Is The Trade Back On?

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HANG TIME HEADQUARTERS — Hold on to your high tops, folks.

Yahoo! Sports is reporting that the previously nixed three-team deal between Lakers, Hornets and Rockets is being discussed again by all parties.

Sam Amick of confirmed that story, tweeting:

Sources confirm New Orleans is talking Chris Paul deals again. 3-team deal w/ Lakers, Hou might still have hope, but others discussed too.

This helps explain why Lamar Odom reportedly showed up to Lakers’ training camp late, didn’t work out with the team and left without practicing.

Whether or not this deal is full revived remains to be seen, especially after NBA Commissioner David Stern clarified the league’s position earlier with this statement:

“Since the NBA purchased the New Orleans Hornets, final responsibility for significant management decisions lies with the Commissioner’s Office in consultation with team chairman Jac Sperling. All decisions are made on the basis of what is in the best interests of the Hornets. In the case of the trade proposal that was made to the Hornets for Chris Paul, we decided, free from the influence of other NBA owners, that the team was better served with Chris in a Hornets uniform than by the outcome of the terms of that trade.”

Focus your eyes on that last line and notice the words, “that trade.” Maybe the deal was nixed in Thursday night form because Stern or someone else felt like the Hornets didn’t get enough?

We shall see.

Stay tuned …


  1. ken toronto says:

    Lakers is crazy to give away Gasol and Lamar… for CP3 no disrespect but we are a better team with those two guys… only way we works better only if we get Dwight Howard.


    Please all fans of the NBA let’s do something very simple!!!!!!!
    If you love the NBA then lets do the best for the league:

    BOOOO Mr. Stern EVERY time his name is mentioned, and PLEASE BOO Mr. Stern EVERY time you see him live in a stadium or even on the street!!!!

    It will be beautiful to see him speak on the microphone and not hear his own voice, but the chants of BOOO against him, dictating his impeachment!!!!!!!!!!

    BOOO this man!!!!!!! BOOOOOOOOOOOOOO Mr. Stern for eternity!!!!!!

    Mr. Stern had his chance but has been slipping and ruining the NBA for the players and fans, putting his own personal interests in front of the league.

    BOOOO this man! BOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!

    NO more Stern, WE can make it happen!!!!!!!!!!


    It doesn’t matter what trade is done,and yes, Chris Paul would be good for the Lakers.
    All I know is that Bynum is ready t o break out and will have a monster season. Come March we might be saying “Dwight Who?”

  4. mike says:

    hahaha im so sick and tired of ppl saying Lakers lose size and its not worth CP3, ok laker fans lets get real. Lakers got swept and size doesnt really matter obviously, now you look at the pieces CP3 and Kobe Bryant…who ever says it wont work u obviously dont know anything about basketball…kobe n cp3 r winners im pretty damn sure Kobe is at the point of is career that he knos he cant win it by himself again shows in the playoffs…hmm in my opinion they will work great they just need to fit players around them so people get over the size deal man its becoming a faster league, younger quicker and like i said they both are all stars they’re gonna find away to play together c’mon i personally think its time for a change with a new coach new system…

  5. BigH says:

    This deal was vetoed not because of basketball reasons but only because of financial burden it would give the league in trying to sell the New Orleans Hornets without a viable product that would sell tickets or make the future owner say I have a product that would sell. I agree that the hornets will get a pretty good deal in the proposed trade but without a superstar, it will be a hard sell to a prospective buyer. People would see a superstar like, Lebron, Kobe, CP3, D. Rose and so on and so forth even when the team stinks but not to many people would see a Scola, Odom or Dragic even if they are winning basketball team. At the end of the day it is about MONEY.

  6. Pro2ect says:


    Remember, you’re the one who brought the cleveland cavaliers not the lakers, boston, miami, knicks etc. Its funny how 6 years ago when you had Lebron, you didn’t really care about these type of situations but when he goes and leaves you, you have develop a new form of WHINE WHINE WHINE

    I understand its from a business pov but who cares if a team is trying to acquire super star names, it wouldn’t guarantee them a champion ship e.g look at the miami heat last season. Its more about proper management, for example the small market san antonio spurs who drafted David Robinson, Tim Duncan (actually lucky to get two first draft picks haha), Tony Parker (28th pick), and the best draft steal of all time GINOBILI !!!

    And David Stern if you wanna talk $$$, imagine the lakers acquiring CP3 & Dwight. Possible finals match up : HEAT VS LAKRS. EAST VS WEST POWERHOUSE !!!! I know you will get hard by just thinking about it 😉

    It’s funny how im saying all this when i’m a suns fan GG.

  7. Minos says:

    I’m sick of this, seriously. The NBA sucks now, all the stars going to the same team….meaning you have a handful of superpowers and a bunch of talentless hopeless teams. This is why there should have been a hard salary cap, football and hockey excel cause of that…teams that win more in those sports are due to great management and drafting not just having more money and being able to buy every top superstar. The lakers are already the most stacked team in the league, and they are going to get CP3, and probably Dwight Howard? Absolutely ridiculous.

  8. Jazzy7447 says:

    NBA owners need to stop getting caught up with all this small market/big market stuff players want to play on GOOD teams. What is so crazy about a player wanting to go to a good team(big market) and not play for a bad team(small market)? If you cant build a team in 6-7 years then tough crap you will lose your player when they become FREE agents! And Dan Gilbert do us all a favour and shut the hell up! you got the #1 and #4 pick AND you get to amnesty barons gross contract so don’t complain about the Hornets doing what you SHOULD have done which is get something for a player that is leaving in 7 months.

  9. Will Waters says:

    Okay I don’t get why the deal is so great for the Lakers, unless they plan to somehow get Howard in the near future. They still got one of the best front courts in the L.

  10. SKIZZOTT says:

    Players need to understand the big picture. If the top players keep moving to the big markets it will be bad for the league as a whole and ultimately for them, and the future of the game. Its like the kids in the park, wanna try to stack their team to stay on the court but just makes the games lopsided and boring.. I like a challenge to win and always want to be, and beat the best. These make for the best games…. The players need to stop thinking like kids!

  11. Sekou Smithe says:

    if the lakers get Paul, they will win another championship period

  12. OMG says:

    The Lakers were actually about to lose on this deal so they need to find a different way to impro
    ve that squad that got SWEPT by the Mavs. The Lakers should really be attempting to get another Hornet..Trevor Ariza back.

    The Hornets would have improved more than the Lakers in this deal. CP3 is a good PG but he is unproven in the playoffs. He had Ariza and West and Okafor and he couldnt do much with those pieces and a great coach. Well Kobe and CP3 will never work. Not a good combination, Kobe needs the ball to be effective. To give up both Odom and Gasol is idioitic in my opinion.

  13. QuestionMark says:

    why did the league buy the hornets anyways ?

  14. ruffhouse says:


    People were not hating on Miami. They were bashing no game James. He supposed to be the greatest player but went to Wade team. Kobe isn’t leaving L.A. and no one branded CP3 “The Chosen One” AKA LBJ “The Frozen One”

  15. ruffhouse says:

    The league allowed boston and miami to build super teams designed to stop Kobe from winning rings. Now that the Lakers decided to build their own team everyuone has something to say. i don’t care how many deals they have out there. If paul decides not to sign with those teams they won’t make the trade. If he play this year he will leave after the season and the hornets won’t get anything. Lakers are a winning franchise hisorically. They know Kobe won’t be playing in the next 4 years. They are building for the future.

    • killin it says:

      Yes everyone is out to get the Lakers…. Oh and Target called, and those foil hats you ordered just came in.

  16. Here's The Deal. says:

    Hey Laker Haters, nothing personal just business.

  17. Here's The Deal. says:

    Been watching the Lakers since 1966, way before all of you where born. What’s the magic formula for success? ALL OF FAME GUARD PLUS HALL OF FAME CENTER EQUALS CHAMPIONSHIPS. CP3 will play for the LAKERS this season, no doubt, put money on it, bet the farm, call it out. And they will get Dwight, remember the formula ALL OF FAME GUARD PLUS HALL OF FAME CENTER EQUALS CHAMPIONSHIPS. Wilt and West, Kareem and Magic, Shack and KOBE.

  18. Nick Eden says:

    Dear David (Stern), I like to start of with a quote that I feel fits perfect describing you on Chris Pau deal that you axed I mean nixed Thursday.
    Many business leaders today view their jobs as entailing responsibility for the welfare of the wider community. These individuals do not define themselves as profit-making machines whose only reason for existing is to satisfy escalating expectation for immediate gain. Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi – I am not taking this to my heart, but just trying to reason by understanding your philosophy. While you claim it was solely a business decision, you only go on for us to further question your intentions justifying your own saying. Business decision ? Seriously ? How do you consider it a smart decision when Chris Paul has openly asked for trade and you know darn well if you don’t satisfy that kid, he is going to walk anyways when he becomes free agent next year and you get what? I hear other owners whining like a baby questioning the fairness of our deal. WOW! Pau Gasol-an all star and Lamar Odom-6th man award? Yeah! I hear you! Smart business decision. You know it is all your ego and trying keeping dummy owners like Dan Gilbert and others like him happy by pulling the plug. It’s a shame how these business savvy guys don’t know how to either get things done or don’t want to spend the money to do it, but yet try pulling other people like Jerry Buss who’s been there and done it. Tell them to MAN up! That’s why I chose the quote above for you and I rest my case.
    I Love L.A.

    • killin it says:

      I’ll throw an easy question out there for you, how many teams have you seen do reasonably well, with a PF a C and NO FRIGGIN PG? This trade was a stupid trade to begin with, the Lakers lost their size, to get a point guard who can only really give kobe the ball to score, wait… isn’t that what fisher did anyway? And the Hornets lost their point guard for two bigs that can’t bring the ball up. The Hornets can still trade CP even if he doesn’t go to the lakers, so your logic is flawed to say the least..

  19. Stan says:

    Lakers must be nuts to give up their 2 best players for a point guard. Gasol and Odom are the Lakers frontcourt advantage they have with their size. Who is going to guard Dirk now? There goes 20 rebounds per game, 40 points and alot of blocks. Lakers are giving up way too much, they need to remember how they were before Gasol, cause that’s what they are going to look like only worse cause Kobe is on his last leg.

  20. Balarie says:

    LA, play the whole Paul thing low for now and pursue Howard. Paul will come on board at the end of his contract, if the deal doesn’t work right now. Take my advise.

  21. Isabel Moreira says:

    As a fan of the NBA i´m very sad with what they are doing to the team that is the most popular and known American Team in the World: Los Angeles Lakers! Yankees comes second. Let Chris Paul and Dwight Howard go to LA because the players want to move and it will be good for all NBA fans around the world and for the league. As a Cavs Fan i wish one day we could get a deal like this, but our owner unfortunely is a little incompetent, but i still think that one day we will get that magic ring. I swear by GOD i will never watch NBA again and will resign my contract with my ppv NBA.TV in my european country. We live in a free market and someone is trying to kill this league with this dirty scheme made under the table. This matter as been treated in a surrealistic manner and with several targets beeing badly treated. LA LAKERS, HOUSTON ROCKETS are the teams that are beeing destroyd by this stupid “no deal” seconded by the NEW ORLEAN SAINTS. Now that it opened a Pandora Box, all other teams are beeing effected. It´s called the Domino Effect. The lockout made NBA lose a lot of fans, but this would be 10000x times worst. If the deals are not done, NBA will lose one more fan. Sorry to say this words, but is what i feel. Please dear David Stern, have some good sense and do what is right or you will left the league from the back door of a caveman court..

    Greetings From Europe

    Isabel Moreira

    P.S. – I hope the moderators don´t erase my comment, because i think that i was not deselegant with any of the people related with this site. My words reflects only my state of mind about this horrible situation.

  22. Eli says:

    This Trade Is Pretty Crazy I Think It Was Kind Of Good They Denied The Trade Becasue Pau Gasol Is A Big Body That You Can Count On Losing Him Will Be Losing The Outer Core An Losing Odom Is Bad Because Odom And Artest Had Some Chemistry As You Seen In The Last 2 Years And Odom Is Like The Mantle Of The Lakers Fisher Is The Crust He Is Really Good Handiling Rojon Rondo And Derrick Rose But Its Time For Him To Hang Up His Time In The NBA In The Next 2 Or 3 Years. You See Kobe Is The Inner Core Of The Lakers And Pau Gasol Is The Outer Core Lamar Odom Is The Mantle And Derrick Is The Crust. The Deal Is Wack! Lakers Trade The 6TH MAN OF THE YEAR! And Trade A Big Body That Can Work Rellly Good With His Sizing Up (Pau Gasol). I HAVE NO IDEA WHY THE ROCKETS HAVE COME INTO THIS DEAL!!!!!! The rockets should just back off gasol to the rockets! i dont think so. the rockets stay out and just have chris paul come to LA for fisher and 2 future draft picks and if they want get howard maybe back in this deal for bynum and a couple thousand bucks. HEY! im thinking something that will make a championship team come together! Strting Lineups Point Guard- Chris Paul, Shooting Guard- Kobe Bryant- Power Foward-Pau Gasol Small Forward Ron Artest(and then switch Lamar Odom) Center- Dwight Howard. This will just work out if you dump the rockets out of this trade and replace them with the magic

  23. Miguel says:

    Justin Bieber lol

  24. CSN says:

    I am wondering, why so many fans are hating Miami Heat for getting 3 superstars but so far, I am seeing no hate for the Lakers? I mean, it’s the same principle, right? Lakers have been controlling NBA for the past 2 decades. IF ANY TEAM DESERVES THE HATE, IT SHOULD BE THE LAKERS. LAKER FANS ARE SO EFFIN’ BLIND.

    • I replied says:

      Lol Heat fans are so EFFIN blind.

    • OMG says:

      I agree. The Lakers reload every couple years and get rewarded for it. Lately, there style of basketball has been hard to stomach, and that is why teams like OKC and Dallas were built to dismantle them. The Lakers are so boring to watch, they have no personality or flair just money and wealth in my humble opinion. So what do they do, try to outspend every other team. Not good for the game at all.



  26. Justin Bieber says:

    Pick me up Lakers. I got dem mad skillz. I kno you all saw me on NBA All Star weekend LOL

  27. RESIGN STERN says:

    There is reportedly a deal in the works for an unnamed power forward. The Lakers know what they’re doing. Have faith that they will cover their bases and have replacements should this deal go through. Admittedly, Lamar Odom and Pau Gasol would be hard to replace, but if you saw the way they played last year in the playoffs something was wrong with their chemistry already. A chemistry which will not be any better now after Pau and Odom learned they were trading fodder. Odom especially is upset over the whole thing and rightfully so.

    It wouldn’t hurt them to shake things up now when Kobe still has 4-5 good years left. If Dwight Howard and Chris Paul were brought to LA it would not only create a legit championship team for Kobe’s last few years but also leave 2 young superstars for 4-5 more years after Kobe retires.

    • Lmao.. says:

      Yep, perfect opportunity for CP3 and Howard to be the stars in L.A after Kobe leaves…man, what a legacy for the Lakers

  28. laker says:

    cp3 i think will arrive in southern california soon

  29. straight talk says:

    i wold like to ask a couple of questions (1) if david stern was interseting in doing whats best for the league why did he let bosh and james go to miami?Mourning was sent to toronto he faked a sickness and 10days later he is in a miami uniform? now he stops a deal where every team in the deal wins.this is what you call two face,stern you got to go.

    • killin it says:

      You can’t stop the signing of free agents especially when you don’t own the team. Unlike the NBA who owns the hornets and didn’t like the trade, how is this hard to digest? really why is it Lakers fans are calling Stern a commi, or dictator when he’s doing what any other half intelligent owner would do?

  30. Jason says:

    L.A. would go far if they get Chris Paul, even if they lose Pau Gasol and Lamar Odom. The Hornets should take this deal because Lakers are pretty much risking it as well as CP3 might bolt from L.A. as well (even though he wouldn’t as everyone loves to play with Hollywood stars watching).

    If Bynum (and MAYBE some role players) go out for Dwight Howard, then of course there will be a gap in the PF position. It would make a weakness for the Lakers like how the C position was the weakness for the Heat last year.

    If the Lakers focus on molding Caracter into a defensive force, L.A. would go really really really really far.

  31. laker says:

    if the lakers dont get chris paul then stern screwd the lake show but if cp3 sued him and the owners then there is still hope

  32. Lakers2012 says:

    Lakers dream team will end up like this:

    PG: C paul (Odom and Gasol trade)
    SG: Kobe
    SF: Caron Buttler (free agent sign)
    PF: Marc Gasol (free agent sign)
    C: Dwight Howard (bynum, artest, and matt barn. trade”

  33. Evo says:

    Knicks can have Deron williams.

  34. blair says:

    I think it’s a great trade let alone this trade or let him walk and get nothing. It would be interesting to see though what other teams could offer if he was more flexible on his chosen destination.

  35. Evo says:

    Why can’t Kobe be with CP3 & DH, I mean Miami has Wade, Lebron, Bosh, celtics has Rondo, Pierce, Kevin & knicks has mello, amare. MAKE IT HAPPEN LA :O

    • Lmao.. says:

      Boston’s Big 3 is actually Pierce, KG, and ALLEN. Not Pierce, KG and Rondo. Rondo just turned out to be really good

  36. ao1 says:

    Chris Paul is a great player, no doubt! “IF” Lakers could only have one superstar between D12 and CP3 I would say Dwight Howard. It would be like Kobe and Shaq back in early 2000. So why Chris Paul????

  37. NBAfan says:

    why are the NBA officials making trade decisions in the first place?
    they cant tell who to play where or what to do.
    too much control theyr getting worse than the governement is.
    if chris paul wants to play in LA let him.
    were losing pau gasol the best PF in the nba and odom the most agile tallest big man in the league.
    i will be very sad if or when a trade happens love Pau and Lamar.
    Also trades hurt players and leave sour tastes in everyones mouth.
    In a way i dont want the trade to happen even though we need a PG.
    fisher cant guard derrick rose or russel westbrook or the guy on the mavs jj barea?
    the mavs beat the Lakers last year.
    No wonder the Lakers are trading Gasol and Odom for chris paul. david stern is nobody and cant control all of the nba.
    David stern needs to stay out of these trades,he has no business calling shots or any other “league official”
    the lakers need to let the 2 laker players know whats going to happen so there isnt no sour taste in your mouth after.
    we need a PG and sometimes you have to trade the guys you dont wanna give up.
    fans of the nba want this trade to happen david stern is stupid.

  38. Dominic says:

    Rockets get: Lamar Odom, Willie Green, and Derek Character. Lakers get: Chris Paul. Hornets get: Pau Gasol, Kevin Martin, Luis Scola, Goran Dragic and three first round picks. Can’t argue with that.

  39. Brandon says:

    Stern wants to wait and see if the storm blows over or if the media/NBPA is going to hold his feet to the fire. We all know “basketball decisions” had nothing to do with his denial of this trade, nor did the well-being of the Hornet’s franchise.

  40. Patrick says:

    as much as i dislike stern, the way im viewing it is as simply the owners of an nba franchise (the hornets) doing what owners do which is make money…the fans in new orleans want to see chris paul play, and watching him leave would be disatrous in the nba’s attempts to selling the franchise and the hornets overall revenue….while i dont agree with it, but it completely makes sense to me why the league didnt allow it to happen….i guarantee what the hornets are saying right now to the lakers is give us one more player and ull have urself chris paul, and if that does happen; the lakers drop to a low playoff seed, rockets improve and hornets improve, and as the nba being owners, they just forced the lakers into giving up more to make their team better…its all buisness

  41. nbaisjoke says:


  42. Hornetsky says:

    I just thought in financial terms, the hornets gets the worse of the trade. no other hornet were mentioned thats included in the package. Just hoping this will go through before the season starts.

  43. Antonio Rodregez says:

    If this deal goes down Lakers still have Bynum and could use him to get Dwight Howard for their own Big 3

  44. LATeam says:

    Chris will go to the lakers for sure, and the lakers have no slot for PF??How about getting D. West that is free agent this time??will he join the lakers with paul or will not?
    But the biggest news is paul will be a lakers and Dwight gonna push the deal to the lakers to team up with Kobe and Paul ^^

  45. coltin says:

    so is stern gonna force CP3 to sign with the hornets when he’s a free agent next year? he’s leaving whether he likes it or not, and at least this way they can get some good players out of it.

  46. xxCEDxx says:

    Dan GIlbert is just a hater and jealous because his cavs sucks so much a55.
    go out and recruit some players like you did lebron hater.

  47. NBAfan says:

    why everytime i post a comment it doesnt show up??????????
    anyone else have this problem wtf is wrong with the nba website.
    without us fans you are nothing

  48. Lmao.. says:

    I don’t buy all this “5 teams running the whole league” thing. I mean look at last season, no one had the Mavs doing anything at the start of the playoffs. They can stay contenders with picks down the road. Then you still have the Spurs, OKC, The Rockets could become a contender again, the Suns, Portland etc. This is the NBA. It’s full of players who are exceptionally skilled at basketball, and they all work hard. Just because you have a few players who are more popular doesn’t guarantee you a ring (Miami). So enough of this “it’ll be unfair” garbage. Anyone can win. NOW LET THE TRADE HAPPEN.

  49. NBAfan says:

    NBA cant stop dwight howard from coming to LA.
    Kobe loves howard and he is my 2nd favorite player.he is a big fan of Kobe and to see them playing together wow that would be amazing.
    but dont dream too large!
    David Stern is the grinch who tried to ruin christmas and he will ruin trades just as he added the technical foul thing so players cant show emotion on the basketball court.he will ruin all the nba soon and nba will be boring lots of fans will walk away.
    celtics have pierce garnett rondo miami have lebron dwade bosh.
    so why cant lakers have cp3 Kobe and dwight?
    david stern needs to be fired and the nba needs new owners who will give fans what they wanna see.
    not some boring league where they want it balanced and it wont be competitive.
    david stern is full of boring stupid desicions and he is the grinch they should make a movie about this clown.

  50. yoo says:

    just simple, that thumbnail of cp3 there with the nola jersey says it all. NO.L.A!!!

  51. Toni, Macedonia says:

    Cris Pol – Kobe Bryant – Dvight Hauard

    Lakers will have this players, i am 100% sure. Stern, and the other guys around him, can die.

  52. Toni, Macedonia says:

    Cris Pol – Kobe Bryant – Dvight Hauard

    Lakers will have this players, i am 100% sure. Stern, and the other gysa around him, can die.

  53. Rickdogg says:

    Im a die hard laker fan and its bull$hit that the trade couldnt go down!! The 3 team trade would of been great for Houston, Hornets and the Lakers. How do you get Chris Paul’s hopes high by telling him that he was traded to the Lakers then tell him no its not gonna happen. Now they have to trade him because now he wont play his heart out for sure for the Hornets! The deal needs to happen for the fans and the NBA cuz it seems like David Stern had the NBA set up for the way he wants it and it should not be like that if teams are willing to spend money for good players. Everyone is just scared that the Lakers will 3 peat over and over again…what a bunch of haters!

  54. mr.ed says:

    i gotta admit, even as a laker fan, i thought the hornets were getting the better of the trade.
    just doesn’t make sense.

    losing 2 bigs for 1 small wouldn’t have made the lakers the best team in the league. i actually think that would’ve made the lakers worse.

    the hornets would’ve gotten lo and 3 solid players from the rockets.

    i suppose we’ll just wait until next year and see chris paul walk for nothing. maybe to the lakers or maybe not. bottom line- the nba will see the error of their decision next year.

    i personally was against the trade in the first place. since i think the lakers should be going for dwight first.

    but i’m more against the league doing something like this.

  55. NSP says:

    This is the perfect opportunity to promote a great challenge in the NBA. The trade of Chris Paul to the Lakers, (which frees L.A. to get Howard) would give the rising teams in the West a great challenge, and the Super Power Teams in the East a formidable opponent in the finals, if Howard did move to LA as well. America loves the underdogs and clash of Titans! Give them what they want David Stern. Don’t block the Laker’s management from being good at their jobs.

  56. sam says:

    I think that if small market teams want to keep there superstars then they should work on their wins so they can become a better market for superstars and have a better chance to resign them or other superior players. They should also consider what it would cost them if finacially and if they pay him and cant get good players to play with that player cause they have no more money to spend on other players. Owners of these small market teams should also consider that the league will not air their games and should have lobbied for the league to give them more air time so again they would be more desireable for suerstars/superior talent to want to come and play for their franchise. This would atleast boost some jersey sales, ticket sale, and other suveniers that fans may buy. They have no right to copmplain about the trade exspecially when your superstar player says open and honestly that he will not resign with your team. You should take the best deal for that player so you get something in return and you can start fresh or just be without nothing.

    • Lmao.. says:

      Completely agree. If you want a big market, win some games. Superior players shouldn’t be forced to stay with garbage teams.

  57. Trade David Stern to the Russian League says:

    nobody wants to play for you dan gilbert. chris paul doesn’t want to play in cleveland, and kyrie irving will leave when hes eligible to be a FA. he will go somewhere to win a championship. if you want fairness go own a NFL team. thats as fair as you will get in sports between the small market and big market teams

  58. Gary says:

    Send Gasol and Odom + a draft pick to NO for Paul and Stern will okay the trade. Is that so hard for LA to figure out?

    • Marcus says:

      You ever heard something called cap balance ?

    • wow says:

      is it so hard for you to figure out there its not as easy as that? there are other things involved like for example salaries and cap room……….

    • Gary says:

      Well I don’t see any problem with salaries in that trade. LA is already saving money by getting rid of Odom and Gasol. NO was ready to take on five player salaries that I’m sure equal or exceed Gasol’s and Odoms. ANYHOW yes I do know what cap room is an trade with those two for Paul would have worked.

  59. Chris says:

    Well, regardless of whether or not the Paul trade happens, the Lakers have to trade Odom now. The last thing this team needs is someone dragging the team down because they got their feelings hurt. I’ll be happy so see him go because he’s a distraction to the team for a number of reasons (some of which are obvious). He’ll be happier w/ a team where he’s a starter and not constant trade bait.

  60. Jay says:

    First off, I am an LA fan. Die hard. At first I hated this trade. Lamar and Pau are both all-star caliber players and if we lost them then we would lose two of our big man. Our big men have allowed us to dominate the leauge for the past 3 years and win championships. Also if we had gotten the trade, we would be seriously lacking a PF. With that being said I have reconsidered based on a couple observations. Firstly, the Phil Jackson era is over. The triangle was perfect for the big men of our team and there was no need for a dominate PG. All Derek Fisher had to do was swing the ball around so it would make its way to Bynum or Pau and make his clutch three’s. Now that Phil Jackson isn’t there and the triangle has been scraped, a decent point guard is essential. With this deal we will not be recieving a decent point guard, but a phenomenal one. Another reason why we should do this trade is that, it will free us of some major cap room. Without having to pay Lamar and Pau we can save that money in an effort to require some decent talent. If the trade went down we would lose our big men, but we would have the recourses to aquire at least some half-decent ones. Also with the new money we would have lying around we can focus on the bigger picture. Dwight Howard. With that money we could offer a serious deal to Howard and depending on who we aquire a decent deal for the Magic orginization. The Laker GMs know exactly what they are doing. They are looking to have Chris Paul, Kobe Bryant, and Dwight Howard in the starting line-up. Hey Miami may have started it, but the Lakers are gonna finish it. Good game.

  61. WHY? says:

    CAVS OWNER IS JUST JEALOUS, that he is not getting all this talent to cleveland , resulting in all the letters he is sending around the league, if the cavs had a star player, then gilbert wont be mad..

  62. NBA fan stuck in south Iowa says:

    I wish the NBA would find an owner of the Hornets in Kansas City !!!

    Kansas City & the NBA needs to get re-married again. K.C. used to have the Kansas City Kings decades ago…..but the area is MUCH larger now, great companies, upscale areas and has a ton of $$$$$.

    Kansas City Hornets….has a nice ring to it !

  63. petersEn says:

    If i were the lakers, i would go after Deron Williams because he is a better and stronger Player. Trade Lamar Odom to the Nets for Deron Williams then Send Paul and Bynum to orlando for Howard. This move will make James and Wade look like average players because winning a title will be nearly impossible .

  64. Nuno says:

    I can understand that. I mean, this is Chris Paul we are talking about here! The Hornets would get 3 good players from the Rockets and Lamar Odom and a pick from NY that will probably not get them that much although it is a stacked draft. They can also potentially lose David West. Although they will always have to see CP3 go and start rebuilding, i think they can and should get a better deal than this. It’s fine as it is, but they can do better. Don’t claim that it’s fair, in the end we all know the Lakers are getting the winning hand, because although they are losing 2 excellent players and size they can easily attract good players to replace them with CP3 and Kobe in the same team.

  65. usbucko says:

    Before the lockout Dan Gilbert behaved (not was, necessarily) like a RACIST; during the lockout Dan behaved like a SOCIALIST( as did other owners); after the lockout he’s gotten back to who he really is–a CAPITALIST!!! For Dan, and everyone else in business, its about the MONEY! Follow the MONEY!

  66. jer says:

    I think the trade woud’ve been great other than it seems like all the big names only want to play for big markets. The Lakers ALWAYS get liitle pats on the back from other teams. I wish it a little more balanced. It’s pretty clear here that Kevin McHale wants Gasol for his new vision in Houston. Paul has no loyalty to the fans of New Orleans or the organization, frankly I’d rather see him in NY. Overall, it seems pertty balanced. I think New Orleans comes out on top, The Lakers 2nd, pairing 2 superstars, and Houston a close 3rd picking up a talented big man

  67. Juiceman says:

    I don’t understand why an allstar player would want to join an already championship-ready team. It shows such a lack of competitiveness and spirit for the game. It’s honestly the same as some whose amazing at NBA2k12 choosing the lakers as their team to play with against someone who isn’t as good as you to begin with. You’re amazing anyways, show off your talent somwwhere that you could feel responsible for winning instead of taking a short cut. Would have been cool to see cp3 and blake build a franchise together. Loss of respect for cp3 for wanting this.

  68. SORIANOTRON says:

    NBA is a joke.

    Stern is killing ameircan basketball…..

  69. anon says:

    It’s in the Hornets’ jersey. “NOLA”… NO LA for Paul. haha. well hopefully something gets done so everyone or at least most everyone, including the fans, are happy about it

  70. Howard says:

    Superstar players will always want to play in top market teams, that’s how its always been and that’s how it always will be. Dan Gilbert or anybody else cannot ever control this. The player has the right to ultimately make that choice. So all you small market teams that are hating on the Lakers and the Celtics just know one thing, Its because of these two franchises that the NBA has the image and ratings that it has. So stop whining and crying and start minding your own business. And if youre not making enough money than just sell the team and get lost you greedy ….. and let us basketball fans enjoy our lives.

    • sports guru says:

      Well…….. im a rockets fan and i approve of the trade except for one thing. the rockets have to give up almost there entire roster for paul gasol and a draft pick, why,and on top of that the lakers still save 40 million. now i only see that working, if there trying to get paul so his brother will come without putting up a fight.

  71. wetz says:

    If Lakers promises not to trade for Howard, I’m pretty sure the owners will sign off on this. I don’t think the other owners is afraid of CP3 going to the Lakers, there are afraid of both CP3 and Howard going to the Lakers. Since they can control NO but not Orlando, they better block it now otherwise they will lose what they fought for in the CBA.

    Why didn’t the league include a franchise player sort of deal in the CBA. Something like owners votes and select top 15-20 players marked as franchise player at the end of each season. Then a rule that no trades will be allowed that would result in three of these players on one team (except if current roster already has 3 of them). That should solve all these arbitrary blocking of trades.

  72. Howard says:

    Superstar players will always want to play in top market teams, that’s how its always been and that’s how it always will be. Dan Gilbert or anybody else cannot ever control this. The player has the right to ultimately make that choice. So all you small market teams that are hating on the Lakers and the Celtics just know one thing, Its because of these two franchises that the NBA has the image and ratings that it has. So stop whining and crying and start minding your own dame business. And if youre not making enough money than just sell the team and get lost you greedy pricks and let us basketball fans enjoy our lives.


    This is outrageous. The league has no right to even have any say in what the Lakers or any other team in the league does. Even though they own the Hornets it’s not right plus the hornets really got an upgrade from what they had last year. You loss Paul and gain Kevin Martin, L.O. , Scola, Dragic who has been a backup to Steve Nash for years and he can run the show. So in my opinion the hornets made out and they got draft picks. But honestly the other owners complaining makes no since they cry about where players are going but in reality it’s the owners who draft players and trade for players so if your team is not that good look in the mirror. When a player is a free agent he has the right to choose what and where he wants to go. So to all the hating owners guess what now you have opened up more problems because you basically called off this trade and Paul and Howard no matter which way you try to put it will end up in L.A. either this year or next year because once the season ends Hornets can kiss Paul Good bye especially after yesterday and Yes MAGIC fans Howard will be the next SHAQ heading to the main stream LA.

  74. Lmao.. says:

    Problem started when someone decided that ALL other teams own the Hornets. I mean, what a joke. The Hornets need their own owner so they can make their own freaking trades. NBA is the laughing stock of sports right now


    Everyone Knows KOBE + PAUL = Championship

    • sports guru says:

      NO! how 2 people cant have the ball at the same time, think of both players playing style . ENOUGH SAID.

    • Jkey says:

      Really? I don’t think that at all. Two players in a team do not equal a championship – take Miami with the Big 3 and the results of the finals. Look at the Mavericks and their roster. Not as glamourous or high-profile, but every player on that team did what they had to do and they won.

  76. Joe says:

    The Hornets are a NBA owned team. That was the first mistake the NBA made. They should have moved the team to a place where there is a following for basketball. They spent time and money trying to do something for city that didnt want them in the first place. Now they are stuck with a team that has one of the best PG’s to ever play the game wanting to leave. The NBA doesnt have the upper hand with his contract ending after this season they really have no choice but to make a trade in order to keep from making mistake number two. Number two being a LeBron leaving the Cavs deal. This is simply the cause of the NBA buying a dead team that needed to move in order keep for going under and now they are stuck with NO hornets because nobody wants live in that swamp of a city and they know without Paul or someone like him nobody in there right mind will want to buy the team. The trade was never the problem!

  77. jr says:

    Iis it possible for the lakers to just trade Pau to the Rockets and get the same players the hornets were going to receive? Sounds like a better deal if the 1st round pick is involved. It makes the lakers a DEEP team with outside scoring in dragic and Martin and a low post beast in Scola. The 1st rd pick in a draft that is stocked w/ young talent will only benefit them in the future.

    Keep in mind that Bynum the 1st rd pick and another player could be sent for howard and leave the lakers still with a lineup of


    …at the worst

    • sports guru says:

      thats sound good but listen to this WAKE UP! your dreaming. the only reason rockets was involved in the trade was because the lakers needed leverage there is no way possible for that to happen, plus lakers need the rockets help cuz they dont have nothing to trade of value to the hornets, so in reality houston is losing out. better yet the rockets can get chris paul on there own, draft picks scola dragic even lowry or flynn, along with k-mart if it came down to it

  78. eman says:

    lakers will be shut down if thuis tym trade doest fall ,.,.pau and odom is hurt on this trade if they stay in lakers ,.what numbers are they going to bring?

  79. Paul says:

    don’t get this at all. I actually feel like Lakers are losing more value as a team currently to give up both Lamar and Pau. they will no longer have the size advantage. Not to mention how much Lamar contributes off the bench. and Hornet would get the line up of Scola, Lamar, Kevin Martin, and Dragic, which is a full pack of players to rebuild your franchise. Houston would get Pau to add to Lowry plus the decent young talents they already have. Laker would reenergize and prolong the franchise by getting Paul, Kobe and Bynum (health based), and open up roster for other players. I thought this was a win for everyone. I don’t think any other teams could offer a package that puts this much talent onto the Hornets roster. the reason the deal was blocked remains unknown…

  80. SDJC says:

    Let Stern keep CP3 for this season and see him walk wherever he wants to next season.
    I am a Lakers fan and I do beleive that the Trade benefits the Hornets more than the Lakers. also I hate to see Gasol and Odom leave.
    But it is ridiculous that Stern just want to do his will. I think he has too much power.
    Stern will damage the Hornets more by stopping the trade and he will be the only one to blame when CP# walks away next season.

  81. Carlos says:

    I have no idea why the Lakers are even thinking about this deal Gasol is worth more in this trade than CP3 and on top of that they get Lamar Odom out, no wonder he didn’t practiced today. U get a not a great needed player to your team and trade out your 2nd and 3rd best player in the team which you need to make a championship run. The Rockets also get slapped in the face with this deal, they give out way too many good players and draft picks. What the lakers should do is get a decent starting point guard, trade out Blake and Walton and get a better bench players that will actually show up for game day when neeeded . that is it its not really complicated, this is not rocket science people

    • Larian says:

      well, not as bad as you said, but Lakers not the loser if the trade gets blocked, however, right now things are done, players emotion already got cranked up, so the deal has to push through now. That’s why Stern killed it, but Stern’s statement today revived it again. Is he trying to play God?

  82. arck says:

    does no one understand that this is a bad trade for the lakers. true we would have one of the best backcourts ever, but who would be our starting PF, joe smith? derek character? we would need a big man if this trade were to be good for the lakers

    • QuestionMark says:

      Exactly, their size is what won them two championships. They just got beat my Dallas’ size last season.

    • I replied says:

      It has a lot of pros and cons. After what Gasol went through in the postseason getting shutdown by Carl Landry, playing horrible defense, and getting humiliated by Drik, who even knows if he’s good any more? We would need a big man but we would open up more cap room from this to get another big man or maybe even Dwight Howard. It is also better for the future. Pau Gasol and Lamar Odom won’t take us anywhere, Chris Paul will…

  83. Josh L says:

    If you were an owner, would you want to buy a team without an all-star player? NBA can do what they want they own the Hornets at the moment. And the owner of the teams really have the final say whether it’s the Hornets or any other team.

  84. United we Stand says:

    Hey John B,

    Are you serious? Is Michael Jordan a bigot. He was one of the most hard nosed owners during the lock out. This isn’t about race. Its about money and entertainment. Why would you want to invest in something that is B grade. If New Orleans loses Chris Paul they lose their star and the only games they will sell out will be vs. Miami and LA. If we are talking about Bigotry I would look closer at your comments as they seem a bit insecure and bigotted. And before you try to play the race card on me. Yes I am black. Would I like to see more black people in management roles. Hell yeah but your comments are sending us backwards. The world is not against black people. There is a whole world out there don’t be scared to embrace it and stop blaming others.

  85. slamdunkair8788 says:

    This whole thing stinks! It’s bad enough that I had no respect for the office in the first place…now Stern had to stick his (big) nose in it! Everyone was going to make out great! And it isn’t lopsided either. The Lakers are giving away two (productive) big men for a point guard! When does that happen?

  86. Papa Smurf says:

    Dan Gilbert is still mad over LBJ.. He wants New Orleans to suffer the same faith as he did in Cleveland.

  87. john says:

    who wants to watch the nba anymore.. This is ridiculous. No wonder Lebron left the Cavs, the owner is one hater. instead of worrying how other teams are getting better, make trades that will favor your team.. concentrate and improve your team, not cry about what actions others are doing. wow.

  88. CTRL Z says:

    The NBA can drown in it’s own greed

  89. Pao says:

    cmon, Ol’ Gilbert just bitter from the Lebron free agency phenomena, he wants other teams to experience that too HAHA

  90. @ says:

    Mark Cuban Dan Gilbert and David Stern all suck huge sweaty a** balls. Cuba and Gilbert are the biggest b**ches though.

  91. Abraham says:

    All Chris Paul wants is a championship! ):

  92. branden310 says:


  93. DW says:

    Not letting this trade because they feel a few team will dominate the league is stupid.
    It feels like socialism the way they want every team to become equal, especially after the profit sharing clause in the new labor agreement. There will always be a few power teams in the league, just like there are superpower countries in the world and third world countries. its life

  94. Dave Lob says:

    Cmon now Sekou! It’s become painfully obvious that Stern is trying to play dictator and that killing this trade has nothing to do with basketball related issues. He is being manipulated by Gilbert and Cuban (who by the way has no room to talk considering how much money he has thrown around in recent years). There is no justifying his actions as all three teams did benefit in numerous ways. New Orleans would have recieved quality personnel in Odom, Scola and Martin. Houston would have gotten Gasol and made room for their young guys while freeing spots for rebuilding. Los Angeles would have gotten the point guard they covet and the opportunity to pursue Howard. All the way around it would have worked. On top of all that it would have possibly set up the league for a future of the Lakers battling Miami, New York, OKC and Chicago for the title over the next 5 years. The leage hasn’t seen that type of competitiveness since the late 80s-early 90’s. Stern keeps preaching that he has the league’s future in mind yet his decision making is completely compromising the league’s future. Sick of this guy.

  95. Sadee says:

    SO Lame, So Stern controls all the trades now?

  96. Max. W says:

    It seems like up till now the only names involved with the Knicks have been CP3, Superman, and Grant Hill. Now it seems like Tyson Chandler is going to end up in the Big Apple. Although, he’s not a superstar like Cp3 or Dwight Howard he is the key to the Knicks’ success. Let’s examine why they are the match made in heaven.

    To read more go to

  97. John B says:

    I’ll tell you where my focus is: A league that is dominant with Black players; A players union that is dominant with Black representation; A Black dominant management team that puts a great trade together and somehow is mysteriously blocked for reasons that a rocket scientist couldn’t understand. Let’s call it what it is, BIGOTRY! It’s clear to me sense everyone seems to be tiptoeing around this issue, that it’s White owners who are ANGRY that these young rich talented ballplayers can tell them what to do. As if being drafted and playing out your contract, and going to the team of your choice is wrong. Or better still, knowing that the ballplayer will not resign with you after giving you 6 years to build a team that could win. So knowing he will be leaving, you want to get some value by trading him before his contract expires. Now it’s okay if they want to trade him, but how dare he want to be traded. HYPOCRISY!! This is not the plantation!!

    • Forceone says:

      The plantation? bigotry? Really? You have that little respect for the struggles that slaves in america went through that you DARE compare them professional athletes making tens of millions of dollars not being able to play for a different team? Disgusting. Not to mention the fact that the trade would’ve given LA the best player involved, and saved them $40 million which would be VERY unbalanced going forward. It’s people like you that find an argument for race EVERYWHERE that keep BIGOTRY alive.

    • The Fox says:

      Funny. Your the only one Ive seen pull the race card in quite awhile. Sounds to me like your the racist. Keep race out of it and comment on basketball. Athletes are rich, owners are richer, players still have more power overall where they go, if not this time. Your comment will be removed soon. Much Love to Blazers and Respect and Best Wishes to Roy.

    • tom says:

      you’re an idiot everything you said their was true minus everything that has to do with race owners are mad that players leave their team after the owner couldn’t put a team around. and for you information donkey, michael jordan was one of the main reasons the lockout kept going…”if it were up to me the players wouldn’t even get 50%”

    • tom says:

      as my father used to tell me…”it’s better to sit in the corner and look stupid then open your mouth and confirm it.” in other words next time you have something like that to say, don’t. because it was just plain stupid.

  98. Hiram Alvarado says:

    man this trade needs to happen for the Lakers….im a die hard Laker fan but also believe that evry team deserves a chance to win a championship. what people dont understand is that it is not the Lakers fault that other teams cant make the deals or trades that they make…the NBA championship is won by the best team and if the lakers have a chance to be an elite team once again for another 10 years or so let it be… i was very dissapointed when i haerd the league called off the trade because if any other team but the lakers would of been a serious contender for chris paul no body would of said anything and people outside of LA would of been happy the Lakers didnt get what they wanted or in this case need. They need a point guard and i belive they can make it happen. so my final words are if any other team can make a better offer for paul well go ahead and make the offer, but if everybody else comes up short and the lakers are the making the better offer dont reject the trade because of “basketball reasons”

    • sports guru says:

      well the lakers isnt gonna be a dominate team for another 10 yrs, the kobe era is almost done and chris pual cant do it on his own

      • Larian says:

        True, I am Lakers fan but I love competition. I hated Mavericks because Mark Cuban isn’t very cool sometimes, but they did the right thing to wake the Lakers up, that’s why they are pushing the deals right now.

      • QuestionMark says:

        Well of course they would, Lakers got beat bad… and I mean BAD! Either way I lost all respect for the Lakers after the Series against Dallas, not cause they lost by 40 and got swept, its because of what Odom and Bynum did at the end. I am gonna admit, with CP3, L.A will most likely go back to the Finals, unless of course Dirk plays like last season, and Dallas gets another quality bigman, or if Kevin Durant takes it up a notch and Westbrook brings his TOs down.

  99. MVYN89 says:

    Can the lakers make a trade to houston for the same players in exchange for Pau Gasol. So that they may get dragic, martin and scola.

    Dragic- Fisher
    Bryant- Martin
    Artest- Barnes
    Gasol- Odom- Scola

    That is a strong team.

    • QuestionMark says:

      Why would Martin come off the bench? he is a straight up 20 ppg player, and can shoot the 3 with effecieny

    • Larian says:

      This can’t be happening, because first of all, Houston wasn’t looking for CP3, they need to free cap space, and that doesn’t serve their purpose, plus, they have a legit PG in Lowry.

      Second: In the video clip I believed they said it, ultimately it comes down to who will CP3 sign extension with, and we all know the answer.

  100. Derek says:

    We shall see.

  101. MVYN89 says:

    What is the chance it may happen?

  102. SFA says:

    “We were all told by the league he was a trade-able player, and now they’re saying that Dell doesn’t have the authority to make the trade?” said an NBA executive who had periodic talks with New Orleans throughout the process. “Now, they’re saying that Dell is an idiot, that he can’t do it his job. [Expletive] this whole thing. David’s drunk on power, and he doesn’t give a [expletive] about the players, and he doesn’t give a [expletive] about the hundreds of hours the teams put in to make that deal.

    These are the words of an NBA executive … fuming with rage … using expletives about Stern.

    He is right the [expletive] commissioner is drunk on power.

    I have said it all along, I say it again; NBA needs to get rid of Stern and Silver.

  103. Mark Williams says:

    Both NBA Commissioner David Stern and Cleveland Cavaliers owner Dan Gilbert realize that the polarization of the superior talent, to a handful of teams in the NBA, exposes the watering down of real competion in professional basketball. In reality, there is only enough talent in the NBA to support as many as possibly 12 teams and as few as five (60-100 high quality players). However, as long as the talent remains distibuted amongst 20-25 teams there is a resemblance of a league.

    • Justin Timberlake says:

      Stop crying.
      All of you non-Laker fans..
      Everyone got something good out of that deal.
      It was a win-win situation.
      If you don’t think it like that, then you’re clearly not a knowledgable basketball fan or player.
      Lakers get CP3, but they lose their size and chemistry by giving away their frontcourt (Odom and Gasol)
      Houston gets Gasol, who’s going to blossom with Kevin McHale (one of the greatest Power Forwards in NBA history)
      Hornets get 4 potential starters in Odom, Dragic, Martin, and Scola PLUS a first round pick in 2012 from NYK.

      Either you’re that stupid to analyze properly what kind of deal this was or you’re just a hater that doesn’t know how to justify your argument without making yourself look incompetent.

      • Jeff Probst says:

        JT would never say that.

      • Rivers says:

        Jeez, someone woke up on the wrong side of the bed.

        I personally think the Lakers we’re giving away too much talent and size for CP3. I understand he’s one of the league’s most dominating point guards, but you can’t win a ring without a strong front court. The Lakers have proven this by winning two of the past three championships with at least four seven footers in their roster. This is speaking the obvious but apparently it needs to be said: In basketball, size counts. And can they really go after Dwight after giving up both Gasol AND Odom? It’s possible, but it’ll be a challenge.

        Both the Hornets and the Rockets would’ve benefited greatly from that trade, but it’s debatable how much better the Lakers would’ve really been if they only got CP3.

      • Bean Bryant says:

        Actually, it was the trade exemptions that brought the deal into question. The trade exemptions would allow Hoawrd to go to the Lakers and that is why the owners complained. Before abusing start understanding

      • Galaragabigcat says:

        Very well said. The Lakers were getting weaker in this trade. Yes they need a great point guard and would accomplish that but, giving up size which is huge in the NBA. If the Lakers got CP3 and not Howard, this deal would not have been that great. And I don’t think they will have pieces after this to get Howard. Stern is so stuck on power that he didnt see that the Rockets and Hornets got the better end of this deal. The Hornets will not get any better players than this. And the Rockets to have Gasol is huge. It is only because it was the Lakers that this deal was shot down. If it was the Clipper, Warriers or any other team it would have been approved in a minute. Last year when the Hornets added Landry Fields at $2million did you see Stern stop that? If the Lakers have the pieces to make the deal happen the trade should go through…Stern is to stupid to realize that in this deal the Lakers were getting the worse of the deal! The NBA has become a bush league and it make you wish the lockout never ended. These players want to play in big markets and with other star players and there is nothing Stern or anyone else can do about it. It was his fault for the expansion. There are way to many teams in the League compared to talent.

  104. htjd says:

    rockets won’t do it