LeBron Done Playing The Villain

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HANG TIME HEADQUARTERS – The last 17 months of his professional life have probably taught LeBron James a few lessons we wouldn’t wish on anyone.

It can’t be easy waking up the villain after years of being the beloved, homegrown son and the star of stars in a league filled with them. But after “The Decision” and all of the negativity that followed his televised declaration to divorce himself from the Cleveland Cavaliers for the Miami Heat in free agency, James has a firm understanding on the whirlwind that his life has been since then.

When we saw him opening up about it to ESPN’s Rachel Nichols this morning, we were more than a bit taken aback by his tone. The defiant posture that we saw from him during the Heat’s playoff run last season had vanished. It’s been replaced by a man who — dare we say it — looks to have been humbled by his experiences of the past year and a half.

His words probably won’t heal many wounds in Northeast Ohio, where James remains entrenched with the likes of former Cleveland browns owner Art Modell as one of the most despised sports figures in recent memory. There is no statute of limitations on coming around and making peace. And James strikes us as a man in need of making that peace, if with no one else other than himself.

As he told Nichols, he “used to let his game do all talking and I got away from that.”

It’s clear the hate got to him and got to his game. He bought into the villain role and it changed him, mentally. But a mea culpa about not only “The Decision” and his failings in the playoffs sound sincere.

We can’t be mad at him for that. So what if he was oblivious to the fallout of his initial decision? So what if he wrestled half the season with how he would operate in his new role as the dude wearing the black hat? It’s never too late …

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  1. Gary M says:

    Lebron, you’ve gotta live your life. You need to do what’s good for you. Yes it’s hard, but people will learn to forgive you for leaving the cavs. Good luck with all your endevours.

  2. Marge says:

    Lebron James is one the greatest players since mj—NBA is a business & everyone should know Lebron did not break his contract, it was his choice to want to be on a team which could be a winner!!!!! The fans in Cleveland are jealous of him & should look at their own lives and ask, what would I have done????? He has a family & wanted to do what would be best for them & himself. I am sure that was not an easy decision for him to make. I think he is great & other fans are only hurting their love for the NBA to keep on hating—-hate gets you nowhere—-LOVE—-does. So I hope everyone if they even know what love & forgiveness in their hearts is will have a great NBA year. I hope Lebron will have a fabulous year!!!! I am 71 years old & LOVE the NBA & Lebron. GO HEAT

  3. Katmandu says:

    Hey Laker fan here! Love Kobe and Pau! But, having said that, does anyone in their right mind think Lebron James won’t win a championship? Would love to see a Lakers Heat finals; but only if the Lakers acquire Dwight Howard! Go Lakers!!!!

  4. Get Real says:

    No. He stayed LOYAL to NY and in the end they gave him the boot like a second rate citizen. Wow what a loyal league. But, crazed fans expect an unloyal league to have loyal plyers. Get real!- I Agree.

    It’s a business. When will you realize that. Team owners make decisions that will benefit them the most financially, players make decisions based on FAN approval? Get Real.

  5. MaFox says:


  6. Prav says:

    Yo dominicwartley – drug dealers got more money than most people too – good logic there.

  7. Ironicus says:

    I hate Lebron…

    ..He leaves cleveland to go to the heat after only 7 years he had all the help in the world i mean come on mo williams and antawn jamieson lets not forget he had larry hughes at one point as well.

    I hate Lebron…

    He also wanted to play with his friends how villanous of him none of us would want to work with our friends! how preposterous and then he has this big decison….

    I hate Lebron…

    this big decison what a mistake on live TV talking about this and that and not telling anyone what he was going to do before hand so at least clevalane could trade him or something despite the fact that the maoprity of lesser talented guys basically get treated like $hit by most teams he should of been loyal……. but this part the most unforgivable part he actually got his frined the prodcution rights to teh decision and then get this he goes and gives the proceeds to charity…. im serious someone needs to get him

    I hate Lebron…

    whatever happenned to good old fashion wife beating or abuse or drug use or swearing or racial comments or rape!!!!
    clearly these thuings are a lot more tolerable then leaving your hometown team, surely!!!?!?!

  8. Bianca says:

    I think people fail to realize that Lebron didnt come up wit the idea of “The Decision: Espn did every seems to forget that fact. Lebron wasnt required by NO ONE to tell his former team of his move. He didnt break any laws. So move On. Me being a fan of lebron I cant wait for him to win a ring!!! He gave Cleveland 7 years of his careers and they give him no one to help him get a ring. I cant blame him for moving to some where different. Also i cant wait to see how this Cp3 and howard trade go!! basketball is back!

  9. Bball says:


  10. Rocket says:

    yes Lebron did The Decision.. but he made more than 1 million for charity through that. I don’t see any of you raising one million for charity…. even 1 dollar. He has a heart, he doesn’t have a heart. It doesn’t matter. Everyone who still hates the guy probably doesn’t play real basketball. Maybe play 2k or watch it as a die-hard fan but never played high school league games or anything else serious. Cause when you play basketball and when you make a mistake, you move on. You look past it.

    I’m not a Lebron fan but seriously

  11. BIll232 says:

    Lvron is still a villian becuase he gone to MIami and betrayed his home town

  12. ELa says:

    Why are you all so bitter about Lebron leaving cleveland? I mean, let the man live his own life for peeps sake, we should all respect his decision

  13. Doug says:

    The chances of lebron winning a championship in Miami are good but let´s face it. it won´t be a cake alk. There are alot of teams improving their rosters and are maybe 1 or 2 players away from being champions. Let´s say one of the big three get hurt then what happens. What if Wade gets hurt and Wade does get hurt then what happens. That´s just basketball. I love that he went to the heat just another story line for intrigue. Was doing the Decision bad. Probably was but I bet he didn´t come up with the idea himself. Some people got into his ear and said do this for publicity. Give the proceeds to the boys and girls clubs. So let´s just chill and see who will get a ring this year and who goes where. If you really love bsketball you´ll move on. And if you are just starstruck well you´ll keep being a hater.

  14. Most of the people here are losers & whine like a bunch of no good low life’s there is no reason for you haters to be even reading this article. whether you admit it or not lebron keeps the game interesting. you still tune in to the heat games & still keep yourself updated with what’s happening with his life. most of you like to see him fail, but i bet people who don’t like you would like to see you fail. i guess misery loves company, when you’re a failed excuse for a human being & was just born to be a loser you’ d like everyone around you to fail. coz you couldn’t get it done you hate on people like lebron. you should get a life & stop jackin off while watchin’ porn. try to watch some basketball instead of watching 2 homos bangin’ their brains out. but i guess a fag like you would never really understand!

  15. Ty says:

    Less hate. I’ve only been watching basketball consistently for 2-3 years, and LeBron is the reason why I started, and now I’m hooked. I now have to watch every Heat and Lakers game. Anyone of you “NBA fans” should thank ALL of your superstars for spreading the popularity of the league. and stop criticizing them.

  16. Lorenzo says:

    @klynester you are stupid. yea mj waited 4 years for a partner lebron waited 8 and didnt get one til he went to the heat so stfu

  17. LEBRON JAMES says:


  18. LeBron is my idol says:

    Guys, It was LeBron’s choice to go to Miami. It wasn’t anybody else’s. For the people who said he failed, well the big three was only formed this season. They still need to learn and progress the way Dallas have. Dallas was a team filled with veterans that know how all of there teamates played. Miami just needs to learn how to play versus teams with smart players. Don’t hate on LeBron because he did all he could in the Cavs. I respect whatever the cavs fan ay but, if they continue so hate on LeBron. Then, just don’t say anything. He’s the one living is life to play basketball, not us. We just need to be a spectator and he how this goes.

  19. DutchNBAfan says:

    I agree with Mike and TeamHeat! I think for Lebron the decision to leave the Cavs wasn’t about money, it was all about having much better chances to win a Championship with the Heat! People have to realize in what big circus the heat guys got, I mean Cris Bosh, Lebron, D-Wade. There whas a lot of pressure on those guys! As you can hear in the interviews and from the guys on NBA tv, Lebron isn’t a selfish guy…he just wants to win a championship. What if Lebron comes back the upcoming season and plays like a true superstar? Would you still hate him? I don’t understand this whole circus, i mean come on…being in the NBA finals means a lot of pressure on your team and on yourself. In basketbal you win, or you lose. Simple! It doesnt mean the losing team is bad. Stop hating people! Just love the game of Basketbal! Greetz from Holland

  20. JB says:

    I’m A Lebron Fan And I Believe That He Finally Realize What He Done. He Made A Bad Decision To Move Away From Ohio To Take His Talent To South Beach. He Will Not Be Recognize And Respected Back Home In Cleveland. But Let’s Move on, The Past Is Past and Let Basketball Do The Talking.

  21. whatever says:

    I don’t get why people hate LeBron for leaving Cleveland. He PLAYED OUT HIS CONTRACT. It’s not like he demanded a trade to leave Cleveland or anything like that. I’m sure if the Cavaliers would have gave him some decent teammates he would have stayed. A very good football player for another Ohio team (Bengals), Carson Palmer, basically done the exact opposite of LeBron. He DIDN’T play out his contract, he THREATENED to retire, and he DEMANDED A TRADE.. LeBron done possible the best he could while leaving Cleveland (minus the whole 1 hour show about him telling the team he would sign with), so why hate?

  22. haters always be haters lebron do ur thing man go get that ring

  23. Pirate Jfox says:

    U men! Lebron !! gogogog!

  24. Jdub says:

    OK think of it this way if you’re going to compare him to MJ.
    When MJ took a break and went to minor league baseball due to the death of his father, the Chicago Bulls team made it to the conference finals. They lost because of a bad call during the final game in the Bulls-Knicks series. They made it to the CONFERENCE FINALS WITHOUT JORDAN. With Jordan, they were unstoppable.

    Now pause for a moment and look at Cleveland. Sorry to say, but disregarding the economy, the team sucks without LeBron. They went from the best team to the worst once Lebron went to Miami. It shows how much skill Cleveland had. Had LeBron been paired with the Jordan-era Bulls, it was inevitable they would win a championship.

    But now that he moved to the Heats, this is a championship winning team. By god, their first season together got them to the finals. Think of the next glory years of Miami.

    And “The Decision” was not LeBron’s choice; it was by ESPN to get views. Yup, that’s what the media does. They bash other player’s reputation so that they can earn a couple more bucks.

    Anyway, they had a nice long rest, and they’re more familiar with each other. I’m looking forward to the 2011-2012 season, where (hopefully) I see the Heats winning.

    This comment may be a bit biased, but I have all the supporting facts. GO HEATS 🙂

  25. Dominique says:

    Lebron James got to 6 games in the NBA Finals with the Miami Heat after 1 season, thats a better finish than any of the 7 seasons he had with Cleveland. Furthermore that was better than 28 other teams in the NBA. When ya’ll gone stop hating on the man. He’s no more arrogant that any other professional athlete. Ya’ll act like Jordan, Kobe, Magic, or Bird didn’t have a chip on their shoulder…. #Let’s Talk Basketball and Not I’m A Lebron Hater

  26. Boteg says:

    Goodluck LEBRON “Bahog tiktik” JAMES

  27. manny says:

    its umbelieveble how many people comment on lebron james when other topics get very little attention.
    Lebron james single handed raised the NBA rating with his dicision. What more could any fan ask for. Even clevend fans watched allot more NBA games including the heat games lol

  28. Ao1 says:

    LeBron joined Heat to earn a ring in an easy way which is not really a champion-character… Anyway, they thought that it would be easy to earn a ring when big-3 come together. Hmmm… Who’s the other big-star in Dallas that Dirk N. has? the old Kid? Barrea? Terry? Are these people bigger/greater than DWade & Bosh? Yet, they (Heat) never earned it because of their prideful/arrogant attitude thinking they could win not 1, not 2, not 3, etc…. underestimating others – even mocking Dirk Nowitski. Good for those Big Prideful, Cry Babies!

  29. Alcon says:

    just watched the interview…now that is what you call a DECISION..instead of sitting infront of rachel and bragg how he brought his talents to the south beach …he decided to sit infont of rachel…humble and he admitted to everyone all the mistakes…when he said that this is not me…i agreed to him…this is not the lebron who brought joy to cleveland…no excuse me…he is not the lebron who brought joy and the thrill of basketball to the whole world…he even compared himself to the Beatles for goodness’ sakes…remember “The Heatles” comment…i have a feeling that this season is really gonna be bigger…BIG THINGS ARE COMING for real!!!

  30. NBAFAN says:

    All I can say to you Lebron is… its not your choice to be a villain or not, the fans will label you a villain even if you wont “play the role” of one.

  31. Cons says:

    yesss!!! finaly he’s back to his senses…this is the lebron that should have played in the 2011 finals…this is the lebron that have won the people’s respect even though he was “king w/o a ring”…go james…w/ or w/o ring…not i’ll be one of your biggest fans!!!

  32. Guinnyss says:

    Lebron just made that comment for attention of the new NBA season and also for a new shoe that should be coming out soon. Lebron ESPN gig didn’t loose sponsors like Tiger Woods sex scandal, Kobe after r@ping that female still had more love than Lebron switching a team on not a trade, not a oping out of his contract BUT A FREE AGENT. Dats how backwards all the Lebron haters are, not only that, but all of them seem to forget how much money he raised for the Boys & Girls club… yes moron, he raised over 2 million but you wouldn’t know that because you wanted Lebron ( A superstar since high school) to stay on a team after giving his heart for 6 years and what they brought to him? mo-williams? broken shaq? antwan jamison? Now ask yourself what a real team do for there Superstars…. what Lakers did for Kobe? What Heats did for Wade? exactly, The truth is, Cavs wanted to ride the Superstar wagon until the tire fall off, Lebron by himself full the house every night, he give people job who profit when Cavs have home games. Yes, Lebron did all that and Cavs did SH-T for him. Go listen to real open minded people and see what they say, KG (Kevin Garrentt) said he was happy he left the Wolvs, and i can GUARANTEE (even if they don’t want to admit it) Reggie Miller and Chalres Barkely would have left there team to get a championship ring…oops, Barkely did leave his team in hunt for a ring. Point it people, it’s Lebron choice, i mean, look how Blazers are trying to cut Brandon Roy neck because he got hurt… teams are business and they only care about profit. swallow that pill and get off Lebron NUTTS.

  33. AP says:

    Can’t understand why all these people say LeBron failed. I guess failing is coming out of high school and dominating the best players in basketball.I guess failing is winning 2 MVP’s. Failing must be being known as the best basketball player in the world right now…. dang i wish i was a failure.


    treat lebron with some respect guys hes just making the right decision for hs own personal career let the man do his job LETS GO HEAT

  35. i just can’t believe how may people here are a bunch of L*sers & chose to hate on Lebron, he might not have handled his business very well, but the man doesn’t deserve this much criticism. C’mon, more than half of the people here will never be half the athlete that Lebron is & have made a lot of mistakes & bad decisions. But these kind of hate spawns from envy & frustration from people that could never get it done in their life. There are a lot of hypocrites here & it’s just disgusting to see how people would judge a person who just chose to join a team that has a better chance of winning a championship & not committing a crime against humanity. what pisses people the most is lebron was just 2 games away from winning a championship & he did it by thrashing the young sixers, overrated celtics & the cocky bulls. lebron will win a championship & there’s nothing that these haters can do about but salivate & cry like a bunch of pussies. hahahaha! let’s go HEAT!!

  36. alexe says:


  37. alexe says:

    the problem with Lebron is he just talks too much. makes too much of a show out of everything. he shouldn’t have done that espn interview. he shouldn’t do twitter. people would forgive him more if he was just quiet.

  38. Mike says:

    Leave the man alone. Try to be in his shoes. The man played in Cleveland with no help and did what he did by himself. Cleveland relied on the man like the Colts are now… You lose one man and your team is the worst of all teams. Don’t blame him for what he did. You would do the same thing. One man CAN NOT carry a team to a Championship. That’s why he went to Miami.

  39. TEAMHEAT says:

    People have to realize basketball is not about just playing where you are from. Sure everyone would love to play for there home town but when you’ve been there so long and couldn’t get any help in the playoffs you tend to want to leave and play with people who want it as bad as you. People of Cleveland our being selfish even they should’ve realized LeBron couldn’t do it by hisself nobody who ever played the game of basketball did it by hisself. So get over it and help support him on trying to get a ring in which he do deserve one and he will get one. Money has nothing to do with if you should like a person its all about respect something Cleveland don’t got for Lebron and it’s something Lebron deserve from Cleveland. By the way im a Dwayne Wade fan I just hate when people talk bad about someone they don’t even know whats going on in his life or what hes trying to do for his career.

  40. Matthew says:

    I forgive you Lebron but I was never mad at you to begin with. Everyone makes mistakes but yours just happened to be televised nationally. People talking about being self-centered and arrogant but the money made from “The Decision” was supposedly donated to charity… It wasn’t even Lebron’s idea from what I’ve heard. The only thing I can really fault Lebron for is not taking over during NBA finals. He seems to disappear during moments of the game and the greats never did that.

  41. me says:

    my advise to lebron is just play the game and forget all the hype, he is a great player with great potential( he’s yet to win a ring). just ply the game with all you’ve got, youi will win not only the ring but at least the respct – if not the heart – of those who hate you today. we’re all fans of basketball, if you show us good basketball we will suerely love you. if i learned to appreciate kobe, who is far more villainous in the eyes of the people than you, then i believe i can also give you the same respect.just cut all the crap and play basketball!

  42. Scott says:


    you respond to ML saying that MJ did not have Scottie Pippen until after 4 years to get Scottie and he didn’t win a championship until a couple years after he had Scottie already. Lebron was in Cleveland for 7 years and still did not get anyone near the caliber of Scottie. I love MJ, I don’t think we can compare anybody to him, but even saying that Jordan did it himself is not true. Lebron is like any other superstar, he can’t do it alone. Sure, “the decision” was a horrible way of going about his free agency but grow up, its over. Fans who hold it against him are not true NBA fans because true NBA fans watch for the BASKETBALL, not the crap that goes on the side. People need to grow up and learn to watch him play without criticizing because his talent and gift is incredible. He is definitely a great player and if you know basketball, you would know that.

  43. Frank says:

    LeBron is THE MOST exciting player to watch in the NBA. Does he have rings? No, but who cares. When I watch him go 11 for 11 to open a game and then go on to drop 51 points on the road I can’t help but feel that excitement one feels when one realizes one’s watching someone special. He has something more important than rings: he has the ability to make me want to go outside in the freezing cold and shoot some hoops in the driveway.

  44. yeah says:

    lebron is a great guy, this should stop. go bron go.heat

  45. half says:

    I am a heat fan and what lebron said was garbage …If lebron could of won in cleveland he would of. the reason he left was because of dwight howard and the orlando magic ( he really wanted to win that year) and was one step away from the finals. he played boston the next year and intentionally threw that game because orlando was next with no sort of changes made around him other than a self centered shaq…
    this year he intentionally threw this one because it wouldn’t be memorable for him in his role on the team (8 points in one game his off night he scores atleast 20 and heat got beat with less than 5 points…cum awn sunnn). But i dont blame lebron i blame d wade). we beat the bulls the better defenders and lebron got his points …lol…cum awn sunnnnnnnnn. he wants more money and for yall to have something to talk about…but truly a great player just win bra.

  46. pee-em says:

    HAHAHAHAHA Haters are the true losers in this!! LeBron has proven himself for a lot of times in this league! though he failed last year, it doesn’t mean that he is a loser for his whole life.. He has had more achievements than more than 90% of the players in the past and some who are still playing!! man if y’all are really basketball fans you don’t criticize the player of his decisions off the court, but it’s how he moves and grooves on the court that matters!!! all people make bad decisions and Bron is just one of us.. Hyppocrites better start loosening their hearts down so you won’t sound like losers all your life!!

    Go Heat! Go Bron!! show ’em what u got!

  47. fred says:

    to be honest…this is stupid news…
    i mean…garnering hate is one thing…
    but he does make millions and is a global icon…
    these are expectations…nothing to talk about…

  48. JTN says:

    You guys should just give him a break! I’ve always been a LeBron fan and i always will be… i know he didnt handle his free agency well but why are people judging him because of that one incident? why dont people look at all the other things that he did? He turned cleveland into a serious playoff threat every single season! and it’s not like the NBA finals was totally unreachable for him either! he made it in 2007, the only problem was that they were facing the trio of Parker, Ginobilli and Duncan! (along with Horry). So, in the end, this is just a game and even if he stayed in cleveland his whole career, the chances of him winning a championship is lower than that of the new Miami heat’s. what’s the point of having a great legacy with no championships to back it up? LeBron is a human being and as a human being, we all have desires! so he left cleveland because he was tired of playing his butt off every single time and not winning a ring! Dont judge a person just because of one small issue like “free agency”.
    PS: I hope you guys cut Kyrie Irving some slack…

  49. I Support YouLBJ#6 says:

    LeBron James is not the best player in the league but, He is one of the greatest. He works just as hard as anybody else in this league, Im Saying give him his props and respect.

  50. the man says:

    i hope lebron continues to be hated cuz he deserves it!!!!!

  51. Gene says:

    I read in an earlier post someone said that Lebron would be judged off of what he does on the court, and if that is the case then it is closed. Very few has accomplished what he has as a basketball player, nevertheless we have all of these emotional stances based on every thing except what it should be. How could a person, for example, hate Lebron for the televised decision and not hate ESPN who televised it? But the question I continue asking myself is, since people are basically followers, and who more or less do as told, who is leading the anti-Lebron campaign?

  52. drei says:

    whatever happens to Lebron, i still believe and admire him…people should understand that he left Cleveland because he was a free agent..every player has the right to make his own decision whenever he finishes a contract with his team..so whats the problem if he moves to Miami…I ask you this question…If Jordan did the same thing as Lebron did, would you give him the same reactions and negative things?

  53. dullerbaby says:

    LEBRON IS NOT ONE OF THE BEST…..”””””.LEBRON IS THEE BEST._. better then MJ better then KObe.
    lebron is the best the game has ever seen.. and all these players no it including mj, kobe, ect. ect. HANDS DOWN..
    THE INDUSTRY KNOWS THAT. he’s already better then the greats and the former greats and he is not even at his peak,,,

    if you dont agree you evidently dont know sh!t about basketball!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    so lets just shut that bulhsh!t up

    hahaha LMAO at these haters

  54. LeFail says:

    Stop calling an egocentric self-titling betraying failed sidekick a “King” Stop calling an egocentric self-titling betraying failed sidekick a “King” Stop calling an egocentric self-titling betraying failed sidekick a “King” Stop calling an egocentric self-titling betraying failed sidekick a “King” Stop calling an egocentric self-titling betraying failed sidekick a “King” Stop calling an egocentric self-titling betraying failed sidekick a “King” Stop calling an egocentric self-titling betraying failed sidekick a “King” Stop calling an egocentric self-titling betraying failed sidekick a “King” Stop calling an egocentric self-titling betraying failed sidekick a “King” Stop calling an egocentric self-titling betraying failed sidekick a “King” Stop calling an egocentric self-titling betraying failed sidekick a “King” Stop calling an egocentric self-titling betraying failed sidekick a “King” Stop calling an egocentric self-titling betraying failed sidekick a “King” Stop calling an egocentric self-titling betraying failed sidekick a “King” Stop calling an egocentric self-titling betraying failed sidekick a “King”

  55. LeFail says:

    I just have ONE question: how is he a KING? Kings conquer, he fails.
    I hope he never get a ring, and he rightfully deserve so as an egocentric self-titling fake failure.

  56. dq says:

    everyone talks about the decision on television but let’s look at the whole picture when the lakers won the championship the next day on espn was a count down for free agency where will lebron james go. That’s what started the whole big deal and that’s where the decision special was started. Hey we can make money and help kids at the same time because whether your team was triing to get Lebron James or not you wanted to know where he was going. So whats the big deal or your team didnt get him. Look at all the haters putting Lebron down because he teamed up with two other superstars. Its that what chris Paul and Dwight Howard are doing the same thing. lol

  57. wdf says:

    love jesus

  58. alex says:

    come on. lebron would have been still hated if he had stuck with the cavs. hate is his twin. i wouldn’t tell you to stop hatin’ but as soon as his game goes to another level (especially in the post), watch out.

  59. QueenJAMEsCHOKE says:

    —->>>all Lechoke fans..all heat fans are Moro-ns..idio-ts.. i guess i cant blame y’all.. losers will always root for loser.. FCK Miami Beat,, the big three is a total Joke.. Lechoke and Miami will never win a title… EVER..

  60. John says:

    Cleveland was never going to win a championship with LeBron anyways.

  61. Money Money says:

    Why do people still even care to watch and support these over paid athletes, they have a lock out have not invested any money to purchase a team or build an arena and they want a cut of what the owners make??? if there was not a season the people would all be broke before the end of the season…..what a joke…..

  62. The Other Chosen ONE says:

    Lebron just need to grow up period. He said some ignorant stuff in the past and until he ammit what he said was wrong, it would be really hard for the fans to forgive him.

  63. C Sykes says:

    this is stupid. by this i mean everyone hating on this guy lebron saying he cant win championships or anything.
    It would be something different if Kobe or Shaq or MJ or someone who has been the best in the world at the time and win championships to be talkin smack at bron, But as a fan, you are in no seat to hate on him. Have you won the mvp in the NBA twice? have you even played in the NBA? how bout college? you even make it that far? Stop hatin and look at yourself, this is the only thing i hate about pro ball is there is so many fans that are both ignorant and immature.

    How about you go win an nba championship then come back and tell lebron he can’t do it…

  64. AUNDRA2044 says:

    We wizard fans love to hate Lame Brain so much that we celebrate every time he makes a mistake.
    I know it’s not right to judge but he is the CHOSEN ONE so that comes with a lot of NOISE good and bad.
    We wizard fans hope he stays the chosen one because if he does he will never win the BIG ONE!
    I hope Lebron knows his peak time is just about to run out! Once the big 3 0 sets in he will be over the hill and
    that will be just fine and dandy! But seriously I hope him the best and if he just keeps that Big Trap Shut he should do OK!

  65. Sosay says:

    RA RA RA RA RA Lebron RA RA RA RA RA RA RA decision RA RA RA RA miami heat RA RA spoelstra RA RA RA and also RA RA RA. im done. RA

  66. raptorsrbetterthanyoudealwithit says:

    Chaz Michael Michaels is figure skating!

  67. MU says:

    He has learned how to act after the decision. It’s nice.

  68. t says:

    I never liked lebron and i don’t think i ever will

  69. I4sun says:

    Every star would love to experience what KG, Pau Gasol & Tyson Chandler did!! They got the ring after they get traded!

  70. HalfbakedFlunky says:

    The Miami Heat were gonna win a championship last season but then Lebron took an arrow to the knee…

  71. Richard Vue says:

    If lakers get CP3 and Dhoward…………..the curse continues………….CLE will get a ring b4 lebron………lol

  72. Aces__Wild says:

    Lebron………You are forgiven………….AFTER THE BULLS WIN THAT TITLE!!!!!

  73. Roko says:

    LeBron and Bosh can burn in hell … They are nothing but mentally softies! I hope they never get a NBA championship ring!

  74. Jason says:

    It’s about time he’s humbled! He must have seen CP3 and D12 are going to LAL and freaked out… Just kidding.

    I respect him for his new attitude.

  75. Ian S says:

    If he had decided to leave the Cav’s with any level of respect I could forgive him. But the way he went about it showed just what a self centered piece of sh!t he is. He could have done what Kevin Garnett did and notified the orginization mid-season so that they would be able to gain some leverage from his diparture instead of being completely and utterly ******. Because of this I will never forgive him and I feel that most die hard Cavaliers fans feel the same.

    **** you Lebron I hope a shark bites your legs off and you can never play sports again

  76. Sam says:

    If Lebron had not decided to completely screw over Cleveland and hold an hour long special about his decision on national television then people would not hate him. He went about the whole situation completely wrong and gave the Cavs no chance to recover from him leaving. I sincerely liked Lebron and had a lot of respect for him before he did all that. I supported him in leaving Cleveland but the way he went about it was ALL wrong. He knew what he was getting himself into when he did all this, now he has to face the consequences… END OF STORY

    • wUT says:

      Yup spot on, but past the decision I knew what it would do to the leauge if three Superstars in their prime got together.. Everyone else would panic in a flurry of FA and trades

  77. T-ROCK says:

    So since when does the player get to choose whar the fans label him as. He quit on Cleveland to join a superpower team that fell short. He loved the attention that he got…what did he expect?

  78. NBAisMylife says:

    Lebron James will be scrutinized for the rest of his life for leaving Cleveland. In the end he was never going to get a championship with that squad because the management could not place the right pieces around him. His decision to go to Miami created the character of the Villain and I believe he will use this to empower his skills. Everyone can keep talking and talking but just wait and see, In the next few years he will get at least one ring.

  79. Nba intelligence says:

    You guys need to stop crying for Lebron. As a fan, I love Lebrons game, but also as a fan of the game for 23 years now, I also know that this game was built off rivalries, emotions, drama, etc… Lebron made himself a Villian for his actions, and his actions changed the landscape of the Nba, and because of that, Lebron will never have the same kind of Love from fans as A Derrick Rose, Kobe Bryant, Steve Nash etc… more popular than them…yess…more liked…not gonna happen. How bad would the game be if we rooted for everybody?? How bad would the game be if we did not have the Rivalries and the drama that comes with it? For years I heard people talk bad about my Lakers, and all we kept doing was winning…everybody shut up until we finally got Ousted by the Mavericks after 3 straight Finals appearences…But three straight title runs meant nothing, especially to lame sports writers who completely forget the fact that Dallas has been ousted early in the Playoffs every yearexcept 2006, yet they put Dallas as number 1, Miami as Number two….and the Lakers at 4??? Lakers at 4?? Lebron suck it up buttercup….You aint the Villain of the league….Kobe Bryant and my Lakers are!! You my friend….People just dont like you..and because of what you did, you cant blame them!! Winning at a high rate makes you the Villian….Miami has not done that

  80. charley says:

    i think lebron’s biggest mistake was playing for cleveland cavaliers. the fans are a bunch of un appreciative losers. instead of blaming dan gilbert for not surrounding lebron with the help he needs, they instead blame lebron. basketball is a team sport and one individual cannot win it all by them-self. lebron will win a championship ring with the heat because unlike dan gilbert pat riley will bring in more missing pieces to boost the heat chances. secondly, lebron should be praised for all that he did for cleveland, without lebron, most people didnt even know about cleveland. anyways good luck lebron and may you r haters watch with shame when you lift that nba trophy and finals mvp.

  81. Heat Fan says:

    Lebron will put up doze numbas and more. Just wait cauz Bron and D-Wade are ready for the world.

  82. LebronFan says:

    Honestly I wish people would stop talking trash about Lebron. I mean, are you SERIOUS?! A VILLIAN?! How can you call him a villian and he never did anything wrong. This is NOT WWE. In the NBA, there are no HEROES OR VILLIANS. The NBA isn’t fixed or scripted! Other than that, how can you critize Lebron for leaving Ceveland for Miami? He was a free agent. Free agents can choose to go to whatever team they want. And besides he had no help in Cleveland. Not to mention he wasn’t the only player to leave a team to join other star players and you know who they are. What do you think he’s going to do if he played for a team for 7 years and don’t win? He’ll go to another team. I certainly would. Oh and whats with everbody comin at Bron cause he lost in the finals. To be real with yall, it wasn’t all his fault. Yall act like he was the only star player on the Heat. There was also Wade and Bosh. Understand that! Point blank is that Lebron messed up but he will win a championship one day. And yall need to stop talkin tash about Lebron…he human just like everyone else. Yall act like he is an evil person or something. The only people who should be mad at Lebron is Cleveland. Not to mention, Cleveland needs to get over it.

    • MavsFan says:

      I agree. Forget about Lebron. Lets instead focus on people like Kobe, Dirk, Duncan, Ewing and others who remain/ed loyal to their teams through good or bad. He should not be criticized for playing out his contract and then switching teams. Unlike some people who whine and complain until they are sent where they want to go. What is so respectable about that. You can blame Bosh all you want, but I believe Wade more than pulled his weight. Honestly, the Mavs were a team of destiny. Know one saw it coming. As I saw on a web site the other day, they were able to “capture lightning in a bottle.” But I did love the joke I saw on ESPN if you have not seen it : Why does it take Lebrona and Tim Tebow to buy a 1 dollar McChicken sandwhich? Because Lebron gives you three quarters and Tebow gives you one. Oh, that is toooooo funny.

      • S. says:

        Just remember when you say Kobe was loyal that he demanded to be traded a couple times unless he received better players. And bam they got Pau. Hmm seems like a pretty good reason to stay. Maybe Bron should have done the same thing until he actually got some talent.

      • Belgianfan says:

        Lebron stayed for 7 years and always asked for back-up. He got 1 team that was able to win it all if all went perfect (the year with shaq) Just blame the cavaliers management. If they could´ve gotten him a real good nr2 and some good roleplayers, you really think he still would have left the cavs? (correct answer: NO) He did what Kobe said he would do. The management didnt get what he wanted so he left. Would you eat a fishburger if you wanted a big bacon burger? 🙂

  83. leeshot says:

    Good Guys do not aband the ship only FOOLS HOPE YOU NEVER WIN A CHAMPON SHIP

  84. leBronI hope you die ! says:


    PF:David Lee
    C:Marc Gasol

    • Leslie says:

      Dude, look at your name and know that you are not important enough to HATE anybody. Get a grip and a life. Don’t you know when you hate others it is because they expose the insecurity you have about yourself.

  85. Matthew A. says:

    The word fan is short for fanatic. Fans are stupid, overbearing, and down right ignorant, for the most part. LeBron you dont owe fanatics anything but to keep them off your front lawn.

  86. leBronI hope you die ! says:

    This just in: Lakers trade Bynum/Artest/Barnes/Fisher for LeBron!!!!!!

  87. Denise says:

    WHAAAAAA! Play Ball!!!!l first game is on Christmas day……, put up or shut up!!

  88. Matthew A. says:

    There is nothing to forgive LeBron. You took your team to the NBA FINALS the first year you were together. Let the losers talk including the ones on this site and Sekou Smith.

  89. AHardt says:

    I hope Lebron drops 60-15-10 in his return. Just so I can watch everyone flip flop around from hate to love and back.

    I’m just so glad the basketball is back that I don’t care what happens really. (Of course, I sure as HECK wouldn’t be complaining if Mr. Bryant dropped 35ppg and got his next ring…)

    • MavsFan says:

      Yeah, I am worried about Christmas Day. Dont see it being a very good day to be a Mavs fan that day. I believe Lebron, Wade, Bosh and company are going to be inspired to come in and do what they couldnt do last year. I hope at least its a good game.

  90. New Edition Fan says:

    Lebron Us in Ohio miss you more than we hate you, thats why they hatin on you, why did you leaveus, I Guarenteed that if you was on the Cavaliers team in the 2010-2011 season you and your team would of won the NBA Championship, oh well, your legacy around the country has been broken and the only place where people love you is Miami and Lebron stop throwin up the Roc-A-Fella Diamond Sign becuz Gay-Z sucks!! LOL good luck on your career Le-Brick HAHA

  91. Heat Fan says:

    Yeah enough!! Remember this redemption is coming and this is the year. Look at the man’s face he is poised to do better and do his thing. The Wade, Bron and Bosh combo will work. Just take a look at determination Bosh for e.g. he’s much bigger and stronger just wait for the season to start.

  92. Bwa says:

    Common Guys NBA is a business. Owners and players are all looking for the best deal . I was never a Lebron ‘s fan but the kid play super great. In my opinion I believe I could build his team , He is good enough that he could force The Cleveland organization to surround him with talented players in other works give him the pieces that he needed to win a championship. He did not have to joined somebody Hey you are a king. Stay in ur kingdom have people come to you. That’s my opinion but there is one thing that the fan doesn’t know ” What is going on in the locker room”. It’s time to leave him alone. As am matter of fact he bring luck to Cleveland they have 2 good picks last year. It’s up to them to manage to develop them and keep them.
    Enough for Bron!

  93. Heat Fan says:

    Lebron just remember a famous saying from Micheal Jordan “it was the many failures he experienced that made him stronger and caused him to be successful.” This is your year just humble yourself and let your game do your talking.

  94. Kobe Bryant is the GOAT says:

    lebron it’s your fault, i hope you will never win a ring idc if it 1 year, 2 year, 3 year, 4 year, and so on i will never care about you. all this hate happen to ever NBA star take the f’in’ heat and learn how to ignore. look at Mr. Bryant he been taking so much heat and still mange to win championship, you need to man up buddy cus this is grown man game

    • Leslie says:

      Perhaps a grown man’s game should have grown (mature) fans and not those that seek to destroy a 25 year old kid for making a decision on his own life.

    • BFoulds says:

      you must be 10 years old and never watched MJ, the TRUE GOAT.

  95. ChampionsDontLeaveTown says:

    Champions Don’t Leave Town!!! Sounds like he just realized he will never be a true champion…add him to the list:

    1) Ewing 2) Barkley 3) Iverson…(endless list of arrogant no championship NBA players)… 216) LeBron.

    Really…I pity Ewing…played his heart out for the NYC…but could get past the 23.

    • New Edition Fan says:

      Ewing wasn’t arrogant he got traded from Knicks to SOnics in 2000 he didnt leave like Le-Bum did…

      • Leslie says:

        No. He stayed LOYAL to NY and in the end they gave him the boot like a second rate citizen. Wow what a loyal league. But, crazed fans expect an unloyal league to have loyal plyers. Get real!

  96. crybaby says:

    Lebron’s a cry baby who feels sorry for himself. So i am suppose to forget that he is a cocky, arrogant, child star and forget that he not only mocked Dirk for being sick in the playoffs, but had the audacity to blame the fans for his troubles too. This guy deserves no respect. He is too self absorbed to play a team sport. Try golf d-bag!

    • Leslie says:

      OK enough. When do idiot fans grow up? Oh I see, it is ok to flip and flop between players based on whose “hot” right now. Stop It. It was his decision, he made it was 2010. Everybody who is still STUCK in 2010 got issues. Move on aleady. I respect that the entire last season with the Cavs was not plagued by Where Lebron’s going. So the team was able to play their game and get into the post season. Look now at the Carmelo Anthony situation. With all that talk daily about where’s Melo going, the Nuggets had a horrible season. Get past the annoucement of the decision being a bad one and face reality, he (Lebron) has moved on and so should we.

      • ddddd says:

        The nuggets actually had a decent season in spite of the melo-drama and ended up with the 5th seed in the West. Granted they lost in the first round of the playoffs but I don’t think that they would have done any better with Melo around. The injury riddled top heavy knicks did not do any better against an old injury plagued Boston team.

        Once Lebron quits making a spectacle of himself and just plays ball people will move on. Until then people will talk of the legend of Lechoke and the talent that could have been. The media and fans may add fuel to the fire in their own right, but he does the exact same thing in completing these interviews that remind fans of 2010. The facts are that he is the best player in the league who simply has not shown up for “the moment.” Instead he does this horrid reverb of “The Decision” every time he does an interview. All that this does is deprive Dwade and Bosh of their first championship together.

      • Anonymous says:

        you act like you are the ultimate sports fan that does everything right. you belong in a sports fan heaven for behaving perfectly. fans have no affect on sports at all except giving money and being loud, so instead of getting mad that people hate a player just let them, because overall none of it matters and neither does your perfect attitude.

  97. @Disguted says:

    Of course he has failed…! whers the ‘ship? The Media’s war on Lebron is just something that came out of nowhere…he created it himself

  98. Disgusted says:

    You’re an …hole, Jaydilla. Lebron never failed.

    • Ty G says:

      Not to be another …hole, but unless you consider LeBron averaging 17.8 PPG in the finals living up to his full ability, then in a sense, he did in fact fail. Not to say that he can’t turn it around going forward, after all, he is perhaps the most unstoppable player in the league, he just fell short in last year’s finals, and for lack of a better word, failed. He failed to come through on his ultimate goal (which we all know with that Heat roster was nothing less than a championship).

      • lemw says:

        LeBron did NOT fail. Dallas played ZONE defense against LeBron. Boston and Chicago didnot know how to play zone. LeBron was faced with Dallas one man playing man to man defense and the other 4 Dallas playing zone. Heat were in there first season so they couldn’t adjust. When a team makes the NBA finals its no FAILURE!

    • Hook says:

      Lebron failed and will continue to this year and beyond.

      • lb6for3 says:

        here goes another hater, i just dont get people like you, are you just hating coz he`s playing ball and all you can do is watch it? or what is it?

      • i just can’t believe how may people here are a bunch of losers & chose to hate on Lebron, he might not have handled his business very well, but the man doesn’t deserve this much criticism. C’mon, more than half of the people here will never be half the athlete that Lebron is & have made a lot of mistakes & bad decisions. But these kind of hate spawns from envy & frustration from people that could never get it done in their life. There are a lot of hypocrites here & it’s just disgusting to see how people would judge a person who just chose to join a team that has a better chance of winning a championship & not committing a crime against humanity. i guess what pisses the people the most is, he almost won the championship by thrashing the lowly sixers, the overrated celtics & the cocky bulls. i just feel sorry to all the haters out there coz whether they like it or not Lebron will get his RING & all they can do is salivate. Let’s go HEAT!!!

    • KB24MJ23 says:

      Wtf, when a team gets to the finals and loses it’s not fail???
      in the NBA there’s no 2nd place…it only means you came that far for nothing.
      LeQuit = fail.

  99. Mazzuca says:

    Understood Lebron, let’s hope for everyone’s sake involved that the media doesn’t encourage adding fuel to an already blazing fire. Last season’s war on Lebron was completely unjustified, After all when you break it down to the very basics, you simply chose to play elsewhere and no one making judgments on you will ever be in your position to make that specific decision that you were facing at the time, it’s very easy for people to formulate opinions on what they feel was right or wrong based on their own common sense, but if there’s one thing I’ve learned in life thus far, it’s that common sense isn’t necessarily common…lol
    I wish you all the best Lebron, hope this season you’re surrounded by positivity and that the Heat may put together another run in the playoffs which I’m certain you guys will.

    • ChampionsDontLeaveTown says:

      Rarely does a “hometown” kid get the opportunity to bring a nothing hopeless city like Cleveland a championship. Champions have persistence of the heart…LeBron made a bad decision instead of listening to his heart. It would have told him that he turned his back on his hometown for a championship…keep searching…maybe LA is the next stop!!!

      • Paul says:

        Spot on!
        The thing I don’t understand is how people keep on saying “he did nothing wrong by making a decision about his own future”. As far as I remember, LeBron said a couple of years ago that he would not leave Cleveland without winning a championship and after failing to win one in his last year as a Cavalier he suddenly spit on his own promise and started “The Decision” saga.
        Last season the champions had only one superstar – Dirk, who took his time and despite the ups and downs of Dallas over the years stayed loyal to his team and was rewarded with a championship ring (or whatever his boss will give him on opening night). I think that if LeBron had stayed in Cleveland, he would have won a ring last season, and then could have gone to any team and join any other superstar in search of more titles and would have been received very well during his first game back in Cleveland with another uniform.
        Anyway, when you make a wrong choice (and a series of bad PR moves afterwards), you have no one else to blame but yourself.


  100. HeatWave says:

    I’ll be glad if he plays with more humility like he used to.

  101. Are my posts working?

  102. MARIO says:

    This isnt a soap opera there shouldn’t be villains and heroes its sports trades and free agency happen in the world of sports GET OVER IT, ITS BEEN OVER A YEAR! Its just kinda sad we as fans hindered lebron performance with us spitting on him saying horrible horrible things to him that would affect anyone. Lets treat this like a actual organized sport instead of WWE wrestling …

    • Ty G says:

      I agree and wish the same but I don’t see it happening in the foreseeable future, simply on the grounds of the manner in which he did it. You don’t hear too many people still talking about how terrible Carmelo was for leaving the Nuggets for New York. Whether or not you agree with how Carmelo conducted himself while trying to switch teams, his primary concern wasn’t to make a spectacle of it, and thus people don’t see it as ‘villainous’, certainly not to the extent as they perceive “The Decision.” I agree that it’s professional sports and that there shouldn’t necessarily be villains or heroes, but you can’t ignor the basic human emotion involved in professional sports. Watching the best in the world perform their craft means so much to the fans that when something as monumental as “The Decision” occurs, it’s impossible for the world not to be flipped on it’s head. I am a Trail Blazers fan and I can certainly say that had LeBron (hypothetically of course) been with the Blazers the first seven years of his career, then pulled “The Decision” on us, I would have a very very hard time not wishing him many losses in the future because of the turmoil he put on an entire city.

    • chubbena says:

      stay out of the kitchen if you can’t stand the heat.

    • ddddd says:

      Part of sports struggles are psychological in nature for sure, but how do you explain Lebron choking against Orlando, Boston and Dallas 3 years in a row? The choking against Orlando and Boston were when Lebron was considered the golden boy of the league. The fans did nothing with that. The fans may have had a part psychologically with Lebron choking against Dallas but seriously!!!!!!!
      No matter what team Lebron plays for or even against he must shake this psychological bs from his mindset or he will never win a championship. I mean seriously…. a player like Hedo Turkoglu outplaying Lebron in the 4th quarter in 09??? Purely psychological with Lebron…. It had nothing to do with talent level. Same story with Paul Pierce the next year in spite of the fact that Pierce was an allstar that year.
      Hey Miami fans…. if you want your big 3 to work maybe you should hire Lebron a cognitive psychologist before Dwade and Bosh’s prime windows close.

      • megatron says:

        check up your facts bro, Lebron is a historically good playoff performer, he had a bad series against the mavs last year and a bad series against the celtics before that. Other than that he has basically been unstoppable. Did you watch the first three rounds of the playoffs last year where he buried chicago and boston or did you just watch the finals?? did you watch when they got beat by orlando even though he was averaging almost 40 points and a triple double because his teammates couldn’t hit a shot?? Did you not see when he scored his teams last 25 points and singlehandedly brought his team back from down 0-2 to beat the pistons?? Lebron may not be the mentally strongest player in the world but don’t pretend for a second he can’t bury your team if he is playing with the confidence he usually does. Think before you make a comment bro.. Your asinine comments are no good here.

      • megatron says:

        Also dont pretend that the heat would have made it to the finals without lebron. Lebron was the best player on either team on both sides of the ball against chicago. He shut down the “MVP” and buried them in crunch time every single game. Maybe you only pay attention when he fails

  103. Jesus says:

    I forgive you Lebron!

    • Jaydilla says:

      LeBron, hope you will continue to fail for the remainder of your career.

      • Im am so tired of people hating on a basketball player who has more money than you will ever have. Get a life pleasE! Go heat!

      • TWizz says:

        And I’m tired of people always using the money line. Use something better. Not everyone cares about money. Some people get along just fine with what they have.

      • HalfbakedFlunky says:

        lawlz… since when is it required that you have to like someone just cause they have more money than you? Hate to tell you this but Lebron having $$$ doesn’t make him special. There’s a lot of people in the world with a lot more money than Lebron. How Lebron will be defined as a basketball player will be by what he does on the court, not by his bank account.

      • jakepickens says:

        Its not about the money its about LeBron being an extremely gifted athlete with no HEART and no Rings and still being called great..and making an hour long Decision on tv? get real you wanna win championships or have a show on MTV?.. he can take that money and go buy a ring because he already showed he cant earn one like a true Champion!

      • Ricc says:

        Why You Gone Hate On Diz Man Like That He Da Best In Da League 2 Me Keep Doin Ya Thang LeBron

      • Ricc says:

        @ Jaydilla Why You Gone Hate On Diz Man Like That He Da Best In Da League 2 Me Keep Doin Ya Thang LeBron

      • Cap For Every Word says:

        @ Ricc: Why You Have To Use A Capital Letter For Every Word? XD

      • ja ja says:

        how has the guy failed?nobody wins a championship over night and so far the guy has achieved so many things and come close to getting that ring already at an early age.the guys done anything but fail..you on the other hand failed to post a constructive arguement

      • Dominique says:

        Lebron James got to 6 games in the NBA Finals with the Miami Heat after 1 season, thats a better finish than any of the 7 seasnos he had with Cleveland. Furthermore that was better than 28 other teams in the NBA. When ya’ll gone stop hating on the man. He’s no more arrogant that any other professional athlete. Ya’ll act like Jordan, Kobe, Magic, or Bird didn’t have a chip on their shoulder…. #Let’s Talk Basketball and Not I’m A Lebron Hater

    • ML says:

      coming from a lebron fan when he was still a cav.. i agree that he will never get the same recognition and honorable praise if he had stuck with Cleveland then he will now. And I definitely agree that he didn’t handle his free agency and decision professionally. To a few of the posts on here stating that he should’ve stuck with Cavs for 1 more year to win a ring before moving, you have to realize that he was a free agent and signing a 1 yr contract with the cavs?! or a long term deal and hoping to get traded eventually….. those wouldn’t have been smart moves in any basketball/business aspect. To the true fans, you have to understand that some things are more important in terms of taking risks. I know people say MJ Magic Bird and the likes would never join talents. I’m one of the biggest MJ fans ever but it’s not a good comparison people make because MJ had h.o.f. scottie pippen (h.o.f. dennis rodman on the 2nd 3-peat) Magic had kareem, worthy, etc.. bird had mchale, parish, etc) I dare anyone to tell me who lebron had in cavs that was a legit #2.. mo williams? antawn jamison? are you kidding me?! ..Now i still hate how he did his free agency but its so ludricous that a free agency mishandled decision is looked down upon more than any “real” crimes like other NBA stars have dealt with in the past (ex: rape accusation, felony charges, abusing wife, drunk driving, drug charges, etc) Lebron built the first 7 years of his career to have reputations of being the chosen one, the king, BUT i challenge anyone to look at Lebron as a Human. People who have done legit crimes have often been forgiven in time. BUT i’m not asking or hoping anyone to forgive him for his decision. as a true basketball fan, I AM SIMPLY CHALLENGING ANYONE TO WATCH LEBRON PLAY ONE GAME AND NOT CRITICIZE, I KNOW HOW HARD THAT CAN BE FOR A FAN. BUT REALLY WHO ARE WE TO JUDGE?! IF YOU CAN WATCH A GAME AND SIMPLY JUST WATCH… ENJOY BASKETBALL… EMBRACE THE LOVE FOR THE GAME… (because when all the bs is put aside, that’s what basketball should be all about… is the love for the game)

      • justin says:

        Thank God… Someone who has some sense. I’m not a giant Lebron fan either, but I agree with you 100%. He’s probably a bit more hated than Moammar Gadhafi and all he did was decide to switch teams… And you know the media was begging him to do that that “Decision” session.

      • Klynester says:

        Just wanna say that MJ didn’t have Scottie until after 4 years so why can’t Lebron stick with his team to wait for a chance to have a partner that would take them to the title!!?? he just wanted to go out and get his partner on another team! which is the thing that the people in Cleveland are so pissed about, plus the fact that he had to have an hour on TV just to say he will be joining another team! when MJ moved to Washington he didnt have a spectacle like what Lebron did but even after that they loved MJ because he never left them(Chicago) hanging like Lebron did..just my opinion…GO Spurs GO!!!!

      • Kareem Hammad says:

        amen bro

      • Eric Zap says:

        He’s a great player. He’d be less great if the nba wasn’t trying to hard to make him a champ so they could sell Jerseys. Do you think anyone bought Dallas jerseys after they won the championship that lives 40 miles from Dallas?

      • Dillon says:

        Agree with you ML, I honestly do not like LeBron and was a little happy they didn’t win last season, along with most fans of any team other than the Heat. But I still think people took things way too far hating on him, like Chuck said last season, it was a punk doing The Decision and having the celebration but things said and done it was the best move for him in his career. And Klynester, you are an idiot. You answered the question yourself…MJ didn’t have Scottie until after 4 years. LeBron was there for 7 YEARS, and the best players they could get him were Mo Williams and Antoine Jamison, who played terrible in Cleveland and is far from becoming a Hall of Famer like Pippin. Also, are you serious about the Washington thing? He didn’t move from Chicago to Washington. He was retired for several years and was the GM for the Wizards and they were doing so bad he decided to join the team…maybe just think for a minute next time before you post…

      • imad akel says:

        Klynester: MJ never won a championship without Pippen. And Lebron was with the Cavs for 7 years. He did more time solo than MJ did.

      • Avant says:

        Nice one ML. Nice one!

    • Brandon says:

      the reason lebron is in this position is because of the way he left cleveland, if he left peacfully, like how amare left the suns, we wouldn’t be getting as much hate. ” the decision ” was totally arrogant

      • Dominique says:

        Exactly what position is he in? Lebron James got to 6 games in the NBA Finals with the Miami Heat after 1 season, thats a better finish than any of the 7 seasnos he had with Cleveland. Furthermore that was better than 28 other teams in the NBA. When ya’ll gone stop hating on the man. He’s no more arrogant that any other professional athlete. Ya’ll act like Jordan, Kobe, Magic, or Bird didn’t have a chip on their shoulder…. #Let’s Talk Basketball and Not I’m A Lebron Hater

    • manny says:

      Lebron james single handed raised the NBA rating with his dicision. What more could any fan ask for. Even clevend fans watched allot more NBA games including the heat games lol for 7 seasons lebron has been the talk on NBA with his solo act in cleavend. he terrorised opponents took players like dru goden to the finals lol, Made his team mates look better than they actualy are and therefore some players got paid well while they were shet lol if you need proof watch clevend games post lebron era. now even with him taking the back seat he is still the talk on the NBA, MIAMI is more beloved than ever been in the las 10 years.
      lebon james is the one player that if he wants to play for your team you would welcome him with open arms regardless of your hate or love lol