Rose Already Has His ‘Buddies’ On Team

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DEERFIELD, Ill. – In this age of AAU-like “buddy ball,” with NBA stars conspiring with other marquee guys to ditch rivalries and team up on mega-teams, Derrick Rose remains, well, refreshing.

“I’m not going to do that. If you want to come here, come here, but it’s not up to me to make that decision,” Rose said Thursday afternoon during his first visit to the Bulls’ practice facility since the NBA lockout unofficially ended. “I’m not paying them. I’m on my rookie contract.”

That soon will change – Rose eventually will sign a contract extension worth $100 million that will kick in for 2012-13 – but that part was a joke anyway. What wasn’t was the reigning NBA Most Valuable Player’s commitment to the Chicago Bulls teammates he has now or at any given point.

The electric point guard raised some eyebrows when he didn’t lobby in the summer of 2010 for LeBron James, Dwyane Wade or any of the other big-name free agents to join the Bulls. And he’s not lobbying now that another free-agent frenzy has begun – with fellows such as New York’s Amar’e Stoudemire and Carmelo Anthony happy to woo Chris Paul or others to their team.

Rose’s stance now is the same as it was 17 months ago: Want to play with the Bulls? Great, we’ll win together. Want to play somewhere else? Great, we’ll try to beat you.

“I know there’s a lot of people that want to play here, just Chicago being a great market, a great city to live in,” Rose said. “The fans are great – we have the No. 1 fans in the world. But like I say, it’s not up to me, it’s up to them to make a decision. I’ll meet with Pax [Bulls VP John Paxson] and Gar [GM Gar Forman] and them and see what they’re going to do.”

The conventional wisdom is that Chicago needs a backcourt piece who can create his own shot and take some of the offensive burden off Rose — an upgrade over the tag team approach of Kyle Korver, Ronnie Brewer and Keith Bogans. But the local guy (Simeon High) who has made good sees that talk almost as disloyal to the fellows on the current roster.

“I’m fine with my teammates,” he said. “If they choose to, that’s up to them. But my teammates that I have right now, I’m fine with them.

“When I look at it, I’m hard on myself. Any mistake that I do during a game, I think that everything is my fault. I hold myself for everything that went on during a game, because I have the ball a majority of the time, 80 percent or 90 percent of the time.

“It’s like, when I pass to people and they make a bad shot or whatever, I think it’s my fault because I put ’em in that position. Being a point guard, you think that way.”

Rose was the first Bulls player to show up at the Berto Center, the club’s practice facility in the northern suburbs of Chicago. He arrived a couple hours earlier than he initially planned and, finding the front entrance locked, got an assist from media people already behind the double doors who were waiting for him.

Rose touched on a few topics during a group interview with them:

  • Any 2011 update on his “Why can’t I be MVP?” prescient comment from training camp 2010? “This year I’m just trying to do better than last year. We’re trying to go further than last year. Last year, of course, it was a good season. But it’s last year. You never know how it’s going to go this year.”
  •  So how about MVP of the postseason? “That would be great. But my whole goal this year is to win the championship.”
  • Given how new the Bulls’ roster was a year ago, will continuity work to Chicago’s advantage now? “That was our first time coming together, and we made it that far. This year, I think we’re more comfortable with each other, knowing what we can do on the court, where guys are on the court at all times. I think it should help us out at the beginning.”
  • How did the MVP spend his extended offseason? “Traveling. I went everywhere this summer. China, I went to like six places there. I went to Hawaii. Traveling to Portland, traveling back from here to L.A. Houston. If the lockout wasn’t over, I would have been going to the Dominican Republic. Went to Bora Bora with my mom. I went to a lot of places.”
  • How did the shoe commercial shoot in Spain go? “It was cool. It was very hot out there. It was like three days, I was out there in, like, 110 degrees. I had a guy following me around with an umbrella. The guy’s name was Nacho. Nacho did a great job making sure I had shade.”
  • Did he interact with any real bulls? “I didn’t get close to them. But the matadors, I met all of them, took pictures of them. There was actually one of them that they compared to Michael Jordan, that he’s the greatest ever. He wasn’t there at the time, I wanted to meet him but I didn’t get a chance to.”
  • Did Rose come close to signing with any overseas team? “I wasn’t close at all. You know me, I always think positive about everything. I was just, for some strange reason, I always knew the season was going to start. But I didn’t know when.”
  • What did he make of the lockout and the business of basketball? “It’s about money but more, it’s about fans. It was hurting me to see that the season was almost gone because we couldn’t make a decision, couldn’t make a deal. It was hurting me, but thank God we got a deal done. And hopefully the fans are ready for us.”


  1. Nick says:

    Derrick Rose and the Bulls all the way this year I feel good about it because the bulls are a young team and they arent going to need to do much in this free agent frenzy unlike teams like the Knicks, Nets, Heat, Mavs, Lakers, Hornets, and Clippers.

  2. THY says:

    Let’s face it Rose is not the best player in the league, he is only humble because he doesn’t understand what they are saying (NEEDS EDUCATION) his game is improving, but when you have players like Williams, Paul, Rondo please give the guys credit, they have skills and know they game, he is still learning. Your opinion is your opinion but when it comes down to it skills when the games with talent. Stoudemire brought a team back to life last year dominating now he and Durant should have been MVP, like I say watch the games stop getting on the bandwagon because of others. I would have picked Stoudemire but I love Durant game who is humble, a team player, very quite and a leader but Derrick season was better but Stoudemire and Durant did an excellent job. Think about how CP came back after missing so many games and did a great job alone that is what you call MVP material people who can do it ALONE.

  3. Paulette says:

    Seems to me you are really trying hard to find a reason to “hate”. If every player was a MAN like D. Rose the NBA would be in great shape. I must admit that I became a Bulls fan when they drafted Noah but I’m really thankful for a leader like Derrick. With his intelligence and positive outlook what player wouldn’t play their best if they have an opportunity to play along side of him? I’m looking forward to a great year from my Bulls – so glad basketball is back!

  4. VICCRAM says:


  5. anygivensunday94 says:

    I think it’s interesting that there are so many MJ references here regarding Rose’s comments. For all the NBA fans that are unaware, Jordan didn’t win a championship until he had Pippen with him. I do, and always will, attest that Jordan is the GOAT, but basketball is 5 on 5, one player cannot win it all. To be honest, the closest I’ve seen in recent times is LeBron with the Cavs when he took them to the finals. I’m not taking anything away from Rose, he’s a fantastic player, but I have serious doubts he can win with this current roster. Also, for people who say that you can’t buy championships, I think the Celtics proved that theory wrong when they when from worst to first a few seasons back.

    • THY says:

      You are correct, you can’t get upset with Lebron, the cavs didn’t bring him any talent so what was the man suppose to do. I’m not a Lebron fan (PERIOD) but business is business. Dirk has a great supporting staff as well, Jason Kidd may be older but he is a true point guard with skills and talent. Dirk is a pure SHOOTER, so like before you have to have at least 2 players (3) to win, DWade won with Shaq, so don’t get upset it’s business and once Lebron would have got old they would have traded him. All I say is shut up and play the game, it all about the money because I don’t see teams that played like teams like the Lakers, Philadelphia, Celtics back in the 80″s

    • Ryanf says:

      It’s different though with the pippen thing. They got pippen through the draft. so it wasnt like the “buddy” system because he didnt know how he played NBA ball until he set foot on the court with him.

  6. half says:

    Dallas did not beat us we beat ourselves putting so much hope into wanna beeesss….for instance this era is post jordan and for all of us interested in true basketball can’t get that back when guys play with there heart and not for marketing purposes . This is for giving thhe fans something to talk about all season (lebron when is he going to get his first ring). To make more money because when that doy comes alot of fans will be defeated and not interested in the sport as much because he finally concluded. I hate that it is like that but it is . and i really feel sorry for chris bosh and d wade (he acted too unselfish in the final minutes). Lebron scored 8 points in one GAME…8 POINTS do i need to say anymore the other games were just confidence boosters for dallas if you give a team life then they will feed off of it Michael Jordan is Michael Jordan and now that I read these articles i see that rose is probably the only one out of the stars who just say play ball and let the chips fall where they may come june….haha

  7. RollDamnTide says:

    All the Lebron Haters are on the site again!!! Best player in the league hands down!!!! Too strong, big, fast, athletic for any of the kobes, roses, durants, and anyone else you want to get!! Only player that can guard him respectfully is Mr. Mello!! See you in the finals again sluts!!!! We win this year!!!

    PS. Roll TIde Roll!! (See you In January LSU fans)

  8. 23Best ever says:

    Derrick knows not to buy championship. He wants to win it.

  9. 23Best ever says:

    Too quik, Too strong, Too good and if ya scared, go buy a dog. 2011 is ownaaaa!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. GoBulls says:

    Notice all of the commenters that are upset about this article are the ones that love the buddy-buddy system, and the majority are also new NBA fans that love the Heat…just because they buddied up. Be true fans, and not fans of what’s on SportsCenter the most.

    Rose is a humble guy and carries himself better than any of the great “superstars” of the league. For example, just yesterday LeBron did the Burress celebration during his flag football game because he is immature. Rose is a man at age 23. LeBron is a child at age 26.

  11. Adeel says:

    I grew up watching basketball (I’m 19) with the notion that in order to be the best, you gotta beat the best, not join them. Glad to see that D-Rose is keeping it real, unlike lots of the prima-donna ball players of today’s age.

  12. kIwOk says:

    We need more Derrick Rose and Kevin Durants in the league. We’ve seen the Bulls and OKC go through tough times but now that both teams are growing with their superstars and building championships the right way, that’s just amazing. There’s no shortcut to success and I look forward to the day that the Bulls and OKC get their championships. Oh yeah, kudos to Dallas too for doing the same last year.

  13. Backlash says:

    You seen how Chicago struggled against Indiana in the post season, If they wouldn’t of blown 3 late 4th quarter leads the bulls would of definitely lost and Indiana is still improving they added former spurs PG george hill over the off season before the lockout. so if rose is really satisfied with the teammates he got now then he’s in for a lot of losing for the up coming years and not to mention the 76ers, the Washington wizards the Detroit pistons..all these teams in the east are getting better. he can talk that “I don’t care who comes here” stuff to the media if he wants but once the season starts and they fall behind he’s going to know why.

  14. lalalakers says:

    Not sure why superstars teaming up is a bad thing, but if Rose wants to go up against powerhouses like LA, OKC, Dallas, Miami, NYK, and Boston on his own, well good luck to him. I don’t think Korver or Noah are going offset Lebron, Westbrook, Gasol, Amare, etc…

    • JoeJoe says:

      So true…he’ll always be a gracious loser…this just goes to show; this guy lacks the will to win an NBA Championship. he does even care…

  15. jon says:

    This guys is so arrogant! this is humble! this is wanting people to like you! he is trying to hard if you ask me! Its kinda selfish when u think your the only one on your team that matter when you lose! your there best player! they suck and you lost cuz YOU cannot do it alone!

  16. OzHeatFan says:

    Ummm, yer it might be all cool for Rose to say to the ‘media’ that he doesn’t care if stars want to sign with the Bulls or not, but I bet when he goes into that office with Pax & Gar that he is pleading his little b*tt off to get some star talent to help put the ball in the hole. Noah is pretty awesome, but besides that.. who is their reliable 3rd?

    Lucky for them they offloaded Boozer, great move.

    You can rip on Miami/NY for playing ‘buddy ball’ but that ‘buddy ball’ team trounced the Bulls last post season, and I’m pretty confident they will do it again this post season.

    I love D.Rose, he is a pure baller and his moves are incredible… but the Bulls need more firepower to go the distance.

    Steve, quite an average piece of ‘journalism’.

    • OzHeatFan says:

      CORRECTION: *Lucky for them if they offload Boozer, great move.

      • bob says:

        I mean this with all respect but Labron doesn’t seem to have the will to win, he said it himself that he wants to be the first billionaire athlete and someone who says that in my opinion just doesn’t have it in them. Whether they get past the bulls or not (this year could be their last chance because you can trust in Gar Forman to make the right moves to put the team in a better position) I just don’t think the heat can win the title.

    • Terrence says:

      Lmao @ the heat fan!. I wonder are you a heat fan because of the “buddy-up” or are you a fan because Alonzo morning, glenn rice, ron sikley helped pave the way for the heat franchise?
      I have all the respect for D-wade. But James is over-rated.
      Another thing that was funny you talked about the “trouncing” miami done last season vs the bulls. But i guess you forgot that the Mavs and “not” miami won. haha
      This “buddy-ball” is really over-rated. celtics who did this first won a title, so far miami choked, so did the knicks.
      The bulls will win a title soon!

    • Gary says:

      Agree with you on that. What people say on camera and do behind those doors can be two different things. If he was really fine with the guys he has he might have mentioned trying to keep Boozer.

  17. Ike says:

    If this is true …rose has IMO the right attitude…but then again who the hell am I.

  18. illone says:

    Respect him all you want, but without at least one more marquee guy, his chances of winning it all are next to NADA!

    Hate the trio in south beach if you will, but they went to the finals 1 season in.

    You rather valor or results?

    • TWIzz says:

      You talk like the East is actually good… There is really no competition there when you have guys like Lebron and Wade on the same team… 76ers? LOL. Celtics? Too old to run with Bron and Wade… Bulls? They had a chance, but Lebron gets all the calls, and I figured that would happen (try to say otherwise… I will just laugh). Compared to the West, the East is for babies. Number 8 on the West would have been like number 5 on the East. Number 10 would have been like number 6 lol.

      And with the way this “season” is going to look, this will only help out Miami (playing 48 in conference games and ONLY 18 non conference games..).

      • IX says:

        You can yap about the conferences and the east being weak all you want, but in the end to win the championship, you have to go through the best, whether its in the eastern finals or the nba finals. so in the end it really doesnt matter. And last time i checked the Heat had a pretty damn good record against the west last yr…. so your point is??

    • Knick Fan (the Pearl) says:


  19. seth says:

    I love Rose, he’s so humble. He might not be the smartest guy in the league but he certainly is one of the wisest.

  20. DorieStreet says:

    I’m a Spurs Fan, but enjoy watching Rose play with the Bulls. I admired his humbleness throughout his 1st three seasons in the league while becoming ROY, allNBA (better than being an allstar IMO) and MVP.

    Great that he spent the offseason seeing the world (with his mother). Outside of some commercials, PSAs and charity work, the NBA season is mostly planes, hotels, and arenas for 7-9 months of the year. Take advantage of being fortunate and able to see how other people live outside of the USA.

    And–it seems he has the attitude of ” I want to win with the Bulls- who’s with me to do it” –like some other guy did, starting a quarter-century ago.

  21. sukari89 says:

    So nice to hear.

    Hope Rose and the Bulls have a fantastic season. CANNOT wait.


  22. figgy newt says:

    derrick rose is so humble, i wish more players like him in the league…

  23. Cdubb says:

    Ya right, he had nothing to do with Boozer goining the Bulls!! I call B.S. I bet he wishes he didn’t lobby for Boozer now!!HAHAHAHAHA! Back Fire! Boozer is a flake just like D.Williams, Labron james, Dwight Howard and now Chris Paul. If they’re not moving to join, they’re recruiting the movers. It’s the same same to me.

    • scud70 says:

      i believe his talking about the GANGING up by the other super stars .. boozer is not a super star and of course he would have had a say in the matter… so settle down clown…

  24. Richard says:

    This is why he was mvp. most humble, most life-smart kid to play the game.

  25. Sosay says:

    favorite player in the league

  26. Nonya says:

    You can always respect this kid no matter what. Much respect Mr. Rose. I wish you well this year. I hope that one of your teammates step up at the wing or the slash aspect that your teams needs. If you keep pushing yourself like you do, you will end overdoing your body and end up calling quite early. You need help around that 2 and 3 spot. The less eyes are on you the better movement you will have. Also I will state that I seen like you did how the refs basically called every little call they could on the Bulls last season against the Miami heat. You guys won that series in my eyes yet were slapped in the face by these so called fans who complained all lock out period long and could have been calling for the Refs unions to be investigated. Much would not have been done do to the fact that money would have seen nothing wrong with the refs but come on. You guys worked your butts off and got cheated out of a series. Anyway, good luck Mr. Rose I wish you and the Bulls the best because as my Orlando Magic rivals (yes I still hold a grudge from the 90s when they beat us) I expect nothing but the best from you and your team when we face as I aspect the best from our team. All the best wished in the world.

    Mr. Nonya

    • David says:

      Rose is not the best player in the league, and when and if he ever becomes the one, he cannot be so arrogent ignore teammates. If he wants to rewalk the road LeBron walked for 7 years, than that is just a shame. The bar has been raised in the NBA, 1 star can no longer do it, you will need 3 or even 4 all stars if you have any shot at winning, just take a look at the last few Champs:
      Lakers: Kobe, Gasol, Bynum, Metta World Peace, Odom
      Mavs: Dirk, Marion, Jason Terry, J-Kidd, Butler (Im refering to the roster and less who played)
      Celtics: Big 3 + Rondo
      Spurs: Duncan, Parker, Manu

      Rose and Boozer will not get it done. They need howard and maybe even another player.

      • Basketball Fan not a Player fan says:

        Lakers… without Phil, Mavs – really dirk is the only “superstar” the rest are past their “prime”, Celtcs- all though one of my favorite rosters they are all on the downward slide except Rondo hardly “superstars” anymore, Spurs….all past their prime as well….. True “superstars” make the people around them better, like Dirk did last year, they don’t join the super friends so they don’t have to play hard every night, like Miami’s trio…Magic never would have joined Bird or vice-versa for the sake of a title…..they wanted to prove their team was better, not throw in the towel by joining a “all star” team….winning the all star game means nothing and neither will winning a title with an all star team….

      • LOL says:

        @Basketball fan not a player fan

        This just shows how very LITTLE you know about the nba, if anything. THAT is EXACTLY how it used to be, with 3 and 4 HALL OF FAMERS on one team playing for the championship. Your quite ingnorant saying that playing with an “all star team” like the miami heat means nothing if you win. blahahahaha. Thats how MOST titles have been won, by having at LEAST 2 all stars, and alot of times a 3rd.

        Your ate up

      • Sarkies says:

        Who said he was the best in the league? He is my favorite player and the MVP and I will admit he isn’t. He will himself! Also, the Bulls already have 4 stars. Rose, Deng, Boozer, and Noah. With Boozer and Noah out over half the season, Rose and Deng were still able to lead the Bulls. And dont tell me Deng isn’t good because he is the most Under-Rated player alive! The Bulls need a starting shooter. They are talking to Brandon Roy right now, as well as Jason Richardson. They are even considering Vince Carter and Richard Hamilton. If we can snatch up Roy, I think we will have a championship team.

      • David says:

        To: Basketball Fan not a Player fan
        Try to let teams win a Championship with an allstar team before you comment on its meaning.

    • LOL says:

      The Bulls weren’t CHEATED out of the series with the Miami Heat. Sorry bout it. The Heat won with hardwork and a better core. That and Boozer just SUCKS.

      • Bulss4life says:

        The Bulls were cheated out of the title ladt year but that will motivated them this year. 2012 will be the year of the Bulls. The new Bulls Dynasty starts this month. You heard it here first. Go Bulls!

      • Sarkies says:

        Funny you say that. You must not have seen all the calls the Heat would get in the end of each game after the Bulls slaughtered them. And if the Heat were so good, what happened in the Finals? They will never win a championship and Lebron better get married or something because he has no ring coming from the NBA any time soon.

  27. ShawnN says:

    This guy just became my favorite non knick, he really gets it.