RJ Still With The Spurs, For Now …

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HANG TIME HEADQUARTERS — Those rumors of Richard Jefferson‘s demise with the San Antonio Spurs were premature, if nothing else.

The Spurs have not used the amnesty provision of the new collective bargaining agreement to remove Jefferson from the mix. He was at practice Friday:

Our man Tim Griffin for the San Antonio Express-News says the team and Jefferson had a very Spurs-like approach to the whole situation:

“I’m a Spur right now,” Jefferson said after practice. “That’s pretty much the best way to describe it. There’s a lot of speculation across the league, with the short amount a time everybody has to work their rosters.”

“Things could happen, things could stay the same. As far as I’m concerned, I’m a Spur right now.”

Spurs coach Gregg Popovich said the team has not employed the amnesty provision on Jefferson or anybody else.

“He’s no different than anybody. He’s a Spur,” Popovich said. “We didn’t amnesty anybody.”

And Popovich said he didn’t have anything special to say to Jefferson at the team’s workout.

“Nothing,” Popovich said. “He’s got a job to do. He’s a Spur just like Timmy or Manu or TJ Ford or anybody else. We come and do our work.”


  1. david says:

    they either need to pay him less or let him go hes a good shooter DURING THE SEASON but during the playoffs just like matt bonner he doesnt show up they need to bring in ryan richards clear up some space with jefferson and get davis bertans here move bonner to a three he doesnt get rebounds or play defence so not much of a use at the four spot he seems to be a small foward to me we get bigger with bringing richards and bertans and younger we need this ryan richards and bertans two athletic big man that can move and shoot

  2. Mike says:

    Wow he’s a shiny head.

  3. Mike says:

    It’s amazing how calm and collected a player can appear to be in an interview when all they have to do is remind themselves “whatever happens, I’m still a millionaire. So what if I get dropped from the team nobody else wants me, I’ll just go and spend the rest of my days in the Caribbean.”

  4. Ricardo says:

    Whatever you think about RJ – he’s the ultimate professional in this interview.

  5. Dave Crockett says:

    Since they could not land Battier or Butler it makes sense just to keep R.J. and hope he can improve with his third year on the team. T.J. Ford was a nice and cheap pick up to give depth in the backcourt. That being said the Spurs have to get better in the post if they want to come out of the west. If they could trade for Utah’s Al Jefferson that would greatly improve their team for the present and future. The Jazz have alot of “bigs” and could be willing to move Al Jefferson. He is till young and has never had a mentor like Duncan would be for him. Plus landing Al Jefferson would make the eventual transition from a Duncan-less team much easier.

  6. RH says:

    Extremely refreshing to hear a player give a real interview and show some personality. I love when he jokes if anyone ever wins a battle against Stern.

    • Warren says:

      Richard Jefferson needs to restructure his contract to remain a Spur. He was a valuable part of the team last year that won 61 games. However he is not worth the 9 million he is due to make this season. Regardless the Spurs need to sign a power forward to replace McDyss. Jeff Green or Nene would be excellent options with both size and scoring ability. However based on the shortened season and back to back games I think they want to really go younger.