Grizzlies To Match Offer On Gasol

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Memphis Grizzlies owner Michael Heisley told TNT’s David Aldridge on Sunday afternoon that the Grizzlies would match the four-year, $55 million offer sheet the Houston Rockets have reportedly prepared for restricted free agent center Marc Gasol, considered the top big man in free agency this offseason. Under the new rules in the new collective bargaining agreement, the Grizzlies would have three days from the time they officially receive the offer sheet to either match it or decline to match.

Heisley said that the Grizzlies had not yet received an offer sheet on Gasol’s behalf from the Rockets on Sunday evening, but had been in contact with Gasol’s agent, Arn Tellem. Memphis has already offered Gasol a long-term contract that Heisley said was worth more than the offer sheet amount, which was reported by Yahoo! Sports. In either case, Gasol is going to remain in Memphis.

“We’re keeping Marc,” Heisley said. “We can’t afford to let him go … Marc and his agent have to decide what they want to do. But we would definitely match that if that came up to us.”

Houston gambled that the Grizzlies, who already have committed to huge contracts for forwards Rudy Gay ($82 million) and Zach Randolph ($71 million), along with guard Mike Conley ($45 million), wouldn’t have the stomach to make yet another major financial commitment. But the Grizzlies, who upset the Spurs in the first round of the playoffs last season, have indicated that going forward they’ll aggressively try to keep their new core together. (The Indianapolis Star did report Sunday that the Pacers may be trying to revist talks with Memphis on a deal that would send forward Josh McRoberts to the Grizzlies for guard O.J. Mayo. The two sides almost completed that trade before last February’s trade deadline, but the deal collapsed at the last minute, with each side accusing the other of backing out.)

The Rockets are in desperate need of finding a quality big man going into the season. They thought they had Marc Gasol’s brother–the Lakers’ Pau Gasol–in the three-team trade that would have sent Chris Paul to the Lakers. But that trade fell through Saturday night, and the Lakers sent Odom to the Dallas Mavericks for a 2012 first-round pick. Houston has also been looking at free agent center Nene.
Marc Gasol, who was a key part of the trade in 2008 that sent his older brother from Memphis to Los Angeles, became one of the game’s top young centers this past season, losing and keeping weight off and staying on the court. In the playoffs, his averages swelled to 15 points and 11.2 points per game, shooting 51 percent from the floor.


  1. toronto area says:

    GRIZZ YOU BETTER MATCH ANYTHINGGG FOR GASOL lolllll or its all doowwnn hill fromm there ……………………………………………………………………………………………………

  2. I honestly think that Marc Gasol is the heart and soul of the Memphis Grizzlies. Along with being the “brains’ of the team, as head coach, Lionel Collins, said so himself. Without Gasol, I think that the Grizzlies wouldn’t be as amazing as they were compared to last year. I really wish that Marc Gasol won’t leave his great team.

  3. jOHN says:

    Put the Gasol bros together it all be a grea thing for the nba and a team that can pick them up so marc should resign with grizz make a three team trade with la grizz and hornets

  4. blackmamba24 says:

    Kevin Mchale sucks. Bad move on the Rockets. Great player but not a good coach at all, Rockets are gonna shrink down to L’s instead of W’s.

  5. Andy Waters says:

    Heisley doesn’t mess around. One of the most honest, down-to-earth owners in the league. Dan Gilbert, the lecture started three years ago, but it’s not too late to start taking notes.

  6. grizzlyalidocious says:

    This is the news I have been waiting for ever since they said there was gonna be a season. I cant wait for this season to start.

  7. Percy says:

    trade billups for cp3
    plus the heat need a center so howard should go to the heat

    #thats what i think#

  8. Big SM says:

    Grizz, keep Marc Gasol!

  9. HeatWave says:

    I know they have some big contracts out right now but keeping the team together is smart. Hopefully these guys will give up some cash if needed to help it all work.

    • helloo says:

      yeah.. They should do something right now to win!! I dont think they can do better than they did last year thats why they should try to get someone better!…. I would Sign and trade him (a 4 team trade)

      Houston gets: P. Gasol,

      Magic get: M. Gasol, Mayo, Scola 1st rounders (from all 3 teams)

      Lakers get: D. Howard, Hedo

      Memphis get: A. Buynam, K. Mart, Dragic

      • MackDaddy says:

        out of the hundreds of posts proposing bullcrap trades, its refreshing to see a commonsense and realistic trade proposal such as this.

        everyone wins… but lets see how greedy each owner intends to be to actually pull it off!

      • lets do it says:

        um ok, that sounds awesome to me

      • Nino says:

        Rockets is giving too much. This is better trade:
        HOU get: M.Gasol
        LAL get: Howard and Hedo
        MEM get: Bynam and Dragic and 1st rounder from NYK via HOU
        ORL get: P.Gasol, K-Mart and D.Caracter and 2 1st rounders (from LAL and MEM)

    • YIZHIYONG says:


  10. helloo says:

    they will regret it…. too much money tied up!! The future will suffer and it may be for nothing if they are not a contending team…

  11. james says:


  12. iceman says:

    No way Howard goes to houston. Mchale is a terrible coach, ran the timberwolves into the dirt, and D12 would be as wasted there, as he would be in L.A, with Mike browns stagnant, 1 man offense.

  13. celts4life says:

    Right now rockets need to get active and start going after Dwight Howard knowing kevin mchale his offensive plan probably wont work without a big man

    • cj says:

      as if dwight would go to houston..he may aswell stay in orlando..the rockets like the magic dont have anyone to help out dwight so its a waist of time…the rockets are going to have a season from hell

  14. hoophoop says:

    they really need that big man…

  15. Lets trade Pau for Marc! says:

    Come on Lakers

  16. Joffo says:

    This report is all too comforing, was bad news to wake up to that the rockets offered so much. We just need heisley to stop messing about and get this man signed.