Lakers Shift Focus From CP3 To Dwight?

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In a stunning development late Saturday night, the three-team talks between the Lakers, Rockets and Hornets that would have sent Chris Paul to Los Angeles collapsed, with the Lakers moving toward trading Lamar Odom instead to the Dallas Mavericks. Odom would be placed into the new traded player exception the Mavericks received earlier Saturday when they completed a three-team trade with New York and Washington that sent Tyson Chandler to the Knicks and Ronny Turiaf to the Wizards.

The Lakers apparently decided to move on while the league was contemplating various versions of the deal, and in doing so potentially cleared the decks to make a bid for Orlando center Dwight Howard. The initial version would have sent Lakers forward Pau Gasol to the Rockets, and sent Odom to New Orleans, with Rockets forward Luis Scola, guards Kevin Martin and Luis Scola, and a 2012 first-round pick going to the Hornets as well. But the NBA, which owns the Hornets, nixed the deal Thursday, citing “basketball reasons” for not letting it go through. The decision was derided when it was disclosed that several owners opposed the deal, thinking it gave the already talent-rich Lakers yet another superstar player, while saddling the Hornets with older and more expensive players.

Owners also were concerned, according to a management source, with the potential sale value of the team with all of the extra salaries the Hornets would be taking on over the next three years. The team had sold 10,000 season tickets this year in New Orleans Arena, and the league is looking to sell the team to an owner who will commit to keeping the team in New Orleans. The league instructed the Hornets to restart talks Friday, according to sources involved in the discussions, with an eye toward getting more young players and draft picks.

But after hours of exploring various scenarios, with the Lakers providing additional picks and the Rockets giving up some more players, the Lakers got tired of waiting.

“The league took too long to decide and may have overplayed its hand,” a source involved in the discussions said late Saturday night.

The collapse of the talks leaves the Hornets frustrated and in an incredibly difficult bind, with just six players in camp and with Paul still seeking to be dealt elsewhere. Several teams, including the Clippers and Celtics, have held off of other potential deals in the hopes that they might somehow be able to get into the Paul Sweepstakes. The Clippers believed late Saturday that there was still a way for them to get involved, but it wasn’t clear what pieces they would be willing to use to try and make an offer to New Orleans. They had adamantly refused to include guard Eric Gordon in any potential trade discussions earlier this week.

Boston had offered a package centered around guard Rajon Rondo, young players and draft picks, but the Hornets weren’t interested.

The Mavericks have already let free agents Chandler and Caron Butler go, and appear to be ready to lose reserve guard J.J. Barea leave as well, citing the need to keep as much cap room as free as possible for the summer of 2012. Odom has two seasons left on his four-year, $32 million deal he signed in 2009, but only $2.4 million of his $8.2 million salary for 2012-13 is guaranteed, which would fall in line with Dallas’ approach for next offseason.

The Lakers would have cleared more than $20 million in cap room by dealing Odom and Gasol for Paul, which many around the league believe they would have tried to use next summer on All-Pro center Dwight Howard. Now it will be much more difficult, though there is still the possibility they could send Gasol elsewhere in a separate deal.

The Lakers, however, were one of three teams that have been given permission to enter into trade talks with the representatives for Howard on Friday, so it is reasonable to assume they’d be willing to package both Gasol and center Andrew Bynum in a deal for Howard. If the Lakers agreed to take back the salary of forward Hedo Turkoglu ($10.6 million this season), the deal could be made easily.


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  2. Choker says:

    Hornets should trade CP3 for some players….. before they get CP3’d and get nothin’ , fools

  3. Choker says:

    If I were the Hornets….. trade him for soem role players….. Lakers – Barnes, Blake, Walton, Johnson, 3.5 million and 2 future second round picks

  4. Jamie S* says:

    I can’t believe most of what I heard on here. No homework has been done. And most of these comments received an F. for a grade. Stop watching NBA TV and listening to these NBA beat writers. You want the real scoop? The heartbeat of the team? Then go to Yeah, D-Fish is getting a little older, but we still need his unbelievable leadership and I.Q. “Drew came into camp looking like a monster after training with boxing trainer “Freddie Roach”.. “Pau” looks good. “Kapono” said the most imposing thing about the first scrimage was “Drew & Pau”. What people don’t seem to understand is the fact that everyone is healthy at the same time for the 1st time probably ever. And I like the rookies, “Darius Morris” in my mind was the best pure point guard in the country coming out of “Michigan”. Kinda remind me of “Penny Hardaway”. He’s real, and everybody’s going to find that out too! The other guard, Andrew Goudelock, a pure shooter, and then bringing in another with “Kapono”. And still in my mind have the most powerful front line in the game. “Drew will be an all-star for probably the next (10) years. and “Pau” until he retires. I hated losing L.O. but “D Character” has stepped it up plus they got a 6-10 kid name “Majok” and another 7,0 footer. They don’t need to make anymore trades right now. We’re not after fantacy points here. Leave the freaking roster alone, I like the mood their in right now. My prediction: Championship

  5. otsokobe says:


  6. Uaintdown says:

    So apparently LO asked to be traded (after the original trade got nixed by Stern).

  7. tombrayo says:

    i think if the league is so worried about teams becoming stacked they should just have a draft every 5 years with all the players in the league to shake up the teams so you dont get a team like the heat or knicks. i dont quite understand what the big stink is about the paul deal considering no one said anything about the way boston made out like bandits when they formed their big 3. i dont know why players think they need to be on a team loaded with stars to win. when jordan and byrd and johnson played they all said they enjoyed playing together in international play and all star games but they always wanted to compete against the best not team up with the best. you never seen greats of the past demand trades because their team wasnt doing that great or they didnt like the team,they sucked it up and played ball. i think the players of the nba today care too much about money and not enough about the love of the game. why do they all think they are worth so much when they are not worth the millions they are getting paid. teams wouldnt be so strapped for money if stars didnt demand so much money they would be able to sign other stars rather than a bunch of role players

  8. nea_nelu says:

    maybe lakers plan a Miami Heat season?..its short, kobe doesn’t have to suffer much, I bet next season we will have D-will, CP3 and Dwight as free agents.Lakers will have cap space to deal. Remember, Kobe is the only basketball star that almost guarranties titles.


    I think I know what the Lakers are trying to do they’ll send Bynum and a rookie or 2 for CP3. That whole drop out was to get people thinking we dropped out but really didn’t. Then we’ll send the draft pick and another rookie or to 2 and maybe Blake, Barnes, Ratliff, World Peace, Walton, and/ or Character, 3 or 4 of these players and definitely not Gasol, to get Dwight and a rookie. That would really help the Lakers plus they need someone off the bench like Odom and the only other guy like that is Love and the Lakers won’t get him so they should aim to some other good PF to help them. If they pull all of that of they will be unbeatable.

  10. David Stern says:

    Listen to Dwight grinch.
    I wanna play with number 24 Kobe B.
    You wont ruin Christmas bc the NBA will fire you and we will have a Merry Xmas after all!

    You lose David Stern.

  11. David Stern says:

    After the Lakers trade Bynum-Blake-Walton+1st round draft picks for Howard and Hedo Turkoglu.
    Next season Chris Paul will come sign with Lakers and Dwight and CP3 win an NBA title.
    And David Stern this is all you are going to be left with.

  12. lil k says:


  13. lil k says:

    All i know is gasol better stay on the lakers they are better with him and lamar anyway. they actually looked like a team last year. all they gotta do is keep workin at it there a very strong team..

  14. Stan says:

    I truly believe that the Lakers traded Lamar Odom because he wanted out. Odom was so pissed off at the Paul-to-Lakers trade that he didn’t want work for a management who could trade him so easily. The one positive out of all of this, is that the Lakers get more flexibility to sign/ re-sign players. The Lakers still remain in the hunt for another title but that hinge’s on a few elements.

    1. Paul Gasol and Kobe work out that mess from last year
    2. Bynum grows up and respects this game(cheap shot on JJ Barea)
    3. Metta World Piece shakes off some of that flab
    4. Re-sign a healthy Matt Barnes
    5. Look for low cost veterans to fill holes in roster.

    Here are some low cost veterans that the Lakers should look into: Deshawn Stevenson/Allen Iverson/Jason Williams/DJ Mbenga(Yes I said It)

  15. NBAfan says:

    we should trade bynum blake walton and draft picks for howard and hedo.
    keep Pau Gasol and sign chauncey billups for our starting PG.
    if we can also sign deandre jordan or any other free agents that would help us.
    drop luke walton with amnesty and keep hedo at least he will play during the game unlike walton 30 miilion 5 years.
    David Stern we have the worst bench in the NBA and a guy who is over payed so quit hating on our team.
    Look at odom and kardashians drama queens we got rid of that but we still have ron artest wait metta world peace!
    LA needs to trade and get some quality players not hollywood actors!
    I would get dwight and sign a PG like chauncey but if you trade Pau Gasol alot of Laker fans are going to be upset we love Pau! we want dwight but not if it means losing our PF.Gasol is to me the best PF in the game and Bynum is equal to Howard if any of you actually watched the magic play the Lakers last season in games you would realize that its an equal trade!Not trading Pau Gasol sorry!

  16. kobebean24 says:

    it only makes sense for dwight to go to lakers. kobe is not get any younger and he is truly one of the best players in the league, probably the greatest of all time. dwight said in an interview time and time again that he wants to win and ultimately to win a championship, he’ll fit right in the lakers. nets? come on who’s there, nobody. dallas? not gonna happen. join the lakers dwight!!

    • kobe greatest? says:

      kobe the greatest? yeh all right then.. keep thinking that while hes getting swept out of playoff series.. and u say dallas not going to happen.. il let you in on a secret you seem to be the lone person to not know.. they won it last year and were the team to sweep ur precious lakers.. get real

  17. Rudy76Europe says:

    Hi Guys,

    Is there any scenario that would result in Dwight playing for Dallas? I am not familiar with all the CBA details, but it seems t me that there is no way, unless Dallas can somehow dump Brendan Haywood and jason terry or pay a lot of luxury tax. Also what could Dallas offer Orlando in return? Dirk? So I don’t understand why Dallas is one of three teams that recieved Orlando’s permission to approach Howard. What does Orlando want from Dallas?

    Is the thinking that Howard would only play for Dallas for one year, before the increase in luxuary tax and then join a team of his choice the year after? Even if that was the case I still can’t see what Dallas can offer Orlando.

  18. Cleveland says:

    The lakers are stupid. Why wud u give up odem, bynum, and gasol. If u give up all ur big men and are just left with dwight howard then thats not going to work. i mean dont get me wrong he’s a great player and all but he cant do all it by himself in the paint. What thay really need to do is find a way to get a new point guard. (HELLO CHRIS PAUL) which was so dumb to droop out of trying to get him. Im sure if Phil Jackson was still coach then these stupid mistakes would not have been made. I know I’m just a fan but i know about basketball and i speak the truth. But anyways

  19. Thomas Chin says:

    12-12-2011 10:50 AM

    Gasol is still soft and he will be soft for Spain in the 2012 London Olympics. Keep Bynum in the Center.
    Try to get Luis Scola to Lakers for power forward along with Artest. Quickly sign Chauncey Billups to
    a 1 to 2 year deal at medium range contract (6 to 8 millions) as your reliable, experience point guard.
    Derek Fisher is all washed out. Steve Blake can not do the job along the 5 time Champion shooting
    guard Kobe Bryant who is still very motivated.

    Dwight Howard and CP3 are NOT to the long-term good and interest of LA Lakers. These two are too
    SPOILED and are only good for their own POCKETBOOK!

  20. cefri anthony says:

    hopefully the lakers will get howard on a one on one trade w/ bynum. love to see gasol & howard, alongside kobe, playing lakers showtime . . .

  21. stan fair says:

    Wow since when did Dwight become a player-GM????? Tell me world what would your boss say if you demanded a say in everything him and his company did..Hey Dwight if you want a real say in the operations just do one thing…take some the millions you earn and buy a piece of the te am!!!

  22. Lakerfan89 says:

    Watch us sign DeAndre Jordan from the Clippers, and use him as part of a trade for Cp3. No rejection, no hating, just a good business deal.

  23. Jordan says:

    ORL trades Dwight and Hedo to LAL.
    LAL trades Bynum and future 1st round pick to ORL, Gasol to HOU.
    HOU trades Scola to LAL, Flynn and two future 1st round picks to ORL.
    Works for all parties.

    Lakers: Gasol to Scola at PF is a pretty significant downgrade, but if it means they are able to get the best big man in the league, who cares, and Scola is still very solid offensively. Dwight is a huge upgrade from Bynum, and will help them at both ends of the floor. Hedo can play the 3 or 4 coming off the bench. Now just need to ink up Chauncey and they are set.

    Rockets: Finally get the big man they have been searching for. Pau is big upgrade from Scola at both ends, and Flynn was behind Lowry and Dragic in the rotation anyway.

    Magic: Are going to be the losers in any deal that sees Dwight Howard leave town, so for Orlando, its about getting as much as possible in return. In this deal, they get a very good, very young Center with a lot of potential in Bynum. Flynn was picked 6th overall just two years ago, and put up good numbers as a rookie, before dealing with injuries last year. He has potential and will improve, especially with Jameer Nelson to mentor him. The Magic also snare three first round picks in this deal.
    ESPN’s trade machine says this deal works, what does everyone think?

  24. Richard says:

    LA should shift their attention towards Rajon Rondo

  25. Lakerfan89 says:

    Mavs fans are just as delusional, and lack any real basketball intelligence as the heat fans. lol its too funny… i wont even comment. I will let yall comment for me, and make a fool out of yourselves. We traded Odom for a reason. CP3/Clippers talk. You think thats just coincidence? We’ll get CP3 cheaper, and without the nba or you haters crying.

    With Odom gone we have cap space to sign and trade someone to make up for Odom in any trade with Cp3 or D12. I’m a true laker fan and I would want only one, and not both. Just because no other team has gone to finals 3 years running, once again, like us. We just wanted change, not give up a whole team for just 2 players. Don’t get mad because Mitch, our owner, is smarter than your owner.

  26. tianjay says:

    if you go back in history no team has ever won a title composed of star players playing like supertars. As tracy mcgrady said: “Being a superstar is being greedy”. Its because you feel like your carrying the world on your shoulders. When the celtics won the title in 08, they have KG, Ray, and pierce. Those guys were superstars, but when they became celtics you never saw them trying to outshine one another, they never played like they were before as superstars but rather as great role players. Ray was always a shooter but never took as many shots as he did with sonics, pierce was always a great scorer but never forces things now like he did before trying to out do antoine walker, and KG was dominant as always but stat wise they were down it’s because they just need him anchor the defense unlike his old do it all solo act in minnesota. They are just one of my examples why the nba teams should never fall to the giving more than gaining act by collecting superstars. Look at miami they spent a lot to be in the finals while the mavs spent less by getting just the pieces they needed and won the title. This is my awakening for the small market teams to never lose hope. Big market teams may always get the talents but you’ll always have the chance to have a great team while spending less.

  27. tianjay says:

    Lakers really doesn’t need to trade any of their star players. It’s not like they’re as old as the spurs’ star player’s age. There main concern was always at point guard, someone who can play good defense. That someone doesn’t need to be great because they have kobe to control their offense and act like the leader they needed. It has always been there weakest spot so if they turn on their focus on what they really need rather than what they want I can see no reasons why they can’t compete against the power teams. It doesn’t take all star teams to win championships all you need is a team that compliments each other well. Those players are hard to find that is I understand why kobe is upset of trading lamar, they are still a great team capable of winning it all they just need to have what they need not what they want.

  28. iammvp31 says:

    i read something on twitter saying that magic wants booth gasol and bynum.

  29. Tenzin Dawa says:

    Mr. David Stern, Great job. You have probably screwed our franchise over. Good luck keeping Chris Paul next season especially after what happened, better yet good luck getting a better deal than the one’s Houston and LAL offered. Jeez, is this even about basketball anymore or something else ? Now we;re headed towards the same fate as the Cleveland Cavs, thank you Stern.

  30. Simson says:

    to Listen2Reason… well how are you going to have a competitive balance between 30 teams if its’ only a competitive balance between 6 super-power teams with all the super-stars? IF that’s the case, that’s a really BORING NBA season. You also said that 6 powerhouse teams will help prevent one powerhouse team from winning multiple championships? Well, the Mavericks with only 1 superstar prevented that team from it’s goal last year, and more will do it again. What do you say to that? It should be said that every team can still win a championship without a stacked all-star team and without the GREED behind them. It also should be said that ok, let all the superstars go to six teams. You’re still outnumbered in the chance game. We “REAL NBA FANS” are going to pull for the rest of the “small” market teams to be Goliath. We’ll see how successful these conglomerates are. But good luck to the NBA when the next potential lockout begins because i don’t think we’ll have a standing chance to recover then because of these greedy, greedy robots!

  31. Carl says:

    Please dont move Pau Gasol… he is a great player!…please dont trade gasol!…

  32. steve says:

    Trade Gasol, Bynum for Howard and Turkoglu. Try to sign Landry to a deal. Maybe get Stuckey for 1 year. Might be possible.

  33. Kane says:

    Christmas has come early knowing the Lakers are finished!! Even if they do get Howard! What will that cost? Anyway, remember the Laker Length! All gone. No More Length. Finished, Zero, Gone, Bye Bye Championship!!

    The Flakers had NO BENCH with ODOM. What about now?!! hahahahahahahahaha

    Who said the MAVS wouldn’t repeat? Have a look at there Roster now. They can trade Haywood and ODOM for Howard!!

    Howard to the MAVS!!! Yeah baby!! Cuban is a genius!!

  34. Jose says:

    @Dwight Howard, go to Dallas Mavericks because they lack defensive Centers in the court^^

  35. Aidan says:

    Chris is not overrated he is the 2nd best point guard ‘IN MY OPINION’ its just that i wouldnt trade pau gasol and andrew bynum for him that would just ruin the lakers just deal odom and bynum so they can get howard.

  36. LA_Concerned_FAN says:

    LA should just get Stuckey, NVM Dwight, and the CP3 deal collapsed.

  37. jun dormal says:

    of course cp3 and howard want a winning team coz he want to get a crown before they retire …. but to trade pau i dont think its practical…

  38. Stan says:

    Bynum and Howard on the same team would be unbeatable, forget about the rest just get Bynum and Howard on the Lakers together and they will never lose, since they are good friends I think they can share the ball and compliment each other too. I would not worry about a point guard if you have Bynum and Howard as your Center and Powerforward.

  39. Stan says:

    Why all the fuss about CP3? Give me Westbrook then I can get excited about a pointguard, or Rose. The Lakers are losing Odom to Dallas now cause he demanded a trade after this crap. The Lakers are going to look like fools for doing this and not talking with the Players first after going to 3 straight NBA finals with this group, breaking it up is a big mistake. Just the middle of last season the Lakers went on a 16 game winning streak and looked unbeatable with this group, They deserved one more year together atleast to try and bounce back from the loss to Dallas. No Odom and no bench for the Lakers now.

  40. Frank C. says:

    Also i’d rather keep bynum and gasol. It’s a frontline that was talked about all the time hard to penetrate against and to defend

  41. David Stern says:

    i suck, i should be fired.

  42. Frank C. says:

    What about chauncy billups to the lakers. He’s a good and smart point guard for the job

  43. John says:

    CP3 to MAVS!

  44. Funked says:

    Lakers needs cp3 than dh12…

  45. you guys let lebron and bosh go to miami but you wont let a fair trade of letting 2 key men of lakers go to different teams and let CP3 go to LA. oh come on guys THINK THINK THINK.

    #nowplaying Runaway – Kanye West “Let’s have a toast for the douchebags!”

  46. Javier says:

    I really didn´t like the firt trade scenario. I think Gasol still have a few all-star player years but Odom is past his prime. Then of those two the first one didn´t even land to the Hornets!! Scola is very effective and Martin a good shooter, but even with Odom, the Hornets wouldn´t have received the equal value of Paul. Maybe Gasol instead of Martin. And the Lakers would still have Bynum to work a trade to get better a line-up with Bryant and Paul.

    I think if the Lakers send Gasol and Bynum to Orlando for Howard, it will be a more fair trade. Orlando will remain a team to beat if the East, maybe even mora than with Howard, and the Lakers still be powerful and can start thinking in the past-kobe era.

  47. ev1398 says:

    the lakers should trade pau and reserves for dwight then dwight and bynuw could share the pf/c spot

  48. LakerFan says:

    I’m actually glad that Stern stopped the 3 way trade from happening and I’m glad Lakers pulled out of the deal. Lakers needs to get C – Dwight Howard and not G – Chris Paul. I don’t see how fans can say C – Bynum is a great Center. Yeah he was great in his first year, but now he ends up injured most of his seasons. It sucks that they traded F – Odom to Dallas for Draft Picks, cause I rather trade F – Odom, C – Bynum, one not important player, and a draft pick to Orlando to get Howard. Then I would sign up G – Chauncey Billups for Point Guard and have G – Fisher come in as a Bench player. But since they traded Odom already, I’m afraid they are going to trade F/C – Gasol, which I’m hoping they don’t cause Gasol is a great player and can play as a Forward and Center. All we can do is wait and see what will happen though.

  49. Sim says:

    after they just stop CP3 deal BC it’s “unfair”, how did the league let Odom deal happen?

  50. this is just bull what the hell r u doing stern? now that we could not get chris we also lost odom cuse of you if you did not want LA to get paul why did you even disscuced the trade with them .

  51. Da'Monique says:


  52. vj says:

    no CP3 to the lakers…kobe can handle the ball correctly…. so why they have to trade Pau & L.O??

  53. Listen2Reason says:

    For the fans and league owners that are in agreement to prevent more super teams from forming? NEWS FLASH. How can anyone compete with the existing super team, the Heat, if NO OTHER super teams are allowed to be formed now??? One super team winning every year is not only the opposite of this competitive balance we keep hearing about, but it’s also ratings suicide for the NBA. I feel like I’m taking crazy pills here. There already is a super team, so you CAN’T HAVE COMPETITIVE BALANCE unless you allow other super teams to be formed.

  54. Paul says:

    so now that Stern screwed up the deal. only Celtics can make anything nearly as good as what they would get with the vetoed 3-team.

  55. capdog2003 says:

    Rondo to LA and package a few for Tayshaun or Ariza.

  56. KB24ever says:

    why do they need dwight howard??? LA got Andrew & Pau Gasol which is better than Dwight Howard…..LA needs CP3 thats all

  57. LT-SMASH says:

    this decision to pull out makes no sense, the lakers are in real need of a good point and CP3 would’ve filled that role fine, although it would’ve been interesting seeing how kobe had to change his playing style with chris paul around. Combining this decision to pull out of the CP3 trade AND giving lamar odom to the reigning champs, how does anything that the lakers have done in the last few weeks make ANY sense?????? Odom going to the mavs is just going to ensure that mavs continue playing top-level basketball, and a player as good as odom shouldn’t have been traded “just to clear some cap space”. since odom wanted out after all this talk about the CP3 trade, *at very least make sure you get CP3* -.-!!!

  58. Lmao.. says:

    Well now the Lakers can get Howard and pick up Billups. Kobe, Howard, Billups, and maybe Gasol, that’d be pretty good

  59. David Stern says:

    I have helped the Lakers get Dwight Howard and Chris Paul. After the Lakers trade for Dwight Howard, I will trade Chris Paul and Trevor Ariza for Pau Gasol, Metta World Peace, and Luke Walton. Lakers are my favorite team and i will do anything to help them.

  60. JJC says:

    This is getting a little nerve racking. This is how I see it. Chris Paul is out of the picture. Personally I really don’t care much whether or not Paul became a Laker or not because my main priority was always Dwight Howard. Now that we are done trying to acquire CP3 we are focusing all of our efforts to the Superman. The problem is whether or not we will get him, and if we do, at what cost? My original plan was to have Kobe, Pau, and Dwight all in the starting line-up and use a combination of Bynum, Lamar, and Draft Picks to get it done. However there were a couple complications. First off, we have competition. The New Jersey Nets are itching to start something over there since its been a wasteland ever since Vince and Kidd bolted. Secondly, is cap space. The Lakers are big spenders and that might not always be a good thing. The Orlando Magic wants someone to take Hedo T. off their hands along with his 11 million dollar contract., but Lakers need to clear some room. What I thought would be the logical thing to do was to trade both Bynum and Lamar (and maybe an extra) for Hedo and Dwight along with throwing some draft picks their way. This way, the Magic lose Hedo’s contract, recieve the second best center in the league, the reigning 6th man of the year, and get some draft picks in the process. However the Lakers just traded Odom to the Mavs for some additional draft picks and an 8.9 million dollar tax exception. At first glance I thought that the Lakers were to use the tax exception to get Hedo for nothing but a draft pick however that isn’t possible because Hedo’s contract is 10 million plus. Odom’s is only 8.9. So in order to get Dwight and Hedo we will have to trade at least two players. The problem is, we no longer have Odom. Which means the two players that will have to go are, Andrew Bynum who was a choice from the start, and Pau Gasol. If this is the case, then the Lakers essentially gave up 3 of their big men for only 1 big man. Dwight is good but he isn’t THAT good. The Lamar trade is making zero sense because the trade exception is useless unless we can use it to take Hedo. So where do the Lakers go from here? Was this a “my bad” moment that could cost the franchise dearly? Mitch is a smart GM. If he made that Odom trade he HAS to have some dominoes lined up that can allow us to keep Pau in the Magic trade or at least get another power forward with HALF his value, which lets face it isn’t happening. He has to know that Derek-Kobe-Metta-Pau-Dwight is much better than Derek-Kobe-Metta-???-Dwight. Or at least that’s what I keep telling my myself.

    • Blackmamba24 says:

      as a Lakers fan I’m worried right now… If they give Bynum/Gasol for Dwight is just crazy…. Magic has to offer a better deal like get D12 with Arenas?!…. that’d make more sense, or maybe Turk.

  61. Thr33z3r says:

    Cp3 isn’t even good…….Deron Williams is a way better point guard

  62. TRUSTED SOURCE says:



  63. BiGGLyNcH says:

    As Long as Rondo Stay in Boston…i dont give a Sh*t were He Go…Boston Coming 4 banner 18

  64. GLM says:

    nooooo.. don’t trade gasol and bynum for dwight!!! 2 top players for one top player. just doesn’t make any sense. dwight is great but sure as hell isn’t good enough to replace two really really great players like bynum AND gasol.

  65. anthony says:

    why would the lakers trade odom/ gety rid of gasol

  66. legendary24 says:

    i think this is what the lakers should do…since they already traded odom for picks they should trade bynum. picks .barnes or anyone from the bench or even artest for dwight and hedo…….then sign chauncy since he already said if he isnt signed by a contending team hell retire.

    so basically our lineup would be

  67. anthony says:

    why would the Lakers trade ODOM to dallas?

  68. FACE THE FACTS says:

    ‘Goodbye NBA’ the best comment on here! Ridiculous cattle trade…

    I hope a ‘TEAM’ will prove all golddiggers wrong, like last season…well done Dallas!!!

  69. LamarOdom7 says:

    Lakers should replace Blake with Billups. then Billups can start and Fisher to back him up. Steve Blake was the problem. He didn’t contribute anything. Lakers were so much better with Farmar, who’s fast, can shoot, and can play D. They should also try to get Trevor Ariza back by trading Ebanks and Blake.

  70. Lakers R Us says:

    David Stern should stick to handling his Commissioner of the NBA duties! Here he is, playing hardball with Jerry Buss and the Laker team! LOL! They, ( the Lakers) have been doing this for years, and with quite a bit of success! Don’t you think? Stern really threw a negative roadblock into what would have been a good deal for all teams involved! Now he has to sit back and start all over again! And the Lakers will move on! Go Lakers! I agree with the decision!

  71. MyNameIsKobe says:

    You have to admit that even though Chris Paul is somewhat overrated he is still a elite gaurd in the NBA. Even more now that he has had time to recover from his injuries. The league made a bad move not accepting this trade. The Lakers would have landed a all pro point gaurd. The Hornets would have gotten a good strong team that has a better chance of competing for a title then last year. Also they want better ratings. If the Lakers landed Howard and Paul they would have had another monster trio in the Nba which would have boosted their ratings like crazy. Just look at what happened to Miamis ratings and imagine that again.

  72. rockin-robin says:

    Now we know why Jerry Buss owns a storied franchise and why Dan Gilbert is nothing more than an ignoble Nuevo Riche!

    Cream always rises to the top. The basketball world now knows that Dan Gilbert alone was the major impediment to the Cleveland Cavaliers’ success; and the sooner the NBA can find a buyer to negotiate his release the better for the future of Cavs Organization.

    CP3 doesn’t have to do ANYTHING but wait +/-three more months. I’d love to see the League forced to take a loss on the sale of the Hornets franchise.

  73. HeatH8r says:

    Trying to trade Lamar Odom and Pau Gasol for Chris Paul was a stupid idea. The Lakers have beaten teams time and again with their size, and Odom is one of the better all-around players in the NBA, whether he’s starting or coming off the bench as the sixth man. I notice the league didn’t do any bitching when the Heat managed to put James, Wade, and Bosh together, though…the Lakers having too much talent is a stupid reason to nix a trade!

  74. KB24ever says:

    LA need cp3 rather than dwight…..pls dont trade pau gasol

  75. KB24ever says:

    they dont need dwight howard for gasol and bynum………trade ron artest & bynum for dwight …….and trade lamar odom & somebody else execept gasol for cp3….. that would b great XD

  76. lakersoverheat says:

    if the lakers get dwight,paul will follow.

    paul wants to be a laker,and dealing odom wont affect what they can put on the table when time comes they wanna pursue paul again.

    if the lakers trade pau and odom,they will for sure get players that can fill their presence!
    if everything goes the way they want,and they do end up with paul and howard,they’ll be dangerous.

  77. Blackmamba24 says:

    I think this is the way its gonna work… Lakers will give away Gasol/Bynum for Dwight, Arenas, Turk……

  78. heat2012champs says:

    I love how last season all the lakers fans were hating on miami for getting three superstars and now that the lakers might get a superstar ot two for kobe they don’t see how there is anything wrong with it!

  79. BIG N says:

    If the lakers do not get Howard they are done and traded Odom for nothing

    • Paul says:

      I agree, Odom was a huge part of the team. Good size, he could make 3´s and put it on the floor. Effective at the 3 and the 4. If the Lakers don´t get Paul or Howard, they are dead. The young teams in the west will eat them up. Anyway I bet Dallas is happy with the trade…

  80. If Stern had let the trade go through Paul would have already been a Laker. It is not over yet, if Paul chooses to sue, he still would have a chance to become a Los Angeles Laker. It seemed like a great deal to me. The Lakers were giving up Pau Gasol and Lamar Odom and the league is saying that the team would be stacked? Look at the Heat. If that deal would go through we have to start Derrick Character at power foward. He is a second year player who is not ready but will be great down the road.

  81. lakersrock says:


  82. Jack Mehoff says:

    The Lakers needed Paul more than they needed Howard. A franchise guard is better than a franchise center. Just look at Howard all alone in Orlando. That could be him all alone in LA

  83. Pedro says:

    VERY VERY SMART Lakers move. Dont u guys get it?
    Lakers WILL get Howard, because the guy WANTS to play for LA. Now that Odom is gone, trading Bynum AND Gasol clears the space for landing Howard, Turkoglu (who will be bench to Metta) AND a free agent PG, who could sign for a very short amount of dope (Bibby to the Heat, does anyone remember?).
    Next year, Fisher retires AND CP3 will come to us from NO for free.

  84. Lukasoln says:

    If they dont sign CP3 tey could try getting Rodney Stuckey. After all he is a FA. And Howard in exchange for Bynum + Gasol i guess. Or Bynum + draft picks.
    In my opinion LA needs younger PG.. Fisher is great and he can shot 3s but he is old and isnt that good in Defense. And Rodney stuckey is more athletic.
    But LA could try to get CP3 and DH12.
    CP3 – gasol,odom
    DH12-bynum,artest/draft picks Luke walton or something.

  85. LEO says:


  86. lakersrock says:

    lakers did a smart move it was taking to long to get cp3 now they have a chance of getting the most dominant point guard

  87. Marti says:

    I’m actually pretty glad we cut off the deal. I seriously LOVE Pau Gasol and Lamar Odom. Both of them are amazing players, and without them, the Lakers might have another bad ending. If they are going for Howard, I want them to trade someone else, cause Lakers NEED those two players.

  88. Dan says:

    It’s obvious to any Basketball fan that the one disturbing in LA is Mr.Bryant. His era is gone and it’s time to kick his egoist arse out of there.

    Bynum + Artest for D.Howard
    Kobe for Paul.
    Still have the exemption from Dallas to get whoever in Bryants spot and still coul’ve save Odom in LA.

    Paul + mr.X + Odom + Gasol + Howard.

    And Bryant to NOLA … superb in order to find a buyer for franchise 😛

    And Shaq loling at home 🙂

  89. Ao1 says:

    I’d prefer to have CP3 than D12 in Lakers since they already have Bynum and 2 other more big guys. CP3 can run the play, shoot from the outside & perimeter good. Then there’s Kobe who has a killer shooting both in/outside, Bynum inside… Perfect!!!

  90. LAAKERS FANNN says:

    I think that the Lakers are really gambling on this one. Dropping out of the Chris Paul trade to try to get Dwight Howard is very risky,considering the man wants to go to the Nets. The Nets are offering Brook Lopez and some draft picks for Dwight Howard. The Lakers can send Bynum and the trade exception from the Mavericks for Dwight Howard, or they can trade Pau Gasol, Bynum and the trade exception for Howard and Hedo Turkoglu. Lots of gambling for the Lakers but i hope that it will pay off

    • Andrew Ratcliff says:

      I agree if the Lakers go after Howard they will have to give both Gasol and Bynum. The trade is not over yet even though everyone says it is. If Paul goes on with the lawsuit the Lakers might get Paul.

  91. Ao1 says:

    Lakers’ decision of withdrawing from pursuing CP3 is a good moves somehow since time is running… They need to focus on someone they have better chance of getting it like Dwight Howard. NBA don’t want CP3 to be in Lakers because they’re all afraid that Lakers may win again. Specially today’s rumor of pursuing both D12 & CP3. So, the only way to stop that plan is to void CP3’s trade deals…

  92. fans says:

    Get rid of RON , keep ODOM

  93. Dwight says:

    Okay. Dwight moving to LA has it’s pros and cons. Let’s be honest here guys, why would you want to be traded to an aging roster? To LA? Are you freaking serious? All of the guys are aging…. regardless of how good you are age takes its toll. What will happen to Dwight when Kobe retires?? You guys tell me. I would suggest Dwight to land a trade to a young developing team instead of an aging developed team. Patience is the key for Dwight Howard, he’s young and he’s talented. Try to join in a category full of youngsters, hence you’ll all be developing with each other. Mark Cuban said it best, “Great things come to those with patience”. Patience is KEY.

  94. Purehoops says:

    This is so irritating, hearing everybody talk about all these superstars coming to LA. For all those Lamar Odom haters, remember that no matter how inconsistent you think he is, he was a bench player, the best in the league for that matter. He fit his role, and could play along side of Kobe. I’ll give you all your CP3 and Dwight, but that will leave you with no power forward, and worst no bench. Did everybody forget the Heat lost, and Dallas with one superstar and a deep team one the championship?

    I am a laker fan, believe it or not. But the reality of this team is that it is still Kobe’s team. Everybody says, CP3 and Kobe can play on the same team, and I don’t think so. Both need the ball in there hands, Kobe is no Ray Allen who will be cutting off of screens, without the ball. Dwight gets into foul trouble who will back him up? I am sorry all you Kobe fans, but you can get a lot more for Kobe. I know I’m crazy!!!!! But I could probably work out a trade for Kobe and Bynum where in return I could get a decent guard, CP3, and Dwight. My starting linup would consist of CP3, Gasol, and Dwight . We would still have lamar odom coming off the bench for so many positions like SF, PF, and in emergency’s C. Look at what CP3 did in NO, your gonna tell me with this lineup he couldn’t do more? Just remember what he has done to the lakers in the last three years. We will be young, and still be able to compete for a CHAMPIONSHIP, this year.

  95. MistaMilla says:

    You wait for CHRIS PAUL…. !!! you steal dwight howard and win a RING!!!!!!

  96. yanick says:

    So a garbage player like Luke Walton can spend his whole career as a laker but Odom can’t? Seriously i’m beginning to think Luke has some type of relationship with the owner or something, that guy is trash and does nothing to help the team yet he’s still here. They let Lamar go dallas now what? What if they have to trade both Bynum and Gasol for Lamar, we gonna be left with only two players, Kobe and Howard. Worst case scenario what if we don’t get Howard? I believe Paul will not sign with any team though just to get back at the NBA, i guarantee he will not sign an extension for any team and become a free agent next year. But i really hope we get Dwight Howard.

  97. Lakers make this happen!! says:

    OK Lakers this is what you do now
    Lakers trade Odom to Jazz for Devin Harris & Kanter
    Next trade Pau Gasol & Bynum for Dwight & Hedo
    Next get David Lee for Artest

    New Line up
    PG:Devin Harris Fisher/Steve blake
    SG:Kobe/Matt Barnes/Jason Kapono
    PF:David Lee/Hedo

    David Lee is underrated double double machine and plays like Pau Gasol
    Devin Harris the perfect pg for the lakers and he will always listen to kobe
    Hedo plays like odom

  98. Lakers#1 says:

    i say they should trade for dwight Howard. and sign Chauncy Billups, who was just waived bt he knicks.

  99. The bulls should trade joakim noah, taj gibson, and a 1st round pic to the Magic for Howard while cutting Ronnie Brewer and Kyle Korver for Cap space.

  100. Mike says:

    The only way this makes sense is if they are giving Gilbert the mid-level to bring him in, getting Howard in a sign an trade and the Trade for Odom better get them a good pick if not .. If Lakers do not do this I am not sure what they are thinking Odom is one of my favorite Lakers of all time

  101. Cord says:

    i think all in all as long Lakers get Howard some how with offering Andrew the draft pick they got from dallas plus their draft pick and throw in hate to say this Gasol and their we got Howard that will end up keeping Chris in NO til his contract is up and look their we get CP3 as well but till then we’ll pick up like Chauncy (cant think of another dependable PG)

  102. D Yorke says:

    So there going to trade Bynum and Gasol for Howard, not get CP3 and also lose Odom??? So at the end of the day, no point guard, and Kobe and Howard only?

    The only logical explanation for this is:

    Odom to Dallas (established)
    Bynum and Gasol to Orlando for Howard and Turks Contract
    CP3 to be traded somewhere this season, then opts out at the end of the year and signs with LA as a free agent next year.

    At least I REALLY hope that is the plan!!

  103. Pablo says:

    IMO, Lakers are making bad decisions because they already have very good big men, Pau and Bynum. Gasol has always done well along his career, and Bynum can become in one of the best big man in the NBA for a long time (if his knees are ok). So I think LA shoul improve their exterior players, because Fisher and Artest aren’t specially good, and they both (and kobe) have more than 30 years. If they could get a good point guard (it’s not neccesary Paul, but he must be young -Curry, Wall…) whithout sacrificing Pau either Bynum, Lakers may be the best team in the league.
    Obviously, they are experts and they are doing what they are doing, so it means it’s a good chance for improve the team.

  104. Caolan says:

    Dont say either than ron artest gonna start

  105. Caolan says:

    Man this is a bummer. Paul was more and likely to come us than howard. Now we have to fight nets for howard and now if we want howard were probably gonna to trade gasol and bynum for them. So who gonna play PF OR SF because dont forget we traded odom now to mavs. I just dont know what to think

  106. Will says:

    I’m getting deja vu from reading this…
    Shaq was in the magic, lead them to the finals, then signed with LA.
    Dwight lead the magic to to the finals, and now LA wants him….

  107. Ejay24 says:

    Or the lakers should be get both..

  108. adwgz says:

    PLEASE LAL Amnesty Luke Walton… he takes in $7m to do nothing.. the worst player in the NBA!!

  109. Ejay24 says:

    The Lakers should be get first CP3 before Howard… Or they get both at the same time.. haha.

  110. Ejay24 says:

    The Lakers should be get first CP3 before Howard…

  111. Johnny Pen says:

    If I am Chris Paul. I will talk to Hornet Owner/GM —-I stay in Hornet this season If you do not trade me to Lakers. Asked Lakers sent soem young guys to Hornet . If you do ot deal with Lakers, I will stay in Honet and next season become free agent and sign with Lakers. ANd Honet will get nothing……..

  112. Dave says:

    I hear a Magic dancer requested a trade to LA

  113. Tolbryanz says:

    smart moved by the Lakers, free of cap space….I foresee the Bynum as a center piece for Howard deal and Gasol for Paul in 2012….another dynasty for the Lakers going forward…..

  114. Joostile says:

    cryiami is pretty quiet right now, they knew that they never ever get a ring…..hahaha

  115. miami2012champs says:

    So if lakers,dallas,new york are out where does he go? bulls,thunder,boston,nets already have good point guards. heat can’t afford him. what team does he go to that has a winning record

  116. jv28 says:

    much better if chris paul will be @ the miami….. the miami team has the lousy point guard so far,

  117. howardFan says:

    I REALLY HOPE HOWARD TO THE LAKERS . haha. Howard and hedo for gasol and bynum . Then maybe use ron as a role player or sixth man ? ha

  118. rix says:

    CP3 to Miami!!..lets see if the heat can pull it off this time with a descent point guard if they acquire CP3..hopefully the can clear some salary cap for diishing CP3 to the heat..

  119. kobe4life says:

    Lakers will definitely get Howard by trading both Gasol & Bynum & use the trade exception to absorb Turkoglu bad contract. Since the Lakers cant get CP3 right now and hopefully they can get him in 2012, why not go just for Chauncey Billups, i think he should fit well with kobe, he’s a big guard who can score & defend well & can shoot in clutch time too and he still at his prime.

  120. davesmall says:

    The league doesn’t want either Paul or Howard going to the Lakers. They have a darn good reason for that too. The Lakers are a rich team and they’ve been able to get superstar players without having to draft them (Shaq) or by lopsided trades (Gasol). The other owners want a level playing field where the Lakers, Knicks, and Heat don’t have an advantage. That seems perfectly reasonable to me.

  121. madhav says:

    gasol is the key to win the championship to lakers if no gasol impossible to be championship!

  122. pmoore50 says:

    The NBA is now infected with a disease. It is called greed. Billionaire owners want more and this sport will be ruined. This whole mess is so unbelievably strange there is no sense to it. How much money do these billionaires need?

  123. Backlash says:

    I thought howard made it clear that he wants to play in new jersey with deron willams.

  124. john paul says:

    OMG!! LAKERS wasting their time for CP3 . they will give up two powerful centers to get just CP3.. NOT so smart..

  125. laker4life says:

    any of u think it’s a coincidence the lakers pulled out of the cp3 deal just as D12 demanded for a trade? I don’t think it was because they didn’t have the patience to wait out the nba’s decision regarding the new aspects of the trade. Getting dwight is not an option for LA, it’s a must do, because if dwight lands anywhere else and they don’t have cp3 either, the lakers will not win a championship for a long long time and that is something Kupchak and the lakers organization will not allow to happen. Seriously u go to hell and back to get cp3 because he’s worth it, u only pull the plug on the deal if ur 99& sure u can get someone who could have at least the same impact on ur team as he would, and that is d12. So like it or not (and i’m not talking about lakers fans here, cause we like it) d12 is already in purple & gold, all u lakerhaters just have to look better 😉

  126. Rz says:

    It’s a bit hypocritical to complain when players run off to go play with their buddies when teams trade players without their input all the time and fire coaches like it’s going out of style. Teams don’t have loyalty- it’s business- so why should players have loyalty back? If the Clippers weren’t the Clippers they’d do great in the market- especially if they have a good draft pick while the Lakers are rebuilding- but some franchises just have a reputation. If you don’t want your competitive athletes to run away you have to act like you’re willing to try at least make a team with an outside chance of winning within a few years. The Lakers rebuild very fast- the longest they’ve been out of the -finals- is something like 8 years, with only 2 years or so at a time out of the playoffs. Any franchise player that can avoid a trade will get a stab at the finals with the Lakers… but a bad reputation means Clippers can’t keep their players and therefore perennially suck.

  127. m says:

    i tell you, lakers wont be a title contender if they going to push this deal. they already have bynum to defend the paint and a much bigger than to dwight. they need point to run the offense. lakers should continue bringing cp3 to lakers….. lakers!!!

  128. Borg says:

    Bynum + Odom/Gasol to Nets, Lopez +Farmar + draft picks to Orlando, Howard + Hedo to LA

  129. maurice says:

    MAVS Haywood, Odom, Vince, Brewer, maybe Jones For Howard, Hedo! Mavs got alot they can give up in the deal and i cant see Orlando trading for the starting players for the Lakers who got exsposed and swept! mavs got brewer jones rudy lamar haywood vince maybe terry! all the players they can trade! also i dont know if yall payed attention to Howards interview where he said he believes Cuban would listen if he ask for ppl i think thats a clear sign he likes cuban and they just got a ring and Dallas do stuff on the low so its goin to be crazy!

  130. maurice says:

    IIght this is what i believe will happen! I think Lakers will still try to get Paul and sooner or later will! As for Howard i see him goin to the Mavs which happens to be my team lol! Let me explain with lakers givin us Lamar they gave us leverage to get Howard u say how well think about this vince carter loved it in orlando but they traded him for j rich so he can be used for the trade along with lamar throw in haywood maybe brewer or jones we get howard nelson and hedo


  131. Nikleman says:

    I think that going for Howard is a good move for the Lakers.. Gasol & Bynum for Howard is excellent! In Dwight they will have much more stronger defensive presence! Im cheering up for that trade! Pursuing Paul would’ve been great also, but you can’t have two of them.. so it’s all good!

  132. Leroy says:

    Lakers are messed up… 😦

  133. Big B says:

    Lamar Odom won’t do much in Dallas…. Mr. 40% every night, on again off again. All the talent in the world just never wants to play to max ability. Not to mention….he’s at that time where he’s played his best ball and will start coming back down the slope. Question is, how fast?!

  134. rochen1 says:

    This move would have been a gamble for the Rockets. If it had gone through, they would have tied to lure Nene to Houston. That’s great, IF it had worked….

    By himself, Gasol is too soft to be the primary big on a team, and on the Rockets that would have been his role.

    News that the Rockets were adding additional players to make this deal happen is disturbing; the optimist in me hopes that Morey had another deal in the wings that was contingent on this deal going through.

  135. i agree with jay and i agree with the lakers for pulling out of the chris paul deal, by trading lamar odom you free up money lots of money then you get money from dallas plus draft picks smart move lakers the lakers going to be under the cap once they trade bynum and pau for howard they going to be way under the cap which is where they need to be.

  136. MIAMI HEAT 4EVEr says:

    come on MIAMI HEAT go for J.J. BAREA!!!

  137. Clix says:

    Yoo I know the NBA overplayed there hand, but LA, forget how your getting played and try to get CP3, do what you gotta do to get D12, all that work and frustration you put in now is a definite payoff by the end of the season!! Don’t give up, keep going for CP3 and don’t let D12 slip!! Please?
    6 minutes ago · Like

  138. Damien says:

    I’m not sure Howard would be a better fit than Paul. The Lakers’ front court is crowded (or at least, was crowded) with the likes of Bynum, Gasol and Odom. Odom was the most underused player in the league although he brought his versatility off the bench when needed. Bynum is one of the most overrated centers in the NBA, can’t seem to learn any new move on offense, irregular defender. Gasol is enigmatic to me because he can be so dominant but he can also collapse under pressure at times. However, I’m not sure that losing those three guys to gain Howard is a good call : Howard is a beast on the defensive end but his offense is all too risky (charges and loose ball fouls on offensive rebounds) and not that efficient. Maybe if he has developed this little mid-range board shot that he showed last year at times, he can be a better offensive center but he won’t replace Odom and Gasol’s versatility.
    Speaking of CP3, Lakers have to find someone to run the game AND to defend : don’t get me wrong, I like Fish (the player, not the man, I mean) but he’s way too old and very sloppy on the defensive end. Shannon Brown left, so who remains at the point ? Steve Blake ? Bad, bad move by the Lakers (and only based on misplaced pride).

  139. Enrique Merino says:

    I think L.A. Lakers will go for Chris Paul later, now prefers to be focused on Dwight Howard, but I´m thinking, ¿why not Gilbert Arenas?

  140. joes says:

    What…now LAL wants Howard? So they trade Bynum and Gasol for Howard…great starting lineup lol.
    sf-world peace

  141. Kyle Kim says:

    The lakers did a good idea in getting rid of the trade. Fisher is still good. He’s still healthy he played 465 straight games. Lakers made the right decision in giving odom to mavs for some cash. And they should better trade Howard with Bynum and some draft picks or fresh legs. Mike brown will surely be ready whatever the status tips the rosters. CP3 maybe acquired at summer. While fisher is still good with the triangle offense for Ron artest. And I hope someone should read this comment coz this is a great idea.

  142. Vincent says:

    History repeat itself for the Orlando Magic but maybe the Magic can still convince Howard to stay if the acquire a great player. I don’r think that it is a far-fetch idea that Paul may team up with Howard. But the scenario of the Magic today happened to them more than ten years ago.

  143. Lukasoln says:

    They need CP3.. I mean Fisher is old, blake isnt that good.. So in my opinion CP3 would be great adition to the Lakers. Maybe even better than Howard, since Bynum isnt that bad..
    but just my opinion though.

  144. Ren says:

    so DH is not following footsteps of SHAQ to LA Lakers, huh? I guess you will eat your words DH.

  145. jpii says:

    Hey Lakers owner and manager. Do not trade odom and gasol. instead trade bynum, walton, artest and fisher.

  146. Carlo says:

    For me its a great move, well see if they can land Superman in the LALA Land. and if thats happens, we could hope for another TITLE! Go Lakers!

  147. Lakers4Ever says:

    Please keep Pau, we can’t give up him AND ‘Drew and having Pau and D12 work as a team would be AMAZING, rather than ‘Drew and D12

  148. Terrence says:

    CP3 to CLIPPERS!

  149. Simson says:

    I agree with what someone said earlier that why does it have to be 5,6,7 teams stacked with all the superstars and the rest (25.24.23 teams) get smashed! to me that’s a REALLY BORING NBA season to only see 6 teams with all the superstars competing against eachother. The NBA needs to be more spread out with great players. How the hell are we supposed to survive another lockout in 10 years if it’s just 6 major NBA franchises getting all the superstars with all the money.. i thought the new CBA’s purpose was to make it so that 30 teams each get a fair shake in salary and players? How about Chris Paul go to a small market team like the Blazers? How about Dwight Howard go to a team like Milwaukee and make them emerge a NBA powerhouse? dont you hate hearing lakers, celtics, bulls, heat ,mavericks all the time.. lets start hearing timberwolves, kings, bucks, warriors, clippers..

  150. Carlo says:

    the line up i want is

    PG- D. fish or ( JJ barea or Cp3)
    SG- KB24
    SF-Ron Artest
    PF-Pau Gasol
    C- Dwight Howard

  151. Pelio says:

    This is so getting out of control..LA jus gave up on Paul, all of a sudden traded Odom? n still in talk to get Howard by trading both Pau AND Drew? what is going on here? if Odom is really out then why not trade either one of the big guys along wit some small pieces? shshshshsh

  152. Xavier says:

    Lol the picture of CP3 in the foreground and Odom in the background made my day, how apt!

  153. Carlo says:

    GO FOR SUPERMAN Dwight howard

  154. KB24CP3DH12 says:

    CP3 & DH12 TO LAKERS. C’mon!!

  155. Realist says:

    Whew, glad this travesty of a deal won’t be resurrected. Dwight and CP3 on one team? The Lakers are already the most stacked team in the NBA the reason they didn’t win last year, is Kobe is a poor leader and the team didn’t play up to its full potential. Adding Dwight and CP3? C’mon…don’t even bring up the senior citizen big 3 of the Celtics or the Heat who have a big 3 with nothing else (and Bosh isn’t that big). The Lakers already have Kobe, Artest, and Gasol…that’s a big 3 already, with Mr. Clutch Fisher, the reigning 6th man of the year and other pieces. If they can’t win with what they have they are mentally weak. Back in the 80s Michael Jordan, Charles Barkley, Magic Johnson, Larry Bird, and Olajuwon could of joined forces…but they wanted to win on their own. Anyone can join with a bunch of superstars for an easy win, but they won’t get my respect or the respect of many fans.

  156. shawn says:

    one of the reasons the trade was rejected was because the hornets werent getting any first round drafts or young players, well the lakers just traded odom for a first round 2012 draft pick from the mavericks.. the lakers obviously have a plan maybe its to offer pau and draft pick for paul? well see

  157. juhsiz says:

    If Howard comes to the Lakers, it will just be outside KB24 inside D12. But with CP3, thew would have had a creative player who can make shots easier for his teammates. Kobe already scores difficult shots and it would be great to watch him taking easier shots prepared by Paul, scoring about 30 or what maybe…

  158. michael williams says:


  159. calvin says:

    the linup for lakers ……..that i want…………………

    they can throw odom and gasol………..or barnes blake gasol………..coz odom can play all five positions.

    • MackDaddy says:

      hahaha…. hedo defending the post and old man fish running point?
      yeah howard is an inside presence, but who’s going to chase dirk around at 4?
      who’s going to contain fast point guards like rondo and JJ… forget about the top tier CP3’s and Derron’s?

      glad you arent my GM, because Lakers wouldnt get out of 1st round! 🙂

    • Rico Rodriquez says:

      That’s about a 45-win team, at the most. You really want the Lakers to be that terrible?
      Fisher, Artest and Hedo are all completely washed up, although I guess Howard would get a lot of rebounds off of all their missed shots. Then he’d miss the dunk, and Kobe would stick his jaw out at him a lot.

  160. zeelow says:

    i believe that they will still go for cp3 they might look for another 3rd team to the mix between NO and LA…CP3 and D12 is gona land in LA LA got the best deals for those two guys i think its gona work out.

  161. sean says:

    It will be okay if dwight howard will play on Lakers team and trade Andrew Bynum to orlando. CP3 will also fit in lakers by that time that direk fisher will retired there’s a best guard that can play his position.


  162. Justin says:

    What did the lakers gain after trading odom to the mavs?

    • rochen1 says:

      Possibly the loss of a bad attitude; didn’t Odom show up to the first day of training camp two & a half hours late & not even practice. I read that he talked with management on the first day of practice.

      As talented as he is, I’m surprised that any team would want Odom — he’s very moody and needs a lot of coddling from his coach.

  163. Denver/Heat says:

    LOL what drugs are you laker fans on? Who in there right mind thinks howard is a straight swap for bynum.

    cp3 will end up in new york or traded to someone who pays what they want.

    howard will in my opinion land in jersey, the owners got the $ and the pointguard he would want, and knows he will add the pieces they need to compete for a title especially for the fact it his first year hes landed them 2.

    if he goes to la its going to be at the expense of gasol and bynum at minimum!

  164. zagoni7 says:

    Im just a simple nba fen but you know la having paul without gasol or odom is not a championship winning team

  165. coolhair says:

    Lakers will send Bynum, Paul and the trade exception to Magic
    for Howard, Turk and Nelson.

  166. kevin Michael Menkhorst says:

    If you trade out two of the 3 main posts in LA (Bynum, Gasol and Odom) you wil regrat that if your the Lakers. CP3 would be an amazing player for the Lakers but if you give up Gasol and Odom who do you have at the PF spot. CP3 and Kobe boths want strong posts to open up the game and close down the paint on D. Both Howard and CP3 want to join the Lakers, now its a matter of being smart. If a deal could be done that keeps Odom and moves Bynum and Gasol for CP3 and Howard you would have the most amazing team in the NBA with the line-up of CP3,Kobe,Metta,Odom,Howard

  167. ron says:

    they should just switch chris paul to magic and howards to hornets so everyone can stfu bout this

  168. dct says:

    im just glad that the clippers are gonna have a big chance at being the best team in LA after so long,clipper fans deserve this for sticking with their team, they are reportedly the new frontrunners for cp3. if they do become the best team in LA ( cp3 and griffin would be the best 1-2 punch in the league) its gonna be weird in LA LOL

  169. Ripcityfan4life says:

    Portland makes a bid for Paul. Hornets get Nicolas Batum, Raymond Felton, Marcus Camby (who has expiring contract), and draft picks. With Brandon Roy retiring, this opens up 16 mil next season, along with Camby off the books, should give Portland 30 mil to sign Paul long term. Paul would agree in principal to sign contract with Portland for 4 years, with 5 year option. Smell the Roses, Paul! Paul, Gerald Wallace, Wesley Matthews, LaMarcus Aldridge and pursuit of a decent big man? Thanks Roy for reviving the heartbeat of Portland. Now Paul. get us out of the Frailblazer era into the Trailblazer era!

  170. Erlingur Gretar says:

    CP3 to the Nuggets! Sing-and-trade Nene plus Andre Miller for him. Come on! Do it! [/pipedream]

    • Renpurso says:

      fellow nuggets fan here, i wish! i am really interested to see what denver do in the next few years anywayz after melo. one thing i can say is we picked a good time to rebuild… 2012 draft is looking good.

  171. dirkminator says:

    great line up for the mavs


    of the bench

    rookie (dont know the name)

    all the way baby!!!
    lets GO mavs!

  172. helloo says:

    The NO Hornets want young guys and picks huh… well why not trade Paul to Sacramento for Tyreke and a protected 1st rounder (if top 5)… Stern ( or other forces at work in NO) will accept the deal becasue they get what they want.. 1) they get a young talent in Evans and a likely high pick… 2) they trade Paul to a smaller market,…. It seems like thats the only way to go to save their name after the lockout… Really everyone wins in this situation… except Kings in the long run!!! But in a short run they win as well becasue they will get the fans back in the seats and be competitive.. who knows maybe Paul will fall in love playing with Cousins,Jimmer,and them guys!! what yall think???

  173. laker says:

    kings fan here talking jaaaaaaaaaa the lakers own the pacific division and they own your franchise but i rather cp3 go to the knicjs instead of the celtics and mavs but howard could end up here great for me bynum and gasol fine by me and then maybe cp3 could come in the mix sacramento queens will never make it to the playoffs jaaaaaaaaaaaaa no chanphionchip rings losers

  174. aaroli says:

    chris paul will sign with the lakers after the season.. the lakers will not have to give up anything for him now. they will trade bynum for howard and end up with chris paul anyways. DYNASTY AGAIN.

    • Mr. Reality says:

      You people realize that if they trade for Dwight (who almost certainly will be packaged with Hedo), they aren’t going to have the cap space to sign CP3 in the offseason? The Lakers can’t sign whoever they want to because they’re the Lakers, unless Chris Paul is going to play for 5 mil a year (LOL!)

  175. GG says:

    Big CP3 fan and also a Hornets fan… it seems silly to let this deal go! If the Hornets (aka Stern) can’t make a decent trade for Paul he is going to walk away at the end of the season leaving the Hornets with NOTHING. They are worried about finding a buyer without an All-Star on the roster but how are they going to find a buyer with no-one on the roster? I guess they’ll have Paul’s salary to play with in signing free agents… but Paul has said he is not going to sign an extension. I think it’s better for NOLA to start rebuilding now.

  176. gln says:

    I think Pau Gasol would be better if he will be traded to Dallas Mavericks, No Chandler! No Problem! Pau Gasol will bring championship again to Dallas.

  177. Mike says:

    I hope this “Trade Exception” plays point guard.

  178. NO CP3 or Howard to LA says:

    Just stop already LA!!! Stay away from the star players. Just accept the fact that the LA era is over and it’s time for others to take over. I hope Howard goes to Nets and Paul to Clippers. They both should sign extensions so LA could never get them again!!

  179. Jamaal says:

    Glad this deal didn’t happen. Rockets were giving up way too much and only getting a Gasol on the downside of his career.

    • Tommy says:

      I agree with u,
      trade Scola and Martin for Gasol just means to free some salary space, or at last I hope so, cause such a deal for any other reasons is horrible for my poor rockets…

  180. Jae says:

    Come on Lakers.
    What you guys need right now is a strong bench as much as you guys need a point guard and healthier center.
    Trading off LO for money and first round pick, that’s low on LO and on your bench…
    Better get Dwight Howard but if you don’t, horrible horrible HORRIBLE mistake to give up the CP3 deal and trade off LO.

  181. yes!... says:

    i’d rather go to dragic than paul….hes a good facilitator and he has a good outside shot..and take note he’s got some clutch…then get D12!……..17th ring is coming…

  182. That guy says:

    @ Elliot. there is definitely a big change that the lakers will try to trade for howard. i don’t think know if they would go after nelson though. Regarding Paul, i highly doubt it to be honest. I think this is exactly what stern wanted. owners don’t want the lakers to get paul, his only choice was to push the lakers until they leave. he can’t publicly announce that he does not want paul with the lakers, period. I highly doubt there was ever a chance the lakers would acquire paul, especially since they would have cleared so much space to possibly get dwight as well.

  183. EJV says:

    Good!. I have always liked Mitch Kupchaks style..NO BS. If CP3 wants to be a LAkers he will….in 2012. He’s already refused extensions eleswhere and Mitch would not deal so much for a one year rental. Meanwhile the LAkers can start dumping contracts in the process….like L.O.’s! C’mon, Lamar. Not showing up camp only showed one thing. That you would rather be on TV then in camp with your teammates. Bad move L.O. Have fun in the Big D….and Pau, keep your chin up big fella (if u can!). The CP3 trade is off the table now. So you can sleep easy tonight! Glad to see Kapano in the Purple and Gold! Been waiting for that for some time now (a pure shooter). Lets not forget Blake and D-Fish at the point. Very capable. Wonder if Ron-Ron would quilify for Amnesty?!!…Better yet, keep him…to promote world peace!! KOBE for MVP. Go LAkers

  184. That guy says:

    hahahah, this has got to be a joke. the owners say they don’t want the deal to go down because they want to keep the competitive balance in the nba. who’s the idiot who thinks that because paul was not traded to the lakers he will sign with some small market team. He is leaving the hornets after this season, that’s one thing that’s for sure. If they don’t trade him to a team that he likes ( a good team) he’s just gonna wait till the summer to sign with a good team

  185. BEST LAKERS should be traded!! says:

    who did the lakers trade for lamar?

  186. Elliot Howitt-Ross says:

    I am from australia so i dont know to much about this but i love the NBA. Would someone please answer this question. Is there any change that they would trade Pau and Bynum for dwight and nelson? Or that they are walking away from CP3 so that the Hornets are on the back foot and come after them? Please answer! Thanks

  187. mark says:

    y gilbert???CHAUNCEY BIllups BAby!

  188. james says:

    1. Dwight & Hedo to LA for Pau & Bynum
    2. CP3 to Celtics for Rondo and picks, but will not sign
    3. Nene & M-Gasol to remain with teams, big paydays ahead
    4. Rip to CHI-TOWN
    5. Mr. BIG SHOT headed to South Beach
    ———->———->———->———->———-> NO ONE ELSE MATTERS

    • EJV says:

      All good!…..except #1. No way do the LAkers give up their starting front court for Dwight…..Not happening. Besides, Howard headed to the bright lights of New York City! Good luck in the Eastern Conference this year fellas! Knock eachother out!!! GO LAkers!

    • B-ily says:

      #1 Dwight alone is good enough for those two

      #2 That deal won’t happen

      #3 Nene isn’t staying

    • Jared says:

      i think that sounds just about right.. I like that idea, but do you really think Nene will stay? Marc Gasol will stay for sure, he doesn’t seem like he’s interested in leaving at all..
      but i agree with everything you said 🙂
      mainly about the Lakers haha

    • JH says:

      Dude, the Hornets already rejected a deal from Boston that was Rondo+others. They ain’t interested.

  189. Stan says:

    With D-12 comes Deron Williams. The lakers will use amnesty on Hedo Turkoglu and use that money on D-Will.

  190. Angel says:

    It SUCKS to be a Mavs fan rite now with Chandler leaving.They are never going to be able to replace him because Tyson would hide DIrk’s flaws of rebounding and playing D . Getting Odom I like coming off the bench behind Dirk but Its not enough and Carter old and can’t play D. Mavs need to get younger not older. I rather have Billups than Carter. We don’t have a back up pg with Barea leaving and we need a backup Center for Haywood.Dallas Fans will always love You Chandler!

  191. J says:

    Now it’s time for my premise and or theory on the reasoning for this. This all comes hours after two key things happened in the NBA, One the New York knicks signed Tyson chandler essentially broadcasting that they will not be going after chris paul this season or for the 2012 off-season. The lakers know Paul wants to play on Two teams, Knicks or Lakers. So what do they do? knowing the league has a strangle hold on paul and the hornets, making any rational deal not possible; dump Odom to the mavs for picks and cash reasons going into 2012.

    Now onto reason number TWO, Howard officially announces he wants to be traded, lakers will now act on luring over Dwight howard, they have the players to make a legit trade for him “Pau and Bynum” and they know that they’ll be hitting two birds with one stone with this move. Freeing up a ton of cap space and getting howard, who the aforementioned player wants to play with, ahem Chris Paul. If you can’t get him directly through trade you’ll simply take a far more sapient move and wait to sign him come free agency with the pieces to cajole or woo him over.

    The league put themselves in a no win situation by vehemently nixing the first proposed deal. Nobody wants to lease chris paul and the only other team offering anything for him now that the knicks are out of the equation that he might consider signing with at the end of the season are the celtics. Now the most likely scenario is chris paul plays out the season on the hornets and leaves with the hornets getting nothing. “que willy wonka YOU GET NOTHING SCENE”

    Anyways that’s my theory and conclusion to this debacle. To summarize, the lakers are probably going to be subpar this season and are simply building for 2012… If they don’t end up with howard for this season they can look back and say we traded a sixth man of the year in odom for some picks… yay

  192. SpeakinDaTruth says:

    The Lakers will use the money from the trade exception with Dallas and get Dwight Howard in return for Andrew Bynum and draft picks. Then they’ll get CP3 with what they have left in a trade because CP3 would want to team up with KB24, and Howard. Or, CP3 will come to the Lakers through free agency next season. Spoken by a true NBA fan

  193. P. Tutt says:

    David Stern. Wow. Just Wow……

  194. Lakers need CP3 cuz we don’t have a good or fresh point guard so CP3 was the best deal.
    Let see the end i hope they don’t give up on CP3……. PLEASE LAKERS BRING CP TO L.A

  195. BEST LAKERS!! says:


  196. Gavin says:

    LA needs a PG! getting D12 is awesome,,,but LA should come up with a good plan to get a good PG.


    You guys don,t know how to read. It says that the Lakers don’t have money for Lamar next season so mabye Dallas could sign him. Up to now I’m so happy the Lakers dropped out of the chase for CP3 and kept both Pau and Odom and I also think they shouln’t go after Dwight. I think that with a healthy Bynum we will be fine and we should try to sign a young PG who can help Fisher. Someone like J.J. Barea which will be so cool since I’m for Puerto Rico and so is Barea and he and Gasol could speak spanish and so will Kobe.

    • J says:

      No my friend, You do not know how to read. The lakers dumbed Odom to the mavs for some picks and to save cash going into the 2012 season.

  198. jdr says:

    lakers just got screwed by the league cause they dont want them to win the title this coming year..

  199. Laker Fan says:

    This is actually a good turn of events. The Lakers trading Gasol and Odom for Paul is way too much. Now they can turn their attention to Dwight Howard and bring him where he belongs. In LA.

  200. Blackmamba24 says:

    Wtf???? We basically traded Odom for some first round picks of Mavs? thsi makes absoutley no sense….Kupchak wtf are u doing dude?

    • J says:

      Cash reasons, They’ll trade pau and bynum for howard…. hopefully. and that will essentially cajole over Chris paul to the lakers come free agency in 2012 season. Especially now the the knicks are out of the equation for a possible trade since they signed tyson chandler ending any caproom for them come 2012.

  201. dirkminator says:

    oh forgot the JET.. lets GO mavs

  202. lakerfan says:

    it was bad move. i feel sorry for the lakers

  203. dirkminator says:

    odom? kinda good carter?good of the bench. but for me it its better to get dwight howard. mark cuban come on! its is better to see this kind of lineups i hope.


    off the bench

    the rookie (dont know the name).

    lets GO mavs!!!!

    • DW says:

      How the hell is that supposed to happen.. who exactly are they trading for Howard? Jason Terry? That’ll never happen

    • Sedare says:

      lol you think rudy is PG. I will likely start at SG.

      Just because portland had roy and was not able to start him at SG does not mean that even the likes of Shaun Marion will overpower someone that in his rookie year (the only year he has been able to retain reasonable minutes) he set a record for 3 pointers by a rookie.

      Rudy will offset Marion. Its only a matter of days. Sorry.

  204. Mikey says:

    Oh well, just get chauncey billups rather than cp3. Getting howard is more important and lakers need more strong players to complete their bench.

  205. JangoFett says:

    what the hell is going on

  206. Chad818 says:

    Howard will not end up in NJ he will be in LA by early next week!! Guaranteed!! Bynum and Gasol will be traded for him and they will sign Gil Arenas and use the Lamar money and add another PF and they will be fine from there.

    • B-ily says:

      I gaurantee you that the lakers probably aren’t getting howard and their insolence will cost the chance they had at CP3!!

  207. D.O says:

    LA gets their trade exception

  208. Denver/Heat says:

    Jay someone will get CP3 and it wont be the lakers LOL wake up.

  209. A says:

    The Lakers are kinda screwing their chances at a title. They lost Odom their best off the bench. They are losing Gasol and Bynum by trying to trade them for Howard? Not to be a stick in the mud. BUT you will need another decent power forward or backup center for Howard, by giving away Bynum and Gasol they lose a decent backup for Howard. In fact because of this short season it may hurt them in the playoffs.

  210. James says:

    Why is Cuban throwing draft picks at Odom? Weird.

  211. Jay says:

    Ok. Ok. After a half-hour I’ve seemed to have gotten over David Stern spitting in CP3’s face. Not to mention the poor Rockets. I feel bad for them the most. But now that CP3 is off the table we HAVE to get Dwight Howard. Personally I like Dwight better than CP3, if there was a choice of one anyway. The only thing that I’m worried about now is how we are going to get him. Why did we trade Odom to Dallas? What exactly are we getting? Something about a trade exception? Whatever we are getting from Dallas must be really important to the Lakers otherwise we could have just used him and Bynum for the trade. We have to keep Gasol now tho. If we keep Gasol and trade Bynum and whatever we got from the Mavs (still confused on this, so if someone can elaborate please do) in order to get Dwight, our starting line-up will be; SG- Derek Fisher, SG – Kobe Bryant, – SF – Metta World Peace, – PF Pau Gasol, – C Dwight Howard. That seems a little more promising than having no PF. If they can get Dwight WITHOUT sacraficing Gasol, the basketball gods have smile upon LA once again. And Orlando gets screwed out the most dominant center in the league. Twice.

  212. vander says:

    howard should go to miami heat for bosh and more players. then they just need to sign billups at low price for a guaranteed nba ring. billups, wade, battier, lebron, and howard.

    • Jared says:

      but Howard said that he wouldn’t play with Miami in the summer..

      • lets go magic says:

        There is only one superstar in the entire league and only one player in the league that I respect besides steve nash and dirk nowitski. His name is kobe bryant. He is the only guy who stands out from his team and the only ;aker player who said the team we have rit now can still win a championship. a superstar is a person who stands out from everyone else on the team. If dwight and chris leave they do not stand out anymore. There just a normal person on a good team. also if they do go to someone elses team it is not there team anymore.

  213. lakeshow says:

    no la knows exactly what their doing get dwight this year and get paul in the summer and the hornets gonna get nothing thanks to stern… so it doesnt matter

  214. Jay says:

    some of you need to read,lakers were smart to pull out,none of the 3 teams were willing to give up more then what they had.david stern asked to much

  215. danny says:

    David Stern has failed again.

  216. J says:

    Odom a sixth man for some draft picks… yup cash dump they’re just looking towards 2012, lakers see no reason to compete this season.

    Andrew bynum and gasol for howard?… stupid. Basically what I’m taking from this is that once stern and that horrible GM in cleveland who’s bitter that nobody wants to play for his small market team nixed the first proposed deal now the lakers are just building towards 2012 IN HOPES paul will sign with them. This season is done if they trade pau and bynum for howard and will just be a prerequisite for 2012 off-season.

  217. CML says:

    I believe the Lakers did not receive anything in exchange for Odom but Trade Exceptions. The Lakers cleared some space to bring in Dwight I think.

  218. danny says:

    David Stern had failed again.
    ashame and dissapointed.

  219. learhsa says:

    wish dallas would trade haywood+odom for d. howard. if it’s possible

  220. daniel says:

    aw that sucks there still trading lamar odom

  221. Dg17 says:

    Howard come to chicago! Howard and rose = UNSTOPPABLE! Not even Miami can match up to what rose and Howard can do. Howard is stupid if he thinks he can win a championship with d-will rather than d-rose. Plus the bulls can offer Orlando more talented and younger players like Noah/Deng/Etc. rather than Brook Lopez which is overrated as hell. He says he doesnt want to be in a cold place, well New jersey isnt warm as you think dwight. Just join the mvp and get a ring!

  222. Forsythe P Jones says:

    None of this makes much sense. I’m not a Lakers fan, but if they don’t get Howard, and there’s a good chance they won’t, then it seems as though they are getting worse. Who plays the point? They give up Odom…for what? What’s left to trade for Howard? Bynum and Gasol? How does shedding three big men and then just having Howard make them better? They would, essentially, just be Orlando all over again, except with no point guard and an aging Kobe Bryant.
    We’ll see, I guess.

  223. Jason says:


    The Lakers get a Trade Exception that the Mavericks got from the 3 team deal that sent Chandler to New York. The Lakers would offer this exception, a filler and Andrew Bynum in exchange for Dwight Howard and Hedo Turkoglu (and maybe another filler).

    This trade exception allows the Lakers to absorb an ugly contract in Hedo Turkoglu, which actually does the Orlando Magic a favour. Andrew Bynum, although injury prone, is in better shape than ever this year.

    I believe this move was made because the Lakers thought the league was waiting for Dwight Howard to make his move to the Nets. If Dwight signed with the Nets, then the CP3 deal will fall apart because the purpose of the deal is to get CP3 AND Dwight. With the CP3 trade, the Lakers frontcourt will be depleted. The L.A. front office found it too risky.

  224. Denver/Heat says:

    Lakers get nothing, mavs get lamar, knicks to pick up paul, new jersey to get howard.

  225. Jared says:

    why would the Lakers even consider trading Lamar Kardashian in the first place? why didn’t they package Luke Walton, or Steve Blake, or Ron Artest (Metta World Peace) or Ebanks?
    thats just stupid.. who are we getting for Lamar?

  226. eman says:

    nc,.,paul and kobe seems bad to paul with the ball and kobe wants to hand the ball? with system with mike brown
    howard will be fine at L.A it is not like shaq its about decision
    trade bynum, odom and blake for d12

  227. DW says:

    Lakers better get Howard now or Stern seriously screwed us

  228. Who did they get? says:

    So wait up, Lamar is to the Mavs, but what do the Lakers get in return?

  229. calvin says:

    dont get howard…..bynum’s defense with the help of ronron and gasol is great………..i think lakers only need is a better coach…………letting go gasol and odom would be a big benefit fo other teams……………..when paul and bryant be teamates…..its not good…..kobe is already a star………kobe only needs a nice supportive guard……just like jordan and pippen…….pippen is a nice and good support for jordan……………

  230. Tim says:

    Well. I wonder if LO’s behavior made being delt to DALLAS necessary?? Minutes for Caracter?

  231. chris paul says:

    why arent i goin to LA with dwight i mean we wana get a ring!!

  232. SDot says:

    If we dont land Howard, this will the worst thing ever. Im so digusted at the league for screwing this up for my Lakers. Right now the defending champs are looking good with Odom. We need a point gaurd to run Brown’s system and to hang with the rest of the league or we are in deep ish.

    • topher25 says:

      lol lol lol. how can you be digusted in the league!!! these guys ok’d the pau trade and got you another couple of rings! now their finally treating you equally you have a problem with them? grow up. time to face the reality that the rest of the nba hates you and will do anything to stop you from getting stronger (especially to the detrement of other teams). remember the rest of the nba is not just there to pander to your desires! would love to see the lakers NOT get dwight either! – probably more likely to go to nets in my eyes (but obviously im biased!).

      • JH says:

        Treating LA equally? When has the league EVER done this to another team??? It doesn’t matter who you’re a fan of, the league should NEVER EVER EVER EVER EVER interfere with a trade unless there is some really clear evidence of wrong-doing. This was a totally normal trade, which actually BENEFITED THE ROCKETS AND HORNETS MORE THAN THE LAKERS. How does no one see that?? Look at what happened with the Nuggets when they finally sent Carmello off–they got a lot of players in return, and they actually got better! The Hornets would’ve been better off. And why does everyone forget about Houston? Houston is completely f’d now. Not only were they DESPERATE for Gasol in order to help fill the Yao Ming void, but now they have an angry Luis Scola and Kevin Martin. As for LA, acquiring Paul wouldn’t have guaranteed anything. Gasol and Odom would’ve been a lot to give up and an enormous risk. Quit crying because the Lakers’ front office and ownership are brilliant and have more championships than your crappy team. You’re basically saying that you believe collusion should be allowed simply to stop the Lakers from being good. Don’t you want your team to beat the best? Oh wait, you’d rather have a handicap and beat a Lakers team that looked like they did in the early 90s and 00s, right? So dumb I can’t even believe it.

  233. mb says:

    so what does LA get? JJ Barea?

  234. MavsForTheTitle says:

    @Mike, but they are probably losing JJ, and JJ is one of our good players. Vince Carter is kinda getting old now.

  235. pukpokito says:

    I hope the deal for Howard to the Nets gets done already.Get it done ORL and NJ.Close this out now.

    • cliff says:

      You can pretty much consider any deal to NJ postponed until Orlando hears Lakers offer. The simple truth is, Orlando would rather trade Howard to the Western Conference so they don’t have to deal with him. It’s just common strategy among any pro team.

      • heat says:

        the problem is howard doesnt want to sign extension to lakers he want to go to the nets and team up with williams

  236. Ramesh Valluri says:


    You have failed and failed the NBA system for your own reasons , It is time for you to step down, The Fiasco with Lakers Proposal
    And the way you have handled you do not deserve to continue as Head of NBA.

    We have lost faith in your leadership

  237. james says:

    Kobe & Dwight baby no need to say more… The Basketball Gods Are Awsome!!!

    • JOHN says:


      • Big D says:

        Kobe still got it…He is not in his prime but he still putting big numbers and is still one of the top 5 players in the NBA right now…PS and he will have a better year this year compare to last year which he was never 100% becasue of his surgery…

      • DBANKS says:

        Kobe is still the best and one of the best all time. The numbers do the talking.

  238. SV says:

    Howard doesnt want to follow Shaq steps and hurt Orlando fans again. Nets Get Howard!!! …Come home to Atlanta!!!

  239. Tim says:

    the lakers trade lamar odom but who did they get for him

  240. Hunter says:

    I was not expecting this the mavs just got Odom, they should keep him and maybe do something to either trade him or I don’t know Im drunk! GO MAVS!!

  241. ML says:

    funny how Lamar will end up with the team that swept them

  242. Jordan says:

    Not mention – Houston Rockets get totally screwed in the process.

  243. James says:

    Not sure how this helps the Lakers unless Gasol and others are being moved to clear cap for Howard. Not sure why Mavs would give anything up for Odom for a one year rental?

    • cliff says:

      It;s obvious I think that L.A is packaging Pau and Bynum and the Draft pick from Dallas for Howard. You can’t just send Bynum or Pau to Orlando and L.A has no faith in Bynum’s knees anyway. Orlando won’t trade the best big man in the game for a banged up, shaky Bynum. I have seen so many L.A fans dream of that miracle. They can however, offer Pau, Bynum and the Dallas pick as long as they take Hedo. That deal would work but will Orlando risk losing howard for an awkward, oft injured Bynum?

  244. franz0 says:

    send pau gasol to the twolves for beasly or williams!! get it done..!!!

  245. Extremedriver says:

    YEAH HOO! Thank you Lakers for kindly calling off the talks because that means the Knicks still have a shot at getting CP3! It’s a beautiful day for us Knicks fans, a beautiful day for us Knicks fans. So lets see here. We have STAT, Melo, Chandler, and maybe CP3 in the near future!? I can almost taste the trophy!!!

    • Sam says:

      I am a Knicks fan but you are an idiot. The Knicks have already locked up all their cap space thanks to Melo, Amare & Chandler. There is no way to get Chris Paul now other than to trade one of those players for him. But Amare’s value to other teams is debatable because of his poor health in his past and his 2 surgically repaired knees. Chandler would not be good enough to offer in a trade compared to Lakers who can offer Pau AND Bynum now Chris Paul is off their radar. Or maybe the Knicks could offer CP3 the Mini MLE? Because he’d accept 2.5 mil a yr right? Some people…

    • Dirty-D says:

      If you havent noticed, the only teams that get any favor are the ones Lebron plays on. Cuban will wine and that won’t go down either.

  246. yuca says:


  247. newyorksteelo says:

    It wasn’t meant to be!

  248. iammvp31 says:

    o and i forgot.. LAL will miss the MVP off the bench. Odom helped the Lakers win two championships..

    • Dirty-D says:

      Odom Helped every now and again. If he was in any way consistent we would have done better long ago. really short good streaks, really, really long bad streaks!

  249. iammvp31 says:

    that’s good, i know Odom feels when the trade is not done with the hornets.. just like he twitted “When a team trades u and it doesn’t go down? Now what?” ofcourse, Ododm thinks that the LAL don’t want him anymore.. but nice move by the LAL to trade him to dallas so that they can get Howard and Turkuglo.. im a huge fan of LA..

  250. coleman says:

    howard and arenas to lakers.

  251. Diz says:

    I Honestly Think That Was A Smart Move By The Lakers Because If They Would Have Traded For Paul They Would Have No PF, But Now That It Looks Like They Gonna Keep Gasol And Get Rid Of Odom And Trade Bynum And Pieces To Orlando For Dwight That Will Make Us Really Big Upfront. Lets Get Dwight Yall

  252. hutto says:

    Good move

  253. dirk diggler says:

    dwight will sign max contract with lakers. cp3 will go… somewhere… but not sign an extension, then sign with the knicks for about 35 million less than he should. but then anthony and stat will each give C3P0 7 million

  254. mike from akron,ohio says:

    If this is true that means the Mavs just got tougher….They lost Chandler,but gain Vince Carter and Lamar Odom????

    • Sam says:

      Not Really Lamar Odom Doesnt Replace Tyson Chandlers Defense

      • HeatWade says:


      • topher25 says:

        no but he is an upgrade over an injured tyson chandler, which lets be fair, is likely to happen! cant believe the knicks have gone and completed yet another bust. averaging $13m a year to sit on the treatment table is not a good deal for the knicks.

        as soon as i read the deal, thought it was a good move for the mavs – wow their going to be strong offensively this year!

      • laupie says:

        yeah but now they can play a line-up with killer 3 point shooters

    • chris says:

      well orlando traded hedo for vince and that really didn’t vote well for orlando. but i agree dallas gets real tough with lamar and vince now though this is the first thing i’ve heard of vince going to dallas. but i believe dallas is losing JJ who was their back up PG to jason kidd i am not sure where they are gonna fill that hole. and tyson chandler was their big man i am not sure lamar will fill the shoes for toughness that tyson chandler had

      • Renpurso says:

        sad dallas loses jj but they still got roddy beaubois who can grow into the role jj player, or even more

    • Dirty-D says:

      No, I’m a die hard lakers fan. I say Lamar is just to lazy and unpredictable to be a force anywhere. No one that good should have to be begged to play just ok, as often as he does. I like the guy. But the truth is no team should execpt those half hearted efforts he gives almost always.

  255. Matthew H says:


  256. Jay says:

    This makes absolutely no sense. The fact that we pulled out means that the Hornets were asking for too much. Well, David Stern at least. This guy knew exactly what he was doing. If he pushed the Lakers too the point where they could offer nothing more without having enough to acquire Dwight Howard, then the Lakers would have no choice but to opt out. The priority was always Dwight, but CP3 had expressed a need to leave the Hornets so we came after him first. Thanks a lot David Stern. I hope no one gets Paul and next year he screws you all by leaving you without anything. Push comes to shove he will find his way to LA. It may not be today or February but by the end of next year if the Lakers don’t have him, no one will. Including the Hornets.

    • TWizz says:

      The selfiness of some people LOL. Don’t cry because your team can’t be stacked with superstars. People who are basketball fans as a whole, not just for one team, don’t want to see all these superstars on one team. We want to see actual competition between the WHOLE NBA, not just 4-6 uber teams compete with each other and smash the other 24-26 teams…

      As I’ve said to countless other people, if you guys really want superstars stacked up on one team, shut down 24-26 teams and spread all the superstars out on the rest of the teams. This is getting ridiculous…

    • Sam says:

      When CP3 goes to the Clippers, the Chris and Blake show will be the #1 ticket in town. Ticket sales will go through the roof! Who is going to pay to see washed up Bryant and his band of has-beens when they can see the Blake show dunking off feeds from CP3.

      I like the Lakers, but the best team in California next year will be the Clippers.

      • MrPresident says:

        LOL that’s funny. I bet the clippers will finish behind the warriors again lol (in cali). Blake is a showtime player. He aint got the whole package. I mean, for example the slam dunk comp last year, who the hell wins it by jumping over the “front” hood of a car? Majority of the nba players can lol. It was rigged. McGee should have won.

      • HeatWave says:

        @Mr President, so Blake doesn’t have it but McGee does based on a dunk competition? In that case what was so special about a 7 footer dunking two or three balls? Give me a break. Neither one of them should have won but that’s all off topic. Laugh if you want at the Clippers but by the end of this season they will make 8th seed in the west.

  257. grmixx says:

    gopytwin LAKERS get howard!!

  258. aAa says:

    CP3 to NYK!

  259. TheKing6 says:

    YES! Thank god. I don’t want Paul going to the Lakers. Glad these talks broke down. Let’s see CP3 play with the Clips. Griffin and Paul would be a cool combo. 🙂

  260. Gary says:

    Not a smart move by LA, but we will see where this leads I guess.

    • Jay says:

      wow really thats best you can say ? did you even read

    • cliff says:

      It depends. If they get Howard, it wasn’t a bad move. If they get no one then yes it will be a bad move. I feel bad for Paul but he has no one to blame but Stern. If I was Paul id stay with N.O or let them trade him for like a LOT and then stick it to both and not sign an extension and THEN sign with LA next year. LOL Can you imagine Stern and that tool from Clev then????

      • QuestionMark says:

        Actually it would be a bad move either way, the Lakers already have a good C in Bynum, Fisher at PG however is getting old, so trading for CP3 instead of Dwight would have been better.

      • alexe says:

        how can it be Stern’s fault? He’s speaking in behalf of the other owners. The NBA owns the hornets. Don’t shoot the messenger.

      • thesmooth001 says:

        Sorry Dude,
        Stern said it was his decision and it had nothing to do with the other owners in his written statement.

  261. Victor Manoel says:

    Bad call. Chris Paul was their best option. They already have Andrew Bynum at center.

    So who’s after CP3 right now? Knicks, Mavs and Lakers out! Rockets?

    • Eric Fortner says:

      Chris Paul is out of the knicks plans now.

      • Rob K says:

        Chances are the Magic may make a move for CP. Now that they’ve waived Arenas, resigned J Rich and aquired Glen Davis, they may have enough cap room and trade offers to make this happen. With CP on board, Dwight would resign with the Magic.

      • TJ says:

        The Knicks could still potentially be in this for chris paul. They could restructure carmelo and amares contracts and trade everyone else except chandler carmelo and stoudemire for cp3 and even get a third team involved. They have young players like toney douglas Iman Shumpert landry fields and josh harellson which the hornets are looking for and none of them have large salaries. I am sure carmelo and amare would do this due to their friendship with paul and wanting to win. This would be the best team since the Jordan Bulls.

    • imad akel says:

      am i the only one who thinks paul is being overestimated here, by both fans and owners alike?
      i mean yeah he’s a great point guard, but he’s no derrick rose…He’s not an MVP candidate. He’s really short. He’s been injured before. And he’s not that athletic.
      I wouldn’t trade Rondo for Paul. I think westbrook and stephon curry are better prospects than paul.

      y’all are acting like chris paul is the allen iverson or jason kidd or steve nash of his generation. In my opinion, he’s not… His offense can be shut down, and while he has quick hands he will be always outmatched on defense against the likes of rose and rondo and westbrook.

      Sorry, but i cant see what the big deal is about such a small guy. He’s not the best investment.

      • HeatWave says:

        No I think so too. Seems to me that LA fans just wanted more big names on their roster so the team would look threatening, while not really considering what they would be losing.

        And LA fans or Miami haters don’t compare the two. Miami cleared out a bad squad to get two great players during free agency. LA was attempting to trade their Star PF/C and 6th man(who helped get them two championships) for a star point guard. Should have went after Ellis if they wanted one so bad.

      • Lebowade631 says:

        umm dude just watch games 1 and 4 of the lakers-hornets series… ya i dont think hes being overestimated.

      • E man says:


      • john says:

        Chris paul is a winner and he knows how to play, athletism is over rated he is better than Iverson

      • thesmooth001 says:

        CP3 is by far one of the top 3 PG’s in the league: D-Rose, D-Will & CP3, if you don’t know that then you don’t know basketball. Before his injury CP3 was considered the top PG by most, in 2010 most people considered D-Will to be the top guy, and last year D-Rose was better than everyone else in the entire league, (that’s why he was the MVP.)

      • Smart says:

        Who ever thinks that chris paul is over rated is just a hater or knows nothing about basketball. He’s by far one of the best TRUE POINT GUARDS of all time.
        Derrick Rose isnt even a true point guard. He’s more of a scorer than anything and we all saw what happened to him when Lebron was guarding him in the playoffs.
        Westbrook isnt a natural point guard at all. He’s just playing a position he isnt. He likes to hog a lot.
        Rondo, skill wise is horrible. He just has the big three with him. Allen, Garnett, and Pierce. These three make Rondo stand out.
        As for Iverson, I think he was overrated more than all these guys. He was always looking to cross people and score. He wasnt even a point guard.
        Stephen Curry is a really good point guard, but Paul has the experience and speed/quickness advantage over him. Curry is only a better shooter than him, nothing else.
        The only good True point guard that comes close to Paul right now is Deron Williams.
        Steve Nash was good but is out of his prime.
        So if you think Paul is over rated, who have to watch him play. You guys just like athletic point guards who drive to the rim often and score.
        Even Phil Jackson said that paul is a true floor General.

    • Smart says:

      Paul is the second best defensive point guard. Under Rondo of course

    • Faustonauta says:

      I’m of the opinion that is going to happen the same, no matter the way. LAL has the money, has the profile and the history needed to influence any big star decision when it comes to choose a destination, a yellow destination in this case. Picture yourself in CP3 or any other big star shoes, if you are going to share the ball with Kobe, and maybe Dwight Howard, will you loose time looking for a better money offer or in the other hand will you choose to sacrifice your earnings to a certain point in order to bet for a tittle? This Stars are humans after all, and at a certain point money is not the most important thing.