com’s tandem of Chris Broussard and Marc Stein report that the deal was sent to the league office on Sunday with a hitch regarding Bledsoe’s role in it:

The New Orleans Hornets and Los Angeles Clippers submitted a multiplayer blockbuster deal to the NBA on Sunday that would send All-Star point guard Chris Paul to Los Angeles, a source with knowledge of the discussions said Monday.

But the trade as presented has one hitch: The league, which owns the Hornets, wanted Eric Bledsoe, while the Clippers want to keep their point guard, the source said.

The deal would be done if the league hadn’t asked for Bledsoe, according to the source.

The trade as submitted would cost the Clippers guard Eric Gordon, center Chris Kaman and forward Al-Farouq Aminu. It would also include Minnesota’s first-round draft pick in 2012.

The Los Angeles Times, citing two sources familiar with the discussions, reported late Sunday the deal included Bledsoe, but the source told ESPN that is not so.

While the Clips are trying to hammer this deal out (whatever it looks like) and get Paul to L.A., they have another issue to address — center DeAndre Jordan‘s reported four-year, $42.7 million offer sheet with the Warriors, which they have three days to decide to match. Amick explains what the Clippers’ next moves might look like:

After seeing center Tyson Chandlersign with New York this week, the Warriors went after Jordan, banking on his athleticism and potential to improve upon his seven points and seven rebounds per game last season.

In order to free salary-cap room for the Jordan offer, the Warriors used their amnesty clause on veteran guard Charlie Bell and rescinded a qualifying offer to guard/forward Reggie Williams. Sources had confirmed that the Clippers gave Jordan a five-year, $40 million offer recently, and they will now have three days to match the Warriors’ offer.

One source close to the Paul situation predicted the Clippers would match, noting that Jordan is a vital piece to their young core.

The Hornets seemed focused solely on the Clippers after the second trade attempt with the Lakers fell through. Sources said Golden State had not re-engaged in the discussions for Paul in any meaningful way. Boston was also among the teams pushing hard for Paul, but one of the principles of a Celtics proposal — forward Jeff Green — was signed to a one-year, $9 million deal on Saturday and cannot be traded by Boston for six months.

As we’ve all seen the last few days, these trade talks for CP3 can go any which way. We’ll be interested to see how this one ends up. Yet with CP3 on the Clippers’ radar and All-Star center Dwight Howard on the Nets’, times may soon be a-changing for two of the NBA’s struggling franchises.

As our own John Schuhmann points out, the Clippers (.362) and Nets (.418) are the two worst franchises of the 23 that have been around since the NBA-ABA merger in 1976. Now, the best center in the league and (arguably) the best point guard want to be traded to them.


  1. beast says:

    These amnesty waivers have paved the way for teams like the Lakers and Miami to add solid veteran talent for next to nothing because those players inflated contracts have already been paid out by their previous team.. Now they get to be paid like superstars and bum around as role players on championship contending teams…

    Billups/Arenas, Wade, James, Haslem, Bosh or Billups/Arenas, Kobe, Artest, Gasol, Bynum are tough teams…

  2. KB24CP3 says:

    The deal is dead. I cant believe the Nba is doing this. I hope Paul doesnt get traded and just leaves next year. I want the Hornests to be so bad that i’ll be able to afford them because thats what the league deserves at this point.

  3. Sup says:

    Guys, just know that David Stern is a really smart guy. He thinks about everything before doing something so you guys should really think back at why he rejected the 3 team deal

  4. Trade David Stern to the Russian League says:

    http://espn.go.com/los-angeles/nba/story/_/id/7342778/los-angeles-clippers-deal-new-orleans-hornets-chris-paul-submitted-nba-source-says check out chris broussard on the topic. the hornets want gordon and bledsoe. do your research people

  5. Trade David Stern to the Russian League says:

    its quite amusing that people are excited about cp3 coming to the clippers and are already making their projected line-up for the clippers WITHOUT LOOKING AT WHO IS BEING TRADED. how is the line up going to be paul/gordon/butler/griffin/jordan when eric gordon is the center piece that is being shipped in return for pauk? no way the hornets give up paul for kaman, aminu, and a 1st round draft pick. gordon is going to New Orleans. although i;m shocked the hornets didn’t push for more maybe get eric bledsoe in the deal or randy foye. gordon is more of a shooting guard while foye has been a decent pg in the league.

  6. max says:

    why would deandre jordan help them contend? you read it. averaged 7 and 7 or whatever it was. thats horrrrrrible

  7. knick fan says:

    i would have loved to see cp3 in a knick uniform but it from the looks of it that will not happen good luck to him. cp3 to the clippers, wow the early news was that the clippers would part with kaman, bledsoe, aminu, and a #1 pick but the new reports are the hornets have included eric gordon in that deal so with the earlier deal that would have been a great deal for clippers but giving up gordon would be a big blow but i still like that team if they cold pull off the trade.

  8. DW3 says:

    @Dwight Prophet

    Well said Dwight Prophet. Both the Clippers and Hornets would benefit if the trade will pursue.

    I’m sorry to say but definitely the Lakers fans would be very upset if the trade will done. Practically, old players and experienced ones are not so good in a rebuilding team. They can win one championship but not more than that. So if you want to compete in a long term aspect and have some multiple championships you must have young and healthy players to start on.

  9. BasketBall Fan says:

    i like the fact that drose and durant wanna win with their own team from start but understand this OKC n CHI wont win any championships with their teams …. rose is gonna need help from another star … russ and KD have a bettter chance winning with the team they got thAN CHI n rose . but let me be realistic these players can put their i wanna win with my team act on and thin k that they will be loyal we”ll see in a few years when they continue to fallshort ….. drose n kd remainig on there teams with no other star key player additions . they will be just LIKE THE MAN I CALL tthe most loyal to plaay . Regggie Miller 18 yrs no rings no intention on being traded

  10. B says:

    David stern 2011-2012 nba defensive player of the year!!!!

  11. HeatWave says:

    I’m surprised Paul is okay with going to the Clippers. I believe they have a good team and they can be contenders with Blake, Gordon, Paul, Jordon, and Butler.

  12. K says:

    Listen, although all professional athletes are spoiled brats; at the end of the day, most of them just want to win. Durant and D-Rose are great players; however, like any other star player they’ll stay loyal until they feel ownership is more about saving money then winning championships. These owners need to understand that one player cannot win you a championship; as Chicago found out last season. An just like LeBron and now Dwight Howard and CP3 these players waited 6+ years with their original teams with the expectation that ownership would put enough talent around them so they could make a serious run at a championship. Neither Cleveland, Orlando or NO has done that; so, these players feel the need to create their own opportunities at winning a championship. With free agency, these players now can pick the players they feel can help them win a championship. Boston did it when Garnett and Allen joined Pierce in Boston (Garnett spent 8+ years in Minnesota trying to carry the Timble Wolves by himself). Same with LeBron with Cleveland; Howard with Orlando and Paul with NO. If Chicago and Oklahoma after 7+ years haven’t won any championships, let’s see how loyal D-Rose and Durant stay to their current teams. It’s about winning…….. No real superstar wants to end up like a Charles Barkley, Karl Malone, Reggie Miller or John Stockton—– between those four great players, never winning a championship will forever be attached to their careers.

  13. bt says:

    watch paul blow out a knee first game! if any teams dumb enuff to put their head in sterns neuce id hope he does! hornets gotta stop smokin crack if they think paul’s worth what their askin

  14. lud van daal says:

    Lets imagine this deal gets accepted…. CP3, Eric Gordon, Caron Butler, Blake Griffin, DeAndre Jordan… plus Mo Williams and some average players on the bench… Not a bad team, definitely a playoff team, but no chance to win the conference….
    For the Hornets, Aminu and Bledsoe are very talented, Kaman has experience (good center). They have Ariza and Okafor, and the early draft picks are a big bonus.
    Compared to the Lakers/Rockets offer, I think this deal is better for Hornets in long-term. For this season, definitely not. Scola, Odom, Dragic and Martin are good enough players to carry the team this season.

  15. Fact says:

    The NBA and the 29 owners loves Blake Griffin one hundred times more than Kobe Bryant.
    CP3 will sign with the Clippers since they won’t lose any other decent players from acquiring him, but they are about to lose Jordan to the Warriors in the process unless they can match the offer.

    Chris Paul
    Blake Griffin
    Eric Gordon
    Mo Williams
    DeAndre Jordan (if they match the Golden State Warrior’s offer)

    Randy Foye
    Caron Butler
    Ryan Gomes
    Willie Warren
    Travis Leslie
    Trey Thompkins

    • HeatWave says:

      Mo Williams, Gordon and Paul on the floor at the same time? Lol they would get killed with such a small lineup. I’m thinking Williams will be gone in this deal to NO.

  16. bt says:

    4 players for 1? cp3 should be an even trade for gordon! did cp3 carry a team to the finals or something? no! so stop acting like he did! clippers would be dumb to make that trade, cp3 is overrated and the lakers are dumb buying into it and losing odom 4 it, lakers almost 3peated with a mediocre pg, bynum is the ONLY reason they fell off! ps sterns the worst thing to happen to basketball, and sum1 needs to let him know little paul is not worth 5 players ,id rather have young bledsoe

  17. ronmero says:

    The puppetmaster strikes again, keeping the Lakers from a championship. This proves that David stern is completely power hungry, and rules over the entire NBA. He dictates all. What a disappointment! The NBA is now as scripted as the WWE

    • HeatWave says:

      You are clueless. How has Stern in the past kept LA from a championship? One botched trade and everyone is against the Lakers huh? Man stop whining, LA still has a good team. It was dumb to let Odom go but they can work out deals still for Howard. Lakers’ franchise isn’t going to always be on top and I think that’s where all these stupid comments come from; fans who just can’t accept that.

  18. karo says:

    this is a good trade n there is a going to be a balance in the NBA if this happens….

  19. Hahahhaha anything that disgruntles Lakers fans pleases me! Nice to see a (potential) change in the status quo.

  20. cj says:

    cp3 and griffin together…wat a deadly combination. they still will not be a force though..sorry

    they will finish anywhere from 5 – 10th in the conference and be eliminated first round.

  21. Dominic says:

    If Stern allows any trade to any other team for Paul (because of the rejection of the Lakers trade), he should immediately be fired for tampering. First the Ref’s, now the Commish. How can we believe in the product that the NBA puts out when there is so much cheating going on. This is not what I want my children to learn and this is not how I want them to live.

  22. 21 says:

    If this deal gets through, D. Stern and the league should better prepare to be sued by the Lakers, the Rockets and ultimately also the Hornets. This deal is a bad joke compared to the Lakers/Rockets/Hornets deal that got nixed. The Hornets would end up not only with fewer players, but also worse players. Younger, yes, but none of the players in the Clippers deal has the talent of a Lamar Odom or Kevin Martin.
    I know that what Stern did is basically legal, since he’s practically the teams owner, but the reason WHY he did it bogs me and all others. Turning down the Lakers/Rockets/Hornets team not only hurt the Lakers and the Rockets, but also especially the Hornets. Good job Stern, good job. Lost every single bit of respect I had left for you. What a JOKE …

    • HeatWave says:

      The Hornets owned by the league which is basically David Stern, is going to sue…David Stern? LMAO. You said it yourself that it was legal so how do you expect LA and Houston to sue, and for what I might add? I will admit that neither trade is that great for NO, but at least with the Clippers they’re getting younger guys.

      • 21 says:

        The Hornets are owned by the league, and the league is not David Stern. The League are the 30 teams. So the Hornets are basically owned by the 29 other teams owners, not by Stern. Big different there. Stern is just sort of a representative there.
        Yes, from a legal standpoint the Lakers/Rockets can’t do anything. But I’m pretty sure that the Lakers, Rockets and the future Hornets (with a new owner) could work out something there, given that Stern agrees to this Clippers deal, or any other deal involving CP3. Because then the Lakers & Rockets and actually also the Hornets would be clearly disadvantaged. Stern is supposed to do whatever is the best for the team, the New Orleans Hornets. And the best thing for them, and I think everyone agrees on this, was the Lakers / Rockets deal. They won’t get a better trade than that, ever. And everyone knew that. And yet Stern turned down the deal, probably for his own advantages. And I’m pretty sure that you don’t want the leagues commissioner to manipulate trades to his own advantage, do you?

  23. chris says:

    I don’t get it if the Clippers-Hornets deal goes through the Clippers are still a big market team so why would Stern not veto this trade also? The 3 way trade between the Lakers-Hornets and Rockets was a better trade than this one I mean the Hornets with Kevin Martin, Luis Scola, and Odom were automatically a playoff team. I mean the Hornets almost got equal value for Paul with those 3 players. I mean who gets equal value for a star player in a trade? Almost no team does that. I mean look at the Barkley trade 20 years ago between the Sixers and the Suns as evidence of that.

    • K says:

      Chris great comment! This current proposed deal makes absolutely no sense at all. You take Scola, Martin and Odom with Ariza and Okafor and NO doesn’t miss a beat in regards to being a playoff team for the next 3-5 years. You have everything that a playoff team needs; scoring (Scola on the box; Martin on the outside). Rebounding (Scola, Odom and Okafor). Defense (Ariza on the perimeter and Okafor at the rim with Odom) and you also have some star power or potential all-stars with Scola and Martin along with Odom that fans would pay to come on watch. Makes no sense!

      • HeatWave says:

        It all depends on how you look at it. Lakers trade – seasoned vets with maybe 3-4yrs left of peak play, actually 2 for Odom.
        Clippers – two young guys at the start of their careers to develop and a player with shooting and defensive skills (Kayman).
        Some would favor The Lakers trade and others may think the Clips have a better deal. It’s all just about how you view the game and what you think you can work with.

  24. Dwight Prophet says:


    • K says:

      You still need to score; so with this so-called great rebounding and great defensive team, where does your scoring come from? Bledsoe, Al-Farouq or Ariza neither which can give you 20+ points consistently. Who’s going to be your go to player come crunch time? Youth is great; but when you take Scola and Martin’s numbers and then add a Lamar Odom to that line up with Okafor; your not going to sell me that this current deal is better. Scola and Odom easily have 5 good years left. Kevin Martin as just started hitting his prime and easily has 10 solid years of good basketball ahead of him. The first deal blows this second deal out the water easily. With this current proposed deal; really, who’s going to pay to watch them play? Can you image when that team would play Milwuakee, the only people in the stands would be the player’s family members.

  25. Daniel says:

    Super deal! If you are trading CP3, you will have to start rebuilding anyway. Take back high-potential young talent (dont sleep on Bledsoe) and a potential top 5 pick. They should trade Kaman right away for another pick in next years draft. Hornets should keep as little veterans as possible now. Develop the young talent and have a really bad record this year, that way they would also have a high lottery pick of their own in next years draft. By next years draft you have two quality talents and two great picks. Sounds like the same foundation the Clippers have right now, but it took them forever to get a this point, while the Hornets can make it happen with just one trade. Take it!

  26. "The Voice" says:

    As a long time fan of the Clips I think this is a great deal for both teams. The Hornets get younger players that they need in order to rebuild plus a first round draft pick.

  27. Ernie says:

    Then MO WILLIAMS will be on the bench? Mo Williams – one of the most deadly shooters from downtown

  28. Bane says:

    Man I would love so much if this deal gets green light, just to imagine Clippers would be real title contender and soentertaining team to watch is awesome, Clippers would become LA’s no1 team :)))

  29. half says:

    and this deal is not a smarter deal, talent wise but business/owner wise. These guys are still in their rookie contracts and adding a first round pick for 2012 that is attractive to any owner. Yes the hornets will be bad this year but they sold 10 thousand tickets already and they have their books cleaned completely with the exception of kaman but his contract is up next year so it is very attractive for any owner to scoop up that team and pocket some money instantly to save and rebuild the organization…It’s a smart business decision.

  30. half says:

    the problem is no one wants to continue to market kobe they prefer to market new talent now and this be kobe’s last few years as a star. it is the end of the road. and gilbert arenas is a free agent and wants to go where ever howard goes or go to Miami if they choose to accept him so imagine gilbert deron williams and howard…NOT BAD. Chauncey wants to join Miami as well but bulls are trying to get chauncey and rip backk together again. They are trying to build on chemistry but want to put billups as a 2 guard ( not too smart if you ask me )

  31. Brandon says:

    All of these deals been trown up for cp3 are terrible! Paul is one of the best players in the game, and the Clippers are offering players like Kaman? The only offer I have heard that would be fair is Rondo and another player to hornets for cp3.

    • DP757 says:

      Best in the league? Maybe, maybe, best PG… but it depends on what you’re looking for… Rondo is a better facilitator and better on D… Rose is a better scorer. He’s probably the best all around PG, but he’s definitely not the best player in the league.

  32. jazznation says:

    This is actually a better deal for the hornets – in the Lakers scenario, the rebuilding Hornets would have taken back a ton of salary for older players, and no good draft picks. This is a better place to start rebuilding from … and come on, the unprotected T-Wolves pick is not that good? when have the T-Wolves not been in the bottom 5? There seems to be some people believing that the wolves will add two rookies and go from worst to …something better than worse … The Hornets should also ask for a first rounder from the clippers two or three years from now.

  33. BBallfan says:

    I fail to see why Chri Paul would like this deal enough to sign an extention. David Stern needs to go!

  34. Jordan says:

    This is a better deal for the Hornets, no doubt. Bledsloe and Aminu are young and have potential, Kaman is a very solid center on an expiring deal, and the Wolves will likely have another poor season next year, giving New Orleans a probable top three, and almost definately top five pick in a very strong draft. Kaman could even be on-traded if a good deal can be found, as there are many teams looking for a solid 5-man. I think this is as good as its going to get for New Orleans.

  35. gerard says:

    thanks you DAVID STERN, good job. this is all on you. Everybody is commending you for the amazing things you did for the league in the past few years, but this “bias free”decision on your part will never be forgotten. Thank you commissioner, thank you! And to the not so bitter cavs owner, u the man! say hi to lebron for me.

  36. CP3 says:

    Not so fast to be honest; this deal isn’t even equal to the amount that the rocket and LAL offers to the hornet. If David Stern was to YES to this then the media should ask for some explanation. i don’t see how this deal could through so easily and this is of BS that CP3 cannot be a laker. Stern hates on LAL.

    • Renpurso says:

      in the other deal they got solid players… but they are rebuilding.. odom and scola arent great for rebuilding imo.. in this deal they are getting younger players in bledsoe and aminu.. plus that draft pick is going to be very nice next year with the solid draft candidates

    • JayKlein2 says:

      He you are so right!! Anything Sterns can do AGAINST the Los Angeles Lakers – he does….he is so obvious. Jealous of LAL and their BIG TEAM! He cheated us out or the normal preseason this year with the LOCKOUT. YOU lost NBA a LOT of $$$ WHEN ARE YOU GOING TO RETIRE? Can you give up “your BOYS ” as you called them? Let someone else take your place!

  37. Jones17 says:

    Total joke if Stern allows this after rejecting what was a better deal for the Hornets previously. I get that there are 2 young players Bledsoe and Aminu, but they’re not exactly Westbrook and Durant. The T’Wolves pick may not even be that good and could do a lot better this year than the last few. There’s also no guarantee of the pick turning into a top 5 pick anyway with the lottery so could end up being a really poor deal for the Hornets. What now for Lakers and Rockets aswell? Morale could be an all time low.

  38. bheinteh20 says:

    wohhh awesome
    Bad Blake – CP3 – E. Gordon

  39. CP3 says:

    Wait wat? So cp3 is going to be a laker? LOLS

    • Dillon says:

      No you dumb dumb, it pretty clearly said talks with Lakers had ended and he might be a CLIPPER. Where did you learn to read?