Free Agency Craziness Kicks Off

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UPDATE 12:55 a.m.: Well, it took about 45 minutes into the official start of the season for the Dwight Howard shoe to drop, so to speak.

Chris Broussard of ESPN The Magazine dropped the bombshell via Twitter:

Nets have emerged as No. 1 choice for Dwight Howard, multiple sources say. D12 is expected to ask Magic to trade him to NJ.

Nets still pursuing Nene in case deal for Howard falls through. NJ offering Brook Lopez & 2 1st rnd picks, as @ESPNSteinLine wrote last wk

You knew it was going to come up at some point. But in the first hour of free agency? This is going to be a long day!

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UPDATE 12:40 a.m.: What is it with Cavs owner Dan Gilbert and his letters during free agency?

He struck again, this time with a letter to the Commissioner expressing his concerns about the proposed monster deal. Yahoo! Sports has the text of the email:


It would be a travesty to allow the Lakers to acquire Chris Paul in the apparent trade being discussed.

This trade should go to a vote of the 29 owners of the Hornets.

Over the next three seasons this deal would save the Lakers approximately $20 million in salaries and approximately $21 million in luxury taxes. That $21 million goes to non-taxpaying teams and to fund revenue sharing.

I cannot remember ever seeing a trade where a team got by far the best player in the trade and saved over $40 million in the process. And it doesn’t appear that they would give up any draft picks, which might allow to later make a trade for Dwight Howard. (They would also get a large trade exception that would help them improve their team and/or eventually trade for Howard.) When the Lakers got Pau Gasol (at the time considered an extremely lopsided trade) they took on tens of millions in additional salary and luxury tax and they gave up a number of prospects (one in Marc Gasol who may become a max-salary player).

I just don’t see how we can allow this trade to happen.

I know the vast majority of owners feel the same way that I do.

When will we just change the name of 25 of the 30 teams to the Washington Generals?

Please advise….

Dan G.

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HANG TIME HEADQUARTERS: We expected fireworks right around midnight.

They came a few hours early, though, and not in the form of some blockbuster deal or some superstars being swapped in a mega-trade or even some high-profile free agent being the first one to put his signature on the dotted line.

Instead of a jaw-dropping deal taking center stage, the deal that died will be the one remembered from this night. The league squashed a three-team blockbuster that would have sent Chris Paul to the Lakers.

That makes what should officially be the first day of the 2011-12 NBA season seem almost anti-climactic. The start of training camps all around the league is just hours away. And there will be plenty of free agent signings announced between now and then. There will be a few trades, too.

But nothing on the level of the blockbuster that almost was. And the confusion and craziness that the scuttling of the Paul deal has wrought will no doubt linger. Luis Scola, Goran Dragic and Kevin Martin will join their Rockets teammates at training camp in Houston. Instead of heading to training camp in a new city, Pau Gasol and Lamar Odom will join their Lakers teammates in Los Angeles and figure out a way to make it through what will have to be an awkward day.

“When a team trades u and it doesn’t go down? Now what?

That’s what Odom tweeted after the deal disintegrated.

Great question.

Odom said even more to Broderick Turner of The Los Angeles Times, and as you might have guessed, it’s raw:

Lamar Odom is still a Laker, but he doesn’t sound completely thrilled about it.

Odom admitted that he was “shocked” and “surprised” when told Thursday afternoon that the Lakers agreed to trade him to the New Orleans Hornets as part of a deal for point guard Chris Paul. But this evening when he heard that the NBA had killed the trade, Odom said he was in “total disbelief” over these new developments.

Odom and Pau Gasol had been part of a three-team deal: Paul was coming to the Lakers, Odom was going to the Hornets and Gasol was going to the Houston Rockets, who were going to send Luis Scola, Kevin Martin, Goran Dragic and draft picks to the Hornets.

But NBA commissioner David Stern, reportedly under pressure from the same owners that just ratified the new collective bargaining agreement, killed the deal. The Hornets are owned by the NBA; the league said they rejected the Paul “trade for basketball reasons.”

“I guess that means I’m a Laker if the trade didn’t go through,” a somber Odom said in a phone interview with The Times. “I don’t know what to do for the Lakers. I’m even weirded out by the league doing what they did. I don’t know what to do.”

Odom said he thought it was “a lie” when he was first told about the trade to New Orleans.

“And then it doesn’t go through,” Odom said. “Oh, lord. I don’t know what I’m going to do. I’ll pray about it.”

The Lakers open training camp Friday at their facility in El Segundo.

“Maybe I’ll see you there tomorrow [at practice],” Odom said. “But I doubt it. You don’t want to go to no place you’re not wanted. I’ll try to give them what they want as much as possible.”

Odom also felt bad for Gasol.

“Imagine how Pau feels,” Odom said. “Pau came to the Lakers and played here for four years, went to the Finals and lost, won two NBA championships and then got swept [by the Dallas Mavericks this year]. Wow! Imagine how he must feel.

“Man, I’m just in total disbelief about all of this,” Odom continued. “They don’t want my services, for whatever reason. I don’t know what I’m supposed to do. I was proud to be a Laker, so I’ll try to help them in the process as much as possible.”

For all of us that looked forward to this day as the first truly big day of the season since the lockout ended, we’ll get that and a whole lot more.


  1. teamLeBron says:

    i dont think anyone REALIZES he or D12 are NOT free agents. u kant jus up and say “hey i dont wanna play here no more, send me to LA now” its doesnt work like that. And wen kobe leaves in 2 years (which will happen) is he gonna do tha same thing???????? he’s not gonna wanna rebuild ANOTHER franchise… P.S. and they’re stupid for not keeping shannon brown

    • Sway says:

      Wouldnt you say its the right thing on Chris Pauls behalf to indicate to his team that he is going to walk at the end of the season as a free agent so that the Hornetts have a chance to get something in return via a trade. I think its selfish that players know they are going to leave as free agents, like lebron, so that there team doesnt have a chance to get anything what so ever in return.

    • CP3Laker says:


      Cannot keep Brown – his choice.


      what is the difference? free agent or trade? the only one is that when it comes to trade NO will get something. and in fact the thing is free agency is after the sezon. Stern gives time for lebric james to win the championship, which he does not deserve.

  2. leggomymelo says:

    i see what both sides are saying, and even though i dont agree with what the league did, they are the technical owners of the hornets. its just an unfortunate situation.

  3. LOOOOOOOOL! says:

    FIRST OFF, the hornets is, in fact, OWNED BY THE NBA. All 30 owners have partial ownership to this team.
    The hornets was going to move to a different city because they couldnt afford to play at New Orleans.
    NBA, David Stern, did the best he could to keep it in New Orleans and it eventually worked out with the owners chipping in.
    SO the owners do have a say about this trade or what not. Mark Cuban has always been vocal about the Hornets since this occured. When they traded Marcus Thornton for Carl Landry, he was already whining and complaining like the person he is. He is so lucky that they won a ring last season SO LUCKY. I bet once he saw this trade he knew he had to do everything in his power to stop it cause without a doubt the lakers would be on top of the West again. No way will they win again without Chandler and that is a fact. Sources say he is going to Knicks so goodluck Mark.

    SECONDLY, you laker fans are so dumb always thinking there is a conspiracy and crap. Get educated before you post something. I swear Lakers fans are the worst. First time I have ever seen a team get BOOED at their HOME COURT.

    • Sway says:

      Why was there no further negotions in the trade, why was there no further talks, why was this trade just cancelled just like that. If all 30 teams have equal say in what goes on at the Hornets then i would think that all teams would have a equal vote into the permission for this trade to occur. There is a conflict of interest here…if a team is unable to operate independently within itself then it wont be able to progress. Chris Paul is going to walk at the end of this season,,,,this was a great chance for them to get something in return, and their GM Dell Demps understood that.

  4. Celts Fan says:

    The NBA blocking the deal was a business maneuver. The NBA does not want to continue owning the Hornets, but without Paul they will not get a fair price for the team even with Odom and whoever else was going to NO. It was necessary, and besides the NBA wants to prevent what happened in Miami to happen again bottom line is its not fair

  5. Alonzo says:

    As a Laker fan when i saw da trade get blocked at first i was pissed bout it…but by looking at da trade scenario by getting rid of gasol nd odom wasnt goin be a good move for da Lakers cuz if Lakers would gotten Chris Paul we would have looked weak on da front court… so just wait until july 1,2012 its goin to happen chris paul as a new laker wit gasol nd odom still on da team

    so paul shld just stay in New Orleans for just one more year

  6. admir says:

    How could of Heat got LeBron and Bosh and Lakers cannot get Chris Paul, unfair right? How can Celtics have Ray Allen and KG but Lakers cant?

  7. goerge says:

    look im a nola fan and seeing cp3 go to lakers would hurt i mean i thought the nba was about teamwork but now its about names , it gives the nba that wwe feel like people mention miami and think about 3 people only and forget the rest of the team. come on why dont they just leave the nba with 4teams then….little guys should get a chance too it not all about names………

  8. Michael says:

    This is unbeliavable. Sieg heil herr Stern!
    I think that mr. Stern has been destroying the sport i love for quite some time now and that it is time for him to quit his job but first allow this trade to go through, before the damage gets worse. He has screwed all three franchises and he must repair this mistake before it impacts other things like free agency. The Rockets could have gotten Nene and while there still is a very small chance of it happening, it is probably gone.
    Signed: former fan of the league for more than 15 years.

  9. JLP says:

    I hate to say it (bean a long time Lakers fan) but the Lakers are going nowhere with this new head coach. Reason i say this. when he was with playoffs against the magic a few years back it seams to me he had no game plan for the magic just a befuddled look on his face .It will be the same thing with the Lakers as with Cleveland. Give the ball to Kobe and let him make it up as he goes along. without a game plan its impossible to be a champ in this liege.

  10. Nick Eden says:

    First of all it shows how Davis Stern is so incompetent for his position. After a lockout another bad bad call and lying through his teeth it was NBA decision while it was based arounf the knucklehead Dan Gilbert complaining and now I understand why Lebron didn’t wanna offer his services to him and his organization.
    From what I understand, Lakers have the highest payroll and luxury tax they are paying and still willing to spend more to compete and do justice rightfully so to this sport. Other cheezy owners don’t want to spend and compete but sit back and pull others legs as well from doing so, its simply stupid and again highlights on the intelligence of it President, so called Commissioner David Stern. Losing taste and interest in the sport till he resigns.

  11. Myers306 says:

    Ok, I really don’t care what happens with Chris Paul. But I feel for Odom, it seems like the Lakers don’t want him for some reason. If I was him, I wouldn’t know what to do either. But I would also ask to rejoin the Heat and forget about the Lakers. So Odom, if you ever read this comment, you should think about it.

  12. bryant says:

    y’all heat fans are just jealous that we would have formed a better big 3 than your “big 3”. Also Dan Gilbert just needs to learn its his fault for letting LBJ get into free agency.

  13. Time2Boycott-2 much POWER 4 1 man! says:

    Every time DAN “THE HATER” GILBERT writes a letter, who proves to the world why his franchise will never be successful AND that his lack of intelligence will be the legacy he leaves for the hapless cavs!

    I think it is official. IT’S TIME TO BOYCOTT THE NBA! DAVID STERN believes that the fans will forgive and quickly forget. A nice LETTER TO THE FANS and all if forgotten! The NBA has worked very hard in recent years to handcuff the Lakers by the way it officiated games, especially Kobe. During the lockout it became very clear that the owners wanted to run the table and insure that every team would have a chance to win a championship. Unfortunately, Capitalism prevents everyone for being equal. I think the David Stern is a SOCIALIST and not a realist. David Stern is trying to protect his legacy but doesn’t realize that the fans can destroy the NBA and his legacy.

    Even though I am a huge LAKER fan, I would have a problem with an organization that hasn’t provided its employees ( Namely the Hornets) guidelines and STANDARD OPERATING PROCEDURES). This is equivalent to changing the rules during the game to suit your needs.

    Not ever business can be a FORTUNE 500 company and not every business should be hugely successful! There are numerous reason why these teams don’t win a championship and the main reason is because of horrible decision making like the ones David Stern has been making. Stern has not one to be accountable for and there are little to no recourse for those who are affected by David Stern’s ruling. NFL style replay would help protect the integrity of the game and keep the official honest, but Stern is a DICTATOR whom won’t allow INSTANT REPLAY to challenge his supreme authority!

    I’m done giving back to the NBA, because they have more control than ever and will have more tools to choose which teams win a championship! Way too much control for 1 man!!!!!

    No NFL style reply = NO INTEGRITY
    Referees caught fixing NBA games = CORRUPTION


    I’m OUT!!!

  14. Matser says:

    look, i may be just 26 yrs old, so in fact 1985 is the year i was bron, doesn’t anyone remember what stern did then? changing the lottery so the number one pick(Patrick Ewing) would go the Knicks? Same team being on the other side of the speculation before the blockbuster news, see any patterns here???? i see a lot of theorie’s and i’m not calling it out i too suspect corruption, but simply the same thing it was back then like someone said here, he wants CP3 in NYC, i mean come on listen to his accent he can hardly hide it…..

  15. Matt says:

    No big melodrama, no long speech… I play & watch every sport with a ball in it. But b-ball is by far my favorite. I’ve seen thousands of NBA games in the last few years. But I won’t watch another game as long as Stern is in office.

  16. denise says:


    NEW ERA IS IN THE EAST. Hopefully the Heat or Bulls.

    League does not need fans who feel robbed over something like this. It is just basketball people!

  17. HeatSucks says:

    The Heat will need to sign both dwight Howard and Chris Paul altogether for them to win a championship. They need to sign them both otherwise Lebron will forever be ringless. Just saying.

    Oh and Miami Heat sucks.

  18. Andrew says:

    Quote me on this now.. Stern, and the other owners will let Paul somehow in a 3team trade that will send Paul to NY. D12 will go to the nets, and NY just so happens to be where the NBA HQ are at. Coincidence? I think not… it’s funny that they’re saying that they’re listening to other offers from others teams that are on the table. Basically if I’m no the Hornets I would be mad because not only was I traded, but the players who wasn’t apart of the deal probably will have bad feelings towards it. Why? Because who wants to play for a team that basically says without CP3 we have no allstar and no roster worth trying to sell the team with. To know I play for the Hornets, and I can’t get what I want through trades? Good luck on trying to sell the team you losers(stern&gilbert). Also Gilbert go crawl under a rock or walk into traffic please. You put a sucker in baby lebrons mouth then your idiot ways of being a GM allowed him to leave instead of trading him.

  19. craptors says:

    dude, wake up. the deal didnt go through becuase the NBA OWNS THE HORNETS. not a lone owner like other teams do. the reasoning to this deal being busted is because they want to stop this trend of having huge market teams having 3 or more superstars in one team. paul will eventually end up somewhere, let it be the knicks, lakers, whatever. gotta understand that the league just signed a new deal and that deal was to SOMEWHAT help small market teams to be successful in the league. its never gonna work 100% but the lakers will get their man. let it be paul, howard (which i think will land in NJ anyways) or whatever. their still a playoff team and always will be.

  20. Andrew says:

    I also love how they’re letting D12 go to NJ, basically New York, and although the Nets suck, they are a big market team, and a new owner with alot of money. New team, and the nba wants D12 to go there. Let CP3 go to the knicks, and the nba will make more money. It’s really sad, and I for once, am not watching the NBA anymore after this bs. Ill watch my lakers in playoffs, but as for following nba anymore that’s not happening. Thank god for ncaa basketball..go dukies!

    Stern… Gilbert… you guys are jokes. Gilbert you have no sense of what an owner supposed to do. You mean to tell me an owner not supposed to save cap space in a trade? You mean to tell me that a owner can’t give his team not the best PG in league, but a top 5 PG in a trade? Oh nooo it’s too unfair to let a owner know what hes doing with his team.

  21. SYDALE says:

    The Nets need to just sign some people… starting with Nene… Add on Jamal Crawford or Jason Richardson for offense… and maybe pick up Andrei Kirilenko for defense at the SF…

    C- B. Lopez 7’0
    PF- Nene 6’11
    SF- AK47 6’9
    SG- J- Rich or J. Crawford both are about 6’5
    PG Deron Williams 6’3

    That’s a strong starting 5… A lot of size in that lineup… plus experience…

  22. X says:

    How can yanybody say that the deal wasn’t good for all teams involved???? The deal was good for all sides Basketball wise and probably the best for the Hornets. Yes the Lakers would have gotten Chris Paul but they would have given up their enitre front court to do so. The Rockets would have gotten Gasol who is much needed there due to the retirement of Yao Ming. The Hornets would have got Odom, Kevin Martin who averaged over 20 pts last year, Luis Scola who is a consistent player, Goran Dragic, and a 1st Round Pick. So how was this a bad trade again??? O_o The owners did not want the Lakers building another dynasty on top of them trying to get someone to buy the Hornets. This deal had NOTHING to do with basketball and EVERYTHING to do with business. You got the Cavs owner sending letters crying about the deal, you got Mark Cuban crying as usual. But what they fail to realize is by killing this deal they are only hurting the 2 other teams involved in this trade other than the Lakers.Now Houston has to try and find another big man that can help them attract some better players, and after Chris Paul is done playing for the Hornets this year he is going to put both middle fingers up and walk as a unrestricted free agent. So instead of the Hornets getting something for Paul he is just going to walk away. OR they are STILL going to have to trade him somewhere else this year to try and save face but any team that he will want to play for will be just as big as the Lakers and it will cause an uproar if he is allowed to be traded to another big market.

  23. Andrew says:

    They are doing this because they wanna sell NOH, but sad thing is how you gonna sell a team when the buyer should be smart enough to know, especially after this bs, that Paul won’t resign, and still will go to a big market team. So how the hell does this make sense, and is fair to the Hornets, or even Rockets? They was giving away 3 players, one in which was gonna be there long time, and the other 2 most likely wouldnt of signed next year.

  24. sorrel says:

    next summer paul will leave for nothing… to the lakers….great move by the owners…instead of having odom scola martin and a pick..we have NOTHING..find a owner if u can…

  25. SYDALE says:

    I say it again… Chris Paul for Russell Westbrook… this is what needs to happen!!!

    That other trade… c’mon…. If I was from New Orleans, and I was a Hornets fan, there would be no way I’d go see Lamar Odom and those other guys… They aren’t stars and they probably wouldn’t make the playoffs…

  26. emil says:

    who runs the show for NO ? the GM or Stern/Nba? Demps i think will resign before season starts, and no one wolud want to be GM of NO ever, imagine u decide for the good of ur team as you see it, then the owners will revoke it… Go cp3 play the season for NO, then dont re-sign just bolt-out by next yr ala bron/melo, by then demps , cp3 and lakers will be smiling !!!

  27. Aram says:

    The funny thing is that Dan ‘cry baby’ Gilbert should be the thing the NBA blocks.
    His sense of entitlement and knack for bad press is the type of thing that keeps a small market even smaller.
    While he still can’t get over the fact that LeBronze was a free man he leads the charge against a deal that could salvage the NO Hornets fiasco. This trade would have helped NO much more than a CP3 summer departure… FO FREE. And because the NBA owns the Hornets and needs to sell to a real owner eventually they will have a very difficult time finding a buyer.
    This isn’t about competitive fairness for cry babies like Gilbert, this is about hijacking the autonomy of the NO organization and potentially crippling the future of the team.

    -1 point David Stern.

  28. How about the board takes a vote and remove the Commissioner? This is ridiculous for the league to control a player being able to prosper in his career. Every team in that deal was getting better and in this case the Hornets were getting more than anyone. There are a lot of owner with huge purse strings in Sterns ear like this Dan Gilbert who has a lot of money but obviously is messing up the league. This is a democracy and teams should be allowed to compete. As many have said, the one trade that they should have stopped last year, they did nothing and now that egg is on their face, they are trying to stop other teams from competing. Good luck with that! What will they control next? We need to take control of our money going to the league for this bad business and allowing the delay in the start to the system and see if we can get Mr. Stern’s attention.

  29. i am sure that this is only a game howard plays . he wants to come in la as soon as possible . as a result he wants to add pressure to the lakers in order to make them move quickly .
    and a question : is that true that we signed JASON KAPONO ?

  30. shakenbake says:

    Dan “the Whiner” Gilbert

  31. jordan711789 says:

    man im a laker fan but we need a young point guard and i want to win it was miserable getting blown out by the mavericks! i wouldve rather have chris paul than derek fisher he cant defend maybe 5 points a game but hes older than kobe and he went to college so hes pretty old but now where stuck with two angry butt hurt odom and gausol bunch of whiney laker hating fans lakers shouldnt have to miss out on having paul becuz of loser franchises like timberwolves and warriors and theres a reason for having 16 championships tisk tisk tisk

  32. Yeah says:

    Why is it that the Nets are a good option for Dwight? Why can’t it be D. Will is a good option for Orlando? Serious questions. Orlando is gonna try to pull in another start to keep Dwight for as much as possible, and Orlando does have some quality players that could be traded to the Nets for Williams. Jw

  33. Listen! says:

    I think what Dan Gilbert said was right! the league owns the NO and the 29 team owners should vote on how the trade should go down they are all responsible for the hornets and everybody should have the right to express how they fell about the trade. so all you LAL fans should stop bitching about it and listen! if the “owners” think that the deal was right then the majority vote would happen if not then go look for another deal!

  34. Desmond says:

    Man lets face it, Lakers fans the NBA are just Lakers haters. The NBA knows if we would’ve gotten CP3, that would’ve allowed D12 to come in as well. Then owners and GM’s would be complaining still, but what I don’t understand is why the trade didn’t go down because this would be good for all of the teams. David Stern is going to look real silly after this year. At least the Hornets could’ve had some respectable players in K Mart, Luis Scola, and a rookie that could take the place of CP3 (1st round draft pick). The Rockets would have gotten Gasol to replace the now retired Yao Ming. But now what Mr. Stern has done is destroy every team involved in the trade except the Lakers. CP3 is still going to leave New Orleans next year and he is still going to want to be a Laker, and the same thing for Dwight too.

    Another thing is, why are all the small market teams complaining? Do we not remember what great team Minnesota in the 2000s with KG? Or how about the Sacramento Kings with a young Chris Webber, Peja, and Mike Bibby. Was that not a Big 3 The late 90s Indiana Pacers with Reggie Miller and Mark Jackson. Or just a couple years ago with LBJ? Ok and if you don’t want to count that Cavs team, how about now with OKC with a KD and a Russell Westbrook? So I think in my opinion these small market teams should stop complaining.

  35. sentt says:

    oh this is just great. lakers wont get cp3 anymore for “basketball reasons” and dwight howard is going to the nets instead now. this is very bad for the lakers. just because the nba owns the hornets, doesnt mean that they cancel trades, and the only reason they did cancel it was because they were scared that the teams value would go down and nobody would buy the hornets from them just because cp3 would leave, despite the fact that the lakers were actually losing two superstars for one. this is rigged and as greedy it gets. if they are trying to ruin a teams chances of winning, they might as well not let dwight howard go to the nets, or maybe they shoudnt have let miami have a big 3.

    • HeatWave says:

      Umm if the NBA owns the Hornets then they can block the trade going to the Hornets. If LA wants to trade with Houston they still can lol.

  36. M. Wes says:

    Oh and as for Dan Gilbert, he’s a bitter b*tch. Seriously, he looks like a crazed woman scorned and acts like one as well. You got another number 1 draft pick for your pathetic team. LeBron wasn’t the problem. All the power you gave him was the problem. They are players and not coaches for a reason. A better coach who didn’t always bend to LeBron or a superstar to share the stage with LeBron is what you needed.

  37. Woody says:

    I am 100% Mavs fan and would love to see Paul or Howard here. It’s just a pipe dream and will probably never happen! But back to the Paul trade rejection. How do you sell the NO team for a fair market value without a superstar? They need to wait until a true owner is in place before anyone on the NO team is dealt. You can’t let a league owned team make trade decisions and risk bringing the value of the NO team down. That’s almost like letting someone trash your house before you put it on the market to sell. And when that new owner takes over the team, hopefully at that time the MAVS can land him. LOL. GO MAVS!!!!!

  38. M. Wes says:

    Hey Pau, hey Lamar, you should say F the lakers and come east to join Howard and Dwill in New Jersey.

  39. Rocket33 says:

    Firstly, Dan Gilbert is an . He got burned by LBJ and he’s still not over it. His reason for not liking the trade is that the Lakers will not be paying luxury tax that will go to his team. That’s basically what he says right?

    Now, I’m not a Lakers fan (or Heat fan) but I don’t understand how they are doing something wrong in this trade. They have valuable players in Odom and Gasol and they are trading them to get another valuable player in Paul. I do think (as I said on another post) that Houston appear to be giving up too much to get Gasol in this deal. Thats the only thing that looks strange to me. Cash considerations perhaps?

    The NBA are trying to sell the team to a local buyer in New Orleans. Is this potential owner demanding that CP3 is on the roster? I’d rather have Odom, Martin and Scola than Paul if he doesn’t want to stay anyway…

  40. jaymie says:

    I dont understand why dan gilbert would complain about this deal and have it blocked..maybe hes mad nosuperstars will even consider the cavs as a team to play for..It seemed like a semi-fair trade to me the lakers give up and important peace of their championship runs in gasol and a solid roll player in odom and recieve paul…the hornets get what they wanted out of the deal young talent and the third team involved gets what they wanted a big man that takes yao mings place..The real loser of this trade being rejected is the rockets cause getting gasol would really improve their playoff chances…DAN GILBERT SOUNDS LIKE THE KID IN THE PLAYGROUND WHO GETS PICKED LAST OR NOT AT ALL AND HES COMPLAINING TO HIS PARENTS.

  41. Coolcat23 says:

    If the league can cancel out deals, why make a deal in the future. Lakers, Hornets and Rockets would have benifited from the superstars the teams acquired. If I was CP3 i wouldn’t put on a basketball uniform untill i will be allowed to play where I want to play!

  42. Reagan says:

    What happened with the league blocking the trade of CP3 to the lakers is even worse than the lockout itself. I hate LA Lakers more than any team in the NBA but this is unjust and unfair. Not did this only tainted Mr. Stern’s reputation but the whole NBA also. I am sure this season will be one of the worse ever. One day Mr. Stern will regret what he did today choosing millions of money over millions of fans. The NBA is dying.

  43. GLH1871 says:

    So the Hornets went from getting some pretty good pieces and avoiding the craziness of CP3’s free agency to getting nothing and losing CP3 next year. The only thing the Lakers have to do is get Odom and Gasol to believe they are still wanted, unless they trade them for Howard. So the Lakers win regardless they just have to wait a year

  44. Long Season says:

    The NBA blocks the trade that everyone says the Hornets got the better of:

    If the NBA doesn’t let the Chris Paul trade go thru you can look for them to be moving the New Orleans Hornet out of New Orleans. There is no other reason that for them not allowing the trade when Paul is just going to want at the end of the year. The Hornets got got the best end of the deal and the owner of the team says no. There is no other reason except they didn’t expect the Hornets to sell the 10,000 season tickets and they did and the fans in New Orleans were going “GREAT DEAL” for someone that doesn’t even want to be in New Orleans.

    1.Chris Paul plays for a team he doesn’t want to be with.
    2.Chis Paul opts out his contract and leaves New Orleans
    3.New Orleans gets nothing for Paul
    4.New Orleans unable to sell season tickets because they don’t have a team worth watching
    5.David Stern says since you couldn’t sell season tickets we have to move the team.

    NICE PLAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  45. LakersFan says:

    Being a Lakers fan, I think that the Lakers are only improving their team only by a little bit, if not none from this trade. Giving up an all-star Pau and 6th man of the year Odom for a PG would cost them the size advantage they had. Which also means they only have an injury-prone Bynum.
    I’d rather have Pau, Odom and Bynum with Fisher, rather than Chris Paul, Artest and forever-injured Bynum.
    NO should have taken this deal. NBA is stupid for blocking this trade. It is obvious that NO will improve their whole team as a whole.
    Rockets management are idiots.

  46. Casey says:

    This shows what a moron Dan Gilbert is and why Lebron left Cleveland the guy is an idiot. He is blocking another small market team from getting good players back for Paul who can walk away at the end of the year and they get nothing. This is why Cleveland will never be a top team cause you got bad ownership.

  47. olrem says:

    Enough of people saying the NBA can’t do this. They own the team (unfortunately), so they can very well do whatever they want. Too bad that’s probably the best deal NO was ever gonna get for Paul.
    As a Rockets fan, though, I’m happy this was stopped. Seriously, how can you give up your two best players, a decent reserve AND picks for just Pau? It’s like the Rockets were just acting as facilitators for the Lakers… since the Lakers couldn’t offer decent picks to complete the deal, might as well give them ours right?? Yeah, that sounds totally reasonable…

  48. Drey says:


  49. Gay Superstars says:

    this is why the nba had a lockout. the Super “Gay” Teams, today’s biggest stars are all gay. they just want to play with a better player than to compete against them and win against other superstars

  50. jake says:

    I’m a Lakers fan, why you trade odom and gasol for dat small point guard! I love seeing kobe, pau and gasol for playing together. Im very dissapointed for dis….!

  51. sternsucks says:

    stern sucks big time

  52. hahahaha says:

    lmao laker fans….do u guys understand they blocked a trade???? they didnt violate anything…..if paul was a free agent it would be completely didfferent

  53. markLAL says:

    the new big 3 kobe howard paul this deal will be done before allstar

  54. markLAL says:

    beacouse league anticepate lakers clearing cap for bigger trade for d howard to lakers

  55. docmeek says:

    HeatWave, I’m a Miami Heat season ticket holder so we probably agree on a lot. This is not one of them. The league should not be interfering in trades. When you trade a franchise player like Chris Paul, many will say you lost the trade, however, the Hornets run a real risk of getting absolutely nothing. All things considered, they got a ton (and unless a similar deal goes through with a tweak like an extra 2nd round pick for Hornets, I bet you they get less in the future).

    The owners shouldn’t complain about a CBA they ratified which permits most of the old rules in year 1 and 2. Competitive balance is something they want to achieve long-term with this CBA.

    The owners/league wanted to punish big market teams who regularly go heavy into the luxury tax so why punish a team for offloading a ton of salary (Dan Gilbert should win “least professional owner” award and take a logic course).

    The league has a huge conflict of interest here and should request an arbitrator and allow a decision to be made.

  56. ritchie says:

    i hope mr. dwight howard will go to miami heat…that will complete the missing piece to get the second championship of miami..let’s go miami….go dwight..have yourself a ring with dwade and company….

  57. K@T says:

    Can’t wait for CP3 “The Descision” LIVE next year. Come to LA!

  58. ML says:

    This trade was for the most part fair and should’ve went through (maybe send a 1st rd pick or two from lakers to new orleans but other than that pretty fair 3 team deal). The problem for CP3 is that Hornets is owned by the league.

    …..Lamar’s tweet ” Now what?!” lol. I feel bad for Lamar and Pau.. also the rockets: scola, martin, dragic..but most of all CP3.

    (fyi to a few of the posts that ask why stern didn’t veto lebron and bosh going to heat; you forget that they were free agents at the time where as in CP3 won’t be a free agent til next year.)

  59. pepe says:

    Miami Heat representatives are offering ,online subscriptions to all of you that want to Jump into the Miami Heat Club.
    They will send you a letter ,signed by LeBron ( King James) and a cap signed by Gilbert ,Stern and Riley.
    And ,which is more, if you agree and sign for 10 years they are going to retire T-shirt with your name ,a number ,

    Hurry up while you still have a chance!! applications are limited ( about 200 millions available only )

  60. dio says:

    stern wants cp3 in NY… thats why he nixed the deal..=(

  61. aceinthedeck says:

    i hope david stern never wakes up again!!
    dan gilbert should be burned alive!!
    people luv to HATE KOBE AND THE LAKERS!!

  62. Kasek_ says:

    Rejection of this trade was big mistake, NBA fans r going crazy now. Now let’s think what would Mr Dan Gilbert do, if somehow Lakers would have offered him Pau Gasol for Baron Davis. Ye right, than that’s fair. Come on man, NOH will lose Paul anyways, and will stay with nothing, Paul will sign with NYK, and that will be “big four”, Paul, Carmelo, Amare and Tyson. Ohh and Fields, which can do sick numbers too. This trade could save New Orleans basketball. That was terrible idea to kill this trade, NOH will get into even bigger problems now.

    Check out my twitter, it’s called Kasek_ you can read some thing about NBA basketball there.

  63. Big Lee says:

    Howard Stern is a puppet with out any balls. This new BS system is for the birds. Look the NBA is a business #1, if you own a small market team and you don’t have the business skills needed to grow that team and market that team so that all stars want to come and play for you, than thats your fu*cking problem. Now the NBA wants to be like the US government sticking their noses in Sh*t that is none of their business, and look where it got the US by doing that. It was a great deal just to many babies out there who should not own teams because they have never figured it out. Basket ball is dying. Not even thrilled to watch it this year. I wish they would have cancelled the season rather that deal with all this drama BS.

  64. stone cold says:

    nba owners own hornets as well so they should benefit from this great deal.. take it or leave it with NOTHING motherf ckers

  65. Joel Eustaquio says:

    LA needs to wait until summer to sign Paul and Howard

  66. rcpacquiao says:

    fck you all crybaby laker fans. a bunch of fggots. good move by the league and the commisioner. send paul to the worst team in the nba and dwight to the 2nd worst team in the nba. i just hope that the lebrons, the carmelos, pauls and dwights of this league would never win a championship ever. i wish that teams with no superstars ( like the 2004 pistons) or with one superstar (like the 2011 mavs) would win the title every year. I hope the lakers wouldn’t win a championship within a span of 500 years. With all my power and energies, i place this curse.

    • Coolcat23 says:

      2011 Mavs was loaded with superstars!

      Jason Kidd
      Shawn Marion
      Peja Stojakovic
      Tyson Chandler
      Dirk Nowitzki
      Corey Brewer
      Jason Terry

      There is no team in the NBA with only one superstar. players become better. Don’t hate on players who wants to play with other superstars like themselves. it is their own free will to do..

      • uoykcuf says:

        Jason Kidd? Superstar? around 2000?
        Shawn Marion? Superstar? NO, a good all around player
        Peja Stojakovic? Superstar? around 2000?
        Tyson Chandler? Superstar? NO, a good defensive player
        Dirk Nowitzki? Superstar? Yes IMO
        Corey Brewer? Supertar??????????????? HELL NO
        Jason Terry? Superstar? NO, a quality 6th man.
        If you want to label them superstar, then what is Michael Jordan?

  67. I use to love this game says:

    Sorry for Lamar and Pau involved in this traumatic situation. Don´t get surprised if Lakers don´t get to playoffs in this short season.

  68. Unexpected Four-Team Trade says:

    This have happened to make the Operation Brooklyn possible.
    The billionaire from Russia seems have his stars after all before they move to brooklyn.
    New Jersey Nets will acquire Chris Paul and Dwight Howard this season and I wonder how they would pull it off.
    Deron Williams will join the New York Knicks next season.

  69. LOL says:

    Dan Gilbert need to STFU lol, this is non of his business.
    He better cares about Cavs first if not Cavs is 100% sure to stay bottom forever.

  70. Will says:

    Why didn’t the NBA veto Lebron/Bosh deal with Heat????

    Why didn’t the NBA veto Anthony deal with Knicks???

    Why didn’t the NBA veto Garnett/Alley deal with Celtics???

    It only proves that the Lakers is Bigger than all of those, even bigger than this All-Corrupt-NBA!!!

  71. Steve says:

    Dan Gilberts letter makes me laugh. I do understand that many of the other owners may feel the same, but none of them are petty enough to have their letter leaked to the press. Gilbert reminds me of that kid at school who always used to ‘tell’ on everyone.

    I completely agree with Lamar. How difficult could it be to return to training camp? Also he is right regarding Pau, in 4 years he has been to 3 finals, winning 2. If this is how the Lakers organization is run, its possibly best to get out of it. Instead of getting rid of Lamar, get rid of Barnes, Blake and Fish. Although i truly rate Chris Paul, i think its a poor trade for the Lakers…. for now.

  72. HI says:

    So at the end of the season when CP3 leaves the hornets for free agency, what are the hornets going to be left with? At least with this trade, players like Gasol, Odom, K mart, Scoula and Dragic, the Hornets will most likely make the playoffs and might be the eventual WCF champion in a few years . The Hornets will most likely make another deal for CP3 but won’t be able to get this much talent from any other deal. So when CP3 leaves whatever team he is in at the end of the season for LA or possibly NY. The Hornets are just going to be left with a team that needs rebuilding for a few more years. Why can’t the owners see that this trade is actually benefical for the Hornets, dumb owners.

  73. rotheanimal says:

    why? miami yes la not?

  74. Connor says:

    This will be a bad trade for Orlando. Best trade rumour ive heard that I think will benifit us most would either be the Bynum, Odom trade from the Lakers or the Deng, Noah trade from the Bulls. But the Nets? Na I dont like this trade at all we got the best center in the league we can get a better deal than Brook Lopez!

  75. Peter says:

    Lamar welcome to the business of the NBA , past performances mean nothing it’s all about the future.I am so glad that the deal didn’t go ahead , really sick of the Lakers raping other teams all the time.

  76. Johnathan says:

    The fact that owners have that much influence to tell David Stern to Veto a trade is frankly disgusting…the NBA is commting public suicide with these type of dont see what has traspired in the past few months in any other sport…

    as a Laker fan it was a bitter sweet deal, because i more than appreciated Lamar Odom and Pau Gasol’s contributions to back to back titles…i can only say i feel really bad for both, and things in Lakers land are gonna be extremely weird come tomorow..if NJ lands Dwight Howard and Cp3 doesnt end up with LA, the Staples Center Ceiling will fall right on Jim Buss and Mitch Kupchak’s head’s…because how do you make amends with two of your players that by trading them you basically told them that they are pawns that are no longer needed in the big scheme of things and that the reason they are still in town is because Stern let a person like Dan Gilbert convince him to veto the trade…There is no way you repair that because as long as they both are in a laker uniform that situation of them getting traded is going to come up everytime the Lakers lose a few games or lose a game by 20 points..

  77. NBA corrupt says:

    yeah.thats a laker fan.but i dont like the trade,but its the teams rights to trade whatever they want.dan gilbert is jealous.F*CK dan gilbert

  78. Seriously? says:

    Seriously Odom? I’ve enjoyed watching you play for the Lakers, but everyone knows the NBA is a business. You should know this after being in the league for so long. Start acting like a professional and keep playing ball and stop making reality shows with the mammoth you call a wife…

    …Can someone with Lamar Odom’s twitter forward this to him? PLEASE?

  79. johnny says:

    you must be an idiot. lakers are our team why should we feel bad for NO. go cry to the team owner that you’re rooting for. not our fault he cant spend money to get players or is too stupid to setup a team to have trade chips to get players. let me tell you something it may not be fair for NO but atleast they got something in return. lamar odom kevin martin luis scola dragic and draft picks. all those players are all starters. chris paul is going to leave already. you tell me where else is he going to go. not to a small market why? no money no trading chips and also he doesnt want to go to that team. look what happen to memphis they traded pau gasol and got kwame. but now look at their team.

  80. JazzUltra says:

    It’s “The Decision” syndrome… The hangover is going to be a lasting one!

  81. Ryan says:

    David Stern can sux it…the cp3 trade profited to all teams and the nba. The lakers bring in the most profit n its obvious so y not give them another star player. sure maybe they give jup a pick but no reason for this deal to b turned down. i hope stern loses his job for being incopitent.

  82. donotcareanymore says:

    i’m glad that d deal was negated..kobe doesn’t need a ball-hogging ball-handler who will not sacrifice his numbers..

  83. dmoney says:

    Isn’t the new CBA suppose to allow small market teams to compete ? I live Dan Gilberts statement about 25 teams being the washington generals … sooo the lakers should be able to load up on all the all stars in the league ? EVery other franchise should have to sit back and watch a heat vs lakers series for the next five years ? no thanks … I respect that Stern killed this trade, it was bs straight bs … everyone but the band wagon lakers fans could see that it was bs …. showed that stern is sticking to his word, and that he really cares about making this league more enjoyable for ALL fans … not just the big market teams …. lol its so funny that lakers fans are upset about their championship team that went back to back 2 years ago and consists of the leagues most dangerous player, two of the best big men, and probably the best all around 6th man in the league …. shut up

    • Sportsfan says:

      Common sense says that if you don’t want a player to GO WHERE HE WANTS TO GO AND TO WHERE HE IS WANTED then make your own moves for him and offer something better, don’t sit there sucking your thumb and saying momy this isn’t fair. How can the NBA (Stern) approve any future trade opportunities for CP3 now without appearing to be the party controlling/dictating where he goes – “can’t go to LA but we’ll let you go to Cleveland or some other loser place…and oh sorry New Orleans that you don’t get any valuable players in the trade but thats what is best for the NBA”… (but not you or CP3!)……He has essentially eliminated any “BIG” market from getting CP3 which is where CP3 wants to end up for a chance at a ring and are the places that can most likely offer the best trade to NO….I would be pissed if I were a NO fan!!!!

  84. Nba intelligence says:

    TYPICAL DAN GILBERT!!! So caught up in what other teams are doing rather than focusing on his own!! This is absolutely a JOKE!! But in all honesty, Lamar I TOTALLY FEEL YOU!!! As a Lakers fan, I want you here forever until you retire! But I also understand your hatred for these moronic owners and the newly fixed Nba. You are a well coveted basketball player…around the league, and amongst your team. Its a big buisness, but its dirty….and Daniel Gilbert…YOU ARE DIRTY!! You and your garbage Cavs squad should NOT ever be able to speak on other owners behalf!! And thanks to you, HAS ANYBODY HEARD ANYYYYY FREE AGENT WILLING TO TAKE ANYY DEAL WITH THE CAVALIERS??? Even though they have some good young pices, HAS ANYBODY ENTERTAINED AN OFFER FROM THE CAVS???? I didnt think so. Idiot owners shoot themselves in the foot, and in turn the whole city feels it. Cleveland is nooo longer a destination for anybody, so for the citys sake….for the fans sake….get rid of them!! AND ANYY OTHER TEAM THAT BOASTS AN OWNER THAT WRITES LETTERS TO THE LEAGUE CONCERNING OTHER TEAMS AQUISITIONS RATHER THAN TRYING TO GET THEIR OWN!!!!!

  85. jk says:

    why would the nba block this deal, they were the real winners in this with houston coming off worst. either way the lakers will get howard or paul or williams in free agency so why not just allow it now and get something in return. i would have preferred this deal to go through because then nets could trade for howard and then all they would need is to pick up a solid 2 guard and they have a very decent team, now the lakers are more than likely going to get howard, and paul will leave in free agency plus williams, was it really the best for the nba?
    p.s the knicks should chase patty mills as a pg to help out douglas, in that team he would become a very good point guard which they now need due to no billups

  86. Mike From Akron Ohio says:

    This was horrible!Stern should not have stopped the trade….I hated seeing Lebron leave from Cleveland but if the man wants to leave, then let him.,…At least NO was trying to get something in return. If and when Paul leaves and they dont trade him they will get NOTHING!

  87. nba owners and david stern are gay says:

    ha ha

  88. haha your mothers nba owners and david stern says:


  89. dream34 says:

    DAMN you talking ownage dan gilbers is the man!!

  90. cj says:

    YOU!! Dan Gilbert! You suck!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  91. haha your mothers nba owners and david stern says:


  92. dan gilbert, pat riley, mark cuban, david stern's mother says:

    vape your mothers flagits

  93. Bette says:

    Odom, please take all the Kardashians with you. Los Angeles does NOT want them!

  94. mr.KD says:

    sorry?? was that deal the best deal in the nba history ??? but unfortunatly the nba directors stop it DURANT FOR EVER

  95. Me says:

    lol the owners are silly. u cant stop a player from signing to where he wants to go. via trade or a waster year with N.O. to free agency, chris paul will be a laker or knick very soon. and there’s nothing any cry baby owners can do about it.

  96. droq55 says:

    Well, it’s pretty Sad the NBA has become a dictatorship & Stern again is the “Almighty One” it makes me NOT want to even watch the games let alone follow a specific team it’s ALL too choreagraphed I equate it to fixing a fight. Let teams make the deals that work for the teams the players & the FANS.

  97. ABN says:

    the whole “NBA” sucks. dan gilbert is a loser & david stern is such a fag. thanks to them the NBA has turned into a world of corruption & politics. stern is a puppet, gilbert on the other hand , needs to get over the whole “lebron” thing. what a bunch of sorry losers!!!

  98. Gre Hernandez says:

    WTF! is wrong with the NBA? Chris Paul is going to the Lakers, Pau Gasol to the Rockets and Odom will be in New Orleans then suddenly the deal is off! Though the Lakers will be giving up too much size with this deal but it must be done. Not only the Lakers will benefit from this deal but also the Hornets which will be having a new set of rosters.

    FCK Cavs Owner Dan Gilbert! Why are you interfering with the deal that you’re not even in it? Move on with Lebron leaving Cavs and accept that your team aint going anywhere for a long time. Moron.

  99. Max. W says:

    It seems like up till now the only names involved with the Knicks have been CP3, Superman, and Grant Hill. Now it seems like Tyson Chandler is going to end up in the Big Apple. Although, he’s not a superstar like Cp3 or Dwight Howard he is the key to the Knicks’ success. Let’s examine why they are the match made in heaven.

    To read more go to

  100. goldenstate says:

    NBA sucks !!! chris paul is full of s*** . A more coward than LeBron James! Lebron waited to be a FA and he signed with the heats, and that’s not a bad decision. but how about Chris Paul? what a faggot. He is forcing everybody to trade him.Nonsense LOCKOUT FOR NBA. Remember when owners and players said that one of the reason that the season is prolonged because they want all the teams to have chances of contending.

  101. ismu says:

    lakers should get d12 rather then cp3

  102. Greg Wilson says:

    This is for the Bulls fans, don’t even know why I read this on New Jersey, but we would be foolish not to go after Howard. Come on guys? Chemistry is great and believe me I love Deng and Noah, but we’re talking about the best, young, and ‘healthy’ (Key, Noah hasn’t been the best reliability for the last two seasons.) Howard and Rose would begin an instant dynasty. The two most important positions covered. I’ll admit, they probably wouldn’t win it this year, adjust, and with this 66 game season, anything could happen like the ’99 season with the knicks actually making the finals. I don’t underestimate team chemistry, but guys, who’s to say Howard is a bad locker room guy, next to Rose, he’s the only other star I appreciate. He gets all those techs, but at least he’s no phony like James, Wade, Paul. I would definitely miss Deng and Noah, but they’re both too much of a risk health-wise for me right now. I hate to say this because I love Rose’s humble personality, but if only he was somewhat close to Dwight, the center would already be on our team. Instead, he’d rather play with an even worse PG (Nets fans no need for a comeback, Rose is the best PG in the NBA, DWill is by no means bad, just not as good as the MVP.) No way Orlando accepts this though, Brook Lopez and two first picks? When the should I laugh? Bulls should/could give the Magic: Noah, Deng, Boozer/Gibson (either I honestly don’t care,) Charlotte’s pick (likely lottery down the line.) This kills the Nets offer

  103. Ken says:

    I just wrote a letter to Stern resigning as a 30yr diehard fan. This was the final straw. If a jerk loser like this as the ear of the commissioner, I don’t want to be apart of it. I’m taking my money back to the NFL..

  104. Greg Wilson says:

    This is for the Bulls fans, don’t even know why I read this on New Jersey, but we would be foolish not to go after Howard. Come on guys? Chemistry is great and believe me I love Deng and Noah, but we’re talking about the best, young, and ‘healthy’ (Key, Noah hasn’t been the best reliability for the last two seasons.) Howard and Rose would begin an instant dynasty. The two most important positions covered. I’ll admit, they probably wouldn’t win it this year, adjust, and with this 66 game season, anything could happen like the ’99 season with the knicks actually making the finals. I don’t underestimate team chemistry, but guys, who’s to say Howard is a bad locker room guy, next to Rose, he’s the only other star I appreciate. He gets all those techs, but at least he’s no phony like James, Wade, Paul. I would definitely miss Deng and Noah, but they’re both too much of a risk health-wise for me right now. I hate to say this because I love Rose’s humble personality, but if only he was somewhat close to Dwight, the center would already be on our team. Instead, he’d rather play with an even worse PG (Nets fans no need for a comeback, Rose is the best PG in the NBA, DWill is by no means bad, just not as good as the MVP.) No way Orlando accepts this though, Brook Lopez and two first picks? When the hell should I laugh? Bulls should/could give the Magic: Noah, Deng, Boozer/Gibson (either I honestly don’t care,) Charlotte’s pick (likely lottery down the line.) This kills the Nets offer

  105. Voice of Reason says:

    Yeah ! The Rockets were getting screwed on this trade.
    Almost giving up on their entire roster plus draft picks for retarded center/power forward Gasol !!
    Unless they were getting paid a lot of money under the table by the Lakers organization, Rockets management , they all should be fired to even think this way.

  106. kim says:

    come to teh are very welcome…we have plenty of spaces for you

  107. Emman says:

    As a Lakers fan! I dont like the propose trade, Their giving up those big men for what? For a small PG? I love seeing Kobe, Pau, Lamar playing together. DFish can still man the point, why not trade Bynum, Artest, Blake/Walton for Dwight.

  108. P says:

    dan gilbert, get over it already. you already lost lebron, so why do you want other teams to be miserable also? just do what you have to do as an owner, and mind your own business.

    • lol says:

      Pretty ironic, because he is “minding his own business”

      Ask yourself this, if your franchise got screwed over by a certain individual and you’re trying to get competitive again after last season and “win a crown before the king,” would you vote to send the best pure point guard to a Laker’s team that will possibly get dwight howard and build ANOTHER dynasty for at least a good 5 years or so?

  109. ec says:

    forget dan gilbert hes still mad about lebron and that the cavs aint going anywhere for ALONG time he needs to get over it!

  110. Dave says:

    Being a Rockets fan i’m glad it got blocked , Pau is a great player but for K-Mart ,Scola , Dragic and picks , the Rockets looked to get screwed in this one. Funny thing is , the Hornets would have had a great team if this trade went through

    • Moe says:

      Agreed. The hornets would have 3 starters in Martin, Scola, and Odom if the trade went through. And possibly even 4 with Dragic by only giving up CP3 who will leave either way. I doubt they will find any trade better for NOH than this one. Rockets were definitely getting screwed. Past 2 years they lost the 2 best players they had each season. Yao and Brooks last season and this time it would’ve been Scola and Martin. You could even say 3 years if you add T-Mac to that. I think Rockets GM is an idiot.

      • Bulls/Lakers says:

        Finaly somebody with some sense you 2 sound like you know what your talking about I agree somewhat the Rockets weren’t exactly getting screwed Pau Gasol is a great player arguably the @nd best big man in the league yes they where loosing alot but adding Pau then maybe pickin up someone like Jamal or J.R. Smith when he come back from China that would easly replace Martin’s scoring now chemistry becomes a issue but they would eventually gain that I think they would have ended up pretty decent in the end of it all it was a good trade for all 3 teams and no the Hornets are not going 2 get a better deal than that unless some team is willing 2 trade a star 4 a star and thats not happening seeing that you need a super team 2 be in it now a days… well everybody except for the Bulls of course where the best team in the league and we only have 1 1/2 superstars Rose and Noah yes I said Noah… Noah being the 1/2 but not 4 long after this year he will be considered a flat out superstar mark my words

      • Bulls/Lakers says:

        and yes you have 2 add T-mac 2 that list it would be disrespectful not 2

    • killin it says:

      And THAT is why the deal got blocked, the only team that stood to gain anything from this was the lakers, everyone needs to remember that the NO hornets are now owned by the nba, meaning that any trades proposed can be blocked by the NBA office if need be, I for one think it is a good block, accepting a deal that destroys/only slightly improves two teams in order to rebuild one is stupid, especially when you’re in the same conference… paul may well end up in New York or the lakers via free agency. I feel for Odom, and Pau, getting thrown under the bus like that and then having to play for the team that screwed you over in the first place..

      Meh Hornets would be okay, but they’d have no viable point to distribute the ball. And would have to trade again in order to get some a good court general..

    • Jones17 says:

      Exactly, there’s no reason at all the league stopped this deal other than wanting to stop the Lakers getting another superteam. They had no interest in the Hornets needs from this. They would probably had the best deal out of the 3 teams from this. The Rockets fans should feel more aggrieved that management was ging to let this happen to them.

      • NBA FAN FOREVER says:

        Hey, you all are wrong, The NBA didn’t blocked CP3 trade. NO owners didn’t agree with the trade, The NBA happens to be the owners and they saw that they were loosing in the trade and therefore NO will loose Value, They need to have someone good to be able to find a new owner for NO
        If they allow this trade to come thru, they will have to sell NO to the first buyer, even if the new owner want to relocate the team, and they want the team to stay in NO
        I’m pretty sure that if the lakers put some cash in the trade the NBA will do it.
        This is just my point of view
        Sorry for my bad English

  111. WhatNow says:

    Not a Lakers fan, but this is pretty messed up, especially for CP3, the league pretty much said “NOPE! You can’t compete for a ring, you can only go to a team that’s rebuilding, so its fair for the rest of the NBA.”

  112. Gary says:

    Well if anyone bothers to actually READ what the commissoner said they might have an understanding as to why the trade was blocked. But if you still insist on whining about it realize that Paul can still go to LA as a free agent and Howard is still most likely going to LA, but not without Lakers handing over half the team ; )

  113. DW says:

    Dan Gilbert… why must you have all this hatred stored inside… I once had sympathy for you and your team, but not anymore.. get over LeBron and move on

  114. D Mack says:

    “E”, I couldn’t of put it any better myself. You said it all. The NBA has become corrupt as boxing. Thanks for killing another one of my favorite past times. Why don’t you just choke on your kosher veal and just go away!

  115. E says:

    I have been a lifelong basketball and NBA fan. These past few months however, have left me disgusted with how the league conducts business. From the lock-out, which was pure greed plain and simple, to the worst officiating in professional sports, to now the commissioner and other owners being able to control where the players play and who can trade for who, I am sadly relinquishing my love for the NBA. I cannot watch a corrupt sport as I cannot trust the product being presented. This is truly a sad day for basketball everywhere.

    • HeatWave says:

      Wait hold up. The owners and players were greedy, but you as a fan are not? LA has enjoyed a nice return to the top over the past few years and may enter a short rebuilding stage. But guess what LA fans can’t handle it. They need to have their 3 stars on board now. It really kills me how you guys are getting upset that a deal, which by no means was fair for NO, didn’t go through. Plus you still have an option to get Howard. Really look at what I’m saying and don’t get upset but you guys are greedy.

      • Laker Fan says:

        You say Lakers need 3 stars right now but Miami is scared of the lakers having a better team. You just resigned Wade and picked up James and Bosh last season. Why cry when we do the same. They would have okayed the trade Paul to Cleveland but not to the Lakers. Mmmh

      • daddyV says:

        i dont think NO can get a better deal than that. they were getting odom, martin, scola, dragic n a couple of draft picks. that is probably the best they couldve got for cp3. now chances are unless someone buys the franchise the other owners are gonna pressure the commissioner to do the same thing and NO will lose cp3 for nothing possibly to the knicks or lakers.

      • haasman00 says:

        ok the deal for NO was great honestly they are going to lose him after this season he wont stay and if they wont let him leave now for what is a pretty good deal for them. who is to say the league will allow them to even get anything for him later. sure this may suck right now losing paul but at least they get something in return. the league is handcuffing the GM of the hornets what is he allowed to do. this may screw the hornets over bigtime in the long run i hope they realize that.

      • haasman00 says:

        also dan gilbert needs to be quiet the guy complains like he should have a chance at chris paul. no one wants to play for you….. NO ONE!

      • Bulls/Lakers says:

        @ HeatWave you sound stupid, the only reason you say somethin dumb like that is because your team already has 3 superstars if the shoe was on the other foot and David Stern didn’t allow the Heat 2 make the moves they did last summer the world wouldn’t have heard the end of it don’t hate on the Lakers because they have the rsources 2 make things happen whenever they want 2 and other teams dont that’s life thats politics if you weren’t such a goofy you would know that you must be friends with Dan Gilbert, your a hater just like him. It’s krazy how people keep there mouth shut when things are going good for there team but when another team tries 2 make something happen it’s a problem and i’m not even from L.A. nor do I live in L.A. im from Chicago im a Bulls fan and yet and still I had no problem with the Lakers getting Paul and the Hornets where not getting robbed they where getting good players in return Lamar Odom is a champion and Kevin Martin is easly 1 of the top 25 players in the league Luis Scola is a good big man so please stop with the stupid comments saying is wasn’t fair value cuz that’s just stupid I hope the trade ends up going thru and they get Howard so everybody can hate, nobody hated when Boston started this trend nobody said anything about the Knicks alot of people hated the Heat but quickly jumped on the band wagon when they finaly got on the court so stop hating the Lakers im a fan of all teams I love basketball but I know the big market teams generally prevail and thats fine

      • Chetan Ambastha says:

        the deal was not unfair a lot. Lakers gave up Odom and Gasol for Chris Paul. In all honesty, Lakers would’ve given up too much. Even if it had been unfair, the NBA has no business intervening.

      • Jones17 says:

        How is it not a fair deal for the Hornets? They get Odom, Scola, Kevin Martin and Dragic. That’s a really good bunch of players.

      • kk2k says:

        I think this is a good deal for CP3, you have a young core to rebuild from and leadership from scola n odom…what are they gonna have next yr when CP3 leave as free agent? and who’s gonna buy NO with the prospect of losing their franchise player for sure??? and btw i think this deal isn’t too great for the lakers, lots of uncertainty about sharing the ball with CP3 n kobe in the backcourt…i think they need howard and a fast decent PG more, as to houston…dunno what they wanna do there with pau haha

      • angry laker hater says:

        u can’t blame E’s feelings about this travesty on greed (and he never said he was a Lakers fan) nor can u call Lakers fans greedy if they’re more than just a little upset because I’m just as disgusted at the actions of the league (and by league I mean david stern). To start with I fail to see how the NBA can own a team. It’s absurd. I thought u could only own 1 team at a time, not 1 and 1/29th of another team. It makes even less sense that stern who owns exactly 0 teams is the guy in charge of the hornets. The fact that there is no oversight of sterns actions is one of the most ridicules parts about this whole mess. Shouldn’t the Lakers b applauded 4 finding a way 2 improve its team without spending a crazy amount 2 do it. Shouldn’t the hornets b applauded 4 getting more 4 Paul then most people, including myself, thought possible. Shouldn’t the rockets b ridiculed 4 giving away its entire team 4 Gasol, even though they should have every right to do so. I understand that this is a star driven league but what happened to the concept of team. Isn’t it possible that the players NOH got 4 Paul gave them just as good a chance 2 win as Paul? I thought the whole point was to put together a TEAM with the best chance 2 win. Does anyone believe that the hornets as currently constructed have any chance 2 win? And I don’t care what stern says, having Paul in NO is bad for the franchise. How much value does having Paul add to the team when every potential buyer knows that he’s leaving ASAP? This whole thing makes so little senses that it makes me wounder how much more can the fans put up with. How much more can I put up with be4 I give up on the NBA completely. Right now the only thing keeping me an NBA fan is the fact that I love the game. But it keeps getting harder to love the NBA when it keeps spiting in the face of its fans. Smfh.

      • HeatWave says:

        Firstly Laker Fan, in what part of my comment do I say Lakers need 3 stars? I said that you LA fans feel you need to have 3 stars. Miami isn’t worried about LA.

        @ Bulls/Lakers, First off Miami was never in the same position as LA. Miami had Wade and a bunch of flunkies. They got two stars during FREE AGENCY and rebuilt their squad. Next you mention Kevin Martin as a top 25 player? LMAO. You lose all credibility with such a dumb statment. The guy’s never even been in an All-Star game but he’s better than the 30+ guys who where last year? STFU you moron. Really I don’t care if you got CP3 or Howard. But when you LA fans come on here crying about it before reading why it didn’t happen it’s irritating. Howard is still and option for you to get and so is Paul as a free agent. If he wants to be in LA then you have nothing to worry about. THATS HOW MIMAI DID IT.

    • MJ THE GOAT says:

      Hey dummies it was a bad trade anyway, only team to win out of it was New orleans!!! You really think that the Magic could accept anything that the Lakers had for Howard had they Traded Odom and Gasol away for Paul????

      Reason I am calling LAKER fans dummies is that not one has realiesed they are a better team With Odom and Gasol there than without those 2 and Paul!!! How many games has Bynum missed in the 3-4 years Gasol has been a laker???? Answer is ALOT!! Oh and by the way who was playing the 4 spot while Gasol was forced to play 5?? That’s write dummies ODOM. LOL reason LA had a good 3-4 seasons is because you had a 3 All-star caliber players that could cover the 4 and 5 positions! Now if that trade goes through and Bynum who has terrible knee issues in a more spaced out 82 games season which he can’t stay healthy for let alone a 66 game season with games so tightly spaced you have CRAP filling the 4 spot and NO ONE behind him at the 5!!! That leaves you with Kobe and Paul LOL Thank your lucky stars that the trade never went through and I am not a laker fan just find it hilarious how they act like they have been robbed when that trade would have destroyed any chance they had of getting back to the Finals!!!

      • Law064 says:

        @MJ The Goat Amen. The Lakers give up 2 starters not just starters but versatile guys like Gasol & Odom for CP3. The Hornets really would win in the deal. Yes they lose their star but they would get Odom Scola and Martin. Martin is not a great player but he is a great shooter. I say the NBA/Stern wanna be dictators and have the last say so. When have you ever heard of a vote to trade a player? I understand the NBA owns NO but c’mon. That Idiot owner of Clevland is just mad his teram is crap and nobody wants to play there. I say let CP3 go and LA will be worst than they are now.

  116. Hector says:

    I know this its the tipical problems in all sports that the best team in $$$$ stay whit the best and make smaller team stay whitout star players, so lest money for small team. Bad thing the NBA louse atraction by reasons like this one.

  117. HeatWave says:

    Hey Lamar you’ll be welcome back to the Heat if you’d like.

    • Alexzo says:

      “Others say it’s a CONSPIRACY THEORY… I say MAFIA exists in the NBA!” – on the NBA rejecting the CP3 to the lakers trade.

      • Alexzo says:

        Hornet’s are owned by the NBA. The owners must have a say on all their transactions i suppose. I guess there’s truth in everybody chanting everyone wants to “BEAT LA! BEAT LA!

      • Alexzo says:

        “stern was under tremendously high pressure to create partiality in the NBA” – IF CP3 ENDS UP WITH THE KNICKS, LA SHOULD TAKE IT PERSONAL!

      • Alexzo says:

        can someone pls explain how NBA owning the Hornets system works? I guess The NBA must want Lebron to win the Championship REALLY BAD! So they’re doing everything in their power to stop LA from creating another dynasty in the making…

      • Alexzo says:

        i change my stand from “NBA- where anything is possible… To … NBA- where conspiracy happens!”

      • Alexzo says:


      • HeatWave says:

        Don’t be a fanatic dude. This is not the end of the world for the Lakers.

      • uoykcuf says:

        lol, poor laker fan boy.

    • Rodrigo AM says:

      Lamar come back to Miami…the best city in the World.

    • TEAMHEAT6 says:

      yes lamar you would be , put lamar at the 4 and bosh at the 5 and battier or crawford at the 1 , and we are unstoppable.