Is Bynum Lakers’ Key For Howard, Paul?

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HANG TIME HEADQUARTERS – For all of the talk about All-Stars Chris Paul and Dwight Howard leaving New Orleans and Orlando, respectively, for the Tri-State area, there’s a team on the left coast that remains a factor in this complicated affair that we should not overlook.

The Los Angeles Lakers, using Andrew Bynum, as their 7-foot ace in the hole, should not be overlooked. Adrian Wojnarowski of Yahoo! Sports offers up this pertinent reminder:

In a lot of ways, the Hornets and Orlando Magic are in a race to make a deal with the Los Angeles Lakers for Paul and Howard. They’re running so many scenarios across the big boards in their offices, but make no mistake: Los Angeles is the port that can entice Paul and Howard to sign extensions, with the one player – young center Andrew Bynum – as a centerpiece that can justify the trade.

The Lakers and Hornets talked several days ago, league sources told Yahoo! Sports, but it was one of those circuitous conversations that left the sides unclear what it would take to get a deal done, and the talk ended with no formal offers. The Lakers and Hornets expect to speak again this week, sources said. The prospect of Pau Gasol as the primary player going to the Hornets won’t be acceptable, sources said. The Lakers will ultimately be willing to let New Orleans pick its player in the deal – Bynum or Gasol – but New Orleans is determined to get quality, and quantity, in a deal.

Bynum has privately been heard to say this offseason that he wants his own team, and the chances of him getting that – in New Orleans or Orlando – have never been higher. Years ago, Kobe Bryant wanted Bynum moved for Jason Kidd, but Bryant’s been insistent all summer that he still believes in this core, isn’t interested in wholesale change.

The issue of honoring Bryant’s wishes (or not) is another story. What we do know is this: few teams anywhere can offer a trade piece as enticing as the prospect of Bynum, an oft-injured yet super talented behemoth who still has not reached his ceiling.

With either Paul or Howard in a Lakers uniform, the twilight of Bryant’s career won’t send Lakers fans into a tailspin as they think about what comes next. They’d already have the franchise anchor needed to help rebuild into a championship-level outfit on the roster.

Bynum was supposed to be that heir apparent when he entered the league as a precocious teenager believed to be the next pivot in the Lakers’ long and distinguished line of franchise centers. But injuries stunted that plan. If now is the time to finally make a break for the future, the Lakers couldn’t have pick a better one.

With both Paul and Howard rumored to be in fluid situations right now, the Lakers could be poised to play spoiler yet again on the free agent market (those of us old enough to remember it will never forget the summer Shaq made his way from Orlando to LA) …



  1. DOE says:

    I believe if Lakers can get Chris Paul they will use Bynum as trade to get Dwight Howard with Kobe and CP3 together in LA I believe that D12 will want to form their own BIG THREE! WOW!!!

  2. Dee says:

    BAHAHA at all these teams that need soooooooo many stars just to win a championship. All you need are role players! Not a whole team of stars. The star players of today are just selfish and impatient and demand so much damn money and for wat? Look at the days when Jordan was only getting paid like $200k a year or wateva it was. FCK all and he didnt need stars left right and centre on his team. He had role players that helped his team win 6 rings! Yer yer, he had Scottie, but overall, he was just a role player, not a dominate star.

    I say CP3 and Howard stay put on their team and get the right pieces to win a championship. If they can’t be fcked like so many of the players today, jump ship to another team that is rebuilding and using CP3 or Howard as their cornerstone!

  3. I-KAY says:

    guys d12 wants to leave, an if orl does not trade him, they will get nothing, bynum bigger than nothing and if you were otis, what would you do? imhp;

    bynum+lamar = d12

    pau + arrest + s. brown = cp3

  4. JR says:

    This is pathetic, like kids playing nba 2k. This will not be remembered as a generation of champion, but wimps who needed to stack their teams to get rings.

  5. james says:

    i don’t know why they trying to trade andrew bynium 4. don’t forget this guy is still a really young player. if he’s healthy i promise you he can a top 3 center in the league. all we need is to upgrade at the PG position. i would trade gasol 4 CP3 AND ODOM should start at PF and we need better shoters on the perimeter free agent like james jones. Affalo, eddie house etc………….

  6. Da'Monique says:

    Bynum, Odem, and Steve Blake for Howard and Paul….. Great deal there

    • JR says:

      If you were Orlando, or New Orleans GM would you take this deal?

      Are there any intelligent fans on this site?

  7. Nba intelligence says:

    @Mac86…..THANK YOU!!! Finally somebody with some sence. Like lets keep it real here. Bynum Has WAAYYYYYY more of an upside then Dwight Howard. I like Howard, but he CAN NOT get any better than he already is!!! Bynum isnt even in his prime yet he has more skill then Dwight. He is a better free throw shooter, he has a midrange jumper…can go left or right, but the only thing Dwight is better at right now is Shot blocking….THATS IT!! Do not give up on Bynum!! he is a legit 7footer…not 6’11…get Cp3 and keep the rest. Remember….we just made the finals 3 straight years. Miami made a big 3 and had a good season and still lost….KEEP THIS TEAM TOGETHER!!!

  8. Lakers will get their big three says:

    Lakers are thinking about trading Odom, Pau & Bynum and they get CP3 who has gotten injured before and Dwight who is never serious and we already know about his free throw problem despite this I as a lakers gm would pull the trigger.

    After that I would try to get David Lee for Barnes

    Next trade Luke & Steve Blake, Theo, Joe Smith for Cash

    Next I would pick up James Jones who is a free agent

    PF:David Lee

  9. saudin says:

    I would get CP3, 1) the Bobcats need a C. 2) don’t get both cp3 and d12, unless you want to end up like the HEAT. you get CP3, and then you can make more trades for a bench… LA has no true PG’s… so why go get another big man in Dwight unless you’re willing to get rid of Pau, but let’s face it, the Magic would never do that! If you add Artest/Odom to that trade, you better be getting Caron Butler.

  10. KB24TheTrueKing says:

    This is what the lakers should do: trade Bynum Odom to the Magic for Howard and Turk then Offer Gasol and a pick for CP3…….AMNESTY LUKE WALTON TO CLEAR UP 12$ million, and then pick up a power forward through free agency such as David West or Carl Landry; Lakers Starting Line up:
    That to me spells out DOMINANCE

    • saudin says:

      where’s the bench? those guys won’t play 48 minutes per game? Carl Landry would be a SOLID bench player! he does it all

  11. parps924 says:

    Howard with the Lakers? WoW!!! that would be the best christmas gift for me… All I can see is another Ring for Lakers!

  12. nike_thrax says:

    I think there will be no better than CP3(PG) + Kobe(SG) + Andre Iguadala(SF) + Pau Gasol(PF) + D.Howard (C).. Re-sign Shannon Brown + Steve Blake then trade them to CP3, Lamar Odom to Andre Iguadala , Bynum + Matt Barnes to D.Howard…

    Lakers needs a lot of Athleticism and Role Players.. The leadership of CP3 in the Point, consistent scoring and dish out from Kobe, Baseline threat + in and out from Andre Iguadala, post up + perimeter shot for Pau, and a monster on the paint from Dwight..

    Lakers can now trade their junkyard boys like Luke Walton, (grand father theo and joe smith) Ebanks and Caracter to a future draft picks.. and fish some fresh legs on the free agent pool..I didn’t see any potential on Caracter and Ebanks.. Maybe this is the time to get a low cost but good quality players like DeAndre Jordan as back up (C), and JJ Barea as your back up (PG)..

  13. ErnieG says:

    Hey, I would love to see the Lakers get both cp3 and D. Howard. But we are forgetting one important factor. New coach???? If Phil Jackson were still in town he could get the team to mesh immediately as he did with shaq and Kobe. May not be as easy with Brown as the coach. Something to think about.

  14. Pinoy Movie says:

    for sure lots of LA player will be included in the trade if this happen

  15. SYDALE says:

    I don’t know why any team would want to try to build around Andrew Bynum. I would never be able to trust that knee of his, and he’s never shown me anything as far as being able to carry a team. Plus, the Lakers are too eager to get rid of him. If he was ALL THAT, then wouldn’t they just tell other teams to kick rocks and that he’s not available??? Instead, they’re like: Oh you WANT Bynum? Sure… LOL… It’ll cost you 10x his worth…

    I sincerely hope that Orlando or New Orleans don’t fall for the okey-doke…

    If anything… New Orleans should be trying to make a deal with Orlando…

    1. Okafor + two 1st Rd picks for Dwight…

    2. Give up CP3 for Jameer Nelson + Hedo Turkoglu + 1st Rd pick…

  16. mike says:

    the lakers need to trade ron artest and gasol and a benchplayer or two for dwight howard and chris paul. if that can happen then lakers will have many more championships.

  17. fred says:

    not a laker nor a mike brown fan, but if there should be a wholesale change it should be this season. Mike Brown is a defensive coach, and who better to play the D for your 2 most important positions than CP3 and Howard, with that you have the best D from 1 and 5 with a 2 guard that can turn it on defensively if he wants to, by all means trade away all the core if you can get those 2, as far as im concerned, if you are getting howard and cp3 in return, bynum odom gasol artest barnes and fisher are all expendable…heck if this thing goes down it will be really tough on my celtics, and if it goes through, they wont even need to worry about kobe’s aging and other factors like that, because they can sure as hell move on with a tandem like that

  18. Evan P. says:

    Is orlando and howard really this dumb? Why would either want to deal with LA… First off Andrew Bynum and Gasol how do you build a team around that? Gasol is 32 he plays what maybe 3 more years and Bynum you mean the player who has been injured every year of his career, the player who didn’t average a double double last year… For Howard why would he want to play for the lakers after kobe retires who will be the next best player he’s gonna have a two year window to win a title and then its like being in orlando again…..Chicago is who both sides should deal with.. 1 they have more to offer throw in noah who did avg a double double last year gibson or asik and a player like deng plus 2016 charlotte draft pick which will prob be a top five pick… All young players in or coming into their prime and great draft picks…For Howard he gets to play D rose who is 23 and last time i checked chicago is a big market

  19. rex says:

    what i think is they she get CP3 and howard for bynum and gasol cuase it would be a good fit for them and all those laker haters you can hate them all you want but if we do get both of them or just one of them it still going to be good fir us i like that the lakers are trying to get them two guys it would be nice to see a big three in la just so we can hang with the miami heat dallce and boston.

  20. TerraJ says:

    Its so hard to believe that Dwight or CP3 isnt going to the Lakers. Yet you had Bosh and Lebron join Wade. I know Lakers won’t get both, but they have a good chance of getting one. Prob not CP3. Dwight more likely, BECAUSE Orlando wants to get something at least decent out of Dwight trade, instead of waiting for next year and getting nothing IF Dwight decides to leave next year, which he prob will. So NON LAKER FANS, quit hating. The reason why this is posted is because these reporters are professional with what they post. LAKERS HAVE A CHANCE OF GETTING DWIGHT or CP3. Its a dream yes, and a reachable dream. Funny when people say, IN YOUR DREAMS LAKERS WILL NOT GET THEM, and what if they get one of them? Do I comment you back on this page and laugh at you? I know CP3 doesnt want to go to the Lakers. But Dwight does. Dwight wants a ring, hes getting hungry. And with the Lakers, Lakers will be a top contender for sure. (note that I didnt say, they’ll win).

  21. YG says:

    I hope the land CP3 and D12 they can do it too. Look I say Trade Bynum and barnes and a first pick (or sadly Odom)to Orlando For D12 and sign and trade Shannon Brown and Pau For CP3. The Hornets have no option it’s either that or nothing. so If all goes to plan The Lakers will beat the heat in 5 games and Dwight will be Finals MVP. If this really happens I’m gonna cry from joy for days… Lakers starting lineup hopefully:

    World Peace


    (insert filler here)

  22. JordanL says:

    I’ve heard rumors that Lakers will try to pursue both CP3 and Howard. But even as a die hard Laker fan I dont think that it’s the rite move.
    Lakers should trade for one or the other. Or just do smaller trades or sign free agents to fill the holes on their roster

    All deals involving Paul will be based around Andrew Bynum according to sources.

    Hornets probably want Bynum, a draft pick, and a rookie contract like Darrius Morris

    or Bynum and Shannon Brown.

    I dont think Kobe would be very happy if Lakers acquired both players without at least talking to him. Becuz they hired Mike Brown without talking to him and now they try to add 2 superstars who will change the entire face of the franchise to their roster,

    Personally I dont want another NBA superteam even if it is my favorite team and I want them to win another ring.,..

  23. SteveM says:


  24. mr.ed says:

    as a laker fan, while it’d be awesome to see BOTH howard and cp3 in laker jerseys, realistically i believe the lakers have a chance at only getting one.

    if we tried going for both, what would the price be? just about everyone except kobe.

    so with that said, it’s a question of what do the lakers need more: a center or a pg?

  25. ROEL says:

    i believe the trade will be for center to center, howard for bynum or gasol plus remainder.

  26. qwerty says:

    we just have to wait what gonna happen.

  27. Homer Page says:

    I am sick to death of people saying that Bynum for Howard, or Bynum for Paul is a fair deal. How on earth can anyone in their right mind think Bynum is as good as any of these guys??? Bynum is not even as good as Anderson Varejao!!!!!
    I will be soooooo annoyed if the Lakers get this deal done, getting 1 of the best players in the league whilst giving up injured trash

  28. Hal Elee says:

    Wow, this comment system sucks

    I meant the dude saying Howard should go to the Celtics is an idiot

    Im not cursing randomly and random folk here just because my reply is being but in suckball weird places after I write it to make it look like I am

    • lmao agreed. the sjh fellow is the funniest with his stupidity. the hornets and magic will not give up these players for nothing. lakers can get one or the other. go for the guy that wants to play for the lakers. paul will cost the lakers gasol, 1st round draft picks, and leave the next year for NY

      • @SJH- you mentally challenged or something kid? did you not comprehend one word the NBAGURU said? if you’re going to reply at least understand what you’re replying to. here’s some little facts your feeble brain failed to notice. 1)cp3 wants to go play for NY melo and stoudemire, the nbaguru said he will find his way there NOTHING about being traded there, notice how players can wind up in places in trades and free agencies? ok now 2)nbaguru did say trade play for what you can get and pointed out the clippers and pacers as teams who could give NOH what it wants for cp3. let them worry about resigning him and such. way to look like a fool with your brain on the ground kid try using it more often

  29. DNorm23 says:

    Line up

    Chris Paul/ Fisher /Brown
    Kobe Bryant/ Jamal Crawford
    Lomar Odom/ Jason Kopono
    Tyson Chandler or Glen Davis
    Andrew Bynum

  30. DNorm23 says:

    The NBA is Back and the same Laker hatin still hasnt changed, most people that comment about us are the the same bandwagon Yankees fans that lived in Arkansas their whole lives, but hate on, for the Lakers – they are looking up at the Mavs and the Heat. Im tired of lets get him because he is a BIG Name guy drama, I want something that will make hard to beat. The Lakers are soft at the PF postion, so Gasol should be in the hot seat because Bynum was beasting in the Playoffs ” and he can also hit free throws.” Next we need a quick and smart PG so CP3 sounds good to me! We need another penetrator like Jamal Crawford because #24 and handle some pg duties. Next Gasol for Tyson Chandler or Glen (Big Baby) Davis would be our best route. Howard would do nothing but sell seats, if the lakers wanna win again better listen to my suggestions.

  31. LOUIE says:

    caguioa for cp3 menk and mamaril for howard

  32. Fact Not Fiction says:

    If LA gets Howard and Paul then Kobe Bryant will have seen more talent come and go than a casting couch.

  33. 17,6 says:

    i agree wit the “kobe is GOAT” dude, cp3 wants 2 go 2 NY (the rumors of a melo stat and cp3 bein 2gether has been around 4 a while now) and dwight obviously wants 2 join the lakers…i am a die hard laker fan and i love fisher 2 death but its time 2 move on we need a PG and cp3 is my favorite PG but i don’t think that is gonna happen…even if we do swap bynum and possibly odom 4 howard we would still have artest (i refuse 2 call him by his new name) and fisher in the startin lineup…we need young legs and artest and fisher r past their prime…although gasol bryant and howard does not sound bad at all but i’d rather see cp3 bryant ?barnes? odom and gasol and see artest and bynum gone…no disrespect 2 artest and bynum but i saw artest miss DUNKS last season and i’d rather lose bynum then lose gasol…gasol is the reason y we won 2 titles and made it 2 the finals in 08, unlike other laker fans i’m greatful and believe he still has it in him..

    • Jones17 says:

      Disagree with Paul, i’d rather a dominant big man in Howard. Our biggest problem other than being slow, was the total lack of shooting ability the entire roster had. CP3 doesn’t solve that problem as he’s not an elite shooter. Nash would be nice but Suns would never do that. Paul couldn’t carry the Hornets past the 1st round, but Howard has been deep in the playoffs several times and would keep us competitive years after Kobe retires and with Kobe, Gasol and Howard, we’d automatically challenge for the title the next 3 years. Load up with some 3 point players and we’d be set.

      Totally agree Fisher is done. Apart from his heroics twice vs Celtics year before last, he did nothing all year. People forget he missed 5 of 5 from 3 point range in the first 44 minutes before sinking 2 late on including overtime. If he wasn’t so bad all game, we would have won in normal time and not needed him to make those ‘clutch’ 3’s.

      I’m glad someone else is defending Gasol other than me. He’s a top player and now he’s rested and didn’t play for Spain in the summer, he should be back to his best.

  34. Jamie S* says:

    I agree with “Kobe”, and believe in this core who made (3) straight trips to the finals. And was attempting a 4th before they simply ran out of gas. You have to understand that this team will be coming into a season with the most rest they’ve had in (5) years. And everyone healthy. “Drew” is one of the few TRUE centers left in the game. #24 is maybe the greatest, but will probably walk away in another 2-3 years, so just be patient. “Drew” have the next (10) straight years to be a perential all-star. So I hope “Mitch” can see this, and not be to hasty. I like the young guards they drafted. That bench help at guard and this long rest with a short season will put them right back into orbit. LEAVE THIS ROSTER ALONE!! Prediction: Championship

  35. Alex says:

    I can’t stop laughin’ at people who say that Lakers can’t get Howard or Paul!! We are talkin’ about the LAKERS,all the great players would want to play there.

    So Laker haters keep mumblin’ jumblin’ all around but when the Lakers get one of those two – or both- then
    please come here again and tell us what you think about that lol!

    And by the way what ever happens with Howard & Paul please REPLACE FISHER,bench him or trade him for cry out loud, he’s old and he can’t help us as much as he used to,no disrespect for what he gave us all those years
    but i can’t accept Fisher been in the starting lineup this year again.

  36. Choker says:

    If the Paul and Howard wants to leave trade them before they become a free agent….. the Magic and Hornets can get something if they trade their key player, a 3 team trade maybe will do… Paul and Howard to Lakers – Gasol and Peace and cash 2nd round pick to Hornets and Orlando – Bynum and Blake 2nd round pick cash

  37. alex toma says:

    this year**

  38. alex toma says:

    @earlbebp.signar relax the mavs won their first title i wanna see them win 17 like the lakers who went to the finals 3 out of the last 4 years, just wait until we get howard and we will be back in the finals again after this year

  39. alex toma says:

    ok why do you guys think were fake fans if were a laker fan? ive been a laker fan since i knew about basketball so just cuz ppl like the lakers doesnt mean we dont kno anything about basketball
    i just cant wait till free agency starts so when we actually get Howard by trading lamar odom and andrew bynum then the lakers will be an unstoppable team

  40. it makes sense if the lakers can have one of the superstars because for a simple reason. . . THEY WERE SWEPT BY DALLAS MAVS LAST JUNE. HAHAHAHAHA

  41. roger manaloto says:

    this is my lakers roster this year
    cp3&deron w.
    kobe&deron w.
    barnes&j. the “shooter” kapono
    d. howard&&joe smith&ratfitf

    baron davis

    end of story make it happen mitch k…..

  42. Josh says:

    Aslong as Odom isn’t packaged with Bynum I can certainly live with this deal. I would send Bynum and a guy like Barnes or Metta for Howard/Paul any day of the week, and I am a die-hard Laker fan.Giving up Odom in there too however would be too much. Our biggest advantage (other than Kobe) is the height we can use. With Odom and Bynum gone, our front court is looking real thin, curly headed and Spanish. Gulp.

    • Jones17 says:

      I’m sure most Laker fans who watch Odom choke time after time would get rid of him for spare change. His contract is way too big for his actual talent. I watched every single Laker game last year and Odom turned up to about 30 of them, Not good enough. If Bynum and Odom got traded for Howard, we’d have the best frontcourt in the whole NBA by a mile. It’s amazing how people have dropped Gasol like a bum since the playoffs began, when we wouldn’t have won the last 2 titles without him.

  43. Denver/Heat says:

    Lakers fans have as much chance as New Yorks fans of seeing Howard & Paul join there team.


    I agree Lakers may land 1. With parting of Gasol/Bynum & Odem/Artest

    However i don’t see Howard wanting to play under shaqs shadow or Kobe wanting to be made the #2 and with either of them thats what he will be.

    As for Paul, i think as others have said despite what the clubs may want, if Paul truely wants to join New York, the knicks will make it happen. Like they did Melo & Stat.

  44. garry says:

    If the Lakers get paul for Bynum, they will have a big three of:
    That is better then any other teams big three including Miami’s self proclaimed champions.
    Watch out if the Lakers get a young point guard. If you watch basketball, it is the Lakers inability to stop fast point guards from breaking down there defense that has been there only downfall. Picking up Paul solves this problem, and as long as Gasol is still around they still are good down low.

  45. garry says:

    Haslem is not even close to the same talent level of Gasol or Bynum. Nene is as good as Bynum but older and not a star like Gasol.

  46. demented says:

    Just saw a comment saying laker fans are hypocritical for wanting either howard or paul (or both of them) in LA. Heres a question, did paul or howard talked to each other to negotiate that their contracts end at the same time so they can go to a particular team? No. The super friends at miami orchestrated it among themselves so that when they can, they would be together when their previous contract expires / allows them to opt out. we are not hypocrites, we, who do eat, sleep, breath laker basketball, wants to see our team win it all… simple as that. You can call as fakers or what ever, but we werent the one with the player that chokes on 4th quarters.

    • garry says:

      Yea, they also forget the 30 min special press release where they acted like they already won a championship. Maybe that is why Miami got so much criticism. You are supposed to win first then celerbrate.

      • HeatWave says:

        We’re talking about two different things here. I’m saying Miami was bashed for having 3 stars come together. Your pointing out the premature victory parade. If that’s your reason to dislike them fine I can understand that it was dumb, but I know people were also hating on them for joining up. So when fans are on here asking for Howard and Paul it makes you all Hypocrites.

        Oh also don’t act like Kobe has not talked to either of these guys about it.

      • jono says:

        arn’t u a miami fan gary? r u agreeing with demented?

      • jono says:

        sorry different gary. my bad

    • HeatWave says:

      Well this is why people bash LA fans because you guys don’t take time to understand things. I said LA fans are hypocrites for wanting BOTH Howard and CP3. doesn’t matter how the aqusition is done, you’ll be a hypocrite for shaming another team for loading up stars then hoping your team does the same.


      • LAKERS4LIFE says:

        Most peoples problem with the Heat was the way Lebron went about leaving his team. Never hinted or anything that he wanted out until he just bailed. CP3 and Dwight have both said they want to leave, so its not like theyre truly screwing their teams over by faking them out. Plus “The Decision” didnt help either.

  47. Patrickjohn Maldonado says:

    Purple & Gold Lineup:

    Chris Paul
    Kobe Bryant
    Metta World Peace <—lol
    Lamar Odom <—because Gasol cant focus while playing along side Shannon Brown [locker room story]
    Dwight Howard

  48. zinger says:

    Gasol only really played badly because he was depressed his long term girlfriend broke up with, as advised by Kobes girlfriend.At the Start of the year he was doing amazing things, but also Jackson admited he was playing too many minutes to cover the injured Bynum to he was fatigued ANd depressed in the playoffs. Its unlikely Lakers will get CP3 AND Howard, unless they dismantled the team and lost everone else including Kobe. They would need to trade Bynum to get Howard, Gasol has great court vision and could set up Howard like crazy also Kobe could do what he did with Shaq-Try to score himself and then offload to a powerful centre. Personally I think for fans of the NBA it would be cooler to see them get CP3 and see a guard orientated shot at the title.

  49. armando says:

    you guys will be surprise when howard decides to wait till his contract expires…then sign w/ boston.

    howard has been asking for a good point guard on both ends w/ garnett and allen willing to take good enough price

    after their current contract expires look how that line up gonna be

    • Jones17 says:

      Haha won’t happen but would be the best defense in history. Wouldn’t Garnett and Allen have to take vets minimums?

  50. CBALDZ says:

    Let me give my two cents on the issue.

    Scenario 1: Trade Bynum and Odom for Howard and others (whoever necessary to balance the deal). They then wait until Deron Williams become free agent next year. Personally I like Deron way more that CP3; I think he’s more equipped to handle the bigger guards in the league (Rondo, DRose, Westbrook). Lineup: Howard, Gasol, Kobe, Williams. For the SF, maybe get an average free agent (ex. Kirilenko) or maybe even just Ebanks (if he’s ready).

    Scenario 2: Somehow pull off the following trade: Gasol, Odom, and others (whoever necessary to balance the deal) for Deron Williams and Brooke Lopez. This way, Lakers can still keep their twin towers upfront. I heard that Bynum supposedly did a lot of rehab this summer and supposed to have a much much better conditioning now; maybe we don’t need Howard anymore. Lineup: Bynum, Lopez, Kobe, Williams. Same scenario for the SF as above.

    Scenario 3: Trade Bynum or Gasol and Odom for Chris Paul and Emeka Okafor. Honestly, I would rather keep Bynum than Gasol. Pau is soft, he’s such a push over. Lineup: Bynum/Gasol, Okafor, Kobe, CP3. Same scenario for the SF as above.

    • David says:

      The second scenario is so dumb Y on earth would you want 2 Centers~~~ and to be honest i think ARTEST isnt that great Lakers need to get rid of walton, artest, blake, fisher, barnes.

  51. Tj says:

    All i can say is if howard goes to LA or CP3 that would be a unstoppable team SO WATCH OUT HEAT FANS!!! lol

  52. Joel Eustaquio says:

    Paul and Dwight will have a good career in LA than any other team In terms of good city, franchise players, winning tradition I believe they can win multiple titles together.

  53. Denver/Heat says:

    LOL, people saying Gasol for CP3 or Bynum for Howard.

    I like Heat & Denver so i might say NENE FOR HOWARD, CP3 FOR HASLEM

    Its about the same level of stupidity.

    • Jones17 says:

      That’s not the same, Bynum is better than Nene and Gasol is miles better than Haslem.

    • LAKERS4LIFE says:

      Yeah man, thats the dumbest thing Ive ever heard. Haslem for CP3?! At least Gasol is an AllStar. Nene for Dwight is more fair, except hes a free agent so he cant really be traded by Denver anyways. Plus why would Dwight want to play in Denver with no other great players when he could play with Kobe and maybe Pau?

  54. Alex says:

    @ Chris, are you stupid? apparently Howard and Paul wanna exit their teams so that’s who will trade those players duh.

    Now,i believe we should trade Gasol since he’s gettin’ older and Bynum is still young but i don’t think
    that a lineup of Bynum & Howard can exist, what do you thing?

    Paul wants to go to Knicks, so i believe that’s the place he’s going to soon or later no matter the rumours about other teams.

  55. Altair says:

    If the Magic want Bynum, then swap it with Howard
    If the Hornets want Gasol, then swap it also with CP3,
    The Lakers line up would be
    World Peace

    Great line up!

    • SJH says:

      FINALLY someone on here with a brain! That is exactly how the Lakers can get both Howard and Paul. These dumb idiots keep saying it cant happen, it cant happen. We all know thats because they really dont want it to happen. Bynum for Howard Gasol for Paul. It may take draft picks and some cash. But it is possible. You Laker haters need to quit hatin. You sound like girls.

      • HeatWave says:

        It’s not that it can’t happen, we all just know better than to think Orlando will Trade Dwight Howard aka Superman, for Andrew Bynum aka…Andrew Bynum. Free agency is the best bet for LA to get both guys like Miami did with James and Bosh, but if you seriously think there is a workable trade for Howard – Bynum and CP3 – Gasol, then you’re just another fanatic with high hopes and low IQ.

    • QuestionMark says:

      People and their stupid trades, think!, Lakers cant trade for both financially, they don’t have the cap space, and I would Hornets trade a PG and not get a PG back in return? Bynum for Howard is good because both sides get a C, why would NO trade for a struggling PF and send a PG that pretty much owned the Lakers on his own?

      • Jones17 says:

        Yeh fair played, i’d trade Fisher straight up for Paul and ask for no change and i’m sure if Mike Brown could be persuaded, he’d let Ratliff go for Howard + their 1st pick…

    • Razdizzle says:

      If the Lakers are to acquire both Paul and Howard in two separate trades, you can take Odom and World Peace off the list. Also, the Lakars will need to dig into there bench and offer draft picks as well. I can see guys like Ebanks, Blake and possibly Brown in a sign and trade deal as well. Now your talking at least 6 or 7 players involved in these trades to include draft picks.

      Now can this happen, sure, but chances are slim to none. I do believe that L.A. will get one of them, and my bets are leaning towards Dwight Howard, however, Hedu will have to be part of the deal, so Orlando can offload his contract.

    • SteveM says:

      Delusional nonsense. Bynum for Howard alone is mad! The magic will get better than that elsewhere! Artest/Odom is also needed to get it done. Lakers can’t do anything in Free agency. Infact they need to shead a lot of salary not add more!!

  56. kobe is the GOAT says:

    dwight howard wants to go LA and chris paul wants to go NY. all you miami heat fans watch out now cus when lakers do get dwight howard it’s imagine that ill run outside butt-naked if the trade happen

  57. shid16 says:

    hey , you all laker hater dont be so insecured with the rumors…….. you all knw that who have the core to have a trade with this two guy… and also its not only about about ,, its about who has the money to sign them in an extention…. dont panic,,, hollywood will always be the place 4 the star……

  58. jk says:

    how about bynum in mavs uniform? haha

  59. TheNBAGURU says:

    lmao this isn’t the nba 2k12 kids. all you silly laker fans honestly think the lakers will land BOTH chris paul and dwight howard in trades? what do the lakers have looking toward the future to give both franchises? send bynum odom plus picks to orlando and then what send gasol bench players to new orleans for paul? hahah thats the worst deals BOTH teams will make. Christ Paul WILL find his way to New York that is a given, New Orleans would be smart to trade him now to an upcoming contender like the Clippers, Pacers (maybe get collison back), and let them sell him on the idea of being contenders in their respective conferences. IF i was paul Id get want to go to OKC and play with Durant/Harden/Ibaka/Perkins who DO have the talent to ship back to the Hornets to get a trade done. Paul, Durant, Ibaka, Harden, Perkins with 3 point ace Cook and viable back up pg in maynor. Paul going to the clippers he’d be paired with the blake show and he could have his pick and roll man like he did with chandler which was successful for a couple seasons in NOH. Lakers should just focus on acquiring Howard the best deal possible. which would be bynum odom caracter and 1st 2 2nd.

    • SJH says:

      @THENBAGURU. I dont know where you got your name but you need to change it to the NBA idiot. The Hornets are going to trade Chris Paul. If the Knicks have nobody besides Amare and Melo, which we all know they wont be traded. Who else do the Knicks have to acquire Paul. What other team can get involved to help the Knicks acquire Paul. There for how will he end up in NY. I am a Laker fan, even im not sold on the Lakers getting him. But i am smart enough to know he wont stay in NO and the Knicks have nothing to offer. NBAGURU, ya right!

      • killin it says:

        SJH you’re an idiot, why would LA want to completely rebuild their team by getting rid of 4 or 5 key players, to land two players that might not even fit their style of play? Sounds like a stupid risk for some star power if you ask me.

        It’s one or the other at least until one is unrestricted, which is also unlikely, Kobe still has sway and having both CP and D12 will cause too much friction in a system that still works for LA.. And the knicks could well trade chauncy billups, turiaf, and few other roleplayers for CP or D12 and pick up some free agents along the way.

    • QuestionMark says:

      I don’t think OKC should trade Westbrook, he is an amazing player, much better than Paul when it comes to driving to the rim, Westbrook averages 8 asts/game which is solid, and if Harden starts, I guarantee he will get 5-7 asts per game, along with 15+ pts, that is good enough rather than trading for Paul, I would trade Perkins for another C.

  60. Pat says:

    Why would the Magic take whatever they can get? They saw what Denver did last year with their haul for Carmelo Anthony. If they trade Howard, then they want to start their rebuilding process, therefore, they will want a similar haul to what Denver received. That means they want youth and draft picks. Ya, Howard wants a warm place, but he also wants a large market. I wouldn’t discount a Boston or Chicago team for his services.
    LA would be able to make their best package centered around Odom and Bynum. Odom is 32 so that won’t help the rebuilding process. As for Bynum, he is a great talent, when healthy. People seem to be forgetting, or just not mentioning, Andrew Bynum’s ugly injury history. He has had major surgery on both of his knees. When we are talking about a center to build around, the Magic aren’t going to want to take the risk on Bynum’s injuries. Remember when the Magic sign Grant Hill? They don;t want a similar situation.
    Then comes the salaries the Magic would have to take on for this trade. Bynum makes $15.1 million this year and $16.4 million this year. Odom makes $8.9 million this year and $8.2 million next year.
    The Lakers do have all of their own first round draft picks in the future, but these picks are believed to be in the mid to late 20’s.
    Here is what the Magic would be looking for in return for Howard: 2 to 3 young, promising players, still on their rookie contract. Draft picks, and the ability to dump Turkoglu’s salary. The Lakers can’t offer this. They can make a package built around Bynum, but other than that the Laker’s aren’t gonna have the pieces that the Magic want to get a deal done. I believe the Magic would make an exception about the salary if the player is young and has yet to reach his prime.
    The Bulls would have what they Magic would be looking for. They can offer numerous young players that are still on their rookie contract. Some players for example would be Taj Gibson, and Omer Asik. The Bulls could that throw players such as Joakim Noah, Luol Deng, Carlos Boozer, Ronnie Brewer, and Kyle Korver. The Bulls can also include draft picks. The Bulls own all of their own future first round draft picks. The Bulls too will be believed to have all their picks in the mid 20’s to late 20’s. However, the kicker to what the Bulls have is a future pick from Charlotte.(top-14 protected in 2012, top-12 protected in 2013, top-10 protected in 2014, top-8 protected in 2015, and unprotected in 2016). This Charlotte draft pick could become very valuable to a rebuilding team. Chicago could throw a package of Joakim Noah, Taj Gibson, Omer Asik, and some draft picks for Howard and Turkoglu. This would be the best deal the Magic could take.

    • Jones17 says:

      Very true, this would be great for the Magic and Bulls, works all round and there is a good possibility Howard would sign an extension to be with Rose. Gibson, Brewer and Noah should be enough and Bulls could keep Deng and Boozer. They would be amazing! Still hope Howard sticks to wanting to play with Kobe (i’m a Laker), but this deal would still be exciting.

  61. alex toma says:

    then we would have the starting line up looking like this
    fisher/ Davis
    Ron Artest
    pau gasol
    Dwight Howard
    We will be a championship team if the lakers trade bynum and odom for Howard

  62. alex toma says:

    i think the lakers will trade bynum and lamar odom to get howard and then we sign baron davis after he gets released by the cavs.
    i dont think we will be able to get chris paul

    • Kobe's Neighbor says:

      I don’t mind trading Bynum + Blake + Brown + Walton to either Howard or Paul.

      • QuestionMark says:

        Dude every team needs 12 players, trading 4 for 1 is stupid, and why would L.A destroy their already terrible bench?

      • SteveM says:

        Those bench guys will probably stay, finish their contacts, then leave! Then start again from scratch. The Lakers have never been about having a good bench, rather about having 5 killer starters!! (Odom, obvious exception!)

    • Sbfern805 says:

      WTF! Baron Davis? blah! Allen iverson is TEN TIMES BETTER that Baron! completely OFF buddy! COMPLETELY!!

  63. Denver/Heat says:

    Those trades will never happen, only way lakers get either is bynum & gasol or odeml for howard or
    artest, odem, bynum/gasol for paul.

    both are out and out superstars and are franchise players, none of those listed for the lakers are.

    • LAKERS4LIFE says:

      Except Gasol in a very underrated defender and shot blocker, and he is the second most complete offensive big man in the NBA behind Dirk. Also, Andrew Bynum is the only player in the league thats even comparable to Howard. Hes not as good as Dwight, but hes young and has a lot of things going for him, and could probably shine if he was a teams go to guy.

  64. GOLA says:

    If anyone thinks that LA will get both guys, they are fools. They have no money to get both unless they change the entire roster. Number 2 there will be so much conflict of leadership as all those 3 guys are leaders and want to be “the guy” on their team. So if you ask me, I think they are more likely to get one of those guys and probably Chris Paul because I know they will not want to trade BYNUM. But as far as I’m concerned, I can manage with any of the 2 coming to LA!

    • LAKERS4LIFE says:

      The Lakers could manage to get both, though one or the other is obviously more likely. and don’t you think that CP3 and Dwight are smart enough to realize that Kobe is a top 5 all-time player, a living legend, and would fall in line with him while hes still there? The Lakers are Kobes team. Cp3 and Dwight will realize this. Both of them would rather win a ring than be “the guy” on their teams. Then when Kobe retires, you have a point guard and a center as your best players. Shouldnt be too much conflict there.

  65. sentt says:

    why does everyone act like bynum is totally injury prone and his career is ruined?? just because he got injured a few times doesnt mean he is injured forever. i dont think anyone has seen him play recently because he is amazing. hes only going to get better.

    • QuestionMark says:

      Agreed, I think Bynum can average Howard type numbers if he becomes the main focus for a team.

      • HeatWave says:

        Well yeah he could, but how well would that team do? Look at Love, his numbers should have had his team playoff bound. Instead they finished behind Clevland! Now imagine Bynum as the star scorer for Orlando. Do you really think they’ll make the playoffs?

  66. reh says:

    Yeah the lakers will be getting howard for sure. the heat need to watch out.

  67. joadsta says:

    doesn’t make sense to trade the best center in the league for an injury plagued bynum. deal wouldn’t be worth it.

    • SJH says:

      @joadsta your right about that. I guess the Magic should just lose Howard for absolutely nothing, kinda what happen to the Cavs right?

    • SteveM says:

      Realistically the Magic won’t be happy with ANYTHING they get for Howard. I guess they are still clinging to the hope that he will stay. Unlikely at this stage though!

      • MackDaddy says:

        Exactly right. Howard is one of those players that no matter who you offer, you cant trade for. The big factor a lot of people above me are forgetting is that Orlando are now forced to agree to a trade…. because if they dont they get nothing later. The new CBA requires teams to spend a minimum amount of money…. Orlando will dump Arena’s contract as a freebie, Hedo will be traded away to someone, and if Howard leaves later on Orlando will HAVE to give some 2nd rate player a lot of money to balance the books. And that will stuff up rebuilding completely. Nope…. they will jump at chance to get Bynum because a) Bynum wants to be there long term, b) Wants a big pay day, c) Wants a team he can call HIS. Orlando can offer all that.

        Lock it in…. Bynum and Christmas stocking filler for Howard. Done.
        Paul…. well that’s a different equation. Howard is unquestionably number 1 in his position. There arent any true 5’s in the league these days. A real big that plays big. But Paul… well, he’s awesome but he’s also replaceable. He’s not number 1 as a lock, there are others that can be compared to him and traded for him 1 for 1. New Orleans cant be anywhere near as picky as Orlando can be. They’ll take whatever the Lakers offer for the same reasons (ie or he’ll leave later for nothing), but all Lakers have to do is offer leftovers.

        PG Paul (say no more)
        SG Kobe (say no more)
        SF Meta World Peace (ok he cant score for crap, but as a defensive superman he’s what they need at SF)
        PF Odom (can mix it up with Dirk)
        C Howard (say no more)

        Fish and others off bench, along with mid level exceptions and other players willing to take minimums to get a free ring, and all of a sudden you got 3 championships in a row (what’s that called Riley?) :).

  68. Rey says:

    Dream On, Faker fans dream on… just keep hatin on the King, GO Heatttttttt

    • Chris says:

      Thats what im talkin bout rey!
      Laker fans are the worst in the entire world for any sport… why, you may ask? because there are more laker fans in this world than there are basketball fans, its hollywood… anyone who doesnt know basketball at all will be a fan of the lakers. And dont even argue it because its true. the lakers are not goign to get dwight howard or chris paul, keep dreamin. Noone is going to swap Bynum for Dwight howard (one of the best centers in history, at least based on physical domination) and who are they gonna trade for chris paul (one of the best point guards in the league)… it just aint happening im sorry. Get used to seeing old man bryant and metta world peace you losers.

      • Haydz says:

        They will trade for Bynum, because if they dont they suffer the same fate as the Cavs when they lost LeBron. Is it that hard to understand? you trade now, and get something decent back for your star player —- or you dont trade, hoping they sign an extension (which they wont, and already said they wont) and then they walk away, leaving you with nothing but a huge big hole in your salary books, and no-one left on the market worth the kind of money they leave behind.

      • Sbfern805 says:

        HAHAHA! Do you guys know what you are talking about? Please tell me what other team is capable of giving Orlando what the Lakers have to offer? NONE unless its a sawp for their own superstar! EX: Lebron for Howard. Tell me what other Center is Dominant? So two things will happen…Either Orlando keep Howard and adds Chris Paul by giving up most of their team, or They both go to the Lakers. Chris Paul Wants new york but New york has nothing to give to New Orleans. So they need Howard or CP3 is gone. And YES there are more Lakers Fans because they have History and if you dont think so, then you my friend havent seen basketball. They are the best team in NBA HISTORY! thats why.

    • HeatWave says:

      I find it very hypocritical that Laker fans are hoping for Paul and Howard, but last year scrutinized Miami for their union.

      • Jones17 says:

        I’m not sure that many genuine fans did judge those 3, definitely not Wade. Bosh was unhappy playing in Canada and not making the playoffs so that was fully justified. LeBron did ‘jump ship’ but if I personally had a choice to play with 2 of my friends and the chance to win multiple championships even though it would cost me millions of salary, i’d do it in a heartbeat. The only thing about LeBron that was scrutinized was the heartless and gutless way he did it without even telling Dan Gilbert that he was leaving first.

        There have always been super teams in the NBA, look at Lakers and Celtics over the years. Magic, Worthy, Kareem? Are you kidding me?! Bird, Mchale, Parish..awesome.

        They probably won’t get both but it’s very likely they will get Howard at least.

      • Sbfern805 says:

        You again? Last year you said that Miami was going to take it all? what happened? Lebron choked. Look Lakers or any other team are not critisizing Miami for what they did. Its Lebron for making it larger than it could have been. First…”THE DECISION” was pathetic and absolutely low for someone to do that. Second…”NOT ONE, TWO, THREE, FOUR, FIVE, SIX, SEVEN” How many titles Lebron promised without even playing a single game with Miami. His ego made him the Best/Worst player to be liked in the NBA and since his team is Miami, then Miami got the hit. Now let me clarify as a Lakers fan…He IS the BEST PLAYER IN THE NBA, but he is plain stupid and has yet to grow and mature and find that extra UMPH that great players have. Now the ones who critized the Union (MJ) clearly did not realize that his team had talented players. Lakers are full of teams like Miami’s and is on the vege of getting another one…

    • SJH says:

      @Rey, Oh we are CALIFORNIA dreamin alright! You just continue to be a loser cheering for loser teams and loser players. AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA THEHEATSUCK!

  69. Denver/Heat says:

    David O,

    Are you the full quid you’ve traded Bynum & Artest then Bynum & Gasol

    In return you got Paul & Howard both times.


  70. David O. says:

    Starting Line Up;
    Chirs Paul
    Kobe Bryant
    Lamar Odom
    Paul Gasol
    Dwight Howard

    I do think Bynum has great potential, but i dont think Kobe wants to give his Lakers “go to guy role” to Bynum. Kobe has earned this so he is smart not to subside for the next generation players. I say we can sacrafice ron artest and Bynum to perhaps acquire these guys. Still a long shot if they dont get rid of Paul Gasol.

    other lineup if gasol traded:
    Chirs Paul
    Kobe Bryant
    Ron Artest
    Lamar Odom
    Dwight Howard

    • Dan says:

      David O, the Lakers won’t get BOTH CP and D12. One or the other, and they’ll have to give up Bynum or Gasol, plus more, to do so. More than likely, they’ll get NEITHER. If Kobe doesn’t want to give up the starring role to Bynum, do you honestly think he’ll let CP3 and D12 take it from him?!?!

      • SJH says:

        @Dan im sorry dude but you sound stupid. First of all, it is a reach, but it is slightly possible the Lakers can get both players. What people like you need to understand is that Paul and Howard want out of their current teams. At this point, its really not up to the team whether they trade them or not. Either they trade them now, or lose them for nothing when they hit free agency. So to say the Lakers wont get both is not completely accurate. To say more than likely they wont get neither after Dwight has already said he wants to come to the Lakers is what make you sound stupid. Or a Laker hater, you decide. Then you say, if Kobe doesnt want to give the starring role to Bynum, what makes you think he will give it to Dwight or Paul. Because Dwight and Paul or both better than Bynum you know nothing about basketball moron.

      • zXeRp- says:

        The Lakers have enough talent to land both guys. Bynum and Odom for Howard and then I’m almost positive Gasol alone for Paul would be tempting for the Hornets and if it’s not you add in Matt Barnes, a guy who could start if he played anywhere else, and if needed a first round or another role guy like Devin Ebanks who is young but has a good upside.

      • jono says:

        na i think you sound stupid SJH. im with dan. theres no way lakers will get both

      • SteveM says:

        @SJH. That’s a little harsh buddy saying this guy knows nothing. It’s a fascinating dilemma the Lakers find themselves in. They are very close to another Championship winning team that just needs better perimeter defenders to compete until June, sorry Fish, Steve Blake! But, they are aging. Soon Kobe will be a shadow of his former self and Pau isn’t getting any younger either. So do the Lakers trade Gasol for some youth in the perimeter? Necessarily for Paul? Maybe not. Bynum on his day is a top 5 Center and if surrounded with Kobe, Odom and potentially Paul/D-Will, that makes for one record-chasing team!! Getting Howard and ignoring the issue of perimeter defence will leave the lakers where they are now, getting beaten up by guys like Westbrook!!

        Getting both players needs to be ruled out now! Not going to happen! In my opinion the best case scenario would be to TRY and deal Gasol, Artest and a couple of other pieces for a top PG. Paul,Bryant,SF,Odom, Bynum would frighten many teams!!

        Point guard has to be considered the priority for the Lakers. I for one wouldn’t be in any way disappointed if the Lakers kept things pretty much the same. Coach Brown will improve defence, and Gasol is one of the best offensive players in the NBA and I’m sure Brown will only add to his defence ability. Lakers for Larry O’Brien!!!

      • Sbfern805 says:

        HAHAHA! What makes me think Kobe will give up his starring role? The fact that neither player is playing Kobe’s position. Also Bynum does not yet get doubled teamed and it sucks for Kobe because he sometimes gets tripled teamed. Howard and Chris are both capable of pulling and extra defender leaving Kobe bryant on a one on one situation ( deadly for the other team) Chris Paul will take the point guard position and takes more responsibility off Bryant ( meaning he has more energy when he gets the ball). Howard and Chris Paul have proven to be ALL-STARS and kobe respects that. This is how he will give up his atrring role.

    • QuestionMark says:

      You do realize it is impossible for L.A to get both CP3 and Howard unless they trade Bynum, Gasol, Odom and Artest which would kill their whole team and even then it is practically impossible for both trades. Bynum is the main guy if either of the trades go down, and of course Orlando or New Orleans would want either Artest,Gasol or Odom along with Bynum, say Howard gets traded for Bynum and Odom, I doubt the Hornets would trade CP3 for Artest, who is losing his touch and Gasol, who struggled in the Playoffs.

      • SJH says:

        @QuestionMark, you are another one. Read my post above you dude.

      • SteveM says:

        Giving up 3 bigs and the rest of the roster for Howard and Paul is insanity! The Lakers main advantage is their size. It’s different to Miami’s case of having 3 guys and nothing else becasue they are set for many year with those guys. The Lakers are not. Kobe age and salary would make getting even a decent support cast extremely difficult!

        Ps. Gasol will be back!! He will come into this season with a point to prove. It’s not all his fault of the Lakers capitulation last postseason. There was a guy called Nowitzki who kinda gave everyone a problem or two. The perimeter guys need to take a large portion of the blame. Terry and Barea killed the lakers!!

    • Paul Taylor says:

      i like!!!!!! a lot

  71. Tempt says:

    Paul for Bynum and 1 or 2 benchers.

    We NEED (NEED, NEED, NEED) an athletic PG. I love Fisher but it’s time to come off the bench chief.

    I think that would make the Hornets a good team! Emeka Okafor can finally stop playing the 5. He is not a 5!

  72. Greg says:

    Here’s what the Lakers need: Good center that doesn’t really get injured often. Good point guard.

    Solution: Trade Bynum, and other players for Howard and Jameer Nelson

    Lineup: Nelson, Bryant, Artest, Gasol, Howard

  73. al- respect the game says:

    awesome. Make it happen LA. for both guys

  74. al- respect the game says:

    that would be sweet !!! make it happen LA, for both guys.

    • Paul Taylor says:

      getting 1 of them would be crazy but both????? omg heat and celtics fans wouldnt even watch anymore!

  75. Macp86 says:

    Mmmmmmmmmmmmmm……… IDK, personally I like Bynum. I believe that because he was not given enough responsibility he had a difficult time finding his role though he managed to establish himself defensively. I understand that LA fans are a bit leery of his injuries, but that happens to all players at some point. He is still young and I’m afraid that if he goes to another team, we’re going to see his true potential. I believe he and LA fans need to be patient, Kobe will be leaving soon enough and Gasol (who I think should be traded, he and Ron Artest after last years performance in the playoffs) is getting older. In time he’ll have his moment. With a good PG, Bynum will do well. And that is what the Lakers need the most!!! Not another big man!!!!

  76. Gary says:

    I think LA will land at least one of these guys.

  77. James Burn says:

    I wasn’t old enough to see it, but I do believe history will repeat itself.

    Howard to Lakers for either Gasol or Bynum and the remainder

    Watch and see it may even happen sooner that we think

    watch and see

    • Paul Taylor says:

      i sure hope so! l.a r great now but adding dominants like or cp3 or both would just not be fair! and we though La had a big 3 already! smh

    • The baller says:

      Yo kid!!!!! the fakers have a 97 million salary this year… that puts them the highest team on payroll with $45 million over the cap….for every $1 dollars that they go over the cap JERRY BOSS have too pay $3 dollars”you follow the news in the lockout” this is not playstation….that bn said, the got to paid $135 million plus HOWARD money….so thats not going to happen…..SORRY an another thing Bynum for Howard HAHAHAHA I think orlando’s organization is not tha stupid…Do the numbers?

  78. James says:

    Darnit! Why aren’t the Celtics trying to get Howard for Garnet and Rondo, or some other combination? If there was a better fit for the Celtics, I’ve never seen it. Howard in Green is the almighty linchpin to the future of that aging franchise.

    • Rich says:

      because an aging Garnett + injured Rondo is not even half the worth of Howard. Celtics will suck. They were only good few years ago when all the other teams suck. But with the super powers emerging like the Bulls, Knicks, Orlando, Miami, Mavs, Lakers and Thunder, the Celtics won’t have any chance.

    • carlos says:

      Thats funny man, but you are right ……

      • bunbury says:

        I think Bynum is the best center the magic can get for Howard. is younger, arguably the second best center right now. Remember his start last year (or two years ago) while Gasol was injured, the guy was posting 23 pts 12rebs per game. also, do not forget that if they dont trade for howard and get something in return, the will end up with nothing- howard will not resign. I think that is very very clear.

    • Winner says:

      Guys please stop talking about loser teams. Star players who leave their mother teams will get karma just like LBJ,CB,MELO,AMARE and etc. The mavs have been patient through every season and look what happened. Basketball is all about a team. not popularity or cool shoes. Mavs will stay dominant because of patience and determination.

      • Paul Taylor says:

        kill yoself for saying that! anybody you put around kobe will be great, but and cp3 are already great. u know what that means????? rings baby rings!!!!

      • Danny says:

        listen its true normaly teams win rings not star players but shaq went to the lakers and it was fine with him…..if howard goes to l.a it will be pretty close to the old shaq and kobe.

      • Thetruth says:

        thats the dumbest thing i ever heard man if howard and paul go to LA you think the mavs will beat them like honestly LAkers would sweep the mavs and would dominate the western conference OKC is only team who stand a chance atleast in east theres Miami NEw York and Chicago who have a shot at finals

      • Sbfern805 says:

        Really?? Just how Shaq left and Karma Gave him Three rings with the Lakers? Kobe knows how to win and Howard and Chris Paul will learn that determination. Maybe egos will clash but its a great risk to take because Howard and Chris will learn from one of the best. Lebron, Melo, Amare, and Bosh arent winners so they do not know what it takes to win. Oneal was the anchor for the Miami Title with Wade so he doesnt count. Dallas is great as a team and each player steps up which makes them very difficult to beat.

      • Aaron says:

        I hope you are right about bad Karma and all these star players leaving their mother teams. All it shows is how selffish they all are who are star players.

    • Randall says:

      BECAUSE he is superman and kryptonite green would kill him