Blogtable: Start of free agency

Each week, we’ll ask our stable of scribes to weigh in on the three most important NBA topics of the day — and then give you a chance to step on the scale, too, in the comments below.

Free agency starts Friday. Give us one free-agent move that you’d like to see happen by the end of the weekend.

Steve Aschburner: Frankly, I’d like to see every free-agent move happen by the end of the weekend. There’s going to be enough discontinuity and raggedy play already, due to the shortened preseason, without air-dropping key players into practices after teams have begun working. That said, I would like to see Tyson Chandler end up with Golden State, if only to pave the way for Chris Paul to go Bay Area rather than Big Apple (if he must leave the Big Easy). The Warriors have some of the NBA’s best fans, deserving of an exciting new era, and having Chandler to make up for some dubious perimeter defense would really help rookie head coach Mark Jackson.

Fran Blinebury: It would be great to have the Howard/Paul situations settled quickly, just so we wouldn’t have to endure a tiresome repeat of last season’s Melo-drama.  More realistically, the Bulls could strike a deal with Arron Afflalo to solidify their backcourt and take a step closer to The Finals.

Scott Howard-Cooper: One of the two big men at the top of the list of available players, Nene or Tyson Chandler. (I have always believed that Marc Gasol is close to an automatic match for the Grizzlies, that every team knows it, and that Gasol therefore is not really in play.) A Chandler or Nene signing will start the dominoes falling that will create decisions around the league.

Shaun Powell: Nene to Indiana. The Pacers are finally free of the financial fallout from the Malice at the Palace and deserve some good news. Nene is more of a true power forward and would be a beastly fit next to Roy Hibbert, who would become a better player with Nene on the floor. There’s also the option of going to the Nets, which would be another boost to a franchise on hard times, but whether he’d be enough to convince D-Will to sign long-term is questionable.

John Schuhmann:  I’d like to see the Houston Rockets sign one of the top centers. The Rockets have a really solid three-man core of Kyle Lowry, Kevin Martin and Luis Scola and had the sixth-most efficient offense in the league last season. A center like Nene or Tyson Chandler would make them even more fun to watch than they were last year and really put them in the middle of the Western Conference playoff picture.

Sekou Smith: I realize that all indications are that it won’t happen, but I’d love to see Tyson Chandler end up back in Dallas. After watching him in the playoffs and seeing how well he fit on that team, it’d be a shame for that union to end. The Mavericks with Chandler would return as one of the favorites in the Western Conference. They’ll still be a good team without him in the middle to anchor that defense, but getting back to a championship level will be a tough climb with someone else in that spot.


  1. gab says:

    what is next for celtics they trade big baby they sign jeff green they have a lot of good players but they need badly a big center

  2. Christopher Rigby says:

    LA: Get Howard at Center. Trade Bynum and Draft Picks
    LA: Sign Rodney Stuckey at Point Guard.
    LA: Sign Billups at Point Guard once he becomes an un-restricted Free Agent!

  3. jamesfranklin says:

    andre phi to hawks for josh smith or andre and brand for CP

  4. Noah Parker says:

    I would like to see Howard on the Lakers he is way to good to be on the Nets.

  5. Noah Parker says:

    i would like to see howard with lakers he’s way to good to go to the nets.

  6. Brissono says:

    Howard to the Bulls for Noah and some draft picks. keep Taj Gibson as a 6th and let him develop, then deal Boozer for a guard. I would love to see Howard, Deng, Gibson, (whatever guard they get), and Rose in the next few years.

  7. Manong says:

    Crawford to Bulls please….

  8. jam says:

    Chandler end up still in dallas cuban just want to know the other bidders and match them a little bigger deal at the end.. for him to know the price of chandler and avoid guising…

  9. Billy bob says:

    Howard to the cavs. Kyle and dwight together, bring back the cavs

  10. matt says:

    i wanna see jason richardson to the bulls and jamal crawford
    trade away keith bogans

  11. Sidney C. Phillips says:

    I would personally love for Allen Iverson to come back to the game of basketball and back to the graceful courts of the NBA as well. It’s been a long while since we’ve seen Iverson lace up the kicks and serve us with some sick crossovers and graceful plays. The game needs him and so do the fans. So on that note, I feel that the team that best suits him would be the Boston Celtics. If you think about it, they have a great coach in Doc Rivers who is both, experienced and tough loving, and they have their strong core of veteran players in Kevin Garnett, Ray Allen & Paul Pierce. Hopefully, if the league gets a chance to read this then we can see the Answer hit the courts very soon.

  12. 80s90sBaller says:

    How about Perkins for Chandler?

    Chandler fits the OKC Thunder’s Run & Gun Offense better and Perkins fits the Dallas Halfcourt Dirk-Centric Offense.


    • QuestionMark says:

      Chandler fits in Dallas better, no matter how well Dirk played, Chandler was that main guy that helped them win, Perkins doesn’t have that energy and shot blocking skills Chandler does, and with Bynum in L.A, Dallas needs Chandler who can match up against Bynum, they also have Haywood, and Dirk so that is three 7’0 footers

  13. mike says:

    The NBA sucks. Give the fans what they’re looking for which is exciting basketball and stop caving into the demands of the owners. CP3 to LA was a fair deal.

    • killin it says:

      How? Now tell me would you, as an owner accept a threeway trade, that only benefits one team, Howare Gasol and Odom, going to be of any use without a good point guard securing and distributing the ball? Some of you laker fans are just as moronic as most heat fans.

  14. Brayden Baker says:

    im a Miami Heat fan, I would love to see the Heat pick up NeNe or Jonas Jerebko because the heat is going to need a back up big man.

  15. TyRhee says:

    I wanna see Nene or Tyson Chandler come to the Heat. Either one of them would be very helpful defensively in the paint.

  16. jared curry says:

    Are you serious

  17. kbrit says:

    despite all the free agencies going around i’d love for boston to acquire allen iverson, think it’d be the best thing ever him along with my main man kg ; would be big for the nba, could definitely see the celts being a proper contender with him in the line up

  18. Juan Carlos Monet says:

    What about JJ Barea? He is a free agent and help Dallas to win the Championship!

  19. spurs says:

    I think that the spurs NEED to get another big man that can play the game well and fit in with their rotation. They also need someone like George Hill, he played to Gregg Popovich’s style and he was aggressive on defense and offense, he could also finish very well. They need to get him back

  20. Go Knicks ! says:


    Amare & Douglas for

    Howard & Jay Rich


    Billups,Fields and picks

    for either Nene & sign Marbury back & get rid of Dantoni

    or just get cp3.

  21. Max. W says:

    It seems like up till now the only names involved with the Knicks have been CP3, Superman, and Grant Hill. Now it seems like Tyson Chandler is going to end up in the Big Apple. Although, he’s not a superstar like Cp3 or Dwight Howard he is the key to the Knicks’ success. Let’s examine why they are the match made in heaven.

    To read more go to

  22. ATLHAWKSFAN says:

    ALL OF YOU CRAZYYY!!!! I think dwight howard should go to ATL (hawks need a center) and play with jsmoove for their hometown. yes thats unrealistic bc the hawks owners do nothing but smoke weed and do crappy deals.they just get rid of joes contract, let teague develope, let smoove and howard make the best defensive frontline and al horford can do what he normally does. also golden state need and defensive center (tyson) and they will be complete

  23. kappa89 says:

    I would love to see the Lakers get CHRIS PAUL and OKAFOR in exchange for LAMAR ODOM, PAUL GASOL, AND SHANNON BROWN…then get DWIGHT HOWARD AND TURKGLOU for ANDREW BYNUM,STEVE BLAKE,and someone else

    HOWARD–HOWARD and TURKGLOU for BYNUM AND GASOL…sign JJ Berea or TJ Ford, Aaron Affalo, Mike Dunleavy or Jeff green

    • 1998 clippers fan says:

      Your on crack if you think that will happen. Jeff Green is restricted and not cheap, and there is no way the hornets will take Odem and Gasol , to get Paul you would need Bynum and Gasol or two future first round picks. There is no way Paul and Howard will be on any team together next year unless on hits fa.

    • ATLHAWKSFAN says:

      thing is CP3,KOBE, and HOWARD on the same team will never work. kobe is a selfish nevermind that but kobe will never want to share the ball. EVER! all you annoying lakers fans cant accept that all three of them wont win a championship. now cp3 and howard with no other superstars will be fine. they would be better off on the hawks but can never happen anyways howard will never be on LAKERS! HA!

  24. kevin says:

    knicks fan…. i want wilson chandler back, i want delmbert quality center or better, and i want to give the knicks a chance to gel with out chris paul.

  25. James says:

    Howard to NJ him and D-Will not a bad one to punch we have the money to sign long term

  26. RAY08 says:

    i was against rondo getting traded……but come to think of it, trade for paul would be a good one….plus with some cap space i think tyson chandler can come into the team too….or celtics should try for tyson chandler as the starting center with jamaal crawford coming off the bench and not trade rondo…..coz we need a legit center and good sixth man….hope danny knows what he’s doing…..coz the big three, as much as i love them, aint getting any younger….Go C’s…..

  27. Karl says:

    Now these are the type of player movement chatter that is worth hearing. No D-12 or CP3 teaming up and what not. It’s just players going to different teams and improving the team. Not superstars being on one team and making everyone focus just on that team and forget about the rest.

  28. Brandon Clark says:

    People that think Jamaal Crawford is going to come in and be your starting Shooting gaurd is wrong! Mr. Crawford is a good SG dont get me wrong! But he is a spark off the bench every team needs! But he won’t fit in any starting role! He needs the ball too much! Bench role suits him fine and he is fine with that!

  29. THenley says:

    NENE TO THE NETS! Also sign Reggie Williams from GSW

    PG: DWill
    SG: Anothony Morrow
    SF: Reggie Williams
    PF: Nene
    C: Brook Lopez

    With the inside presence of Nene and Lopez, the sharp shooting of Morrow and Williams and the play making ability of DWill, the leagues best PG, the NETS are back into the playoffs!!!

  30. G for Jeep says:

    I would love to see a good SG for the BULLS.. a creator, who can drive and kick out to teammates.. shannon brown on BULLS?? hahaha

    and for the magic, they never had the chance to have a solid PF to pair up with Dwight,. might be good if they would get one if Dwight is still with them..

    GO KNICKS! ahaha

  31. Dashel Jupiter says:

    I don’t. Westbrook should stay in OKC.

    • Donovon says:

      my trades that would guarenteed impact and almost guarenteed finals appearance

      iverson sign with heat veterans minamal 2 year deal back up chalmers they get a ring

      nene to spurs play along side duncan and they good at every position drop richardson or trade add j.j barea to back up parker move ginobli to sf start gary neal who had a great season off the bench starting that lineup they get to finals esialy

      andre iguadola to nuggets since shannon sign with suns iggy best fit in nba to nuggets attack run and gun style with nene gone start timofey mosgov who was sidelined due to injury but is a 7ft shot blocker who can score in paint birdman back him up with gallo at hybird pf and sf iggy at sf lawson at pg and j.r smith if resigns finnally starts his bench days shuld be over he proved that in the playoffs and they will be the youngest fastest most energetic team in the league theyll just tire everyone else out

  32. Pedro says:

    When is free agency finishing??

  33. jordan says:

    thunder gets rudy gay in trade for kevin durant and russel westbrook

  34. Alex says:

    Three team trade

    Celtics get Mike Connoly and Rudy Gay and Thunder First round pick
    Memphis Gets Russell Westbrook and thabo stefalosha and sign&trade Jeff green.
    Thunder Get Rajon Rondo and Tony Allen.

    Anyone else like this?

    • OKCfan says:

      Why would the thunder want Rondo? They only have 1 other all star and Durant can score but with Rondo he’ll have to average 50pg with Harden doing the rest in order for the team to keep winning. I don’t think Rondo, while good, fits into the Thunder well.

      • OKCFANaswell says:

        NO WAY, two starters and a first round pick for Rajon Rondo and TONY ALLEN!! no thank you. if the thunder make any trade it should be Perkins, Robinson and a first round pick for Dwight Howard. A big Three of Westbrook, Howard and Durant would rival the heat any day of the week, and with the thunders youth they are not only building a championship team they are building a Dynasty!

      • Noah Parker says:

        OKSFANASWELL has a really good point there

    • 80s90sBaller says:

      OKC Loses in this scenario.

      Chandler for Perkins. 😉


  36. theguywithopinions says:

    i forgot to mention that to do so, the chicago bulls would probabbly have to absorb gilbert arenas or hedo tukalos contract. starting 5 rotation looks a little something like

    1. rose/watson/arenas
    2. brewer, arenas, korver
    3. caron butler, jimmy butler
    4. boozer, scalabrine (yes i said it)
    5. howard, asik

    uhh championship?? i think so.

    • Eddie says:

      I like your idea, I gotta say. The two problems I find is that Bulls would still be weak in the same position they are right now. They need a quality shooting/defending 2 guard to go with this core of rose/Howard. They will need to correct this as it’s a crippling weakness when coming up against the major teams in the east and was completely found out during the conference finals against Heat. Also, I would include boozer as part of the package instead of T Gibson. Boozer was majorly unimpressive last year and Gibson is a solid power forward who wont demand the ball so will take little away from the offensive power of having D Rose and Howard on the same team. Other then this I like the idea and seeing the most exciting point guard in the league together with one of the best centres the game has ever seen would make for great viewing.

      • esinrada says:

        I like this option and the Bulls don’t need a two guard as much as they need a) another scoring option, which Howard would be and b) anyone on the perimeter who can score and defend. Deng is great but if you trade him then you certainly need to make sure you bring someone back on the perimeter. I like your scenario but instead of arenas, I would prefer to get turk back. At least he can play two positions and isn’t completely useless. Also, I would look at Luc Mbah Mute if they can’t get Caron Butler.

  37. theguywithopinions says:

    everybodys gunna laugh at this. call me biased. but looking at it from dwight howards persepctive… why go to l.a. and play with the lakers? kobe will be done in a few years and hell be in the same situation hes in now. hell be the number 1 guy and im sorry but dwight howard being the number 1 guy is NOT CHAMPIONSHIP CALIBER BASKETBALL. if u disagree… uhh tell me how good ORL has been? thats right. they havent lived up to expectations. dwight would be better as a number 2 guy. with the offence running through somebody else. sayyy derrick rose? chances are LESS then TINY. but a blockbuster trade that ships #12 to CHI would solidify dwights chances of grabbing a ring in the near future. I know all the talk is the bulls need a new 2 guard, but fans can wait another year if it means bringing in who would be the best bulls center in history. Why go to l.a. play the number 2 guy for a little, then be back to number 1 and not getting rings? rose isnt going ANYWHERE. if dwight/rose combination with thibs defensive mindset…. theyd be my favorite to win the east. with the 2016 charlotta pick, noah, deng, gibson and/or asik… thats a starting rotation of forwards and centers. plus a big off the bench. puts orlando in the best situation moving forward, dwight gets what he wants, and chicago gets the best center theyve ever seen. rose/howard would be a 2 some as forceful as the three best friends in south beach.

    • Demar superstar says:

      ya but hed be the number one guy after maybe winning a championship or two and in a town where he can get all the commericalized money he wants AND come on its the lakers if anyone has the ability never mind the obligation to create winnin teams in a great market its the lakers

    • QuestionMark says:

      You do realize they made it to the Finals with Howard being the #1 guy, they just need more size, a backup C, an upgrade at the PF, SF and SG spot.

      • killin it says:

        So in essence, a whole new team and Dwight in the #2 spot? Dwight would do better on a team like New Jersey than the Lakers, and honestly I think the Lakers have shot themselves in the foot by trying to offload several pivotal players in their last trade attempt for CP.

  38. Ralph Ronald says:

    josh smith for brook lopez . that wont go down even in nba2k12 . i think a scorer 2 guard would help the bulls much better than a defensive so so scorer . maybe crawford or jrich to the bulls .

  39. 6nba5 says:

    Now I’m a clerics fan, I believe we have a great chance of making a run at the championship this year only if we have a great free agent pick up, starting with a center. Tyson chandler, the man provided defense number one, same mind set as kevin Garnett, same intensity same threat in the middle as Garnett if not a ill more and can fill the void from the blind side trade last year of Kendrick Perkins, 2nd he is a scorer also can run up and down with rondo and lord knows rondo can throw them alleys another great addiction would be a back up pg who can score ummmmmmmmmmm A.I Allen iverson. I believe doc can control him, help him get his mind set right with that being said

    Starting five. Bench
    1. Rondo. Iverson
    2. Allen. West/ r.allen
    3. Pierce. Jeff green
    4. Garnett. Glen ” big baby” Davis
    5. Chandlert. J O’neil

    • Iswara says:

      I think that won’t happen because Allen Iverson doesn’t even play anymore so how could he go to Celtics. Also even if he did come back up he wouldn’t agree to come off the bench, he always wants to be a starter

      • Aaron-1 says:

        Put AI with a championship contender under Doc Rivers as head coach and I’m sure he’d be willing go

    • Donovon says:

      isawara you wrong about iverson he stated last season he just wants to play and on his wbsite he stated he has unfinished buisness with the nba team no matter my role lets get a ring so celtics a gud fit back up rondo but they just traded for dooling so it wouldt make sense i say heat drop bibby and let iverson back up chalmers now thats a championship instantly or come back to the nuggets 2 year deal retire with them

  40. Mike says:

    I would love to see Nene, West, and Crawford at Celtics.Hopefully coach Doc make good deals from free agents this week.

  41. stan says:

    Well sinc Aaron Affalo is a RFA might Chicago have to make a deal with Denver to get him????

    • Demar superstar says:

      no they wouldnt denver just has a chance to match the offer

    • Edmond says:

      I say Aaron Afflolo goes to Magic if Dwight stays cause i do not think Orlando will pick back up Jason Richardson cause he is getting old and they need some good potential and a better backcourt. Time to rebuild Orlando!

      • Brandon Clark says:

        Magics arent going to sign anyone. There GM is in a road block with what they did last year! And you can say good bye to D-Howard

  42. z. larry says:

    I’m an Atl Hawks fan.
    So I would to see us pick up Nene. Now once we do that we have a trading block.
    Atl send Josh Smith to NJ.
    NJ send Brooke Lopez and a 2nd rd pick to 76ers.
    76ers send Iggy to Atl.

    • Mack says:

      Keep dreaming would never happen. You really think the sixers would give up iggy (their best player) for a SECOND ROUND PICk lmfao

      • Justin says:

        being a sixers fan, i believe the sixers would want to trade iggy for a much needed center like brook with an addition of a second round pick. iggy is not there best player when you consider potential. Jrue and E.T. are the future of the team.

      • Chukky says:

        This is actually a very interesting fantasy trade it would benefit to all of the teams involved, plus Atlanta and the Sixers have shown willingness already in the past to trade Josh Smith and Iggy. Still i think it wouldn’t make Atlanta a contender for the title but at least a team able to reach the conference finals.

        As for Mack’s comment, Brook Lopez and a second round pick is more then enough to trade for Iggy, who can contribute immediately but in my eyes is not the player to build a franchise around so he is not phily’s best/star/untradeble player like you put it.

        Still my favorite trade / free agent moves would be: Swap Iggy and Monta Ellis (which already was very probable last season) and Golden State should go absolutely after Chandler.
        They would have a starting lineup that looks like this:
        PG Curry, SG Wright (moved from SF to SG), Iggy, Lee, Chandler.
        If they added more depth to their bench (although they already have a mix of youth and vets) they would look like a team that could move ahead in the west

    • Donovon says:

      i live in atl but im a nuggets fan to death and your trade sounds like a good deal but sixers are not going to give up iggy just for lopez atl would have to give up johnson, williams and a draft pick for him