Who Goes First, Dwight Or CP3?

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HANG TIME HEADQUARTERS — It’s no longer appears to be a matter of if Dwight Howard and Chris Paul will have new uniforms before long, it’s just a matter of when, where and who goes first?

It would take too long to run through all of the potential scenarios of when these moves will finally go down and where they could end up, so we’re trying to get a good fix on whose deal goes down first.

Their respective situations remain fluid as we roll into the second day of free agency and training camp, with rumblings that both of these superstars remain in play for potential blockbuster deals.

As far as the latest on Paul, our very own David Aldridge dropped this on us in the wee hours:

A source directly involved in the negotiations told TNT’s David Aldridge Friday that progress had been made in a potential trade of Chris Paul from the New Orleans Hornets to the Los Angeles Lakers. However, the trade was not expected to be completed Friday and could have several more incarnations before being completed, if it is completed at all.

The trade may or may not ultimately involve the Houston Rockets, who were part of the initial version of the three-team deal, which was vetoed by NBA Commissioner David Stern Thursday night. In that version, the Hornets would send Paul, a four-time All-Star, to the Lakers. The Lakers would send forward Pau Gasol to Houston, and send forward Lamar Odom to New Orleans. The Hornets would receive forward Luis Scola, guards Kevin Martin and Goran Dragic and a 2012 first-round pick from Houston. But now, the deal could involve more or different teams that can provide the Hornets with the combination of young players and additional Draft picks that the league is seeking for Paul.

Howard’s situation heated up overnight, too, when his agent, Dan Fegan, addressed and dismissed reports of tampering charges, among other things. It turns out, Fegan has permission to seek a trade for his client, and might actually have had it before all the tampering talk began. More from Adrian Wojnarowski of Yahoo! Sports:

The Orlando Magic have given Dwight Howard’s representatives permission to speak with the New Jersey Nets, Los Angeles Lakers and Dallas Mavericks about a possible trade for the All-Star Center, his agent told Yahoo! Sports.

The Nets have a chance to close on a four-year, $60 million-plus deal for Denver Nuggets free-agent center Nene this weekend, but are working relentlessly to make a deal with Orlando for Howard, league sources said. Howard has been waffling between wanting a deal to the Lakers and Hollywood, and wanting to join point guard Deron Williams with the Nets and be the cornerstone of the franchise’s move to a new Brooklyn arena in 2012-13, sources told Y! Sports.

Howard’s agent, Dan Fegan, denied reports Howard met with Nets officials on Thursday night – a possible violation of the NBA’s tampering rules if the Magic did not permit the meeting. Howard and Nets general manager Billy King also had previously denied meeting together.

Fegan said he met with King this week to discuss a deal for Nene, another client.

“Tampering is a non-issue,” Fegan told Yahoo! Sports by phone Friday night.

Howard, Williams and Nene adds three more big names to the six players involved in the Paul deal, making for a particularly spicy free agent gumbo this weekend.

With the tampering issues put to rest and the revival of the Paul talks by the Hornets, we’ll pose the question again before everyone get’s going this morning:


  1. LA says:

    everybody has to face facts teams that are in big markets will always get good or superstar players because the players want to go there … if they dont then good for the small market teams but they need to have a good roster in order to keep there star player happy …. CP3 – D12 haha not happy

  2. Ao1 says:

    If Dwight will go to Nets then it would be better for him to remain in Magic, otherwise, he will not make it to the finals with just D-Wills. Good combination but not enough role players to support the two. It may take some time to build it in filling up the missing piece. Nets’ rosters is under renovation/construction. It would not be wise for Howard to go there. Lakers would be a lot better for him in chasing for the NBA ring.

  3. Ao1 says:

    If Dwight will go to Nets then it would be better for him to remain in Magic, otherwise, he will not make it to the finals with just D-Wills. Good combination but not enough role players to support the two. It may take some time to build it in filling up the missing piece. Nets’ rosters is under renovation/construction. It would not be wise for Howard to go there. Lakers would be a lot better for him in chasing the NBA ring.

  4. phshoe says:

    why not.. Keep Dwight in Orlando and trade Nelson and some cash along with a draft pick for Paul or isn’t that possible?
    In Europe everything is a lot easier,if you have the money, you’ll get the best players 😉

  5. Mikhail says:

    Now listen, CP3 going to the Lakers is 100% sure. If they leave him free agent, they won’t get nothing in return so its better to trade than to have none. Same goes to Dwight Howard, whether we don’t want it, he’ll land to the Lakers.. why? Simple D.Howard already express for a trade and Orlando would lose a starting Center in their roster. So Magic now is hunting for somebody who can play a Center position for their team, so where will they look? Yup! In the Lakers… since Nets doesn’t have a good Center to trade with, Dallas already lost Chandlers and guess what, Lakers still have A.Bynum. We know P.Gasol and L.Odom will get traded(for CP3) since they have a good market value, that would leave a space of $21Million salary cap for the Lakers. This huge money which I am definitely sure will be offered to D.Howard for sure. I don’t think D.Howard wouldn’t want to be with Kobe & CP3… So expect this to be happen.

  6. sports guru says:

    Now i understand why the lakers pulled out the race for paul, but if orlando let howard go like that let shaq go they really need to fire everybody in the organization. i dont care who they get in return, when was the last time magic won anything…….. and to let howard go to the lakers dont will never win any thing.

  7. Jamie says:

    Bunch of sad, delusional fanboys in here.

    The Lakers will get CP3. They always get what they want. When CP3 is on the Lakers, Dwight will want to play with the Lakers. I mean really, Williams is inferior to both CP3 and Kobe, so why would Dwight choose Williams over CP3 AND Kobe? It’ll be CP3, Kobe, and Dwight. Just watch.

  8. Tim says:

    Thunder trade westbrook and perkins for howard and jameer nelson anyone else think this is a good deal

  9. semo says:

    Cp3 to LA for Gasol to Houston and Odom to New Orleans. Dwight to LA in exchange for Bynum, Metta World Peace and Devin Ebanks while Lakers absorb Turkoglu’s contract. Then LA end up with Kobe, cp3, Howard, Turkoglu and barnes as starters and whoever is on the bench doesn’t matter! We’ll be set for a double!

    • WOOWWWWWW says:

      BRO.. whos gonna play power forward?? Same with SF… honestly, I would rather have them keep PEACE,..

  10. kobe4life says:

    The Heats, Knicks, Lakers, Dallas and the Celtics are all adding new star players to their teams, so for next year there will be still the Big Market Teams that can compete for the Championship, there’s no way the NBA can control of it and no way the Small Market Teams can compete for it, NBA still will be the same as old time.

  11. AlanJuarez says:

    CP3 Will Join Lakers Sooner Or Later Fosureee
    Best Teamm L.a Lakers All The Wayy!!!!!

  12. Lorenalovesderrickrose says:


  13. Sway says:

    This wont happen but Miami should trade one of there big three for dwight. Bosh for Dwight maybe. Dwight, Lebron and wade….thats a nice line up to get the job done. PS not a miami fan.

  14. Zach says:

    Stuff like this is making me hate the NBA.

  15. lets go magic says:

    What happened to the vote of D12 staying in orlando. He is still in the same jersey. I don’t know why people are dogging him going somewhere else when they don’t know what is going on. There are just making eye candy articles for fans when they themselves don’t know what is going on.

  16. TeamKNICKS says:

    okay this is how it should go.. 3 team trade with Knicks, Hornets and Magics…. so that way Everyone wins.. The Knicks send there young players and a couple of draft picks to the Hornets so the hornets can have what they want which is young players and draft picks for next year.. and the Hornets give Chris Paul to the Knicks.. Then the Knicks Give Amare and probably someone else To the Magics that way the Magics can have a better offensive player and a good defensive player in the paint, and Howard can go to the Knicks. it may sound crazy at first but if you think about it.. everyone gets what they want.. Paul and Howard gets traded to a different team and gets to play on the same team like they had talked about. Then the Hornets gets to have young good players and draft picks like they wanted to start rebuilding there team. and the Magics can still have a dominate player in the paint.

    plus who wouldnt want to see Chris Paul, Carmleo Anthony, Tyson Chandler and Dwight howard all play for the Knicks at Madison Square Garden? I KNOW I WOULD 😀

  17. kobe4life says:

    Hornets will get all the benefits from the trade, they just need to trade away 1 player CP3 and getting back with 4 great players + 1 first round pick, and now they are asking more of it, that is really a bad deal for the Lakers & Houston. Lakers trade both Gasol & Odom just for 1 CP3 is totally not worth it. Why not the Lakers just go for Billups since the Knicks waive him.

  18. Lloyd says:

    There’s no way they’re both going to the Lakers, you biased Laker fans need to keep dreaming. Howard for Bynum straight up will never happen, not with Bynum’s injury history and the fact that so many teams can offer better packages for Howard. Your best bet is to keep pursuing CP3.

    Dwight will be a Net, mark my words. Billy King will do whatever he has to for Deron and D12 to be the centerpieces of the Nets for the rest of their careers. That being said, the Nets will deal 2 first rounders, Brook Lopez, and possibly another player while getting Turkoglu’s horrible contract and Dwight in return. That’s the best offer the Magic will get.

    • LA Times says:

      If Dwight is dealt to the Nets then it will be Brooke Lopez straight up and Bynum is a better prospect then Brooke. Besides Dwight has a strong say in where he wants to go and if the Lake Show can acquire Chris, which they will, than Dwight will be coming to LA. Who else do the Nets have to offer besides Brook.. ummm nobody. So I really don’t know what you’re talking about dude.

      • sports guru says:

        well the lakers dont have anybody to give up for howard, thats why they need houston to try and get paul, honestly i dont see it happening plus i dont think howard want to follow shaq footsteps. and if he do hes crazy after they win a few times if they win a few times theyre going to throw him away like they did shaq

    • sublogic says:

      Trading Pau and Odom for CP3 will free up about $20 in cap space to pursue Dwight. Miami and Knicks already have all the endorsements in the East, Dwight wants the spotlight and what better way to get it by joining Kobe, with CP3 (if it happens) Dwight is not leaving Orlando to join up with a non-contending team that has to go through Miami, Boston, Chicago. Kobe, CP3, Dwight is almost a guaranteed sweep all the way to the Western Conference Finals.

  19. Lukasoln says:

    Howard for Bynum.. I mean it would be good trade for Orlando because Bynum is one of the most dominant centers..
    and CP3 to Lakers for Pau and Artest and keep Odom 🙂 Since Odom can play in SF position. Thats just my opinion though but it would be awesome to se Kobe,CP3,Superman trio 😀

    • lets go magic says:

      no it wouldn’t be because you never want to make the playoffs 8 or 7. Either you want to be great to win a championship or bad and get the 1 seed. Magic need young people and picks

    • Sway says:

      haha Dwight Howard, a 3 time defensive player of the year, is not a good trade for Andrew Bynum.

  20. AB says:

    go mavs and get D Howard and get the back to back championship

  21. Nick says:

    D12 and CP3 must join the Lakers!

  22. joey says:

    ok we all know that d12 to the lakers this season cant happen the lakers dont have the pieces but the knicks can ship out landry fields and chandler for a dwight itll work

    • jason says:

      knicks wont do that. it will affect their whole entire organization and history and reputation if they take away chandler for howard

  23. kyle says:

    If lakers get Paul AND Howard, they would win the Title w/out Kobe. with Kobe they will sweep in the Finals. I don’t like it. it’s dumb to have just the Lakers and the Heat to be all star teams. let’s spread the talent around! I’m hoping Nets get Dwight. D.will, and D.howard is an awesome combo!if i was LA i wouldn’t look past getting Nene to replace Gasol.

    • joey says:

      thats part of the game besides kobe is getting older and cp3 and dwight cant win the finals alone they gotta go by the memphis grizzlies and okc besides the knicks and celtics are still tough ans so is chicago so miami isnt alone here

  24. CTRL Z says:

    We all know Dwight wants the spotlight…..he won’t get that with the nets. We all know the big team there is the knicks. If LA can hury the deal up for CP3, I think that would be much more incentive for Howard to come to LA.

    But c’mon…..lets trade Bynum, Artest, Walton, Blake and maybe maybe Gasol. We NEED Odom!

    • vin says:

      so playing behind LA’s long time best player in Kobe … anddddd with attention on CP3 … Howard is SURE to get the spotlight isnt he? … good call bro.

  25. Jad says:

    I wish that D12 and CP3 both come to LA .. but Lamar Odom is a great player and they should not trade him to get CP3.. so Bynum or Gasol should be Traded

  26. Rob K says:

    Well… I hope Dwight stays and CP goes….. TO ORLANDO to play with him!!! ;)~

  27. lord p says:

    Chicago could move Boozer and Noah for Dwight..i think that’s not bad for orlando..and Chicago gonna get the piece left on the puzzle!!!

    • kouba says:

      Chicago needs a two guard. They dont need to mess with the currrent line-up all that will do is make it harder to start the season. They had a great season last year. They dont need Howard

  28. Montero says:

    Who are we kidding? Both CP3 and D12 will end up with the Lakers.

  29. stockbroker_bob says:

    If Dwight Howard is traded to one of those teams, who would the Magic get in return to play at the center position? The Mavs already traded their center to the Knicks.

  30. yuca says:

    DWIGHT HOWARD to LA LAKERS is the best thing that could happen this season 🙂

  31. talat says:

    the Lakers can get the both of them if the league allows … if it doesn’t happen miami are taking the rings