Report: Lakers Hunting Big Fish

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HANG TIME HEADQUARTERS – Well, that didn’t take long.

Just hours after rumblings that Andrew Bynum could be used as bait to try to lure either Chris Paul or Dwight Howard to Los Angeles in a blockbuster trade, there comes even more fire from ESPN The Magazine‘s Chris Broussard.

Broussard is reporting that the Lakers aren’t just trying to get one of the superstars to join Kobe Bryant but both of them, a move that would send shockwaves around the basketball world were they to pull it off (seeing as how it’s extremely difficult to pull off one blockbuster deal, let alone two simultaneously). Now before you go assuming that this is just another preseason rumor being thrown up in the air, you need to read the details of the report to see where this smoke is coming from.

Everyone on the Lakers’ roster not named Bryant is tradeable, per Broussard, and that includes Bynum, All-Star forward Pau Gasol and reigning Sixth Man of the Year Award-winner Lamar Odom. While the idea of another super team, this time on the opposite coast, surely bothers the purists among us, it appears that this is where we are right now in the league:

While Paul’s first choice is to join buddies Carmelo Anthony and Amar’e Stoudemire on the New York Knicks, he would sign a long-term contract to stay with the Lakers, according to a source with knowledge of Paul’s thinking. And Howard’s fondness for Los Angeles is well-known, leaving no doubt that he would commit to the Lakers long-term.

Sources say Paul and Howard have had several conversations with each other about the possibility of playing together on various teams.

Several trade combinations would work for the Lakers. For instance, they could send Gasol to New Orleans for Paul, and Bynum to Orlando for Howard. If the Lakers threw Odom into the trade to Orlando, they could sweeten the offer for the Magic by taking back the contract of Hedo Turkoglu.

“The Lakers are interested in trying to do something for both (Paul and Howard),” a Western Conference executive said. “I would hate to see it happen. I want Howard to stay in the East and Paul to go to the East.

Broussard reports that the Lakers are not alone in their pursuit of some of the league’s biggest names. The Clippers, yes the Clippers, are reportedly interested in making a similar move with anyone on their roster not named Blake Griffin being a movable asset:

Unlike the Lakers, the Clippers would not have to make two trades. They could use their wealth of young talent to trade for either Paul or Howard and then sign the other as a free agent next summer when they’ll have enough cap room to offer a maximum-salary contract. The one player the Clippers will not offer in a trade is Blake Griffin.

Hearing of the Lakers desire to make major moves like this is nothing new. But the Clippers getting in the mix, reportedly, spices things up even more.

And rather than dismiss these latest developments as just rumors, we would remind you of last season, when the Anthony to the Knicks chatter heated up and months later came to fruition. What appears to be a fantasy play could end up being more than that if the right moves are made.

We took the blinders off then and recognized that anything, no matter how far-fetched it might seem on the surface, is possible in the post-“The Decision” NBA!



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  2. Hamad says:

    I think the lakers would not have traded lamar Odem to Dallas without thinking of both CP3 and Howard.. i ma sure i think something is cooking under the table .

    Go Lakers

  3. Raymond says:

    Let’s have Chris Paul take his talents to South Beach and join Lebron and the Miami Heat. The Heat really need a point guard.

  4. Carlo says:

    The Lakers can still get both Dwight Howard and Chris Paul. The only things that can prevent this from happening are the general managers and ownership of the Magic and Hornets. Although it seems unlikely, here’s a great trade possibility that can benefit the Lakers, Magic, and Hornets:

    How this will help the Magic:
    Lets face it, Dwight Howard will not resign will the Magic next year, so why risk losing him for nothing? Andrew Bynum is the second most established center in the league, and he’s won two NBA championships. If given the chance to be the first scoring option, he will not disappoint the Magic because he will be a consistent 20-10 guy (I guarantee it). Although Metta World Peace is crazy, he will bring the defensive toughness the Magic need within the perimeter.

    How it will help the Hornets:
    Chris Paul wants to sign a long-term contract with the Lakers; therefore, lets make the trade happen! Pau Gasol and Lamar Odom are still one of the big-man best tandems in the league. If you can recall, these two were one of the main reasons why the Lakers made it to the Finals in ’08, ’09, ‘10. They are definitely still in their prime, and they will not disappoint. If the Hornets decide to keep David West, then they have just created a “power forward dominance” within the league, which could be very hard to stop.

    How it will help the Lakers:
    Although we’re losing key players, we’re gaining youth and athleticism. Surround Kobe Bryant with a team that is young and athletic, he will be refreshed and more determined to win. Dwight Howard will bring the presence we need down low, and Chris Paul can handle the ball. This will give Kobe the chance to post up more often, just like Michael Jordan was doing when he was with the Wizards. Mike Brown’s isolation play he did with LeBron James will not work with Kobe, because he’s not as athletic as he once was. Since the triangle is gone, we don’t need another big man posting up. Ryan Anderson can play off the ball and spread the court with his shooting.

    The Lakers line-up will be:
    PG – Chris Paul
    SG – Kobe Bryant
    SF – Trevor Ariza
    PF – Ryan Anderson
    C – Dwight Howard

    The bench can still vary:
    PG – Derek Fisher (last year with L.A.),
    SG – Jason Kapono
    SF – Matt Barnes, Devin Ebanks
    PF – Derick Carracter, a cheap free-agent
    C – An average center that can back-up Dwight!

    Steve Blake can be traded for an average center or power forward. The Lakers can just sign another young point guard next summer. Let’s make this trade happen Lakers! Its time to shake the NBA!

  5. RjM says:

    I’d just like to see the Thunder organization burnt to the ground. Besides that, I think Kobe would be able to make the CP3, Dwight Howard thing work best. He uses his teamates to win games now more than ever. It helps him make plays and conserves him through the season.

  6. t says:

    Honestly after Bymun, unsportsmanship in th playoffs n injury pron, Do you think teams would want him?

  7. a says:

    Don’t worry Miami fans nothing to scared off. Steve Nash and Kevin Garnett will sign a one year contract to Miami so Laker’s has no match even they get Paul and Howard!

  8. matthew says:

    even if the lakers sign them both, they dont have a real bench and nowadays bench wins championships

  9. DNelson says:

    First off ALL you laker fans, you will probally get your wish to come true with the Paul and Howard deal, but Jigga Please….even Kobe said the team to look out for was the Mavericks last year! Your right they wont win again but dont steal what they earned. They swept your team…again I will say it they swept your team, and beat Miami. There is no denying it! Quit hating so much… got enough recognition! All this jibberish about superstardom on one team…thats just the way it goes. We might not like it, but its happening and thats the new reality! Get a clue if you really like basketball you will understand it is only about two things any more…..Championship and money, not Loyalty! Sad but true…….Please Boston fans your time and era is finished, dallas finished, hello Miami, Lakers, and maybe…I stress maybe Knicks

  10. adrian says:

    if the lakers trade gasol for hornets paul they will lose a big man . because kobe and pau are the partners in L,A . it is okay to trade lamar odom and luke walton . the trade with bynum and howard is greatly a yes . but when howard or the magic is not interested the lakers shoul trade bynum along with odom to hornet in exchange with paul .

  11. LJF says:

    There’s definitely a trade off here between the determination of teams and players wanting to win championships and the competitveness of the league as a whole. I think it’s entirely natural for the better players (particularly those that don’t need to be the lone star in a team) to want to mix with other quality players and in desirable locations and/or with a rich history (Boston, Miami, LA etc).
    There’s always going to be disparity between teams, but I personally don’t think it’s anything to be concerned about. The salary cap and draft lottery are effective at maintaining a balance and it’s not as though a select few elite teams have blown away the competition every year – especially in recent years.
    I’m a Heat fan, and as ridiculous as it sounds, I was happy for Dallas to win last year, partly because they’re an aging team and I like a few of their players, but mainly because it meant that despite Miami’s abundance of talent, experience can be more valuable and it’s not just about individuals, it’s about the team.
    If LA manage to get Howard and Paul I think they have a 40% chance of winning the championship next year, which is probably slightly higher than I would have said for the Heat, but there are no guarantees in the NBA, thankfully.

  12. tol says:

    it doesn’t matter to me … as long as the NBA is back !! BASKETBALL is the name of the game … it’s not about superstars teaming up together .. GO NBA !!

  13. christian says:

    yeaahhh, paul and howard to lakers……..

    the big 3

    TO THE LAKERS!!!!!!!!!

  14. JOHN PAUL says:


  15. renz_garnett says:

    well i think PAUL wants to go to NEW YORK KNICKS for CHAUNCEY BILLUPS…
    he could also go to ORLANDO MAGIC to team up with DWIGHT HOWARD..

  16. tee says:

    #HEATFAN idc who get who if the Heat get Tyson Chandler the league is in for a suprise…and just for a reminder this can actually happen..but i would like the Lakers to get CP3 and Howard…good game to watch…

  17. Dave Lob says:

    Let’s be realistic. Lebron and the Heat weren’t the first to do this type of thing so getting on him is a bit unfair. The Celtics have been doing this stuff since the late 50’s when the teamed up K.C. Jones with Bill Russell and Bob Cousy. The Lakers added Magic and James Worthy to Kareem. The Bulls added Scottie and Rodman to Michael. The Celtics teamed Bird, McHale and Parish. The Sixers teamed up Doc, Moses Malone and Cheeks. This is a common accurance and nothing should be thought of it as this is a team sport which requires multiple talents on any given team to be champion caliber. As for the Lakers trying to make this move…..big ups to Kupchak. He realizes that Kobe doesn’t have much time left and that his supporting cast isn’t quite good enough anymore. He is making a brilliant move by rebuilding early and at the same time giving Kobe a chance to possible win a couple more championships before retirement. #Lakersalldaychumps!

  18. Alex says:

    Get it done. Every player wants to win rings and if dwight and paul join kobe no one not even the heat would defeat them. Dwight wants to move to lakers and play with kobe anyway. Just do it

  19. mavros says:

    I actually would like it to happen cause as we all know , to combine 3 super stars together is an easy thing right,but to make them a champions is a long way to go…

  20. Blah says:

    ^^ Hope fan is right. I swear to god… if I have to listen to another Laker fan yell about how his team is better than everyone else’s, I’m going back to the NHL…

  21. spurkid#1 says:

    also quit saying Heat started something……wait they did…….cop n out for a title!

  22. spurkid#1 says:

    wish Howard and CP3 would go to LA so the west gets better and the Heat get spanked!

  23. Chad Williamson says:

    As much as I love the lakers I’m not sure if a Paul Kobe Howard combo works. Not sure about the chemistry. It’s going to depend on what the lakes have to give up. If we have to give up two bigs that is our strength our size. All that was missing is defense on the outside. I’m not sure if you can go inside in close game to Howard like you can go to gosal because he can hit free shoots. Like I said chemistry. Anyway we will see why they do. But not fix what isn’t broken

  24. Lakers R Us says:

    You Heat fans and Dallas fans can kiss my a$$! Both of you are back here right away talking trash about the Lakers! LMAO at both of you losers! Dallas has one championship! The Heat has one championship! Try 16 with the Lakers! LMAO! I rest my case! Losers!

  25. Denver/Heat says:

    Lol at whoever said new york have no pg, nothing wrong with billups.

  26. fan says:

    it wont happen, the NBA’s just trying to feed our hunger for trade rumors because they know that most of us (fans) started hating them for their selfishness during the lockout and now, what they’re trying to do is excite us by spreading these kinds of rumors so that we (fans) would start watching the game again because they know that these transactions are what make us (fans) excited. but then again, it won’t happen

  27. Tom Dana says:

    they need lamar and pau for that amazing defense!!!

  28. NEW YORK says:

    peace out but its obvious,,, secrets is..

    dont u get it guys? Miami intentionally let it lose just to stop the talks of their team-ups ok?? cant u see that? they started strong and played a little dramma as if theyre doin ther best with MAVS? Lebron doesnt even dunk after the 3rd game.. They intentionally let it lose ok??????????????/


  29. NEW YORK says:

    get it over ok?
    dont u get it guys? Miami intentionally let it lose just to stop the talks of their team-ups ok?? cant u see that? they started strong and played a little dramma as if theyre doin ther best with MAVS? Lebron doesnt even dunk after the 3rd game.. They intentionally let it lose ok??????????????/


  30. NEW YORK says:

    dont u get it guys? Miami intentionally let it lose just to stop the talks of their team-ups ok?? cant u see that? they started strong and played a little dramma as if theyre doin ther best with MAVS? Lebron doesnt even dunk after the 3rd game.. They intentionally let it lose ok??????????????/

  31. Jeffrey says:

    I think we should only get one of them,I mean getting both of them is going to actually kill our bench more than what we could imagine I think we should get Howard try to push for it and wait for next season and try to get derron williams I think he would be a nice point for the lakers but of course is not what we want its what they want….. Bunch of b$ at the end of the day..

  32. Josiah says:

    I’m not saying i’d hate it but I can’t even begin to imagine what Paul and Howard in a yellow jersey! LOL

  33. Josiah says:

    I think the best move for both Paul and Howard would definitely be a move to Los Angeles, joining Kobe and coach Brown, especially if they want to win a ring.

    The east seems to be generating more formidable forces that will make it hard for teams such as Orlando and New York to win. Bulls, Heat, Knicks, and maybe still, the Celtics are very heavy contenders and provide more of a challenge towards an NBA ring. If things are sorted in out in Atlanta, they might even be contenders.

    The Lakers with Paul and Howard alongside Bryant of course, would have probably at best the Mavericks and Thunder to deal with, and maybe the veteran spurs and POSSIBLY the ever-improving Grizzlies.

    Either way, i think it would be a good move, NBA’s has always been about drama, and this would only add to the excitement and controversy!

    Go the Mavericks!

  34. lakers^^ says:

    A lot of critics at this point are undermining the Los Angeles Lakers.

    They are goading ORL/NOH to up their asking price from the lakers in fear that they would create a western juggernaut.
    Honestly, it is not up to the gm’s/owners of those respective ball clubs. Unless you want to get lebron’d (being left with nothing) you better get what you can bc guess what this year if you do not make a deal as fast as you can you will begin to feel that these two superstars d12 and cp3 are going to be enigmas to your team. there will be no progress and you are only delaying what is inevitable. either way it will end ugly.

    SO NOW the question is not if, its WHEN. and FOR WHO EXACTLY
    there is so much talent you can go with in terms of the trade; you can go with the bulls in boozer/deng/noah, you can go to the clippers with gordon/griffin/williams you can go to boston with garnett/rondo/allen or even to new jersey with williams/lopez/whoever . my point is……NONE OF THESE OPTIONS ARE PROVEN *with the exception of the celtics*. if im ORL/NOH im looking at it like this…. why would i want a bunch of talent and no real guarantee at a shot to win the championship? with ODOM/BYNUM/GASOL/MWP you cannot deny that these figures especially BYNUM w/ his new talent after training with freddy roach and Gasol who is eager to prove yet again that he isn’t soft–these figures are shuins for foundation building.

    yes orlando will be losing howard…you’ll be getting another center in return in Andrew Bynum not to mention a complimentary player in MWP and perhaps a sign & trade with Shannon Brown (he said he wanted his own team..why not progress as player w/ familiar faces alongside bynum in ORL).
    *yes new orleans will lose a point’ll be getting an elite power forward in Pau Gasol.. and amazing contributions from power forward lamar odom not to mention you can re-acquire baron davis. with that you will be set for a solid foundation.

    the fact that these reporters are goading these ball clubs to ante up their asking price is ridiculous.. you want a shot at a championship, there is your blueprint. you dont need both of these 7 footers ….why?? BECAUSE YOUR NOT PHIL JACKSON, AND YOUR NOT THE SPURS AND ILL EVEN THROW IN YOUR NOT MIKE BROWN you dont know how to utilize both big men like the spurs did duncan and robinson.

    all im saying is know your strength and get what you can while the option presents itself. don’t lowball yourself by thinking you can get any better. choosing to do otherwise will be foolish you will left with nothing….or worse you’ll be stuck with a roster full of talent and NO RESULTS.

    my projected laker roster: Dwight Howard (c), Lamar Odom (pf), Grant Hill/Rashard Lewis/Shane Battier (sf) Kobe Bryant (sg) Chris Paul (pg)

  35. john says:

    reguardless who you have on the front court..You can have three of the biggest names in the sport…You still need a supporting cast. Nobody is unstoppable….If all you have is three players and the other team has a team and a bench you will still lose! BOTTOM LINE!! You need help from your role players or the big three might as well be the little three!! EXAMPLE: MIAMI…BIG THREE…Not anymore….didnt have enough from the role players…

  36. Altair says:

    to all lakers haters,

    FYI, lols…..they can pull off this trade.

  37. swing says:

    sorry guys. but i don’t think the lakers will get chris paul or dwight howard on their team. Orlando has a better chance of getting chris paul on the magic but since that’s not happening it shouldn’t even be brought up for discussion. Who knows what will happen. Rondo needs to go to a better team cuz sorry boston but the celtics are done. I don’t think miami will win even if they have greg oden (he flat out sucks). If chicago just makkes the right deal and finds the right piece, you can see the bulls in the final four for sure. If there’s any indication from last year, bull’s just showed the world what they can do and they will only get better

    • Yung T says:

      Yal ant for get about the bulls the have a full team thats willin and hungry to fight every play the bulls need a legit 2 guard and a nice back up point guard for DROSE and every team will have a problem…DEFENSE LEADS TO OFFENCE N Check out me and my brothers song on youtube lide let it wave Thanks Go Bulls

  38. ClipperFan says:

    I don’t think the Clippers really need to chase after Howard that much considering they have a young DeAndre Jordan. If anything, the clippers should focus on getting a good wing player and possibly a point guard that is a good play maker instead of one that shoots all the damn time to be effective.

  39. SP says:

    Through all of this, its hard not to like Kevin Durant and Derrick Rose even more than I already do. Pairing up to win championships is a very hollow venture.people talking about the Lakers having amazing depth are kidding themselves. The lakers, last year, had a very ’55 wins led by Pippen’ kind of season that the Bulls had in the mid-90’s. To call them ‘deep’ is to call a puddle ‘deep’. If they trade away Gasol/Bynum/Odom for Howard and CP3, they will get crushed in the finals by the Bulls or the Heat, if they manage to beat OKC in the West. Kevin Durant is unguardable, Westbrook is faster and fitter than CP3 (not better, I never said better) and yeah, while Dwight might slam 30 boards a night and score 25 ppg, Kobe certainly won’t. He is going into his 16th season(??) and looked very tired and banged up last year. Don’t get me wrong, he is one of the best players ever and one of the top 5 all time at his position, but bodies grow old and weary. Howard and Paul teaming up will result in a calibre of a team not dissimilar to those of Malone and Stockton, or Kemp and Payton. Good, but not great.

    If the Heat land an enforcer in the paint, a growing young player with a big body, maybe someone of DeAndre Jordan or JaVale McGee’s capabilities, its all over. I can’t stand the Heat. But they have a perceived ‘lack of depth’ but it only hurt them right at the end of the season last year. Filling in a cheap, athletic young big man will make them unstoppable. They already have two of the most difficult to manage players in the game, a forward that is the leagues best player and a guard that can block like a PF, and while they won’t beat a team like Howard/Paul/Bryant ever in the regular season, they might not need to in the post-season if a deeper team than LA can put the Lakers out before the finals. That was the issue last year. Luckily, the Dallas squad last year had every piece in place at just the right time.

    I would love to see Jason Terry wind up somewhere other than a sinking ship in Dallas. His playmaking is amazing and I would be keen to watch him on a team like the Clippers or the Blazers with Aldridge… One can dream, I guess.

    • Sway says:

      Just would like to say Miami dont have the funds to get a young center, and even if they do, there greatest down fall is there lack of a decent pg. Miami should never of got Bosh, they should of used that cap space to build a decent bench with a group of multiple role players or used that cash to get a good-reliable big man and point guard.

  40. Sway says:

    If LA with Kobe, Howard and Paul = championships. A great offensive scorer in Kobe, a defensive minded center in Dwight who is also able to score, and a point gaurd who can distribute and score…what a 3. And the best thing is, they can all play great ‘D’. These teams trying to create ‘superstar’ teams need to realise you need a point guard who is able to get is entire team involved, you need a big man who can rebound and block, you need players who can both score and play effective defence.

    Miami don’t have a point guard or a big man; NY don’t have a point guard and dont play D. Watch out for LA.

  41. TS says:

    Now we find out why Derek Fisher and Billy Hunter refused to budge on a hard cap for the NBA. Because then the Lakers wouldn’t be able to cheat, and buy all the best players in the NBA. If this implorable future is to happen, my only hope is that Dwight Howard doesn’t turn into a wannabe thug cheap shot artist, and proceed to elbow smash guys half his size.

  42. Highway says:

    wait wait wait lets not forget Lakers have to get past OKC…….. Miami have to get past The Bulls who just needs a soild 15 point ppg shooting guard. Durant & Rose One Of The Nba Best Ever Young Players Who Plays To Win With Whoever On Their Team & Makes Players Better

  43. Chris says:

    I’d love to see Paul and Howard on the Lakers if for no reason other than ensuring no rings for LeBron!

  44. alex toma says:

    listen having paul and howard is not the same as james and wade cuz wade and james have a hard time on figuring out who gets the ball in the 4th quarter to close the game cuz there both good at it
    its different with the lakers if they get howard and paul because paul isnt a selfish player, he makes ppl look good and howard is in the inside so when hes opened kobe or chris paul gives him the ball but kobe still has his role to close out games when he needs to
    lakers will trade bynum and odom for howard and hedu turkulu and trade pau gasol and some other player for chris paul
    starting lineup:
    pg:chris paul
    sg: kobe bryant
    sf:hedu turkulu
    pf : Ron Artest
    c: Dwight Howard

  45. GT says:

    If this actually eventuates? Then they might as well continue the lock out because game over for everyone, Lakers would be too great, all other teams won’t be able to play little alone compete. Dont want to see it happen but if it does, “not 1, not 2, not 3…”

  46. the truf says:

    Also No one is going to the celtics so kill that garbage right now and anyone who thinks NY is a sure thing for Paul how about you read the articles that say that NY doesnt have the right chips to trade for Paul and hes not gonna leave his team so they can get some only decent players like Landry Fields who is not even consistent or Billups who is about to retire. NY’s only desperate chance would be to trade away one of their new superstars for one of the other ones sooooo lets just crush those ideas now. The facts are there are two franchises known for winning championships the Lakers and the celtics and if Paul and Howard want a chance get in on some rings then theyll find their way to LA cause the celtics are not gonna get Howard and they dont need paul when they have rondo.. and if you would like to include Chicago in that championship convo then unless someone clones a young MJ or gets someone who can help rose more than a carlos boozer then its not worth your breath to bring it up plusssss even so the west will win it AGAIN anyways

  47. Munro says:

    Ok if the lakers can just get rid of steve blake and future draft picks for chris paul we good we get fisher in the bench while chris starts u trade bynum and future draft picks to orlando for dwight howard will spice up the western confrence and spice things up in THE NBA!

  48. GoodFit says:

    Seems like a more realistic deal with both CP3 and Howard in LAL with Kobe.
    They should trade Gasol and Odom while they still can.
    I would like to see Odom on the Knicks honestly.
    I think he would be a compliment to them, coming off the bench.
    But its the Lakers here, the same team that traded squat for Gasol.

  49. Munro says:

    im with the hetsuck with that

  50. John says:

    I will despise the NBA if this ever happened. The great thing about the NBA is the competitiveness of it. Although there are a bunch of bad, small-market teams in the league, all of them have their stars (brandon jennings, kevin love, blake griffin, derron williams, demar derozan) that even the playing field. I don’t doubt that ratings would soar through the roof if the lakers became a super team, but I would personally lose interest in the NBA. Getting all your buds to the same team just for fun isn’t a good motivation for trades. How about wanting to be loyal to the team that drafted you and try to win a championship for that city. These players like Chris Paul and Dwight Howard are just getting older and they want as many rings as possible before they leave the league. Chris is probably going to move from New Orleans, and most likely is going to go to a playoff contender. Dwight Howard is the player I’m watching though. He is still young and should try to win in Orlando, try and get the front office to make some moves to make them a contender. I want to see a balance in the NBA. Watching the Heat last year was something different, but I didn’t think they were fun to watch. The Mavs were the most balanced team which is why they won the championship.

  51. the truf says:

    The clippers need to just fall back cause for one! there is no way in hell THEY could get both paul and howard, and for two even if they get one of them they are not gonna win a championship since lakers would most likely get the other one and just smash on the western conference, but even if the lakers, god forbid, didn’t get one of them and the clippers did…… i still dont feel like it would be enough to win the west. That would mean beating the defending champs and the Lakers and the Thunder and the Grizzlies with Rudy Gay soooooo Clippers dont waste anybodys time! especially not Paul and Howard’s, both of whom want to win championships and will not do so in a clippers jersey!

  52. Munro says:

    And For The Hornets They Need to get some good big bodys david west needs to get help out over there in new orleans and the grizzlies should trade marco gasol for emeko ocafor

  53. jam says:

    Kobe is getting old and getting fade reason that Phil Jackson leave lakers. if Howard goes to lakers it takes period of time to get the ring.. Go to Dallas in exchange of chandler more posible for a ring…

  54. Munro says:

    You Guys Are Kinda Not Thinking What I Got In Store The Lakers Should Dump Bynum For Howard And Trde Blake And 2 Future Draft Picks nd For The Celtics If lakers get cp3 and superman the heat will not have a chance againt the 2 la lakers

  55. Chris says:

    I know the Lakers need a PG bad, but I think we should just go for Dwight Howard. Trade Bynum and another piece that isn’t Gasol and it’ll be perfect for us. With Howard at Center, Gasol at PF, Kobe at SG, Fisher at PG, and either Odom or Peace at SF (depending on who gets traded with the Magic deal) would be a great starting line up. The opponents wouldn’t know which of the 3 all-stars to double team, which would free everyone else up.

  56. hc says:

    Kobe, Paul, Howard = Not a Laker Championship, $500 in ther air , any takers?

  57. Tim says:

    If CP3 lands in lakertown I will give up on the nba. I’m sick of big market teams dominating the nba. It’s crap. What the hell is the point of having a draft if all the god damn players are just going to end up in LA or NY. nba needs to fix itself because people are going to start losing interest. The lockout should have gone longer so the players got what was needed. The luxary tax removed. How the hell can teams like LA and Boston afford 4 potential all stars while teams like the Twolves and kings can’t even get one. It’s just crap. Besides a majority of people who follow the nba are just bandwagoners that support the mega teams like LA, Heat and Boston. They should make it more fair for all teams. The true nba fans that support the small market teams are the real nba fans. I was sooooo happy when Dallas beat Miami last season. Not because Lebron couldn’t get a ring but because a small market team finally snagged a championship.

  58. Anthony says:


  59. przem says:

    Dwight + Gasol + Kobe would be unstopable. The true big three ..

  60. Geo says:

    I admit if either Paul or Dwight go to LA, they will be in the top spot to win the championship, but i honestly dont think it would work out. Everyone knows that Kobe likes to be in the spotlight and he doesnt like to share it, just look at what happened when Shaq was there.

  61. Justin says:

    If this trade happens. We might see the first unbeatable team. but think about it if this trade goes down I want to see them play the Heat. That would be a good macthup

  62. How mad would it be to have Dwight/ Kobe/Candyman on the same team! OR To have Dwight in Miami…. Absolutely MAD I say! =)

  63. g0odfellas says:

    As a Laker fan…This would be a GREAT trade but i rather see Howard to LA and CP3 to Clippers. Reason why is Lakers already have a PG which is Shannon Brown (still young and very athletic great dunker). Blake on the other hand needs a good PG on his side to be getting alley oopz and be “blake griffin.” All in all, Lakers dont really need another superstar they already got Kobe.

  64. BullsFan01 says:

    If the Lakers were to get both Howard and Paul, I’m sure they’ll be the best team for a long time. Although Heats have both Wade and Lebron (2 of the best players in the WORLD), they lack a big guy, which would’ve been good if they got Howard. Heats would DESTROY if they had Howard, and not Paul because Wade and Lebron are two of the best playmakers. Lebron can run point if he wanted. I just think it’s stupid though that every team wants to combine stars together because now there will only be like 5 elite teams: Bulls, Heat, Lakers, possibly Knicks, and of course the Mavs. I don’t understand why teams don’t follow the example of Dallas and have one superstar in Nowitzki, and then the rest of the players be role players. They obviously won that way so I don’t understand why players are running to other stars.


  66. Kyle D. Johnson says:

    Two questions. Can Mike Brown handle so much stardom? Can Kobe play with two superstar players that ran their team, game after game. I mean Pau and Artest were the leaders of their team but not at the level that Dwight and Paul are.

  67. DWADE123 says:

    Lakers will need to sign a power forward to start for them.

  68. KEEPDREAMIN! says:

    Lakers just need Chris Paul without losing Gasol.
    In Howards game 4th quarters have 11 minutes..For winning Championships you need a reliable center in that last minute.
    I see the Spurs winning more games this season than the Lakers.
    The Finals OKC vs MIA and Heat winning….(sad but true)

  69. DWADE123 says:

    I think this is what will happen.

    Deron Williams and Dwight Howard to the lakers(Chris Paul wants to go to the knicks) Lakers will give up Bynum, Odom,Gasol, and fisher (2 to each team)
    Chris Paul to the knicks to join Melo and Stoudemire
    Caron Butler to the lakers for Artest
    In the end these will be your starting lineups

    Lakers Knicks Mavericks
    PG Deron Williams PG Chris Paul PG Jason Kidd
    SG Kobe Bryant SG Landry Fields SG Jason Terry
    SF Caron Butler SF Carmelo Anthony SF Shawn Marion
    PF ??? PF Amare Stoudemire PF Dirk Nowitzki
    C Dwight Howard C Ronny Turiaf C Tyson Chandler (if they don’t lose him to free agency)

    P.S. Ron Artest will be a bench player for the Dallas Mavericks

  70. Retio ( London, Canada) says:

    OK so lets get this straight. The second generation versions of Jordan (Kobe), Shaq (Dwight Howard) and Magic mini (Chris Paul) all on the same team? This could rank up there next to death and public speaking as the most terrifying thing anyone has to face. Could this entice Phil Jackson to come back again? or can Kobe win without Phil (Something Jordan never did)

    The truth is we all know Chris Paul has been eying New York for a while now and him signing could help alleviate Spike Lee’s nightmares of Reggie Miller back in the day. Also if Dwight does end up in LA, then he might as well change his last name to O’neal because of similar track records.

    At the end of the day, “Lets Play Ball”. The fans have been waiting long enough

    NBA 2011-2012 Season Prediction in a quote “You Ain’t Seen Bad Things Happen In 3’s Since Madison Square Garden And Reggie Miller)

    P.S. Lookout for Tracy Mcgrady this year…..

    • BullsFan01 says:

      I agree with everything your saying. Especially how Howard is biting Shaq. But the only thing I disagree with is you saying to watch out for T-Mac. I thought about it, but I just think he’s done.

  71. Brendan says:

    Let Lakers get Chris Paul good luck with that Kobe be wanting the ball to much. Howard i think should go to Boston if he isn’t traded get him in free agency we need a center and Ray and Kevin contract will be up next year i think they will re sign for 1 or 2 years for much less because at this stage of there careers all they want is to win another title. After them years are up bring young player to Boston like Josh Smith 2013 free agent as is Monta Ellis. Still have Jeff Green a good power forward. I think Rondo is one of the best point guards in the NBA so build around him. Paul will retire as a Celtic i think. They would be a serious contender for a long time if we sign Howard. Its all about 18.

    • BullsFan01 says:

      If Paul was to go to LA, Kobe would still get the ball. Not as much, which isn’t bad obviously because he’s aging. Plus, it would be good to get the burden off of Kobe sometimes. He carries the team every game, is clutch all the time, and all the pressure is on him. Paul would fit well, I just don’t know what the Lakers would do with Fisher, Blake, and the other point guards.

  72. YOUNG G says:




  73. Ny says:

    Please all you Laker fans dont get too excited just yet!! Read this article very, very carefully before you start creating your fantasy Laker starting line-ups, haha

  74. Man CP3 OR D HOWARD Still want a chance to win rings they would team up with KB.

  75. what are people thinking? says:

    simply swapping bynum for howard or paul for gasol isn’t just going to happen. it makes no sense for NOH and ORL to pull off such a trade without getting draft picks as well. If paul is going to the lakers, the lakers and hornets will need a 3rd team to facilitate NOH need for a pg in return. I honestly think if paul is going to the hornets, it will be the lakers, hornets, and possibly the thunder in a 3 team trade. Here’s how it works out. The Lakers get paul and NOH OKC 2nd round pick, the thunder get pau gasol, shannon brown in a sign and trade, and trevor ariza, and the hornets get eric maynor, serge ibaka, thabo sefolosha, cole aldrich, serge ibaka, and 1st round picks from the lakers and thunder. this trade makes sense because 1. lakers get paul done. 2. the thunder get a scorer down low to compliment durant which perkins will play center so pau doesn’t have to and get a scoring shooting guard who can defend instead of thabo who is defensive little scoring 3. the hornets get their pg which maynor can be, a young talent at center in aldrich and at power forward in ibaka, thabo to come off the bench and be a defensive presence plus 2 1st round picks to work with. there may be some kinks to work out of course. this may not even happen. but it seems to be a win win for a lot of people. just swapping pau gasol for chris paul doesn’t solve NOH pg dilemma. but NOH hasn’t made wise trades in recent years. 1st getting rid of chandler, then collison, and then thorton.

    • Doug says:

      That does make a lot of sense. i do agree with that. But i also don´t think Kobe can coexist with a player like Paul who likes and needs to have the ball in his hands alot. Kobe is used to and likes to dominate the ball. He is way more greedy than Wade and Lebron in that aspect. Kobe loves being the alpha dog. Mybe Baron Davis wouldn´t be bad because he can shoot and now he doesn´t need the ball that much.

    • BullsFan01 says:

      Damn, that’s a great point. If that were to happen-with Thunder included in trade-people would definitely have to watch out for the Thunder, as if they don’t have to already. A three team deal would benefit all three teams but would make competition harder. But like you said, I doubt that they could just trade Gasol for Paul and Bynum for Howard. I agree, that’s too simple and Hornets and Magic wouldn’t benefit as much as the Lakers.

  76. NBAfan123561 says:

    you guys are all stupid period

  77. Pistons says:

    I am a huge pistons fan and quite frankly very hurt, when everyone was listing these super stars put together no one mention Isah Thomas, Vinnie Johnson, Dennis Rodman, Bill Lambieer, Joe Dumars, John Salley, Rick Mahorn, even the coach Chuck Daly. Big three shhhhhh, talk about dream team………………BAD BOYS!!!

  78. Mike says:

    No one really knows what’s going to happen here. I doubt the Magic trade for the Lakers pieces and here’s why. Although Gasol is good; the Magic will be starting over if Dwight leaves. They would have to rebuild. Gasol turns 32 this year. He only makes sense IF a team needs someone to get over the top. Odom – same thing. Bynum is a health risk and just not the player to build a team around.

    So, the Magic would entertain deals from the Nets for Lopez and other 1st round picks and to also take Turk’s contract. Lopez is 8 like 23-24. So, Lakers fans, I wouldn’t hold my breath. LA doesn’t have the cap room to sign DH when he becomes a free agent. And as good as the players they could offer are; they make no sense to a rebuilding team.

    There is a greater chance Howard stays in Orlando and he and the Magic amnesty Arenas and Paul tells the Hornets he’ll only sign with Orlando long term.

  79. mr.ed says:

    hmm… don’t know how i feel about this.

    on one side as a laker fan, it’d be great because they’d be pretty much unstoppable.

    but as a basketball fan, it’d just go to show that these “superteams” are what is killing the competition. and that the lakers would get a lotta hate, much in the same way the heat did when they did the same “superteam” formation.

    i honestly do think we only need one. i’m not too big a fan of giving away most of players not named kobe bryant for these 2 all-stars. and keep in mind, just building a superteam doesn’t yield results right away. the celtics are the only ones i can think of that formed a “big 3” and won a championship right away.
    the lakers couldn’t do it back in ’04 (though malone and payton were a different story; they were both near the end of their careers and you actually wanted to see them win a ring. they weren’t within the top 10 players of the league at the time) and the heat couldn’t do it last year.

    i hope they just go for one. whether it be paul or howard and then we’ll just fill up the spots we need based off of who we got: howard or paul.

  80. Davedkc says:

    The ONLY thing bringing CP3 and And Dwight to the Lakers does is put them in contention. It isn’t a forgone conclusion. Just look at the history of the NBA. Alex_Lakers4Life!1 and Imad Akel got this thing right. And don’t forget about injuries. No one has said anything about injuries. Look at Greg Oden…the SURE thing for Portland a few years back. Anything can happen!

    The only thing I think putting all of these superstars together as CLEARLY proven is that it ISN’T the superstar that wins the games, it is the TEAM! The way they play together, the unselfish acts and giving their teammates confidence that they believe in them. Sure, you can say Dallas was a fluke last year….BUT….they won it all. And you cannot “fluke” you’re way past all of the good NBA teams to do that. Flukes get weeded out. And even those with the best rosters on paper do sometimes as well. Ask Miami.

  81. Kane says:

    GOSH, I hope this trade goes through. Why? Well if the Lakers lose Bynum + Odom + Gasol they lose there strength. Which is length. So NO length and certaintly NO bench = NOOOOOOOO championship lol. How sweet it is. Plus the coach couldn’t handle 3 superstars anyway :)) Goodluck!!!

    • HeatWave says:

      Lol. I completly agree. I want the trade to happen. 2 reasons. 1. It won’t work the way these fans think it will. 2. I would love to see Miami beat all other superteams.

    • daniel says:

      lol length isn’t a necessity to win a championship. They had length last year but how did that work out for the lakers? This would be a great trade. Even an expert on ESPN attests to that. It’s simple. We have Howard at the C, Kobe at the guard, and Chris paul who can act as a facilitator to the rest of the team. Our bench is just fine. They just need to be more consistent. lmao…i think you’re just hoping that this wouldn’t work out but you know good and well that it will lol am I sayign automatic championship? NO. But to think it wouldn’t work out and they wouldn’t be a beast team? LOL. you have to know NOTHING about basketball to believe that. Mike Brown works a very defensitve minded system as he did in cleveland with SUB PAR players and they were one of the top defensive teams in the league. Sure, the competition has stiffened but his system would work wonders with DWIGHT, 2 time defensive player of the year, and the rest of the team at that. lol If this goes down, you’ll probably be back here ranting. Even if we get just Dwight lol

  82. Mike says:

    I have been a lifelong Hornts fan and have hated the lakers just as much as the Yankee’s, talk about a knife in the heart for Paul to go to the lakers! Why is it that the Hornets NEVER keep any superstar for very long? Consider the players that they have traded away or lost to free agency such as Alonzo Mourning, Larry Johnson, Glenn Rice, Barron Davis, Tyson Chandler, not to mention that THEY were the team that drafted Kobe and traded him for Vlade Divac before he even played one game how did that work out? And now Paul, why is it that the Hornets aren’t good enough for any superstar to want to stay with them?

  83. BRANDON says:

    BOSH was exposed an will continue to be exposed he was a good player on a very poor team, and if you dont believe me wwatch who will develop into a star because of being over used like bosh was, that guy name andrei bargnani …

  84. johnny says:

    will accept all criticizme

    • Haleofatime says:

      The Lakers can suck it. Even if they do aquire D. Howard and CP3 they won’t be able to pull it off. There is too much personality and too many differences in their styles of play. We will see another talked up season from ESPN Analyzers thinking that they will be an unbeatable team just like we did with the Miami Heat and the big 3. When you combine that much talent together each super star wants their time to shine. This destroys the basic fundamentals of basketball and implements a one-on-one scenario making them easier to defend.

      P.S.- We all know that Kobe would go crying to the coaches and ask for a trade later anyway because he wants the stage to himself.

      P.S.S.- Without Phil Jackson there to tame these personalities as he did with Shaq & Kobe they won’t win a Championship. I am not discrediting Mike Brown as a coach, I am just saying he doesn’t have enough experience yet to do it.

  85. johnny says:

    This would make this team a great competitor but remember when the lakers tried it with Malone and Peyton, but the only difference with this is you have guys hungry to win and are willing to follow, not like in Miami where you have 2 leaders and no follows, how many times have you heard the expression “too many cooks in the kitchen” or “too many chiefs and no indians” so I am all for it if they can learn how to play together,and with a new coach and new system it might work.

  86. Random says:

    First off Super teams are nothing new. Even before the big three in Boston there were superteams in big market cities. Boston in 85-86 LA 71-72 and Chicago 95-97 just some examples. Throughout the history of the NBA stars have gone to big market teams with other stars to win championships. People need to stop acting like this is something new. The only thing that is new is how televised it is. Also for people saying it can’t work because they will but heads that is most likely false. Howard wants to play with Kobe he said it himself. Kobe is one of the few players in the NBA that demands respect by even other all-stars so I believe that Paul will give him that respect. Finally some harsh reality for the Clippers fans out there no one wants to be a Clipper. I would be surprised to see Blake sign a new deal after his contract is up let alone getting Paul or Howard to sign a deal. Well that is my rant and FYI I think that only the Howard deal is going to go through. Personally I like Paul better but I just don’t see it happening

  87. Gvon says:

    This should be the starting five:
    SG- Kobe
    SF- Artes/ Odom(if not being traded)
    PF- Gasol
    C- DHoward
    Thats a perfect line up right there!!!!!

  88. I KNOW BALL says:

    whoever said Howard is better than Bynum in everyway check 2009 finals stats. Howard avg like 17 rebounds per game. going into next year Bynum said he wanted the ball more(subliminaly). If bynum gets the ball fed to him as a 1 option he can turn into a 20-13 guy EASILY..kObe is the lakers main scorer., thats why bynum stats 6.ppg and like 8 rb idk. But i do know magic can’t get any calibur center in the middle other than bynum. He’s 24.

    pau gasol is on the down side, he’s turning 31 or is 31 and last year he was exposed again because he’s always been a slow, crafty guy but with kobe aging and him not being able to say give me the ball and i’ll dominate at any time anymore, pau gasol got that spotlight on him and got exposed. I noticed in the fnals last year, & playoffs and late season, kobe started attacking in the 3rd but would not be a factor in the 4th. he needs youth, anyone is tradeable except kobe & fisher.

  89. Jewellz says:

    I hope LA can pull it off.We all know that DH is just following Saq foot steps, but to land CP3 too WOW!!!! that WOULD MAKE MY DAY!!!So all those Knick retard fans can stop wishing they are back and remember that they overpaid for 2 greedy overpaid ball hogs!!!!

  90. KingBeatz says:

    Chris Paul, Kobe Bryant, Dwight Howard, coached by Mike Brown. (Will be better than Shaq, Kobe and Phil)

  91. YRUNSANE says:

    Every team wants certain players. Feeding the wish list to the media does not make it happen, though. Howard will get traded, but not to the Lakers. They simply don’t have enough to give. Sure gets folks excited, though.

  92. Montero says:

    Is hard salary cap implemented?

  93. Chris says:

    Yeah, and they’re probably getting James and Nowitzki too. I’m usually a sucker for Sekous Blog, but i’d bet 20 Bucks that they won’t acquire neither Paul nor Howard.

  94. Nealin says:

    I dont think they’ll land both, too unreasonable. Trades need to make sense, bynum for howard straight up is not happening at least howard and odom , for diwght, AT LEAST. I’m sure Orlando will try to squeeze LA out of all it can, because Orlando will just trade howard somewhere else, so it would be LA here with something to lose not the Magic. Same for Paul, Gasol for paul straight up is not happening, a combo of gasol, artest, odom, and whoever else. I dont think they’ll land both. even if they land ONE i dont think they will be better.

  95. Maxym says:

    Test msg

  96. jermaine says:

    Hey Paul and Howard LA is the place to be, if the go there La would be unstoppable. Man i hope the make the trade and go there this season would be the best. Just think Wad Jame and Bosh in Miami, We would have Kobe Paul and Dwight man what a team cant wait to see. They should just think if they stay might not win and when it comes to the Nba its should not be about the money, it’s about the fun the wins and the rings. Got for the gold and make the trades. LA ALL THE WAY

  97. DJ1234567890 says:

    cp3 – knicks
    d12 – clippers or hawks

  98. Jason says:

    The decision started this trend? You guys are either ridiculous, stupid, or too young to know any better. this “trend” as you call it, has been going on since the beginning of the NBA. Why do you think that Boston and LA have more championships between them than EVERY OTHER TEAM COMBINED! This ain’t something LeBron started. What about the big 3 in Boston. They were called the big 3 way before LeBron even knew who Miami was. This ain’t a trend people, it the way the NBA has always been. I’m glad Miami got LeBron instead of Boston or LA. At least it’s a different team now. I hope someone else gets them, only because I want to see ANYONE other than LA and Boston in the finals, that story has been played out too many times. Read you history folks, and learn something!

  99. jermaine says:

    Hey Paul and Howard make the trade and go to LA. There yall can win many Rings and make great money. Just think now when Kobe, retiar yall can take over and be the head of the team. La is the place to be, make the trade and win them rings. Make more friends and and gain more fans, Paul and Howard go and win win win. “LA ALL THE WAY”

  100. JOEBONE says:

    I for one dont care who the Lakers get they will never be that good maybe in three years.

  101. john young OKC says:

    i think your all going on and on about buying super team well OKC have created one, a bunch of hard working guys who want to play together and will dominate for next 10yrs. This season you’ll see the real big three, but with a proper center and a proper PF, not just make shift vets or desparados thinking they’ll get an easy ring. Noboby can compare man for man to OKC – Durant (MVP 2011-12 elect) westbrook, harden, ibaka and Perkins. Miami, Lakers you can only dream of a team like that

  102. 6nba5 says:

    man all this talk about these big power house team is a bunch of bull, your talking about the dallas mavs, who are just as old as boston. the only difference is they had a great bench to support the starting 5. now im a boston fans, im telling you now, if boston added tyson chandler to the starting 5, its a wrap, now for bench addiction, go get iverson for pg, move delonte west to sg going back and forth between him and ray allen, im not to sure about jeff green he act like he cant be a roll player, keep our draft picks, resign big baby and j o’neil as the back up center. age doesnt mean nothing, its chemistry mental toughness and great team work. L.a fakers can sign howard and paul all they want but somebody is going to get greedy and demand the ball and koby isnt giving up the rock that easily. thats why the heat fail in the finals queen james was scared and wade said shut up and give me the rock.

  103. nick says:

    Just face it, Lakers are going to get superman and cp3. Then they will beat any team. Even the Heats, Celtics, Bulls and yes, even the Dallas Mavericks.

  104. Borg says:

    For real….. Mich for DH and CP trade everything except for Kobe, Luke, Mr.Peace and Jeanie Buss. Kobe is a BRAND, no one will take Luke and Mr. Peace, and I like Jeanie. Take McGrady for G/SF (big if) for veteran minimum. DO NOT … I repeat DO NOT take Arenas. You will get Hedo anyway.

    Possibility….. Cheap (note cheap) backup big guys Kyrylo Fesenko, Jared Jeffries and Francisco Elson. Solid for couple of minutes of defense.

    Hope for….. I don’t think there is possibility for Prince or Rip (if amnestied) but try it. And keep watchful eye on amnestied players.


    i think its pretty funny how everyone is already penciling in the lakers to win if they get a big 3 like miami did. did you not learn anything? dwight howard and kobe have never played together.. and if you are a true basketball fan you would know that wade,lebron and cp3 have been touring playing basketball together this entire offseason.. i think it would take the lakers time to gel.. look for this to be the year of the HEAT just because of the simple fact that the pillars of the team have been working out and playing together.

    • Chris says:

      What are you talking about Kobe and Dwight have never played together? Did you not watch the Bejing Olympics where they won the Gold together?

  106. jimmy says:

    howard is no shaq, and this year kobe will only play as good as jordan played when he came back to play for the wizards. you just watch, kobe will only average about 19-21 points a game. if mavs get to keep chandler and barea, dallas will still be good enough to beat the lakers if they get howard and chris paul. you just watch. whoever said dallas wouldnt win another championship and bet there payroll on it. all i gotta say is, be ready to pay up

  107. jimmy says:

    even if howard and paul goes to dallas. they are gonna have to give up bynum, gasol, and odom. with that being said. the lakers are still beatable.

  108. aj22lakers says:

    another super-star team was the philadelphia 76ers with julius erving moses malone maurice cheeks charles barkley… one of the best teams ever won the p0layoffs with 4 straight sweeps

  109. Tarek says:

    WHY DOES EVERYONE THINK THE LAKERS ARE DONE FOR? Have you guys forgotten they were the two time defending champs? And now because of one bad series they’re going downhill? Pau Gasol, before the 2011 season started, was being credited for being the best power forward in the league. The Lakers have one of the best cores in the league, and they definitely have one and more good years on them. Look at the Celtics. They are miles older than the Lakers and yet they’re still being considered a serious contender. A Howard deal would definetly look nice, but CP3 is pushing it. The Lakers have an excellent core and all this nonsense over the fact that they are done is complete crap. Can’t wait for the season to start so that everyone will shut up and remember how good the Lakers were when they were focused.

    • Gary says:

      Lol your only defending champs when you won the previous season. Anyhow LA is looking to dismantle the whole team so if that happens give them time to develope because it will not be an instant success.

  110. jimmy says:

    lakers are still gonna suck this season. howard dont wanna go to the mavs and neither does chris paul. they both said they wanna go to the mavs

  111. Caster69 says:

    Dunno why everyone’s getting excited about this Dwight s about to be swept up by the Bulls

  112. wayne says:

    i think the clippers have the best chance of getting both because of players such as eric gordon, chris kaman, mo williams, but i surprise the thunders is not in the mix because if you just add dwight the will be one of the greatest team also they wont be like the heats where they have no good role players, the thunders have great role players such as harden, ibaka,perkins, this team adding dwight well most likely best defensive team in the post

  113. Otis Bosworth says:

    The Lakers should be more conservative. Trade Bynum for Dj Mbenga and free up Cap Space. Lets save some $$ snd invest it back into the Staples Center.

    Whos with Me?!?

  114. overrated says:

    im been saying this for months even before the lockout began. getting paul and howard over to LAL make sense both for NOH and ORL because LA has the TALENT to trade for both paul and howard.championship history and out of court money making ventures to lure both players to stay long term!btw, did i mention KOBE BRYANT. with trade,LAL vs MIA FINALS

    • overrated says:

      three team trade Hornets-Lakers-Magic: sign and trade WEST.send him to ORL w/ JACK,with BYNUM and PEACE from LAL.NO gets GASOL,ODOM from LAL and NELSON from ORL.LAL in return gets HOWARD,PAUL.add other players to match cap and picks.

      Hornets will not lost WEST for nothing.get value for PAUL and a PG in NELSON to start over with.GASOL as the new face of the franchise.ORL getting an all start in WEST


  116. Alex_Lakers4Life!1 says:

    I’m a Lakers fan, and it would be so sweet just to land one of these superstars, but both would be even sweeter. With that being said, I’m tired of people saying LeBron and Miami started the trend where superstars merge on one team to make it a super team. Befoe Miami, you had the Celtics who got KG and Ray Allen to play with Paul Pierce. Rockets with T-Mac and Yao Ming. Lakers with Shaq and Kobe. Lakers with Shaq and Kobe, and Malone and Pyaton. in the 70s and 80s you had a star studded Celtics Roster. A star studded Lakers roster. Even when Lakers signed Wilt Chamiberlain. And when Lakers got Kareem from Milwuakee. These superstars merging with other superstars isn’t new people. It’s been happening for years. Decades even! The only thing that’s different about the LeBron thing, is he televised it. In other words, the matter in which he handled it. Other than that, it’s been going on for years. And since the Lakers have more expirience with merging superstars, why not get Dwight and CP3 to join Kobe. That would be great! Kobe retires in a few years, and the lakers already have two superstars to carry the Laker legacy.

  117. THEPRINCE says:

    Is everyone forgetting what the Lakers would be giving up?!! GASOL ,BYNUM, and ODOM. Um the lakers being long and athletic is what allows Kobe to only practice 6 times a year and they still be contenders. They would be very similar to last years Miami Heat Team (a Bit of a better bench but without the “ZEN Master”) Plus then who will play PF for the Lakers?
    The argument made that the Clippers could trade for one and then sign the other is garbage, because neither Team will allow it to go til the FREE Agency, and since they are not demanding to go to only 1 team like Carmelo Anthony was, There are plenty of teams that will offer either Orlando or New Orleans a nice package.
    Why is Boston even in this Argument? They are shopping their only young good player, Rondo, and he might go to the Pacers. HAHAHA
    And who keeps saying CP3 is the best PG in the League? Did Everyone forget that the MVP went to a PG with virtually no one helping him? and every time the Bulls played the Hornets he made CP3 look little? Even if the Lakers pulled this off i would take Chicago with Jamal Crawford over this L.A or Miami or anyone.

    • Iryan says:

      I’m not a die hard lakers fan, but I do like to watch them because I like Bynum. You mentioned what the lakers would loose with Gasol, Bynum and Odom? Odom doesn’t play every night. Bynum, I love em, but he gets hurt to often. Gasol only plays hard when he’s pushed. Even then, he doesn’t always come through. The last three years in the playoffs, watching them was shaky. Besides Kobe, you can’t put the ball into anyones hands and say……”money”.

      • Gary says:

        Kobe has been a main factor in the past two LA titles but just like any other championship team he was a single player who couldn’t have won without a team. While your praising Kobe and dissing the rest, explain to me why he couldn’t get past the first round without Shaq and until Gasol?

  118. Ny says:

    Folks, Folks……..let’s not forget about my Bulls, who beat the Laker’s last season! Bulls were being slept on last season and look how far they made it. Boozer was hurt majority of the season which unfortunately led to him not playing to his full potential when he was healthy again. All I hear yall talking about is how unstoppable these teams will be if these superstars link up but you must remember what wins games….DEFENSE!!!! Hands down Bulls have the best defense in the league and the fact they will be returning with the same roster is even better because they already play well together. This season Boozer and Noah will take some of that load off my man DRose. Unfortunately we dont have any funds to buy a good 2 guard to relieve the scoring pressure from Rose but what we do have is a full roster, the know how, playoff experience which if presented the right way can alone score us a decent shooting guard like a Jason Richardson who is a vet who can score, nice outside shot, plays D and who is looking to be on a team that has a real chance to with the title especially with him being on the later then earlier part of his career. All we were missing last season was 1 piece to our puzzle to take us to the championship….just 1!!

  119. Tico says:

    make the deal LA… and lets get another ring

  120. Sean G says:

    Shout Out To The Lakers Making Moves. Even If We Get One Of The Two, Were Making BIG Moves. D.Howard Already Want’s To Play With The Lakers. He Said It Back In A Interview Mid-Season Last Year. & I Agree We Need A Decent PG.
    People Keep Sleeping On Us, Forgetting The Fact Kobe Got Alot Of Time To “Rejuvenated” From The Semi-Finals Lost To The Mav’s & The Lock-Out. The Black Mamba IS BACK!!!!


  121. diamatthew says:

    hey dwight, remember how a superman once went to la from orlando and won three rings?

  122. KAM says:

    If LA gets Paul and Howard, then yes they will probably be unstoppable, closely followed by Miami. But with this short 66 game season my team to watch has got to be the young, up-and-coming OKC Thunder! Kevin Durant and Russel Westbrook will be running the show, then with Thabo on defense, Perkins and Ibaka down low and James Harden hitting the threes, OKC could be a solid contender!

  123. Steven says:

    Don’t be fool of this guys. Come on, Orlanda will not trade Dwight for Bynum and Odom…. If if this to happen, I will be amazed with LA organization. Lakers vs. Heat to ballte for 2011-2012 O’Brein Throphy!!!!

  124. Laker GM, we can’t keep adding players and not paying for them. Dollar for Dollar. We can move Bynum and Walton, but it will only land us Dwight. We can move Gasol for Paul, but Gasol makes more money. Soooo who ever thinks N.O. can demand more than Gasol needs to remember Dollar for Dollar. If N.O. gets Gasol and anyone else from LA, they’ll owe us money. Plus, there is No open money available to sign anyone else like Crawford or Lewis without another trade, or, Amnestying Artest, freeing up $6,790,640 this year and $21 million overall. getting Howard and Paul would cost us, Bynum/Walton to Orlando, with Orlando left owing us $2.9 million……..Moving Gasol to N.O.- Gasol makes $18,714,150 and Paul only $$16,359,805 now N.O. owes us $2,354,345. In both cases We are owed more money. We only have the Mid-Level exception and some Sasha $ left over. Not nearly enough to sign either Lewis or Crawford who will both be paid handsomely by someone else. We should pray, and make these deals. Everyone must remember= if we let Gasol, Bynum & Odom go, who will play PF for us? One must stay!!

  125. carlos says:

    It doesn’t matter if LA gets Howard and Paul, basketball is a team sport meaning they will have 3 superstars and…what about the rest of the team? they still will be lacking a shooter and a wing..also their bench sucks big time now.
    So what will happen when those 3 players are out (due to foul trouble, injuries, etc)?
    What will happen when they play against teams that have an excellent second unit? (e.g Grizzlies, OKC, etc)

    Good teams win championships based on team playing components..look at Dallas,Boston, Detroit, etc

  126. lanchi says:

    por favor cp3 por gasol estamos locos o que

  127. Luke says:

    Unbeatable? Didn’t we say that about Miami? Ever heard of a team called the Dallas Mavericks Jashan?

    • Steven says:

      I’ve been a Miami fan before LBJ and CB4 signed and in my opinion this will be a better trio than the one we got in Miami due to Dwight.

  128. IWILLANNOYYOU says:


  129. TallOmar says:

    Is this even possible?? From a salary standpoint.

  130. IWILLANNOYYOU says:

    Those people who still blaming LeBron because of this topic is a WORST than a MORON… Players have their rights where they want to play… They dont have the brain of LeBron to make their own decisions UNTIL NOW IT STILL LEBRONS FAULT???! Give that man a breather and just let the man play great basketball… MORONS!

  131. We need Chris Paul all I’m saying

  132. kamotee says:

    Only a stupid GM will take Bynum for Howard even if you sweetened the deal by adding Odom on the mix. Bynum is a power player but not much of a threat. He can’t demand a double team because he lacks versatility. In addition, he is injury prone. When the Lakers won their last 2 championships, it all comes down to Kobe, Gasol and a wingman (Artest/Ariza). Odom is a so-so player, he may or may not be a big factor inside the game but he contributes one way or the other, so he’s a given (sweetener). On the other hand, Gasol, even if he’s lean and soft, can still demand double team because he can create his shots. Bynum scores, for most of the time, because the defense is focused on Gasol and Kobe. People think that Bynum was a threat because they are being blindsided by the fact that most of the things he do inside is the result of adjustments made by the defense so that they can maintain Kobe and Gasol. Against the C’s back then, C’s lost due to the fact that KG has no inside help in offense. For the most part, a post play for KG will result, either a shot from KG or a kick-out to the shooters. Why? It’s because Perkins was not much of an offensive player. Most of his points scored are garbage/recycled shots. When KG and Perkins are inside, they are for more better in defense rather than offense. On the other hand, Lakers benefit for having Gasol, who demands double team, have somebody like Bynum, who compared to Perkins is a better offensive player can make a shot. If you notice LA’s game, if you put Gasol inside along with any big, that big can score. If you put in Bynum inside, even if along with Odom, their offense inside is stagnant. To push for Howard, the best way to get him is to push for trading Gasol + Odom(to fill the void in PF position). If that happens, CP3’s chances are a little harder to put back in the picture. In terms of Clippers, If Griffin will be untouchable, they can push for Howard by giving up Kaman+Jordan+1 so that the Orlando’s problem inside will be filled. They can also take CP3 by luring Hornets with Gordon as the main dish +1. Now this is more feasible….

    • killin it says:

      Dude you obviously know jack all about Bynum, now he is like the 4th option at any given time for the Lakers, that was their system, and it sure as hell doesn’t work for him, give him the same touches as Kobe and Gasol and his PPG will go up, He is a solid player who needs more responsibility and opportunity, He had 2 injuries, so I wouldn’t say he is injury prone, Greg Oden is injury prone, offensively versatile? Why would you need a 130 kg 7 foot center outside of the key ? let alone the low block? Like shaq, and all he needs to do is set himself deep in the paint, wait 2 seconds get out and repeat. since when did shaq have an outside of the key game? You obviously have no idea what role a proper center plays. This isn’t a whether the orlando GM will accept Bynum, this is a Whether the Lakers will give Bynum up. Bynum is an excellent key player and after Kobe could be a solid option for a franchise player.

  133. Heat Fan says:

    At the end of the day neither D12 nor cp3 are gonna move. they will just play out the season where they are.

  134. As a laker fan I wouldn’t wanna see this trade go down, games won’t be as sweet… I think all we need is a point guard that’s chris Paul… With Howard on the lakers will make us almost unbeatable until we get a serious injury… fisher is done he can only make offensive charge plays… If we don’t get Paul then Howard will be a plus but not for gasol bc then gasol can play is real position as a PF let Bynum go… hit me up on YOUTUBE

  135. piyay says:

    chris paul is coming to knicks lakers dreaming rite now
    cp3 coming to hi friend melo

  136. Samuel says:

    The Los Angeles Clippers need to sign FA, T.Prince
    Trade C.Kaman, D.Jordan, M.Williams, E.Bledsoe, A.Aminu, and Min and LAC 1st rd picks for D.Howard
    Go after 2012 FA, D.Williams’
    D.Williams – E.Gordon
    B.Griffin – T.Prince
    Now thats a Championship bound team.

  137. Heat Fan says:

    All can be said but its just speculation at this point. Lakers are not going to pull this off. As for the Heat we fear nothing and are ready for any challenges. At the end of the season the Heat will prevail.

  138. jj says:

    ok so basically if this happens this new bullcrap cba is useless, and all the wait even more useless. We’ll still be at the same spot: 3 or 4 teams getting everything, the other ones dying… and Bryant will even get cockier than he already is if that’s possible.

  139. Dylpickle says:

    I dont know why everyone wants dwight to stay in the east! The nba will only be interesting, if interesting trades and changes happen! No one cared about bosh and lbj goin to heat, but everyone has a problem with these guys goin! If this trade does happen, and lakers dont verse heat in finals, then i will be so mad.

    P.S CLIPPERS GOT NOTHING( except for Blake)

  140. Dmoney says:

    If LA could pull this off I think were talking about the dynasty continuing. There would actually be two torches to hand off when Kobe finally calls it quits. Won’t get my hopes up but this would be NICE.

  141. kb24, cp3, d12 says:

    don’t get your hope up LA this can happen our GM is working hard to get both CP3 and D12 in the Lakers uniform cus that how we do it 🙂

  142. LAKERS GM says:

    If I were the Lakers GM… Bynum for Dwight plus I’ll add Luke Walton… sign Baron Davis for PG, Jamal Crawford and Lewis for shooting. If we must release Pau Gasol… Pau Gasol for Chris Paul, and Bynum for Dwight plus add Luke Walton anywhere in that mix… plus add at least Jamal Crawford for shooting and sign Marc Gasol and Rashard Lewis (if released)… If Howard goes else where.. Trade Bynum and Luke Walton for Chris Paul, sign Jamal Crawford, Maybe Lewis if he ever becomes released for shooting plus add Marc Gasol. (If the brothers may have chemistry problems as a theory… people don’t forget that they both play together for SPAIN)

    First scenario would have a line up:
    Baron Davis PG
    Kobe Bryant SG
    Jamal Crawford SF
    Pau Gasol PF
    Dwight Howard C

    Derek Fisher PG (sorry Mr. President)
    Ron Artest SG (Artest plays better when he kind of has his own team)
    Matt Barnes / Shannon Brown SF
    Rashard Lewis PF
    Lamar Odom C

    Second Scenario:
    Chris Paul PG
    Kobe Bryant SG
    Jamal Crawford SF
    Lamar Odom PF
    Dwight Howard C

    Derek Fisher PG
    Ron Artest SG
    Matt Barnes / Shannon Brown SF
    Rashard Lewis PF (If released)
    Marc Gasol C

    Third Scenario:
    Chris Paul PG
    Kobe Bryant SG
    Jamal Crawford SF
    Pau Gasol PF
    Marc Gasol C

    Derek Fisher PG
    Ron Artest SG
    Matt Barnes/ Shannon Brown SF
    Rashard Lewis PF
    Lamar Odom C

    I am not cutting Hornets or Orlando short on any deal because the players i offered them are quality players…
    The Lakers may have to spend some money for this team.. but Rashard Lewis and Baron Davis would hopefully be released… and sign for minimum with Lakers because they are nearing the end of their injured careers but worth my gamble. If these 2 players come unavailable… there are players LAKERS should look at… JAMAL CRAWFORD for shooting… and MARC GASOL as a quality center if ever.. Possibly Teyshon Prince might be of value if his defense could still be effective..

    CHRIS PAUL and DWIGHT HOWARD in LA are two thumbs up!

    • Doug says:

      I think it would be a problem for Paul and Howard to go to the lakers not that I don´t like the idea but both are used to calling the shots and as we all know in Lakerland who calls all shot´s and shoots all shots is Kobe. how would they feel when Kobe goes on his shooting binges like he does for time to time. For that reason maybe Baron Davis is a better idea because he is at the stage of his career where he doesn´t mind deferring and you have to like deferring when yoiu play with Kobe. Plus Baron can hit the open jumpshot plus run the point and send alley hoops to Kobe from time to time. Also I like the idea of jamal Crawford coming off the bench for scoring to give Kobe rest. I agree get rid of Bynum and maybe try to get Nene or Marc Gasol. I´d keep Pau because he would be handy when basiclly all of the attention is going elsewhere. I love Odom but he might have to go just to get the right pieces. Actually Miami wouldn´t be a bad spot for odom they could use his skill set. He would work well down there. He would be magnificent coming off the bench just like he did in Miami.

  143. rohan says:

    I am a lakers fan and I want either CP3 or Dwight to land in LA not both, this lakers team needs CP3 more than dwight though.. I want to see the Lakers team go the mavs way not the heat way of forming teams.. that way the responsibility will fall on all the players to win the chmapionship not just 2-3 players.. lakers need to prove that they can win chmapionships with what they hav, maybe with an addition of 1 superstar.. if they go the heat way of forming team, then it wil justify the beating we lakers got last season. But yes, dwight like superstar is needed for the future of this team. It will be interesting decision of the laker mgmt. NBA needs balanced teams not superstar teams, its matches are more exciting that way.. LAKERS FTW!!

  144. Otis Fifth says:

    There is no way, they can keep odom, bynum, and gasol if this trade happens. Orlando must realize, by getting any of these players back in any combo would be worthless. Gasol in memphis by himself without kobe was a non playoff team. Bynum is nothing without kobe, and odom without kobe is ringless. Understand that if Kobe doesn’t come with the deal, then you are just an idiot otis smith for making this deal. Kobe with dwight and paul= championship, without kobe these guys aint winning either. So, the best thing to do, so to ask for kobe. If they won’t give you kobe, then don’t give them dwight or paul as simple as that. For orlando all they have to do is this, get rid of gilbert, hedo, jason richardson, nelson and ryan anderson in any combo. Go get Nene, josh smith and ryan hollins, and glen davis in any combo, add igudala, monta ellis and baron davis . Starting line up should look, Howard, Nene/davis, smith, Igudala, ellis. Five guys that can score, with a great bench= being a great team and howard staying.

    • chaksis says:

      Well, Kobe before Gasol no ring too, just playoff team in the bottom line…
      C’on, KB is over rated by miles ¡¡¡

  145. xrian says:

    Chris Paul to New York Knicks

    Howard to Chicago Bulls


  146. ray allen #1 fan says:

    Everyone keeps saying the heat started this trend…how did they start it when MY CELTICS DID! The only BIG 3 to win a ring so far!! FALL BACK HEAT FANS!

  147. sting says:

    Lakers never pull that off to get 2 super stars for Bynum,Gosal and Odom. Howard and PAUL are worth 2 those players and maybe draft pick or 2. BYNUM is not good enough for one one trade for any those 2 super stars ,he not as good as laker’s media or laker fans think. especially very injured prone,he been over rated and paid too much for laker center that never average 20 points a game or top 4 in rebounding.New Orleans and Orlando would be stupid to take less than a kobe brynant . Where LOGIC Mr smith when a team say i want your francise player but u cant have mine. If trade that can happend is i trade kobe straight up for Howard and thats what orlando should request and New orleans should request lakers offer up bynum and odom for Chris Paul. or gasol straight up No other players on laker team is worth adding make pie sweet enough to scenario u presented.

  148. i would like to see dwight howard go to miami and the miami heat as a champions 2011/2012 season .

  149. Dwight's #1 Fan says:

    I am a big fan of Dwight Howard, so I’ll root for him whereever he goes. Hopefully he stays in Orlando and Otis Smith can do something right for once, like get CP3 to come to Orlando.
    However, if Dwight does decide to leave, I sure hope its not to the Lakers or Celtics… I’m sick of those teams in the Finals. I also don’t like the Pistons. So as long as D12 does NOT go to Lakers, Celtics, or Pistons then I’ll be happy. Please Dwight, choose from any of the other 27 teams.
    Imagine Dwight + CP3 with Melo and Amare in NY !
    Or Dwight + CP3 together anywhere, even Milwaukee Toronto or Phoenix.

  150. Brandon says:

    ha if Dwight Howard Leaves Orlando then ill eat my Socks.

  151. daniel says:

    Lakers are old. Bynum is better all around center than Howard. Defense will suffer w/ Bynum and Gasol gone. Howard is great but only one great defender as oppose to 1 great defender and 1 good scorer in Gasol. New Coach average at best. Kobe will spend significant time on IR this year. Chemistry will be way off so i applaud this trade. Do it Lakers. Spurs gonna win the west again no matter what yall do.

    • Johnny says:

      “Bynum is better all around center than Howard.”

      Out of all the preposterous things said in this thread, this has got to be the dumbest.

    • chaksis says:

      That´s the clue, Howard is not enough for the paint if Lakers lose Gasol+Bynum. He is a beast but just inside, there are less attack combinations than G+B

  152. daniel says:

    Lakers will be worse. Do it. Miami West Lakers. New name.

  153. Stuffing your team with stars started with the Celtics a couple of years ago, adding Garnett and Allen to Pierce. And they won a championship. The Lakers continued that trend adding Gasol in a very suspicious move, giving up very little. And they won two championships. Miami was next but fell short of a championship, just missing by several fourth quarters. Dallas built their team over time, but not necessarily thru the draft–Kidd, Terry, Chandler, and others arrived via trades. To win you must deal, you must be willing to give and take. In this environment, with free agency, you cannot build via the draft. It’s too risky. The really surprising development this year is that the Clippers are potentially in the mix. Sterling has been willing to go with a draft/advertize/promise strategy for as long as we can remember–because he makes a lot of mon$y doing it. Griffin has changed that perhaps–if he pulls it off, that will be his legacy.

  154. Devin Alexander says:

    I think the chance for the Lakers to get these players is to good right now and i would honestly give up my whole roster to get younger, more athletic players. If Shannon Brown decides to not come back, with Brandon Roy on the virge of being cut, I think he’d be a good fit for LA because when he’s healthy he’s a superstar but you don’t have to bring him in the game and put the pressure on him to go out and score 30 a night cuz you can bring him behind Kobe. Another trade i think the lakers should look into is Lamar Odom for Andre Iguodala. If this trade happens that means he’d be your starting SF and Matt Barnes is his backup. Ron Artest would have to be traded if they got Iguodala and thats another piece you can throw in for another trade whether it be the Bynum trade for Howard or the Gasol for Paul trade. The lakers are also looking at Jason Kapono which isn’t bad cuz you just need someone to spread out the floor and give Kobe some room. Whatever happens all i know is its gonna be a very interesting couple of weeks for LA

  155. nike_thrax says:

    I think there will be no better than CP3(PG) + Kobe(SG) + Andre Iguadala(SF) + Pau Gasol(PF) + D.Howard (C).. Re-sign Shannon Brown + Steve Blake then trade them to CP3, Lamar Odom to Andre Iguadala , Bynum + Matt Barnes to D.Howard…

    Lakers needs a lot of Athleticism and Role Players.. The leadership of CP3 in the Point, consistent scoring and dish out from Kobe, Baseline threat + in and out from Andre Iguadala, post up + perimeter shot for Pau, and a monster on the paint from Dwight..

    Lakers can now trade their junkyard boys like Luke Walton, (grand father theo and joe smith) Ebanks and Caracter to a future draft picks.. and fish some fresh legs on the free agent pool..I didn’t see any potential on Caracter and Ebanks.. Maybe this is the time to get a low cost but good quality players like DeAndre Jordan as back up (C), and JJ Barea as your back up (PG)..

  156. leroy says:

    As a huge Orlando Magic fan, i would strongly recommend that they not trade bynum for dwight because dwight howard doesnt need to work on anything imparticular, you say build around bynum but we already got what we need, let the lakers make their stupid trade but dont take dwight howard. even dwight howard said he would rather stay on the magics instead of switching teams like shaq did, he’s down for his team

  157. lakeshow4 says:

    to all that think the lakers are in a rebuilding if they dont get this trade done are crazy! The Lakers with this roster can still be very competitive in the playoffs and even have shot to go to finals if rebuilding is making conference championship or losing finals youre an idiot

    • RobK says:

      No worries… in contrary to what everyone’s saying, DH will stay in Orlando. They already have a marquee team in place, just in need of a few tweaks and perhaps another strar (CP would make the most sense) to be able to compete with the Heat, Mavericks and a few others for the title! 😉

  158. Lillian says:

    No No No!!! Please dont send Dwight to LA. Let him stay on the East Coast.

  159. rich says:

    One super team is enough so I would rather see Howard and Paul go to the Heat and watch them still lose. We can always watch the Heat games just for a different kind of entertainment. If they are leading big we can always switch to a different channel.
    I understand ‘aging’ superstars joining forces together (Celtics) to get a championship. But superstars in their primes where they can lead their own team wants to make things easier by forming superteams – that was just gay !

  160. no. 1 fan kobe says:

    i want howard n the lakers and cp3 to help my idol kobe bryant to beat the mavs and heat

  161. HeatWave says:

    Bring it on LA. Miami isn’t afraid of a super Laker team. Hell they had a very good squad and the best coach last year. You think Brown can handle Paul, Bryant an Howard? Good luck see you in the finals.

  162. Rob K says:

    Okay… How about if I present you a new scenario…? AND knowing Otis Smith’s thinking, this is not impossible: Chris Paul and Dwight together in Orlando! As you all know, CP and DH would love to play together and it’s an easier deal to make happen than to bring both of them separately to the Lakers! No one thought of this yet, huh..???? 😉 LoL

    • FFT says:

      FINALLY! A different thing! I’m supporting this one from now on.

      • RobK says:

        Thanks for the support FFT! Just “between you and I”… Dwight will NOT leave Orlando. You can bet on it! He loves it there and with a few tweaks to an already good team (plus the possibility of bringing in another big name star, like CP), he will extend his contract and (to piss everyone off) will make a succesful run to the title with the Magic. TAKE THAT all you guesstimators!! ;)~~

  163. Cord says:

    Man this would be the team to beat until Kobe Retires im sorry but on or the other will happen CP3 probably before Howard would be nice but to get him we would have to give up the best 6th man in the league and i dont know about that we will see what happens from this time and Xmas but as a die Hard Lakers fan CP3 and Howard to lakers bay thats what im talking about

  164. natefilewood says:

    Am I the only person that would HATE to see Dwight Howard leave Orlando? They need to keep him and trade away the CRAP they’ve taken on (ARENAS and TURK) and go from there… Please… anything rather than seeing him go to the Lakers!

    • natefilewood says:

      ps. Please stop thinking that Bynum is a GOOD trade option for Orlando…

    • rich says:

      You said it yourself already – who would want to take on those CRAPS ? What I wold like the Magic to do is keep Howard, release the over-rated Turk. Arenas was rusty and still adjusting to the team last year. He will be a better point than Jameer given the time to gel with the team.

  165. todd hetzel says:

    i am a new york knicks fan i am very confident with amare. anthony, and chauncey those 3 guys are together now and understand they role together. i feel the new york knicks will make the eastern conference finals against the miami heat. come on knicks!!!!!!!

  166. Damiansport1 says:



    I’m pretty sure that the Boston Celtics started this trend and not the Miami Heat. To all of those who are saying that the NBA will be boring, here’s a different way to look at it. We will see “super teams” have very competitive games against each other while the other 20 “average” teams are there. What if one player in each of those “average teams” step up to become a superstar, then we will see a very competitive league. Someone will have to step up to fill the void that superstars like Paul or Howard leave behind and I’m pretty sure that there are undiscovered young players that could do that.

  168. todd hetzel says:

    ive been following the nba since i was 7 years old. always rooted for the new york knickerbockers. i enjoy alot more today now that my 13 year old son has been playing basketball since he was 10 years old which included the recreation league and now hes playing for the middle school at 13 years old for the 7th and 8th grade boys basketball team. i hope my son continues on to play throughout highschool and hopefully to college and from there you never know. my sons dream is to become an nba player. anything can happen if you believe in yourself!! good luck my son!!

    • todd hetzel says:

      ok back to the nba. lets be real here , lebron is overrated player. im 41 years old and has followed the nba pretty much my whole life. question here everyone. who is or was a better player?? micheal jordan or lebron james?? is it to early to evaluate lebron james? hmmm anyone think lebron will get an nba title? he will not get 6 titles like micheal jordan did. correct??

  169. Pat says:

    Magic gets Bynum, Odom, World Peace from Lakers and D.Anderson from Hornets. Lakers get Howard and Turk from Magic and Paul and Ariza from Hornets. Hornets get Gasol and Blake from Lakers and Orton and Q.Rich from Magic. Trade works financially. It’s just a matter of Hornets giving up too much. Magic gets back a good amount in return for someone who’s probably not going to sign with them next season. Lakers took the burden of Turk’s contract but got rid of World Peace’s.

  170. siv says:

    dwight howard would not want to go to the clippers lol he want to go to a team where they can win championship yall dreaming and really the lakers is the only team that have the chance of getting howard. all howard have to do is open his mouth and say i want to be in the lakers

  171. ryan says:

    yeah i don’t want see paul go to NY or to lakers and no howard to Lakers, I don’t like these super teams, i’d love seeing Howard with the lakers tho, that would be exciting

  172. drew brees says:

    lakers size has whats made them in the 3 straight finals appearances. Bynum – liability always injured. Actually id trade him and gasol for howard. Keep odom tho.

  173. drew brees says:

    Getting rid of gasol, bynum and odom? no way! You need 2 good big men anyway who else would the lakers get? bench is very important they wont have the back up which has made them a force and playing bynum and gasol at once lakers were unbeatable. Odom off the bench is a sharp shooter and can drive it to the post. Not sure here. As much as I want it to happen youd have to clean out the lakers roster.

    • chaksis says:

      You´re rigth man. Anyone around here have realised that this team won 2 of the last 3 championships?? it seems like this roaster is rubbish regarding the commentaires.
      If we add Howard to Gasol, Lakers will have the most powerfull inside game in the leage.
      I know that this will sound weird, but i´d trade Kobe (age) before Gasol.

  174. TWIG says:

    i dont know if this happens yes it will be a super team but the thing is they dont have good bench players to surround them. And that what happens to miami no matter if you have the big 3 or the the big 5 it still a team play meaning you may have the best starting line up nut if you dont have a good supporting cast that is nothing. take it from miami,thats the reason why the dallas beat them.coz dallas is a well balance team good starting line up and good bench.

  175. YES says:

    LAL has a big chance to trade Howard, not only because of Bynum, but because of Howard too, you know. Howard wants championship(s) and the Lakers can give those rings to him. With strongest front line in a league(Pau & Dwight) and Kobe(im la fan and i cant say best SG because Wade maybe is, but stating “Kobe” is just enough to understand he is one of the best) they really can win championship again, cause, you know, as the saying goes – “Rebounds and defense wins championships”. Clippers..hmm idk… I don’t think that D12 wants to start everything from begining, but with Clippers now… But then again you’ll never know what can happen… Rumors are rumors. What about CP3? Tough question. As much as I like and respect Derek, it would be nice cp3 as starter and Derek as backup( i dont want to get rid of Fisher, we know his career pretty well.. i mean he is smart and clutch. And that clutchness has always been LA’s X-factor). If I could choose between D12 and CP3 – I would go with 3-time defensive player of year.

  176. MARIO says:

    I would hate to see this happen and i still wonder isnt it orlandos job to win championships cause they arent going to win championships if they give howard to L.A knowing paul will be going there too. As a fan of the heat I really wanna see the heat win atleast one championship. But seeing the lakers and celtics battling it out for 4 years got kinda boring i like the feeling of any 6 or 5 teams could win championships not every 3 or 2 teams it just takes the fun out of the nba. Like why would i watch The NBA if i know these two teams are going to make it to the finals every year

  177. leeshot says:

    L A Lakers

  178. leeshot says:

    Bring them both to L A the super team of all time

  179. MrJ says:

    Actually the Lakers once had Kobe, Shaq, Gary Payton, Karl Malone and still couldn’t win the Champion. With Howard and Paul joining the Lakers, I think it will a different and exciting team to watch!

    • LAKERS4LIFE says:

      Don’t forget that Malone was injured on and off through that season, and Kobe and Shaq couldnt even get along anymore. Plus Malone and Payton were well past their primes at that point. Kobe still has a lot of ball to play, and CP3 and Dwight are just reaching their primes, so this move would make a lot of sense for both short and long terms for the Lakers. Cement Kobes legacy as the greatest pure Laker of all time, or second best at the absolute lowest (behind Magic) and also give the Lakers great pieces to build around once Kobe retires (which will be the most impactful retirement since Jordan. The end of an era, much like when Jordan retired. Kobe is the king of the last decade in the NBA.)

      • HeatWave says:

        Well if you look at it now you have. Semi-injured Bryant and Healthy Howard and Paul. So it’ll be very similar equation to 03 and will depend on coach and supporting players more than just the three stars.

        Also it’s funny how everyone said three stars can’t win a championship but now if we’re talking about LA it’s possible. Hypocrites!

  180. DanCorre says:

    This isnt even what the lakers need.. Kobe is getting older and they need to rebuild instead of buying the team. im a knicks fan and i was livid to see Felton, Gallinari, Mozgov, Chandler and them go to Denever for Anthony. (yes i love the fact that hes on our team but still) The point is to be a long term team you need to build. Cp3 should go to the knicks or stay in New Orleans where they need him. im all for bringing talent together, like Dwight and Rose, or some deal like that. But bringing all these guys together wont be good for the league. They are different than the heat. LeBron Wade and Bosh cant share the ball thats why they were a bust. CP3 will spread the floor and reak absolute havoc between Kobe and Dwight. DONT LET THIS TRADE HAPPEN!

  181. yanick says:

    No way they can get both, but i would choose Dwight Howard hands down. They can get Dwight and maybe even Arena (better than the garbage Derek Fisher is) Trade Bynum and Odom and some other guy. Hell if takes Gasol and Bynum to get Howard, do it.

  182. Ayush says:

    I am a purist and I don’t like the thought of any team having more than one superstar. However, having said that I am also a huge Lakers fan and I would simply love to see Paul and Howard play for the Lakers. With such a combination of stars, the Lakers will be unbeatable.

    • LAKERS4LIFE says:

      Almost every team that wins a championship has more than one super star. Not even Michael Jordan was able to win without Scottie. Examples, Kobes and Shaq, Tim Duncan and The Admiral, Tim Duncan with Parker and Manu, Kobe and Pau, Dirk and JKidd, Pierce, Garnett and Allen, Jordan and Pippen. Teams with one superstar lose in the Finals. Examples, Magic with Dwight, Cavs with Lebron, Nets back in the day with JKidd, 76ers with AI, etc. So a team having more than one superstar does not go against the “pure nature” of the NBA. Its almost the exact opposite actually.

  183. boerni98 says:

    Think about griffin and Paul on the same team the clipper could ne the best team in the west playing uptempo basketball like lastyear,
    paul would bring them defens and range and thats all they need.

    • LAKERS4LIFE says:

      I wouldn’t say they would be the best in the cause, cause Blake has a lot of improving to do, though hes had a great start, and the Clipps would have to give up several young players to pull the trade off. They would, however, be one of the most exciting teams to watch in the league. If they hold onto Deandre Jordan while getting CP3, imagine the alley oops CP3 would be throwing to Blake and DeAndre all day. It would make the Clippers more relevant than theyve ever been, possibly in their entire history. (Sorry Bill Walton)

  184. Dave says:

    I serious cannot see these trades happening. Orlando and New Orleans would want a million draft picks and young talent for their star players. The Lakers would only offer low draft picks, old players and Bynum.

    • LAKERS4LIFE says:

      The Lakers have historically always gone for, and gotten, the best center in the NBA, so its not that unlikely for them to at least get Dwight. (Shaq came from Orlando, Kareem from the Bucks, Wilt from the 76ers, and they all helped them win Championships.) CP3 and Dwight would just continue LA’s tradition of great bigs and great guards teaming up. (Wilt and Jerry West, Magic and Kareem, Kobe and Shaq, Kobe and Pau)… Next step Kobe and Dwight, then CP3 and Dwight for the future.

  185. LetsGoNets says:

    What are you people in LA smoking? It has to be some reeaalll good stuff for you to believe that this is going to happen. Pau for CP3?!?! Are you kidding. Bynum for Dwight straight up?!?! Another joke. What do you think the Magic want? Bynum or Brook Lopez, 2 first-round picks, and take Hedo’s ugly contract away. Lakers fans be honest and true to yourselves, which one would you choose?

    • underdog says:

      Im a Kobe hater and this move, if it happens, would surely add more rings to Kobe and that I would hate much…. also Im a Magic fan…. and back to your comment LetsGoNets, it’s not just what the Magic decides but what also Howard decides… If I were Howard why would I go to the Nets if only DWill is there whereas if I go the Lakers OR Clippers there will be 2 other Superstars, given CP3 is already on that roster, and a good bench waiting for me, which one would you choose?

  186. Weezy says:

    This would be a crazy deal! Not really a fan of super teams but, in this Era, this is how it is. So we will have to wait and see what comes of this. Very interesting though.

  187. Lyle says:

    Competition will be a lot more competitive, not lesser. If the Lakers want Chris Paul and Dwight Howard to join Kobe Bryant in L.A., why not? It’s just a pure indication that teams should be more challenged and won’t go down without a fight. I’m a Laker fan, and yes, this endeavor of bringing Dwight Howard and Chris Paul is ambitious and desperate, but I don’t see why they can’t pull it off. Every generation of the NBA has its changes. NBA today is revolutionized, and its just how it is, there are losing teams and super teams such as the Heat and the Celtics, even the Knicks. And come on, with Paul and Howard joining Kobe and Co., doesn’t mean they will win all the 82 games and sweep every playoff series. They will lose, and probably lose more than we would expect. The team they are about to formulate is a dream team, but it could also be a nightmare team. It could even lead them to early exits in the playoffs, or even failing to get the championship rings for themselves. But hey, go and pin the deal down Lakers. As for the Clippers, go look for other superstars because Paul and Howard fits in the Lakers roster, and for the sake of the many, bring back the Lake show!

  188. Heat Fan says:

    Why do the Lakers like to copy everything they see? The heat came up with this brilliant idea and now they want to copy the idea. Come on! Brainstorm and think about your own ideas.

    • underdog says:

      You’re funny Heat Fan… the Celtics did this before the Heat…. It’s so clear that you are just afraid this would happen coz this would be a true super team…. this is a balanced Big 3 unlike the ones Celtics and Heat made and trully would make championships even if Kobe gets old… and Lebron would never win a ring because of this…. pitiful Heat fan hehe

    • THEHEATSUCK says:

      @ Heat Fan dude you gotta be like 11 years old.

  189. Paul says:

    I like this trade! Go Lakers!

  190. Jormag says:

    Laker fans dream on..there is no way for this to happen. Bynum for Howard? WHAT!? Orlando can get several better offers than that for Superman. Caman,Griffin and Minnesotas 1st round pick? Al Horford,Josh Smith? Surely better for Magic than just getting Bynum. Same stands for CP3. Pau for CP3? Does not seem like such a bad deal,but Hornets can and will get better than just him. They need young talent and picks. Lakers could get one of them though,something like Pau,Bynum for Howard. That could do. But no way for those 2 coming both to play with Kobe. This isn’t NBA2K12 people..

    • 21 says:

      Yeah … they MAYBE, COULD get better trades than just Bynum. OR they could end up like the Cavs with LeBron and see Howard walking away without getting anything in return. And if you consider that, Bynum suddenly doesn’t look like such a bad trade at all. And if the Lakeres also throw in Odom and decide to pick up Turkoglus toxic countract, it’s almost a no-brainer for the Magic.
      I’m not sure about the CP3 – Gasol trade though. I don’t think that that would work out.

  191. No! says:

    OR….how about we don’t have either of them go to the Lakers. It would sicken me to see Howard in the Lakers, being a Magic fan and an anti-Laker person. CP3 to New York seems inevitable, and I’m all for it.

  192. Bob Slydell says:

    No, no, no!!! One super team is enough. Please don’t let this happen…

  193. Heat Fan says:

    Nope!!!!! This trade is bad for the entire league. NBA rankings in cities like Orlando and New Orleans would fall. I keep asking myself. Why does everybody want to be like the Heat. Come on now, everyone knows that only Riley can do such things and make then work. Lakers need to rebuild! Too bad Lakers but your time to visit the bottom of the barrel is now.

    • THEHEATSUCK says:

      Kinda how your heat are at the bottom of the barrel with their one little title. Until you heat fans start winning the 123456789 10 11 championships you predidicited i think you should shut your pie hole.

  194. Jae williams says:

    This has to be just a silly rumor. There is no way this trade should be possible. It would be horrible for the league. True fans of teams outside of the major markets would just stop watching the sport. Kobe, D Howard and Crhis paul on the same team? Why not just get Lebron to play small forward?! If David Stern allows this…he should then just make the league have about 10 teams total …These superstar teams with a bunch of superstars thrown together from small market teams are not good for the NBA…The heat were only interesting because people wanted to see them lose. Are players so shortsighted that they no longer want to be “the man” on the team….They want to be a “role player”? D Howard…get your money and your own identity with a team…same with C Paul

  195. Luke says:

    I’d rather see Dwight Howard walk out on us then trade him to the Lakers. The Lakers don’t have anybody that i think is a fair trade for the best player in the league.

  196. Devon says:

    You guys are CRAZY if you think Kobe Needs Dwight and Chris paul to win a ring. Kobe is the best player not named Michael Jordan to ever touch a basketball. Even if cp and dwight come it will be kobes team, he would clearly be the alpha dog unlike in miami and new york. That dallas series was closer than it looks. Kobe missed a game winner at the end of game 1 that he should have made and they were up double digets in the 3rd quarter of game 3, so it could have easily been a 2-2 series. Sometimes the ball just doesnt roll your way. Kobe is the guy in this league. No matter how old he is he will ALWAYS be able to dominate because of his post game. Hes the best post player in the league right now and hes a 2 guard. When kobe retires you wont see any twisting turning fadeaways anymore hes the last of a dying breed of being dominate on the block. He’s also 6’6 1/2 and bigger than most 2 guards, and hes probably the best mid range shooter of all time. KOBE + 4 D LEAGUE PLAYERS = CHAMPIONSHIP. DOESNT MATTER WHO HE HAS ON HIS TEAM.

    • Jones17 says:

      Get off your hands and knees and let Kobe do his zip back up…i’m a big Kobe fan but he’s always had good players with him and wouldn’t have won any championships had it not been for (a) Shaq and (b) Gasol

    • drew brees says:

      closer than the series suggested? looooooooooooooooool you got to be kidding me. We were pumped!!!! you could make that case for every series thats been played almost. Knicks vs celtics last season, agt the end of the day they were swept! so were we! get off it.

    • underdog says:

      Dirk has the best post move turn around fade away… though it isn’t that graceful… it’s deadly

  197. shawn24 says:

    Lets get this trade over with b/c evry one know if we get cp3 Dh well be unbeatable

  198. cris says:

    Man i’m Lakers fan , although the possibility of getting both Paul and Howard sounds great, i hate this teaming up thing it’s killing the competition and the fun out of the game.Might as well reduce the league to 8 teams damnnnnnnnn. This is why i’m becoming a bigger derek rose fan.

  199. Kyle says:

    If the clippers got Dwight Howard that would be intense. Having Blake and Dwight, the two leading dunkers last year under the hoop would be impossible to stop. Either way I think the Clippers will make the playoffs this year…. Hopefully.

  200. slim says:

    yah ur right symon

  201. slim says:

    dream on lil kobe,it’s free to make dreams,lol
    go heat!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  202. chris says:

    paul,marc gasol,kirilenko,crawford to magic reported orlando sentinel

  203. Joey says:

    Look the NBA level of basketball is very exciting as it is, if you add the two superstar pieces to a roster like the lakers, it will just make basketball a lot more interesting !! Heat (big 3) Celtics (big 3), Blake girffen, Lakers( Kobe, Howard and Paul) , chicago, and . . . . . . .Imagine

    • Jones17 says:

      Exactly. I don’t want to watch 30 average teams with 1 good player per team and all equal. I want to see great teams fighting each other for 3/4 years with good rivalries.

      • RAY says:

        Exactly, if nba history has tuaght us anything its that, there have always been 4 or 5 super teams and than teams like the bobcats,this isnt new, we just got used to the 90s where there was a star, than a sidekick and than solid role players, before that it was the same as now. Go Lakers.

  204. SYMON says:


    • Jones17 says:

      the Bulls, Celtics, Thunder, Spurs, Mavericks, Clippers (don’t laugh, they’re entertaining)

      • oli says:

        You’re absolutely right, except for the spurs :p they’re boring to watch, i think minesota will be interesting too with all these young players/rookies…

  205. Vincent says:

    The competition seems more and more less competitive.

  206. Khalil252 says:

    If this trade goes through you still got Mike Brown as a coach. No triangle offense, no more Zen philosophy. I dont know if Brown can handle Kobe let alone 3 superstars. I must admit though a trade like this would be vicious. Paul at the point, Kobe at the 2, and Howard in the middle….. Any veteran at the 3 and the 4 that can play D would make a formidable starting five. Good to see the NBA is back,

    • LAKERS4LIFE says:

      Dont forget that Mike Brown coached the Cavs with Lebron and took them to the NBA Finals once as well as the Eastern Conference Finals. Plus, Mike Brown took Lebron’s sub par supporting cast and turned them into a defensive power house. Imagine what he could do with Chris Paul and Dwight Howard, both of whom are the best defensive player at their position in the league. Plus Kobe is an underrated lockdown defender. Brown will also work his magic on the rest of the team, making them one of the best defensive teams in the league. Plus, Kobe can still score better than most, and having CP3 will make that easier on him. How can you choose who to double team when you 3 players on your team that are all the best at their position in the league. (No disrespect to Dwade, but Kobe is Kobe. And no disrespect to DRose either. He and Paul are 1A and 1B at the Point, DRose just has a much better team.)

    • Ace says:

      I see where u are going, but on the other hand, if u have cp3 on the team, the triangle offense is a waste off skills @ the PG. The triangle is more of a “everybody plays everything” if y know what i mean. I think a team with CP3, Kobe and D12 would actually bennefit of NOT having a triangle offense, but a more defensive minded coach, because we all know that group will be able to score

  207. george brown says:

    Kobe,Pual,Howard = Show Time Lakers 2.0

  208. Hg says:

    As being a Blazer fan, since we are talking scenarios, If things work out, and we get Greg Oden healthy, LMA becoming an All-Star and BRoy having hopes of becoming his old self with questionable PRP treatments. We would have Greg that could match up against Howard and Greg can make free throws, We have a knee worn vet in BRoy to Match up with knee worn Kobe. We have LMA that can match up with Pau, we have Batum, by the way gained as much as Williams in the lockout, that can match up with Lamar, Gerald Wallace and Felton that can’t match up with a knee worn CP3, IMO, no body can do that, But Felton and GW can bring their own uniqueness to the game.


  209. Heat Fan says:

    Kobe wants the Lakers to get this deal done because he knows that the Heat will dominate for years to come. See the Heat are trend setters and the rest just have to follow. This deal would benefit the Clippers more than the Lakers. Lakers need to rebuild and not skip steps in the process.

    • Jashan says:

      the clippers arnt willing to trade griffin at any means. so dwight just aint gonno go there. well in all honesty it was fun before miami started all this bull. but now that its happened the other teams gotta do it as well.if this deal breaks even the heat or anyone else for that matter are irrelevant. think that over mr trend setter

    • Jones17 says:

      Heat trend setters? I forgot Celtics brought together Allen and Garnett for Pierce just 4 years ago. Shaq and Kobe before that, Magic and Kareem, Elgin Baylor, Jerry West and Wilt Chamberlain. How old are you? 12?

      • Anon says:

        Except that Kobe was a DRAFT PICK/TRADE. Magic was a DRAFT PICK. and Baylor and West were also DRAFT picks.

      • THEHEATSUCK says:

        AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHAHAHAHAHAHA sounds like most heat fans are under the age of 13 with some of the comments they leave on here. The heat have not set any trends as far as teaming superstars together.

    • rondo says:

      Did Kobe talk to you?

  210. Jashan says:

    If the lakers can get both dwight and paul then why not. As a fan id love to watch em win. The last few years its been kobe show all the way. now the dudes old and just aint got the same bam that he had. hes slowed down. he cant carry the team like a derrik rose or a kevin durant. Last years sweep to dallas was an embarrasment and i say all is fair in order to prevent that from happening again. In my openion the lakers key players are ageing and need support unlike in their earlier years.competetion well it started off with miami, the knicks followed up and with the new draft there is endless talent within teams that were no where on the map as of last year. Cleveland got the no 1 pic in irving and the no 4 pic in thristian so thats gonna be a turn around for em. so why shouldnt the lakers capatilize when they have a change to improve their roster and win some rings.

  211. oli says:

    Or Howard to Bulls for Boozer and Asik, and maybe a pick or so…

  212. oli says:

    CP3 to the bulls; Rose as shooting guard ==> NBA champions 😀

  213. Argoscorp says:

    I would trade Pau Gasol for CP3
    and Bynum & Odom for Howard

    That`s all….

    • LOL says:

      right because trading the number 1 or 2 point guard in the league for the number 3 or 4 center/pf in the league straight up is a real good deal…man put down whatever it is your smokin

  214. dmoney says:

    lol meant paul to griffion next 5 years my bad

  215. dmoney says:

    the nba owns the hornets they want both la teams to be relavent and to build around the superstar blake griffin griffen and howard together for 5 years boom you get la marketing x2

  216. lagostin says:


  217. Iryan says:

    Personally I’m a fan of David and Goliath. I watched Allen Iverson do it for years. Then again with the team they surrounded him with, it was like Perseus taking on the kraken without the medusa head. Anyway, I think players are lame nowadays. If I were tall enough and altheltic enough to play in the NBA, I would relish the chance to take on “super teams”. Where’s the heart? Where’s the pride?

    • rich says:

      my thoughts exactly … it’s more of an accomplishment to beat a super team than be the superteam beating everbody in the league.

    • HeatWave says:

      FYI, your talking fantasy vs reality here. Even LA knew that they needed more fire power when they lost in 08. They didn’t stick with Kobe, Bynum and crew. They went and got Gasol and Ariza, reacquired Fisher and got a decent draft pick in Farmar. This wasn’t exactly a Super team, but it was built to compete hand in hand with Boston, luckily they got Orlando next year and by the time Boston came back around they were brused up lol.

  218. Alexzo says:

    If this deal goes down Sekou, I give you this… “NBA – WHERE ANYTHING CAN HAPPEN!” shout out to nba marketing… Send me some lovin’!

  219. lapride says:

    WORLD PEACE OUT OF THE GAME…sounds strange =)

  220. QueenJAMEsCHOKE says:

    who cares.. Lakers will still lose to MAVS 4-0 and by Mavs will win game 4 by 40 points… f-u-ck Lakers.

    • rich says:

      …like I said Lakers would probably get 1 out of 4 this time, lol.

    • Unknow Vibez says:

      Your a joke. Laker shad pr0blems last year which everybody new. They were beafing it up with one another. Heats gave up and the Mavs won……….

  221. tix says:

    No way it’s gonna happen. Bynum and Gasol proven that their time is already up, they’re playing worse and worse. Just desperate teams would agree to this trade, and yes – LAL are desperate. They know they won’t win a ring this year, not even reach a conference finals. I’d prefer CP3 to go to Clippers and D12 hmm dunno, but definitely not LAL.

  222. EROL says:

    I can’t believe it. If this will become real the other teams can start to be afraid.

  223. MackDaddy says:

    I would hate to see Paul and Howard in LA. It would mean Kobe would get 2 or 3 more championships. It would mean another ‘lakers dynasty’. And it would put another nail in the coffin for the grand idea of having a balanced and fair league. Who would seriously be able to compete with such a Lakers line up? Miami wouldnt even come close. Yes Wade and James are superstars, but are they the best at their positions? Nope… not like Kobe and Dwight. Add Paul into the mix, and one of the deepest rosters in the league (which again, Miami doesnt have), and get ready for year after year of Lakers championships. BORING!

    • Alexzo says:

      i actually like your post mackdaddy… It’s honest & true!!!

    • Jones17 says:

      James and Wade not best at their positions??? What u been smoking? I’m a Laker who doesn’t like the Heat 1 bit. But seriously, Wade is 1B to Kobe if not 1A now with Kobe losing a step and LeBron is easily the best player in the league. There’s not small forward even close to LeBron.

      • Thetruth says:

        That is true for the last 2 seasons wade is better than kobe and lebron is best in leage I honestly dont know who would win because Dwight Howard would be unguardabe and Lebron would be ungardable it would be up to those two on who would win a finals series

      • rich says:

        LeBron might be ungaurdable one-on-one and so is a lot of NBA players. But the game is a team play. Mavs show last season how to slow down the 3 superstars. Now Lakers would be a different beast if they get Paul and Howard. But I will only have fun watching them lose becasue they are expected to win everytime, like the Heat last season.

    • Gary says:

      I don’t think it would work out with Kobe, Howard and Paul. Too many heads butting with each other. Then you have Mike Brown who has to make them work together. This is not like Wade James and Bosh who all have a friendship.

  224. Alexzo says:

    What a dream! (ME) Or should i say…. What a nightmare! (for the rest of the league)

  225. Chub says:

    Why don’t the Hornets just do as much as they can to even bring another star to NO. Since we are probably going to lose West to FA “which Im not liking at all”, the hornest should just spend a little more to get that one extra star, possible two stars along with Paul.

  226. Scott says:

    If Howard is traded from the Orlando Magic, the nba will lose a fan for life. I stayed after Shaq was traded but I will not if Howard leaves. The NBA did a disservice to the league by not putting in place some kind of ” franchise player ” cause in the new CBA. I am first and fore most a fan of the Orlando Magic. If they can’t keep a top player like Howard it not worth my time to watch. Bye Bye NBA

    • Devon says:

      even if they did put a franchise player clause in the new cba they would have to phase it in and that definetly wouldnt be this summer. Otis has had years to make orlando a legit championship team and he hasnt so thats his faul if dwight leaves.

  227. dream says:

    this would be a dream come true, a smart move by the Lakers organization in fact, proving the Lakers management to be the best decision maker in the league.
    Actually Pat Riley is another, specially the year he chose to make the Heat last on the NBA so he could get 1st pick, well it worked out Beasley for them, now with the big 3 he proved to be a great persuader. I would hate if Lakers took that position of staying last on NBA, but we don’t do that, we stay top of the league for centuries.
    I been expecting this Lakers trade for a while, i was hoping they would wake up and see that Dwight and Paul are more valuable to the franchise than Bynum Gasol and Odom.
    Gasol lost his position last playoffs. Bynum never got that position due to his injuries. Odom is the question mark in being touchless, but he is a masterpiece in any trade, he wil sweeten and make any offer a valuable one.
    This is the right path for the Lakers, THANK YOU LAKERS MANAGEMENT, you prove year after year to be the BEST and SMARTEST team in the history of National American Basketball!!!!
    now lets make it happen hehehehe

    • J Jilla says:

      L.A. lets see bynum two bad knees gasol too damn old and so is odom for talent that young Orlando would be foolish to even think thats fair for dwight now the clippers on the other hand got sum young talent to give up but the only team they can get something fair from are the bulls noah gibson deng best trade they will get for dwight so save that laker talk it wont happen and if it does its shaq all over again orlando get something while u can

      • rondo says:

        You read to much negative things about Bynum . You need to learn to use your own judgement That hogwash you are talking about (two bad knees) is a lot of bull.

    • HeatWave says:

      Man people badmouth Gasol for last season. He got you guys TWO championships. That wasn’t just Kobe out there, go look at the stats. Now you just wanna throw him aside for a bigger better deal. Man you guys are the worse.

  228. Alexzo says:

    Now now Sekou… Pls dont get us TOO excited! That is one bad a** team!

  229. Reuben says:

    I thought the NBA was trying to increase competitiveness? The 2012 all stars are going to be from about 6 teams…

  230. Kuzen says:

    Chris Paul to Clippers 🙂 We need more alley-oops to Blake… Much more

    • Yes! CP3 is the best choice. Howard is great, but worry it would cause tension between him and Griffin going for boards and dunks. If we get Paul, we may not worry so much about our SF problems.

  231. flakker says:

    I don’t get why everybody think the Lakers can trade Bynum for Howard, Howard is so much better in almost every way. I would rather keep him and maybe lose him free next year rather than trade him for the “injury prone” Bynum now and have an even worse situation next year.

    • MackDaddy says:

      So if you were Orlando GM, you’d let Howard walk for nothing end of season instead of trying to pick up a high calibre true center like Bynum to build around? Ahuh…. and that’s why you arent GM :).

      • rich says:

        Bynum + Odom = Howard should be fair.

      • gameon says:

        They need to get him some help NOW to try and keep him but I would rather let him walk than be stuck with boo boo Bynum for two seconds. By the way the lakers would have to give me all of their players plus some of Kobe’s DNA so I can make a clone to give Dwight up.

      • Nathan says:

        The problem here is players are in control, not coaches, gm’s or even owners. These players can hold teams to ransom just like Lebron, get the team around me right now or im gone. Long gone are the days when players stayed loyal to a team and build a championship roster and winning attitude, these days everything is for sale championships are becoming no different it seems

    • rondo says:

      I think you been brainwashed by Lakers fans about Bynum. Bynum is not a scrub and this injury prone nonesense is a lot of bull. Bynum is a very good player who will become a better player then Howard. I think the Lakers should keep Bynum which i think is a good idea. Also watch the improvement this year you are going to be surprise.

  232. Alexzo says:


  233. hream25 says:

    i watch at game time about this,,and i love the idea of howard going to the clips trading griffin ,caman and a future pick..i’m not a big clipper fan but i cant see anything wrong with that deal. …anyway, i’ll be watchin’ and wating,. this is a very intriguing trade.

  234. pmm says:

    i would give away my house to see this happen! cp3 and d12 to lakers!1

  235. Lil Kobe says:

    Lets go Lakers make that move for Howard and Paul. Lets try to keep Odom though. Throw Artest in the mix, then pick up Butler or Prince as a free agent. Projected starting line up:

    PG – Paul
    SG – Bryant
    SF – Butler or Prince
    PF – Odom
    C – Howard

    • rich says:

      If they pull this deal, they won’t be able to afford a sixth player even the minimum required salary. Having said that I would like to see the super team happens – the bigger they are the harder they fall. Mavs will prove once again that a well balanced team works better together than a team with a bunch of supertars. Lakers would need Phil Jackson back to make this kind of team work.

      • Gary says:

        I was going to comment with something similar, but you hit the biggest nail on the head. That is, if LA wants this to work out with Paul, Howard and Bryant they will need a coach of Phil’s caliber to do it. The other good point is about the players surronding the stars. Who will become LA’s role players? They already have some of the best in the leauge. I don’t know, it all looks good on paper (Howard, Paul, Kobe) but if I was Jerry Buss I would think things through and just try to land Howard. Hope for CP3 in free agency.

      • Aaron-1 says:

        Pat Riley was Miami’s coach and Erik Spoelstra took the big 3 to the Finals so Mike Brown could do the same

    • corleone says:

      they wont have enough money to sign butler or prince if thet get d12 and cp3, plus odem is gonna get traded, orlando or new orleans wants odom not metta world peace, nobody wants him

  236. heatfan34 says:

    i dnt wanna see cp3 and howard go to the lakers it would get boring watching the heat beat them in every finals game from this year til 2016 haha go heat

    • Alexzo says:

      Pat’s rollin’ over his grave right now prayin’ this deal wont go down or else his heat project would be a bust… Miami would be LUCKY to win ONE over this team!

    • Jose says:

      Uh that Heat have yet to win a rin with Cry baby Lebron. Until then… SHUT YOUR TRAP!

    • Devon Jenkins says:

      thats funny since the heat are choke artist!!!! lmao, king james!!!

  237. bheinteh20 says:

    WTF, I think Mr Bryant is whining again.

    CP3 –> Knicks
    Howard –> Clippers

    • RAY says:

      Aww, you must be a celtics fan, they did the same thing in 08 and nobody said anything, besides that deal will never go through. LAKERS 2012 champs regardless of any trades..

    • califreshness says:

      actually he would rather keep the core together….but i’m sure he’d be all for it if it happened.

  238. Jashan says:

    With paul and dwight on the roster the lakers would be un beatable. With one of the best point guards in chris and kobe as the leagues best shooting guard the team would be solid enough. if u add dwight to it they will be unstoppable. three stars in la thats gonna be heat will be sorry for starting this trend because if these trades happen game on

    • Elijah says:

      Yeah, you are right Jashan I would hate to see that happened, I’m sure Christ and Dwight are trying to make some big move to be even better than the heat team, SAD that the NBA will be stuck with those three team NY, Heat, and Lakers! then the heat will really need a big man for Dwight

      • .... says:

        you forgot the oldies in boston if not for rondo being injuured by wade and shaq was in good health the heat wouldn’t win a game to bad though i think boston would just need a good bench and a decent center they would be unbeatable and the same for lakers a decent point guard is just what they need

      • Brian says:

        The oldies in Boston…. Dude, I’m a Boston fan & you’re out of your mind. Unbeatable? please… They should have traded one of the big three a couple years ago when they had some trade value. Trying to add pieces to an aging team to win now doesn’t work – they need a long term solution. Miami is really one player away from being ridiculous. They need either a decent center or pg & the league will be in serious trouble. Boston has some serious work to do to be contenders.

      • Un Bebeatable. Dude I Promise yu at the end of the season KB 6 Rings CP3 1 And Same For Howard

      • Geo says:

        You’re a Boston fan really? If you were a Boston fan you would not be mentioning anything about trading one of the big 3. I do admit that they do need some young talent to get them thru.

    • Alexzo says:

      lebron james is rollin’ over his grave & wish he stayed in cleveland if this deal goes down. His “DECISION” started this trend & in the end it will blow in his face coz miami can kiss their championship hopes goodbye!

      • imad akel says:

        man you guys don’t know the NBA if you think lebron started this trend.

        What about that year the Lakers had Kobe, Shaq, Malone, and Payton?

        What about when ray allen and KG joined the Celtics?

        You act like pairing superstars together is a “new” thing. B*TCH PLEASE!

        Tracy + Yao (fail coz injury), MJ + Rodman + Pippen, Barkley + Olajuwon + Drexler, Kidd + Novitzki

        The only thing lebron started was TELEVISING it on prime time, and if you ask me the NBA’s ratings got boosted thanks to our new villain.

      • Ty G says:

        Yes! For that matter Paul and Dwight should sign with Cleveland so that the Cavs will win a championship before LeBron just like owner Dan Gilbert predicted lol.

      • Alex_Lakers4Life!1 says:

        I’m with imad akel on this one dude. LeBron didn’t start the trend of pairing up superstars to make a superteam. Yall forgot that long before Lebron even got in the League, the 70s and 80s Celtics roster was star studded. And the Lakers were star studded as well with their show time roster. Yall forgot that the Lakers acquired Kareem from Milwuakee and Wilt Chamberlain (in the same year) as well. As you can tell by my name, I’m a Lakers fan, but lets be real. Miami wasn’t and it’s not going to be the first nor last team to pair up superstars. This “trend’ has been going on for years, decades! LeBron just televised his decision. That’s the only difference. WIth that being said, it would be sweet to land either Dwight or CP3, but obviously much sweeter if Lakers can land both. That way once Kobe retires, we already have one or two superstars to carry the Laker legacy. Although i would hate to lose Bynum and Odom. I can live losing Gasol though. but what has to be done, has to be done. Keeping my fingers crossed.

      • Alex_Lakers4Life!1 says:

        ooops i meant (not in the same year) my bad….

      • Brandon says:

        Why? He would have never won a ring in Cleveland. You plain stupid if you actually believe that Lebron James regrets joining up with Wade/Bosh. He already made it closer to a ring than he did in 7 years in Cleveland

      • Rivers says:

        Imad Akel, most of the players you listed that joined together were beyond past their prime. KG, Allen and Pierce were going on 12 years in the league, Malone and Payton joined in their final year as a last-ditch effort to get a ring, and Rodman was a talented role player that became a superstar because of Jordan (Having purple hair didn’t make him blend in either.) And Nowitzki and Kidd? I don’t want to pull the “white man can’t jump card”, but that’s hardly on the same level as Lebron, Dwade and Bosh.

        These three were each the faces of their franchises and are in their prime. They’re all max-salary players that took a pay-cut to play together. This is has never happened before, and frankly because of the trend they started I wish it never happened. The NBA is more about big names and ego these days, and less about the actual value of teamwork.

      • Nathan says:

        I dont know why people still say what Lebron Wade and Bosh did is nothing new. Yes players have changed teams demanded trades signed as free agents but never have superstars IN THEIR PRIME signed and conspired to join a team like this. They may have started a trend and im not complaining but its not really something i want to see, 3 or 4 unbeatable teams unless they are playing each other and the rest of the teams hopeless. Players are welcome to do as they please and good luck to them but how will Lebron Wade an Bosh be remembered if they dont win 2 or more rings?

      • Alexzo says:

        Y’all give it up for Rivers & Nathan. Sorry Imad, i know youre a miami fan but dude… Most players u mentioned are PAST THEIR BEDTIME! Nothing in the HISTORY OF THE NBA suggests having the same magnitude of the James so called DECISION! He’s in his PRIME dude! Just like the Anthony’s & the Amar’e’s that followed… And the Howard’s & the Paul’s that WILL follow. KEEP THAT IN MIND IMAD DUDE! ; )))

    • rich says:

      If Howard and Paul goes to the Lakers, Lakers will have a very good chance to win one game against the Mavs in the playoffs, LOL !
      Also please, let’s not even include the Celtios in the conversation as they will have no chance against these young super teams.

      • Rodrick says:

        @Rich, The Mavs have a better chance @ getting pregnant with twins than to win again! SO if this trade goes down, it;s goin down! Shouts out to Lakers Nation!!

      • hasan says:

        man the diff last year was kobe not hitting his late 3 point shot in game 1 or we could have saw back then lakers on the final stage and kobe winning the mvp again..
        the mav can enjoy thei championship because they will wait 100 year to win again 🙂

      • Rob says:

        Championship rings that Dirk has: 1
        Championship rings that Kobe has: 5

        Lakers Championships: 16
        Mavericks Championships: 1

        Nuff said! Don’t talk smack about the Lakers just cuz Dallas had one good year… Mavericks are a one-hit wonder, trust me on that. Lakers and Dallas last year was a fluke… Lakers were exhausted and lacking chemistry. Dallas ain’t gonna repeat, I put my whole bankroll on that!

      • rich says:

        With the players the Lakers have, they sure expected to win more championships. But losing 4-0 to Mavs – that was sweet !

      • uebermax says:

        A fluke? Lakers were this… Lakers were that… lol … usually words used out of frustration; not being able to match genius team play and several great individual performances.

        But that’s OK. Everybody has their own coping mechanism. And considering the unsportmanlike plays that led to ejections and a series that ended 4-0…use all your resourcefulness — I won’t be mad at cha 😉

        What a season – GO MAVS!

    • lalalakers says:

      Give credit to Garnett and Allen for starting this.
      I wish Boston could get it together a little here. As a Laker fan, there is nothing I want more then to beat the Celtics in the Finals.

      • King says:

        We did that already what are you talking about we beat then 2 seasons ago

      • Rob says:

        I was at Game 7 of the 2010 Finals against the Celtics… Sweetest victory ever!

      • KDEISEL says:

        BSTN absolutely did NOT start what MIA did. the subtle yet FUNDAMENTAL difference? Allen and KG were past their thirties when they created the big three. they tried and tried and tried before they gave in and went to boston. in the twilight of their careers. MIA? these gusy are in the best of their primes. get it right. MIA started this non-sense.

    • imad akel says:

      If the lakers do add these superstars, other teams still have a chance to win just as the pistons won in 2005.

      And also, you are leaving out OKC, Chicago, the mavs, the celtics, and the spurs (just coz the spurs got outplayed last year doesnt mean they’re out of the picture)
      And the grizzlies are a wild card. (I want to say so is portland but…)

      Lets face it, if the hornets kept paul and the magic kept howard, those 2 teams would still not matter. Magic had their chance and didnt recruit enough pieces around howard, just like the cavs with lebron. And the hornets can’t be taken seriously until they get an owner. This is fair NBA basketball…

      If you want to win, you’ve got to put the pieces together. PERIOD.

      P.S. I’m heat fan and i’ve hated the Lakers my whole life. And I hope the Lakers sign Howard and Paul, coz then I can hate on a real team (and not an aging team, which is just sad)

      • Ty G says:

        The key distintion between the Lakers now (if they actually got Paul and Dwight) and then (when they had Gary Payton and Karl Malone) is that now they would be receiving literally the best PG and C in the game right now (both in their primes), respectively, while back in the day when the Pistons beat them (granted the Lakers had an outstanding team relative to the rest of the league) Payton and Malone were in the twilight of their careers just looking for one last run at a title. So you can’t really compare the Lakers then and (potentially) now.

      • Devon Jenkins says:

        doesnt mater, hate is hate,and since ur at i,t u need to hate the choking so called king!!!

      • Rob says:

        An “aging” team? More like experienced team with 5 of the last 11 championship banners hanging from Staples Center. What’s sad is that with the team that the Heat had last year, that they couldn’t win a title. How pathetic can LeBron be. If that were Kobe’s team, you know the championship would have been in the bag. What’s really sad is that as good as LeBron is, he’s never going to win a Title…

    • ED says:

      MIAMI did not start this trend, it was BOSTON!!!

      • gameon says:

        When Boston did it the players were all older, not in their prime like James, Wade, Anthony and Bosh totally different. For older players to do what Garnett, Paul and Allen did is commendable what Wade Bosh and James did is a punk cop out move and they still failed.

    • d rose says:

      so many people are saying that la will be unbeatable they said the haet were going to be unbeatable but they got beat
      and they lost the finals to the mavs . by the way the chance that this deal will go down is very slim so i really dont think that chris paul, kobe bryant, and dwight howard are going to play together any time soon.

      • dhoward10 says:

        yes but theres one thing, kobe and howard combo would be better than the wade and james combo, even though james and wade are 2 of the top 3 players in the nba right now, but kobe knows what it takes to win, and has won before with a dominate center at his side. now if you add chris paul then the laker puzzle is complete, what they lack right now is a young, quick pg that can defend opposing pgs and can be an offensive threat. the lakers will be unbeatable if these 3 get together.

    • Brandon says:

      3 superstars doesn’t necessarily mean they will be unbeatable, the heat proved that last year…

    • tony cool says:

      i agree with ya one trillion percent,let’s make it happen

    • bart says:

      shut up jashan

    • The Mission says:

      I can see this as a Kobe Bryant maneuver. He, oh, so badly wants to get more rings than Jordan, but will never ever be as good as Jordan. Ever. Still, the mere thought of the opportunity to outdo Jordan in this respect is enough to throw away years of wonderful team chemistry.

      I think what you will then see are Chris Paul and Dwight Howard wilting in that pressure cooker called the NBA Playoffs.

      The regular season would be really entertaining though.