No More Joking About The Timberwolves

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HANG TIME HEADQUARTERS – One of our most cherished traditions here at the hideout is coming to an end and we didn’t even realize it until just now.

All those days spent joking at the expense of the Minnesota Timberwolves could soon be a thing of the past. That laughing at Timberwolves GM David Kahn for something he either said or did might be over.

And it has everything to do with the fact that the Timberwolves had arguably the best pound-for-pound offseason of any team in the league. Rick Adelman comes aboard as coach. Heralded rookies Ricky Rubio and Derrick Williams join the rotation along with solid veteran pick up and Adelman fave Brad Miller. And All-Star Kevin Love (the bearded, slender gentleman in the video above) shed a few pounds and looks like he’s in All-Star form heading into the start of training camp.

After a couple of years of trying to fit the right players into the wrong system, Adelman will bring a talent-friendly scheme to a deep and promising roster that needed just the right fit in a head coach.

While it’s far too early to set foot on thin ice and predict this team will rise into the ranks of Western Conference playoff contenders, it is fair to say that they’ve got our full attention right now.

And they also have a huge decision to make regarding Love and his immediate future. With the “Derrick Rose Rule” that is included in the new collective bargaining agreement, Love’s next contract is a front-burner issue for Kahn. And Jerry Zgoda of the Star Tribune says the young star is thinking big:

Much like the Wolves were faced with a franchise-defining decision whether to break the bank to sign a youngster named Kevin Garnett 14 years ago, the Wolves soon will have to decide whether the face of the franchise right now will become THE centerpiece worthy of such a deal.

If the Wolves don’t sign Love to a contract extension in the coming weeks, he could become a restricted free agent next summer.

If someone offers him a max contract then, the Wolves simply could choose to match the offer then and keep him.

If Love decides not to sign an offer sheet with another team then, he could play the 2012-13 on a $6.1 million qualifying offer and become an unrestricted free agent in the summer of 2013.

Love said all the right things on Sunday — he loves Minnesota, he likes the changes the Wolves have made but he wants to see results — but also seemed at peace when he basically said, maybe it will happen and maybe it won’t.

He implied he’s worth a max deal without directly saying it.

What would you if you were the Wolves?

Sign him now? And at what price?

Wait through this season and then retain the right to match any offers next season?

Entertain trade offers for him, and for who or what?

The interesting subplot in this negotiation:

Love’s agent is Jeff Schwartz, who representing Al Jefferson when he was in this same situation four years ago.

Jefferson accepted a five-year, $65 million deal and Schwartz was none too happy that Jefferson left money on the table to re-sign with the team who traded Kevin Garnett for him.

Let’s see if Schwartz compensates for that one by trying to win this one big.

Whatever happens with Love’s new deal, you better get all your best Timberwolves jokes in during training camp. Because this team could be poised for a serious change in scenery this season.



  1. I stay in Duluth MN and I love the wolves..K Love will thrive under new coach Adleman as did CWEBB and Chuck Hayes (who did well cuz of Ricks system) so give him the max deal cuz KLove is only gonna get better and thats scary for the western conference youll see

  2. Sedare says:

    Love seems to be overrated. At least compared to Blake Griffin, and LaMarcus Aldridge. He has poor enviromental awareness. when there are players that fight for boards as much as love did last season, he usually got worked over. (Check numbers vs orlando – Howard and blazers – Camby/LA for instance.)

    I am NOT saying he is bad. How often do you hear of a player getting 20/20’s? I am just saying he still has maturing to do. Worth the paycheck? This season will say for sure.

  3. ddddd says:

    Lets look at the facts as they are. Klove is a beast on the boards and a very nice player. Beasley was the 2nd overall pick the year he was drafted. Beasley is a very nice player also but due to the interesting coaching of Rambis has not broke out of his shell and developed as a player yet. KLove was the 5th pick his year. The scouts can be wrong about certain things like the scouts were wrong about OJ Mayo vs KLove. The scouts basically said back then that Klove was too slow and that he would be nothing more than a rotation player. The scouts were wrong. Nobody has a crystal ball.

    Now the scouts put Beasley give or take even with DRose the year that he was drafted. I realize that this logic ended up beng about as sensible as thinking that Okafor was better than DHoward back in 04. However Okafor ended up with ROY and nowdays hes a servicable center, nothing more. And we all know Howard is a beast. Lets see what Beasley can do. If Adelman can work his magic, then Beasley’s draft will be a lot more like the 92 draft (Shaq, Mourning not a bad consolation prize at all for Miami that year) and the consolation prize that Minny traded for will be well worth it.

    Now as for the max contract talk, being the man on a bad team inflates stats. Darko is a high post player that inflates the stats of the low post guy due to his poor to mediocre level of rebounding. KLove is a low post menace that occasionally shoots a 3 ball. However if Klove was with a team in which the forward or center opposite of him was a good rebounder, his stats would go way down. The jury is still out on Beasley, Williams and the rest of them due to the fact that Williams is a rookie and Beasley and co have not worked in Adelman’s system yet, only the triangle which limits players games if not executed correctly. So in other words- max contract is iffy as of now but, we all know if pushed to the limit someone will swoop in and KLove will not be in a wolves uni. The question here is which player will be best in an Adelman system- Beasley, Love, or both and how much is that worth? Especially with Williams right there.

  4. Banks says:

    He’s only 23, and to have a season only Moses Malone had, I think he deserves a Max deal. He’s not THAT limited offensively when he’s only 23, he plays as good as a 23 year old PF as most people play as a mature PF. With that said he has to be consistent now that he has a better team, and show himself to be not only valuable on the stat sheet, but also in the win column. If he can become a vocal leader and less timid on the court about the mistakes of his teammates, Wolves will go far. He’s the best talent they had since KG.

  5. Chris says:

    Kevin Love is a good player, but he’ll never be a great player. He has good fundamentals, works hard, and plays on a bad team. Those things put together make him look better than he is. But the fact of the matter is, he is not a dependable go-to guy. Put a good defender on him and he’s locked up most of the time. Mentioning K Love in the same breath as K Garnett should be a sin. I like Kevin Love, but he a sixth man on a good team. Let’s be real now.

  6. Redhead Ricky says:

    The reason he was a beast on the boards was because he played absolutely no defense. As soon as his guy went up for each uncontested shot, he was already getting position to rebound the ball. I like the rebounds, but I hate the lack of defense. I say no to a max deal.

  7. RapSai says:

    If Love becomes more concerned with his team winning than his stats, maybe they have a bright future. Love is a good rebounder and scorer, but so many of his stats last year came in garbage time with him fighting his own freaking teammates for rebounds and points just so he would get his double double. The best thing the T-Wolves have isn’t Love… or Rubio…. or Williams or Beasley… it’s Rick Adelman. He will get the most out of his players, but I don’t see Love having another all-star season, not now that they have Adelman in town. He won’t let Loves garbage time stat stuffing continue. And for the T-Wolves, that’s a good thing.
    If I’m going to choose a Timberwolves player who is going to really come out and have a great year (not necessarily an all-star year, just a good season) I would choose Wesley Johnson. He is an Adelman kind of player.

    • DUBZ says:

      this guy rapsai knows what hes saying adelman is the difference
      he will get beasley and johnson to a new level
      i love love (no pun intended) but he honestly needs 2 work his game
      he did get a lot of garbage time and tho its not his fault stats were all he cared bout since winning wasnt an option
      but ive loved beasley and he really did explode in the beginnin of the season all he needed was a coach like
      adelman a offensive guru to teach him all aspects other than scoring

  8. mega says:

    Rambis was a joke

  9. TK says:

    whoever wrote this article is trying to make love some kinda superstar (NOT gonna happen)!! how do you write about the twolves and not include BEASLEY?? hnmmmmmm i wonder. but they did not fail to mention an unproven rubio or williams. its crazy who you people favor these days.

    • Seriously? says:

      Beasley is nothing to talk about. He had a pretty nice season…big wup. Love is becoming the new face for the TWolves(if he continues his level of play) so why do we need to heat about Michael Beasley who has done nothing in his NBA career?

      I do agree with Tedd however. Love is not worth the max (at this time). I would need to see him keep up those numbers and help them win at the same time.

  10. Tedd says:

    I like KLove as much as the next guy. I mean the numbers he put up for the Wolves in that Rambis system were off the chart. But Max deal? I say no. The consensus is that he can be great if hes the 2nd best player on the team. I agree! He is limited offensively. Can you give him the ball and say get us buckets down the stretch? I don’t think you can. He’s below average on defense so it puts a lot of pressure on the rest of the front line to cover for him. Maybe shedding the weight will help his lateral quickness. No denying that he is a beast on the boards, Shoots the 3 and appears to be a good locker room guy. But could he get in the face of a guy like Beasley? Will the max contract make them unable to do anything in free agency going forward? What if Beasley turns out to be the real deal… max deal for him too? I think not. Personally I think Adelman will put Beasley in a better situation than Rambis did, and if he is committed to balling like he can…he could be that guy. Last year for the 1st month he was clearly that guy. Then Bynum gave him the elbow while he was in flight…then the ankle… then all the losing… DONE! So lets hope KLove understands what KG didn’t. If you take all of it for yourself on a small market team, you will forever play with guys that cannot help you win a championship. If you take a little less, so that the team can surround you with A list players, you can build a winner. Remember,KG needed to certain hall of famers to finally get a ring.