Wrapping Up A Wild Thursday


HANG TIME NEW JERSEY BUREAU — Thursday, Dec. 8 was one of the wildest days the NBA has seen in recent memory, as three teams pulled off a trade that would have altered the NBA landscape, only to have the deal squashed by commissioner David Stern. And now, we have to wonder what kind of precedent has been set, and what this means for the future of the players and teams involved.

This was supposed to be the day that the new collective bargaining agreement was ratified. And it was. But that news was completely overshadowed by what happened shortly after the league’s press conference.

Let’s start at the beginning, shall we?

After several days of talks with several teams, the New Orleans Hornets finally reached a deal to get back some assets for Chris Paul, who they clearly believed was going to leave via free agency next summer. They traded Paul to the Los Angeles Lakers in a three-way deal that netted them Goran Dragic, Kevin Martin, Lamar Odom, Luis Scola and the Knicks’ 2012 first-round draft pick (via Houston).

Twitter blew up, the league was abuzz, and columns were being filed about the plusses and minuses of the deal. Many were already preparing for the Lakers’ next move. Since they were keeping Andrew Bynum, they were still able to dangle him in front of the Orlando Magic in an effort to team Dwight Howard with Paul and Kobe Bryant.

The first tweet of the deal, from Yahoo’s Adrian Wojnarowski, came shortly before 6 p.m. ET. Less than three hours later, Wojnarowski reported that “NBA owners have pushed commissioner David Stern to kill the deal.”

Within minutes, other reporters confirmed that the deal was dead. Paul was still a member of the New Orleans Hornets and the Lakers’ dominant frontline remained intact. Training camps were set to open in less than 24 hours and we were all to pretend that nothing happened.

Later, NBA senior vice president of basketball communications Tim Frank issued this statement: “Not true that the owners killed the deal. It wasn’t even discussed at the board meeting. League office declined to make the trade for basketball reasons.”

Either way, the situation only leads to more questions, especially since the Hornets were getting back a pretty good haul in the deal.

First, if the league didn’t want the Hornets to trade Paul, why did they allow general manager Dell Demps to waste so much of his time (and the time of other executives around the league) negotiating a deal?

Second, if Demps wasn’t allowed to make this deal, is there any deal (involving Paul) that he’s allowed to make? And if Demps can’t trade Paul, aren’t the Hornets just going to lose him for nothing next summer?

Third, is this just about keeping Paul to help the team get sold? And will it get sold in time for the Hornets to make a deal that will get them something in return for Paul?

In his recap of the night, Wojnarowski reported that Demps considered resigning. And obviously, we haven’t heard the last of this story. ESPN has reported that Paul won’t be showing up at Hornets training camp on Friday.


The craziness of the day wasn’t limited to the three-team trade. The first wild moment came when we learned that the New York Knicks had put themselves in the mix for Tyson Chandler, shortly after we heard that the Golden State Warriors had offered him $60 million over four years.

The Knicks, with their payroll right at the salary cap line, seemingly had no way to get Chandler. But then CBS Sports’ Ken Berger reported that they were “in the lead” for the center dropping this bombshell: “If the deal goes through, the Knicks use amnesty on Chauncey Billups and move Ronny Turiaf to make room for Chandler, sources say.”

Chandler will obviously help the Knicks defensively, but by waiving Billups, they’re left without a point guard. And by signing Chandler to a long-term deal, they’re seemingly out of the running to sign Paul next summer. They should, however, get plenty of interest from point guards willing to sign for the mid-level exception.

No deal can become official until Friday at 2 p.m., but according to multiple reports, Billups is “irate” about the news and has already gone home to Denver.


The developments of Thursday crept into early Friday morning when ESPN’s Chris Broussard reported that Howard “is preparing to ask the Magic to trade him to the Nets.”

The Magic could get Brook Lopez, another player (possibly Jordan Farmar) and picks back from New Jersey. That may not seem like a lot, but the Nets, after waiving Travis Outlaw and renouncing their bird rights to Kris Humphries, would be able to absorb Hedo Turkoglu’s contract in the deal. And that would allow the Magic to wipe $21 million off the Orlando payroll. If they then waived Gilbert Arenas using the amnesty clause, they could start fresh.


Here’s what else went down on an eventful Thursday, according to reports…

  • Shane Battier decided to sign with the Miami Heat, who will also sign Eddy Curry to a deal.
  • Caron Butler reached an agreement with the Los Angeles Clippers for $24 million over three years.
  • Tayshaun Prince and Jonas Jerebko each reached agreements to return to the Detroit Pistons on four-year deals.
  • Tracy McGrady and Jason Collins each reached agreements on one-year deals with the Atlanta Hawks.
  • Shannon Brown is leaving L.A. for Phoenix.
  • The Milwaukee Bucks reached an agreement with Mike Dunleavy on a two-year deal worth $7.5 million.
  • The Boston Celtics will acquire Keyon Dooling from the Bucks for a second-round pick.
  • Jeff Pendergraph reached a deal with the Indiana Pacers.
  • Finally, the Toronto Raptors are close to being sold.

All this and the league still isn’t technically back in business yet. So get ready for another wild ride on Friday.

John Schuhmann is a staff writer for NBA.com. Send him an e-mail or follow him on twitter.


  1. big ticket says:

    @ danito, yes they are loosing alot of bigs, but paul is a sale point for dwight howard IMO. I think the lakers are going for

  2. Alex says:

    im a lakers fan but this is ridiculous. i hate how superstars are getting together. i mean cp3 THATS fine because gasol will be gone(STAR) but then get dwight howard thats TOO MUCH


    COME ON STERN!!!!!!

  4. Michael says:

    This is unbeliavable. Sieg heil herr Stern!
    I think that mr. Stern has been destroying the sport i love for quite some time now and that it is time for him to quit his job but first allow this trade to go through, before the damage gets worse. He has screwed all three franchises and he must repair this mistake before it impacts other things like free agency. The Rockets could have gotten Nene and while there still is a very small chance of it happening, it is probably gone.
    Signed: former fan of the league for more than 15 years.

  5. ices says:

    hornets is owned by NBA right, owner doesnt like it so kill the deal, whats wrong with that?

  6. stevens kb24 4 ever says:

    i think i am the only LAL fan that is happy with the veto………………….. i guess i’m the only one that knows of basketball

  7. stevens kb24 4 ever says:

    yes, i like this veto………….. lakers fans that don’t know what is a team pau gasol and lamar odom cp3(elf) no way…….. i’m glad the owners stop this trade…………….trade for dh12 is 100000000000000 times better go than c paul………….. lakers 2012 champs

  8. Scott says:

    If Boston can create a superteam, and then Miami, why not the Lakers? New York and Chicago could be next. What is so bad about this?

    The more condensed the talent, the more talented the league will become over all. The main point is we all get to see better basketball, even if it is unfair to the smaller markets. I’m in Detroit and I want superteams.

    Too many small market teams get hung up on one, or two, over paid “stars” and it kills their chances of winning a ship. Moreover it makes that team less fun to watch, because they suck. Let the stars condense amongst one another in the desirable markets. We small markets can model our teams off the ’03-’08 Pistons. Let LA, NY, Miami have their divas.

  9. Scott says:

    Billups should sign with Miami if he wants another ship,

  10. turp says:

    its meant for the miami heat to win they will not have a team to match head to head wit them if this la and hornets trade happens the heat will be on hold to be champs AND THE NBA DOES NOT WANT THAT WHY? CAUSE ITS NOT ABOUT THE PLAYER ITS ABOUT WHICH WAY THE MONEY GOES AND WHO THEY WANT TO WIN FOR BUSSINES FUTHURE

  11. trane says:

    The same weird thing again and again, it’s funny. People that don’t recognize that Odom & Gasol (much more this second one) were key factors for the last 2 rings of the Lakers don’t know about basketball. Yeah, Bryant is the mega-star, but this mega-star almost kill his team by his selfish approach in some key games, right the opposite of Odom & Gasol (all star players, maybe a step under Bryant, but with a great understanding of the basketball game, a game of 5 against 5, not one on one). Fisher can be traded, but Odom & Gasol by CP3 is an stupid trade for the Lakers in the short term. Also, people should realize what CP3 has done with NOH, he is a great player with great skills, but is also a selfish player. What would be the relationship in the crunch moments when he wants the ball as much as Kobe? It would be funny to watch, because the would fight for the same ball.

  12. Zar The Knicks Fan says:

    i am a Knicks fan, so surely i want to see paul coming to NY but stern killing paul to lakers trade is Big BS. believe me i am the last person that want to see paul in LA uniform but business is business. This deal help a lot to Hornets. with this move Stern probably killed Hornets after this season. LA, HOU and NO are all happy so why not let them? will stern take responsibility when paul walk out next year and Hornets got nothing left with them? it seem like hornets are heading to get Sterned (similar to lebroned) next season.

  13. N8 says:

    Waa Waa! I hate when unloyal players (ie Chris Paul, Lebron James, Chris Bosh, Kevin Garnet, the list gors on…) want to go to bigger teams becuz they can’t win a Championships on there own PERIOD! The lakers are freaking out because they can’t win no more! The NBA needs to keep it fair to other smaller teams with less money! So called “Stars” need win championships on there own! GO SPURS GO!!!

  14. Matt says:

    David Stern should tender his resignation at the end of the year after shutting down a deal that was good for all three parties without taking the time to look it over. A competent commissioner would have at the very least postponed the deal to look it over and then make a decision as to wether or not it was fair. David Stern just pulled the plug on it without ever giving it any consideration, not to mention the doudle standard impression he gives by saying that he would stay out of the hornets way by enabling Dell Demps to work and make basketball decisions. What a disgrace, leaving three teams in a mess with the players involved feeling disoriented and possibly mad at the team that they are still with. The only way for David Stern to avoid a season of controversy and possible lawsuits is to say that he stopped the trade and after looking it over found it to infact be fair to all parties and let it continue forward.

  15. 17,6 says:

    my 2 favorite players in the nba r kobe bryant and chris paul coincidently now that all this drama is bein surrounded around those 2 joining forces…but, believe it or not i’m kinda happy the deal didn’t go through…yes we r pairing my 2 favorite players in the nba onto my favorite team in the nba but we r trading away the 2 reasons y we won championships…if it wasn’t 4 pau gasol we would’ve never won as great as kobe is…jordan needed his pippen as kobe needed his gasol…ppl judge him 4 his performance in the playoffs last season but he was goin thru personal issues…he was the leadin scorer 4 the spanish team even though his brother is on the team remember how good he performed in the playoffs last season….and as 4 odom he played PF 4 while gasol played center i know in 2010 bynum technically started and gasol was PF but in the 4th quarter who was playin? gasol and odom…in 2009 when we beat the magic who were the starters while bynum was hurt like always…gasol and odom…if anythin take bynum and if u absolutely have 2 odom (although i’d rather let artest go or somethin)…the way i see it kobe, cp3, gasol > kobe, cp3 and bynum…either way the selfish, greedy owners and david stern aren’t going 2 allow it, even though the hornets were gonna benefit more than anybody…seriously martin, scola, dragic (arguably some of houston’s best players), odom (lakers 3rd best player) and a 1st round pick while houston got gasol but had 2 let go of scola and martin and order 2 do so…the lakers were left with cp3, kobe, artest, ?who the hell was gonna play PF idk?, and bynum,,,strong backcourt but a crappy frontline…yes FRONTLINE which, along wit the black mamba, won us 2 back-to-back titles….

  16. Mental1981 says:

    I knew that the league taking over the Hornets would mean hell for Paul. It’s like working for the Government. Nothing makes sense, there’s a lot of red tape and forms to fill out to get a roll of bathroom tissue, nothing gets done sensibly, and a lot of good workers get stiffed on their dues. I feel for Paul who I have no doubt that despite his loyalty to the city of New Orleans, will bail at the next chance he gets, not because of New Orleans, but to get out from under David Stern’s pinky finger.

  17. theword says:

    The point IS, Stern blocked the trade because of business and competitive reasons. And yet, when Paul becomes a free agent, there is nothing preventing him from going to a big market team. The very thing Stern is trying to prevent will in the long term cause a lot of ruin.

    From a long-term standpoint (more then a year from now) Paul is going to leave, and what does that leave the Hornets with? They will basically turn into another Cleveland and that certainly cannot be a good thing for business, or competition. Canceling this deal as it is, is bad for business, as Chris Paul made it clear that he doesn’t want to play here anymore so how will the fans receive him? At least with this trade, Hornets get some quality players in Luis Scola and Kevin Martin and some draft picks. That would have been a great thing looking towards the future.

    At the same time, David Stern prevented Houston from doing something completely stupid, but I highly doubt that was the motivation for blocking this trade. At the same time though, Houston was willing to comply with this trade so it is their responsibility for anything that happens. Call me crazy but IMO Luis Scola is better then Pau Gasol and I would much rather have him on my team. He plays great defense, low maintenance, can score without the ball, is a hustle player. But not only that, Houston is giving up a very good scorer in Kevin Martin, doesn’t make sense.

    I can’t imagine how much of a nightmare this must be to the players involved, especially Chris Paul. Chris Paul is NO’s star-franchise player, and now it is expected of him to be professional in the face of an unprofessional move from Stern. Paul will be expected to lead the team and perform knowing that, he doesn’t want to be here, the fans will look at him differently, I am going to leave soon no matter what, management has already prepared for a future without me. How do you even attend training camp, let alone maintain high-caliber play under these circumstances? It is just a really high pressure, nightmare-ish situation for Paul that I wouldn’t wish for any player, period.

    If you cancel this trade, then you are pretty much canceling every trade involving Paul, which basically means you are holding him hostage in what literally must feel like a prison to him. Stern is putting players and teams through a psychological roller coaster, and all in the name of “supposed” business and competition? Is there something not obviously really wrong with all of this?

  18. Savio da Matta says:

    Well done Stern! You are a genius! The king of the marketing!! Serious, what happened with the man who roses the NBA to next level? What he is doing? Chris Paul in the Lakers is a good thing for the entire league! Even for the fans who hate the Lakers…..

  19. SMFH........ says:

    this has nothing to do with kobe needing cp3, this just shows how ___ the nba is….very disappointed.

  20. Derek says:

    NBA where conspiracy happens.

  21. uNBAlievable says:

    Again I stress that the LEAGUE should not save teams. If a city and league are not ready for a team then dismantle and move elsewhere – SEE Seattle to OKC………..

    For the Laker haters, realize that this is setting precedence in an area that can crumble the league if it is not made right. I just heard that LAL HOU AND NOH are appealing this to the league and that Stern has the chance to make it right and with better judgement.

  22. OKC+Laker lover says:

    After the lock out, I was on the verge of not watching the NBA this season. I ended up giving the NBA one more chance. This is a joke. It wouldn’t happen in the NFL, MLB, or NHL. You lost a hardcore fan.

  23. zen says:

    however do people in stern’s universe play basketball, to have the move being axed for ‘basketball reasons’? so he’ll rather the lebron incident over the carmelo one, and watch demps stare in horror as paul leaves for absolutely nothing but bitter feelings after just a single season which he will sit out when he (demps) had done all he can to salvage the situation with a crop of serviceable pieces along with draft picks to start over with? how smart is that? stern along with the protesting owners have just doomed the hornets in just one season. who in the world will think the cavaliers are in a better place than the nuggets now? given a chance to go over it again, gilbert will be a fool to say he won’t handle james’ departure a la carmelo’s.

    demps is gone, paul will spend the season suing the league or buying out his contract, odom and gasol will play a sham of a season, hornets get contracted next year, paul goes to whichever franchise he thinks is the biggest in the league just to spite stern and gilbert.

    ‘basketball reasons’ indeed.

  24. VIX says:

    Laker fans chill out!!! You already had Pao Gasol gift wrapped to you a few years ago…Once is enough

    • Gary says:

      I know plus they can still get Howard, plus they can get CP3 in free agency if he really wants to come. Really a lot of pluses for LA but these fans are greedier than the owners.

  25. flakker says:

    why can’t Paul just come down to Orlando, it would be perfect. Orlando would just give the Hornets whatever they want for Paul and then the Magic would amnesty Arenas and sign maybe Thaddeus Young and Afflalo or Crawford.

  26. stern... says:

    stern, this is a freakin joke! why would you do something like this. owners and you the nba commisionar are ridculous. I’m an up and inspiring star in high school and now everything I know about the nba is a fluke. I’m done watching

  27. SYDALE says:

    Don’t any of you fools understand that the New Orleans Hornets are OWNED by the NBA??? So, you could say that Stern kinda owns the team… and if he allowed that trade to go through, he’d essentially be stabbing the owners in the back by showing favoritism…

    Besides that… the trade was horrible… unless all of you are Lakers fans… SMH

    Anyway… They need to trade Chris Paul for Russell Westbrook and a throw in, plus some draft picks… Nate Robinson could probably be the throw in… that would be a good trade for two small market teams… They could use the leftover cap space the Hornets have to sign some players… especially once all the amnesty clauses get put into play…

  28. CL says:

    so him being jewish had to do with this because …….
    exactly you sound ignorant.

  29. miguel galllegos says:

    i hate this i will be a laker fan for life but by far the worst trade in history of the nba

  30. LAKERBUM says:

    I hope the Lakers throw everything into getting Howard and CP3 rides it out for a year only to sign in L.A in free agency, turn it around and give a big middle finger to David Stern and all those cry baby owners sucking off his titties!!!!!

  31. Rockets4life says:

    Houston was getting the worst out of this deal……but I believe they where making cap space for other deals…..We need to let Morey do his job…..Stern screwed up big time getting involved…..I’ll keep watching Basketball but not until 2012 just to make sure they don’t get all my money at least for a week.

  32. Listen! says:

    I think the best deal for ORL is the CHI proposal though i dont know if D12 wants to play with Drose but its definitely the best one look at the trade everybody is available except for drose! GET NOAH! GET DENG! GET BREWER! or BOOZER or GIBSON + picks give D12 and give away turkoglu more money for you guys! MR OTIS!!!! cmon man!

  33. Jon says:

    Fan trust should be at a premium right now. Way to blow it NBA.

  34. uNBAlievable says:

    if stern doesn’t make this right his legacy is tarnished……..Please define basketball reasons. Who’s basketball are we talking about?

  35. danito says:

    and i dont think kobe , paul due will bring championship. with there triangle offense lakers dont need a superstar piont guard . cuz kobe wants the ball al the time. with chris paul handling the ball i dont think thats a good mix. kobe needs a superstar center like howard not a superstar piont guard that gona share handling the ball with him. it wont work

  36. me says:

    i dont disrespect cp3’s talent, for all i care, he is the next isiah thomas. but come on, kobe can do without kobe and cp3 can do without kobe. i think that is how we should look about all that is happening in the nba and not in the light of what lebron and the miami heat had done last year (bunch of wuss who think winning 7 championship is easy). this is probably the reason why stern prevented this trade, to prevent another THE (stupid) DECISION.

  37. danito says:

    i dont think thats a good deal for the lakers.given up size like that. thats there advantage, there big size in front gave them championship not kobe , we all know wat happen to them in 2005 2006. iam glad this trade didnt happen. id rather have gasol and odom. than having chris paul.

  38. branko says:

    As i recall , lebron and bosh came via sing and trade. They could have said, you cant go to Heat, you have to stay in Clevelend or Toront for BASKETBALL REASONS!

  39. me says:

    come on guys, kobe does not need cp3 to win another ring, it’s not like the end of the world for the lakers. lay off stern, you all have no right to disrespect the man who is the architect that built and continue building the very league you all enjoying. if you think stern hits his lowest then leave and stop watching the nba. or else shut up and man up, the lakers have won 2 championships without cp3. what about lamar and pau, are they just used-up rugs to you? i know itis hard to take when the team you hate (miami heat) is getting better while the one you like (lakers) are getting older but that’s life i understand (im a spurs fan). i never been a jordan fan because of such mentality ( the bulls beat the lakers in’91, im a big magic johnson fan). just enjoy the game and shut up.

  40. #1 Lakerfan says:

    I hope David Stern chokes in his meal…and i hope Dan Gilbert and Mark Cuban to get sick so all of their money will lost..bitches they’re just jealous of th lakers

  41. N.Business.A says:

    If you get to see the trade, The Lakers will get WEAK w/ the Paul trade. they will lose SIZE down low. Leaving the Lazy A$$ injury prone Bynum alone.
    Then the Hornets will best benefit from it. Odom/Scola, K.martin/Ariza, etc.
    the Rockets, are building thru Gasol, due to the departure of YAO. (there, they can build the team fresh around Pao.. w/c is good!)

    Now I wonder, why would Stern (or the owners , or anyone else) refuse to WEAKEN the Lakers. In contrary to what people think this is a handout for LBJ??

    and if the trade shouldve happened, I see Dwight Howard or Tyson Chandler in the mix.

  42. Disappointed_John says:

    this was supposed to be a “cant wait game” for a new look lakers but stern the grinch and bad making desicionist block it. and now they are saying that “the owners nor him or anyone did not request to cut off the deal” so what do you think of us fans? dumb enough? eff you men. and also sources reveal that the cavs owner and other owners specifically mark “the arrogant” cuban was one of the people who requested to cut off the deal. men. nba is like being a corrupt goverment. its like david stern “where IM THE BOSS happens” im not even from the usa, but surely the asian fans hated this decision.

  43. Ben says:

    I agree that since the NBA owns the Hornets they have the right to decline trades, but that doesn’t mean that they should. Let the teams make their trades as they want, as long as it doesn’t hurt anyone. Now all players must go back to their respective teams and play as if a big blockbuster trade didn’t happen. Which I normally don’t sympathize with the players due to their high salaries, but this is pretty messed up. At the end of the day it’s a business, but it shouldn’t be up to any outsider (meaning Stern and other owners) to influence the decisions of one team. I think something will come along for CP3 and other players involved eventually, but this was a deal that worked for all three teams. Stern shouldn’t have brought out the axe.

    P.S. I think Billups got the worst of it, he’s one of the best PG in the league and the Knicks are keeping him on the back burner like a husband’s mistress. If I were Billups I would be beyond pissed.

  44. Laker Girl says:

    All I can say is “WOW”!!! What a crazy day for the NBA and a very sad and awkward day for the Lakers!!
    I am glad this deal did not gfo through! It didn’t make any sense to GIVE UP that much SIZE for Chris Paul!?!?!

    Lakers were dominat in the piant because of Odom & Gasol….what was Jim Buss thinking???
    I just feel bad for both players who now have to show up at a very awkward team practice in LA!
    This reminds me of the Kobe saga from 2007 when he demanded to be traded and Mitch got him a free christmas gift that same season (Gasol) and all of a sudden Lakers make the final 3 years in a row. Its funny how quickly Laker management forgets that it was GASOL who helped Kobe get ring 4 & 5! So you thank him by blind-siding him straight to Houston! Yes Gasol did not have a good playoff series against the Mavs…but the entire team failed not 2 players!

    Its funny 20 years ago…you would never see Jordan, Ewing and Barkley even make an attempt to team up!! Key word they were ALL COMPETITORS!! This is NOT STREET BALL….its the NBA!! If the palyers have choices to go play with their best friends…what chance do the small market teams have?? On a night that gave birth to a new CBA…did you honestly think oweners like Mark Cuban and Dan Gilbert would stay silent?? Stern had no choice but to interevene or the entire lockout would have gone to a complete waste in a one high profile 3-way trade!!!

    Bottom line…I love my Lakers…the way they are! We don’t need a Howard or CP3. Yes quickness and fancy moves can get you buckets but who will jump for that rebound…who will be in the paint for the block…I will take SIZE/LENGTH over QUICKNESS any day! Defense wins you games!!!! Phil Jackson defined this through his entire time with the Lakers!Damn Jim Buss for messing with team chemistry….poor Mike Brown…his first day of traning camp will be one for the books! How do you approach Gasol & Odom? How do you even start up a conversation?!?!

    Godd riddance its over….everything happens for a reason!! Perhaps this was a blessing in disguise for Jim Buss and Laker management. I guess only time will tell how thankful Lakers fans should be for the NBA for stepping in but unfortunatley for Gasol & Odom….the damage is already done!! Merry Christmas!!

  45. gatez says:

    I agree with your points. Also it is important to note, that with the trade stopped, the players involved in on the 3 teams will obviously have bad feelings, and this may lead to more negative publicity for the NBA with players possibly refusing the play or at least not performing their best.

  46. Elvin says:

    This freakin ridiculous . im seriously considering stop watchin NBA because of David Stern :S

  47. MrToothpicK57 says:

    David Stern Make NBA SUCKS!!!!

  48. uNBAlievable says:

    The league should not be in the business of bailing teams out just as the government shouldn’t be in the business of baililng out large Banks and Insuarnce companies. If they fail they fail.

    Now you have three teams in total turmoil just because a few selfish people can’t handle the truth – no one wants to play for a loser.

    I laugh as everyone acts as though the Lakers would still have a star studded team after trading Gasol and Odom. Those are two NBA all-stars. ALL-STARS mind you. Last time I checked two-for-one is a hell of a deal. Now the Hornets will lose out most of all in the end when Paul tanks the season and buys his time to go where he wants.

    During the lockout i was upset with the players. All I wanted was to watch some basketball. I was blaming them for not having a season. Now I see that playing for some idiots is tough. I could handle watching a Lakers vs Heat or Bulls Finals, but if the Lakers fail to make the finals, I will refuse to watch the finals and refuse to purchase any NBA gear for family this Holiday season.

  49. Jao says:

    so it’s ok for CP3 to team up with Kobe but not Lebron with Wade? can you spell H-Y-P-O-C-R-I-T-E-S Laker fans?

    • Laker Girl says:

      That was different…..Lebron was a free agent,,,the League could not intervene.
      CP3 will not become a free agent till the end of the season. He can olny leave if the Hornets traded him plus the league owns the Hornets. So yes the League being the boss of New orleans had the final say!

  50. Claude says:

    I think it is official. IT’S TIME TO BOYCOTT THE NBA! DAVID STERN believes that the fans will forgive and quickly forget. A nice LETTER TO THE FANS and all if forgotten! The NBA has worked very hard in recent years to handcuff the Lakers by the way it officiated games, especially Kobe. During the lockout it became very clear that the owners wanted to run the table and insure that every team would have a chance to win a championship. Unfortunately, Capitalism prevents everyone for being equal. I think the David Stern is a SOCIALIST and not a realist. David Stern is trying to protect his legacy but doesn’t realize that the fans can destroy the NBA and his legacy.

    Even though I am a huge LAKER fan, I would have a problem with an organization that hasn’t provided its employees ( Namely the Hornets) guidelines and STANDARD OPERATING PROCEDURES). This is equivalent to changing the rules during the game to suit your needs.

    Not ever business can be a FORTUNE 500 company and not every business should be hugely successful! There are numerous reason why these teams don’t win a championship and the main reason is because of horrible decision making like the ones David Stern has been making. Stern has not one to be accountable for and there are little to no recourse for those who are affected by David Stern’s ruling. NFL style replay would help protect the integrity of the game and keep the official honest, but Stern is a DICTATOR whom won’t allow INSTANT REPLAY to challenge his supreme authority!

    I’m done giving back to the NBA, because they have more control than ever and will have more tools to choose which teams win a championship! Way too much control for 1 man!!!!!

    No NFL style reply = NO INTEGRITY
    Referees caught fixing NBA games = CORRUPTION


    I’m OUT!!!

    • Rocketman says:

      Time for the Laker nation to get out of there play pen.They are good without Paul and being a Rocket fan why would I want a retread in Pao Gasol?

  51. half says:

    I don’t think it is david stern who is doing this i think paul has to sign still and agree to that and for you guys to disrespect pau gasol after not beating dallas lol i feel sorry for pau because he is the leader a=of that team kobe is the face of the franchise and help sells tickets unbelievable and how would that work out in paul’s favor kobe is not an unselfish player

  52. Mister serious says:

    All I want to say to is David Stern don’t remember 4 years ago when he allowed Memphis to trade PAU GASOL ( who want out Memephis also by the way ) for KWAME BROWN ( the biggest bust of all time!!) and rights for MARC GASOL (Memphis really really got lucky on this one) .

    There was NO BASKETBALL REASONS also to allow this trade which got LA to the Finals for 3 straight years winning 2 of them.

    BASKETBALL REASONS really ???? They really think people and fans around the world are this fool????

    Anyway, CP3 to NY will happen in summer 2012 so he’ll make his famous wedding toast true about his own big 3 and Chandler will the just the extra to celebrate ( remember He said he want to play with him again )

  53. Rockets Fan says:

    Stern did not bat an eye when Memphis traded Pau Gasol for Kwame Brown in 2008 (a steal for the Lakers), but suddenly vetoes a windfall for the Hornets? David Stern and the NBA are proving why the league is slipping in the race to be the third most watched sport in the US. I am going to start watching NASCAR and soccer between football seasons.

  54. Devon says:

    1. Dragic or Jack
    2. Kevin Martin
    3. Ariza or odom
    4. Scola,Landry, (maybe west)
    5. Okafor

    Thats not a bad team. First the lockout then they take chris paul. Im not a lakers fan im a KOBE fan. If we got chris kobe would be able to play in the post instead of having to make plays on the perimeter all the time. Kobe is the best post player in the league, But im definetly glad that david stern might consider retirement. You cant block a trade for equal value because you want to make more selling the team. I GUARANTEE YOU THAT THE TRADE WILL GO THRU BY SATURDAY AT THE LATEST. STERN REALIZED HE MADE A MISTAKE, AND DAN GILBERT IS A COMPLETE IDIOT WHO DOESNT UNDERSTAND ANYTHING. IM PRETTY SURE HE DIDNT THINK IT WAS WRONG WHEN HE TRADED BIG Z FOR JAMISON THAN RESIGNED HIM 30 DAYS LATER, OR WHAT ABOUT BEN WALLACE FOR SHAQ ? THATS REAL FAIR. NOW I UNDERSTAND WHAT THEY PLAYERS MEAN WHEN THEY SAID THE OWNERS WERNT BARGAINING WITH GOOD INTENTIONS. CHRIS LAST NAME IS PAUL NOT CHRIS STERN SO THAT MEANS DAVID ISNT HIS FATHER AND CANT TELL HIM WHAT TO DO.

  55. rcpacquiao says:

    nice work stern. totally a noble move. hope that such crybaby lakers fans and all coward superstars like paul, lebron, wade, melo, and dwight would never win a championship. and hope that the lakers won’t win again in a span of 1000 years. blessing to real teams without superstars (like 2004 pistons) and 1 superstar teams (mavs 2011). May these kind of teams win each year up the year 5000.

  56. ezeatl says:

    Is David Stern serious? So does this mean that Dwight Howard won’t be getting traded to the Nets? He’s leaving Orlando and going to a big market city!!! Screw Stern and the other owners that didn’t want this to happen!!! I hope Paul leaves and the Hornets get nothing like Dan Gilbert’s b**tch a** got!!

  57. Omar Portugal says:

    I’m a bulls fans. I was happy for the trade because I believed that the Lakers were giving up too much for Chris Paul and the Hornets were getting a sweet deal. I hate how they stopped it because of b.s. Now the Hornets are gonna get nothing and CP3 is gonna leave. Now they decide to stop trades all of a sudden. Why didn’t they stop all this when the Heat got together? SMH

  58. AZZ says:

    u got to be kidding me..after all it’s a fair trade n benefited all the three teams involved.seems like paul will go next summer n left hornets empty handed..like what lebron n bosh did.bye2 playoffs.so not nice. =(

  59. NBA sucks says:

    What’s the purpose of stern to declined the deal? Man I hate to say this but I’m hating this league seriously. Players and GMs need some freedom. Knock it off stern, you’re disappointing your fans.

  60. LAKERS FAN F U STERN says:

    just let cp3 play on lakers. shame on u stern!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  61. denise says:

    the league does not need laker fans.. GTFO

  62. anthony goro says:

    a christmas gift for the lakers the is not granted. goodluck MR. STERN. i hope the number people who support and respect you will be the same of what you did. satisfying FANS is your JOB.

  63. lall says:

    stern fck you,

  64. denise says:

    I wish dallas did not dismantle that roster they had last year. No one can contend the lakers if they get paul and howard in the next few years! lakers will easily win the western conference. plus odom and artest and barnes and ofcourse kobe! come on. you guys are so selfish. It is the east turn to be champions. I dont care if it is the bulls or heat or boston as long as it is not New York

  65. David says:

    David Stern and the NBA have lost whatever credibility they had left coming out of the recent lockout…I’m voting with my wallet and will no longer support this train wreck of a league. What an unfortunate lapse in leadership.

  66. Ras says:

    Guess stern was using this as his tool for decision making! http://games.espn.go.com/nba/tradeMachine?tradeId=74624vq

    Pure madness. Thought the lock-out was enough of this greedy league and owners but this is the icing on the cake. Have no respect for Stern anymore.

  67. anthony goro says:

    rejecting lakers trade is unfair. NBA where conspiracy happens. give us the best reason for not approving the trade :X

  68. FH7Doit says:

    Yeah right…
    No to CP3’s deal to the Lakers now
    But was alright with LBJ and Bosh joining with Wade before?
    What kind of f***ing nonsense is this?
    3 super stars in Boston… ok
    3 super stars in Miami… ok
    2 super stars in Los Angels… not ok

  69. denise says:

    ahahaha… soooo many laker fans. Im just happy coz I’m tired looking at the lakers raise that banner all the time. Laker fans are very selfish. It is ok for them to get paul but not the heat getting lebron. what hypocrites! No one in the west can stop the lakers if they did get paul. And plus howard going there? come on. who can stop that team. HYPOCRITES. Dallas will only get that one championship. letting go of chandler will be their biggest mistake! they just dismantled that championship roster.

  70. CP3 for lakers says:

    I want to see CP3 in Lakers! i feel sad for CP3

  71. SternJerk says:

    effin stern way to screw everybody over! first the stupid lockout now this trade? go retire already!

  72. JJ says:

    Chris Paul should be traded to lakers! Daivd Stern made a bad move. He should allow that trade. He should not listen to other owners because others owners are only jealous to lakers because lakers are going to get Paul and if the lakers get Paul other owners think that they does’nt have anymore a chance to win champinships, They should compete, Why the Miami Heat? WADE LEBRON BOSH? then when Paul’s arrival to LOS ANGELES LAKERS WAS REJECTED?

  73. Will says:

    Prepare for a very long and heated debate. Schuhmann brings up several great points, but let me just reiterate a key one, from a fan’s point of view: Why bother letting Demps–and the numerous parties involved–go through all of the trouble of building a deal that works for all parties involved, if in fact he has no real authority to make the deal? What a waste of time! Moreover, are the players who were just up on the trading block supposed to feel all warm and fuzzy towards their respective teams who were trying to usher them out the door? I know–and most of the readers here know–that this is a business, but this intervention of Stern, who has been a decent executive, seems questionable and will have a very negative ripple effect that may ultimately overshadow the “basketball reasons” that served as his rationale for killing the deal in the first place.

    The bottom line is this: One team would have traded an All-Star (in Gasol) and the reigning 6th-Man-of-the-Year (in Odom) for an All-Star (in Paul). This seems, from a basketball perspective, to be a reasonable trade even after taking into consideration the small-market/big-market distinction.

  74. C.OAKLEY says:

    That’s fantastic news…thank you D. Stern. We in NY r waiting for Cp3. LOL

  75. Tobias_WETZ_Germany says:

    Guys, you are allways talking about that the hornets would get better… that the nba should decide by what the fans want… that players should not go back to a team which wanted to trade them…

    I think it is different! Players got contracts. When a player is under contract, they should not tell the whole world that they want to play somewhere else. I am not a Chris Paul fan, but how would it feel as a big hornets fan to see, that your star player wants to get out of town? Stop that things! He earns money, a lot of money, so stop talking and make the fans happy!

    Whats up with you guys? Do you really want to see playoffs where Miami with this 3 guys plus battier, Chicago, New York and propably the lakers with paul and howard are the only teams to compete? Man, I want to have exciting playoffs, with a lot of teams who can advance to the next round! I dont want to start watching the finals in june, because every other round and the regular season is totally boring! Lakers, Heat and Bulls making recordwise Seasons by winning 70+ games… Come on guys, its nice to think about freaky combinations like we do on manager games and stuff, but this is real life, real people, real feelings!

    Act like adults and don’t throw words on David Stern. I am not with this guys opinion on all occasions, but whats up with you?

    • 21 says:

      What’s up with people crying about the ‘super teams’? It’s nothing new. No one cried when Boston united Allen, Pierce and Garnett to form their ‘big 3’. No one cried when Kobe and Shaq dominated the league for years. No one cried when Kareem Abdul-Jabbar and Magic Johnson dominated the league for years. No one cried when Michael Jordon, Scottie Pippen and Dennis Rodman dominated the league for years. Now WHY is everyone crying about the Heat or possibly the Lakers? There ALWAYS were one, two or even three ‘super teams’ in the league. And I think this years playoffs were a very impressive demonstration of how 2 or 3 star players on a team aren’t enough to win it all. There are always surprises. And it’s just not Dallas that can deal with ‘super teams’ like Miami or maybe Los Angeles, there’s also Chicago, New York, Oklahoma City and possibly the Celtics and the Spurs.

  76. lakersfan4life says:

    Men this a bunch of bs, i cant believe this dude (david stern) is still in control of this league. i was so mad and upset bout this deal not goin down dat i wanted to call him and let him know what i think of him. you are a joke to this league and dont deserve to have this job, i wish u would just leave and disappear from the face of the earth. cp3 & kobe goin to happen like it or not. i hope cp3 sue the pants off your azz.. cp3 if you reading this do whateva it takes to get this deal done

  77. Chris says:

    Dwight and Paul to Lakers Pau to Houston T-Mac at Atlanta

  78. 21 says:

    Still can’t believe it … lost every bit of respect I had for Stern. Just get rid of him already, probably the worst commissioner any professional sports league has ever seen in the entire world … what a joke.

  79. CalceeumC says:

    I say this to chris paul sabotage the team…Man what is wrong with the nba

  80. stern sucks says:

    Stern is an arseho;e. he killed the deal because he NEVER liked the lakers and with the recent labor issues Fisher=lockout=revenge. simple, stern can have a superstar who will not play this year even if he shows up for games he will be “injured” most of the year and next year the hornets will loose him to the Knicks to free agency for FREE. but as long as the lakers dont end up with an instatnt replacement to the kobe era he does not care, he does not care what may be best for a team (hornets) he technically owns, he does not care that the trade would instantly improve a houston team and gives building blocks for the hornets as well.
    i am pissed at the players for the locout and now i am more pissed at stern, hope tennis is going to be an every night sport because the NBA just lost a fan for life just like MLB did when they last pulled this crap

  81. samdon jennings says:

    i mean the first comment on the page, by onelessfan.

  82. Kasek_ says:

    David Stern destroyed alot with this irresponsible decision IMO. First thing, he killed trade, trade that was fair. Lakers wanted to trade two allstars for one allstar. That’s alot. Second thing, chemistry, in three clubs! So that’s like four basketball reasons to change your decision Mr commissioner. Now tell me, what should Lakers do? Pau and Lamar are mad. Nobody likes to be traded, but it’s even worse when you are traded without being traded.

    Btw I’d be greatful If basketball fans could follow me on Twitter, my name is: Kasek_ you know, do it for basketball reasons!
    I am tweeting alot about things goin’ on in Stern’s league 😉

  83. samdon jennings says:

    umm, i’d like to report that last comment.

  84. DJ says:

    Basket ball reason? is that the best excuse ur stupid self can come up too? what happen to this Basket Ball reason when Lebron and Bosh was moving to Heat!!!! I dont get it!!! Stern is so Selfish worrying more about the money than the entertainement of the NBA fans!!!!!! I hope you reading this you Selfish

    • Gary says:

      There’s nothing the league can do about free agency which is what happened with Miami. If you sit back and stfu and wait you may get CP in free agency.

  85. jarushakwins says:

    We need to trade Luis Scola for Lamar Odom. That would help us rockets alot .

  86. jarushakwins says:

    alll this did WAS EFF UP The players relationship with kevin mchale. they will NOT play hard for him.

  87. Ronny says:

    Ok so the excuse is to protect the small market NBA teams but Hornets were gonna get a young SG to build their franchise around in the top 5 SGs with a PER rating in the top four up there with Wade & Kobe. + A great up & coming pg Nash’s under study Dragic + Two bigs in Scula & Lamar Odom. Who’s player efficiency is better than Bosh + draft picks. The owners block the trade. Screwing the small market team from actually getting anything. Now either CP3 leaves anyway, maybe even to the lakers when his free agency is up later on ala Lebron James. Or they trade to one of the other big market teams for less? Wait that’d b hypocritical. It’d be stupid not to make this trade where are the grounds to prevent this. Specially after Knicks get chandler to add to what they already have. Miami gets battier. Look at OKC, Boston (four all stars),Spurs, Dallas, Nets, GS, Por, etc??

  88. big ticket says:

    Stern and the nba continues to make fools of themselves, teams, owners no longer have any power. I feel sorry for the players involved, how can one man have the power to decide who goes where. they may as well abolish trades and just let stern decide where he wants players to go.. Basketball reasons, i think he just wants a more competative leauge to bring more excitement and raise popularity, Im english and a football supporter, there is nothing worse than a player on a team who doesnt want to be there anymore. The trade should have happened, all those players now on teams that didnt want them anymore and know that they were used to acquire better players? If it was me id feel really un vauled and wouldnt be prepared to rais my game each night for a team that ultimatly didnt want me.

  89. Chico says:

    I’m not from the USA, but I follow the NBA and I’m disgusted with this behavior by Stern. Even if it’s not a good decision for us, who want to watch competitive basketball, the trading decision is determined by the teams. That is pure business from Stern, and that’s sick. NOH would get some players from the deal, CP3 would get a competitive team. They are not protecting the NBA, or they would have canceled they Lebron-Bosh travel for Miami. Cleveland is now ruined for basketball, and they don’t give a s***. Just to remember that the Cavs didn’t receive some pieces like NOH was going to. Now the players won’t play at best on his teams(CP3, Gasol, Odom). They are trading baits, or just waiting for new contracts on other teams.
    If someone needs to be traded is Stern, he can’t run the NBA anymore with decisions like this one.
    I don’t speak english very well, so I’m sorry if I made some mistakes while writing.

  90. first of all what i want to say is that PAUL will come to LA whether you like it or not . secondly i think the other teams should shut their mouth when a member of the LAKERS OR CELTICS says something . you know sth . all of you are so tiny in front of these teams . we have 16 championships and you have nothing . today you play in the league but tommorow you wont [ i speak for some other teams and owners] . how dare you mark cuban you foolish person behave like this ? do you know that BUSS CAN send you home if he wants . does your brain work properly ? if i were you i would visit a doctor . do you think that your team will ever again win a championship ? you are a team of losers . only DIRK, KIDD AND TERRY ARE GREAT PLAYERS and i feel sorry for them because they play for you . you are so unaware of the situation that you left CHANDLER leave . but what can you expect from someone who has a vast amount of complexes . IN 22 FEBRUARY YOU WILL IMPLORE US NOT TO HUMILIATE YOU AND YOUR TEAM . YOU DONT BELONG IN THE NBA . YOU DESTROY THE REPUTATION OF A GOOD TEAM THAT TOTALLY DESERVED TO WIN LAST YEAR . HOWEVER REMEMBER THIS : PAUL AND HOWARD WILL BOTH COME NO MATTER WHAT YOU OR THE OTHERS DO . AS I SAID BEFORE YOU ARE SO TINY IN FONT OF US . YOU WON A CHAMPIONSHIP AND NOW YOU THINK YOU ARE SOMEONE GREAT . YOU WAS ,YOU CONTINUE AND YOU WILL ALWAYS BE A LOSER IN THE GAME OF BASKETBALL, ONLY . YOU ARE A CLEVER PERSON BUT NOT FOR THIS GAME . DO YOU REALLY THINK YOU CAN BLOCK A TRADE ? IF YES THERE IS A MALFUNCTION IN YOUR BRAIN . LAKERS IS THE 4 MOST POPULAR TEAM IN THE WORLD .


    • EC says:

      I don´t know what you know about who said what, did what and when and why…. blablabla… in order to block the CP 3 deal BUT:
      1. Marion, Stojakovic… are great players too, AllStars with good attitude and good on and off court behavior… whole DAL deserved the Title
      2. even if LAL land CP3 and DH12 that does not guarantee the title, let Nene, Kirilenko, Chandler, Billups, Bibby, West and/or Williams join any other team with a good nucleus or just 2 or 3 amnesty released vets join a talented squad like OKC, POR, MEM….
      3. I hope that after all this “The decision”, Lockout, “CP3 and DH12″…. crap including blocking the CP3 trade today we´ll enjoy March, April and the POs with a lot of good stuff of real TEAM-BBall from CHI, SAS, OKC, POR,etc.. I also hope that all the “pseudo-triumvirat”-teams will be already gone because the benchless stars had to play 43 mpg 4-5times a week and are too tired and not concentrated for the POs.
      4. NOH would have gotten Scola, Martin and Odom. They could keep West, add Billups, Bibby or N. Robinson and a solid Center and they would be a better team than before – who cares about CP3?
      5. CP3 is an upgrade on Fisher but giving away Pau, Bynum and Odom for DH12 is certainly a downgrade.

      I hope that TEAM oriented managers will show the rest how to build championship caliber teams.

    • Gary says:

      Here’s the thing. If Paul and Howard will come to LA no matter what, why does this even matter? Just relax until they do, otherwise all that stuff you just typed looks like the ranting of a bitter fan over a small hiccup for LA.

    • Rocketman says:

      Get off your high horse.Kobe and CP3 crying in the play pen because they didn’t get their way! If Kobe is that great he shouldn’d need another superstar! Oh thats right he is not great like Michael Jordan or Hakeem!

  91. laohoo_AKO says:


  92. johnny says:

    man it will just help to miami,LA forever

  93. jarushakwins says:


  94. LALFan says:

    I can understand NBA’s decision to cancel the deal in light of all the labor fight that occupied the NBA world the last 5 months. However, I am not an American, and, believe me, most of the NBA fans outside the US, and especially from where I am, support teams like Lakers, Bulls, Celtics, now Heat, and occasionally (even before the Melo-Amare era) Knicks; these are the teams that are popular worldwide, and it is because of them that many people outside US (people who don’t really know or care much about, say, Portland, Milwaukee, Sacramento, etc.) watch NBA. Don’t get me wrong, I am happy when more teams, small-market teams, are strong and competing – I enjoy Thunder, I enjoy Memphis, I enjoy the up-and-coming Clippers, I even enjoy Spurs, but if the “big” teams are not competing for a championship, and not only that: if they are not spectacular, not drawing attention, not boasting superstar players, then I can guarantee you that many of these international fans will not follow NBA so regularly, and its popularity worldwide will decrease.

  95. ML13 says:

    i think that CP3 at the end will go to NY!!

  96. FISHERKING says:

    Shame on you david stern

  97. AJ says:

    I hope chris paul files a lawsuit against the nba and stern so he can come to LA. Can’t believe what the owners have done

  98. Vincent says:

    I don’t get it why commissioner Stern rejected the deal? The Hornets is not in the losing end in this deal. It seems to me that the Rockets is in the losing end in this deal. Probably that is the reason why he rejected it because it is not a fair deal for Houston Rockets

    • Gary says:

      You don’t know because you didn’t read why. Stern wrote that LA would be saving $20 million by dropping Odom and Gasol plus luxari tax of $20 million. So they would be saving $40 million and getting a star point guard. Usually when a team picks up a star player like this they have to take on some kind of burden.

  99. speedy says:

    well I like cp3 he’s a great point gaurd but I don’t think he’s worth giving up pal and lamar , there a great team because of there towering duo’s . now Howard would be an amazing pic up . trade bynum with anyone else while remaining with a tower duo , and they remain the west threat .

  100. Borg says:

    To stop CP3s trade for basketball reasons??? Who is crazy here, fans? It is for business reasons!!! NBA want to sell NOH, and they will get more money with CP3 in roster.

    3 years from now Lakers have no one on their roster. CP3 was player for future.

    • oli says:

      yeah but wuuld you buy the Hornets now WITH CP3 knowing he is going to leave anyway next year? … I doubt it

    • Gary says:

      Wow LA will be without a star for a few years how sad. How many other teams have less than one star but LA has Bryant, Gasol and before that Shaq and Bryant. Now the fans are upset about Paul? Go get Howard because he’s still an option. LA fans have a fear of humility.

  101. OzHeatFan says:

    Wow, what a crazy day!
    Wild speculation about why the CP3 trade was quashed?? what up with that? how many other trades should not have been allowed for ‘basketball reasons” How will the NBA sell the NOH if CP3 decides to walk next season?

    Crazy crazy NBA. I really love this game.

    Still angry about the lock-out. Free tickets to games should be in order.

  102. Matt says:

    Stern needs to take back his decision. His short sightedness is beyond belief. Then he needs to resign. End of story.

  103. KobeFTW says:

    This is total crap! They let D Wade and Lebron on the same team but no CP3 and Kobe??? wtf

  104. Brandon says:

    don’ wuss out NBA.com; lets discuss the legal ramifications of the League refusing to deal Paul to the Lakers based on the pressure of owner complaints; and the serious conflict of interests and potential collusion that represents.

  105. LUFFY says:

    cmon stern let this trades fly.

  106. matteo says:


  107. Faisal Kayal says:

    Althgh I was agnst the trade,bt SERISLY #STERN!!u blok a deal 4 @CP3 2 ply wth KOBE!! nd its ok 4 @KingJames @DwyaneWade,bosh 2 ply togthr !! How is that even possible that the #NBA commissioner have the power to block a deal !!! The NBA need some #ArabSpringRevolution ……

    • Hellomoto says:

      Free-agency mean’s u can go where you want. Trade is CONTROLLED by OWNERS.
      Just use your brain for once, don’t compare this trade bull***t with lebron-wade duo joining up. These are 2 different things

      • Gary says:

        I’m glad there are some real fans who understand the NBA on here still. These senseless LA idiots are getting on my nerves.

  108. Nba intelligence says:

    Ill admit, Lakers can win in this whole ordeal reguardless!! Sign Chauncey Billups!!! The Nba is dirty for denying this trade!! Chauncey gone home to Denver? woooww.

  109. Mossy says:

    Excited about Tracy McGrady going to the Hawks! Hope he can have a good season with them – he can’t have too many left!

  110. buzzkillington says:

    Thank god the owners didn’t allow Rockets to destroy their team. I expect Scola and Martin are also “irate” at the very least at their own front office. That would have been the worst deal since Celtics foolishly gave up Perkins last season, and would have killed any chances for quick improvement in Houston – right at the time when things were starting to look up for them. If Rockets front office are so determined to bring a quality big man (perfectly understood) they shoulld be trying their best to pursue Nene, Chandler, or the other freaking Gasol – but not at the cost of blowing up the current roster. (By the way, how’s that Hasheem Thabeet for Shane Battier trade working for you, Daryl?)

    • Rocketman says:

      You are right on the Rockets are very close to going to the next level.By the way without Yao for 3 or 4 games they still gave the Lakers all they could handle in 2009!

  111. Chris says:

    Y NBA? The Lockout Should have continued

  112. EROL says:

    It is not fair that the NBA does not allow Paul’s move. Why ? What about the three amigos in HEAT !!! Nobody from NBA did not permit this big three !!!
    We are waiting from official NBA comments or Paul’s to know the truth…..

    • kenny says:

      The Big Three was free agent signings. This is a trade and since the other owners own the hornets they have the right to veto the trade. I’m not saying its right, but it differs from the Big Three. Basically they have the right to stop a trade but they can’t stop a free agent signing

    • Gary says:

      Go read and understand why it didn’t happen. Wasn’t the same thing as Miami.

  113. Daniel says:

    Man This looks like something to help Miami get a ring…

  114. bb b says:

    we hate you stern,

  115. shervood says:

    nba has been screwed over the last year by the worst decesions ever made in the history of the league . lockout , and now trading do’s and dont’ s

  116. King says:

    Owners afraid to face kobe and the lakers?hell no,stern sucks…

  117. Keith says:

    F the NBA let’s just call it a fail system either that or get commisioner Stern resigned! In what other sport do we get this kind of bull**it! you know what I mean!!! F you and all of your fail system JUST RESIGNED!

  118. Paolino says:

    basketball reasons?!? You’re clowns!!! Goran Dragic, Kevin Martin, Lamar Odom, Luis Scola and the Knicks’ 2012 first-round draft pick NOW or NOTHING in 2012?!? ridiculous!!! no words.
    Give a ring to LBJ and close the League, please.

    • OKC says:

      I am an OKC fan and I would like that trade to happen. It is sweeter to defeat a star studded line up in the Western Finals. But I also see why the owners blocked the deal. Everything is legal, don’t get me wrong. NO got the best possible players, but the Rockets were screwed. I don’t know why they took this kind of a deal. Any ways, this will benefit NO for this season, but will benefit LA in the future. Imagine getting a superstar and also killing two high paying contracts! That was a genuis move. Owners were thinking of the balance, Miami did it, but they have holes on their line up. While for the Lakers, if this trade can be made, getting Paul and Howard with decent bench players will create another Lakers dynasty. And if Howard will not go the Lakers, clearing their cap can get decent players as well. It is a win win situation for the Lakers. Lakers management is so good! Now I know why Boston and LA are the 2 winningest teams in the NBA.

      • Wait a Minute says:

        lol if the Lakers completed the deal, the Thunder would get smashed. no offense just a fact, and i’m pretty sure everyone outside of OKC who watches basketball knows that.

  119. ajpotpot says:

    it’s not all about the New Orleans Hornets actually NOH are getting the best third of this deal, this deal is off not because of the New Orleans Hornets, NOH are getting the best possible blessings in this deal, this deal is off because 1st rockets is screwed with this deal coz they are giving up a lot of role players only for one superstar and this deal is somehow make the lakers a little screwed if and only if paul won’t sign the contract extension, and they will come back depending with bryant mainly all over again, ^_^

  120. ajpotpot says:

    this deal is of not because od the New Orleans Hornets, they are getting the best possible blessings in this deal, this deal is off because 1st rockets is screwed with this deal they are giving up a lot of players for pau gasol and this deal is somehow make the lakers a little screwed if and only if paul won’t sign the contract extension, and they will come back depending with bryant mainly all over again, ^_^

  121. unikr0n says:

    david stern has WAY too much power and this just proves it! somethings got to give! honestly, i hope the nba loses ALOT of money this year for all they’ve put the fans through.

  122. Óscar Morgado says:

    So I guess that EVERYONE is tradable. And that this lockout wided an already large gap between the owners and the players, since even Gasol and Odom era mere trading chips, and that Billups, an acomplished (the most acomplished on the roster) player that could give the Knicks a chance (even if a small one) at contending in the East, is being totally disrespected. So I say, your bad players, for being greedy beyond your millions, and your bad owners, for not showing the slightest concern to even mask the fact that the NBA is just another business.

  123. Ozzy Reece says:

    Stern did completely the wrong thing. Although I am glad he did because Lakers were giving up too much of what has made them dominant in recent years. Hornets were receiving so much talent.. who wouldn’t wanna see their team play with all the players they were receiving. Would have been good for them, especially in the long term. CP3 is going anyway. Stern may be stopping him from going to a bigger market now, but it is bound to happen after this season anyway (New York obviously). Future note to Lakers: do NOT give up Lamar Odom in any trade especially when receiving no big man back.

  124. Carlo says:

    Come on accept the trade., cp3 to la he has a chance to have a championship ring and plus if CP3 is in LAkers he will have a good time with Kobe,,

  125. Notcoool says:

    This isnt cool. They are being selfish to the Lakers. They let Carmelo get traded to the New York Knicks last season and also let Lebron and Bosh sign with the Heat. The Heat and Knicks are doing very good with their stars but shows they won’t win a championship easily. It might seem like they’re an unbeatable team but they can be beat like the Heat lost to the Dallas Mavs. I dont hate on Heat, its just i dislike them. The selfish part is that they wont let Paul sign witht he Lakers. Like come on. Since Kobe is the star in L.A and in his 30s, he would need a back up star to back him up when he is struggling and injured. Hornets have a good benifit from this trade and also the Houston Rockets. Cp3 is a young talented star and they should change their minds about killing this trade.

  126. 21 says:

    What the hell Stern?! I understand that many people will probably like this move because they don’t want to see another team like Miami. But, c’mon, the league and the teams are supposed to be independent! Not to be commanded by the commissioner taking influence and busting a deal that would’ve worked out perfectly for the three teams. It looks like you, David Stern, are basically disadvantaging those three teams for your own good. If you say no to this deal, you basically have to say no to every deal involving Paul, otherwise it would be hugely unfair to the Lakers and Rockets, so much that, if I was the owner of one of those teams, I would consider suing you and/or the league. But that’s just me.
    Anyhow, what now? Keep Paul in New Orleans for the season just to see him walking away in free agency without getting anything in return for him? I doubt that that would help the Hornets finding a new owner. New Orleans would’ve gotten some really good and solid players in Dragic, Martin, Odom and Scola, which would’ve really helped them building up a new and solid team. It is (or rather was, unless you’re fair and allow the deal) probably the best deal involving Paul the Hornets will see.

  127. vince says:

    c’mon men pau gasol and Odom will be traded? do you know why the lakers won an NBA champion back to back? because of this men if you trade them. lakers will not qualify in the playoffs this season

  128. Max says:

    It seems like up till now the only names involved with the Knicks have been CP3, Superman, and Grant Hill. Now it seems like Tyson Chandler is going to end up in the Big Apple. Although, he’s not a superstar like Cp3 or Dwight Howard he is the key to the Knicks’ success. Let’s examine why they are the match made in heaven.

    To read more go to http://www.nbathroughmyveins.wordpress.com

  129. Poyser says:

    After watching the Game Time crew break down the CP3 deal, they forgot to mention one very important part regarding being traded as the NBA’s way of firing someone and that is the fact that Chris Paul wants out of New Orleans. He wants to be traded or sign with another team when his contract expires so why should his feelings be hurt now that he has to go back to work for New Orleans afte the NBA shut down the deal? Odom has reason to complain, so does Gasol, but Paul has no reason to be mad with the Hornets for the deal being cancelled.

    • Jones17 says:

      What? Paul has not reason to be mad? He wants to leave…and they wouldn’t let him!!

    • shawn says:

      yeah wtf man.. how r you gonna say that paul isnt even hurt. by denying this trade,the nba is basically forcing chris paul to stay in new orleans just to keep business around for them. what ajoke, not allowing a skilled player to ever have a shot at winning a title. yea paul is going to the lakers, but to be honest the lakers are giving up a great deal for this trade in pau and lamar, 2 high impact scorers and 7 footers.. pual is going to leave one way, is the only way thats gonna happen is if hes traded to the pacers or what… stern you are the epitome of a greedy unethical selfish corrupted owner and i will forever hold u accountable for personally ruining the nba. and the funniest thing iv read all week was how nba.com stated that marc cuban was the most vocal in speaking against the trade, he wins 1 title now has to do anything he can from denying another team, grow a sack you pu***.

  130. Justin aka Bitter fan says:

    David Stern is making all of us hate the league. This is a fair trade. It made me want the Hornets(something I haven’t done since Larry Johnson was there). This trade gave the NBA fans a real reason to be excited this Christmas, before David “The Grinch” Stern put a stop to it. Maybe Bryant Gumble was right about Stern.

  131. Ivan says:

    What BS around the Chris Paul trade being squashed by Stern and the owners! The NBA really thinks the public is stupid. “Not true the owners killed the deal…” GIVE ME A BREAK! If thats really true, which everyone doubts, then we want an explanation of what the “basketball reasons” were that killed the deal. I could maybe begin to understand if the Lakers were signing a huge player like Chris Paul, but they were giving up two GREAT players in Pau Gasol and Lamar Odom. Plus the Hornets were getting good players as well. One could even argue that the Lakers wouldn’t necessarily be a better team – they would of given up their one major advantage from last year in their size down low.

    What a joke the owners and their boy toy David Stern have become. If your going to make NBA decisions strictly based on how it affects owners profits, regardless of whats best for the fans and for the game, then at least be HONEST about it. It makes it that much worse when you LIE to our faces about it!!

  132. Kim says:

    Wow Tmac is possibly playing in playoffs this year! Nice one very nice!

  133. CP3Lakers says:

    I used to respect David Stern and the league… but to keep players from being traded for business reasons? That’s low. How are players supposed to play at full capacity knowing that they’re going back to a team that doesn’t want them. This is an all time low David Stern.. I won’t ever look at you the same way ever again.

  134. cabronjames6 says:

    Can’t believe Stern just axed this deal… im a laker fan, and I think this trade would’ve helped the hornets more than the Lakers or Houston… and he axed because some cry babies owner dont want superstar going to big markets? They can’t stop players to choose the teams they go to during the free agency… this is so stupid. Somebody trade STERN to the Canadian Football League or something… pretty sure THAT WONT BE VETOED!

    Hope you reading this Stern… you are SO BAD! you should be part of the Heat’s front office.. so you could screw them up… and not this league that I love so much.

    ps: owners care more about CP3 going to lakers than hornets getting a huge package deal… SIGH

    • Carl says:

      The thing is, Paul is not a free agent. This is a trade.

      I do agree that the trade should have been allowed, however, Paul is not free to choose a club at this point since he is undercontract with NO.