Trade Rumors Flying At Wicked Clip

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UPDATE 9:47 p.m.: One of the biggest blockbuster trades of this new NBA season died before it ever got done.  Adrian Wojnarowski of Yahoo! Sports, who first reported the deal earlier, is now reporting that the deal was killed by the league.

NBA commissioner David Stern has killed the New Orleans Hornets’ trade of Chris Paul after several owners complained about the league-owned team dealing the All-Star point guard to the Los Angeles Lakers, league sources told Yahoo! Sports.

Some owners pushed Stern to demand that trade be nullified, and the Hornets be made to keep Paul on the roster for the foreseeable future, sources said. A chorus of owners were irate with the belief that the five-month lockout had happened largely to stop big-market teams from leveraging small-market teams for star players pending free agency.

All the players involved in the trade have been told to report to their teams for the start of training camp on Friday.

Before Stern intervened, the Lakers had reached an agreement to acquire Paul in a three-team trade that would have cost them Pau Gasol and Lamar Odom, league sources told Yahoo! Sports.

The shockwaves that the initial reports of the deal sent around the league will be matched by the outrage simmering now that the deal is apparently off.

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UPDATE 6:03 p.m.: Adrian Wojnarowski of Yahoo! Sports is reporting that the Hornets are informing teams that Chris Paul is headed to the Lakers in a deal for Pau Gasol and Lamar Odom:

The Hornets have started to inform teams that they’re sending Chris Paul to the Lakers for Gasol and Odom, league sources tell Y! Sports.

Whether or not this removes the Lakers from the Dwight Howard sweepstakes remains to be seen. They still have Andrew Bynum to work with, if they were to pursue such a deal.

But Kobe Bryant and Bynum with Paul running the show keeps the Lakers among the elite and favorites in the Western Conference.

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UPDATE 5:58 p.m.: Marc J. Spears of Yahoo! Sports is reporting that free agent small forward Josh Howard and coveted big man Nene could be a package deal, depending on where the Brazilian center/power forward signs:

 Wiz free agent SF Josh Howard is attracted to signing with team DEN FA C Nene signs with, source tells Y! SA, Chi, Den, NO, Utah, NJ in mix

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UPDATE 3:47 p.m.: David Aldridge reports Caron Butler is heading to the Clippers, reportedly for three years/$24 million. Butler was considering offers from the Nets, Bulls, and Spurs, but chose the up and coming Clippers instead.

Also, parameters for a potential three-team deal appear to be in place that would land Chris Paul in Los Angeles with the Lakers. According to Aldridge, the deal would look like this:

Lakers get: G Chris Paul

Hornets get: F Luis Scola, G Kevin Martin, G Goran Dragic, 1st and second round picks

Rockets get: F/C Pau Gasol

Note: The deal is not done. Sources indicate while the Lakers and Rockets are comfortable with the deal, the Hornets are still making inquiries about Paul with other teams.

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HANG TIME HEADQUARTERS – Thank you Tayshaun Prince.

Thank you for doing your business quietly and without rumors swirling about your future. Thank you for bringing a measure of calm to a process that has been anything but for so many. And congratulations on four more years in Detroit for a tidy $27 million.

Now back to the trade rumor craziness that has had all of our heads spinning today.

The truth is, we don’t have enough hands that could type fast enough here at the hideout to keep up with all of this craziness. The rumors are flying at a wicked clip. and the official start of free agency is still hours away.

What we know, as of this minute, is that the New York Knicks have come out of nowhere to lead the pack in the chase for Tyson Chandler, per reports from both Ken Berger of and . Of course, this could complicate the Knicks’ pursuit of Chris Paul (unless they have another move up their sleeve) and deals yet another nasty blow to Chauncey Billups, who could be on the move for the second time in 10 months due to circumstances, one way or another when all is said and done.

Then there is that report confirming the discussions of a three-way deal between the Rockets, Lakers and Hornets that would send Paul to the Lakers and allow the Lakers to hold on to Andrew Bynum, but only so they can do more business next. Chris Mannix of added via Twitter that:

Lakers pushing hard to make Pau/CP3 deal. If they can close, would offer Bynum for Dwight and whatever bad contract ORL wants to dump.

TNT’s David Aldridge added the Pau Gasol to Houston portion to round out this latest development.

Good luck trying to make sense of all the different information, seeing as how it changes every few minutes. How did anyone keep up with all of this stuff before Twitter anyway?

Stay tuned. Things can only get crazier before the start of training camps tomorrow.


  1. NYK4EVA says:

    I’m ok with Tyson C coming to NY but, the Knicks need to keep Chauncey Billups. He’d done alot for them including that win against the Heat last year. Billups needs to stay in NY. He just came. They need to find out a way.

  2. Lakers R Us says:

    If I was the Lakers management I would squash this deal and just try to acquire Dwight Howard! Let David Stern and New Orleans start over!

    • NMN says:


      David Stern needs to stay out of the way of basketball negotiations since his work is now done with the CBA being in place. In addition how silly will it make David Stern and his brain trust committee look if CP3 plays this season out with the Hornets and then walks in free agency and winds up at the Lakers. In essence he would be the one to be blamed for screwing up and over the NO Hornets who in my opinion were coming out on top with really good players from this trade.

  3. Lakers R Us says:

    As long as they acquire Dwight Howard i like seeing Chris Paul as a Laker! Otherwise no. The Lakers are giving up too much size! With Dwight Howard this is a good trade! Go Lakers! And Stern needs to chill out and get off the power trip man. Cmon Stern!

  4. Royale says:

    The Lakers are done — Period — if they don’t seal this deal. Kobe is old, and can’t run like he use to, Derek is getting old and Paul can be confused sometimes. I believe The Lakers need CP3 because they need an established player. Derek can’t direct like he used to. Though, if they got CP3, they could make Fisher a SF. If Dwight joins LA, its over. Automatic championship.

  5. OldSchool says:

    There is something else going on with the Lakers,between Pau & Kobe.Something with there wives is a reason they want to ship Pau off or Pau wants to leave. Odem,I laugh because all of the movies star stuff is over. They just tipped their hand as to loyalty. Lake, GOOD LUCK – Suck Season for you it seems.

  6. Chris says:

    Lakers wouldn’t function right with Paul and Kobe at 1 and 2, and they wouldn’t function right with Gasol and Howard at 4 and 5. Trade Gasol to Houston , Bynum to Orlando, Kevin Martin and Luis Scola to Orlando, and Howard to the Lakers.

    SF-R.Artest(Metta World Peace)



    Coming from a Heat fan, wouldn’t it be awesome to see Howard come to the heat! lol jk

  7. kamotesheet says:

    Lakers really need a better point guard right now coz there aint no triangle offense..

  8. Johnny Pen says:

    This is very unfair to LA Lakers. Why Miami Heat can get James, Wade,Bosh and NBA league do not block? Now they even get Batier sign and League say nothing. Miomi got most the good player-Mike Biby, Juan howard ,Mike Miller, House …and lot and League won’t stop. But Lakers just get Chris Paul and use Pau Gadol Odem to trade . But league lots of owner jeaous Lakers. and David Stern is politician and rediculous block this. VERY unfair to lakers. NY got CHandler, NO one block??? NY and Miami all are big market, But league do n ot block. Most the owner want get the good palyer but jealous Lakers become good team, they want Lakers become weaker and weaker……Lakers boss Jim Buss abd GM Michel should make compalin to David Stern and Ask him stop this block … other wise Stern should stop James,Wade Bosh and Batier, Biby…become same team……..David Stern make big mistake and all over the world people complain him now. David–Do not be a politian , Be a fair man. If you bolck this trade, you should block NY, Miomi too……You are not fair NBA commission…….Shame on you…….

    • HeatWade says:

      it’s all because Miami Heat isn’t owned by the NBA itself unlike New Orleans so Stern can do nothing about that…
      and another reason is LBJ came to Miami via free agency where no team/owner/commissioner can block you wherever you want to go…

      but I agree though it was unfair for L.A coz that trade would’ve open the door for a “Superman to L.A II” and establish a SuperheroesVsSupervillains rivalry between the Lakers and the Heat…

  9. Jeff says:

    Man, When did the nba start to try and control everything. This is bad for the sport. Where does it stop? what trade is allowed? Just because the lakers are getting an all star everyone freaks out. Seems like alot of hate. There acting like there not getting an all atar and last years six man of the year. I think that’s alot and maybe might even work out better for nola. The lakers just need a pg and are trying to do whatever it takes to get one. on matter if they have to get ride of TWO SUPERSTARS. Much love lamar. This sits very uneasy with me. Ive waiting for the lockout to end and now the first thing i see is not the team who has the most to offer doesnt get the deal done. it doesnt make sence. i mean if ever there one a time to step in it would have to of been with the cavs lost all playoffs hopes.( i know they were FA just saying) That was something that destroyed a team.But getting great players back for a great players! Whats the problem. Seems like there just mad cuz they dont want the lakers to win and they wish they had the best deal because they all want CP3.

  10. kingfaj says:

    I’m a neutral follower of the NBA from way down South Asia – Sri Lanka. I like the Suns run n’ gun but love anything NBA in general. This move just hurt me so bad, even though the Lakers don’t appeal to me much and Kobe is not my no. 01, because seriously I’m kind of starting to think that the NBA is Stern’s bitch. No offense, but if it wasn’t illegal, and strategists devised well to make it happen,opinions of individuals shouldn’t have played a role. It just demoralizes everyone who is involved, and everyone who loves the NBA. Because everyone who loves the NBA has an opinion!

  11. bola says:

    always remember there is no shortcut !!

  12. GO LAKERS says:

    Owner’s are scared of LAKERS to have a BIG TIME ALL STARS!! WTF!
    GO for TRADE! BE Patient MR. GM! LAKERS GO GO GO!

  13. goldenstate says:

    NBA sucks !!! chris paul is full of s*** . A more coward than LeBron James! Lebron waited to be a FA and he signed with the heats, and that’s not a bad decision. but how about Chris Paul? what a faggot. He is forcing everybody to trade him.Nonsense LOCKOUT FOR NBA. Remember when owners and players said that one of the reason that the season is prolonged because they want all the teams to have chances of contending.

  14. cp3nola says:

    stop this nonsense. the nba was right. how bout those small markets who can’t buy superstar players? only big teams can get what they want. its unfair. the fact is accept the challenge be the franchise player. talk to your management and build the hornets with better players period!

  15. Let´s be serious says:

    Come on this was a great deal for NOH, they would get mid- high level quality players, and the Lakers would be given up an All Star and the 6th man of the year.. so it´s a lot, and NOH would be better in every positing except point guard, this is ridiculous, NBA is business, and now NOH might not get a good deal as this one and they might don´t even get anything at all, nba should´t be politics, the GM of NOH got a great deal and it was nothing, the whole wor was thown in the garbage, i beleve that things like that just, destroy the image, of such a great sport, with great athelets, Stern should rethink his decision, because it will be unfair with the lakers if any other agreement comes on, This atittude was kinda communist, so its better for the image of the NBA if they let it happen.

  16. joblagz says:

    kobe’s and tim duncan’s era is over… dark times ahead for the lakers and spurs who dominated much of the last decade..

  17. Hornetsky says:

    NBA should at least issue an official statement regarding this. Lockout is officially over so they should explain to the fans and teams involve. All we hear and read is rumors, rumors and rumors.

  18. Gabriel-G says:

    I am a die hard Lakers fan and I would love to see CP3 In purple and gold but honestly giving up both Odom and Gasol is too much in my eyes. CP3 is the best pg in the league but to give up that kind of height for on man is not good for the Lakers. Who would be at the 4? Smith and Ratliff are done. I would rather see the Lakers pick up a decent pg and let
    Brown and Barnes go and pick up someone like Jamal Crawford.

  19. HOYT says:

    DAVID STERN AND THESE “I’M A BAD GAMBLER SOMEONE SAVE ME FROM MYSELF” OWNERS ARE KILLING ME!!! If all teams agreed to said deal and $$ added up why kill the deal if not to save face!!! Sorry to break it to you small market fans but there is no parity in the NBA, and as long as you have Michael Jordan and the Mr. Limp Wrist in Phoenix are running teams there will never be any parity!!!! David Stern and the owners robbed the players of $$ behind the false idea of making the league an equal playing feild and now one team can’t even get some kind of retuen on their investment. Paul will play out the season and then leave if not traded and N.O will end up with nothing!! NOTHING!! How is that supposed to create parity in the league????

  20. Benny Aus says:

    Being a Rockets fan I have no idea why you’d even consider giving up SCOLA, MARTIN, DRAGIC AND 2 DRAFT PICKS, just to secure Pau Gasol. Doing this would leave us with Chuck Hayes and Kyle Lowry to STAR alongside Gasol!! Unless Daryl Morey (GM) has some genius plan up his sleeve where he is creating cap space, than I cannot see why we would be part of a deal to get Chris Paul to the Lakers and be left with nothing in return.

  21. KingBeatz says:

    it will be smart for chris paul to go to the lakers because once kobe retires, he and dwight howard would be the new shaq and kobe

  22. Ventruck says:

    I honestly didn’t think LO+Pau was good trade for CP3, but having it nixed by the league is a bit ridiculous apart from considering Demps himself was for it. I mean they’re (NBA) screwing with a player’s ambition, and undoubtedly just tripped up LO+Pau in knowing they were about to be sold off.

    Sure enough the Lakers would be star-stacked, but who can be Hornets were about to suffer and not come any closer to leveling the playing field? They might suffer anyway since Paul isn’t so hot about staying. If anything, the Hornets my drop in popularity by being short of any All-Stars, but last I checked the Warriors have a huge fanbase under such circumstances.

    As much as I don’t like them, Decision Beach pretty much set the bar here. They took 3 of, what? the league’s 10 best (yeah, I hate praising LeBron as such like that but stats don’t lie), and made the charge to snag the better options in the FA. Stacked teams will happen. And really, I did like seeing things as “CP3’s Hornets”, “Dwight’s Magic”, but to be arguably the best PG and Center in the league and get nowhere has to suck hard. I mean look at AI…

    Laker haters love saying KB and Pau are washed up and all, so they can’t possibly complain about the idea of CP3 or Dwight moving in and making the team stacked *rolleyes*.

  23. KiwiPhil says:

    I’m a Celtic supporter, and I’m gutted for LA. This is straightup ridiculous..

    oh well, maybe Paul shoulda shut his mouth about where he would/would not sign an extension.. perhaps DS & the jealous owners (probably the same 5 that voted against the CBA) will realise they’re ruining this already horrid preseason..

  24. Johnathan says:

    I’m honestly glad this deal did not go down. I hope once Kobe retires the Lakers are forced to go through a rebuilding stage like the majority of teams in the NBA or any sport for that matter besides MBL, which has no salary cap. I am a full believer that large market teams should not have leverage over small market teams just because they have more money to afford multiple superstars. Now once that player reaches free agency, he has the right to sign to whatever team he chooses. I think Stern’s decision to turn down this trade was the right thing to do. This will give small market teams with cap space a fair chance to land CP3 when he becomes a free agent.

  25. Rivers says:

    I’m a die-hard Laker fan and I’m glad this trade didn’t work out. As much as I respect Chris Paul and what he would do for the organization, giving up Gasol AND Odom is way too much in my opinion. That’s almost two elite seven footers in exchange for one elite six foot guy; a lot of size and talent drained out of us. Besides Bynum, what other talented big men do we have? Is a front court of Joe Smith and Theo Ratliff really gonna get us a ring? Plus in my opinion giving up both of them gives us a lot less leeway in getting Dwight Howard.

    Now I’m not saying they both shouldn’t be traded. I’m saying they both shouldn’t be traded for just Chris Paul.

  26. Ewg805 says:

    I’m officially no longer a fan of the NBA. The new l”fair” NBA is BS! F… you commissioner Stern. You have no right to tell a team how to handle trades. This is the end of professional basketball… back to the playgrounds.

    P.S. F… the NBA!

  27. Isaiah says:

    Paul plans to boycott training camp.. Hahahah. Jokes on you Stern.

  28. MackDaddy says:

    What’s this going to achieve?

    A delay to the inevitable, thats what.

    Paul wants to leave…. 100%.
    All the NBA is doing is devaluing the Hornets, because now what’s going to happen is Paul will stick around for the rest of his contract AND THEN LEAVE ANYWAY, leaving the Hornets with no one!

    Bad move by the NBA and the group of sore loser owners not wanting him to go to LA. Whichever way you look at it, it’s sour grapes… but Paul will always go where Paul wants to go. NBA cant change that, they can only delay it.

  29. The Human Herd says:

    Also, if CP3 had gone to the Lakers, that would have most definitely made them the number 1 choice for Dwight Howard. Then, you’d have the big 3 in Miami, L.A, and NY. That makes for a boring season, and more importantly, a boring Post-Season.

    • TLB247 says:

      I guess you want the Raptors and Timberwolves. Are you insane? LA CP3 and Dwight and Kobe vs. Lebron and Bosh and Wade? Biggest ratings ever!

  30. HeatLakers says:

    ALL the other teams are jealous

  31. rxcolli says:

    I know the Lakers needed to make change, but I think they are giving up to much. I think they should keep Lamar or Paul, but not both. I am glad the trade didn’t go through. I think the Lakers should keep Lamar because he can play different position.

  32. JoejoeD says:

    Why would others have a say on this trade? Isn’t it supposed to be only regarding the aforementioned teams thats in the deal?

    Why will Commissioner Stern stop this? Did he stop the formation of the Boston trio? the Heat trio? NO! that is the answer… Why stop this deal? It is not even a big 3 yet … eventho it has a possibility… The other teams are agreeing on what they will get. Other owners are just jealous that they won’t get the deal they wanted.

    I believe if Jerry Bus is not in the hospital this won’t happen.

  33. joblagz says:

    stern just made lakers a huge favor..
    changing their roster will only lower their chances of a title..

  34. studogg568 says:

    this is a joke! they stop the trade from going through on the basis that they dont want players to dictate where they are traded…ha…in my opinion, there is nothing wrong with saying “hey, i want to go to these specific teams”, doesnt mean that management has to cater to the player…but whats wrong with getting the maximum possible for a player who is going to leave any way?…and whats to stop paul from signing with the knicks? or lakers? when the season is over? or is stern going to dictate where he can and cannot sign when he is a FA…the players should have stuck to their guns n stayed locked out the entire season, they r going to continually get pushed around like this

  35. TROOF says:



  36. yanick says:

    HAHAHA CP3 is upset and will not show up for activities tomorrow. Good luck NBA. There are currently talk in the union to see if they can veto this current situation. To hell with STERN.

  37. Rich says:

    NBA owns the Hornets so they have a say in the trade. They are merely trying to protect their market, at least for another year, before Paul goes to a different team. I don’t see any wrong doing there by the NBA. With the Chandler possible deal with NY, NBA has no say to that of course because they own neither team nor player.
    LA is better off keeping Pau and Lamar. They will still be good with Paul but they’ll be better to keep their big guys.

    • TLB247 says:

      Stern is an idiot and yes He is overstepping. What good is to keep a guy who is going to leave? How did that work for Denver last year?

  38. JEFF says:


  39. Daybid Sperm says:


    i’m a douche

  40. Noah says:

    The deal was approved by both GMs. How dare Stern intervene on the behalf of jealous owners. First they almost take away our season and then they start interfering with trades. What’s next? These people have to be stopped from ruining basketball. #FireStern

  41. yanick says:

    DUDEEEEE, The lakers are giving up an all star that some were even calling the best pf in the game for the past couple of years. Giving up a very good player in ODOM, who was pretty much the whole bench of the team last year, AND THEY BLOCK THE TRADE? The team would be left with only KOBE AND PAUL, and Kobe is past his prime. But the heat are allowed to get THREE SUPERSTARS IN THEIR PRIMES TO TEAM UP. MELO and billups are allowed to go play with Stoudemire. BUT THEY BLOCK LA FROM GETTING PAUL?. F the NBA.

  42. Arthur says:

    plan B . get Howard

  43. Willy Berry says:

    David Stern needs to jump off a bridge!! I’m finally done with the NBA

  44. Mark says:

    Can’t believe Stern vetoed this trade. Teams should have the right to trade without the influence of the other owners and the commissioner. This was a fair trade that would have helped the Hornets. Now the Hornets will get nothing for CP3 when he walks at the end of the hear. Ridiculous.

  45. Roger says:

    david stern has to be the biggest idiot in the world for stopping this trade!!! now New Orleans gets nothing in return and chris paul will sign with LA or Ny next year, way to screw new orleans david stern!! if the lakers couldn’t get Paul that means no other big market team should be allowed to also.

  46. Alex says:

    what b.s. What is david stern doing

  47. wtfman says:

    i am mosdef not watching any nba games anymore

  48. Brian says:

    Goodbye NBA, I justed canceled my Rockets season tickets. Go check it out. You suck.Go Texans and Go Astros, the Rockets are hasbeens.

  49. The Human Herd says:

    In all honesty, I can’t believe how many people are throwing fits over this. First of all, the NBA doesn’t want big market teams to gather up all of the best players and push the league even further into a 4 team sport. Think about it, since 1996 there have only been 7 different championship teams.. OUT OF 30. That’s 16 years, and we’ve had the Chicago Bulls 3 times, the Spurs 4 times, the Lakers 5 times, the Celtics once, the Pistons once, and the Heat and the Mavs once each.

    Now, I understand the argument that the League shouldn’t have blocked this trade, considering that Miami and NY are sitting in a superstar swimming pool over in the east, but that happened last year, before the lockout and before any of the new deals were agreed upon. Who knows how these teams would have ended up had this trade gone down, but they’re trying to avoid having a 4 team league. I don’t see why everyone is throwing a fit, screaming that they’re done with the NBA. Over this? For real? Come on, give me a break. CP3 is probably the best PG in the game right now, but the Lakers wouldn’t even benefit too much from this trade. Like someone else mentioned, they’ve been known/successful due to their overwhelming size down in the paint. I hate the Lakers, but even I know they’ll be back this year, and they’ll be a title contender. Probably more-so without CP3. Even if I WAS a Laker fan, i’d want to see CP3 go to a different team and shake things up. Somewhere where he’ll fit in better anyway.

    Seriously, people shock the hell out of me. I feel like 90% of the people who post on these blogs are 12 year olds.

    • Rich says:

      Mostly Lakers fan are mad about this. Evidently Lakers fans are different compare to the other team’s fans, they lack sense of loyalty to their players who gave them championships. Just because Lamar and Pau had a bad year last year, the fans are now screaming trade them for Paul ! What they don’t realize is Lakers is better with their big guys than Paul. I mean seriously Lakers fans – do you really think Paul > Lamar + Pau ?! Or you’re just after popularity ? I’m not surprised anymore seeing how the fans ‘watch’ the game in the arena.

  50. Dan says:

    David Stern,

    You are literally the worst Commissioner in history of any sport. Sigma Alpha Mu is disappointed in you.


  51. Isaiah says:


  52. mavs nation2k12 says:

    hahaha, cris paul to lakers trade is busted…thats good news…i hope their howard dream will also turn into dust…..

  53. Keith Ritchie says:

    This is stupid. why would they stop a trade? This would have been a blockbuster deal, and would’ve drawn even more fans. Everybody needs to get over the butt hurt and just let the teams do what they want to do.

  54. jj says:

    no one is reading right, stop with the dream teams and ish.. if u want a super team go create one in nba 2k12, the chris paul deal was an agreement between the teams it NEVER HAPPENED!! now owners are complaining so stern wants to cancel the AGREEMENT!!! not a deal soooooo you guys really need to come back to earth.

  55. andrew says:

    since when can you veto a trade just because I never seen it before thats why NFL is king. Get rid of stern how do you get a petition going? Wow

  56. NOLA has no owner says:

    Nola has no owner – and NBA owned the team – so that would be a bummer … if nola has an owner, the deal would be made of

  57. Mike says:

    As much as I didn’t want to see the Lakers get Paul, this would have only helped the Hornets, not hurt them. However, the Hornets will still trade Paul. Not sure how this makes sense. Does Stern just select what deals he lets go through now??

  58. phil jackson says:

    Im glad I retired stern is a dictator

  59. Dwight Howard says:

    Just found out that Mark Cuban had the Paul deal squashed because he lost all his good players….sore loser!

  60. Jerry - NOLA says:

    I hope the Hornets get 10,000 phone calls in the AM to ask for refunds on their season tickets and the team folds. The NBA is officially on par with the WWE and will not receive another penny from me.

  61. MaFox says:

    wowww thats stupid

  62. carlos says:

    david stern is an idiotttttttttttttttt……. and the owners should stop being winy little girls and figure out ways toimprove their teams and worry bout themselves not their opponents. once again david stern is a little B$$ch

  63. Dwight Howard says:

    Too bad Paul didn’t make it, we could’ve been the REAL “Big Three”

  64. andrew says:

    since when can you veto a trade just because you dont want a player going to a certain team what the F . Stern needs to be fired. Lakers trading 1 hall of famer and the sixth man of the year how is this unfair. F U stern your the owners puppet.

  65. Jerry - NOLA says:

    Dear David Stern,

    You are a sloppy used douche.


    Hornets Fan (for now)

  66. Hal Elee says:

    Once again, I write a comment, and its the only one in the world that refuses to post after I press the submit button.

    332 posts before me did not face thats ame fate and are on the board right now.

    Thats the 2nd time in 2 days that has happened alongside 2 different factions of internet blogging.

    World, its getting pathetic and ridiculous.

    Stop trying to hold me back from glory and normal human practice along the way every time I try to engage in it.

    You wont be able to much longer.

  67. Jordan says:

    Craven Owners Kill CP3 Deal, Expose David Stern As Flaccid, Powerless Monkey

    Needless to say, this is super bizarre and grotesquely shady. When the league took over ownership of the Hornets David Stern emphasized that they’d be allow to operate autonomously, without interference from the league office. That’s been exposed as total nonsense. He’s on a short leash being yanked by owners whose teams will suck forever and therefore have no choice but to drag the smart and successful down to their level.

    This is a deep stain on Stern’s reign as commissioner. He got bullied by small-market owners into prolonging the lockout, and they just did it to him again. His stewardship of the sport is a bad joke. It’s time for him to go.

  68. Mike says:

    If the Lakers gets the deals they wanted , I am afraid at the end of this season it will be another miami heat (looser)

  69. Voice of Reason says:

    That’s exactly why I keep saying the league should not be owning any team in the NBA !
    It’is nonsensical and it creates potential conflict of interest !!!

  70. CP3 LAKERS says:


  71. HEATFAN says:


  72. MarketBall says:

    Only reason why NBA block this is to keep the Hornets market, for the team is own by the NBA. If they trade Paul away, fans would lose interest in the Hornets. If they do this for the league’s own good, why didn’t they block James, Bosh, and Miller to join Wade? That’s 4 All-Stars and U.S Nationals. Why didn’t they block Tyson Chandler from signing with the Knicks? Why didn’t they block KG, and Ray Allen to join Paul Pierce? Why didn’t they block Gasol to Lakers?

    • HeatWave says:

      Miller is a star? LOL then Lakers had five stars last season. Dallas six by your logic. Some of you LA Fans really need to learn about the game and how it works and stop expecting to always win. LA enters rebuilding era…fans exit building LMAO.

  73. Chris Paul says:

    OK! I’m done with this crap. I’ll just blow my games til the end of the season so that the nba know that i can do whatever i want!

  74. Isaiah says:

    Ok, I was expecting this trade to happen but DAVID STERN? Are you kidding me? I can’t believe you asked the like of Pat Riley and Mark Cuban about this trade. WTH? Are they your consultants? You made a wrong move. Did you not see the talent that YOUR Hornets will get? NOW YOU WILL BE LEFT WITH NOTHING AFTER THIS RIDICULOUS 66 GAME SEASON. I hope people boycott HORNETS games because you sir are nothing but a joke of a commissioner. I hope that PAUL sits out this season. OH WAIT. MAYBE YOU CAN ARGUE WITH HIM TO NOT GO TO NEW YORK NEXT SEASON. YOU HYPOCRITE! I REALLY HOPE THAT WE CAN GET DWIGHT SO THAT THE LAKERS WILL OWN YOUR HORNETS. GOOFBALL!

  75. Ricky davis says:

    Anyone who thinks it is stupid for the NBA to have the power to override a deal protest this is ridiculous it’s the best for all teams involved they agreed on it so what’s the reason to deny it I think it’s insane

  76. Marc says:

    This is crap lakers had the deal and you go and do something like this D.Stern if teams/clubs hve the money they should be allowed to trade money would have opened up for the lakers when they traded 2 players so it wouldve been a fair trade

    • HeatWave says:

      Yeah thats reall fair for teams like LA who have been around longer than most and have much more money to spend.

  77. monalyn says:

    Mr. stern suck!!! it’s too unfair, after all the deals of LeBron, Bosh, Melo has been made.. Mr. stern block the deal of Paul!! NBA SUCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • HeatWave says:

      Lebron = free agency. Melo had a whole squad traded for him. LA was trying to land CP3 with Odom and Gasol. No way was that going to happen. Had it been Gasol and Bynum there would have been no quarrels. Greedy LA.

      • SOCALRICK77 says:

        How comical, all the owners crying because the Lakers would have steam rolled the league with Paul…Oh well, we’ll still get Howard and watch Lebron hide in the finals again…and again, and again…With the Heat ‘press conference’ last year…you know, the one where Lebron ‘counted’ off how many rings he is going to win?

  78. yanick says:

    I swear this league is becoming GARBAGE. WOOOOW, lol even Chris Paul twitted WOW.

  79. Jason says:

    This is stupid, of course the owners want to veto it because the power would shift again. They want fairness.

    Fairness. They want to talk fairness?

    The Lakers are trading a star in Gasol and a good role player in Odom for a star in Chris Paul. It’s a star and a role player for a star, and they push to reject the deal? Is that fair?

    The Heat last year signed 3 of the biggest stars in the league, and it went through. The Lakers trade one of their own stars for a star, and David Stern rejects it. Is that fair?

    The Lakers have worked for the deal. The Hornets have worked for the deal. The Rockets have worked for the deal. They all benefit from the deal. Then, the NBA rejects it because the owners pushed for it. Is that any fairer?

    In the 80s, the NBA had high ratings because of the emergence of dynasties. In the 80s, it was the Lakers, Celtics and Detroit Pistons. They had teams which had power and attracted viewers. In the 2010s, it could potentially be the Lakers, New York and Miami. If the NBA wants viewers, then that’s the way to go, but because of owners, the NBA decides to veto this move. Is that fair?

    The NBA came off one of the “best seasons ever” (quote of Stern), because of the prominence of the Miami Heat, can this trade jeopardize this?

    This is not even business, this is child’s play. “Small” teams have the ability to improve through the draft. Did not the Cavaliers improve from the worst to the best through the 2003 draft? Was it the “big” market fault that they could not capitalize with LeBron James. This is a matter of small markets with poor management complaining, and complaining on “unfair” grounds?

    Owners, are what you doing not childish? Are what you doing in this NBA “fair”?

  80. TLB247 says:

    From fan to hater!!! Congratulations DAVID STERN!!! YOUR A JOKE

  81. nikko says:

    i think its stupid because they allow James and Bosh go to Miami with Wade!! its not fair how the reject the Chris Paul deal let the players play were they want to even Paul wants to be a Lakers, everyone got mad about James let people get mad about Paul it aint wat they want its wat the players want!!

  82. mdubs says:

    Hey ATL fans – try winning something before you mouth off, ok? David Stern – WTF? You are a complete idiot . This is probably the BEST deal the NOH were going to get. Now they’ll be forced to take less…..Oh, I get it – you really want the league to contract and this is the first step in your master plan to kill all the small market teams. In a year when NOH gets nothing no one will want to go to their games and then the league can fold em up.

  83. TLB247 says:

    David Stern continues to destroy the league! Chris Paul trade was by the rules and there was no reason for them to stop it. I guess the Lakers are suppose to ask every owner in the league for permission to make a trade! What a joke! This is a team the league has to own because it is so bad. Congratulations STERN you have again made the league a joke and no wonder you have refs that gamble on the games, because I guess you are going to start dictating outcomes as well. Oh by the way no one cares about the bucks, hornets, bobcats, timberwolves, grizzlies, raptors, etc. So if you want a Bucks vs Timberwolves finals good luck getting anyone to watch or care.

  84. JD says:

    David Stern is a SLEAZY SHYSTER!! He is so unethical, hypocritical, and a lying [can’t use the word I want] that I wouldn’t even want him to touch me to push me out of the way of an oncoming bus.

    I hope Chris Paul sits out or plays so lackadasical this season and then gets his freedom, leaving the Hornets with NOTHING.

    Hope LAL turns focus to geting D. Howard now!

  85. yanick says:

    THIS IS PURE BS. After letting Lebron team up with wade and bosh now they wanna block this? BS,

  86. I quit NBA says:

    It’s been nice, but am sick of the bs that has been happening lately. We see it on almost all levels of our life, greedy corporation bending rules and outcomes as they see fit. Where is the fairness when the Heat can get 2 of the top 5 players and bosh who i really dont know where to rank? This deal would not had even been so unbalanced as the heat’s. I have too little time to keep watching corporate monkeys. am keeping my hard earn money away from them. Sorry NBA players but you are all Owned by personae non gratae. Back to college Hoops

    • studogg568 says:

      too bad the heat didnt make any “deals” to acquire lebron or bosh…at most they had wade convince them to play together during the olympics, but the signed them as free agents, which is completely legal

  87. joe35 says:

    when will the raptors hire star players and why most players doesnt want to go to play in canada

    • QuestionMark says:

      Because Raptors are a small market team, they have to win like OKC did, get good rookies in the draft and build from there, I think Derozan, Davis and Valenciunas is a start for that.

      • studogg568 says:

        if u dont remember, the raptors once had marcus camby, damon stoudamire, shawn marion, vince carter, tracey mcgrady in their primes…we also had chancey billups, kris humphries, linas kleiza…

        all im saying, is the raptors have had tons n tons of talent come their way, they just havent had the money to keep their young talent, or the market to sttract big names (unless u count over the hill barkley n olajuwan)

  88. dmoney says:

    CP3 would have been the perfect fit. Owner cry babies and David Stern SUCK!!!

  89. Ashkan says:

    This wasn’t a great deal for the Lakers any way giving up Gasol and Odom for Paul is not worth it as they get too small. Rather they should get Stucky and trade any combination of Bynum, Walton, Fisher, Metta, etc.for Howard and Hedo’s contract. A starting lineup of Stucky, Kobe, Odom, Gasol, and Howard plus a decent bench and a good coach in brown is good enough to compete and win championships for the next 5 years.

  90. NBAfanman says:

    I think Chris Paul should just sit out for the remainder of the season!

  91. Dirty-D says:

    Where do I protest! I need a website, or a blog, or a mail box or something! The heat just signed shane! What do they think is going to happen? Next year he is going to leave for free! And the hornets will still suck, but now with nothing in return. If I was Paul I would make sure that I go to one of the top 3 teams next year no matter what. Small market teams were complaining! he won’t go there anyway! Next year he is going to go to a good team for a decent amount of money anyway. It is in bad taste that the nba stepped in like that. NBA owned team or not! SO WHERE DO I PROTEST?

  92. sublogic says:

    Stern needs to be fired.. seriously.. he’s meddling too much into the game.. controlling the games through refs is one thing.. but if a player can’t play where he wants to play’ then eff the NBA..

  93. MrBlackRose says:

    all you idiots saying why didnt Stern stop Lebron n Bosh from going to Miami you guys do realize that both Lebron and Bosh were FREE AGENTS at the time. Unlike Chris Paul who still has a year on his contract. Lebron and Bosh could have gone where the hell they wanted to without anyone stopping them but Chris Paul is still under contract and to make it worst on a NBA owned team. I would have hate to see that deal go down because more hardship to win a title for my Heat but it also sucks to see that this is what the NBA has come to be.

  94. LA-2011 says:

    LOLL pat riley was probably the first one crying to stern

  95. LOLtheNBA says:

    The NBA is becoming more of a joke. Seriously? Canceling a trade. That’s low.

  96. Dudestar says:

    the lakers could still get howard, the only reason they can’t get paul is because the nba owns the hornets…
    but, I’am glad that the deal is off, the lakers would kill everybody once the trade ever happens… and one word for CP3, wait, until you become a freeagent next season.
    …and a trade is not the same as getting 2 and a half superstar because they were freeagents…

  97. mike says:

    total BS here you allow the miami heat to make the BIG 3 you allow mello to the knicks but just because the Lakers want paul everyone crys about it thats total crap whats next the trade for howard and that gets turned down too come whats with the leauge these days

  98. Leo G. says:

    David Stern, you’re weak! The owners that whined are just plain hating because the biggest sellouts at their arenas are usually for the visiting team. 3 teams thought this was good to go, including the Hornets… ridiculous….

  99. Alvin says:

    Is there an external tribunal where the Lakers can challenge this decision by the NBA?

  100. omar22 says:

    If i was CP3 i would NOT show up to any Hornet team facilities! just hold out till they make it happen!

  101. RESIGN STERN says:

    David Stern has no business telling the Hornets who they can trade, even if the team is owned by the league. They have a GM who’s job it is to make these decisions. If Stern doesn’t allow Paul to be traded he is HURTING the Hornets because Paul wont re-sign with them anyway. At least they would get something of value i.e. 4 players and a #1 pick in 2012. He can’t force Paul to sign with the Hornets as a free agent, can he?

    If Stern allows Chris Paul to be traded to some other team, I personally will not be watching basketball this year, possibly further into the future either. David Stern just made the worst decision in his career as the NBA dictator, and should resign.

  102. Alvin says:

    I’m sorry, but the owners get back $300 million and just about everything they were after and are still complaining?
    This is heavy handed and unnecessary. I actually think the trade would have made the Lakers weaker. It was a big gamble for them to get Dwight Howard and without a big centre they would have been in trouble. Bynum does not cut it.
    The real question is, how are big market teams going to work if every time they make a blockbuster trade it gets killed? I think there would have been a good mix of youth and veteran savvy in New Orleans had this trade gone ahead and the foundation for a stronger team in the future.
    Now when Paul goes under his own steam, what will New Orleans get in return. This is a lose, lose, lose.
    If this is the NBA’s attitude then you better break up Miami and Boston before the season begins to create a level playing field.
    So, Chris Paul can only go to a small market team. Count out the Clippers then as well.

  103. lakerfan says:

    DAVID STERN!!!!!why did you REJECT THE TRADE???damn..YOU didnt stop LBJ,DWADE and Bosh to go to miami!!whats up with you!!ALL team owners are jealous of the lakers!AND they want paul to go to Knicks Next SEason..thats an embarrasmant..what is NBA without THE LAKERS?ANYBODY?

  104. Randy says:

    Im happy CP3 isn’t on the Lakers because Kobe has a good 2 yrs left and Paul wont have anyone decent to make better because of the overall talent. Laker fans are more bandwagoners than fans. He should either stay in NO and play the year out or follow his big mouth to NY what he originally wanted in the first place.

  105. TomFahey says:

    Where the hell was Stern and the league owners to step in when LeBron, Wade and Bosh all signed in Miami. I’m a Lakers fan and always will be. I don’t like the direction the NBA is headed with the balance of power being over a short list of teams, but with Miami trying to buy a championship last year, other teams are obviously going to follow suit. I know the Hornets are league-owned, but operations were still to be left up to the Hornets front office. The fact that they were able to step in and kill this deal, is complete abuse of power, and honestly its power that they shouldnt have been able to have. This leagues credibility is becoming a joke.

  106. WOW says:

    and its another reason why I am watching the three other major sports MLB, NFL, NHL

    hornets fan btw

  107. Rash says:

    This leads you to question whether leagues should own a team within their league. Are Lakers that much better after acquiring Paul, but losing Gasol and Odom?

  108. CMos says:

    I can’t believe David Stern nullified the trade. This is absurd. Nullify the Lakers trade; however, allow boston celtics to make a deal for him. It is not like the Lakers are giving up terrible players for a good one. The Lakers are giving up two starters in Lamar Odom and Pau Gasol plus in the three team trade the Hornets get a first round draft pick. What is really unfair about the trade….Better to get something than nothing when his free agency comes up and he goes to the team he wants anyway!!

  109. Celtic says:

    this is stupid. i dont care if CP belongs to the hornets–a league-owned team. the owners need to pull their pants up and grow up: this is a business. if CP goes to LA WHATEVER! as if that’s half the trade that happened last year between lebron dwade and christ bosh. if they’d had the leverage to do it last year, i doubt 100% that the owners would have stood up for cleveland and kept lebron there. i dont care if cleveland and new orleans are different teams based by ownership. it’s business. it’s the game. if these owners can’t man up and let paul go to LA then they might as well forfeit their teams and let real men work in their place. stupid.

  110. Neal says:

    David Stern, leave it alone. The hornets management was happy with the deal. Who cares what all the other owners are saying, let the trade go through. Rockets happy, Hornets happy, Lakers happy, everyone (except the team owners who have to play against the Lakers, Hornets and Rockets) is happy. Leave it alone my good man.

  111. Why would they ever let this go so far in the beginning? I’m sure the commissioner was hearing about this deal before it was happening and he didn’t say anything then. Why is he intervening now? Just because other owners started to complain and whine about the deal? What about the other deals that are going on, I don’t see David Stern stopping that from happening. This is just a ridiculous year for the NBA. Lakers definitely are not going to be same with what just happened and you know Odom and Gasol are going to feel awkward now. Something big needs to happen and this was going to be a great deal. All hopes are gone now, hopefully they can try to get Deron Williams now. Lakers need to get rid of Luke Walton, Steve Blake, Joe Smith, Matt Barnes, Derrick Caracter, and Metta World Be Free (Whatever his name is). They did nothing for the Lakers in the finals!

  112. titanmagic says:

    precedent has been set. If anyone complains about a trade then it should be cancelled everytime fronm now on
    Nba is a joke.

  113. Ash says:

    This is a disgrace that the league has stopped this trade, I’m not a lakers fan, but if other team owners can complain and that makes a trade be nullified, that is disgraceful

  114. WOW says:

    now NOH is guaranteed to have losing seasons for the foreseeable future

  115. jc3 says:

    Yet again stern shows us he does not want people to actually watch basketball I mean if it was howard and paul I would understand a little but hey if someone has mor money than the other its not their problem……dumb.
    I guess I wont be watching nba this season because its goingto be the same old thing wait for the finals and see what happens this half year.

  116. weazy says:

    The NBA owners that killed the trade should be ashamed. The Lakers were giving up two key players for one, but because because the Lakers would be getting Paul the deal has to be killed. Maybe we will get lucky, Paul can play out his contract and sign with the Lakers next year, and the Hornets get nothing. Then the Hornets can thank the owners that killed a good deal!

    • lolqq says:

      so if teams dont want to trade with you all you got to do is QQ to the big head to stop a trade now ?noone is goin to take cp3 thats not a big market in a trade best LA gets him as they are given good players away but hey maybe they want this team to get a great deal like the cavs got with lebrick

  117. Charles says:

    So your telling me that if CP3 is traded to the Clippers or the Celtics that wouldnt be Big Market Teams? Or create Super Teams with All-Stars Like Blake Griffin,Ray Allen,Paul Pierce,etc….David Stern Doesnt seem like he knows what hes doing no wonder the lockout happened.

  118. Daybid Sperm says:

    I don’t care what you fans think.

    the deal is DEAD.

    i am the commissioner. you can’t do ANYTHING.

  119. JEX says:

    ONE WORD,,for those owners that complain and stop this trade,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,SCARED!

  120. ATLHAWKSFAN says:

    HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA made my day i love how these laker fans wer SOOOOOOO COCKY!!!! NOW THEY DONT GET CP3 OR HOWARD!!! smh…..

  121. jimmy says:

    What a DISGRACE for the NBA!!! David Stern needs to be FIRED!!! He and the NBA just DESTROYED the Hornets future! This is NOT ok! Instead of Scola, Odom, Martin and more, they will get NOTHING in return!

  122. Grapes Fandangger says:

    Bull$#*! this is lame

  123. alexander camarena says:

    WOW very disappointed with david stern and the nba ….. Talk about being in a roller coaster as a big time laker fan a trade has to happen!

  124. OR-BLAZE says:

    I am glad they did this! We need CP3 at the BLAZERS

  125. seriously?!?! says:

    Wow man. Your gonna pull the plug on a deal like this for la? seriously? LA HASNT HAD A SERIOUS POINT GUARD SINCE MAGIC JOHNSON!!! AND WHEN WE FINALLY ARE ABOUT TO GET ONE, YOU PULL THE PLUG?! why? because without a great point guard we have still been able to acquire a legend SG, C, and put together a team that has won 50% of this past decades championships? WOW man… WOW. but if he wants to go to NY? bet stern wont step into that one… screw all the small market teams. if your team and city sucks, then guess what, invest your money into your city and give up your dream of championships.

  126. rad decena says:

    Im BIG LAKER fan ,hate to see NO PAU and ODOM.

  127. Deepak says:

    Wow they deleted my comment bc it was against the snake of NBA david stern…i guess they dont allow people posting their honest opinion about them…no wonder they in a hole

  128. Domitian says:

    I am a Celtics fan.

    I dont think Stern can kill this deal. Hours after the CBA is signed, Stern goes over the mark and kills a deal that would have at least given NOH something for a player that is DEFINITELY leaving in free agency, if not this year. NOH are better to cut their losses. They got a good result, the best one they could find. If it means that Paul happens to go to the Lakers, that’s just how things worked out… It’s not NOH’s fault. The fact that they are owned by the league is purely incidental.

    If my Celts want to beef up their lineup by getting in on the CP3 action then they should be able to without the fear of the league saying “no sorry, your team would be too good..”

    This is retarded..

  129. Rockets says:

    If we trade K.mart and Luis Scola than we will such so badddddddd.

  130. lilrob10201 says:


  131. Deepak says:

    Is there a place where I can appeal against David Stern…he is the snake in the league and needs to be thrown out

  132. Doremon says:

    What a load of nonsense. How does this help NO in any way. CP3 will ended up leaving anyway and NO will get nothing in return and be a further hit to a small market franchise. At least this trade will give them some good players.

  133. Daybid Sperm says:

    I will kill this deal.

    what are you gonna do?

  134. Heat_Fan 6 says:

    Mike brown had lebron james to make him look good? thats stupid cause lebron james chokes EVER year… kobe is better then lebron hands down.. lebron will NEVER be as good as kobe bryant… plain and simple… so if mike brown had lebron to make him look good.. now he has one of the most dominate players in the nba to play for him… and on the lakers and paul deal… chris is an amazing player… and he is quick.. everone will haveta commit to him.. and u cant give KOBE BRYANT an inch of space or hes gunna knock down the shot… lakers r gunna b a dominate team if they get paul… ethier way theyll b a huge treat.. win win for the lakers… itll b a fun season

  135. omar22 says:

    does this mean L.A. can kiss Dwight Howards deal goodbye??

  136. cody says:

    now that the deals off it is only a matter of time before hornets think about other options. it cant be now but they will refuse to lose him like the cavs lost lebron. they will make a deal later in the season with the celtics, clippers, warriors, or rockets. these teams have potential trade options and their deals wont get killed by stern. the hornets were being smart in trying to deal them while they could but they could still make off with good players. If they want to be even smarter it will kill a season at first but the offers might get better. i know rondo is a bit of a mouth but hes good and if the hornets could dish paul to celtics for rondo and green hornets get solid backcourt and celtics start rebuilding. good trades for both and they make off better. but who knows the offers are only going to get better when it comes to paul.

  137. TheNBAGURU says:

    lmao- where was this action from stern a year ago when james and bosh went to south beach? well guess the lakers should do what the knicks did. give up everything for paul then what will the league say? gasol odom ebanks fisher 2 1st round draft picks and hope the executives don’t demand it be nullified again. all david stern is doing is screwing over the NOH. i mean he cannot force chris paul to sign a long term extension with the hornets nor can he decide where paul goes. what 1 season means owners will be ok with paul signing with the lakers or knicks in 2013? its a shortened season david stern the games will fly by and paul will head off somewhere else and you stopped NOH from getting something in return. now is that in the best interest of the small market team?

  138. Sam says:

    Eff you David Stern!!

  139. Mike says:

    Can’t say I am shocked have to protect Queen James some how. This is awful no one wins I guess he does want him in New York

  140. BadMoveNBA says:

    The NBA nixing this deal is outrageous. Since when should owners of a team dictate the actions of another team? This doesn’t create a level playing field, but rather allows owners to exert influence on the actions of the Hornets. What’s next, they will keep Hornets down to create a competitive advantage for their teams. NBA, do the right thing and empower the Hornets to make a deal that will make their team better overall.

  141. HEHEHE says:

    No CP3 for th Lakers HAHAHAHA LOSERS!

    • SOCALRICK77 says:

      losers? really? 3 finals apperances in the last four years? back to back titles? A team still strong enough to get to the Finals every year…Where’s Lebron chokers rings?

  142. get billups says:

    get billups lakers, fisher is O L D

  143. Kal says:

    When are people going to see that the NBA has a hand on who wins and who loses. Lakers were allowed to win for a few years now they will be made to lose for a few years. Open your eys people.

  144. Derek says:

    Damn Chancellor Palpatine (David Stern) is a mean dictator! He can’t just stop a trade, the 3 teams didn’t do anything wrong. They exercised their right to trade! Is Stern going to block any trade he want from now on? Why didn’t he stop Bosh and LeBronze from going to Miami? Or stop Melo from going to the Knicks?

  145. J.D. says:

    STERN IS A COWARD!!! The Lakers trade gave great value to New Orleans. Is was fair, and there was no way that Paul would go to the Clippers due to Sterling being such a cheap man, suing his GM for moeny he owed him. Stern and the NBA – you better allow the Lakers trade to go through; they were giving up a lot to get him. It was fair. YOU ARE LETTING SOME JEALOUS OWNERS CONTROL YOU AND IN THE PROCESS DESTROY THE NBA. I no longer want to watch your games. YOU ARE ALL FRAUDS!!!!

  146. WTF? says:

    Anyway, this would be a HORRIBLE Trade! Lakers are known for there SIZE. I understand Pau GaSoft getting traded, but I would wanna keep 6th Man of the year in LA. Trading Gaurds for CP3 Is a much better trade then losing big men. Pau and
    Odom would be a better trade with Howard.

  147. Hornetsky says:

    Yey. Paul is hornet for life. Lakers hopes is down. Nyahahahaha

  148. Nba is a Joke says:

    Are you really kidding me?

  149. RP says:


  150. Wisconsin Laker fan says:

    By David Stern cancelling this trade I am cancelling my Bucks/Laker tickets, NBA ticket, and anything to do with the NBA. After this lockout i’m done being an NBA fan if this is the way David Stern is gonna run the league.

  151. WIFE SNIPER says:

    This is BS. IM from NO we DO NOT WANT CHRIS PAUL. The Hornets are wayyy better after this trade. Those other owners crying need to make deals n shut up. If it doesnt go down its obvious the NBA is rigged. The league owns the Hornets n this trade would definitely make the Hornets a contender in 2yrs w draft picks n now free agent cap room.

  152. Boytoy says:

    its unfair for the lakers and new orleans. the NBA should also prevent the LBJ, wade, bosh team up. this sucks

  153. andy says:

    David Stern, Im proud of you man!

  154. Dave says:

    As a Rockets fan, hope the three way deal with the Lakers and Hornets IS NOT done. Come on, we get Pau “AHole” Gasol and give up Scola and KMart. Are you kidding me? Unless it is to clear cap space I don’t know. I would take Scola over Gasol any day of the week let alone throw in KMart that has still got a lot of growth potential at the 2 guard. Rockets administrators, please do not let this deal be done…focus on signing Nene or Chandler or both!

  155. David Stern aka Captain Communism says:

    I hear splashes, what is that sound? Oh, that’s the sound of thousands of fans jumping off of the NBA ship because it’s captained by a communist tool. Wait, that’s me. Maybe I should have thought about the fact that NOH would have upgraded in almost every position besides PG. Maybe I should about the fact that everybody was getting something they needed in this deal. Maybe I shouldn’t piss off one of, if not the largest market for the NBA. Who cares what the players want, I showed how much I cared about them when I smiled about the new CBA. Sorry Chris, who cares what you want, these small market owners have been taking turns slobbing my knob and crying on my shoulder since the lockout, so I’ve got to leave something for them on the nightstand before i leave for the night. Hmmmmm…. guess I can’t really let CP3 get traded at all if I don’t want to look like a complete and utter douchebag…….. oh wait, I am.

  156. Phew says:

    So glad David Stern intervened
    Rockets and Lakers were about to get a lot worse if the trade went through

  157. Magic Man says:

    David Stern has lost his mind! Let it happen man, it will be good for the league and for my Lakers. We can’t help it that we keep winning! It is just childish what you are doing and the other owners are complaining? You own a team, you rich bastards should stop being cheap and get better players so you can win championships. How can billionaires complain? Your worst day is better for the average American citizen! With your high tickets to attend games!

  158. J.D. says:

    David Stern and he NBA are frauds. I would advise Chris Paul to refuse any future trades and to leave New Orleans with nothng due to Dictator Stern screwing everything up all because he is afraid of the other NBA owners who are simply jealous. This was a very fair trade for New Orleans; any claims otherwise are blatant lies. I will definitely hesitate about watching any of Dictator Sterns’ games from now on. This is collusion on the hishest level by the other jealous NBA owners and Stern rewarded their jealous behavior. I guess I need to take away my money, time, etc. to get your attention. The NBA IS A FRAUD; DON’T GIVE THEM YOUR MONEY. The trade for Paul was very fair and Stern is a lier, and theif of the highest order.

  159. McCOOLEET says:

    Com Stern just saved the deal for LAL…just imagine giving up two core big players and getting one all star wherein the Lakers already have two average point guards in Steve Blake and Fisher. Getting D12 won’t make them a “team”, LA needs depth on the bench…just imagine MIA last year, NO BIG MAN, NO PG, NO RING!

  160. Billy says:

    They are complaining about equal compettion and whatever because of the laker…WHAT ABOUT THE HEATS!!!!!!! UNFAIR!!!!! DAVID STERN’s TREATS LEBRON LIKE A GOLDEN BOY>>>UNFAIR

  161. Mike says:

    I have never been so mad at the NBA. I thought the lockout was bad but stopping a trade that was making people excited about the NBA again, one that was reasonable, just makes me sick i almost don’t want to watch this sport anymore to much drama all the time. Football anyone?

  162. Billy says:

    Thats messed up!!!!! David Stern the NBA commissioner will allow the HEATS get all these players and have wade and lebron on the same team, but he won’t let CHRIS PAUL go to the LAKERS!!!!!! That some crap.. He is playing full favoritism to LEBRON and ppl are scared of how strong Lakers can get.smh unfair…MAKES ME WANT TO BOYCOTT LMAO

  163. LALFAN says:

    damn you stern! your such an hippo crate! why you didnt cancel the lebron-bosh-wade?!?! now you are cancelling the trade of paul to LAL?!

  164. Dave viv says:

    Ok Im a hornets season ticket holder and think paul is a great player, if paul wants out then we want to trade him we dont want to end up like the cavs. The people running the team are the same ones here when the old owner had the team and the nba did not put them here. They left them in place cause they are doing good job. Its a shame that we want our team to be better and we cant cause other teams are made cause we dont want to make a deal with them. Maybe if you did not trade your players and draft picks away last year you could make a deal with us. Sorry dont drag my team down cause you cant make a deal.

  165. Outraged says:

    This is utter BS….The so called “Dream Team” was allowed….now it is NOT OK for Teams to trade players just because they make more money???? BS BS BS BS I am through with the #NBA

  166. jonski22 says:

    i am Lakers fan and i’m not a big fan of CP3..and i don’t like the idea of trading my two versatile bigs, which by the way is hard to find in the NBA, for a PG…also if they want DHoward, what can the Laker’s can offer, Bynum is not enough….it’s good that this trade fell. Now, since Gasol ans Odom know their status on the Lakers, they can approach the Magic to the deal with Howard. Gasol and Odom confidence is finished, this is going to be bad for the Lakers.

  167. ronnie says:

    i hate the nba!!!!!!!!!! but i guess its ok that miami got there way!!!!!!!!!!!

  168. Denver/Heat says:

    BAHAHAHAHA laker fans burning paul DENIED.

    Way to cream your pants way to early!

  169. Ben says:

    Unfair? If that’s the case then the NBA should be forced to dismantle Miami’s big three. David Stern will stop at nothing to “give” Lebron James his first championship. He’s tried hard for years, but Lebron hasn’t been able to close the deal with is inablility to close out. What a shame. Just another reason to not support or watch the NBA.

    By the way… Not a Lakers fan.

  170. lets go magic says:

    i told the sportcenter’s crew it wasn’t guranteed. I said it before and I will say it again STOP DREAMING LAKERS FANS YOU HAVE A GOOD TEAM

  171. Nogo says:

    This deal will go down. Give it a day for the free agency to actually begin.

  172. ReggieH says:

    Thats wack… how can they Veto a trade, if one of the other teams got him they wouldnt have vetoed it. Thats

  173. what now says:

    Lakers got cp3 for Odom & Gasol

    If I am the Lakers I would try to get Dwight
    Trade Bynum, Walton Artest and get Dwight and Hedo
    Next get David Lee for Matt Barnes

    SF:James Jones (free agent) Ebanks

    Hedo plays like Odom and David Lee plays like Pau Gasol
    James Jones was great for the heat and won the three point contest

  174. jayjoe14 says:

    Stupid stern

  175. Jon says:

    Really what could have stop them from working a sign and trade deal for David West with New Orleans giving them a four. Plus how would you know they couldn’t get Dwight? Why would they do this in the first place if they didn’t believe they couldn’t. They could have gotten another 3-team deal in the works. If you didn’t believed the league was fixed now you know it is! Miami killed their entire roster but looked how that worked for them. Ever hater doubted that they could make to finals and they would end up losing to Chicago, Boston or Orlando but they made it.

  176. Kobe says:

    Wow David stern really this trade would of made you and the league more than ever now you blew it :/ wow

  177. jacob says:

    AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA lakers fans thought so lol well there still a force but very brittle, anywho HAHAHAHAHAHA

  178. Cory says:

    I think the owners just gave a big “screw you” to the players. They gave them the freedom to pull this stuff off, signed this new CBA which gave the players the freedom to do this; but now, using the term Billy Hunter did, the league just “snookered” them by blocking a perfectly legitimate trade.

  179. swatguy says:

    Where is the Lamar Odom part of these trades?

  180. TheNBAGURU says:

    well i guess the future for Derrick Caracter begins now as the power forward for the lakers, don’t know why NOH is trading for a pf package when they need a pg to replace paul. maybe ship odom to the thunder for maynor? pau gasol isn’t the center that his brother is, definitely not as big. the deal reported earlier seemed to make more sense getting dragic and martin as well as some picks. this one is a head scratcher unless NOH plans to ship 1 of them (gasol or odom) off in a separate deal.

  181. JV says:

    Check yahoo sports, apparently Stern killed the deal and its not going to happen anymore. You would think it would show up on first….

  182. lakersalltheway says:

    David Stern needs to resign now!!! FU those executives!!!

  183. LOOOOOOOOL! says:

    I wonder how Derek Fisher will feel about coming off the bench!
    With that ego of his , goodluck lakers! I bet he regrets accepting the labor deal now hahaha

  184. Either way suckaz !!! Lakers got this year !

  185. Saw Kapaw says:

    David Stern is a f@#$%^ idiot!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I’m already pissed of with NBA and now the CP3’s deal to LA grabbed my attention and that idiot once again is planning to block it because of other owners complained.

    Here’s the truth idiot: Every owners will block CP3’s deal if their team is not involve. So if you block this one, you might as well block every other’s CP3’s deal since the owners will complain every time.

    And why didn’t he block Heat’s LBJ and Bosh deal or Melo’s deal last year????

    I’m just so sick of these idiots leading this sport. I love this sport, no question there, but I’m gonna stop watching this sport until these f#$%^& idiots stop controlling it.

  186. anin says:

    reports from espn say that david stern has blocked the trade since owners were telling david stern that it wasnt fair

  187. shabreezy says:

    This would be an amazing trade if it happened:

    To OKC: Dwight Howard
    To Orlando: Kendrick Perkins, Serge Ibaka, Sefolosha, Nate Robinson

  188. Dave says:

    If this trade goes down for Houston. Houston will be officially TANKING for draft picks next season due to the lack of offense in losing K-Mart…WAIT they just traded their draft picks, Morey you IDIOT!!! Trading a much younger K-Mart, Scola, Dragic AND DRAFT PICKS for ONLY 1 PLAYER.

  189. *CRY* says:

    Stern pulled the plug on the deal. The NBA still owns the Hornets. So no CP3 in Laker Land.

  190. Daniel says:

    The Lakers should keep Lamar Odom and trade Ron Artest instead. Lamar would help out Chris Paul and Kobe Bryant when they need anothor offensive player like Lamar. Also Lamar is a better all around player then Artest, he can shoot, dribble, and run the court.

  191. QWERTY says:

    cp3 should just stay in Big Easy for his contract to expire, then he can pick ANY team he wants to go with. Without, Pau and odom the lakers are screwed. NO BENCH PLAYERS but Brown, no PF. The starters can’t play 48 min a game. Keep Odom and Gasol and let CP3 go where he wants. But i want him to go to NYK.

  192. lilrob10201 says:

    Lakers only get CP3 and all of sudden they think they won the NBA finals ?How dumb still need a PF.

  193. Derek Fisher says:

    “I think i need to retire and focus on the union. No wait, paul will back me up at the point. HAHAHAHAHAHAHA”

  194. Long says:

    NBA commissioner David Stern blocked Chris Paul’s trade to the Lakers after other team owners complained.

  195. Cod says:

    I have one question, where in the hell are they going to get another PF, you NEED a good PF C combo to be great in the NBA, especially in the Western Conference, extremely disappointed in the Lakers giving up on Pau already. And even if the Lakers do get Dwight Howard we still need a PF more solid than Derrick Caracter. On top of it all they are getting rid of Lamar!!!! He’s the heart and soul of that bench and with him leaving that means our bench is going to get even worse. Although I don’t know how much worse it could possibly get right now. The lack of depth on the bench is exactly the reason LA got DESTROYED by Dallas last year.

  196. Sniveler says:

    I dont think trade Paul and Odom with CP is a good Idea, Lakers will lose the big men, Lakers typical gameplay was kobe as a heart of the attack with so many option inside the ring with those big men, but know they need to change the game play, 2 Great Guard, but inside only depend on bynum himself, We can pray that Bynum will not injured during this season. If Bynum Injured, Lakers definitely will not get this ring.
    If I were Lakers’ GM I Prefer to have Howard, change with 2 of 3 big man, so Lakers will still have example : Howard, Odom as a big men, and Prefer find a much younger point guard who can attack from the perimeter 3, I think that will suit much more Lakers’ gameplay.

  197. lakerfan says:

    its not a good trade pau and odom for paul.lakers are crazy two bigmen for a pt guard..odom is a versatile bigman..let me ask you who can guard odom??pau is terrible last playoff but plz keep him..i like the idea of getting d12 and cp3 but..whos with them?who will support them?kobe d12 and cp3 are great players..who will be in the 4 spot?

  198. LEO says:


  199. Barea # 1 says:

    Nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo CP3 cannot go to the lakers he’s the PG in the NBA I hate the Lakers you can go to ……****

  200. MArio17734 says:

    Trade may get cancelled

  201. Izaak says:

    Don’t believe anything coming from Yahoo! Sports. Adrian Wojnarowski is all but a qualified news reporter.

  202. Barea # 1 says:

    Nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo CP3

  203. McCOOLEET says:

    NOH will be a “TEAM”

    PG J.Jack/Willie Green/Dragic
    SG K-Martin
    SF Ariza/Odom
    PF Scola/West (if he resign)/Landry(like West)
    C Okafor

    Great deal for LA and NOH, don’t know much for HOU

  204. lol trading can be a bummer says:

    i feel bad for new york they got nothing out of this whole thing. srry knick fans not this year! MAhahahaah

  205. McCOOLEET says:

    LA bound to be a defensive team:


    add Mike Brown a defensive minded coach

  206. TrueMavsFan says:

    If Tyson Chandler goes to New York, I hope he doesn’t get past the 1st Rd. in the Playoffs.

    “Way to leave us hangin’, Tyson.” – TrueMavsFan

  207. GASOL's Jersey should be hung! says:

    PEOPLE…. LAKER #16 RIP…. Ever since Pau Gasol became a LAKER… he helped the LAKERS make the NBA Championship 3 of the 4 seasons… just because the Lakers didn’t make the Championship for one bad year… he gets shipped. That’s must be the toughest task ever to any NBA player! Even to MICHAEL JORDAN himself… (or Magic or Kareem…) Would this look as it did if the Lakers made it to the Championship at least? Gasol doesn’t jog the courts… he ran them! He had so much pressure from expectations to be better than the greatest he already was at his position. He was placed in a spot to play the Center position which was not his basketball role… (He is really a Power Forward… just because the guy is 7 foot, he is automatically a Center?? WRONG NBA COACHES!) Lakers didnt have the back power to see him at his potential! He as an ALL STAR even had the decency to see Kobe Bryant as the Star of the Lakers! No one even dreamed of playing with KOBE BRYANT before Pau Gasol! Gasol… a tragic loss but a Great LAKER! PAU GASOL’s JERSEY #16 should be hung in the rafters of STAPLES CENTER to be remembered! He has done LAKER good!

  208. brandon says:

    ok, pretty sure the nba is getting more unfair every year, u might as well have only the lakers and the heat, cause all the big market teams, such as the stupid lakers, can just get anybody they want and they will come because they all want to be a laker. the deal should have taken away the ability for the big markets to spend so much money. and lastley you laker fans, YOUR NOT GETTING DWIGHT, you would have to trade your whole team, stop getting your hopes up, all u get is chris, and no one else.sorry. but even with your paul, you have an aging kobe and no good power forward. and theres no way that magic would trade dwight for a bynum thats immature and lazy

  209. amanuel says:

    kobe plase don’t let this would round your holl carrer and everbody know that you are the greatest but if you are going to have cp3 in your team it is going to overshadow you,just like lebron took the team from dwade.or if the deal is done just play for rokets with pou gasol

    • HeatWave says:

      WHAT!! you’re crazy. Wade and James are neck and neck as the stars. Wade out performed James in the Dallas series where James killed it for us, but he did get us out of Chicago and Boston. Will always be Wade County down there but I’m a big Lebron fan as well.

  210. me says:

    Lakers are now after Dwight pretty much.

  211. Mark says:

    Dream on Lakers!!! your not getting CP3, thats a crazy deal and lopsided for the hornets. Odom and Gasol are solid players but there not true franchise players and CP3 is alot younger

    • demagic says:

      It just happened lol you guys are hella late lol

    • Dude says:

      Its already Confirmed that CP3 is with LA

    • Jon says:

      Hey hater, do you even know what the deal was? Before it was killed iHornets would have gotten Odom(Lakers), Lusi Scola(Rockets), Kevin Martin(Rockets), Goran Dragic(Rockets) and draft picks. While the Rockets get Pau Gasol and I believe draft pics. Killing this deal is stupid because instead of getting something New Orleans gets nothing when Chris Paul leaves their sorry behinds after the season. No team will trade for him if he’s not willing to sign an extension. NBA owners and the NBA pretty much killed the New Orleans franchise!

      • HeatWave says:

        They will work something out elsewhere. Possible with the Clippers but NO won’t be left completely empty handed.

  212. china says:

    is everyone crazy?? Lakers just lost half their team pretty much lol!
    Gasol and Odom are gone through CP3, but dont forget Shannon Brown left to join a one year deal with the Phoenix Suns via free agency.
    With that, Bynum is always a liability factor when it comes to his temper and injuries, Metta World Peace isnt the Ron Artest of old and Kobe still have some in the tank but is surely on the downslope of his years.
    To me, I think CP3 is looking at this Lakers team like this: if i win a championship ill stay, if i lose, then ill sign with the Knicks who have better pieces for CP3 to play around.
    I mean cmon guys… you really expect the Lakers to win with Luke Walton, Steve Blake, Matt Barnes and their new draft picks who are clearly raw. Good luck playing Ater Majok 30 mins a night boys.

  213. cris says:

    wtf with Tayshaun, how many years old he got???

  214. Aaron says:

    houston is giving up waaaay to much just for a 31 year old Gasol . Kevin martin is their key player and scorer , scola is way more aggressive and fights more than gasol , AND not to mention were gona give up dragic AND draft picks ? daryl morey please dont do this deal , i know your smarter than that . where the hell are we gona get our offense from with k-mart out the picture ? besides we dont even need gasol or any PF we need a good defensive & rebounding CENTER cmonn -_-

  215. Steven Nobile says:

    Chris Dudley is a FA. If Toronto signs him, they will win!

  216. coolwind says:

    so the league owned hornets send the best point guard in the game to lakers

    an organization who won at least half of their championships because it was more profitable for the league than other team winning it

    i’ll be sticking to watch the game for the on-court fun as usual

  217. lets go says:

    i dont know if this is a good trade if bynam has a hard time staying healthy but this would be great if they can get howard

  218. Go OKC! says:

    If Rockets accept that deal, the lose their las chance of being a consistantly good team, Leave Martin and Scola for Pau Gasol, Are you kidding me?!

  219. colo says:

    kobe SUCKs Lakers Sucks

  220. Alex says:

    The deal is done, Paul is a Laker!!!!

    I’m only sad that we had to give Odom away,but considerin’ hιs age,it had to be done!

    Paul is young, Kobe soon or later will retire and we can build around Paul the next dynasty pluw we may get
    Dwight too, so the future is PURPLE N’ GOLD babe!!!!!!!

  221. lol trading can be a bummer says:

    If this does happen then this is what i think from 1 to 4 best teams

    4.Idk its hard! for the the number 4! Knicks? memphis?

    would do you think!?

  222. xD......CeltZ says:

    bring D.howard to celtics

  223. Alex says:

    The deal is done, Paul is a Laker!!!!

    I’m only sad that we had to give Odom away,but considerin’ he’s age,it had to be done!

    Paul is young, Kobe soon or later will retire and we can build around Paul the next dynasty pluw we may get
    Dwight too, so the future is PURPLE N’ GOLD babe!!!!!!!

  224. celtics fan says:

    ok i have to say somthing about this is that kobe’s crying again before gasol came he wanted to get traded from lakers and when gasol came he one championships and after getting swept by dallas he starts to cry lakers arent gettin either

    • Jason says:

      lakers want to win, not just kobe. don’t mix “crying” with “desire”, it irrationally changes the meaning.

  225. Lakers Fan says:

    For me as a Lakers Fan, it is a great team if Dwight, Kobe and Chris Paul will be in one team..there’s nobody can stop them

  226. Kevin says:

    Its not a rumor anymore, all three teams confirmed the trade right now…say buh bye celtics and heat

  227. From A Knix Fan says:

    LAL should make sure to get D.Howard if they are going for CP3.
    I really don’t see a point in trading for CP3 if you dont land D Howard 1st.
    As a Knicks fan I’m hoping D Howard lands in LAL keeping him from Nets.
    That way the Knicks pickup Deron Williams in the off season.

  228. k89 says:

    Odom gots to stay. Odom is a centerpiece, second most important and most reliable player on this team, after kobe obviously, and i am not sure why he’s in all the trade rumors (other than the fact that all the teams want him, of course)

  229. lol trading can be a bummer says:

    lol i dont care what happens lol…………………………………………………….. cp3 with kobe and thats it. D.H. will stay in orlando. why beacuse the allsatr game is in orlando this year. hes gonning to leave during the season.

  230. Stan says:

    OMG, The Lakers are comming off a season where they were trying to 3 Peat and make history. They are not going to give up the guy that helped them go from a loser in 2006-2007 to 3 straight NBA finals in Gasol for a losing pointguard. The Lakers have their advantage over other teams because of their size inside and they are not giving that up for a pointguard.

  231. Teriac says:

    why would the rockets give three core players and picks to receive only pau gasol? they should’ve asked for metta world peace/steve blake from the lakers or jarret jack/belinelli from the hornets.
    and why isn’t tayshaun leaving? he could be used somewhere else because the pistons already have new young players

  232. N G says:

    Odom AND Gasol for Paul ???
    Lakers must have something planned for Howard, otherwise, this may be the worse trade in Laker history.

  233. Heat Fan says:

    All Stupid Lakers fans u think u have a guaranteed title now that CP3 is a laker. This is not the case you couldn’t beat the haet at all last season with Kobe, Gasol, Bynum, Odom, Artest you are trading away half the team for one player who won’t make up the scoring or rebounds that Odom and Gasol put up so you will still lose.

  234. Argoscorp says:

    LAKERS have to get MARC GASO NOW!!! THE NEXT GENERATION OF PAU!!!And he’s better than his old brother Pau.
    I swear

  235. Todd Nguyen says:

    CP3, KB24, D-Howard, Metta Wolrd Peace, and Matt Barnes … Sound good!!!
    Come on Mitch!!.. Make a quick move!.. I can’t wait any more!!!… Arghhh..
    It sick to see them(Pau, Larmar, Bynum) gone… But for the future of the Lakers… Kobe!… Yes, good move!!!

  236. Josh says:

    I dont get why people are questioning Chris Paul going to the lakers.The same thing happened to Lebron when he went to the heat,it gives him a better chance to win.Seriously your hate for a team can only go but so far,it was stated that he wanted to go to either NY or LA and LA made the more presentable deal.Come on guys grow up and stop hating on teams

  237. Argoscorp says:

    Pau doesn´t deserve this…Pau gave us 2 rings………..

  238. Mik-LA says:

    I think the idea of landing CP3 to Lakers is an absolute Lure for Dwight to go to Lakers. Pretty aggressive move.Considering Pau,LO, and Bynum are Lakers power Core. Now Dwight is thinking of moving to LAL

  239. KOBE FAN says:


  240. KOBE FAN says:


  241. Inaki says:

    Gasol in decline, Pau is old… Any american see the Eurobasket? Don’t make me laugh … Lakers will miss it

  242. lets go magic says:

    Everyone on sportscenter are saying that the deal is done. I don’t see on los angles .com that they got him. that is because it is not offical

  243. Inaki says:

    Pau Gasol it’s better player than Chris Paul. Pau comeback to Barcelona!

  244. riley says:

    dont understand why anyone thinks magic would trade howard straight up for bynum. there not even close in comparison. kobe gettin old they should stick to the core they got bynum gasol and odom all big men that can score. fisher knows their system so he can just try n b playmaker

  245. BOGOT says:

    ahhh OK YAN…!!

  246. Andrew Reyna says:

    I think there is a mistake in this article “The Hornets have started to inform teams that they’re sending Chris Paul to the Lakers for Bynum and Odom, league sources tell Y! Sports.” Isnt it Gasol and Odom? aha

  247. Laker FAN says:

    GASOL and ODOM for CP3???? Hell no!!!!!!!!!!!

    Basketball team needs teamwork not 3 superstar players… look what happened to miami!
    Dallas dont have big three, but bunch of guys playing well their roles in their team and that is a good example of a good basketball team…

    GASOL is the best Power forward today… ODOM is a crucial role players who can also score 15 pts per game..

  248. Elliott says:

    Yes my team back in the race to get kobs 6th ring this is a very good trade i think i would have rather seen bynum go the gasol but oh well we got ball no one hop on the bandwagon

  249. Doncha says:

    he has 33 what u want..?..what u arent understand..the best years for him just coming..

  250. WTF says:

    I thought it was gonna be Pau Gasol for Chris Paul straight up trade but now it’s BOTH Paul Gasol and Odom for Paul??? This is a BAAAD idea. If the Lakers get Dwight and Hedo, there is still a big hole at the 4 spot.. what are the Lakers smoking?? Speaking of which what are the Rockets thinking as well..

  251. Larian says:

    I wished this deal to be done right after the end of last season, I knew Lakers is going to look for CP3, it almost writes on Kupchak’s face.

    The D12 rumor I never took it seriously, because although I like D12, but get him on the Lakers never seem to be realistic, and I don’t want Lakers ended up the Heat with so much critize and pressure put on the team.

    However, right now, it’s not up to us fans, because like Lebron, he joined Heat, because he saw Bosch and Wade were going to be there. Now CP3 join forces with KB24, what will D12 be thinking? what will D12 tell his agent? Man, I don’t really want to imagine the future now. As free agency gets so crazy the more u look into it.

  252. Noah says:

    This will make the Hornets terrible, get Buynum and Odom not Gasol for paul and omeka and if they decline go to the Clippers and trade, Im abig Hornets fan and hate this trade sucks for the Rockets and Hornets

  253. anoynonmous says:

    If Houston ever accepts that trade, their franchise is done. Sure Pau Gasol would help them in rebounding and defence(two areas where Houston needs to improve), but they are giving their best scorer in Kevin Martin and to add on that 2 draft picks.

  254. J Foreman says:

    OK. Lets just all stop and think of the team the Celtics could be in the future if they got Howard. The original big three will retire soon, so it wont be a ‘Super Team’, just Rondo, Howard and whoever else they can get.

  255. buzzkillington says:

    Don’t do it Rockets! That’s suicidal! Scola and Martin (plus Lowry) are the heart of the team, and this is a hungry, ambitious team that has a lot of good chemistry around. Gasol is not worth blowing all this up. He’s not the leading big man you’re looking for, guys. If you want a Gasol, then get in the race for Marc instead – much better choice.

  256. Tony says:

    Is Bynum or Gasol leaving with Odom? The reports are conflicting.

  257. Stulla Dread says:

    (1) I say send blake, trey darius morriss an walton for paul

    (2)bynum, character an joe johnson for howard

  258. legendary24 says:

    damn i love the lakers but they would be really stupid and unfaithful to trade away pau (the guy who kept kobee in town and helped them get to the finals 33 times and win 2) and lamar odom for cp3. they should trade bynum not pau and odom for dwight or just not trade at all and beef up their bench.i know they need a pg but cmon man now we dont even have a pf and the height that is our identity.

  259. Blackmamba24 says:

    I dont get it… So who’s gonna be a PF for Lakers?? Kapono? Derrick Character??? Ughh I dont now about this deal, Gasol I believe still has some game in him, as a Lakers fan I dont now If I want this trade to go thru… no big men inside anymore except Bynum…

  260. dani rL says:

    Pau Gasol is the greatest player in the world, don’t leave LA please. Houston socks !!

  261. SamHawk says:

    The Rockets deal with the Lakers and Hornets is a stupid idea! Pau Gasol really?! Luis Scola is so much more of a fighter than Gasol, and what are we going to do to fill the 2 position. Chase is good but doesn’t have the defense to guard most of the 2’s in the league. I would rather not have a deal be done then to see this crappy deal be done! And do whatever necessary to bring back Chuck!!!

  262. rockets rule says:

    rockets dont do it leave the lakers there to die a slow death plz

  263. eli says:

    i want paul and howard to go to NY… i can see it now, paul, melo dwight and amar’e all on one team… makes me drool just thinking about it

  264. HeatWave says:

    Sweet, I can’t wait to see how things go Christmas day! Will be a good game. Of course I’m pulling for Miami lol.

  265. Melo Man says:

    TC to NY baby! now we talking!!! It’s the first step, next all veterans will take their shot at ny.. We gon’ make it far this year y’all!

  266. Joey says:

    I’m tired of the Lakers owning LA. I’m rooting for the Clippers to start winning in LA. Lakers deserve to feel what the Clippers have felt for 30 years.

  267. Rick says:

    all i got to say is that if these laker deals go down then the lockout was pointless, might as well have started the season on time, that might have let things play out differently. and if paul and howard or any player force a trade like everything is indicating i lose any respect i have/had for said player, just like when melo did that last year i completely have no respect for that fool, just a greedy selfish punk who is getting catered to and he really isnt a top tier star… smh

  268. BOSS says:

    if he do got to the lakers f–k em, and then on opening day derrick rose gone drop 40 to let them know they aint on s–t!!!!!!!!!!!

  269. Andre_twista says:

    Unless the lakers get dwight, i dont think it is a good trade. gasol is still one of the top big men and odom was the key from the bench. Lakers will lose size and most important, bynum will be the only big man of the team.

    Besides, I am the only one that gets trade failed at ESPN trade machine?

  270. Hitmann says:

    cp3 trade is possible but the dwight howard seeing that he is in his prime you gonna need pau gasol for that trade wit dwight howard i mean magic is not gonna want no weak bynum who is more injury prone than CP3 to be on the magic its just not gonna happen good dreaming it tho but then again if dwade james and bosh can be on the same team anything possible now in the nba.

  271. wepeel says:

    Chris Paul for Gasol AND Odom… what about the defense ? Bynum, if he does a full season (without injury) can’t do all the job…

  272. Tarek says:

    Anyone else extremely upset that Pau and Lamar might be leaving? This is a stupid trade. The Lakers core did not need to be broken up. Their front court size was the reason they were so dominant. They will regret this trade. Don’t do it.

  273. cris says:

    I hate the so-called Lakers fan ashing Pau Gasol. I’m a huge Lakers and Kobe fan, but i know damn well Gasol was Major reason why they won the two championships and made 3 final appearances. The man has bad playoffs this season and you guys want to dismiss everything else he did for the team in the short period he was with them.Just 2 seasons ago you fake lakers fan were claiming Gasol was the best PF in the league, now he sucks?(guess it really is a what you have done for me lately world), but whatever happens to Gasol i want to say thank you for all your hard work in winning the championships. Wish you more success

    • HeatWave says:

      Seriously. I may be a Miami fan but how can you turn your back on the guy who is the 2nd if not 1st (remember 09 game 7 vs Houston) that LA has two recent championships?

      • P.R. says:

        Cris I totally agree with you. I don’t understand why these ppl are hating so much on Gasol after all his has done to help the Lakers win those 2 championships. Not that he did it all by him self, but it couldn’t have been done without him. The Lakers will work perfectly with the team they have now. Kobe is coming in fresh so is Bynum and so is the rest of the team. We all saw how powerful the team was when Bynum was healthy this season. If the kid decides to mature a bit the lakers will still be condensers for the championship. They sure need PG replacement now that brown is gone and fisher’s days are coming to an end, but again.. with Kobe Bryant fresh, Bynum fresh, and with Gasol and the rest of the team with a strong and focus attitude, this team WILL again be unstoppable.

    • jayke83 says:

      Remember the time Kobe wanted to solo the team when he was in Shaq’s shadow(I remember trade rumors to Philly, his home town) ? And after he got what he wished he then WHINED to have a back up scorer? The “greatest” basketball player in the world could not do it on his own. And without Pau, he could have never won those championships.

      This is what I hate about the Laker fans(babies), and the comments I’ve read so far makes me proud to be a hater. Thanks to you babies MIami isn’t looking so bad anymore. They treasure loyalty like Haslem and not throw someone off like a used rag like they’re doing Gasol.

  274. lets go magic says:

    I don’t understand why paul would want to go to the lakers. Kobe is getting old and sooner or later he is going to retire. He ain’t getting any younger. Then who is iot going to be bynum and paul. O wait let me guess howardf and paul.b The magic would never accept just bynum for howard. In my mind the magic are better off getting chris kaman and eric gordon and the first round pick from minnetsota that the clips are holding on to.Stop dreaming laker fans.This make absolutly no sense and you all have to agree on that.Even with that when is the last time bynum played a full season…………never!
    PG-Chris Paul
    SG-Kobe Bryant
    SF-Metta World Peace
    PF-Who knows derrick Character
    C-Old Knees (Andrew Bynum)


      finally someone understands but hey they need paul but i think they shouldnt trade either pau bynum odom and definatly not kobe but you are right on the whole pau and odom thing

    • johnz says:

      yes Bynum is not enough for Howard but if Otis Smith doesn’t trade Howard to Lakers which is the only team Howard said he would love to join then where???Howard wouldn’t want to sign a contract extension to other team except L.A. unless Otis wants Howard to join the Lakers via free agency and get nothing as exchange…use your brain you moron!!!

      • lets go magic says:

        the magic don’t care what dwight wants at this point . they care about getting the best deal for dwight and in this case it is trading with the clips

    • jacob says:

      EXACTLY whos gonna play power forward joe smith? HAHAHAHAHAHAHHA

    • Hi says:

      Paul still has a few years on him. Kobes still making shots. Im not saying Dwight is going to L.A but if he does, he doesnt have to be traded because after this season, Hes a free agent. The fact that you are a magic fan shows that you just want dwight to stay. Dwight has his own choice, its his own life, not yours, mine, or anybody elses choice.

  275. Luke says:

    Just out of curiosity, how is the current Chris Paul deal good for the Rockets? Giving up three of their best best players for a number two option? I don’t see the value for them.

  276. PistonsFan says:

    First, I will say thank you to Tay Prince for staying with Detroit, he is the glue. Second, I am scared to death to see what the Lakers could end up looking like this season. I hate the Lakers, so this makes the feeling worse. It appears that Chris Paul is heading to the Lakers for Gasol and Odom. And, unfortunately, the idea of Howard coming to the Lakers is getting closer to a reality. Lakers give up Bynum and someone else for Howard and Hedo. That no longer sounds out of reach. If the Lakers get Paul and Howard to play along with Kobe, we are looking at a new Lakers dynasty….unfortunately.

    • HeatWave says:

      Yes and no. Yes LA will be very dominate for at least 3 years should they acquire Paul and Howard. I say three years because I believe Kobe can put out his normal numbers for that time. After Bryant starts to drop off Howard and Paul will be the main focus and to me there are various answers for either guy on defense. No it would not mean immediate rings for them because looking at other teams like Oklahoma, Portland and Memphis they would have LA beat in some areas as well. I say they get one ring within 3 years if it all happens.

  277. Will says:

    i hope that nene will come to utah even though there are a lot of big men here already

  278. Hunter says:

    I hope the Lakers don’t get Paul and Howard it’s not that I’m jealous of the lakers past decades of success but it would be horrible for the league. Each year Lakers Heat lakers heat lakers heat. OH wait! there are 28 other teams in this league!? I didn’t know that!

  279. HeatFan says:

    The Hornets have started to inform teams that they’re sending Chris Paul to the Lakers for Bynum and Odom, league sources tell Y! Sports.

  280. Spurzzz says:

    Bad trade by the Rockets, they are giving up Scola (solid p/f), KEVIN Martin ( Pretty good S/G), Dragic (decent point guard) and only getting an old Paul Gasol. Thats stupid.

  281. FreeAgent007 says:

    This proposed trade with Paul would be an absolute joke!! The NBA owns the Hornets and would be trading away a top 10 player without getting a star player in return. This trade is as bad as the one that brought Gasol to the Lakers in the first place. If the NBA makes this trade it is a joke! — By the way, Paul should be the most hated player over Lebron. At least Lebron played out his contract and did not hold his team hostage by demanding a trade for only two acceptable destinations.

  282. Rip Greenfire says:

    Looks like the Lakers are no longer the greatest team in LA. Man the Clippers look good all the suden, but then again they could fizzle like the Eagles. Lakers would benifit greatly for Paul, but I would be going for Dwight, and not just because I’m an Orlando fan. Dwight has incredable defense and great centers are hard to find. There are so many young point guards coming in, no doubt the Lakers could pick up one of them.

    • Josh says:

      haah yeh i am pretty sure we could pull of a john wal and get dwight as well im sure we cud pull something like that off….that wud be cool

  283. weewin says:

    lakers all da way

  284. N G says:

    I thought Lakers would have to lose Artest with Gasol in order land Paul. Hornets are getting screwed with those loser players from Houston and doesn’t sound too good for the Hornets.
    Hornets need Gasol & Artest for Paul & someone like West, or whomever.

    Bynum & Odom is the only worthy trade for Magic if they let go Howard.

    Looks like Garnett & Duncan need to come together and form a dynamic duo of their own all the way into retirement so they can spoil all the other up & coming superfriends.

    • RED Rising says:

      That’s why Luis Scola and K-Mart BOTH outscorted CP3 last season.

    • Josh says:

      i dont think the lakers wud giv artes up. he brings defense and physicality to the lakers and much needed trash talk cuz it really does gt in players heads. hes still one of the best lock down defenders in the game and when we play heat who else wud guard him. kobe would ned to be on d wade. im getting off topic. but anyways yea i dont think tey wud give up artest especially since mike bron s a defensive minded coch…

  285. huy nguyen says:

    Lakers rule the world. bitch.!!!!!!!!!!!!! stupid haters hahahaha

  286. Jormag says:

    This is getting worse and worse..the CBA did nothing for competitive balance it seems…just horrible if this deal goes down. Hopefully,for the fans and majority of teams,this won’t happen. Rockets GM is crazy to give away K-MART,SCOLA,Dragic and picks for Pau. What the hell is that man thinking? SMH

  287. TheNBAGURU says:

    this is the best deal on the table for the hornets that a team will consent to. of course there’s better deals on the table with the clippers, warriors, celtics, but they won’t pull the trigger on a trade unless paul guarantees he will stick around for 5+ years. that won’t happen, paul even said he won’t, so this is the best offer NOH will get for paul. if they don’t they’ll get nothing and he’ll head to NY

  288. Max. W says:

    It seems like up till now the only names involved with the Knicks have been CP3, Superman, and Grant Hill. Now it seems like Tyson Chandler is going to end up in the Big Apple. Although, he’s not a superstar like Cp3 or Dwight Howard he is the key to the Knicks’ success. Let’s examine why they are the match made in heaven.

    To read more go to

  289. Max says:

    It seems like up till now the only names involved with the Knicks have been CP3, Superman, and Grant Hill. Now it seems like Tyson Chandler is going to end up in the Big Apple. Although, he’s not a superstar like Cp3 or Dwight Howard he is the key to the Knicks’ success. Let’s examine why they are the match made in heaven.

    To read more go to

  290. Stefan says:

    Why would the Rockets even think about pulling such a deal….. They have a great player in Luis Scola and a great scorer in Martin. Doesn’t make sense to give up that many players for Pau…. He’s not even close to a superstar. The production of possible Rocket Victims are higher then Pau’s

  291. got_watcha_want says:

    I wanted Prince to back up Durant here in Oklahoma 😦

    • Rip Greenfire says:

      Definitly not a bad idea, but I don’t see Prince as a great backup. Battie would’ve been ideal, but he’s gone.

  292. Pete says:

    Cant believe the Rockets would give up Scola, Martin and 2 1st round picks JUST for Gasol….stupid!
    And I heard the Bulls offered Orlando, Luol Deng, Joakim Noah, Omer Asik for Dwight – they will also take Turk’s HUGE contract off Orlando’s hands, sign free agent Jason richardson, and send him back to Orlando. That deal is 10 times better than the one the Lakers are offering. Noah is already as good a player as Bynum….throw in Deng, and Asik and the Lakers deal looks pathetic in comparison.

  293. AAG_SR says:

    Shud have traded Butlers A** when they had the chance last season. going to Clippers after all the support he got from Cuban while he was down

  294. fish sticks says:

    I don’t understand why he wouldn’t want to play for the clips with eric gordon, blake griffen and caron butler. Throw Kaman in there, and thats a hell of a starting five.

  295. TorontoRaptors says:

    Chris Paul to the Toronto Raptors….no one saw that coming…eh? 🙂

    • THEHEATSUCK says:

      All of you sorry Laker haters can sit back and shut your mouth and watch the purple and gold continue to win more championships. Put a hot dog in your mouth, thats not what i really wanna say. But if i write what i really wanna say, they wont post it. But im sure you losers know what i am talking about. Im gonna go home, smoke this KUSH blunt and get ready to watch my Lakers whoop some a** this upcoming season. To all my Laker fans, LETS DO THIS!!!!!! Wonder if Chris Pauls number will stay the same with the LAKERS!!

    • NBA says:

      who would wanna go to canada?? lmfaoo

      • TorontoRaptors says:

        Who wouldn’t? It’s a great country up here, we invented the damn sport, we should get some lovin’ up here as well 😦

  296. Mike says:

    Spurs just signed T.J. Ford.

  297. Jerome says:

    The Lakers Chris Pual trade is stupid, after all Derek Fisher has gone through this year, it is only right to let him keep his starting position on the Lakers!

    • Raul says:

      Fisher can back up hes too old too play point guard especially agianst all the other young, athletic point guards this trade is perfect next comes Dwight

  298. Jose says:

    Paul and Howard will be the perfect pieces for years to come to compete for rings. Like i tell Laker haters. Sooner or later we are back to winning rings.

  299. Jordan says:

    Rockets, plz don’t make this fool of a trade. Sign Deandre Jordan or Nene or Chandler and you will be much better off. Why give up two great players and a great guy off the bench AND a draft pick for just Gasol?? He’s on the decline and won’t be worth anything in 2 years. And why help the Lakers try and become the Heat pt. 2? I hate how the NBA is starting to look more like baseball where 3 or 4 teams have all the stars. This isn’t a video game, let’s keep the NBA competitive.

  300. The real ZZZANZABAR says:

    Im a DIE HARD LAKERS FAN!!! And Kobe in my opinion is Tied for Greatest Scorer of all-time!! But in my opinion, if He joins with Howard and Paul, his 6th ring WONT MEAN A DAMN THING!!! Neither will his 7th or 8th!!!…..OR 9TH lol…okay im going off a bit, but let me be honest, Kobe only 1 maybe 2 of his champinships played “2nd” option on L.A….(I personally considered him a 1b option Shaq 1a) but with The NBA’S best Bigman Howard, and the Nba’s 3rd best Point guard Paul, and the Best player in the league Kobe???? thats NOT FAIR!

    • HeatWave says:

      Nothing is set in stone to say LA will be guaranteed a chamionship. But the odds are high. If this was three years ago I would say yes, but in my opinion all teams are getting better. Even with those three stars for LA, Oklahoma, Memphis, Portland and possibly Dallas still have solid shots at beating them.

      • cody says:

        and thats before the finals than theres the heat, boston (still in negotiations with hornets for paul), bulls, and the knicks (if they an learn to play together and pick up chandler) and news flash deal off stern killed deal for paul

  301. LAKERS GM says:

    LAKERS Need another big! WE NEED TO PURSUE Marc Gasol… (if the Pau Gasol for Chris Paul goes through)

    • HeatWave says:

      They’ll get Howard. I didn’t see Paul being traded for only Gasol and Odom so it leaves LA with a lot to still offer for Howard.

  302. Pedro says:

    I don’t understand how the Rockets do this deal… Martin + Scola + Dragic + pick for a 31yo Gasol? It kinda baffles me…

    • Johnny W. says:

      Amen…WTF…C-Mon Rockets…Red Nation is falling apart after making so many good deals the past season and off-season…your kiling me.

  303. K says:

    That would be interesting to see how that would work out CP3 to LAL. The question however would be; can he (CP3) and Bynum stay healthy? Battier to Miami “good-bad” not sure yet—- With Miller out for maybe the first month of the season, Battier could fill his role regarding the 3-pt shooting; but when Miller comes back, your going to have two similar players. Not a big deal if Miami didn’t have question marks at other critical positions; mainly, Center and PG. Miami truly needs to address their deficiency at the Center position. Miami lose too Dallas last season because Tyson Chandler didn’t have to guard any of the Miami Centers. He was able to just hang out in the middle and close down the lane to LeBron and DWade. Miami has to get taller, younger and more skilled at that position. Even with Chalmer at the PG position if Miami brings in a decent Center (and not Eddie Curry); a decent Center would possiblie put Miami over the top.

    • cody says:

      to bad heat cant afford chandler themselves if they could… well on could only dream. the defense gets way better, better on the boards and a legitimate post scorer.

  304. wetz says:

    Rockets would be very stupid to be part of this deal. Maybe Scola OR Martin plus Dragic and draft picks, but not both Scola and Martin … that’s too one-sided .. Wonder how much Lakers is paying the Rockets so that they don’t have to give up so much on their end to land CP3…

    • Rocket33 says:

      This is one of the few comments on here that make sense. Houston certainly did seem to be giving up a lot to only get Gasol in return. Martin is a good scorer and Scola is one of the most underrated players in the league. After losing Yao Ming I’d say Scola is the main reason why their record stayed respectable.

      Anyway, I wouldn’t be surprised if there was some unreported financial incentive offered to Houston to take part in this trade. Perhaps that’s what David Stern became aware of to kill the trade.

  305. Larian says:

    Rumor or not, happening or not, we will see, but this report definitely made the laker fans comfortable. I am a Lakers Fan, and I don’t want 3 super stars neither, I only want CP3 on the team, because the Lakers need a good point guard. So I pray this deal to be done, and I hope the Dwight deal not getting done.

    Houston is so desperately for a center, that they are willing to give up their core. I can see from here that Houston is trying to rebuild their team.

    I can understand every team wants Chris Paul, although some of the comments above doesn’t seem to be realistic, and again, rumor or not, so far, Chris Paul indicates that he will only be interested in signing extension with the Lakers or Knicks, and we all know that’s what matters most for this CP3 trade.

    • KB24CP3 says:

      Why wouldnt you want Dwight Howard? Ron Artest can sufficiently cover the 4 spot with his size. Matt Barnes at the 3 spot. I would love to see it. Plus I dont see us giving both Odom and Bynum up for dwight, so we might be able to salvage Odom.

    • THEHEATSUCK says:

      @Larian, where are you reading about sports, on pluto? CP said he wont sign long term with the celtics, warriors, and clippers. NY and the Lakers he said he would sign long term.

      • Larian says:


        Right now with the deal done, it appears to be that u are living on Pluto, and I am living on earth.

      • jacob says:

        @THEHEATSUCK ok so lakers new line-up is paul,kobe,artest,bynum,joe smith? BAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHA paul aint gonna give you no rebounds and all this talk about bynum for dwight howard i doubt that would happen reason being theres other more durable centers in the league. bynum may be good but who knows when those knees will give in…..AGAIN HAHAHAHAHAHAH

      • THEHEATSUCK says:

        Ok Jacob i understand you may be about 12 years old and dont know a whole lot about b ball. Let me help you out. Kobe, best player in the NBA, Paul best point guard in the NBA, or maybe second best, next to Rose. B**ches like yourself have been singing the same song for too long now. “The Lakers wont get Paul or Howard, and look what happen. Now your screaming, like a girl, the Lakers wont get Howard. Ok little buddy, we will see about that.BBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBhahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha. Keep hating, us LA people love it!

      • THEHEATSUCK says:

        @Larian in your comment you said Chris Paul said he wont sign a extension with the Lakers. He said he would. I asked you, what planet are you reading and listening to sports on, Pluto? Your response to me was, right now with the deal done, it appears to be that u are living on Pluto, and i am living on earth. Ok buddy, whatever. Put the crack pipe down as you are no longer making any sense.

  306. Kobe Bryant says:

    Welcome Chris! I am so glad you are joining MY team, it’s official, the Lakers will win the championship this year. I’m glad Pau left, he had nothing left in the tank. Wow, the Rockets are really getting screwed in this deal. If only I was closer to Rockets GM Daryl Morey, I would tell him not to pull the trigger on this deal. Rockets would be losing their star player Kevin Martin, two solid bench players. and picks too. That’s crazy, Pau is a choker and not worth that much

    • joe says:

      you’re funny guy

    • TarHeelNation252 says:

      man u crazy as hell da only threat da lakers had otha than kobe is the big men in the paint… cp3 aint gonna give u no rebounds… and hardly no points. jus kobe takin all the shots again like a couple years ago

      • dropdimes15 says:

        lol cp3 made aaron gray look like a scoring center, he creates points by putting/finding his teammates in positions where they can’t help but score, he is a genius at the point gaurd position. bynum will score at least 5 more ppg than he did last year if playing with paul. this would improve the lakers so much it sickens me

      • LifeStar says:

        and when Bynums knee goes out?

    • THEHEATSUCK says:

      @Kobe Bryant you are a idiot. Becasue Gasol didnt play well during one playoff season, hes a choker? Get real dude, Gasol wil be a beast next season, whether he is with the Lakers or somewhere else.

    • DALLASCHAMPS! says:

      Just becuz Kobe was a ball hog and never gave Pau a real chance doesn’t mean he chokes. In fact I believe this was Kobe’s worst playoff run. GO MAVS!!

    • bulls says:

      Isn’t that we they all said about the heat last year…

  307. Greg says:

    Bring CP3 in. That’s my main concern right now. Without this trade, our team is gonna fall apart. Need strong leader in Paul, and maybe if we can haul Howard in we’ll be unstoppable. Please Lakers!

  308. Tim says:

    3 way trade between celtics, thunder and hornets. Paul to celtics, Rondo to Thunder and green, westbrook to Hornets. Makes sense for all teams, really wish this would happen

    • got_watcha_want says:

      Why would the Thunder dump Westbrook for Rondo????? Sam Presti is smarter than that.

      • lol trading can be a bummer says:

        no making fun of you but thats kind of dumb. rondo is fine in boston and why would OKC trade R. westbrook? cmon comman sense

      • Tim says:

        Rondo and Durant together would be unstoppable and even though westbrook is an elite scorer we have james harden who could become an elite scorer but he is the third choice on the offense with him as number 2 we would be unstoppable

      • jacktrip says:

        Westbrook is an elite scorer but he doesn’t play DEFENSE like rondo so its a question of do you want scoring or do you want a defensive guard that runs the show. BY WAY BOSTON ALL DAY AND RONDO’S HERE TO STAY…

    • Bbrown says:

      Only way Thunder would trade Westbrook is for Paul. And even then only maybe. I prefer my point guard to have functioning knees even if they are the best pure point guard in the league.

  309. Rob says:

    Scary Line Up.

  310. HeatFan says:

    Please no. I don’t want to have 3 or 4 super teams competing each year. I was mad a miami at first, but you have to admit they are exciting to watch. If CP3 joins the lakers then the NBA will be a 3 or 4 team league, and we should just skip right to the conference finals. (Knicks at Heat and Lakers at Mavs)

    • BullsFan says:

      Dont forget about the mvp and the bulls.

    • got_watcha_want says:

      The Thunder will also be in the mix.

      • THEHEATSUCK says:

        I LOVE IT! LA LAKERS BABY!!!!!!

      • jacob says:

        uh i got to say lakers have no POWERFORWARD HAHAHAHAHAHHAHA oh wait joe smith? AHAHAHAHAHHA

      • Tommohawk says:

        seriously man, are you as stupid as you make out? The Lakers will do nothing without a decent front court. That’s actually what won them all those chempionships.

    • lol trading can be a bummer says:

      why would you say the the heat and knicks. The bulls are better then them and knicks didnt prove anything from last year saying that their ready for it

      • THEHEATSUCK says:

        @Jacob who gives a d**n about PF. We have the best player in the game today, the best or second best point guard in the league. If you are old enough to understand and if you know anything about basketball, you should know the Lakers are going to bring in more talent to play with CP and KB. Quit hating and get use to the purple and gold kickin your teams a**.

    • jacktrip says:

      People aways say SUPERTEAMS……Are we forgetting that these are professionals and they are getting paid to pay. So if a player chooses at the end of there contract to leave a team then so be it and quit the blood clout crying already…..

  311. Heat Fan says:

    Things are certainly getting crazy. But Battier to the Heat is a good addition. Eddy Curry hell no! As far as all the rumors i have decided to just wait and follow the day as it goes by one step at a time.

  312. Miami says:

    I do not give much possibility to above rumors. But you never know, some teams act so fool on trades and give away their star players and get almost no return.

  313. Dylan says:

    I would like to see the Celtics try to go out and get a center to finally replace Kendrick Perkins. All we need is a powerful rebounder (like Tyson Chandler) before we can compete for a finals appearance.

  314. jonathan says:

    Lakers are gona fall apart if this deal doesn’t done. Pau and Bynum are gona be butt hurt since lakers front office doesn’t want them anymore. Kobe’s getting old, and no more Phil Jackson. Not looking so good

    • 21 says:

      Why should Bynum be butt hurt if the team wants to trade him for Howard, the best center in the league? I mean, it’s obvious and every single team in the league would do that if they had the possibilities. Nothing to get butt hurt about.

      • Saw Kapaw says:

        David Stern is an idiot!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I’m already pissed of with NBA and now the CP3′s deal to LA grabbed my attention and that idiot once again is planning to block it because of other owners complained.

        And why didn’t he block Heat’s LBJ and Bosh deal or Melo’s deal last year????

        Here’s the truth idiot: Every owners will block CP3′s deal if their team is not involve. So if you block this one, you might as well block every other’s CP3′s deal since the owners will complain every time.

        I’m just so sick of these idiots leading this sport. I love this sport, no question there, but I’m gonna stop watching this sport until these idiots stop controlling it.

      • Saw Kapaw says:

        We might think this is sport, but it is not. This is just like any other giant business coorporation; It is control by a few greedy white rich old farts controling the black athelets by the string.

        Just like Rap music industry; we might think the black rappers are controling, but it is really is controlling by the greedy rich while old men.

    • imad akel says:

      jonathan’s right. butt hurt might not be the word, but you’re not gonna give a 100% for a team that wants to trade you, or even one that’s considered trading you for that matter.

    • D&G says:

      yooo 21 your a scrub and dont know what ur talking about, CP3 KOBE running the show its over! who cares phil is gone and we got mike brown who led the Cavs #1 2 years straight with Lebrick james, so we got this set, kobe is 33 and still has it in him for another ring to Match the greatest MJ

    • MackDaddy says:

      Bynum wants out. Wants a team to call his own. This ain’t gunna happen in a big market like LA. Good luck in Orlando buddy…. it’s all yours!

    • armando says:

      lakers really need to restructure their team to make brown’s style work

      their current big men won’t be able to keep up w/ the speed

      bynum & pau is really expendable atm

      for paul

      i see clippers as a better team for him

      C JORDAN
      F BUTLER
      G GORDON
      G PAUL

      this is how their line up gonna be

    • CJ says:

      the whole superstar team wont never has remember a few years back when the lakers had payton,kobe,malone and shaq..never worked..heat suck, mavs will suck this year bulls all the way baby after they trade boooozer

      • A Real Basketball Fan says:

        That Lakers team got into the finals, the Heat made it to the finals, if you tell me that thsoe teams SUCK, then you dont know aything about basketball.

      • Bbrown says:

        The 04 lakers only lost due to Karl Malone’s knee injury and the Heat were up 2-1. Not sure how either team sucked. I am sure that nearly every team would take a finals appearance. Bulls dont have enough offense to win after LeBron puts the clamps on Rose and we have to watch Deng and Boozer brick mid range jumpers.

      • DLW says:

        If Carl Molone isn’t injuried the lakers win that yaer as well. Combining 3 stars worked in Bosten and almost worked in Miami. This in nothing new, teams have been combining superstars for years wirh mixed results. Remeber the Lakers did in ages ago with West, Baylor and Chamberlain

    • THEHEATSUCK says:


      • Terrence says:

        Then why are you posting on an nba page?

        Anyways i agree with an earlier post about superstar teams don’t work… I can’t really say the heat suck but i will say “king james” is over-rated, will continue to be untill he can prove it in a “big game”. But back to the superstar team can’t last time was the celtics few years ago!. But thats due to “big gamers” that they have as stars.

        I also agree about the Chicago Bulls, that is because i am a bulls fan lol. trading boozer isn’t what is needed. i think boozer will have a bounce back year… remember he was injured most of the year last season. And the bulls didn’t lose in the eastern confrence finals because of boozer but because of no out side pressence since kyle also had an off year. I am happy with our team with who we have. But i would like to see a scorer for the 2 guard.

      • aj says:

        what r u doing @

      • Niko says:

        I know, its like walking into KFC, buying a bucket of chicken, then saying “i F*%king HATE Chicken” & throwing it on the floor. That’ll show’em.

    • Magic Man says:

      This is the gayest thing I have ever heard of. It is not my Lakers fault that they can make the moves they make to win championships. You play to win not lose. David Stern and those other owners need to grow up. Chris Paul will never win a championship in New Orleans, just like Dwight Howard will never win one in Orlando. These guys want to win a championship and David Stern and other owners want to stop that from happening. That is insane, selfish and childish!

    • celtics/warriors says:

      why is kg not a top 10 player? and why is it that chamberlain,larry bird and other “OLD” legends are in the top 10?? i mean wtf.. cmon ppl it was the 70’s and 80’s.. i think they should stop over rating these 80’s players accept for mj,pippen,rodman,payton,zeke etc.. does anyone agree?

      • Niko says:

        Bird would eat up most of theres guys today, its not like we have guys breaking the sound barrier as they run down the court now & u put Wilt or Kareem in the league now & they’d be Domminating.

      • Jones17 says:

        Larry Bird would get scored on for fun by LeBron, Kobe, Wade and those 3 would make it very difficult due to speed and athleticism. Bird was great but he wouldn’t dominate in todays game, he couldn’t defend.

    • hornets fan says:

      When will you people learn, David Stern never wanted a team in New Orleans(Minnesota T-Wolves) he denied that team from coming here. Now he kills this deal because some other owners complained. The thing is why not let the Hornets get as much as they can for Paul. At the end of the year he will opt out leave go to the Lakers anyway and the Hornets will have nothing in return. Then they wont be able to attract anyone to play there, they wont get new ownership, attendance will drop and he will have what he wants, they will have to move the team to another bigger market, and the city will have nothing to do during once football season is over, way to go Stern

    • Rocket33 says:

      This comment is probably gonna draw a lot of criticism but here goes…

      Kobe Bryant and Chris Paul in the same backcourt doesn’t make sense to me. Dominant, play-making, shot creating shooting guards like Kobe don’t need a star point guard like CP3. Having CP3 there running the offense would effectively make Kobe a catch and shoot 2 guard. Or if Kobe still wants to be Kobe, makes CP3 a younger Derek Fisher. Either way you don’t get the full value out of both players and you lost Lamar Odom and Pau Gasol in the process.

      The issue the Lakers need to address is Andrew Bynum. He wants a bigger role so let him have it… somewhere else. A trade to the Magic for Dwight Howard is the “blockbuster” move that they should look into. Unfortunately they’ll need to offer someone like Odom to make that happen. They’d do better offering both Gasol and Bynum and keeping Lamar as he has the versatility to play 3 or 4. I think Howard and Gasol would get in the way of eachother. It sounds like Hedo Turkoglu has to be part of any package involving Dwight too.

      Now about the PG problem. The Lakers should be asking about Mario Chalmers. He stepped up big time last year for the Heat and would fit perfectly in the current Lakers backcourt. Doesn’t need the ball in his hands too much, will just hit the open shots when Kobe gets doubled/tripled. And the same with Dwight if he’s in the mix.

      The end result…

      1 – Chalmers
      2 – Bryant
      3 – Artest
      4 – Odom
      5 – Howard

      Try scoring on that frontline! Hedo playing Point Forward off the bench, Luke Walton waving towels and who knows Jamal Crawford might even accept a 6th man MLE deal for a shot at a championship.

      I’m not a Lakers fan, just calling it as I see it…

      • SYRACUSEALLDAY says:

        I couldn’t agree more. CP3 and Kobe would not be a good look. The major emphasis on LA getting back to CHAMPIONSHIP form is with their BIG MAN/MEN. Bynum is an absolute waste of size and Gasol’s lacking confidence and athleticism would be their downfall in the playoffs again this year. Dwight would be the perfect 1-2 TKO Combo with Kobe. But to think of Chalmers as a starting point guard with L.A, now that’s absurd. He’d be a downgrade from Fisher and the monkey ears guy. Chalmers is just a spot up shooter, not a legitimate point guard and barely has handles. Regardless, I can’t wait till Christmas! It’s been long enough…