New Twists In The Chase For CP3

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HANG TIME HEADQUARTERS – Go to sleep if you want to. Just don’t be angry when you wake up and everything you knew to be true about the Chris Paul sweepstakes has changed.

With the list of teams in pursuit of the superstar point guard changing literally by the hour, no rumor is safe. And whatever you read yesterday, no matter how intriguing it might have been, probably can’t compare to the latest.

Our very own David Aldridge of TNT provided the latest update late last night, identifying the Lakers as one of the team that remain in advance discussions with the New Orleans Hornets about a potential deal while the New York Knicks are watching this saga play out without any real shot at landing Paul.

The other contenders, the Los Angeles Clippers, Golden State Warriors and Boston Celtics, are all chest-deep in the chase as well, per Adrian Wojnarowski of Yahoo! Sports. And the potential packages being prepared by said teams are rather intriguing:

The Clippers would have to include 23-year-old restricted free-agent center DeAndre Jordan in a package to get Paul, along with forward Al-Farouq Aminu, guard Eric Bledsoe and the 2012 first-round pick they acquired from the Minnesota Timberwolves.

The Clippers are more attractive to Paul than the Warriors or Boston Celtics, because of the chance to be paired with Griffin and Gordon. Golden State has been aggressive in its pursuit of Chandler independent of Paul, but the Warriors don’t have as appealing a supporting cast for Paul. The Warriors’ offer for Paul is centered around Stephen Curry and rookie guard Klay Thompson.

The Hornets consider the Clippers and Warriors to have the most desirable trade assets, but Paul has been hesitant to commit to signing a contract extension to remain with either team unless they surround him with enough talent. Paul’s ultimate hope has been a long-term pairing with Orlando Magic center Dwight Howard, but Paul did play three seasons with Chandler in New Orleans, where they came within a game of reaching the 2008 Western Conference finals.

As constituted, the Hornets prefer the Clippers and Warriors packages, but were still discussing several scenarios with the Celtics – including third-team trade possibilities and sign-and-trade money for restricted free agent forward Jeff Green. The Hornets prefer Curry to Rajon Rondo, sources said, but a third team could sweeten the Celtics package beyond the core of Rondo and Green.

In case you were wondering, yes, that’s the same Rondo Celtics boss Danny Ainge professed love for late last week and said he was not interested in trading. (We told you this stuff changes by the hour.)

But let’s not lose our focus here. Paul is the linchpin in today’s scenario, and if landing him makes a team more attractive to Howard (potentially in free agency), then snagging Paul now is the ultimate coup for a team trying to make itself a title contender for the foreseeable future.’s Marc Stein and Chris Broussard have their own version of this story, with subtle tweaks of their own.  They identify Clippers guard Eric Gordon and Warriors guard Curry as the players most coveted by the Hornets:

But the Hornets continue to meet with resistance from the Warriors and the Clippers on Curry and Gordon, sources told, because both teams are reluctant to part with their young backcourt cornerstones with no assurance from Paul that he will stay beyond this season.

Sources said that the Hornets have actually been trying to convince the Warriors to part with Curry since before last season’s trade deadline in February. But the Warriors could only stomach the inclusion of Curry if they knew Paul would extend his contract as part of the trade or at least commit to invoking his option for the 2012-13 season. Golden State has still received no such promises.

The Clippers, meanwhile, have been aggressive in their pursuit of Paul, but sources told‘s Ramona Shelburne that neither Gordon nor restricted free agent center DeAndre Jordan have been offered to New Orleans.

Said one source close to the situation of Gordon’s inclusion: “That’s a deal-breaker (for the Clippers).”

And you thought the lockout had some twists and turns. This Paul drama is just in the warm-up stages if indeed it is the Hornets’ plan to come to a quick decision about what to do with the face of their franchise. And by quick, we mean by the start of training camp and free agency on Friday.

The Rockets, Mavericks and Magic are all trying to make plays for Paul as well. And it’s a phenomenon most players realize is going to be the norm now, at least where superstar players are concerned. One of Paul’s closest friends, Hornets backup point guard Jarrett Jack, said as much to The Times Picayune:

“Right now this is the hot topic, and this is something every player goes through when he’s in the last year of his deal. When (Oklahoma City Thunder forward) Kevin Durant is in the last year of his deal and he hasn’t signed an extension yet, he’s going to go through it. If (Bulls point guard) Derrick Rose doesn’t sign an early extension, he’s going to go through it.

“All of these top-caliber players are going to go through it, it’s the end of their contract. When they feel it’s necessary to sign an extension or play it out through free agency or whatever, that’s the process you go through.”

Stay tuned, and do your best to stay awake … because things are guaranteed to change plenty before this is all over.



  1. ok whats next says:

    Lakers got cp3 for Odom & Gasol

    If I am the Lakers I would try to get Dwight
    Trade Bynum, Walton Artest and get Dwight and Hedo
    Next get David Lee for Matt Barnes

    SF:James Jones (free agent) Ebanks

    Hedo plays like Odom and David Lee plays like Pau Gasol
    James Jones was great for the heat and won the three point contest

  2. Max. W says:

    It seems like up till now the only names involved with the Knicks have been CP3, Superman, and Grant Hill. Now it seems like Tyson Chandler is going to end up in the Big Apple. Although, he’s not a superstar like Cp3 or Dwight Howard he is the key to the Knicks’ success. Let’s examine why they are the match made in heaven.

    To read more go to

  3. joe says:

    CP3 thinks that Clips do not have enough talent?22 year old Griffin and Gordon are not enough?Even if Gordon does get traded they still have enough cap to get some nice players.

  4. Diz says:

    When CP3 Or Dwight Come To The Lakers Dont Feel Dumb For Doubting The Lakers Organization. Listen Its All About Keeping Kobe Happy And Motivated, If You Add Players Like Chris Paul Or Dwight Howard Its Gonna Garrentee You That Kobe Will Be Happy And Motivated To Win That 6th Ring. Lakers Financially And Talent Wise Can Make This Happen Its All About Mich Kupchik Making The Move. So That N**** Need To Make The Move Already!

  5. Winsel John Montisor says:

    If CP3 will sign to the lakers,as well as Dwight Howard,, the L.A Lakers is the top contender of that championship..

  6. Efrem Foster says:

    IN order for howard to go NOH , they’d have to send Okafor and Ariza ..! which isn’t bad . But who would fill in that SF spot? maybe Josh Howard or Butler will sign for less . Im in Minnesota , I just cant wait until we have a CP3 ! or D12 here.
    come run with the PACK !

  7. blair56 says:

    The NBA needs a hard salary cap. It would make the league more entertaining. Just imagine a NBA finals match-up of the Bucks vs. Warriors!!!

  8. DABOSS says:

    Check your stats, kobe doesnt have 6 rings. and Lebron didnt get swept in the playoffs, kobe did. where was the “clutch” kobe bryant in the playoffs against dallas??? stop using rings as a reason to say who’s better than who when you cant even count them. steve kerr was a better player than kobe when he came in the league because steve had multiple championships and koe had none his first few years? No. Rings dont identify whos a better basketball player on the court.

  9. juan paulo gonzales says:

    i think rondo is very skilled point guard than paul

  10. John DeMatos says:

    Wow- lots of Rondo haters. True he doesnt shoot particularly well but his field goal percentage is better than most of the names up there-including Paul. His steals also dont come at the expense of team defense. He isnt ball hawking and leaving penetrators if he gambles poorly. He just flat out takes it. Tony Parker wasnt a great shooter when he came into the league and I hoped that Rondo would develope but he obviously hasnt in the way that I had hoped but I still think he is a better two way player than most give him credit for. Every year he has added something to his game as well- That said I’d trade him in a minute to get Paul with the ultimate goal of getting Howard next year. Other than that I actually think Paul is overrated and I would take Rondo’s upside over Pauls known game, larger salary, worse defense and I’m going to guess from his body type that he has knee problems down the line and underperforms his contract-

  11. Dan says:

    CP3 to ORLANDO = D12 + CP3 = RINGS 🙂

  12. Tim says:

    Paul to celtics, Green to hornets, Westbrook to hornets, Rondo to Thunder as a thunder fan i would love this trade

  13. Ya says:

    Brian Scalabrine ftw

  14. robert says:

    if i was the hornets i would trade cp3 to knicks in a three team trade his the outline of the trade

    NO- pg seth curry nyk- pg chris paul gs- pg chauncey billups
    sg klay thompson pf ekep upoh sf trevor ariza
    pf renaldo balkman sg marco belinelli sg landry fields
    pg andy rautins
    1st rd pick from gs
    2nd rd pick from nyk



  16. Rudy Gay says:

    Westbrook for CP3/ Ibaka+Harden for Dwight Howard!!!

  17. Vic says:

    What u guys fail to realize is that these players don’t want to go to Golden State or the CLippers. Bottom line is Dwight wants to play with Kobe and CP3 wants to play with Dwight. Only Viable thing to do is go to the Lakers. They can easily take the year off play for whatever team and not sign the extension. Teams know this and obviously wont send there key pieces in a trade with a player who doesnt want to sign an extension. Its too early to speculate but i dont see how the Hornets wouldnt take Pau Gasol if CP3 wont sign an extension anywhere else. Bottom LINE its the MELO drama all over again. But this time its on a grander scale. Dwight will probably do the same. These players now understand that its there choice, and most of them have already chosen

  18. Chi/Mia says:

    I think paul would be perfect with the Clippers him and the tag-team duo of young Blake will be amazing yes they might lose Eric Gordan but there also is free agency. I don’t like the idea of Paul with the Knicks, the Knicks no defense kind of play ust make me want to throw up ( I respect Amar’e, Carmelo and their coach but come on play some D). Paul with the Warriors….. wasnt one of the reasons why they wanted to trade Ellis is because Ellis wanted the ball more and the Warriors wanted to give Curry and chance and with Paul things would be more crazy.

  19. Katmandu says:

    hey, I’m a Laker fan and it would be great if they land both Howard and Paul! Even if they don’t the Lakers will still be a contender! It’s true they were swept by the Mavs but fatigue was a huge factor! Cmon; 3 finals in a row and 2 championships! And then that same Dallas team won the championship! Mike Brown is a great fit because he will instill the hard nosed defensive philosophy they need! Go Lakers!!!

  20. Asif says:

    These are all just rumors,nobody knows whats happening behind closed doors. im a celtic fan and it makes sense for a rondo/paul swap because paul will have a legit chance at a ring with kg,allen,pierce and with kg and allen coming off the books, they can sign howard and retain paul whilst keeping kg,allen,peirce on reduced contracts the following year. besides paul DID say rondo is ‘extremely lucky to be playing with kg,pierce and allen’

  21. lakers says:

    u guys really think anyone would wanna play for the clippers? hahahaah thats funny

  22. marcos says:

    I am a LAKER fan and would like to see cp3 or dh here in l.a, but if cp3 takes his talents to orlando then i am sorry for lebron, cause he wont see not 1, not 2 not any championships.

  23. Coach PeeWill says:

    LAKERS dont need to trade period if you know the game of basketball they have
    a succesful team that has won multiple championships together by having sometihing
    special with their size that cause match up problems by trading their SIZE they will be
    like any other team which is why the heat didnt win which has talent galore. they just
    need to retool the bench can do that via free agency and upgrade two areas in starting
    roles small forward bye bye Artest and point gaurd bye bye fisher

    upgrades i like to see in those two areas can come cheap and not costly at pg delonte west
    at small forward start lamar odom

    players to cut to upgrade bench luke walton ron artest steve blake theo ratliff joe smith

  24. beast says:

    Heat should trade Mike Miller for CP3 and Haslem for Howard.

  25. lets go magic says:

    magic just get chris paul and win it all
    it sounds like a rap doesn’t it

  26. JM says:

    The best bet for CP3 is the Clippers. He said it hemself, he would like to play with Gorden, and Griffen. I agree with him, eventhough the Hornets are asking for a lot, I think the Clippers need to take the biggest chance in there franchise history in Chandler and CP3.

  27. Dan says:

    So, Real quick. Best 3 PF’s in the league are Amar’e, ZBo, LaMarcus, and JSmooth. KG and CBosh? stop sleepin bro, games on…

  28. Big O says:

    why do they keep mentioning the Lakers.. when they know damn well the Lakers have no one to give up for Paul and Howard?

  29. Phil Jackson says:

    Gasol,ebanks, blake and walton (expiring contract) for CP3 and Aaron Gray

    Bynum, odom, shannon brown for Howard and Turkoglu


    Starting 5:

    Darius Morris
    Derek Fisher
    Majok (if hes any good)
    +add some vets /undrafted rooks like: Rick Jackson, Matt Howard, Jamie Skeen, Scotty Hopson, Jacob Pullen, Greedy Peterson, Diante Garrett, David Lighty, Demetri McCamey and Ben Hansbrough (all good colelge players!)

    Find a trade for turk or artest get a decent starting pf and this team is ring-bound, darius morris is a combo guard, goudelock is a shooter, caracter can play he’s a poor mans dejuan blair) smith and ratliff are retired so we could add other aging PF veterants/ rooks to fill out the roster, and gray is a strong big man who can work his butt off in limited minutes, isk anything about majok lol

  30. Filipe says:

    The Knicks? Not much of manouveur space in NY, plus a real player will stay away. NY must be the franchise with the biggest attractiveness factors that are so good at LOOSING despite the size of the market, the attractiveness factor of the town, the money that is spent, the titles won’t just come in. If the Knicks had been managed as well as the Lakers they would have many rings. What is that teams like Bulls, Lakers, Celtics have that the Knicks don’t have? Competent management! I still say that trying to buil your Big 3 with 2 being unexistent in defence is a mistake. Better upgrade then getting a 3rd Big is to get those to to give half on D of what they give on O. 1 Slacker id D is enough, specially when you pay tremendous salaries. All 3 in Miami are more complete and provide on both ends of the court.

  31. Filipe says:

    The Lakers are a magnificent magnet, I would do pretty much to 1st get CP3, and then Howard. CP3 pretty much solvews the perimeter problems the Lakers have on D and would improve a lot the offence, Dwight would be the second move and it would stengthen an inside game that is strong already. But a D with CP3 and DH? Would be tough to beat. Ofense with CP3 distributing and driving in, al older Kobe with the jump shot, the low post moves he is acquiring, and a DH with not as many double teams would be very difficult to beat. Everybody is tadeable but Kobe and Gasol or Bynum, one of these 2 needs to stay, prefably Gasol.

  32. MVYN89 says:

    Try this trade:

    LAKERS amnesty WALTON
    ORLANDO can rebuild around BYNUM
    NEW ORLEANS can rebuild around LOPEZ
    NEW JERSEY will have a marquee player in GASOL to pair with DERON and they can extend DERON and have a strong team to bring to BROOKLYN

    LAKERS line up





  33. Chris Paul says:

    New Orleans Hornets will Melo’d CP3 rather than getting Lebron’d. The best destination for him is the LA Lakers, since I hate the guts of the owner of the LA Clippers.
    Brooklyn Nets will get Lebron’ed by Dwill and he would join the New York Knicks. Winners: Utah Jazz and New York Knicks
    Orlando Magic needs to decide whether to trade Dwight Howard right before the season starts or Melo’d him. It would be wise to trade him now so they could have high percentage to get the best in the lottery pick.

  34. Mark says:

    The Lakers have to trade Kobe if they want to win a championship. That kind of selfish “superstar” that wants to take every shot in the last 2 minutes when they have a closed game is a cancer for any team.

  35. As a Charlotte Bobcat fan Im lookin for ways for us to be a three team and one of these trades for paul or howard
    I know we need some a center, nothing great just a good back up, and a good back up point guard so we can starting Kemba Walker.
    Outside of the box thinkin


  36. Sam says:

    In my opinion the Clippers are the team for Chris Paul. In the next few years, unless the Lakers do get Chris Paul and Dwight Howard, the Clippers will be the better team in LA. Adding Chris Paul to the Clippers could make one of the best duos in basketball today(Griffin and Paul). Blake Griffin is the next face of the NBA with his dominating of the post and adding Chris Paul to that team is the next step towards winning a NBA Championship.

  37. helloo says:

    The Orlando Magic must step up NOW and get Paul while he is still being discussed! I think thats the only way to keep Howard in Orlando…Either that or trade Howard to Sacramento for Tyreke Evens, D-Cousins, 1st rounders

    Orladno will build anew with very young FRESH talent, While Sacramento get a big reason to come watch games with Howard dominating the low post and Jimmer lighting it up from the perimiter! After such trade Sacramento will build a new Facility for sure and may even make some noise and go to the playoffs!! the only bit against the trade is that Howard may not stay!! Unless he sees a future in Sacramento.. but who knows C-Webb stayed once I dont see why Howard should be any different! He just needs to see that they can win!! CAN THEY?

  38. YUNO says:

    so what if cp3 and DH go to LA? (i personally don’t know if that’s possible or not). but y u no want to see that? cry if you want but i would love to see those 3 play together. it’d be like a better version of the Boston Three Party and miami’s Super Friends. we’ll call them… Los Amigos or something (idk someone come up with a better name). and plus it leaves a potential for LA vs. miami in the finals anyways. imagine that. 6 (5 1/4 with chrisboshfag1) of the league’s biggest stars playing on one floor. it’d be like the all-star game but everyone’s really trying.

    and whats all this talk about competitiveness being compromised? miami couldnt prove to us that making a ridiculous team w 3 superstars would make the competition would go away completely. look at the teams that played in the playoffs last year. there was plenty of competition among the west. okc and memphis should make it interesting again this season. looking forward to seeing philly and denver w their hustle n bustle. the knicks should be getting better. chicago & dallas are still all capable of upsetting 3-superstar monopolies. we’ll see how boston does but they’re still in the picture. look. even if LA gets CP and DH there still are going to be great teams out there so chill.

    but yeah LA would pwn lol

  39. b-rad says:

    CP3 should just turn down all trade deals and join the knicks in the offseason!!!

  40. artu says:

    chris paul has already made it clear that he will only sign an extension with the knicks and the lakers which means the knicks dont have anyone good to offer for chris paul leaving the lakers who have odom bynum pau gasol and artest to offfer so its more than likely they accept one of these trade options from the lakers so they wont be left with nothing

  41. NYK4EVA says:

    If D12 dont come to the Knicks, all they have to do is sign Tyson Chandler and try to get CP3 since he wants a big man to be aside him. And if CP3 dont want to come to the knicks no more, they can sign either Derek Fisher, Deron Williams, JJ Barea, JR Smith or Jamal Crawford. The Knicks have a great opportunity to sign some of these good players.

  42. Whiteshirt says:

    In my opinion the top two teams this year are either the Clippers or the Magic. Case for the Clippers they have a 1st round pick from the Twolves which will more then likely be top 3 plus a 30 year old Kaman or a young Deandre Jordan with Aminu, Bledsoe and possible more picks. I know this is CP3 we are talking about but he is one player being traded for a capable legit 7 footer a young promising point guard a 6’9″ Small forward and a high lottery pick from one of the bottom feeders in the NBA. No offense Kamla, I love Beasley and Love but they need help. Case for the Magic CP3 would love to play with Dwight Howard and the Magic have so many guards they would have no problem throwing multiple pieces at the Hornets even more so if they can get another team involved. The magic should jump on ANY oppurtunity to get Paul bottomline being…. Dwight wont leave if Paul is there. Thats a double win for Orlando. As far as next year goes for CP3 if he doesnt get traded this year, (unlikely) he would love to go the Knicks, Lakers, or some other team that I cant think of since I’m not Chris. Knicks I don’t know if they have the cap under the new agreement to sign chris and neither do the Lakers unless they do a sign and trade and if a sign and trade is happening Knicks will be out of luck. Personally I hope he goes to the Clippers and either get Dwight Howard, Nene, or Tyson Chandler to come in and be backed up by either D Jordan or Kaman. Plus they would need to find a defensive 3 to compete with the Heat, Knicks, and OKC. But the starting line of Chris Paul, Eric Gordon, defensive 3, Blake Griffin and one of those centers would make the semi finals and up in the playoffs very interesting in both conferences. Top 4 teams in east (no paticular order) Miami, New York, Chicago, and Boston providing Dwight is not in Orlando. Top 4 in the west, Lakers OKC Dallas and Clippers.

  43. Luis Calderon says:

    THe best thing that could happen for the league is howard going to Brooklyn Nets to play along deron williams and Chris Paul going to the Clippers to play with Griffin… Yes would love to have both in L.A but Lakers cant lose gasol the bond and chemistry him and kobe have is better than any other duo.. As a Laker fan i dont want howard… Chris Paul would be better if we get to keep gasol.. I love u fisher but you could barely guard these fast PG

  44. wahaha1234 says:

    even the lakers have D. howard and C.paul, its still 40/60 chance taking the championship for them without PHIL JACKSON

  45. Doms says:

    Just make the trade and start the freakin season! LOL

  46. John Rosiere says:

    The HORNETS just need to sign HOWARD and run the table!!!!!!!

  47. Grievous56 says:

    I really hope CP3 teams up with Dwight in Orlando. Or any other team besides the Lakers, for that matter.

    CP3 + DH12 + KB24 = Major uncompetitiveness in the league.

  48. zagoni7 says:

    You knowIm mad when it comes to talk abaut the Clipers because they have a big chance . I mean think about the fact that they trade kaman and griffin to orlando for howard an they sign later a center for the substitutions. And after it they trade Gordon and mo wiliams to New Orleans for paul. OR if this wont work keep griffin resign deandre jordan and get paul . OR if they cant get paul and howard resign jordan keep mo will get a great small forward and try to sign aron brooks when they can.

  49. Chris says:

    The rumors are building but sources suggest the Lakers have the best chances of landing D. Howard. Odom and Gasol are more than enough for CP3 but the Lakers won’t do that deal. They want to trade Bynum and Odom for D. Howard. Orlando is going to loose Howard anyway next year unless they make a trade asap so if they can land Bynum and Odom, Orlando would be lucky. There’s no other place these 2 players would rather play than in LA. The Lakers desperately need a PG without sacrificing their height in the paint so the CP3 deal looks hard to imagine with what they could get in trade for Howard. There’s a lot more options on the table that Orlando, Charlotte, and LA are working on so it’ll be exciting to see what happens by Friday.

    BTW: In regards to the sixth man of the year…it should of went to J. Terry. Odom stepped it up in 3P% and FG% but Terry could (and did) take over any game.

  50. asdf says:

    umm the golden state warriors play around monta elis not steph curry. How can u even write for the NBA when u obviously don’t watch basketball.

  51. Devon says:

    CP3 isnt going to the clippers because they dont want to give up jordan without a guarantee he will sign an extension, and orlando has absolutely nobody to trade for chris paul. I think the lakers will get him if they find a 3rd team and the package is centered around pau. THIS IS COMING FROM A PERSON WHO’S FAVORITE PLAYER IS DEREK FISHER. so im not bias i love fisher and would like him to start but cp3 is coming.

  52. coach151 says:

    Well I read alot of hate for the Lakers (my team), but if David Stern wanted to balance the league competiviteness he should have created a better CBA… Under the new agreement high quality players will not want to go to Charlotte or Indiana to play… (I guess you forgot about these guys night life), DH & CP will end up outside thier respective homes for sure, but its not up to the fans, I sure everyone want the best for their teams but it just don’t happen that way… The Lakers can sit back and watch the show, then deal for a Curry or a Gordon or any other Pointguard we need to make another run for the title, we have all our peices in place, its the rest of the league that wants to break up the Lakers… We played a bad series against the Mavs, ok that being said we are still in contention to win it all again… And if Paul and Howard really do want a ring then they better sign with LA or its back to the building block for another three or four years, plus the increasing salary cap in two years that will limit all teams to lose some fat or pay through the nose… Howard get Paul, well they will have to give up their supporting players and will be stripped down to nothing, not contenders… Paul goes to NY, once again there goes the support in the trade… Odom, Gausol, Bynum + draft picks is the best way to go period… But if they choose not to come to LA, LA will still be contenders… Unlike Orlando, New Orleans, or NY… We can still keep Bynum, Gausol & Odom and just find a PG… He dosen’t have to be the worlds best, but good enought not to lose his handle on the ball… From what I read into this is LA and Miami must be the worst hated teams in the nation, LA cause people are just tired of us winning, and Maimi because on LBJ, he’s just not likable anymore… If Mitch can see into the future, he will make the trade, if he don’t, the window is still open for the Lakers to win it all… Remember Dallas Mavs are the Champs, and no one is talking about them! You people are really selfish…

  53. Steveness says:

    Quite frankly, free agency in the NBA is no different than free agency in any other sport- NOTHING IS CERTAIN. LA may be the front-runner today, but who will be the front-runner in the race for CP3 tomorrow or the next day? It is highly unpredictable, so I am content to sit back and watch the drama unfold.

  54. Damien says:

    Would I be the Lakers, I would immediately deal Andrew Bynum, who is WAY OVERRATED !!! I’m not sure I’d get rid of Lamar, who is the more versatile player and the best spark off the bench.
    I’d also go for CP3 rather than Dwight…

  55. DAVE says:

    Hmm gonna be interesting to see how this one plays out…… my opinion Clippers should make a play for Howard and Cp3 … They should pretty much give up everything except for Blake Griffin to try and land the 2 of them… Imagine a big 3 of Griffin, Howard and Cp3 … would be awsum to watch… and would make them instant title contenders …. do you think such a move would be possible? Maybe deal Gordon/Kaman/mo williams for Cp3 …. then deal Jordan/bledsoe/that 1st round pick from the T/wolves and anything else for Howard ?

  56. ace says:

    CP3 for stephen curry plus another player and a first round pick could be a better choice for the hornets.,curry is much better shooter than rondo(i didnt under estimate rondo).CP3 and d.west out of the hornets.,they definitely need a scorer not a role player….

  57. GianGroy says:

    Sorry….. CP3 is going to LAKERS… 6 champ ring for the BLACK MAMBA.

  58. NBAer says:

    Why don’t we just trim down teams to 8 per conference, and have 3-4 superstars each???

    Today’s “top-caliber” players think that the best shot they have to win the ring is to team up with other “top-caliber” players. Now isnt about winning the competition, not about beating the best. Its just plain bullying. A bully teaming-up with another bully.

    Gone are the days when a champ deserves to be called a champ.

    • HeatWave says:

      Oh like in the 80’s when Lakers had Kareem, Magic, Cooper, Worthy, Wilkes and then some? Lol, super teams are nothing new unless you just started watching basketball.
      Oh and don’t tell me about it not being right for players to join up during free agency or teams to acquire stars. If the commissioner says its okay then it’s fair game for everyone.

      • THEHEATSUCK says:

        Then why are most of you heat fans on here talking about the heat are trend setters?

      • HeatWave says:

        Did I ever say they were trend setters? No. Should I hold you accountable for every dumb comment Laker fans make? No. Dumb fans can be found for any team. Try not to make yourself one of them with the comments you make.

      • THEHEATSUCK says:

        I said most of you heat fans, not HeatWave. Calm down there little spark plug. If you can read, go through some of these comments and you will see heat fans writing that the heat are trend setters becasue the brought three super stars together.

      • NBAer says:

        @HeatWave… nice example you have there, exactly what I needed to have you informed… I just wish you know the history of Magic’s LA. Kareem was already at the decline of his prime when Magic, WHO IS A DRAFT PICK BY LA, came. James Worthy was also LAs pick from the lottery. And Cooper my friend, despite being a defensive specialist, wont be considered to have that “Superfriend” abilities. So basically, Magic’s LA weren’t Superfriends yet. They just came to be playing and improving together.

        Same argument goes with MJ having a Pippen. Pippen WAS TRADED TO CHICAGO when he was a rookie. MJ has to wait for Pippen and Grant to develop into the players that they are (and though Rodman came in, Grant was lost). Same thing with Bird who has to wait for McHale. Same for Shaq who waited for Kobe to unleash his potential. Same for TD who waited for Manu and TP.

        You see, thats the thing I’m pointing out here. Great players who deserve to be called champs IMPROVES HIS TEAM ALONG WITH HIM. It isnt when MJ was knocked by Detroit out of the playoffs several times that he would call Barkley, Stockton, Malone or Hakeem to form a Supergroup so he could get off the hump.

        I go with you on free agents can choose whatever team they can play. But right now, the “GREAT” players are like Divas who would tell their team they’ll leave if they don’t get the players that they want. And even if they did get who they want, but they failed to win the crown, they’ll leave saying he ain’t getting any help. Dude, a CHAMP leads his team to victory. Good players emerge from a team with a Great leader. Skill-wise, these players are better than those from the past generation. They just missed the point on about winning and what it is to deserve to be champions.

  59. lol says:

    I hate the Lakers but they are a point guard away from winning another championship. While the possibility of Howard is enticing, Paul is a much better fit for the Lakers at the moment. They will (obviously) make the playoffs easily but from there onwards, having Paul will really help much for then having Howard.

    The Laker’s defense used to be ruthless because of their 7 footers (Gasol and Bynum) which made the opponents not named Dwight Howard useless. However defense is only possible if they have a tight perimeter defense which forced the opponents to take jump shots as they couldnt attack the rim due to the Laker’s size. However, Kobe and D-Fish have lost that quickness due to their age and quicker guards can penetrate the lanes therefore freeing up the post (see Barea) and allows easier baskets. Even if they get Howard, they will suffer because their guards cannot keep up with the new era of athletic point guards such as Rose, Rondo, Westbrook.

    Having Paul instead of Howard solves most if not all of their problems. They finally have a point guard who is currently the best distributor of the ball and a master of the pick and roll, but also a tenacious All-NBA defender who will make it really hard for opposing point guards. CP3 is not afraid to attack the rim (unlike D-Fish) and this will open up Bynum and Gasol’s game but also free up Kobe as they have to double cp3 when he runs off that screen.

    Having Paul will definitely help the Lakers much more than Howard and (should) bring them another Championship

    • HeatWave says:

      Lol they would have been a point guard away with Phil. Now with Brown who knows how these guys will adapt to his system? Howard and Paul are LA’s best shot at immediate title talks again. Otherwise LA will not be returning to the fianls this season.

  60. Heat Fan says:

    I don’t agree with the comment about Bosh. He is an awesome player. Anyway what i do agree with is that cp3 must go to the Orlando Magic if he is to move from the Hornets.

  61. Ralf says:

    I truly hope that Paul will choose Orlando. That wouldn’t completely destroy the competitiveness in the league like him going to Lakers with Howard would. Also, I’m a Magic fan so that would completely make my day. And year. And years after that.

  62. Johnathan says:

    Knicks should get Timofey Mozgov back as a backup Center and trade Ronny Turiaf to the Nuggets

  63. Chris Ross says:

    It’s going to be really interesting to see where Chris Paul and Dwight Howard go when everything is finished. All these rumours are quite a tease. It would be nice to see Chris Paul and D12 stick in their respective cities but I have a hard time seeing that happen. D12 knows he can’t win a championship without a legitimate wing guy/point guard and Chris Paul knows he needs a legit big man. Making the playoffs won’t cut it for them anymore and after seeing these guys teaming up you know they’re going to do whatever they can to find a situation as similar to that as possible. If they don’t get something done before the season starts I wonder how much of a distraction this is going to be during the season.

  64. Devin Davis says:

    the thing you have to remember is that Dwight Howard is a HUGE fan of L.A. and would love to live there.. let alone play with one of the NBA greats.. Kobe Bryant.. A think a trade for Gasol and Bynum and/or Bynum and Odom would be smart.

  65. Louie says:

    No one wants CP3 to go to the Lakers. That would end up with no competition in the NBA again. Don’t send CP3 to the Knicks either. Send CP3 to Orlando with Howard or to the Clippers with Griffen. If CP3 went to Orlando, there would be a great competition between the Heat and the Magic. Two all-stars against two all-stars. Bosh doesnt count as an all-star because, he sucks. NOT to the Lakers or the Knicks.

    • Devin Davis says:

      how can you say there will be no compettion.. U have a strong Dallas team.. A growing Clippers team… The spurs and more plus the whole powerhouse of the east and the “Big 3” there is tons of competiton… Lakers is a good spot for Paul specially playing alongside Kobe Bryant

    • Johnathan says:

      Why Orlando, they got Jameer Nelson and Gilbert Arenas as PG’s, thats enough.
      CP3 needs to go to the Knicks. Even he said it himself.

      Dwight need to go to the Bulls. Noah and Boozer to Magics. Thats a good trade.

  66. Johnathan says:

    CP3 needs to join the Knicks. They can give up Chauncey Billups,Derrick Brown and Jared Jerrfries for Paul. Lakers already have a great PG (Derrick Fisher) why add another? I hope CP3 joins the Knicks because they need him.

  67. Lakers#1 says:

    Lakers are going to get Chris Paul

  68. Heat Fan says:

    It is probable that cp3 can go to the knicks. PROBABLE! But at this point it is looking like the Magic will make a run for him to end up in Orlando. At this point we can throw out everyone else and narrow the field down to the Magic and the Clippers.

  69. leggomymelo says:

    i think the potential of Paul as a clipper is intriguing. That being said, i still dont see them winning the west anytime soon. Gordon and Griffin are obviously great players, however, they are both fairly young and havent experienced winning at the NBA level yet. I say if they do get Paul that they will be legitimate contenders, but it will take 3 years.

  70. Stone says:

    Everybody seems to be discounting my Knicks. SMH. If Paul wants to play for the Knicks, he WILL play for the Knicks. All the teams know he wants to play for the Knicks so they won’t trade for him. What’s the point of trading for him if he’s just gonna sign with the Knicks anyway next season? Hahaha….CP3 is coming to the Knicks, this year or next year. Suck it up people!

    • BFoulds says:


    • QuestionMark says:

      Knicks don’t have any pieces to give in return, Jefferies? Turiaf? an old Billups? Thats a joke. Douglas is the only intriguing piece. So Knicks can’t get CP3 without trading Amare or Melo.

    • Vlad says:

      Unless they plan to win by playing 3 vs 5 with no subs, i don’t see how Paul to the Kniks will work. That is the same case with Lakers regarding Paul and Howard.

      The Heat couldn’t manage it with 3 smaller than max contracts. You think the Kniks with allready 2 max or the Lakers with Kobe’s huge contract have a chance? Sure….we can start comparing the Heat’s 3 with Paul Howard or Bryant and go like this for days, but the bottom line is that the suporting cast for the Kniks and Lakers will be way less valuable than the one the Heat has (don’t forget the Heat signed Haslem for much less money and more), a cast that failed last year. It will be even harder for them to do it that it was for the Heat

      Howard and Paul in the same team… with good supporting that is a different story. I think Howard and Paul are a deadly combination on offence and even deadlier on defence. The 2 of them, with the right cast can win over any big 3 there is and any other team there is.

  71. Heat Fan says:

    I don,t think so!!!! I agree with Edo Heat are trend setters. However, don,t forget that Miami has three guns not two. So if cp3 goes to Orlando they would still a lil short of the Heat. But that would make a damn good rivalry.

    • Raycoutt says:

      Two is enough for Ring : Shaq–> Kobe, Duncan–> Robinson, Wade–> O’Neal, Jordan–>Pippen,, its only need some good help like J-Crawford or good bench like that

  72. samuel says:

    i feel bad for lebron cause we all know cp3 is gonna team up with howard and then the heat will have another competitor srry ebron no rings for u

  73. BIG SM says:

    By the way Slick, I am not a fan pf LBJ, but could we just stop picking on him for a little while?

  74. BIG SM says:

    I would love Chris Paul on the Clips with Blake Griffin. Would be a heck of an opportunity. Come on Chris, go to Clips and sign anextension with them, don’t be so picky!

  75. Dodong Scarface says:

    BLAKE GRIFFIN and CHRIS PAUL.. triple doubles every night

  76. joe says:

    LAC have the best offer for either CP3 or DW. Gordon,Aminu,Jordan and pick.

  77. kikoman16 says:


  78. Edo says:

    Miami Heat set the trend with Big Threes and everybody has to follow it in order to win a Championship.Come on Kupchak,pull the trigger – trade Gasol,Bynum and Artest for Chis Paul and Dwight Howard and form the Biggest Three to ever play the Game.The Lake Show Must go on.Its Hollywood!

  79. princrereyes says:

    trade PAU and Lo for PAUL..

  80. Dennis says:


  81. 5150clipfan says:

    C.P looks like a great fit for the LOS ANGELES CLIPPERS

  82. Slick says:

    Hey Lebron looks like you may not win ant title now that other teams are putting together there own star stud teams.
    you have options take a trade to to a better team or just retire

  83. ultimatebasketball7583 says:

    You all don’t know nothing. CP3 will go to charlotee to team up with the best team NBA has seen!

  84. Michael says:

    As Belgian Lakerfan it would be great to see CP3-Bryant-Howard playing together….now another player i would love to (re)join the Lakers should be DJ Mbenga !!!! He can make the fans going nuts, he is THE guy you need to have in your team……go CONGO CASH !!

  85. keeponrunning says:

    chicago get howard PLEASE! give noah boozer deng, then get, prince and howard. and prince are free agents.

    • Raycoutt says:

      Howard for Boozer and Deng, but chicago need to keep Noah !!!

      • QuestionMark says:

        Orlando won’t give up a C if they don’t get a C back in return, why would they give up a C when they don’t have a backup? Trades not gonna work, I prefer Chicago sticks to trying to sign Crawford or Butler. They have a strong team they just need to sign another scorer to beat Miami.

  86. Heat Fan says:

    That Laker deal won’t happen. Cp3 is going to the clippers or he may even end up in Orlando. He wants to pair up with Howard so he has Orlando in his view as well. Lakers can forget it!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • RobK says:

      I totally agree with you “Heat Fan”. CP and DH are buddies and may very well end up playing together in Orlando. If that does happen, then it’s a renewed sunshine state rivalry between the Heat and Magic. Damn, doesn’t that sound awesome??? ;)~~

    • THEHEATSUCK says:

      @Heat Fan, the Hornets want Eric Gordon, Clippers said they are not giving up Eric Gordon. So that CP to Clipper deal is not looking so well.

  87. .... says:

    just trade cp3 and howard to celtics for paul pierce and rondo in a 3 team deal that’s a win win situation for the 3

  88. tom says:

    if cp3 goes to the lakers the rest of the league is in trouble. phil will wish he hadn’t retired haha

    • HeatWave says:

      Umm no he won’t. He already went through the Kobe Shaq BS. You think he would want to be stressing out over THREE stars this time? Face it you just wish Phil didn’t retire because thins aren’t looking so good for LA as of right now.

      • THEHEATSUCK says:

        How are things not looking good for LA when we are front runners to land CP or Dwight or both. Whether we get them or not is one thing. But we have one hell of a chance. So how is LA not looking right now. Again, you heat fans are idiots. That, or most of the heat fan base is like 11 years old.

      • HeatWave says:

        Yes I’m 11yrs old and can communicate my point without having to name call like you do. Hope your 11 too otherwise you just sound grown and ignorant.

        BTW, it’s all opinion. Don’t get so flusterd about it.

      • THEHEATSUCK says:

        Its not being flustered. Its just when people like you get on this website and leave comments that make absolutely no sense. Like the heat getting Dwight Howard and Chris Paul. And then coming off the bench they will have Kobe Melo Deron Williams. You heat fans just say stupid stuff, that bothers me. If your gonna leave a comment, at least make some sense.

      • QuestionMark says:


        Amazing thing is, he sounds far more mature than you, and I don’t think I saw him right anything about getting CP3 or Dwight to Miami.
        Lakers fans on the other hand try to jump on every single trade, Lebron trade talks start L.A SHOULD GET LEBRON! Melo-drama starts, L.A SHOULD GET MELO!, Dwight trade talks start, L.A SHOULD GET DWIGHT, CP3 trade talks, L.A SHOULD GET CP3!
        I said it a million times, there is no way for L.A to get both unless you wanna give up an SF and PF and be forced to start Barnes and some like Joe Smith, since L.A won’t be able to sign anything, plus Hornets won’t give a PG away unless they get a PG in return along with other pieces.
        So have fun TRYING to win without a bench. Heat tried they lost to a Mavs team who had size and depth.

  89. niico. says:

    LA LAKERS with Chris Paul and Dwight Howard along with Kobe Bryant will be UNBEATABLE!!!

    • John Stanton says:

      The trade you suggest would make the NBA completely uncompetitive and it is BAD, very BAD for the game!! The only fans who would like to see it happen are the LA Laker fans.

      • MOXI says:

        yep very bad as in Miami Heat BAD

      • HeatWave says:

        Yep, the same Laker fans who mocked Miami for having 3 stars, now they want the same. Hypocrite much?

      • Danny says:

        i dissagree with lakers being to competitive…it’s true that im a lakers fan but i think howard going to lakers would just even it out. carmelo, amare and many more all stars are going to the east so if the west got howard it would just make it closer to evening it out.

      • THEHEATSUCK says:

        But its ok for the Heat to have those three chumps down in Miami right? You Laker haters are a joke.

      • HeatWave says:

        @ HeatSuck, did I say it was wrong for LA to want those two stars? I said Laker fans are hypocrites for bashing Miami then asking for the same thing. Sorry if don’t understand what a hypocrite is.

      • THEHEATSUCK says:

        @Heatwave as for myself, i could care less how many superstars the heat have. My problem is, you heat fans talk about how great your team is and how much better lebron is than Kobe. Yet, you guys come up short in the finals. Lebron has 0 rings compared to Kobes 6. So all of the stupid nonsense you heat fans were talking is what bothered i think most people. Not to mention the fact when Wade and bron got on stage the laughing and giggling about how they were going to win not 1234567 on and on and on, and look they come up short in the playoffs. The team is very overrated!

      • HeatWave says:

        Heatsuck, my problem is guys who focus hating another team. Really what for? Also now you’re Turing your points off the subject.

    • Raycoutt says:

      I think it makes the same thing than 2003-2004 when Payton-malone-O’Neal-Bryant all in La : lost in final against a team like 03-04 Piston, too much Big Head in a same team. It works with Pierce-Allen-Garnett-Rondo cause Allen and Garnett started sharing the ball, and Pierce too

    • QuestionMark says:

      Next Idiot that said it, L.A would have to give up their whole core, Artest, Gasol, Bynum and Gasol for Dwight and Paul, but then again Hornets would want a PG in return. That would also leave L.A with no PF or SF, and if they get Dwight and Paul, have fun trying to sign anyone.

  90. DJ1234567890 says:

    trade paul to knicks !

  91. boerni98 says:

    trade kaman aminu 2012 pick and bledsoe for paul and then trade paul for rondo to celtics.

    • Macluse says:

      you had it right up until “then trade paul for rondo.” that would just be a very dumb move. rondo is good but not chris paul good.

  92. Torance Flournoy says:

    i think cp3 will be a great aset to the losAngles Lakers ,and i also think he would win a championship faster with kobe than any other team.

    • Badgers says:

      The Lakers deal is one of the worst ones on the table, Gasol and Odom isn’t it? Definitely better options out there, especially the Celtics offering Rondo, on the outskirts of being a top 5 point guard (depending on peoples current ranking of Steve Nash).

      • 21 says:

        You got to be kidding. Gasol is one of the most skilled forwards in the league. Don’t judge him by his playoff performance, judge him by what he’s done before that. Besides Amar’e Stoudemire and Chris Bosh, he’s probably the best PF in the league. Yes, I say that he’s better than Tim Duncan and Kevin Garnett who are both way past their prime, and most people say the same. Add to that Odom, reigning 6th man of the year and one of the most versatile forwards in the league and you have a package that is a MILLION times better than Rondo. Especially if you consider that the Hornets need players that can actually score on their own. And Rondo can’t score for sh*t, he’s one of the worst shooters among all guards.

      • Jadm says:

        The Lakers proposed deal is built around Andrew Bynum. There´s no way the Hornets would take Pau Gasol as the centerpiece and the Lakers know that. But right now it´s just Bynum and Odom´s expiring contract. Though it could change.

      • Saw Kapaw says:

        Amen 21. And don’t forget the facts that David West is leaving for sure wihout Paul. Hornets definitely need big can score on their own. That’s why the Lakers are currently the front runner in this.

      • BFoulds says:

        actually why would you judge someones skills on the past rather than their most recent play? and Odom isn’t the reigning 6th man, J. Crawford of the Hawks is.

      • 21 says:

        Odom IS the reigning 6th man of the year, check the facts. J. Crawford was last years 6th man of the year.
        And why you should judge Gasol by what he’s done before the playoffs rather than what he’s done in the playoffs? Because everyone knows that the Gasol we saw in the playoffs wasn’t the real Gasol. It was a Gasol shaken by personal problems and playing horrible (for him).

      • sbfern805 says:

        @BFoulds Really? Odom is not the reigning 6th man? the lockout was only half a season right? Man someone needs to do some research before giving an opinion. Ok, im a Lakers fan and it would be the ultimate if the Lakers land CP3 AND SUPERMAN! Do the Lakers have the best deal? NO. In fact if i was new Orleans, i would go for a brand new team with future prospects and the Clippers can offer that. PROBLEM…CP3 will NOT SIGN AN EXTENSION. even if Gordon and Griffith are still there. Rondo has incredible shooters in Boston…ALLEN, GARNETT AND PIERCE so his numbers NEED to be up there. New orleans cannot build a team around Rondo…at best an even .500 team. Lakers and New York are very attractive to CP3 and New Orleans because if they decide to send two Lakers, they would automatically be starters. My main point is…Lakers are Lakers and no player wouldnt want to come and play here.

      • brandyng says:

        the lakers should get chris paul and dwight howerd thats it

      • Zeus says:

        gasol sucks anyway. he brought the Lakers down in the playoffs last year. Adding cp3 and losing gasol, is a big gain for the Lakers.

      • THEHEATSUCK says:

        @Badgers whether you think the Lakers deal is one of the worst ones or not, the Lakers, so far, are the only team CP said he will sign a extension with.

      • THEHEATSUCK says:

        I sure would like to know where some of you get your information from. @Jadm The Hornets have said the would take Pau Gasol for CP. The Lakers would probably have to throw in cash or another player. But NO said they would take Gasol. Do you guys read about sports, or just make stuff up in your heads?

      • RAY says:


    • BFoulds says:

      Trolled. Winner? BFoulds.

      • HandsomeFan says:

        that is so lame i have almost no words for it

      • THEHEATSUCK says:

        Oh WOW! @ BFoulds when did you start watching basketball, this season? Odom was the sixth man of the year this past season, not Crawford. Get off this website idiot if you dont know what you are talking about. People like you make me sick, leave comments and dont even know what they are talking about.

  93. Richard says:

    Do not sleep on Portland as a destination for Chris Paul. They have an expiring Raymond Felton contract, Nic Batum, Gerald Wallace, Wes Matthews, etc. It may not be out in the news, especially because they technically do not have a GM right now, but there have been discussions between NO and PDX.

    • RAY says:

      but why would he sign with portland, they woldave to give up wallace and aldridge to get him and he would never win a ring there,it would be the hornets all over again.

  94. Xavier says:

    If Gordon is the only thing holding back a deal for CP3, make it happen…
    Without hesitation.

    • John Rosiere says:

      The HORNETS just need to go after HOWARD and run the table.

    • Macluse says:

      Just a straight up trade, Gordon for CP3, I say make it happen but ONLY if CP3 signs an extension first. I’d hate to see Gordon go but Paul is better so as a Clippers fan, I wouldn’t mind that trade. I would even give up Aminu or next yrs first round pick along with Gordon to get it done.