Blogtable: Future of Dwight and CP3

Each week, we’ll ask our stable of scribes to weigh in on the three most important NBA topics of the day — and then give you a chance to step on the scale, too, in the comments below.

It’s time for the Stupidly Early Speculation Game: Where does Dwight Howard end up, and when? And what about Chris Paul?

Steve Aschburner: First, a question back at ya: Can the critics who agonized over what they claimed was a terrible deal for NBA players, and accused the owners of wanting to run up the score, explain the media feeding frenzy over Howard and Paul trade rumors? We’re right back where we were with Carmelo Anthony and LeBron James in terms of needier markets’ limited ability to hang onto marquee players. So I’m feeling cynical at the moment and figure Howard continues to re-live Shaq’s life by joining the Lakers, while Paul does the New York buddy-ball thing. New Orleans? Orlando? Bah! They’re part of the league’s Triple-A feeder system.

Fran Blinebury: Isn’t it written somewhere in the rule book that the Lakers must always have the next great center?  Howard winds up in L.A. mid-season because it’s where he wants to be and with assets such as Andrew Bynum, Pau Gasol and Lamar Odom, to name a few, the Lakers are able and willing to provide the best return.  I’m going way, way out on a limb here and say Houston will gamble on trading for Paul without the guarantee of a contract extension.  But then watch him run off to the Knicks next summer.

Scott Howard-Cooper: I feel much more confident in the “when” than the “where.” Chris Paul gets traded first, likely before the start of the season and possibly before the first exhibition game, while the Magic are going to wait for absolute word from Dwight Howard that he doesn’t see a future in Orlando. In the meantime, the front office will work to acquire another star to convince Howard there is a future.

Shaun Powell: Dwight will end up with the team he wants to sign with. Same with Chris Paul. That’s because very few teams, if any, are willing to rent either player for 66 games AND surrender assets. So these two players essentially control their destiny. Which is how it should be in free agency. They’ve earned that right. Anyway, the teams Dwight might favor AND who also have the best assets to offer are the Clippers (Minny’s unprotected No. 1 in the 2012 Draft and young players) and the Hawks (any two or three players). Otherwise, he’ll stay in Orlando and decide next summer; there’s no reason to gut the team you want to join (we’re talking about you, Carmelo). Paul will sign with the Knicks next summer, so other teams shouldn’t waste their time.

John Schuhmann: Carmelo Anthony seemingly taught us that the star player gets what he wants in these situations, but the Knicks just don’t have anything to give the Hornets for Paul. The Clippers have the assets (that unprotected ’12 Minnesota pick is a gem) and Blake Griffin to catch lobs, so I say CP goes to the Clips in the next week or so. All seems pretty quiet on the Orlando front, so I’ll guess that Howard goes to the Lakers closer to the trade deadline. But I’ll hedge my bet and say that it was pretty quiet before GM Otis Smith pulled off that double-trade on a Saturday morning last December. So it really wouldn’t shock me if Smith takes the Nets’ offer (allowing him to strip $21 million off his payroll) this week.

Sekou Smith: Stupid Early Speculation is right. But that’s the business we’re in these days. I’m going with Dwight heading to the Lakers in a blockbuster deal the Magic will struggle to recover from for years. And Chris Paul joins him in L.A. at the Staples Center, but down the hall in that Clippers locker room where he and Blake Griffin turn the city and the league upside down as one of the most electrifying tandems we’ve seen in years.


  1. Corey says:

    I have not seen one post about Howard to the nets on here.. Honestly I think that the nets gave the best deal the Magic were going to get. Brook Lopez, Gerald Wallace and 5 FIVE! first round draft picks. Are you kidding me? how do you not accept that! Bynum is always hurt and Gasol is old so i think the lakers trade is absolute garbage. The nets would also take in Turkuglu and guran ( i think thats him) contract. Also, D12 wants to play with D-will. This is a win win for the nets and magic. by the way its a three team trade so thats where gerald wallace came in. I dont see him staying in Orlando either, he doesnt want to be there. I hope he goes to the nets they deserve something since vince carter, jason kidd, and richard jefferson.!

  2. DWIGHT says:

    Why wouldn’t Dwight go to Chicago? Chicago can give Orlando Joakim Noah and some others of the bench, (Korver, Gibson,) and it would work at for both teams.
    PG – Rose
    SG – Brewer
    SF – Deng
    PF – Boozer
    C – Howard
    It would be a great lineup and I’m sure Chicago have some money left to spend on free agents next summer.

  3. june says:

    go to boston dwight!!!!!

  4. SYDALE says:

    Why not keep it simple and just trade Dwight and Hedo to New Orleans for Emeka Okafor and 2012 and 2013 1st Rd Draft Picks??? Have it written in the terms of the trade that both Dwight and Chris sign extensions…

    The Magic get a center and some picks… they get cap space… so they can rebuild…

    The Hornets would then have Dwight Howard and Chris Paul… And a decent role player in Hedo…

  5. cp3 says:

    Cp3 and superman will join lakers!!


  6. FACE THE FACTS says:

    What about Orlando getting CP???

    1. Paul
    2. Richardson
    3. Hedo
    4. Davis
    5. Howard

    Sounds good or not? +a lot of shooters and If Hedo gets motivated….everyone would be happy, Howard stays and the East gets stronger instead of the West!

  7. Danny says:

    Paul will go to the Lakers, even though sources said ‘the trade talks are dead’. Why else would LA get a 1st rounder from the Mavs?Taking The Rockets out of the picture and giving the Hornets 2 1st round picks would definitely persuade “The Bully” Commissioner Stern what he wants to see. The Hornets would get plenty of opportunities to pick up some young talent and in return giving a star player what he wants, to go to one of the teams on his wishlist.

  8. dardan says:

    i think that lakers will end up gettin HOWARD because they are the only team that can offer the MAGIC the BEST offer with the likes of pau gasol, lomar odam and andrew bynum……an i think that the lakers are saying that the deal s off for chris paul but think they will end up getting him as well in the end

  9. 66gameseason says:

    Lakers will NOT aquire both Howard and Paul this year, it’s way too illogical. First off when the big three happened, they had to agree too alot of things. Wade needed to take the paycut, and bosh and lebron had to play for less money. kobe, paul and howard would never agree to that. But i would see dwight sign with the heat when he becomes a free agent.

  10. BK says:

    What about a 3 team deal clippers send Kaman Bledsoe to Bosten and Aminu+Draft to NO
    Bosten sends rondo to LAC and O’Neal with Garnett to NO
    And NOwould send paul and west to Boston and belinelli and Trey Johnson to LAC
    Every side would get what they whant and need

  11. ice_pogi says:

    typo error PG its Chalmers / House

  12. ice_pogi says:

    CP3 and D12 to the lakers…. Maybe…. Not a bad Idea At all…..

    But i’m still sticking to the heat lineup

    PG Chalmers / Hosue
    SG Wade / Miller / Battier
    SF LBJ / Miller / Battier
    PF CB4 / Haslem
    ( One of the biggest Fish to Catch in free agency ) NENE
    C Nene / Bosh /Curry

  13. mike says:

    if howard doesnt get a deal done with the lakers before the season starts im wondering how odom is going to play or if hes going to be like desean jackson and not do anything same with paus ugly mug

  14. L.A. says:

    Trade Gasol , World Peace , And A Future Round Pick For Chris Paul And Trevor Ariza !
    Trade Bynum , Barnes , Blake For Dwight Howard , And A Future Round Pick !
    Line Up :
    PG : Chris Paul
    SG : Kobe Bryant
    SF : Trevor Ariza
    PF : Lamar Odom
    C : Dwight Howard
    This Is A Great Line – Up That Can Bring Championship ! ^_^

  15. YusufTWolves says:

    Well Paul should be on the Lakers but for some reason a trade that was great for the Hornets got nixed by the owners for “basketball reasons”. What are these reasons? The deal was lop sided against the Lakers? They changed the entire dynamic of their team and who knows if it made them better. The NBA should be ashamed of themselves.

    • Joe says:

      I think collectively the world hates donald stern. having said that the deal favored the lakers way too much who would get paul save 40 million and keep all their draft picks so it was ridiculous you cannot deny that.

  16. Joe says:

    As for the Celtics and Paul for Rondo in some way shape or form do it because at the end of the day if he walks add in garnett and allen and youll have about 60 million in cap space at the end of the year and i cant think of a better way to rebuild than with that. My bigger question is why isnt Garnett being talked about what ever happened to big expiring contracts being so valuable hes making 18 mill this yr that plus a couple bench player’s is paul or howard’s next salary just trade KG to a team that thinks theyd have a shot at siging paul or howard at the end of the season if they dont get him in a trade!

  17. keepin it real says:

    Oh and if new yark can get chandler they will be beast

  18. keepin it real says:

    first of all everyone who thinks the magic are going to take ron artest and bynum for howard need some help. Artest is old and can barley dunk anymore and bynum couldn’t stay fit if he took steriods. There is now way that would work out. Besides Kobe the lakers do’t have anybody worthy of d12. I think the nets might have a case to get him but howard said he hates cold weather. i really think that if orlando has a good season dwight will really consider staying. If they can get d-will, josh smith j-rich, monta ellis, and even iggy he won’t even think about leaving. i really feel bad for the lakers bc the y have no chance. the have a new caoch, a packed 66 game season (with somrtimes 3 back-to-backs) and on ly like 2 weeks to pre pair. i predict that theye will lose their first couple games then midseason get the hang of it. May i remind you that andrew bynum is suspended.

  19. Ruba says:

    CP3 will end up with the Lakers, Odom and Gasol are going. D Howard is too good to be traded for Bynum and Ron, so the lakers will need to wait for Howard to go into Free agency. Move Brown, Blake, and Bynum so we can open cap space for D. Howard. Since CP3 will be playing big minutes, Fisher can still stay n play back up PG.
    Line UP
    PG: Chris Paul/Fisher
    SG: Kobe/
    SF: Ron/Ariza
    PF: Antawn Jamison
    C: Dwight Howard/ a cheap average center
    (Magic will get desperate and will haveto trade Howard in order to get something from him instead of just letting him go like that) Bynum, Brown, Barnes, Blake and Money for Howard YOUNG PLAYERS FOR DWIGHT

  20. Garnett_Fan says:

    Im a huge Celtics fan, not a big Dwight fan, although he is a MONSTER!!! But would love him in the Celtics! But damn salary cap and not much to offer than maybe Baby Davies and and Jeff Green! LOL! But if Dwight is after a Championship, his best bet is a move to Chicago to play alongside Drose because that is a lethal combo and Chicago is built on defence, something Dwight knows a little about… I like CP3 to the Clippers because as a lot of u guys have stated, a CP3 and Griffin combo would just be a joy to watch although i dont believe it to be a Championship team yet. Otherwise, any chance both CP3 and Dwight move to the Nets? A lot of room in the salary cap and an abundance of youth plus a new arena, either Williams or CP3 running point and the other playing the 2 and Dwight in the paint. I like it!!!

    But after all that!!! Kevin Garnett all the way baby! Rondo for PRESIDENT!!!

  21. Flicka Flame says:

    CP3 + CB4 + LBJ + D-Wade = CHampionship team !

    • Flicka Flame says:

      CP3 and CP4 on rotation together and D-Wade and LBJ on their rotation.. it would destroy da league.

  22. TyRhee says:

    Let me throw two more names into it. . . the Miami Heat need to pick up either Nene, Tyson Chandler, Marc Gasol, or Kris Humphries. We just need a little help in the paint. #LetzGoHeat!!!

  23. lababy says:

    How about Ron Ron and Bynum for Dwight? Anyone??

  24. @lakerswin says:

    The lakers got chris paul..its done…now they are about to get d12….bcause they are the only team he will sign long term with him and kobe been wanting to play together for years .cp3 and d12 spend summers together you know they homies…this has been in the making for a long time….and trust if it happenes…dang…they gonna b like lebron was sayin …NOT THREE- NOT FOUR- NOT FIVE- NOT SIX….KOBE WILL RETIRE WITH BILL RUSSELL LIKE JEWELRY…TRUST ME..THE HEAT WONT STAND A CHANCE AND LEBRON WILL END UP LIKE BARKLEY DID AGAINST JORDAN….EMPTY……LATER HATERS

  25. Jimmy says:

    As of 12/8/11, the above so called insiders/analysists are ALL wrong!!! CP3 goes to LA Lakers!! Sigh

  26. johnnnn says:

    Gooooo cleveland!!!!!

  27. CP3 LEGO says:

    ok this is what i see happening honestly
    lakers trade bynum and metta peace for dwight howard because if he wants to leave orl have no choice especially if he says he isnt going to sign an extension with the team they choose to trade him to

    lakers trade pau gasol and lamar for cp3 but hornets dont want gasol cause he cant lead a team (grizzlies years) so a third team have to get involve and they talk to houston rockets who desperately needs a big man and trade scoula dragic and lee deal done

    PG CP3, D fisher
    SG KOBE Shannon Brown
    SF Matt Barnes
    PF IDK whoever is left
    C D12

    everybody know no one can stop dwight and everyone know dwight and kobe are the best last option when a shot clock is running down especially with cp3 controlling the ball either lob it up to dwight or let kobe hit is fade away but either way the defense will get deflated. Then after kobe retire CP3 and D12 work on pick and rolls now that is a DYNASTY

  28. Nba's Biggest Fan says:

    Really the Dwight and Paul want to win which is what every players want, but here’s the thing more then likely that’s not going to happen. The more rational thing is if Dwight wants a elite point guard’ Chicago is the place to go if he goes to Chicago he has Drose then Bulls go get Crawford his guards are decent so the people giving him the ball are great at what they do. Now for Chris he I believe has a better chance of going to the Lakers or Knicks.

  29. wheat ee mo says:

    Lets be honest, the chance that the lakers will land BOTH CP3 and Dwight is next to none. I reckon lakers should make a push to get CP3 though, because even in their great runs of the last few years, it’s bleedingly obviously how quickly they get torn up by a great point guard – and CP3 is better than just a great point. Just filling that spot at the point is their priority; never mind having kobe on the wing, but even just thinking about CP3, kobe, and gasol/bynum as their bigs is scary enough, that’s good enough to make a solid contender right there.

    In other news, trade the rest of the bench. Haven’t seen them put in much work, nor have I seen them get better in the last two/three years. Barnes is a machine when he plays well and focuses in, but he’s not playing against kobe anymore, so he’s not been the same scrappy player that he was when him/kobe were fighting down in orlando.


    although even having wrote this post gets me excited, cos dwight IS an LA sorta guy. It’d be fun to have him down here in lakerland 😀

  30. Max. W says:

    It seems like up till now the only names involved with the Knicks have been CP3, Superman, and Grant Hill. Now it seems like Tyson Chandler is going to end up in the Big Apple. Although, he’s not a superstar like Cp3 or Dwight Howard he is the key to the Knicks’ success. Let’s examine why they are the match made in heaven.

    To read more go to

  31. CP3 LEGO says:

    Im from NYC and a cp3 fan and definitely dont want to see him in ny because cause of melo being stupid the knicks dont have any role players and the knicks will have to trade either billups, douglas, or landry to get him and thats the last of good role players because we gonna have jared jefferies and anthony carter bum self….I wanna see him and dwight in LA
    Clippers lineup: PG: Paul,
    SG: Gordon, Foye
    SF: Gomes, Farouq Aminu
    PF: Griffin
    C: Dwight, Jordan
    trade bledsoe, cook, kaman, minnesota draft pick, two of theres, i want them to keep jordan but most likely he has to go, probably mo williams (the clips just drafted a young pg from georgia), and jamario moon if they resign him.

    I dont mind cp3 with clippers without dwight because cp3 is such a good floor general
    i just want CP3 with Dwight Howard i think they should talk and have cp3 in orlando with good consistent shooters

    • CP3 LEGO says:

      and this what i would like to see happen not what maybe possible so no dumb response….and i dont want cp3 in ny also because with amare, melo, and d antonio, that means no defense and cp3 have to work extra hard

  32. Magicman101 says:

    Howard isn’t going anywhere. He is the one who wanted Arenas there in the first place so it falls on his shoulders if it didn’t work out. Even snuffed his buddy Lewis in the process. Howard still needs to grow up. Too many turnovers and fouls cost his team many games and I’m sure they were frustrated. Instead of complaining all the time get back down the floor on defense and take the calls like a man. This year he looses the Superboy and turns into Superman by re-signing with the Magic because he loves the city. Paul is NY bound and it looks like they are even willing to deal Stat for his services according to the latest buzz. If you trade a big name to a team that has to loose all their role players then you really aren’t any better off. Just ask NY. Chandler looks to be headed north so Paul makes sense and Stat will be out the door on a team he thought he was forming… Guess again… It’s business…

  33. Rob says:

    Aint no BUDDY BALL so stop tryin to make CP3 look bad..I aint hear no BUDDY BALL When LABRON N BOSH DID IT..SO STOP HATEIN… NEW YORK WE HERE

  34. Heat: Trade leBron for Dwight says:

    Seriously I am not joking!
    Heat trades leBron and gets Dwight & Arenas

    Heats line:
    PG:Bibby, Arenas
    SG:Wade, Miller
    SF:James Jones

    LeBron in orlando will be surrounded by three point shooters and with Arenas gone they can sign free agent like Deron williams

  35. Carlo says:

    The Lakers can still get both Dwight Howard and Chris Paul. The only things that can prevent this from happening are the general managers and ownership of the Magic and Hornets. Although it seems unlikely, here’s a great trade possibility that can benefit the Lakers, Magic, and Hornets:

    How this will help the Magic:
    Lets face it, Dwight Howard will not resign will the Magic next year, so why risk losing him for nothing? Andrew Bynum is the second most established center in the league, and he’s won two NBA championships. If given the chance to be the first scoring option, he will not disappoint the Magic because he will be a consistent 20-10 guy (I guarantee it). Although Metta World Peace is crazy, he will bring the defensive toughness the Magic need within the perimeter.

    How it will help the Hornets:
    Chris Paul wants to sign a long-term contract with the Lakers; therefore, lets make the trade happen! Pau Gasol and Lamar Odom are still one of the big-man best tandems in the league. If you can recall, these two were one of the main reasons why the Lakers made it to the Finals in ’08, ’09, ‘10. They are definitely still in their prime, and they will not disappoint. If the Hornets decide to keep David West, then they have just created a “power forward dominance” within the league, which could be very hard to stop.

    How it will help the Lakers:
    Although we’re losing key players, we’re gaining youth and athleticism. Surround Kobe Bryant with a team that is young and athletic, he will be refreshed and more determined to win. Dwight Howard will bring the presence we need down low, and Chris Paul can handle the ball. This will give Kobe the chance to post up more often, just like Michael Jordan was doing when he was with the Wizards. Mike Brown’s isolation play he did with LeBron James will not work with Kobe, because he’s not as athletic as he once was. Since the triangle is gone, we don’t need another big man posting up. Ryan Anderson can play off the ball and spread the court with his shooting.

    The Lakers line-up will be:
    PG – Chris Paul
    SG – Kobe Bryant
    SF – Trevor Ariza
    PF – Ryan Anderson
    C – Dwight Howard

    The bench can still vary:
    PG – Derek Fisher (last year with L.A.),
    SG – Jason Kapono
    SF – Matt Barnes, Devin Ebanks
    PF – Derick Carracter, a cheap free-agent
    C – An average center that can back-up Dwight!

    Steve Blake can be traded for an average center or power forward. The Lakers can just sign another young point guard next summer. Let’s make this trade happen Lakers! Its time to shake the NBA!

    • Magicman101 says:

      Bynum and Peace for Howard? What are you smoking? The Magic will def turn that sorry deal down. Bynum can’t stay on the floor healthy and Peace has lost his step. The Lakers will only get Howard if he walks as a FA next year. The Fakers will not get #12 this year. (BET)

  36. Dwight Howard to the Lakers or Paul to the Lakers. If not, the Lakers fill positions via free agency. Whether you like it or not, the Lakers are gonna be in the hunt for another championship THIS YEAR. Just bc you don’t like a player doesn’t mean that you can call them washed-up and ‘DONE’. I dislike Lebron James but I respect the talent that he possesses. STOP THE HATE!!!!

  37. ‘kiwi’ you should not be allowed to post on this site with a comment like that… Kobe is done? Yeah right… You sound like an idiot or maybe just another Kobe Bryant hater.

  38. Chris Paul says:

    CP3 and Dwight Howard plus Hedo Turkoglu is going to beantown to form the new big three. New Orleans Hornets will get some future draft picks plus Rajan Rondo for CP3, while Orlando Magic will get Ray Allen, Kevin Garnett, and Glen “Big Baby” Davis for D12.

    Boston Celtics will have the same problem as New York Knicks last season.
    New Roster
    Paul Pierce (retained)
    Chris Paul (obtained from New Orleans Hornets via trade.)
    Dwight Howard (obtained from Orlando Magic via trade.)
    Hedo Turkoglu (obtained from Orlando Magic via trade.)
    Glen Davis (new contract)
    Avery Bradley (retained)

  39. MJ THE GOAT says:

    Flipping hilarious when people try and compare Kobe or Lebron to MJ!! LBJ fled Cavs cause he couldn’t do it and Kobe basically demanded a trade before the lakers got Gasol and he also bitched out bynum too!! Everyone seems to forget that now but he did and everyone knows he was sulkin like a lil girl. MJ had to put up with 5 seaons of that before the bulls even looked close to doing anything! And he NEVER EVER once wanted to leave same with people like Ewing and Malone n’ Stockton, and Reggie Miller too!! Bunch of spoiled BRATS!!!! Pathetic

    • Magicman101 says:

      LOL love it man… Great points… Now it’s all about the money and not the game. Teams bring players to teams and commit to them and they turn their backs on them when they have a few bad seasons. The only person I respect is KG because he was there through the thick and thin and it was pretty much his last chance to get a title. These days it’s run off and make your own team… Go buy 2k12 or something and stop your itching… This is why the Magic do not have any numbers retired and shouldn’t. Nick Anderson would have to be the only one considered because he was the first pick they ever got. The greatest ones of all time already weighed in on this and still show respect to this day for the game. Too many brats in the game this day… “Practice?”, “We talking about practice” – AI

  40. Howard says:

    I think Its a definite that Deron Williams will probably end up as a knick or Chris Paul end up as a knick and if the Knicks makes a 3 team deal with the young players they have only a few trade them and send them with a draft pick to the magic for Howard and then now you have a squad that is ready for a championship i doubt Chris Paul wants to play alongside Kobe he loves competing against him for christsake why would he leave his squad to play in he same confrence as his arch rivals come on now plus even though he denied that his agent already said he wants to go to the Knicks obviously its true cause nba players are not supposed to talk basketball business to the media duhhh if u didnt know that ur stupid but any ways i hope Chris Paul does ed up as Knick cause new york city deserves more championships than the 2 they won about 40 years ago

  41. kiwi says:

    wouldnt mind seeing dwight and cp3 as lakers minus kobe. keep odom at the 4 artest at 3 and try to buy brown back. kobes done. not a team player

    • LakerNation says:

      I was scrolling down this looking for thee dumbest comment and here it is, howard and cp3 will not ever b a laker without kobe and the comment about kobe not bein a team player all i have 2 say is 5 rings with a 5 apg average (4.7 2 b exact) for his career someone selfish couldnt get that done….. Kobe’s done????????????????? no your done for makin 3 stupid comments n one statement

    • MadBoy says:

      you dumb LA aint nvr letting kobe go not evn when he in his grave

  42. Ryan says:

    I think Lakers should send Bynum and Artest to Orlando for Howard and maybe Hedo? Then send Pau and maybe Blake over to N.O. for Paul and maybe a low salary Center as well as sign on David West to take the place of Pau. So Then the Lakers have: Paul, Kobe, Odom, West and Howard as the lineup, with Fisher, Brown, Hedo, Character and whoever else off the bench since we all know Walton isn’t going to play lol.
    So really if you look at it, PG position just dramatically improved, and Fisher is still a guy that can come up big for you late in games. Shooting guard is self explanatory, Kobe and Brown as back up, solid in the back court. Odom is a great player and then you have hedo who is more consistent on offense than artest. Defense shouldnt be affected too much since artest was subpar last year to begin with. Then you have West, which i feel would suit him better because he can bang low with the big men unlike Pau, and has slightly better range then him. Pau was good dont get me wrong, but he becomes easily discouraged and when you take him out of rhythym he disapears. Then Ceneter you have Howard, thats self explanatory too.

    Lakers make finals against Chicago and Lakers take it in 6.

  43. Jerbaxx says:

    I think Orlando should trade Gilbert Arenas or someone else that gets paid a great amount of money each year for someone good and someone who has his expiring contract next year, so that Orlando they make a new contract with Dwight and Dwight doesn’t have to be traded at all.

  44. JazzUltra says:

    Latest from the Stupidity front: Ya all got it wrong… NBA owners, in a brilliant move to lure that 30th billionnaire owner to the Hornets, land Dwight Howard and Blake Griffin in New Orleans (they are THE league, they can do whatever they want!). These 2 joint forces with Chris Paul to contend for the next championship – morality: if the Saints can pull it off, so can the Hornets!!!…

  45. Brandon Clark says:

    There is never going to be a three headed monster team like the heat anymore! It didnt work this year and wont! A championship team starts with a above avg PG a dominant big man and a elite scorer at SG! the rest are role players! The wont win because they dont have a above avg PG! and Lebron doesnt show up!! The knicks are built good if they could learn how to play defense!! Billups is a good PG and a smart one! Nets are going to had the elite Big man! so DWill will stay! CP3 will not end up in New York!! and will not end up on the Lakers! You die hards stop making your teams a fanatsy team! look at teams that really win Championships!!!

    • Jones17 says:

      Lakers won championships without a PG twice recently. I think you are talking about the Spurs the last decade. Celtics had a below average PG the year they won it recently. The Mavericks this year didn’t have a dominant big man or an elite shooting guard. Nowitzki is great offensively but not dominant. Chandler is good but not dominant.

      Did you even think before you posted this crap? So you don’t think CP3, Kobe and Dwight would win if they got together? Above average PG…check…Elite scorer at SG…check….dominant big man….check. That’s a ‘3 headed monster’

      Unless some rosters seriously change, The Heat will win the title this year easily and will be as dominant at the Lakers were in 2000/2001

      • jason says:

        Ha! Rajon Rondo was not below average. It was the Big 3 and Rondo. The Lakers and Bulls won without an elite PG. You’re right. But that required the Triangle offense. The Lakers needed both Shaq and Kobe to win 3. Then they needed Kobe, Gasol, Odom, and Bynum to win the next 2. The Bulls needed Jordan, Pippen, Tony K, and Ho-Grant.

        Teams need lock down defenders on the perimeter and an anchor in the middle to have a defensively competent team to win. The Heat lack the interior anchor. They have everything else they need. Especially if they hire Phil Jackson to bring in the triangle. If they do, they will win multiple championships.

        The triangle makes the PG significantly less important, but traditional NBA offense’s need one. I think Dwight Howard will end up with the Nets either via Free Agency, or via trade. Deron Williams and Dwight are tight, and the Nets move to Brooklyn is a huge deal. I think this will happen.

      • Jones17 says:

        Bynum was injured for most of both those championships and Odom only played well 1 in 3 games. Agree with comment about triangle and PG’s but i was just pointing out how stupid this guys comment was.

        The year Celtics won it, Rondo was easily below average and was dragged to a title by Pierce and Garnett. It was only last year where he really came good and a leader himself.

        My best friend is a Nets fan so hope to god they don’t get Dwight with Williams :O

    • MadBoy says:

      Jones 17 finally somebody used they head and joe brandon eyy real talk im sorry but bosh aint no elite player at all so that dont make the heat a three headed monster it makes it 2 and not evn that 1 bcuz lebron a punk and are you forgetting about the celtics they the real three headed monsters .. where yout hink pat riley got the idea from he saw boston bet LA with 3 elite players so he recruted what he thought was 2 more elite players to play net to an elite player but in the end fell AGAIN to an Avg team with a couple allstars like dallas and lost now LA and all these teams makin sure miami never win a championship because when kobe and all them gone its gon b RONDO,ROSE,DWIGHT,DURANT,WILLAMS,CURRY,WALL.WALKER,CP3 and alot of other young people who killin now joe lebron done for he could make it to the finals every year until he retire and still wont win his first ring

  46. renz_garnett says:

    how about DWIGHT HOWARD TO BOSTON CELTICS.. man banner 18 will come for sure..

    • 21 says:

      And who do you think can the Celtics trade for Howard? They’d have to give away atleast Ray Allen and KG to get Howard. And a Rondo – Paul trade would never, ever work out. The Hornets need a player that can actually score on its own, and Rondo is one of the worst shooters among all guards.
      Sorry to bust your bubble, but that just won’t work out. My prediction is that Howard will go to the Lakers. Everyone knows that he’d like to play with the Lakers, and the Lakers have a history of having the best center in the league (Wilt Chamberlain, Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, Shaq) paired with a good guard. Paul will most likely end up in New York or with the Clippers. Question is whether he stays with the Clippers after the season or if he will join the Knicks via free agency.

      • WIld WIn says:

        If the Celtics cant get Dwight then they need to get Chandler… with him next to KG and the way Doc teaches Defense…YOU WONT COME IN THE PAINT!!!!

      • MadBoy says:

        why would they get chris paul one they salary cap wouldnt evn be able to get him or dwight … can yall please make good statements and predictions and learn the game and stop making 2k11 lineups growup people #RealTalk

  47. Will says:

    I believe that the Magic will keep dwight. They will put an amensty on Gilbert. We then go after Chris “Birdman” Anderson just for a cheap center. Next we get Jamal Crawford and J Rich off free agency. BOth are scorers with pentrators and can provide decent defense.

  48. Josh says:

    I highly belive that nene will sign with heat

  49. Josh says:

    HI lachie

  50. Anyone but the Fakers says:

    i honestly think that chris paul will go to the clips. I mean what young all star point guard wouldnt go to the clippers, tossing lobs to Blake Griffin, and working side by side with eric gordon? If i was paul, i’d go the instead of the knicks.

    Clippers lineup: PG: Paul, Mo Williams, Bledsoe
    SG: Gordon, Foye
    SF: Gomes, Farouq Aminu
    PF: Griffin, whoever else
    C: Kaman, Jordan
    2012 NBA CHAMPIONS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! or at least a playoff visit

    I just hope that the lakers dont get howard, I hate the lakers. and screw all the super teams. GO BLAZERS!!!

    • Jones17 says:

      The Clippers would lose half those players if they traded for Chris Paul. Him and Griffin would be monstrous though!

      • Joe says:

        The clippers arent even recognized in their own city as a real team and their owner is a prick so no way they win a title

  51. steve says:

    dwight is going to the lakers and chris paul will go to ny as a free agent next year. GO KNICKS!!!!

  52. Dilan says:

    Dwight stays in orlando. Otis Smith has to get some guys in order for us to contend for a championship. Should be targeting a PF and a SF right now. get rid of arenas and turkoglu and get a couple of good shooters. Remeber what Rashard Lewis did for our offense? Give Dwight the post to himself and good things will happen 🙂

    • Will says:

      I totally agree. We should a back up center though…perhaps nene if we’re lucky and jamal crawford

      • Dilan says:

        Maybe DeAndre Jordan to play behind Dwight? and David West. Good mid range shooter, can create space for Dwight, thats what worked for us in 2009….

  53. Heat Fan says:

    Lets go Heat… Heat starting lineup

    PG- Paul

    Trade everyone in our team… for Howard and Paul….

    We dont need a strong bench.. we dont need a bench at all with that lineup!

    • A Real Basketball Fan says:

      There is something called… foul trouble.

    • ken says:

      lol, at much as i want it to happen, it’s impossible.

      trading bosh + some other for howard will be good though

      atleast sounds more realistic

      • kiwi says:

        bosh and chalmers for howard and bring in shannon brown to run point maybe? or even 2 and have wade as point

    • MadBoy says:

      Aye yo Heat FAn stupid 2.dont watch basketball anymore if you gone make dumb stupid predictions like that 3.that lineup you just came up with is somethin my 9yr old brother would make on his 2k12 season mode joe 4. real talk grow up and watch the game before you make lame predictions like that cuz that lineup will never happen and finally the Heat sux lebron a punk , bosh a lil baby and if howard ever went to the heat the nba would lose all they fans miami would b playing they own team mates because evrybdy would quit

    • Joe says:

      foul trouble???? when was the last time lebron wade or bosh had foul trouble no reff in their right mind would get them in foul trouble because stern would have sombody fire them

  54. Kit says:

    I rather want to see dwight remain in orlando. they’lll have to get paul in return for arenas, hedo, duhon. Or if he leaves, i want to see rose and howard in bulls. Hate lakers 🙂

  55. Da Bulls says:

    if howard wants a ring he will play for the bulls with derrick rose. it would be the bulls next dynasty. lebron should have done the same thing

  56. Lakers Prediction says:

    Lakers situation: Kobe wants to win now! not later, he doesn’t have much time left!
    Lakers trade Pau to Memphis Grizz and get Rudy Gay
    This way Memphis will have BOTH the gasol brothers along with Z-BO talk about the front court
    Lakers next trade Bynum & Artest for Dwight Howard
    Lakers after that trade Barnes, steve blake, for Steve Nash

    Lakers line up:
    PG:Nash, Fisher
    SF:Rudy Gay, James Jones (free agent)
    PF:David Lee

    btw deron williams will join the knicks next summer

    • Sarkies says:

      Your predictions suck first off. Secondly, why would anyone trade their young players for those washed up players. Do you really think the Magic are going to trade Dwight for Bynum and Artest? They are garbage. Artest is old and Bynum flat out sucks. Dwight is worth more than Kobe is now days. And did David Lee just walk on over to the Lakers squad because I was pretty sure he was playing in Golden State last season. You obviously don’t know what you’re talking about so do us all a favor and keep that stupid opinion of your to yourself. Better yet, don’t even do that because you don’t even want to listen and agree with that crap.

    • MadBoy says:

      People just dont know the game :/

    • Joe says:

      One gasol is hard enough to look at but two gasols will surely cost you viewers!

  57. k says:

    i dont chris to leave the hornets but if he does i would like to see him go to the clips please dont let him end up boston or lakers

  58. lets go magic says:

    magic will get chris paul

  59. lets go heat says:

    howard amare in miami take out bosh haslem anthony

    • lets go knicks says:

      umm amare is a knick but keep dreaming cause thats the only way HEAT will win a ring.
      LETS GO KNICKS!!!!!!

    • lol says:

      Thanks for the laugh (and the stupidity)

    • antoine says:

      nah, Pat Riley will sign an all-star center AND an all-star pg. I’m talking about Shaq and A.I…maybe T-Mac on the bench. just kiddin but i really don’t want to see both Paul and Howard to LA lakers

      • Johnny says:

        Yeah, I guess you think the Heat can play Buddy-Ball, but the Lakers can’t… too bad you can’t stop it from happening (not saying that it will)

    • ronjon says:

      In your wildest wettest dream!!!!!!

    • Jimmy says:

      definitely thx for a laugh haha. bosh haslem anthony to get dwight AND amare. will take the whole roster plus wade or lebron to do that cuz all they gots is old vets and chalmers. impossible but haha

    • Vlad says:

      omg….you really think a team can have the posibility to keep D Wade, L James, Amare and D Howard on the roster?? jeez
      You forgot about the PG’s spot. I imgine they should trade for D Rose right after that, and then 4 sixth man of the year guys to make the 2nd unit: ler’s see…Tery, Odom, Crawford and Jamison. No wait, they allready have Mike Miller, that would be 5.

  60. HeatWave says:

    Way to go agianst the grain there Sekou. Paul on the Clippers would be a site to see, but I’m sure it won’t happen. Paul to NY in Free Agency. Howard to Lakers either by trade of Bynum + or in Free Agency somehow.

    • Jimmy says:

      agreed, but is possible paul could resign with clips or lakers if he were to get traded there. but ANY other team would be wasting their time and players giving new orleans good pieces then paul dips on them in FA