Magic Waive Arenas

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HANG TIME HEADQUARTERS — The amnesty provision of the new collective bargaining agreement gained its first victim this afternoon when the Orlando Magic waived veteran guard Gilbert Arenas.

Arenas was owed $62 million over the next three years of his deal. He played just 49 games for the Magic after coming over in trade last season from Washington.

Arenas was the first but don’t expect him to be the last player who sees his name associated with the amnesty provision this weekend.


  1. jesse says:

    arenas take vet min in miami. him or chauncey?

  2. Bob says:

    Gilbert should sign with Sacramento. Think about it, he could start at Point Guard and Tyreke can play Small Forward. Tyreke’s a big dude and Salmons would be good off of the bench. The Kings need a good solid veteran like Gilbert Arenas for a playoff push and it would help to stay in Sacramento,

  3. Royale says:

    Not a surprise. Gilbert has lost his touch. Its those knee injuries that are slowing him down.

  4. Jeremy says:

    Cousins sucks. Who the hell would want to go to the shatty sac kings anyways?

  5. InsomaniaPW says:

    I think Gil deserves a good spot with a small market team. He wont lead a Championship caliber team but maybe a top5 guy with a team like the bobcats or the cavs?

  6. helloo says:

    Howard for Tyrek Evans and D. Cousins is a win win… think about it!!

    • cash10 says:

      why would sac give up those two because howard will not resign with them. Those two are the only thing sac has going for them and who is howard supposed to play with there without them? never gonna happen

  7. what now? says:

    Celtics should sign him for vets min

    • Rob K says:

      Good riddance! I mean, I like the guy and what he did before but unfortunately those days are long gone! He occupies too much space on the Magic’s payroll and has been ineffective when playing. This gives Orlando a bit more wiggling room to play it’s cards this free agent season. Look for more moves by the Magic in the upcoming days trying to retain Howard!

    • Rob says:

      Wish the Magic amnestied Arenas before getting Doling.