Pursuit For Crawford Intensifies

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A league source tells TNT’s David Aldridge that the Knicks, Trail Blazers, Pacers and Timberwolves are among the teams in hottest pursuit of Hawks free agent guard Jamal Crawford.

New York, the source said, is still trying to figure out some way to carve out additional cap room for the multi-year amount that Crawford is seeking. At present, all the Knicks could offer is the new two-year “room” exception for teams that are under the luxury tax threshold, starting at $2.5 million. The Blazers and Pacers are interested as well, though right now, it would be more likely that Crawford would sign one-year deals with each team and test the free agent market again next summer when more teams will have significant cap room.

Portland has limits on how much it’s willing to spend, though, and Indiana is contemplating going forward with a deal that would bring O.J. Mayo from Memphis in exchange for Josh McRoberts. The Pacers and Grizzlies nearly completed a Mayo-McRoberts trade last February before the trade deadline, but the deal collapsed at the last moment, with each team subsequently blaming the other for backing out. It isn’t clear when Mayo or Crawford would be Indiana’s top priority. The Timberwolves added to their already-crowded backcourt Monday by agreeing to terms with guard J.J. Barea on a four-year, $19 million deal.

The Hawks are unwilling to do a sign-and-trade deal for Crawford if it gets them anywhere near the luxury tax threshold. Atlanta is currently around $65 million in team salary and will not take on additional money in exchange for Crawford, who is seeking a deal above the $8 million per year that Marcus Thornton received to re-sign with the Kings.

Last week it appeared as if Chicago would get involved with Crawford, but the Bulls are expected to sign Richard Hamilton, who was officially bought out on Monday by the Detroit Pistons, to a deal as early as Wednesday.


  1. otis says:

    Knicks should sign A.I. cheap and pick up and sign humphries. Hey that could really happen. LOL dreams with me people.

  2. Choker says:

    For me just join either the Knicks or the Blazers…… in Knicks you have a chance to win a championship and for Blazers, somehow a replacement for Roy

  3. Andrew says:

    J.J is going to realise life is going to be tough at the Timberwolves. Dirk got so much attention and opened up shots and the lane for him. Overrated!!! Crawford at Chicago… better to get RIP. He runs and runs and runs and runs all day. Has a championship ring and will make life easier for Rose. Crawford needs the ball in his hands. That won’t work for Rose.

  4. brandon says:

    Kings have too many shooters, Miami and NY have no money, Minnesota has too many guards and, let’s face it, Crawford wants to win. That leaves Indy and Portland as the only real suitors. I see him going to Portland given it’s proximity to his hometown Seattle and the fact that Brandon Roy is gone.

  5. David says:

    Jamal Crawford agent, Andy Miller, text a message saying, that the Minnesota Timberwolves are no longer in the hunt to sign Crawford.

  6. Heartcore says:

    I’m a Knicks fan and all i say is this:

    Instead of Bibby, should’ve get Baron Davis.
    Instead of Jamal Crawford, should pursuit Afflalo.
    Instead of Jared Jeffries, should’ve get Humphries.

    Jeffries suck.

    That’s the only way to go for a ring.

    Bibby sucks big time, Jamal would put too much pressure on Fields, and i’m not even gonna say anything about Jeffries, He sucks. Humphries is a great rebounder, young, cheap. With him coming from the bench either for STAT or Chandler, we would be good. Really good.

    Oh, have i mentioned that Jeffries sucks?

    If Baron Davis does not get available, go for Arenas. Bibby is just a bad deal. Miami would tell you so.

    Ps – Jeffries sucks.

  7. Reggie J. says:

    i think the best fit would be thw Hawks or the Twolves…If Hawks doesnt sign him back they are dumb!…i wonder if hes not in the hawks rosters anymore would would come of the bench?!?! Gerry Stackhouse or T-Mac?!? LOLLL + who will help Joe Johnson whenever he will be at the 3spot?!?!…Hawks need to do something quick! If hes not with Hawks anymore…no more no more NBA 2K for me loll

  8. Hamza says:

    Terrible fit for the Knicks, why would they ever want him? Blazers need Crawford

  9. Samuel says:

    I’m so amazed about the Wolves determination to acquire Crawford, since they have Rubio, Ridnour and Barea, This team loves it’s guards.

  10. Blazers for Crawford says:

    he has tuned down the offer from the pacers, and jamals agent says the wolves are “no longer in the running” for him. and the only way the knicks could get him is through sign and trade, but after doing sign and trade for tyson chandler they no longer have any trade options. so unless the kings offer him a large amount of money he may be going to portland for 2 year 10 million which is what we offered him. oh and the kings signed marcus thorton to 5 year contract so unless a team not yet in the running it looks like jamal might go to portland. him and lamarcus are best friends and tweeted at each other saying he should come to portland and that he wants to a few months ago

  11. Blazerlover says:

    Crawford just denied Pacers offer of 2 years Blazers this is your chance

  12. Blazerlover says:

    I saw Crawford should go to Portland and replace Brandon Roy as the sixth man

  13. Christian says:

    Crawford to the BLAZERS!!!!!!!

  14. Danilo B. says:


  15. Jonah says:

    Pacers are way more exciting than the wovles..thats for sure

  16. magicfan2010 says:

    I’m thinking Jamal needs to come down to Orlando and play for the Magic this season.

  17. Coming from a knick fan says:

    Why doesn’t Crawford just go to the Hornets or maybe even come to the Hawks again?

  18. Bob says:

    Crawford to the Raptors!

  19. beaverboy says:

    crawfords smart he wont go to a sucky team like the pacers or twolves i think hes gonna go to the blazers or knicks but more likely the blazers because hes aldridges best friend so crawford if your reading this sign with the blazers

  20. Austin says:

    The wolves are pursuing Jamal Crawford as their starter at the 2. The knicks would use him to shore up the bench, and the pacers are less exciting than wet paint drying… yeah. So if I were him, I would get that big paycheck in Minnesota, be their starter, and receive credit for helping make the wolves legit again. Do the knicks need Jamal to be legit? Are Melo and Stat not enough? Oh they are? Good. Cuz we need Jamal in MN. Final.

  21. Paul Jones says:

    He would be a good fit for Chicago, a better bet overall than Rip, but just wonder if his D would trouble Thibs. I think Chicago should go all-out for Dwight. His D is clearly sorted, and his O was coming on last year. With a genuine star at the point spot, he, Rose and Chicago as a whole would flourish. Defensivley, a 5 of Rose, Bogans, Deng, Taj and Dwight could lock down just about any other 5 in the league. Go get Dwight Pax.

  22. jeff says:

    a rather see him sign back with the hawks for one more yr

  23. stephen camp says:

    he should stay with his own team because he has all the talent they need if they trade him they will go down hill and they dont need that and if they want a nba title they should keep him because he will help them out by playing his hardest and doing his best but if they trade him they will go down hill fast and i dont think that would be good.

  24. RipCity says:

    I guess I’m confused on how the Wolves have a “crowded backcourt”? I looked at their roster and all they have is Rubio, Barea, Ridnour, Ellington and rookie Malcolm Lee. Knowing what I know, Ellington is kind of a scrub and will probably be cut, sent to the NBADL, or taken off the active roster. That leaves 4 legit guards. Wes Johnson can defend 2’s, but he’s a SF, and that won’t change. Martell Webster is always injured so he’s not really on the roster. Seems like Crawford would be a perfect fit at SG for the Wolves. Good teams have 5-6 guards on their roster, it’s called DEPTH.

    Rubio and Barea at the PG spot with Crawford, Lee, and Wes defending 2’s at times at SG. That’s a good start for a young team.

  25. Megan says:

    we already know heat will find a way to sign Nene and/or crawford so good luck rest of nba. Heat 2012 champs!

  26. Luke says:

    Indiana offered Crawford a 2 year deal worth 10 million today… Indiana and Memphis deal fell through again for Mayo/Mcroberts and is considered dead.. Pacers introduced David West today and im hearing Crawford is going to follow suit.. Look for the Pacers to battle for the top 5 in the East

  27. knicksfan says:

    I hope the knicks get crawford, or at least i hope they get wilson chandler back when he is done in china. there was rumor of them re-signing him before lockout. he is extremely underated. he is exciting to watch.

  28. dropdimes15 says:

    bulls – best fit, rip can still play but jamal can create his own shot which is huge when rose gets all the focus of the d. portland – next best, off the bench for mathews, maybe finish games and add the extra scoring dynamic portland has needed since decline of roy. pacers – might work well but big questions with how he would mesh with the young core. knicks – wont mesh need a distributer badly. wolves – lol please don’t

  29. Hutch says:

    Can we agree that the timberwolves will never be able to compete in the NBA as long they have Khan as GM.

  30. dropdimes15 says:

    chicago is the best fit for crawford, an instant offese guy who can take a lot of pressure off of rose when the team needs a bucket, but doesn’t need to worry about his defensive drawbacks with chicago so solid as a team on d. the heat shut down the bulls last year because they threw bron and wade on rose and deng, much more difficult to handle with jamal out there. portland would also make sense, pacers might work but the other two would be big regrets.

  31. Mintzerkj4eva says:

    Crawford could really help a team get over the hump to winning a championship. But I see him going somewhere that bet paid the most $$$$

  32. ZH26 says:

    on second thoguht a three way trde would probably be better so orlando could replace dwight.

  33. Will says:

    The Bulls should sign Rip and still make the sign and trade for Crawford. After that go out and get Billups to back Rose up and lets go get this ring real talk!~!!!

    • Paul says:

      and how can they do a sign and trade for crawford when crawford isnt even on a team yet? u are on fire today.

  34. WolvesLover says:

    Wolves are not looking bad guys. Everyone on here is bashing them. If they had Crawford they could start K Love at Center, MIchael Beasley, who has the most potential on their team, can play Power Forward, Derek Williams at Small Forward, Jamal Crawford at Shooting Guard and Barea and Rubio splitting time at the Point. They are young, but what better way for a young team to make the playoffs than a short season? Don’t sleep on this talented team.

    • Ryan says:

      I like your thinking, that sounds like a good lineup. It is a little taxing to hear everyone spout the same nonsense about guards and the Wolves. MPLS represent.

  35. g chaffee says:

    i am a crawford fan. he is the answer for the bulls. i would suggest to crawforD that if the bulls go in a ham direction -offer to play for the heat at min for one yeAR AT MIN- GET A CHAMPION RING AND FACE NEXT YEAR AS A CHAMPION

  36. Jusu says:

    the celtics need to get a big man like horward from magic. garnett has an knee problem, we need a big man

  37. Dwight Prophet says:

    as for my knicks i wouldn’t go after j crawford. i would invest my time into finding some1 who wont cost alot and you can bring them in for the league minimal. someone who has 6 man experence and or starting experence that can help t douglas lead our second unit. i think gilbert arenas would be a great fit if he is healthy. plus it would help him reinvent his image, and he would play inspired due to the knicks team would be the best and most talented team he nas every been on. just a thought

    • MeloFan21 says:

      I agree. They need an experienced guard to help mature TDouglas and get the ball to where it needs to go (Chauncey Billups old job) and make the back up frontcourt tougher on D. But Toney Douglas will start. Hes quick, strong, smart, young, can shoot the 3 well, and play tough D. He’s gonna be a Knick, and starting, for a while.

  38. Dwight Prophet says:

    rip is a better fit for the bulls cause he scores and plays great D. playing great D is what help rip and the boys win a championship. the down side to getting rip is he can’t create his on shot like j crawford can. but the down side to j crawford is he don’t play D he just shots ALOT. knowing tibs wants players who will commit on the defensive end the bulls probably will go after rip. the bulls should also see if they can get allen iverson to come back and be a 6 man. AI can still play and we all know he can create his own shot and play a lil D when inspired

  39. Derrick Rose says:

    If jamal Crawford will go to twolves he can also help but they cannot go to west semis/finals 😀

    I think Jamal crawford – Knicks
    but the dream team of nyk is c.paul.. 😀
    let’s wait for their desicions 😀

    MVP – Derrick rose

  40. JS says:

    LMAO. the t-wolves are just fascinated with guards…enough is enough, isnt ricky rubio supposed to finally make an appearance? Just stop it.

    Also so the Celtics really arent involved? I know they would still like to add some scoring

  41. lain says:

    Does anyone think Rip Hamilton can create his own shot or his he just running off screens like Korve does for the bulls already. the bulls need a guard that can shoot or take people off the dribble when the ball rotates towards him…am i wrong

  42. Barea # 1 says:

    Barea to the Timberwolves i don’t like it

    • MeloFan21 says:

      Its better than an unproven Rubio getting all of the minutes stinking up the court with 2pt & 6 asts games!

  43. matthew says:

    Honestly if I were Jamal Crawford I would want to go to a team where I’m a leader and a starter but Minnesota just isn’t the place. Portland would be a great fit since Roy retired they could use a perimeter scorer. The town loves their basketball and would be a great place for Jamal to prove himself capable of leading a team to the finals.

  44. blackmamba24 says:

    besides why would t-wolves want crawford??? they are filled with solid front court guards…..

    • Latoya says:

      frontcourt guards? frontcourt players are the forwards and centers on the team. Backcourt players are the guards. Minny’s biggest weakness position wise has been the 2 guard (and center) for a loooong time. this move would balance the roster.

  45. blackmamba24 says:

    Timberwolves sucks and theyll never make it to the west-finals.

  46. Sam says:


  47. jay says:

    r the wolves dumb or super-dumb???

  48. effie says:

    jamal a great add to knicks i hope we get him

  49. ronny says:

    Crawford to the BULLS!!!

  50. effie says:

    no one can gard jamal love to see him coming back knicks should get him

  51. First of all, I’m glad that Marc Gasol stays for Grizz Nation! GO GRIZZLIES!

    Now to get to this point, I really think Kevin Love needs help BIG TIME! T’Wolves gonna recruits hard for Jamal Crawford (that’s what she said!) I really do think that the T”Wolves will get better from rebuilding & such like that. I mean, who knows, they might be better a team than last year. Yeah, they ain’t there yet to make it in the playoff, but never doubt their youth talents!

  52. Carlo12345 says:

    crawford will help the bulls in scoring, dont know if hamilton can really help the bulls.. i dont think he still have gas left on his tank

    but crawford in knicks is also good.. then cp3 as well to knicks. hahaha.. bulls knicks and miami, love this 3 teams and of course the lakers.

    i hate boston and mavs. hahaha

  53. beaverboy says:

    portland dont let some other team like the t-wolves get him that would be a joke

  54. beaverboy says:

    PORTLAND!! get crawford because he can create his own shot and we need somone like that!

  55. alvin osita says:

    Jamal Crawford should go lakers he is better replacement for lamar odom..

  56. Kobeist says:

    bosh is a SOFT player…….lakers wont sign him..

  57. inyoface says:

    pacers should just sign reggie miller out of retirement

  58. fana90 says:

    GASOL to Miami, BOSH to lakers how was that..
    GO MIAMI..

  59. 17,6 says:

    i don’t understand y the bulls want rip…they should get crawford instead…i mean they’re both really old but hamilton has been in a bad piston team 4 the past couple of yrs so he might just appear 2 have a lil somethin left in the tank when he could actually not have any gas left…crawford on the other hand has been the 2nd best player on a hawks team that made it 2 the 2nd round i think its either 2 or 3 consecutive yrs…get a big scorer like this guy 2 help rose wit scoring…i’d be tight if the bulls could get monta ellis!!!!

    • knowledge says:

      because crawford plays zero D.. and if you cant defend thibs is not going to play you.. ask boozer

    • Tom says:

      jamal was the third best player in atlanta, josh smith and joe johnson being ahead of him. hamilton also knows what it takes to win a championship. and i was wonderin why would u want monta ellis? he doesn’t fit the bulls system, and he’s too small

  60. Carlo12345 says:

    I love the bulls!! i want crawford rather than hamilton..

  61. Pacer_4Live says:

    Hey!! If Indiana sign Crawford, That is not going to be a mistake…. if pacers sign him, its just for one year and that going to help Stepheson “The Next Crawford

  62. kevin says:

    Without a doubt, Jamal would be the BEST fit in Chicago. He would have the most immediate impact, and he and Derrick would make for one of the meanest backcourt in the league to the like of Monta and Stephen in Golden State. I don’t know why he wouldn’t just sign a one year with Chicago, see where it goes, and then go from there. He would be entering a team that made it to the Eastern Conference finals last year, and that already has a solid defensive and offensive system in place…less rebuilding, unlike the knicks, Pacers, etc. Plus it’s his hometown, the fans already love him, and the team plays like a TEAM, once again, unlike the Knicks. If not the Bulls, for whatever pathetic reason (Rip is not a good enough excuse for the Bulls not to go hard agter him…he’s old and getting older) then Jamal would best fit the Blazers. Another TEAM that has a lot of solid pieces in place with a deep roster and a great coach.

    • MeloFan21 says:

      Rip is a better fit. Shots wont get taken away from Rose and Rose can also be at the PG. Pargo backing him up, then move him to the SG with Rip on the bench.

  63. Omagnas says:

    Come to Miami

  64. Latoya says:

    How can the wolves have a crowded frontcourt AND a crowded backcourt now? That doesn’t make any sense. How about these sports critics/journalist call it having a deep bench. Just as they would if they were talking about the mavs or who ever. Under Rick Adelman, this will all come together.

  65. makoy says:

    Crawford – Heat

    • Dillon says:

      What? Why? Lebron and D-Wade are on the floor pretty much all the time, Jamal wouldn’t get nearly the touches there he deserves

  66. ben says:

    rip and tayshaun to chicago!!! yeah!!! this year’s champ!!!

  67. Ray says:

    Hey…anybody hear what/if cleveland is doing anything…hahaha.. But seriously. I thought Crawford would be a nice fit for Bulls but RIP H may be pretty cool too. I like the fact that they are keeping just about all their pieces in place at this time. I still am scratching my head as to WTF they signed Scallbrinie for? He’s the ultimate scrub!

  68. jer says:

    I am not ready to say move on with out Brandon Roy here in Portland, but I will say Crawford’s talents could help fill the void. Crawford to Portland, one can hope right? We shall see

  69. Jordan says:

    Hahahahahahaha the Twolves have no idea how to build a team.

    • bruce the blue spruce says:

      What are you talking about. They added several pieces. The t-wolves are back… I bet my blue spruce on it.. and that is a fact, jack!

      • Michael says:

        Each team has 15 roster spots , out of those 15 Timberwolves have 8 guards . That is truly ridiculous for a “rebuilding team”,

      • Latoya says:

        michael: what are you talking about? there are 6 guards on the roster, 7 if you include jj barea meaning at least one guy will be going. plus, 2 of the “guards” are really sf who can play some at the 2. one of them is still green going into his second year in the NBA and the other is hampered AGAIN from back problems and surgery. so no, it is not ridiculous.

  70. Rob says:

    The Wolves want Crawford? lol

  71. Celticsrck says:

    how do the knicks have the cap space for crawford?

  72. Scott says:

    if the T-Wolves can land Crawford, I wouldn’t be surprised to see them make the playoffs this year. It’s amazing how much they’ve improved roster wise since last season.

  73. Ethan says:

    I like Crawford but man i hope the pacers do not sign him. huge pacers fan and we finally have cap room. no more 10 million dollar dunleavy or 9 million dollar ford. dont make the same mistake. i do like the Mayo McRoberts deal even though McRoberts is a good player.

  74. Shakeil Pinnock says:

    I really think that Jamal Crawford could be a good replacement for Lamar Odom so Mitch Kupchak better go after him 🙂

    • robbay2 says:

      No, that wouldnt be a great replacement, but then again there is only 1 lamar odom in this league. Why would crawford want to be stuck behind kobe all the time anyways.

      • Shakeil Pinnock says:

        He’s a 6th man a former 6th man of the year he could come off the bench and bring the energy just like odom did and i am sure that it wouldnt be a problem for him to play behind kobe would make him alot better

  75. celts4life says:

    im surprised Crawford isn’t going to Chicago he could have gotten some touches and would have taken some of the scoring responsibility from rose

  76. SixthMan says:

    Crawford is a good fit for any of these teams except New York. Unless he’s coming off the bench as a sixth-man or entirely devotes himself into a spot up shooter; it won’t work for the Knicks. He takes too many dribbles and isos; you already have the ball stopping in Carmelo’s and Stats’ hands.

    • justin says:

      yea well thats the thing with the knicks, we would need crawford for our 2nd string, he wouldnt be playing much with stat and melo, we dont have many consistant scorers in our 2nd line and he would run that line. it makes alot of sense for the knicks to be going after him and i hope we get him

      • TWizz says:

        Do you honestly think that Melo or Stat would be on the bench for that long though, especially at the same time? Crawford going to the Knicks would definitely not be that good.

      • Paul says:

        i hate when people use “we” when referring to these teams. it doesnt matter how big of a fan you are, using “we” is like saying you’re part of the team. go back to mcdonald’s scrub. your break is over.

      • Whatever... says:

        @Paul – say you are a die hard fan of a team, you follow that team, always have, always will. You buy their merchandise, you go to games, you watch it on TV. Die hard fans are the ones that make these teams rich and become a successful organization that can attract star players. They have the right to refer to their team as “we”.

      • tom says:

        Yeah paul shut your mouth WE are the reason the NBA even exists. if nobody watched basketball then there would be no NBA. I put my money into a team and help keep them going, help pay the salaries, and help pay the bills so excuse me if i say “we”.

      • Knick Fan says:

        WE, WE, WE dont count. The lockout did not end to make you happy. It ended because team owners and players were running out of cash and they want your sucker cash. Oh, the maney that you spend for the tickets not worth a thing compare to the comercials during the game breakes. Nike, Adidas and others who pay for the game not you idiot.

      • Jacob says:

        Your the idiot here. In the end to whom will the commercials be preseted to? Us, WE, the fans. If there was no us, maybe the players can still be paid by Nike or Adidas, but where would Nike get the money? Again maybe you’d say that Nike or Adidas doesn’t only sell basketball stuff, and that they do have other sources of income. But in the first place why would any of these companies endorse their brands in an empty stadium without fans or a game wthout a market? Ugh, please think before you troll and start calling people idiots.

  77. SuperCactus says:

    So the Knicks can’t offer big cash, the T’Wolves have a crowded backcourt and the Pacers are actively seeking a deal for another SG. Well, this looks good for Portland, they can start working on Wes Matthews and give Crawford the sixth man role, since B.Roy will be (sadly) retired.

    • JK says:

      I love how the Timberwolves backcourt is crowded with JJ, Rubio and Ridnour even though they have no true 2 guards on the team and the Blazers backcourt is not crowded but they have Ray Felton, Wes Mathews, Nic Batum and Patty Mills. I think the NBA’s worst team in the NBA last year, the Wolves, could made room in the crowd for Jamal.