Billups Forewarned By League

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Before Chauncey Billups was claimed by the Clippers on Monday, the NBA sent an e-mail to teams that threatened discipline against the free agent guardif he refused to report to a team that claimed him in the waiver pool or was disruptive to that team after reporting.

According to the e-mail, obtained by TNT’s David Aldridge, the league warned Billups and his agent, Andy Miller, on Monday that any statements made concerning not reporting to a team or being disruptive would be viewed as a breach of Billups’ contract, and that the NBA “is reserving all of its rights to take appropriate action against the player for his efforts to undermine the waiver process and the contractual rights of both the waiving team and any claiming team. Please also be advised that the NBA will fully support any team that claims Mr. Billups’ contract in the amnesty/waiver process and that subsequently believes it has grounds for discipline of Mr. Billups for breach of that contract.”

Miller, according to several sources, sent a letter to teams over the weekend that reiterated that Billups would be unhappy if anyone claimed him out of the waiver pool (for at least $1.35 million, the minimum for 10-plus year veterans like Billups) after being released by New York on Saturday via the amnesty provision. Miller did not respond to e-mails and calls seeking comment Monday.

In an interview with Yahoo! Sports on Saturday, Billups said he was “tired of being the glue guy” and said he was tired of being taken advantage of by teams who have thrown him into deals in recent seasons, such as when the Nuggets included him in the Carmelo Anthony deal to the Knicks last season. Billups is a Denver area native who was pained to leave his hometown team not of his own volition.

“After a while, you just kind of get taken advantage of in these situations,” Billups told Yahoo!. “I’ve been known as a leader, and I am a leader, but a leader can be as disruptive as he can be productive, especially when you carry a strong voice and people rally around you. This is about me now. This is about me, and teams should know that right now.”

League sources believe that Billups wanted to clear the waiver pool so that he could sign with Miami or another contending team when the waiver claim time period expired at 6 p.m. Monday evening. Earlier Monday, reported that Orlando’s Dwight Howard wanted the Magic to claim Billups as part of remaking the roster in a way more to Howard’s liking as he contemplates whether to stay there after next season. Howard asked for a trade last week and was given permission by the Magic to talk with the Lakers, Mavericks and Nets about a potential deal.

The league’s e-mail said that Billups could choose to retire rather than report to a claiming team, though it would absolve the team that claimed him from having to pay his salary.


  1. Bad Boys Fan says:

    Wow! I understand his frustration! He has moved around a lot in his career. Mostly because somebody else was the desired player and he was a throw-in. Even when he left Detroit, it was more about what they could get for his expiring contract. But at least that time he got something he wanted, to play in his hometown. And that was ruined because Carmello wanted to play for the Knicks and they needed a filler contract to make the deal. He ended up in NYC because they wanted somebody else. Now he is leaving because they wanted somebody else. Add that to the number of times he moved around before the Pistons and you get one uphappy dude.

    Forget the money, where is the respect? Having people praise you then give you the bum’s rush out of town is not at all cool!

  2. IN MELO I TRUST says:


    • Desk says:

      Have you forgotten he also has something called a family that most young players don’t have? Be logical. He’s a respected veteran player who shouldn’t get treated like this period.

  3. Sphinx says:

    Come on Mr. Big Shot! We can understand your frustration, BUT… you get paid 14M! Suck it up and step up. Be a leader again and try to make this Clippers team all it can be this season (this of course will make you’re market value even bigger next year when you’re an unrestricted free agent).

    PG – C.Billups/ E.Bledsoe/ M.Willams/ R.Foye (somebody will defenitely be traded/ waived)
    SG – E.Gordon/ J.Moon
    SF – C.Butler/ R.Gomes/ A.Aminu
    PF – B.Griffin/ I.Diogu/ B.Cook
    C – C.Kaman/ D.Jordan

  4. Jimmy says:

    The NBA is a joke. Its come down to watching NCAA or playing on the courts myself somewhere if I want basketball in my life.

  5. rasta says:

    Thank God,
    Billups has NO right to act like a lil punk about this. He needs to follow the rules like everyone else. Who does he think he is? I hope he gets sent to the D league, and is forced to retire..

    I give Credit to the league for standing up to this punk

  6. antomantio says:

    huh! so difficult to figure out. Billups must rather go to Orlando and team-up with Howard. I’m sure they will complement each other inside the court.

  7. Jae says:

    i dont think billups is going to be complaining about this team.. this team actually looks very promising especially with them getting Caron Butler just look at the starting 5.. Billups, Gordan, Butler, Griffin, Kaman or Jordan … and they have pretty good role and bench players … LAC is gonna stun us all this season watch

  8. its honestly sad for him. Sure players shoudnt be complaining because there getting payed more than doctors, but the league made that themselves. In real world your able to take down a promotion w/o getting threats. Though if i was in the NBA which i will be in around 5 yrs… I woudnt be mad about clippers because look at how they can improve not their stats.
    Honestly i feel David Stern can be a good commisioner if he makes wise desicions. Trades have nothing to do with him, thats the GM’s job! Usually if players are in a franchise for a while and dont win, dont blame others, think to yourself ” Maybe its ME, and im not good enough to LEAD MY TEAM to be the BEST. I could make a good Gm, to help POR i think they should trade 2012 1stR draft pick and Raymond Felton to TOR for Andrea Bargnani and Jose Calderon! Then go sign Arron Afflalo The Nba isnt about bullies(SUPERSTAR) teams all ganged up on small market teams. Just knowing that only 4-7 teams have an actual chance of winning CHAMPIONSHIP instead of a back than at least 12, makes it less entertaining (still entertaining tho.)
    and this has nothing to do, but you know how theres the Comparison of Kobe and MJ were the best because of 4+ titles LBJ aint one of em cuz hes got none. Look EVERY SINGLE TIME MJ OR KOBE WON, THEY HAD THE ONE THE ONLY PHIL JACKSON(coach) WITH HIS LEGENDARY TRIANGLE OFFENSE! SO THEY R BETTER THAN HIM, BUT DONT PUT HIM OUT OF THE CONVO. its not his fault he didnt get to play with jackson!

  9. bwalk says:

    Chauncey, E Gordon, Caron Butler, Blake @ DeAndre don’t sound like a bad starting five at all

  10. KLSYQT-LV says:

    This is no longer basketball, it business. Where is the fun and excitment in sports today? Billups is a good player, and should have never been included in the Melo trade. Back in the day it was for the people, now it’s every man for him/herself. SAD!!!!

  11. Ed says:

    If I was Billups I would either ride the bench or miss every shot and the player I’m defending would score every time down the floor. LOL That would solve them of that.

  12. fast_dude880 says:

    funny how the league can block the trade then say they will take action against billups if he doesnt show or but the league didnt mind letting odom go to the defending champion mavs for nothing…wow the league is falling apart

  13. Le'Trell says:

    it’s not about the money people. billups wants the opportunity to compete for at least 1 more championship before he retires. yes players in this case billups get traded at this point of his career but alot of people tend to forget billups was traded around alot at the beginning of his career. other than detroit, chauncey has never been able to spend more than 2 full seasons with a team, nor has he ever been a free agent.

    the team that drafted him (boston) basically gave up on him. they thought he was going to be a bust so they traded. he didn’t get to stay that long in minnesota or denver. he got traded to the magic and didn’t even get to play one game with them. all of that before he got to detroit. then he got traded to denver for iverson. he was finally home again. but because a certain someone (melo) wanted to play in new york, billups got thrown in that trade. now new york used the amnesty clause on him. all of that in less than a year. now he’s with the clippers where more than likely they’ll use him as trade bait come july 1. he has every right to be upset

  14. Arvie says:

    The NBA did well here. Billups (and whatever team he was trying to go to) was trying to pull a similar trick that Brian Ching and the Houston Dynamo tried in the MLS Expansion Draft: trying to gain advantage by threatening to retire if picked by an undesirable team. Players must have professionalism. With a salary of 16 million per year, there should be no complaints. I’m glad Ching and the Dynamo got burned. And Billups didn’t even get burned that bad since the Clippers are a nice up-and-coming team.

  15. Nick says:

    The players got exactly what they wanted. Starting some years ago, they wanted more say in where they played ball. The problem is when unions get what they want most people suffer. Free agency has resulted in a league where players are moved more frequently. True, some of the big names get to have input in where they end up, but that leaves the majority of players on the hook – just like Billups.

  16. Jordan says:

    I know Chauncey personally as to many of us who grew up in East Denver in the 90’s and even know.. He has been more than productive as any player.. 6 teams in his career.. He was an awesome piece in Denver and we as a City loved him NO ONE including George Karl wanted him traded.. as for the waiver claim Clippers he may actually suit up for.. He wants to play for a team going to the Playoff, He didn’t want to end up in a Bobcats uniform or a team like that for several reason, No veteran that late in there Career wants to play on a team that bad and so far from the Playoffs, two stability Bobcats owner Michael Jordan likes to trade and dump guys. He wants stability for him and his children there is nothing wrong with that. He is TRULY one of the good guys in the league he has done alot not only on the court but off of it not just in Denver but wherever he had played. Chauncey is a professional as they come, I believe he will either report to the clippers or be traded to a place he wants to go..

  17. J says:

    The NBA should contract to six teams, offering their product in Los Angeles, Chicago, New York, Dallas, Boston and Miami. The League could have two conferences with three teams in each conference. The Conference winners would, then, play for the Championship. Every team, then, would have multiple stars and the players would not feel so oppressed (especially the newly-drafted who are forced to serve in awful cities like Cleveland, Detroit, Indiana, Utah and San Antonio). As part of this new and improved NBA, all players should have the right to void their contract anytime they please. Long live the NBA!!

  18. NYK@BKLYN says:

    I hope he gets claimed by the Celtics or Hornets or Lakers

  19. Buzz says:

    Explain to me the “poor Chauncey” angle? The guy is a player in an elite league that made him a very rich man based on the rules they set forth. If he didn’t want to be traded to the Knicks then negotiate a ‘no trade’ clause. Wait, those don’t exist in the NBA because the players never negotiated them in. Why not? Their union wasn’t strong enough to get that baked into the CBA.

    I would have liked to see Chauncey stay in Denver as well but, under the old CBA, you have to trade salary for salary within 15%. His contract fit and made the Melo trade work. If you don’t like the rules of the NBA then you should have picked up the phone, called Billy Hunter and Derek Fisher and demanded a No Trade clause in the CBA before they ratified it.

    • DA MXKN says:

      Well said, paid millions, doing what they love to do (play ball) and retire at an age when most of us (35-40) only dream about it!!

  20. kountryking says:

    Gosh I feel so sorry for poor millionaire Chauncey. I hate to see a man continually being taken advantage of, being used and abused, being disrespected after all those years making money for the owners. What would happen to him and his family if he were forced to retire at such a young age?

  21. vitorio says:

    billups has been since 2004 and when dumars formalized it when sent him packing to denver in trade for another has been iverson. he scored so many points because despite being a 3 point shooter the refs favor him with foul calls and gets to the line too many times. he is among top 5 players with most free throws. how does that happen when he isnt the main man of his team like a lebron dirk durant kobe. its plain refs favoring him.

  22. Ian says:

    I can’t believe you guys are defending this clown. How bout we stick Chauncey in a 9 to 5 job in the real world making $40k a year doing something a little less fun that playing basketball and see if he complains. Guess what, there are times when I hate my job but do I whine and cry like a baby? No, I go to work and do my job. And to all the Heat fans on here talking about the Heat winning a championship this year…please shut up because I had to listen to you bandwagon hoppers all of last year spouting off the same garbage and look how that turned out.

  23. ggg says:

    dont cry chauncey, if every player who wanted to play in miami got there, they would have a 40-men roster

  24. Buffoonery! says:

    to the idiot that talked about Jordan getting the $30 Mil and the $33 Million dollar back to back contracts that was overdue money…you do realize until those contracts he never made more than like 8 million a year in a season….so I would like to say that he was very underpaid even those 2 seasons.

  25. izzy says:

    Heck for 14mi you can send me around the world twice, these NBA players cry as if they weren’t getting paid for their services how many times have they said it is a business and then whine, or is just a business when it benefits them. I served in the military for over 20+ years and got sent to numerous places without the benefit of bringing my family along and I would never even come close to a million in that time span, maybe if the lord took away their athlete abilities and toss them into the real world what would he say when he has to move his family on his own to find a good enough job to support them. it is plain selfishness and childish all because he wasn’t part of the plan to make a team better.

  26. aaron brown says:

    billups should go bcak tew the pistons

  27. AJfromVA says:

    The Knicks are idiots!!! You let Billups go… ok, but then you sign BIBBY TO REPLACE HIM???!!!! Somebody should be fired immediately! Did they not watch any heat games? wizards games? hawks games? BIBBY HAS BEEN DONE SINCE HE LEFT THE KINGS. Billups is a champion, if they kept him with thier duo and added one more piece they wouldve been champions within 2 years. THIS IS MR. BIG SHOT WE’RE TALKING ABOUT. I HATE THESE “picks” THE NBA HAS. I dont see them disrespecting Jason Kidd like that and he’s not even close to being as good as Billups right now.

  28. I Watch Soccer Now says:

    The league really hasn’t been good since The Bulls broke up. Anyone in their mid-30s probably couldn’t care less about the NBA now.

  29. pat says:

    i think MR. Clutch should wants to go to MIAMI, they need some one to distribute the ball to king james and the flash dwade and CB1, his much needed is MIAMI.. HEAT make some noise offer billups a contract he can’t say no. he’s a proven winner. and a great clutch player when time comes that james cant deliver on crunch time.. ^^ HEAT FAN.. ^^

  30. Dunkenstein says:

    Kudos to Stern for standing up to these rich, spoiled athletes who have no idea what the real world is like. The fans in the small markets will benefit from Stern’s strong position.

    When Chauncey becomes a free agent he can go where he likes. Until then he has to abide by the conditions of his contract and the CBA. Don’t like it? Tough luck. Go play in a better league.

  31. Im a laker fan & would love to have billups in the lineup. however, would it be funny to see him reunited with coach kuester there?

  32. Scott says:

    Go F yourself Clippers. You just forced a guy who does not want to play for you to retire.

    If I were Billups I would send an e-mail of my middle finger to all 28 teams who aren’t the Miami Heat.

  33. colds fever says:

    billups should with the miami heat!!!! you’ll be a champion once again..promise!!!

  34. j rock says:

    well there are some really compelling arguments in some of these comments and i do sympathise with Mr Billups but in all honesty these actions have all taken place due to his own actions. of course right now he is getting pulled around the country but this should have been forseen earlier we all have to remember that mr billups is not as young as he was when he won that mvp trophy (finals). now this does not mean he has lost any potency as a formidable player in the worlds highest level of basketball. but as a player coming to the conclusion of his career a president and owner have to maintain the momentum of their business. now this being said we have to feel that business, clubs or teams have put an end to this sad notion that loyalty does not exist in the realm of the nba. it is obvious to me that that middle ground where both front office and players work together to make the nba a success and ultimately win games is blurred from the recent lockout. regarding the lockout from face value everyone is just taking care of themselves but if that is the case we have to remember that the nba has provided mr billups with titles both conference and championships, allstar appearances and lead the likes of carmello. what more does mr billups need to obtain in his career? let me ask you would you get on a plane to a new town where they will pay you lots money? the world is looking at rebounding from a global financial crisis and mr billups has a legitimate job offer. the waiver pool is risk that he and the players of the nba all agreed to. i love basketball and the legendary players like Mr Billups that fill the halls of my imagination. after all these legends fuel every young player to want to be better, stronger and i do feel that this probably isnt what he wanted but he should do what is right like the role model i see him as.

  35. rob says:

    good move by the Clips, but they’re stacked at that position. who to get rid of, hope it aint Gordan

  36. Voice of Reason says:

    The NBA is a complete joke !

    • DA MXKN says:

      Maybe but half the problem is NBA owners complying to star players’ demands for more money or to trade for certain players, they have made them spoiled brats and the minute something is done withou their concent they complain. Deal with it owners, you created these monsters!!
      Every NBA player today should take a page out of Derek Rose’s book, quiet, humble, hates to talk about himself and praise make him uncomfortable and above all, thankful for the opportunity to play the game he loves for a living and get paid well in the process, true role-model!!

      • Voice of Reason says:

        I don’t know about true-role model !
        He hasn’t been in the league that long, when he figures he’s not going anywhere with the Bulls then you ll start to see all the differenes.
        Just give him some time, something like 7 years of going nowhere then you ll see !

  37. Victor Manoel de Brito says:

    How in the hell Miami could miss a floor general like Billups in the waiver wire??? Come on, this is the biggest bargain of all the times! Billups is a proven winner, a cool-blood player and, most important to Miami, is a POINT GUARD! Come on, Pat Riley really miscalculated here. Heat would be the ultimate favorite hands down 😦

  38. OwersAreLosers says:

    So the NBA mans up against Billups? Not against the sale of this or that club? Not against an owner moving moving a club to another city? Not against wink-wink suspect trades by owners, but against Billups! How manly!
    Really irritating how many “FANS” side routinely with the journalists! And how come every sports “journalist” (sic) automatically sides with the owners? Might free tickets have anything to do with it? Just a small, tiny chance maybe? Are “fans” so gullible believing that journalists are angels and players are devils? Take out Boston, Lakers, Bulls and Spurs and what do you have but a collection of loser-owners who hire loser-GM who can’t draft or trade for good players to save their lives. Honestly, why are the Clippers in the league? Why are the Cavs in the league? Raptors? Twolves? Who owns these taxpayer-subsidized teams? You guess it: real estate moguls, themselves heavily subsidized by municipal bonds guaranteed by, yes, taxpayers.
    When was the last time you heard a radio host shred an owner or a GM? Rarely but always hating on a player, with the only thing changing is which player they tell their airhead listeners/readers to hate on any given week.
    Take how the media treats Dwight and how light they go over the GM and his knucklehead trades! Ever heard any journalist offloads on the owner who approved those retarded trades?
    To call ESPN and their radio hosts independent is a joke. During the “lockout” (and not “strike”) there was a universal chorus of journalists who uniformly, like obedient school boys, sided with the owners. Imagine the outcry if it were the players who had decided to go on strike? This more Soviet than free, fair or independent journalism. Any journalist working with a regional newspaper that’s owned by a loser would not hesitate a second before accepting a job offer from the New York Times. But,oh no, if James does it then it is considered the biggest sin in US sports history. Really? Millions of us leave our hometowns to seek college education elsewhere. Many more millions change jobs every year pursuing better employers, and yes, better pay and better chances to succeed. People leave family & friends to start a new life elsewhere. No harm and no shame.
    Back to Billups: why do the Clips want him? To finally compete? I don’t think so because they never did and never will. That franchise is a joke – no wonder their biggest fan is a comedian. For all fans who blindly follow these so-called sports journalists, I say: stop and think for yourself and ask some tough questions. For example, before cutting Arenas to pieces, find out who overpaid him? What happened to that GM? In case you don’t even know that dude, here’s a hint: he also grossly mismanaged the Knicks only to be promoted to mismanage the Wizards (both teams major failures in the past 20 years despite being in major markets with little competition from other sports – unless you count the Redskins a sports team and not a sideshow.
    So the NBA mans up against Billups, a decent gentleman, while never investigating the Gasol scandalous trade by the “logo”! Tough boys, indeed, those running the NBA offices, eh? True fans, those who show up at the annual draft, never fail to express their true feelings toward the NBA officials. They boo from beginning to end. Journalist and their brain-dead followers and NBA officials can go entertain themselves: we care, we watch, we pay for and are only interested because of James, Wade, Shaq, Bird, Magic, and Mike.
    I say to Billups: tell the Clips to keep dreaming, take the money you now have and invest it with Magic and you shall make tons more than the $15m you owed this year. NO money is worth the pain of being a Clip or playing for a racist owner (google his record). You are probably many folds smarter than 25 of the 30 owners and with wise investment you may one day buy the Clips, move them to another city and turn them into a decent organization. When that happens, do us all a favor: stop sending freebies to the journalists and make them earn their living from investigative journalism (as in exclusive exposes).

  39. Genuine says:

    Seriously, who wants to play for the clips, anyway?

  40. For all of you who are tossing the word “slavery” around in response to this story, I really hope you’re kidding, seeing as how slaves didn’t earn millions of dollars doing something that they loved doing. Please stop insulting our cultural heritage. Only a Nazi would say something that stupid. =)

  41. Mel says:

    I really felt bad for him and anybody who gets paid MILLIONS of dollars to play Basketball . What a bunch of crybabies after all the Broohaha of the recent lockout. Billups, please remember that you are a PROFESSIONAL. Getting paid to work like an average American.

  42. Ben says:

    This is terrible for Billups. Yes the Clippers are a solid up and coming team but him at the end of his career is not try to build a playoff team he want to compete for Championships. Why would they pick him up when he clearly said he had no interest in playing for them. They did it just to spite him.

    He needs to get released from the Clippers and GO TO THE HEAT. He would be the STARTING point guard on the team. Chalmers probably would play more minutes but Billups would be the starter. He is exactly what they need a tough nosed leader, bleoved by follw players, and never shy’s away from making the Big Shot in the clutch. His leadership, defense and clutch shooting is exactly what is needed to ensure a title in South Beach.

  43. 305 who you got? says:

    I thougth we leave in a free country that you choose your destiny I guess not he shout have the oportunity to choose where he was to leave and play is all about the business

  44. Erik says:

    If I’m Chauncey I do one of four things.

    1) Retire for good…. would lose $14 milllion though.

    2) Retire until next year when he’s a free agent and can sign with a contender… still loses $14 million

    3) Retire mid-season then come back next year…. he collects at least $ 7 million and then he can tell the Clippers and the NBA ‘I told you so’.. and the NBA can’t take any action on him because it’s his right to retire. Then come out of retirement next year and sign with a contender as he planned to all along. (This would be my favorite choice because its so vindictive)

    4) Just stick it out with the Clippers for a year… talk nice about David Stern… that kinda stuff… then next year sign with the team he wants. He’d make his 14 million dollars and who knows, maybe the Clippers make the playoffs as well.

  45. Basketball fan says:

    They messed up too things in this lockout. They needed to add a franchise tag and this amnesty is bull to give bad teams waivers on players. If a team gets to claim amnesty then the player should get opportunity to pick team. If he’s not good enough to make the team then he should be able to get a team he wants. Billups getting screwed

  46. Tad says:

    If Billups had wanted to be a FA so badly he should have opted out of his contract at the end of last season. Lebron, Bosh and Wade all opted out and decided where they wanted to go. He can’t have his 14 million and be a FA at the same time. Its no different than if NY traded him to LA. He would have no say over a trade either. Should have opted out.

    • ddddd says:

      Actually it was a TEAM option that was picked up by NY. Now it looks stupid. However if Chandler would have said no to the knicks Billups would still be a knick.

  47. Denise says:

    Chaun could start for the heat, her points would go way down, the so called big 3 would not want him tkaing the last shot.. so NO MORE MR. BIG SHOT, if he goes there.

    Tood bad he cannot go back to Denver.. then retire.

    BTW people complainging about the NBA, when you got Baseball players getting suspended 50 GAMES for drugging, players gett6ing PAID almost of a billion dollars. NFL players whining and holding out for money.. headhunting players on the feild. please… so glad th NBA is back!

  48. Cones says:

    If you sign an NBA contract for millions of dollars, part of what you commit to to get those millions is that you can be traded anywhere at anytime. Shut up Crybaby! Play the game for the millions you get paid.

    • jacktrip says:

      Yeah! You say that only because he is getting payed millions but your not looking at the fact that he has to move his family AGAIN, put kids in new schools AGAIN and that’s the part that veteran players don’t like. And why would a team claim a player if they know he doesn’t want to play for them anyway?

      • DA MXKN says:

        The price to pay for making millions, I would do it and accept a trade if it happened, would keep my mouth shut and play has hard as I could to earn every penny I am paid. And if I didn’t like moving my family around too much I would then retire and invest my millions in something else. Comprende?

  49. KENNETH says:

    As a NYer, I have always loved Chauncey while he was in Detroit and even rooted for him, Ben Wallace, Rip Hamilton (whom MJ said was no good while with the Wizards), who was just waived today, et al when they won the 2004 NBA Championship. This is terrible what they are doing to him, and he was great for NY. Why did they let him go? We really needed a point guard but now they waived him. This is awful. Billups was the 2004 Finals MVP and his skills have not diminished any more than Derek Fisher’s skills and he was doing fine running the Knicks offense.

    This type of team schizophrenia is making me hate the NBA. I understand that I would also want to play for a contender especially because he has, at the most, maybe 2-3 more years left. The rules are terrible in that any team can pick you up from the pile. Sounds like slavery to me. I wouldn’t want to play for a sub-500 team who has rarely been to the playoffs either. I know that his salary was not over the cap. But this is ridiculous. So I want to say this to MR. BIG SHOT:

    I WILL ALWAYS LOVE AND APPRECIATE what you bought to the court and to each team you played with. YOur maturity, general demeanor, competitiveness and quiet calm made me always respect you regardless that you played for a team (pistons) that was not my favorite. You see, I have come to love the players more than the team. On any given night, I can watch the NBA and appreciate ANY team playing because every player is special regardless of what team they are playing on. I will always remember your tenacity and superior play and will cherish the memories you bought to me when I was secretly rooting for you to beat LeBron in the 2007 Conference Finals. I really wish Detroit would have won that series. Too bad that you didn’t have the supporting cast to carry you to the finals that year.

    I do hope that you get retraded back to Denver or Miami or a top contender. I hope the Lakers take you. I want to to spend your last years on a winning team, you deserve so much better.

    Be strong Black Man. You have made me very proud and I hope you remain injury free for the remainder of your career so that you can teach these younger players what true humility and discipline is all about.

    Thanks so much for the memories Mr. Big Shot.

  50. C says:

    I hope he plays. Clips are gonna be good this year. and come on, there are people losing their jobs like crazy all over the nation, and he’s gonna get paid $14m to play basketball!!! with Blake Griffin!!! who wouldn’t want that? Clips have a good shot of going deep in the playoffs if they get another good piece too.

    starting 5: jordan, griffin, gordon, billups, butler…. thats pretty damn good

  51. NBA rigged says:

    nba is rigged

    im a fan, a loyal fan, but it is sad to see the commisioner act in a dictatorship.

    please impeach mr. stern, for ruining the season. ruining the trades, ruining the nba
    i hope mr. stern gets impeached, i’ve lost my respect for him

    vote for mr. stern’s impeachment

    • DA MXKN says:

      So easy to judge people when they mess up. The NBA has come a long way, it’s now global, and a lot of it has to do with David Stern knowing how to run the business. So he blocked the CP3 trade, I am upset too since I’m a Lakers fan but he was protecting the NBA’s investment in the Hornets, he didn’t think the trade would benefit the team. Anyway, let’s look at the possitive he’s done for the league and not crucify him for what to us seems like a bad move, because it affects our team the Lakers.
      Let me ask you, could you run the NBA? I didn’t think so

      • RESIGN STERN says:

        As a fan you don’t have to have the ability to run the league to be able to see that it’s being mismanaged. Can you honestly say that Stern blocked the trade because of its impact on the Hornets? It seemed pretty obvious to me that, on the night they were finally going to sign the collective bargaining agreement, when all the owners were in the same room as Stern, he made a decision based on how it would impact every organization BESIDES the Hornets. The real fear was the Lakers trading for Chris Paul and then having enough room to make a move for Dwight Howard. Any other interpretation of Stern’s decision is naive.
        His mistake was penalizing an organization for making a good business decision. The Lakers are doing what the small market teams are not (with a few exceptions in OKC, SA etc). They regularly make SMART business decisions that result in winning championships. If Stern really wanted to help the Hornets he would have taken the trade and gotten something of value for Chris Paul, so that the 10,000 new season ticket holders would have a team to watch, and the prospective buyer would have an actual team to buy,

  52. Ron says:

    Further to what I just said its high-time Billups comes off the bench…lol

  53. Ron says:

    Well I guess Chauncey Billups is now a has been, when the same thing was happening to Allen Iverson a lot of people were commenting saying how he is a has been, after he came off a great season with the Nuggets. What goes around comes around. In my opinion Billups is overrated, Stats-wise him and Mike Bibby are the same, nothing special. Its funny how a players stock goes up just because he was part of a championship team.

    • pacersfan5 says:

      “part of a champioship team” ??? Yeah just a teeny tiny little part of the championship team…try Finals MVP you idiot.

  54. Lake says:

    We would love for CP to come to the Clippers, but I understand how he most feel, he have been treated badly by every team he have played on the last few years.

  55. Jc says:

    of course he could be a starter in the Heat, who do we got better than him? chalmers?

  56. Zadee says:

    Lebron was Right afterall.

  57. muchaacho says:

    I feel really bad for Billups. I wish he came to Miami, yet l wish him all the is well.

  58. John says:

    you people should really look at the fact the clippers have a great up and coming team with a good mix of veterans and great young talent.They will be a force to be reconed with look at the projected starting 5-Billups,gordon,butler,griffin and jordan thats pretty solid.

  59. king 22 says:

    let that man go to south beach he wants to play for a championship not for the playoffs

  60. Federico says:

    is he obliged to play in a team in wich he doesn´t want to? That sounds pretty much like slavery to me

  61. marlon says:

    the NBA is becoming stupid. last years FA was great to watch and all you said was WOW, i did not see that happening with a smile, but now all i am saying is WOW, i did not see that happeing and shaking my head. this league sucks now.

  62. Anthony says:

    None of this matters anyway. David Stern revealed to everyone that the NBA is rigged when he blocked the Chris Paul trade to the Lakers. Then he tries to cover his tracks by blocking Chris Paul–Clipper trade also. To cut a long story short, The NBA is dead to me. I think I will watch a legitimate sport like the NFL or MLB. When I’m in the mood to watch a fictional story-line like those found in a sitcom, or a movie, then I’ll will consider watching the NBA.

    • HeatWave says:

      You wanna know why you’re wrong? Clippers backed out the deal for Paul because NO wanted Gordon, Stern didn’t stop it.

      Also the league isn’t rigged, your just upset about a bust trade deal. Enjoy MLB which doesn’t start till next spring and NFL with two more months to play lol. You won’t be missed.

    • pacersfan5 says:

      And yet here you are on an NBA website, talking about NBA. Yeah mate, we’ll see you watching on Christmas Day, just like every other hater out there.

      • RESIGN STERN says:

        Actually, the Clippers backed out because the demands of Stern were too steep to be met. So he is correct that Stern is blocking the trade to the Clips, albeit indirectly.

  63. Pistons Fan says:

    As a Piston fan , im disappointed that Billups is getting treated like this . Finals MVP , Sportsmanship award . Just goes to show you that being nice gets you nowhere .

  64. Knickerbocker says:

    Poor Chauncey. Denver to NY to LA in the space of a year. His frequent flyer card is going to be looking pretty sweet now. When he becomes a free agent again he will be able to choose where he wants to go like everyone else.

  65. Scrooge145th says:

    Chauncy is a crying little old girl. I’m happy someone claimed him. The Clippers are a great young team. If he complains about playing for them, he’s no better than the players he’s complaining about that angle and barter their ways onto the team of their choice. His method was just more petty and a few months too late. Good luck in LA crybaby!

  66. boswell says:

    With so many back to back games this year, I think that Mo Williams and Billups make a great match for doing the PG duties for the Clippers. Both can score, and are similiar in speed. With Bledsoe coming back in about 2 months, the Clippers should be 1 of the best teams in the league for back to back games. I think they will out hustle teams filled with veterans. Billups could probably play about 10m a game spelling Eric Gordon as well. All the Clippers have to do is match the Warriors offer sheet for Jordan, and they should be able to be the 2 or 3 seed in the West. I don’t see the Lakers, Portland, Utah, Houston, or Dallas overpowering them. Dirk will be dragging on back to backs, Berea is gone, Portland is decimated, the Lakers are about to mutiny, so it’s OKC and Memphis along with the CLIPPERS who look to take advantage of a grueling schedule, and a short preseason which favors intact rosters with experienced young legs, namely Gordon, Griffin, Aminu, Bledsoe, Jordan, to compliment some veterans like Kamen, Foye, Gomes, Billups, Williams and Cook. This is a well-balanced team now, and Billips and Williams at the point could lead them to the promised land in 2011-12

    • OzHeatFan says:

      Totally agree boswell… this season will prove the toughest for the old-timers… I think everyone is forgetting that the schedule this year will see some vets taking quite a few games off.
      Teams with plenty of young bodies will fare alot better health wise through this season and will still be fresher when it comes down to post season..

      I am praying to the heavens that Wade stays healthy. Amen.

  67. Lorell says:

    Warn Chauncey what, he won’t get paid? Let me ask this, so Gilbert Arenas who cleared last night, will get his money since no one claimed him correct? Yet he was a bad guy all-around, and now you punish the good guy Chauncey, for not cooperating? Doesn’t sound right at all. Now I see why some players act stupid, because of stupid rules like this.

  68. Jordan says:

    Why claim a guy who has clearly stated that he does not want to play for your team?

  69. Adam says:

    Billups to heat? He wants to be a starter, at heat he won’t be one. Lakers for sure. You must be a heat fan,

  70. paul says:

    Billups should go to heat

  71. hhh says:

    Chauncey deserves better than this.

  72. ahmed says:

    really sad wat they doing to ma boi Billups, an absolute legend a very decent human being. Hate to see him go through this…..but at the same time i feel like theres something great instored for him………

  73. toronto area says:

    im so dame lost in all these problems witth players that want to play here an there just play BASKETBALL periood ! stop talking about request this and that just play to win champions ships . If i was Dwight howard or chris paul i would stay with my team that drafted me and at least win the city ONE championship. If the gms arent bringing in the “stars” you want simply get BETTTTERRRRRR , start taking over games be competive stick to your club no matter . . . dirk could of hit town but he least got them that one after 10+ season ……….. jeeeezz nba turning into more business decsions than playing ball

    • B-baller says:

      You know it. Love how derrick rose goes about his business, says he will play with who ever he is put with at chicago, he puts the responsibility on himself to win matches and gets better individually to do that. I think Michael Jordan was the same, i couldnt imagine jordan ever in his career say to his manager ‘if you dont get some better guys around me, im going to fly’, he too took the responsibility on himself and believed that he was the best and could use the players around him to win championships.

      Lebron, Bosh, Dwight, Cp3….Stick in your own city. Be the individual hero that Jordan always wanted to be and was. You will win a championship eventually if you give it your all, believe you are the best. Naturally players will improve around you.

      • Mike says:

        Jordan, like Dirk took less money so the team could get better players, these clowns that demand max contracts then cry that the team won’t get the players they want to play with don’t deserve to be in the leauge.

      • HeatWave says:

        Okay seriously in a perfect world everything you’re saying is true, but the reality is some guys play their a** off and never get the help they need to help take them all the way. Reggie & Charles, you know them as HOFers or soon to be without rings. Jordan(my all-time favorite player) had Pippen and Grant(two all stars) on board his first 3peat. Dirk had a three former All-stars, 3 point champion, 6th MOY and a Olympic champ center. Don’t act like these guys won the finals with a cast of no names. Then you say Rose isn’t asking for help…maybe not on camera. Anyhow let’s just see how well he does if the Bulls keep the same guys.

      • Nyrd says:

        Yeah sticking with your own city worked for Michael Redd. Or Yao Ming. Or Allen Iverson. Or Chris Webber. Or Charles Barkeley. They gave it their all and look at all the hardware they have to show for it.

      • RollDamnTide says:

        You guys scream about jordan not leaving. He asked for 35 million then 37 million for 1 year, and got them both! Jordan was great, the greatest, but very selfish and rotten. They down LBJ for leaving cleveland who was NEVER going to win anything with the players he had around him, with exception of MO WIlliams, but Jordan had 2 or 3 HOFers around him with Pippen, Rodman, the best foreign player, Kukoc, not to mention Kerr, Paxson, and all these great roll players that would have started on any other nba team. Every NBA championship team has done this from MAgic, Worthy, Kareem to Bird, McHAle, and Parrish, to Drexler, Horry, Hakeem, MAd Max and that whole Houston squad, to Kobe, Shaq, Horry, and the whole Laker gang. So dont act like this is a new thing because if you look it has been this way for a long time! Get off Lebrons case and do something else!

    • imad akel says:

      right coz winning a championship is so easy when u just stick to ur team no matter what…

      ask KG how easy it was when he was with the wolves… Or ask T-mac how easy it was when he was with the magic. Or ask Vince Carter how many championships he coasted to in Toronto. Or ask allen iverson how easy it was to beat shaq + kobe every time they met in the finals…

      nah, i’m kidding of course… I agree with you Mr. toronto area. I think EVERY superstar should aspire to be like Michael Jordan, and win championships for their team with absolutely NO HELP. I mean that’s how most great players achieved greatness right? Jordan, Malone, Larry Bird…Not a single side kick to those superheroes…

      • toronto area says:

        im not saying it easy to win championships . . .im saying your in your PRIME ! why leave so early . . try getting it by yourself with no stars there just supporting cast . . .i rate boston big three because all three players was at there end of there carreer paul , howard , d will , bosh , james dont even think they even touched 30 yet , why make this superhero team like a 2k game lol rather than just going out there an prove it you can grab one . . . .examples of players whoo really tryed was jason kidd . . OH Boy! this guy stucked to the nets all he can but the sort length of his carrer he got his ring with another team cause he was at breaking point . barkley and mail man , ewing had one problem . .. they just ran into the bulls lolll an dont even say malone didnt have help they werent just that hungry then micheal . He tried with lakers an came up short . All im saying why get frustraded with your team and request a trade just go out an play ball thats your JOB! . they need to be more of a leader on the court and incourage there teamates PUSHHH THEM!!!!

        Reply to imad akel >>> look at tmac, damon , and carter carreer they wished they never left toronto an those are there own words in a video interview

  74. stockbroker_bob says:

    Apparently, the Clippers made the highest bid for Chauncey Billups. Perhaps the Orlando Magic can now trade for Billups to improve their team and to appease Dwight Howard.

  75. Felipe Toloza says:

    BILLUPS A LOS HEAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  76. MARIO says:

    i feel really bad for him, he is just being thrown around the country like a rag doll

    • Jack says:

      Poor Chauncey, getting kicked around like a rag doll. Maybe drawing a $14,000,000 paycheck for 6 months of sitting on the bench will make him feel better. Ya Think?

    • scuzz_bopper says:

      if he REALLY wanted to control his own destiny, he could have asked the Knicks for a buyout.

  77. Nathan says:

    I’m really not liking the league now.

    Before this I read this, I thought… sneaky clippers. But good on them.

    Now, for Billups sake, I want him to be grumpy or not show up.

  78. PoorBillups says:

    I used to be a glue guy like you, but then I took an arrow to the knee…….and retired.