Celts Turn Eyes Toward West?

NBA.com staff reports

At the start of Friday’s free-agent bonanza of moves, the Celtics made small-but-saavy moves to bolster their roster. First, they worked a sign-and-trade deal that put Glen “Big Baby” Davis in Orlando in exchange for big man Brandon Bass. Then, they finalized a trade with the Bucks to acquire veteran point guard Keyon Dooling in a move that gives them a solid backup point guard to whomever mans the offense this year (right now, that job is Rajon Rondo‘s).

But then came a bombshell move in Boston, provided by our main man, TNT’s David Aldridge, who reports the Celtics are close to a deal with David West.

A source briefed on discussions Friday evening said that the Boston Celtics are close to a deal with free agent power forward David West, who has been with the New Orleans Hornets since being drafted in 2003.

West, 31, was expected to be one of the top free agents in this year’s class, but he is coming off of a torn ACL suffered late last season in a game against Utah. West has diligently rehabbed his injury in North Carolina last summer, but teams have been slow to make significant offers to him.

The move, if completed, would be a true boon to Boston’s frontcourt as the Celtics would feature Kevin Garnett, Bass and West. It also would mean the end of at least one era in New Orleans (the West one) while the Hornets await the fate of Chris Paul, too.


  1. 6nba5 says:

    im loving the addition that the celtics are making, 1st off kill all that rondo trade talk, he does his job as a pure point guard, set my players up in their spots and score if i need to, hopefully that fool been working on his free throw at least, 2nd i love the fact we resigned marquis daniels, give that man another shot after pointing it all out on the court, im going to miss big baby just like we still miss perkin but davis wanted starting money and didnt even play like a starter. Hopefully that west deal goes down, we pick up big shot billups if not rip hamilton who plays just like jesus shuttlesworth (lol) and for those who dont know j’oniel supposebly been traded.but anyway keep up the good moves danny and lets get thru this season letting them know age dont mean nothing but wisdom

  2. Adawg28 says:

    I’m a big Celtics fan. i hope we do snag David West and try to get chanucey and re-unite him w KG. Thatd be so dope. BOSTON BABY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WOOOOOOO!

  3. uoykcuf says:

    billups back to boston? What a reunion

  4. Superstarss says:

    don t know about the moves i mean they need a defensive center and scoring off the bench they had just all that before they changed the roster last year not sure if they ll ever come back even though im a fan

  5. larry says:

    man, this offseason has become insanely better already! if they get west, they better go for billups to top off a great offseason!

  6. jose says:

    boston still sucks

  7. east says:

    west must stay in the west!!!