CP3 Trade Moving Forward?

NBA.com staff reports

After the NBA scuttled a potential three-team deal between the Lakers, Hornets and Rockets that would have put All-Star guard Chris Paul in the Lakers’ purple and gold, plenty of critics piped up around the league with opinions far and wide on the deal. After everyone calmed down — including Hornets GM Dell Demps, who was reportedly “disconsolate” over the deal falling through  — the Hornets resumed negotiations on a new deal to get the most they could for their superstar guard.

Our man David Aldridge burned the midnight oil to file this report, in which he says progress is being made on a deal to trade Paul to Los Angeles … but it might be a while before anything really happens:

A source directly involved in the negotiations told TNT’s David Aldridge Friday that progress had been made in a potential trade of Chris Paul from the New Orleans Hornets to the Los Angeles Lakers. However, the trade was not expected to be completed Friday and could have several more incarnations before being completed, if it is completed at all.

The trade may or may not ultimately involve the Houston Rockets, who were part of the initial version of the three-team deal, which was vetoed by NBA Commissioner David Stern Thursday night. In that version, the Hornets would send Paul, a four-time All-Star, to the Lakers. The Lakers would send forward Pau Gasol to Houston, and send forward Lamar Odom to New Orleans. The Hornets would receive forward Luis Scola, guards Kevin Martin and Goran Dragic and a 2012 first-round pick from Houston. But now, the deal could involve more or different teams that can provide the Hornets with the combination of young players and additional Draft picks that the league is seeking for Paul.

The league — which purchased the Hornets in December, 2010, in order to find a potential buyer for the team that would keep the team in New Orleans — thought the Hornets had to do better in order to approve the trade. The Hornets’ management team believed it could convince the NBA to sign off on the deal, as it had in previous transactions, if it went to the Lakers and Rockets and got more assets. It is believed that the Lakers have committed to include more future Draft picks to the Rockets in order to make the deal happen, and the Hornets would have to make additional moves to get additional assets.

The deal will not be completed, however, until Lakers owner Jerry Buss recuperates further from the blood clots that required him to be hospitalized earlier in the week. Buss is expected to be released from a hospital in the next couple of days.

What other teams get involved and who ultimately is shipped where in this deal is anyone’s guess at this point, though. But things are progressing again.


  1. El Bravo says:

    What no one wants to admit is that life is not fair, just as much as we would all like it to be, to say the least. It is without a doubt a frightful, stomach turning day for the rest of the league if two of the best players to date at their positions head out West and to the LAKERS ther greatest franchise in basketball history no less. Yes it seems unfair, yes it seems dire for the other teams, but no more than usual. They still have to mesh, they still have to win “TOGETHER”, the still have to sort out the kinks, there are still 62 games that need to be played. We easily forget that it does’nt always work…e.g. HEAT ’10, LAKERS ’04. Let’s not count our chicks until before the eggs have even hatched. It will take so many factors for this to work, it is still a monumental task that lies ahead for the coaches, players and trainers.

  2. John says:

    I think the Lakers only need 2 stars, not three. It’s a shame that Orlando is giving up on Howard, especially since they never gave him the ball, but the Lakers already have Bynum. He might have a bad attitude and health issues, but he’s still a better supporting player than Howard, who is good enough to be a star and is underused otherwise. Like you said, with 3 players, the Lakers might be just as jealous of one another and not synchronize well. So, I’m hoping they let Howard be, because they really need a point guard. I know Kobe is great, but his health is worsening and while he’s a good facilitator, he is still more of a game-on-the-line shooter. So, instead of Fisher, they’ll have Paul attract the double-teams which leaves Kobe open to fire away. Hopefully. They really need to improve their roster, other than stars, if you ask me. They hardly have any youth on their team and no real sharpshooters.

  3. HeatWave says:

    It’s pretty much the same friggin deal! LOL.

  4. what could be better KB24 CP3 D12. thats the real big three. the Lakers would have three of the best players of their position.

  5. Is this really a smart move for the Lakers? I mean, if Howard really goes to NJ they’ll be loosing their best frontcourt man (and one of the best PF in the league) plus the ’10 NBA 6th man for one of the best PG that needs the ball to make his game, which with Kobe on the floor is not going to happen. Why do you want a good PG with Kobe on the floor? You need someone to go for the rebounds!

    Won’t be smarter to change Bynum+Odom for Howard in the first place? After that you can try to trade Gasol+Artest+anyone else+draft picks to get CP3. And in case you don’t get CP3 you’ll have the best frontline of the league.

  6. Ricardo Morcillo says:

    I am really disappointed with NBA near future… It seems that for the next five years (at least) I will have to watch the Lakers and Heat playing straight finals. With Paul going to LAL this year and Howard possibly going in the next one, the Lakers will have no oponent in the West… Maybe the Celtics might cause problems to the Heat this year by adding West but the big three is getting old and defeating Miami will be even harder in the following years… I don’t think this is good for the league to come down to just two teams… or three if you include the Celtics for now… Basketball is unfortunately turning into the most predictable sport… However, maybe the Lakers, Heat and Celtics audience is more than enough to keep the League alive so as the other 27 teams can be considered irrelevant…

  7. CSN says:

    If that trade happens, I believe a trade for Howard is also in check. Looking at it, Lakers will also have their own Superfriends just like Heat, huh? But why I still haven’t seen any hate for the Lakers. Don’t get me wrong, I am no Heat fan, but as a basketball fan, seeing Heat get so much hate last year because of the LBJ and Bosh trades while Lakers always receive the love even though they themselves had a collection of superstars and dynasties in the past {and presumably, in the future, when CP3 and D12 are in LA) is just not fair. Another thing is that if the trade happens, the league will be much less exciting to watch, because of the concentration of power on certain teams. As a basketball fan, that’s just makes me mad. IF THOSE TRADES HAPPEN, IT IS JUST RIGHT FOR US FANS TO HATE THE LAKERS LIKE HOW WE HATED THE HEAT LAST YEAR, DON’T YOU AGREE FOLKS? (Well, except for the sycophant Laker fans out there.)

    • VJ says:

      Alot of fans hated the way the new Heat team came together. Bosh and Lebron left their old teams in shambles by moving to Miami without being traded. They could have shown more respect for their fans by asking for a trade so their old team could have gotten something out of them being traded. In the very least they could have let their teams know that their was no way they were resigning. The Lakers core team are put together through trades which is a noble thing to do. That’s why it is different.

      • killin it says:

        Bosh did let the raptors know he wasn’t extending or resigning, Lebron didn’t. People just hate on Chris bosh because he’s as soft as puppy turd..

  8. OzHeatFan says:

    I’m not really sure how this will pan out, with CP3 going to the lakers… surely there will be some problems on court with defining the pecking order. Kobe would never play 2nd fiddle to CP especially when he helped put so many banners in the roof.
    But then again, maybe with age comes a little humility and Kobe will be happy to have CP take the lead.

    I am still wondering why more teams haven’t tried to trade for CP??? crazy…

    • John says:

      Yeah, I know, right? I have doubts about Kobe giving the ball up. He’s become more a facilitator the past few years, so it might just replace Gasol with Paul and retain the same drama situation.

    • HeatWave says:

      I think Kobe and Paul could work out good together if Brown has a system for both of them to score. Only problem I see is when Howard comes into the mix that it will be hard for the three of them. Someone will have to take the backseat.

    • Gary says:

      Paul made it clear that he wanted to be in LA or NY. LA is the only team that can offer to trade stars for Paul.

  9. Drose says:

    CP3 + D Howard to LA…
    LA dynasty is there destiny

  10. Jason says:

    This is definitely good news for the Lakers, the Hornets, the NBA and America, the country which treasures freedom more than any other.