Report: Brandon Roy Set To Retire

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HANG TIME HEADQUARTERS — For days there have been rumblings that the amnesty clause in the new collective bargaining agreement would be used on Portland Trail Blazers guard Brandon Roy. Apparently it will not be necessary.

ESPN The Magazine’s Chris Broussard is reporting that Roy is set to retire, due to the degenerative knee issues:

Sources say Roy has privately conceded his ongoing knee trouble would have inevitably led to a reduced role, and given his close connection with the Portland community the former All-Star does not want to end up being released through the forthcoming amnesty clause and thus eligible to be picked up by another team.

Roy’s retirement would eventually give the Blazers salary-cap relief. League rules call for a waiting period of one year from the date of the player’s injury or illness, after which the Blazers could get Roy’s contract off their books.

Since Roy played all the way into the playoffs last season, that date will likely be April 28, 2012 — one year from the day the Blazers were eliminated from the playoffs.

According to NBA rules, a league physician will have to confirm that Roy is unfit to play for the Blazers to get the salary-cap relief.

As recently as Monday, Blazers officials had said that, despite considerable speculation to the contrary, they would not use the amnesty clause on Roy. The clause allows a team to release one player and gain salary cap relief; however, the team must still pay the salary.

“Our plan right now is not to use the amnesty,” Blazers president Larry Miller told the Oregonian newspaper. “We expect Brandon to be a part of this team when the season starts.”


  1. b-roy fan says:

    the only player that i have more respect for than Roy is durant the only player that didn’t do this for the money but the love of the game

  2. ray says:

    Blazer fan since early 90’s..Roy was/is 1 of my favorites to ever play in Portland. 30yrs ago players retired because of torn acl’s,torn miniscus, etc..,hopefully,this type of thing can be helped through modern science,someday..he’ll be missed.

  3. Blazerfan79 says:

    He had no meniscus left in either knee. The meniscus is cartlidge which absorbs the shock between your upper and lower leg bone. Imagine trying to play basketball in this condition. It’s just physically impossible for hiim to continue.

    He’s not comign back.

  4. Raymon says:

    Such a great player and role model. Sad day for blazers fans and the NBA in general. Could have been in the top 5 players in the NBA for years to come if his knees didn’t give out.

  5. majik27 says:

    come to suns and their staffs are special.. 😀

  6. Josiah says:

    NBA won’t be the same Roy, humble, hardworking, team player and a TRUE superstar! We need more players like you!

  7. Contra says:

    Oh No , Tell me this is NOT true, so sad 😦

  8. Jason says:

    If this is true the NBA is about to lose one of it’s best… very sad!

  9. jer says:

    Blazer fan here, have been fro ever 20 years. I live in Portland. Roy is the best shooting guard to play for this franchise since Clyde Drexler by far! We love you Brandon, no matter what happens, we’re all praying for a miracle for you, You’re too young and full of too much magic to say farewell so soon. Our hearts are with you.

  10. Nissan says:

    Doctors have told Roy that he cant go on playing in the NBA. He had a chance of never being able to walk again. He was very emotional when he heard the news and wanted time to rest. He has degenerative knees… Sad to see him retire, Brandon Roy was an amazing player, humble and loyal. A great role model for many fans, unlike other selfish money grabbing stars…… The NBA will miss you Roy. Wish you all the best

  11. Bahir says:

    i would hate to be a b-roy fan today!!


    Roy is a Great player good luck MAN!!!!

  13. Listen Up says:

    SEE you play your best for your team. Why did Roy play all those games hurt? Doctors rec. not playing in the playoffs the year before last- but he still came back against the Suns.

    If Roy had been more judicious about when to sit out you’d think he’d still be playing. Owners expect loyalty from their players but show none in return. Roy is too selfless if you ask me.

  14. Brandon Roy says:

    I was seriously thinking to join the Celtics, Knicks, Lakers even the heat but I hate to come off the bench…I hope everyone can understand.

  15. MilosNCAA says:

    ❤ B-Roy ❤ :(((((((((((((((((((((

  16. Monkey says:

    So said… I hope this is a fake news.

  17. This is really sad. He is such a huge talent and doesn’t deserve this, one of the good guys of the NBA

  18. Nano says:

    Sad to see Roy have to leave like this. Wish him all the best in whatever he chooses to do from this day forth. Hopefully David Stern won’t nix this, too – if Mark Cuban and Dan Gilbert don’t have any complaints about this that is.

  19. QuestionMark says:

    If he stayed healthy, by now I guarantee you he woud have been better than Kobe. Good luck to you Roy, you would have been a great player if you stayed.

  20. brandon says:

    This is a real shame. Brandon Roy was a superstar, but he was one without an ego. He always put his teammates and his fans first. The reason he is retiring is because he would rather give up his entire career and his lucrative contract than be amnestied and play for another team other than Portland. Even if you’re not a Blazer, Seattle and Portland will always love you Brandon! It’s a shame that such a travesty had to happen to a guy like you who surely didn’t deserve it.

  21. Luke says:

    We will see if Greg Oden follows in his footsteps. I know he says he is ready but we have already heard it before. I find it amazing that Portland finally gets a couple good draft picks and they both end up being duds.

  22. HeatWave says:

    I still believe in Roy. HE WILL RETURN!

  23. Myers306 says:

    Come on Roy! Don’t do this, just continue rehab on your knee and give it one more try.

  24. Scott says:

    Such a shame. This guy was such a talent. Even though I’m a Mavericks fan, seeing Roy play so well in the 4th quarter in that 24 point comeback made me happy. He deserved one last memorable game. I would have liked to think he would have still been able to be a contributial role player for some team, but apparently his knees just won’t let him. Good luck with your future endeavors Brandon, we will miss you :(.

  25. Bullsfan says:

    Even though I am a Bulls fan, I love watching Roy play when he is healthy. He is a very respectable player and I am sad to see his career end so soon. Wish him all best!

  26. Ger says:

    B.Roy will def be missed in the nba. Great offensive and defensive player. Good guy on and off the court. Hope one day he gets in shape and comes back. Im not a really big Blazers fan but I do love the northwest (Seattle mostly). #goKINGS2012

  27. uoykcuf says:

    Thanks for all the ggs ROY! The last playoff run was great!

  28. 17,6 says:

    he used 2 be the 3rd best SG in the nba behind kobe and wade…what a shame…he was an excellent player i hope he comes back 2 the nba…

    • De says:

      and when healthy he was the best offensive 2 guard! Artest knows lol
      Hope some new science comes out to help the dude

  29. Symokoto says:

    sad day.

  30. marcel brown says:

    keep fighting roy

  31. marcel brown says:

    dnt retire roy

  32. Wendee says:


  33. Tomás Soares says:

    It would be a shame if Roy retires. He made me love basketball and the Blazers. He was very underrated, definitely one of the best 2-Guards in the NBA before being injured.

  34. Mike L says:

    that’s a shame. Roy had such a bright future, similar (though obviously not the exact same as) Grant Hill. Hill managed to rehab and get back to playing well, but it seems the same can’t be said for Brandon. He was so good in 08!

  35. xxx says:

    Wow, i hope this wont happen, id prefer oden retiring than roy

  36. wUT says:

    I really feel bad for Brandon Roy he justs wants to play so bad but if he isn’t able to play he wouldn’t put his team in abind and would rather retire than become a contract issue for not playing for the minutes that he should be playing based on the contract terms and amount. Even in reduced role the pessure and the feeling of living up to amount he’s is payed can be stressful, if you feel like you don’t deserve it, and the frustration of knowing you are that caliber player but you body doesn’t agree man wouldn’t want to feel like that. Props for him wanting to retire a Trailblazer unlike other ungrateful super stars around the leauge.

  37. coolwind says:

    he would have been one of the greatest guards in league history if it weren’t for those knees

    great slasher/shooter/scorer and he was a very humble person,not a money-crazed drama queen like so many stars today

    thanks for all the memories b-roy,the fans will certainly miss you

  38. Why not CP3 to LA? says:

    Booo… another bad move in the NBA. Next year CP3…will get you next year then those small budget teams wont stand a chance

    • Why not CP3 to LA? says:

      Roy you are too young to retire but, if its because you dont want to end up riding the bench then by all means leave. You might as well have join the Heat and their 2 1/2 allstar team you glory chaser. I thought you played because you like the sport.

      • Maud says:

        Thats why I dont think this is true… Roy loves the sport and isnt in it for the fame, He wants to win and he proved that in last years playoffs, The owners were not gonna use the amnesty rule on him. They said it in a news conference yesterday, They were waiting to see how he plays today in practice, SMH i hope its not true

      • The Fox says:

        You have helped restore our team and city to its glory days with your hard work ethic, your lead by example philosophy. You will be an ICON in Portland for the rest of Trailblazer history and we will hang your jersey with pride.

        On behalf of Portland and the entire NBA fan base, we thank you for bringing RIP CITY back to P-Town! See you around my freind. Much love.

  39. Magic4Champs says:

    Please let this not be true 😦

  40. Jimmy says:

    very courageous of roy doing this instead of allowing blazers management use the amnesty on him. he knows if anyone on the team gets it, it would be him. hometown favorite, former superstar, and intended franchise player couldnt go out like that. good luck roy and hope ur still there when season starts!

  41. MichaelBragz says:

    ohh man.. good luck to you BROY!

  42. half says:

    come on roy if you can play “playboy”play you’re great one of the better shooters in the league and definitely possess those killer instincts and clutch performances we as fans want…only if you can’t do it don’t I watch portland because of you no one can replace you and I am a d wade fan

  43. kingfaj says:

    Unbelievable if I’m the first to comment on this post about one of ma fav stars. He’s a true professional and a real stud. So so very sad for him. Hope he recovers and comes back one day! Even if not, hats off for a great performance and all the magic you created in the Rose garden. Love you always.

  44. Ralph Ronald says:

    oh man . ! wish u all the best brandon . hope ur health gets better .

  45. MG20 says:

    Great guy, great player. So sad to see him retire… he would have had an amazing career if he had stayed healthy…

  46. Gary says:

    This is a sad day for the NBA.