Chris Paul To Knicks Chatter Heats Up

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HANG TIME HEADQUARTERS — It might be more than just a rumor, this Chris Paul to the Knicks chatter that has been brewing the past few days.

Adrian Wojnarowski and Marc J. Spears of Yahoo! Sports are reporting that Paul’s agent is requesting that the New Orleans Hornets trade the All-Star point guard to the Knicks as soon as the league lifts the lockout restrictions and teams are able to conduct regular business:

Chris Paul’s agent informed New Orleans officials on Wednesday that his client will not sign a contract extension and wants to be traded to the New York Knicks, league sources told Yahoo! Sports.

As soon as the NBA lifts its lockout restrictions, Hornets general manager Dell Demps wants to meet with Paul and hear that directive from him.

Nevertheless, the prospects of the Hornets executing a trade with the Knicks appear to be relatively dim. The Knicks simply don’t have the trade assets that come close to meeting New Orleans’ criteria for a deal. Demps has been listening to overtures from teams around the league, and has been actively working under the assumption that Paul would reject a contract extension.

The Hornets have no intention of letting Paul walk away at season’s end without trying to get maximum value for him. There are several teams, including the Boston Celtics, that could be willing to make a deal for Paul with the hope of convincing him to eventually sign an extension.

If the flurry of activity expected when teams can conduct free agent business includes a transaction including Paul, the roller coaster ride for several other high-profile players could begin.

The addition of Paul in New York, where he would join All-Stars Amar’e Stoudemire and Carmelo Anthony, would no doubt jolt a few other Eastern Conference contenders to examine their situations to see if there is anything they could do to combat a move of that magnitude.

You’ve got to love having this sort of drama back after that 149-day lockout!


  1. Stat1 says:

    bottom line…if the knicks get cp3 they will be in contention every year. yes, the knicks need a center but they also need a quick YOUNG(er than chauncey billups) point guard. Whoever argues that the knicks are gonna be okay with Billups is crazy. Hes an old fart, and he just isn’t even close to as good as cp3. If the knicks get cp3 in free agency, they are golden. But even if they trade for him it doesnt matter who is on the floor because he makes everyone better. I vote CP3

  2. redstrato says:

    i think it is better to deal paul with the knicks to complete the big 3, as far as i know, that rumor is existed last season, and the celtics, they don’t need paul because they had rondo for the point guard position, maybe paul try to deal with the orlando magic to help dwight howard to create a more contender team.

  3. tee says:

    where ever chris paul ends up they will be tough…but im a Miami Heat Fan..hands down been a fan ever since Wade Joined the Heat. When he leaves maybe ill change then maybe i wont have a favorite team n e more nor player..but who can hate on the fact of CP3 joining the Knicks…but i how i feel i think he should join Howard in Orlando.. Lakers should pick up Steve Nash/Deron Williams and keep the squad they already have they dont need to lose Bynum or Gasol Or Odom they are long they need that..The Knicks should look for a center in NeNe or Chandler, Bulls should Keep the squad they have and try to add a Butler to help out with the scoring load…because butler can play 2 guard position, along with rose, deng and boozer. The Celtics should try to make a trade for a Brook Lopez or something they need a young productive center…that can fill the lane..and the bucket they need scoring O’Neal is washed up. and as far as Miami goes if we pick up Chandler and one more player who can provide buckets such as Arenas or Barrea the NBA season will be something to see..

  4. hoover says:

    if celtics trade rondo i am renouncing my faith as a celtics fan. danny ainge can kiss my …… if he moves him. he has the biggest heart outta all the point guards in the nba! CP3 go to orlando man, team up with dwight so those miami fans have something to whinge about when orlando takes top seed 😉

  5. zackattack says:


  6. dope says:

    paul must go to the celtics

  7. lakers4life says:

    lakers should get cp3
    C:Andrew Bynum

  8. Ryan M. says:

    With his ‘demand’ arrogance, I seriously hope he ends up in minnesota.

  9. Jaysdatruth says:

    Why is anyone saying the knicks should learn from the heat? like thats a insult. Im a knick fan and if chris paul can get us to the finals in his first season Im extremely happy because i know a championship is within crasp and a ring is on its way. championships dont come overnight. hopefully paul can get us to the finals first year and a title within three..

  10. TS says:

    sounds like a halftime score “Knicks chatter, Heat’s up”

  11. i think that the lakers apart from howard should also keep an eye on CP3 . you can give hornets bynum and maybe another player for PAUL or you can complete this trade through another team and only give bynum . lets not forget that the lakers have only fisher at pg ,who is very old and blake who needs to show great improvement . as for bynum i am the laker who thought at first i dont trade him .however now i understand that he is not for our team . when a season has 66 games and you start suspended for five because you lost your temper and hit barea that shows lack of respect for the team that pays you and for the fans that support you. however i realise that if you trade bynum there will be a gap at the center position . my point of view is that we should use the amnesty clause on artest . as a result we will be able to sigh NENE OR T. CHANDLER .both of whom are fantastic players and fit in la . OUR STARTING LINEUP : pg = CHRIS PAUL sg = KOBE BRYANT sf=MATT BARNES {I THINK HE IS A VERY USEFULL PLAYER ] OR LAMAR ODOM pf = PAU GASOL c = NENE OR T. CHANDLER OR EVEN MARK GASOL WHO IS VERY GOOD TOGETHER WITH PAU IF YOU HAVE SEEN ANY GAME OF SPAIN’S NATIONAL TEAM . thank you all for reading and sorry for being a little boring . A PROUD LAKER FROM EUROPE ,WHO WILL WAKE UP IN THE EVENING OF CHRISTMAS TO SEE THE EFFORT OF HIS FAVORITE TEAM . AGAIN THANK YOU

  12. ayayay says:

    Let’s settle down there cupcakes!!! The heat will release the heat meaning what? THey will cream on the mavs next year… Translation THey will cum on the mavs and make the white whores swallow em off!!!

  13. echo says:

    guys dont you get it, this team will not be for a season only… they are doing this to be a championship contnder, and slowly but surely they will complete their roster at all… lets give them time and the right for all the players wanted really where they belong…

  14. hc says:

    It looks like a lot of people all of the sudden are paying attetion to the NBA did something new happened???

  15. DJ1234567890 says:

    CP3 should join the knicks for anthony carter shawne williams ronny turiaf jared jeffries roger mason

  16. Real Talk says:

    NBA is becoming a joke, players run the league. Superstars don’t have any loyalty. It’s becoming too top heavy. GARBAGE

  17. Lakers says:

    About about trade Odom, Luke, for Cp3, Ariza
    I know odom played great last season, he might have been the best player on the team last season.

  18. Oh and BTW if you have a team like that you really don’t need a great bench just because you can have 2 of those guys in at all times. Put that in you lunchbox.

  19. HeatFan says:

    Now as you know by my name i am a fan of Miami. But, honestly im not some of the crazy fans talking about how miami will have lebron, kobe, dwayne, dwight, cp3, and any other superstar we want. if i really wanted to do that i would go on nba2k and do that. the best option for the heat is to get a solid yet low pay center and try to trade mike miller or mario chalmers for a better point guard. its not like the pat is just gonna sign Dwight to a mid-level exception. get real heat fans. now, for the knicks i would say they should stay away from cp3 and dwight and get tyson chandler or jj barea (spelling?). for orlando and new orleans, work out a deal to either get dwight to new orleans, or cp3 to orlando. and the lakers need to trade or use the amnesty clause on metta world peace, and try to trade pau gasol maybe even andrew bynum. they are all solid players but are declining. and andrew is constantly getting hurt, so try to get the best deal. just my views but i think they can help.

  20. adelbert says:

    I think Rondo is better than Paul now, look at the stats. numbers don’t lie!

    Zero Dramas

  21. Sucka Free says:

    CP3 in NYC!!!!!! That would be a major move. That to me is a better mix than the big three in Miami, because they have every piece of the puzzle. MIA is in serious need of a point guard and a Center. Plus all three guys a bonified game changers. Chris Bosh is a very good player, but great players lead there teams to playoff runs. Chris Bosh never figured out how to do that one on his own.

    If CP3 goes to NY, then MIA better counter or the Dynasty is over before it ever started!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  22. ralph says:

    does not matter if the knicks dont have players that NOH want if cp3 wants to go to the knicks they are going to have to deal with them or lose him for nothing,as last year the nets had a better package but melo only wanted to play for the knicks, at least the NOH will be bad right away and get a top 3 or 4 draft pick…

    • Naji says:

      Thats absolutely untrue! If the Hornets deal him to another team, they can get quality, young players in return, and then the other team will try to pitch for CP3 to stick around… There are more alternatives than just getting small time players vs. letting him go… There are three team trades and there are other teams out there other than New York who could push for CP3….

      I sense a major stir-up to happen in the NBA… With the shortened schedules, the shorter season, the lost schedules, and the jobs in jeopardy, many teams will completely revamp their rosters… What I am about to say is completely unheard of, but I have a feeling…

      Dwight Howard and Jameer Nelson get sent to Utah for Al Jefferson, Derrick Favors, and Mehmet Okurs expiring Contract
      Magic Sign Battier Jazz Sign Prince

      Chris Paul and Quincy Pondexter Get sent to the Clippers in exchange for Eric Bledsoe, Eric Gordon and Al Farouq Aminu
      Clippers Sign Jamal Crawford

      Monta Ellis and David Lee get sent to the Nets for Brook Lopez… Meanwhile the Nets will sign Nene

      The Knicks will Sign Tyson Chandler

      I’m still trying to battle with myself as to whether or not there will be a Rondo for Westbrook Deal,,,

  23. kobe says:

    no one care about this big 3 crap Lakers still going to win it all 2011-2012 champion period

    • Rick James says:

      I Guarentee that the lakers will not win this year. ha ha but than again i’m talking to a close minded la lakers fan, who’s used to always winning. so you go ahead and be completely blind about all the other up and coming good young teams out there, and you keep thinking that your team is the best 🙂

  24. FreshyBaby says:

    Let me tell you guys something about the NBA, it”s only fun when every game you watch is as exciting as the previous and your team plays other good team. I”m a Miami fan till i die, but NO WE DON’T NEED PAUL, hes an amazing player and will bring a lot to the table but now the NBA becomes boring and less entertaining. Heats already have Lebron ,Wade and Bosh, all we need is a good bench and we should be more than fine. With Mike Miller and Haslem out last year, we sorta had some bench issues, but Haslem is back and miller is set to be back in 8 weeks so i think we”ll be alright. Plus I really think that if Paul goes to Orlando than the nba is suddenly becomes that much better instead of having all the super stars all mixed up in 2 eastern conference teams. Plus i”d hate to see Lebron and Bosh win rings because they had 4 other top Nba players on their squad. My boi D-Wade did it with Shaq so they can do it too. Paul and Dwight that’s a good combo, knicks have a good team, they just need to play more games together and they”ll be fine, Chicago are set, and as for my Heats, well when we get our bunch straight, and possibly Tyson Chandler or Coron Butler, than there ain”t no stopping us! #HeatGang

  25. me says:

    players of today seem to have little confidence on their own ability to influence their teammates and make them great. please guys, stop comparing these guys with magic, bird, mike, and even isiah. bunch of whiners!

  26. AusFan says:

    It’s such a shame that basketball players these days are this egotistical. Nobody has even mentioned OKC in this discussion, but why? An excellent young team with reigning 2-time scoring champion in Durant, Kendrick Perkins blocking up the middle, Ibaka blocking anything that comes near him (and improving dramatically on offense) and a decent outside shooter and play-maker in James Harden. CP would be a perfect fit in this team, as number 2 scorer and running the plays. This is a team that will be championship contenders for the next decade, and they have some excellent trade bait in Westbrook (along with a a few other supporting players). And yet not a single word to be heard about this scenario because star players these days are so caught up in themselves that they can’t bring themeslves to play for an unglamourous team, no matter how much it may benefit everyone involved. Paul telling his team that he wants to be traded to NY is a joke. He needs to get over himself and realise that the knicks have nothing to offer and there are plenty of better, mutually beneficial and much more realistic options available.

  27. People Please says:

    I love delusional Knicks fans….they are almost as amusing as Lakers fans…

    The best destination is the Clipper for CP3….They have the young core all of these other teams lack, its a big time market, and that acquisition would immediately make the Clippers contenders and a perennial playoff squad. The Clips can offer Mo Williams, Minny 1st Round Pick, Kaman, Al Farouq, and many others…Far better than any deal the Knicks could piece together..

    If the Knicks make a trade straight up with the Hornets–I’m calling Stern out! It will be worse than Pau Gasol trade to the Lakers!!

    Also people please don’t forget CP3 said HE WOULD SIGN AN EXTENSION with the Clippers!!

    • D says:

      Thank you someone else finally put this up!!!People are like but the clippers why its so self explainatory(im a clippers fan since I saw a game in 08/09 ej’s rookie year and before blake):good market-La is a big place to,Blake griffin while still very young and has a high ceiling and is only improving,Eric gordon if kept out of the deal he gives you offense and plays better defense than most of the knicks.Deandre jordon poormans Dwight howard in the making or at least tyson chandler clone and they can still afford a bench unlike the knicks.
      The only thing is it would definately get them to the playoffs but they would need a couple more pieces to be legit contenders some solid starters and role players- maybe a wilson chandler when hes back from china he can start or be a legit sixth man same goes for caron butler,a back up center and a good combo forward-maybe anthony randolph?That is also a very good call about the pau gasol trade its ironic how the draft pick turned into Marc Gasol though.

  28. if he go to new york i cant wait till the knicks-heat game!

  29. Kevin Nelson says:

    I don’t understand why everyone keeps saying the Knicks don’t have anyone to trade for CP3. Its either NO takes the people we offer, or give him up for nothing next year! The man said & has put everyone on notice, he can be traded anywhere, but who’s gonna give up the farm for a player that will be gone by seasons end? Also to the guy that said the Knicks don’t need a point, are you kidding me? True we need a C, but we can clog that lane with either Dalembert, OKafur, or Kwame! Neither Dwight nor Tyson will be in a knick uni!

    • Bob says:

      The Nets did it for D-Will, and I’m sure there will be a few teams willing to take the risk for CP3.

      • half says:

        Dallas did not beat us we beat ourselves putting so much hope into wanna beeesss….for instance this era is post jordan and for all of us interested in true basketball can’t get that back when guys play with there heart and not for marketing purposes . This is for giving thhe fans something to talk about all season (lebron when is he going to get his first ring). To make more money because when that doy comes alot of fans will be defeated and not interested in the sport as much because he finally concluded. I hate that it is like that but it is . and i really feel sorry for chris bosh and d wade (he acted too unselfish in the final minutes). Lebron scored 8 points in one GAME…8 POINTS do i need to say anymore the other games were just confidence boosters for dallas if you give a team life then they will feed off of it Michael Jordan is Michael Jordan and now that I read these articles i see that rose is probably the only one out of the stars who just say play ball and let the chips fall where they may come june….haha

  30. Jukes says:

    At the end of the day CP3 wont be going to the knicks – he will be traded and the knicks have nothing to offer. (Unless he signs an extension to stay with the Hornets)

  31. Mark>Ingram 32 says:

    I think CP3 Should go to Lakers and with Dwight Howard and KB. Kevin Garnet should go to the spurs and the spurs should get kemba walker.

  32. sagunto says:

    CP3 + Aaron Gray to the New York Knicks for Chauncey BiLLups + Landry FieLds + Ronny Turiaf..
    Knicks’ Line up would be C-Gray, PF-Stoudemire, SF-Anthony, SG-Mason Jr, PG- CP3..
    Gray may not be a dominant Big Man inside the Paint but his size could be a great heLp for the Knicks, Stoudemire can shoot from the perimeter and can put anyone on Poster, Carmelo can shoot and drive and score anytime he wants, Mason is a threat from the outside but i dont know in the defensive end, and of course the Knicks will surely be a dangerous team if you have Chris Paul handling the baLL..

    I’m a Laker fan anyways..LoL!
    for me, it would be very cooL if we can get dwight over a trade but I think what the Lakers need is a young, quick and a great point guard Like DERON WILLIAMS..

    • Jones17 says:

      That lineup would be great for the Lakers if the league would let them. Having 6 players on court means they might not get the run around from every young team they play…

  33. The BigAl says:

    As an Orlando fan I would love to see the magic acquire Chris Paul. The deal would be so importantly purely to keep Dwight Howard around. I think we are all still getting over Shaq leaving the magic and the impact it had on the organisation. If Dwight leaves then the Magic are going no where fast for a long period of time. However Dwight Howard, Chris Paul and some really good B grade players could really put them in the mix.

    As everyone has also said, orlando do have trade potential to give back to New Orleans I just cant see what New York, Miami etc could possible offer, uless another team or two got involved.

  34. Scotty N says:

    Celtics should trade Rondo for Paul. Gaining Paul will make Boston the best team in the league as long as they can also acquire a big man like Chandler or Dalembert. Defences will be forced to play paul tight when he’s on the perimeter meaning the pressure on the rest of the team is reduced, and with pauls shooting penetration, distribution and defence Celtics will definately benefit.. The Celtics roster is ageing so this shortened season is a perfect opportunity for them, Paul can make it happen, Rondo is mega talented as a distributor and defesively but offensively has got nothing on Paul

    • Knick Fan (the Pearl) says:

      The shortened season is likely to hurt the older guys, playing back to back to back games, not help them.

  35. D says:

    Chris paul to the knicks haha lol what a dumb idea on his part,are the knicks trying to get injury risk players that wont put them over the top?.
    If he was smart he would have his agent contact a team in the western conferance if he really wants to win it all.If he wants the best for NO he would ask for a trade to a contending team that would be able to give them some value back while still getting a good team in return Heres some of the ones that make sense to me at least-The thunder a straight trade for westbrook for paul and a pick(protected 1st round say top 2) due to age of westbrook and due to skill set of paul this works for both.
    The Clippers get paul if they dont get dwight for Kaman,aminu,williams and the twolves pick for paul and maybe a bad contract?-I would try keep Gordon,jordon and griffin out of any trade if I could.Heres a wild card for pauls services the twolves Kevin love,ridnour,wes johnson or derrick wiliams?one but not both of these two players and a future pick(protected top four) for the sg from the hornets and paul that way you could have paul play either sg if you wanted and start rubio or have paul mentor rubio so that when paul starts to decline you have rubio entering his prime with no drop off in talent.

    • Knick Fan (the Pearl) says:

      Except that neither Paul not Howard would be likely to resign with the Clips. Why, when next year they go where they want?

      • D says:

        Well if th rumours of chris paul supposedly saying(search it up I think it should come up that its his 2nd option after the knicks I think?)Well heres why: Blake griffin he is going to be a beast and has more left in the tank Amare-gammy knees,Bad back and the eye surgery-I dont the shelf life of retina surgery sorry?If the clippers can also keep eric gordon out of the trade as well thats already better than what the knicks have in terms of potential the clippers could also have more funds for a better bench than what the knicks could offer with three max contracts.Los angeles is a pretty big market as well people keep forgetting that.The only real concerns for Chris would have to be what are the Clippers going to have to give up to get paul(anything but blake is likely to be offered) and does he want to contend for a ring(in the west there is way more chance due to the west getting younger) or get bounced in the 1st round as thats whats going to happen soon in the east and not making the allstar games due to the pg talent out in the east now-also sorry to burst some bubbles but if paul goes to the knicks he is forming a poormans heat that wont win nothing due to less depth because better quality players want to go to the heat for the bench and the have a better coach as well-I really hate saying that to..

  36. Ameer says:

    Chris Paul would make a perfect fit with the Lakers! The point guard postion for the Lakers is in desperate need of filling and who else better to fill it than Chris Paul. Imagine, Paul in the pick-n-roll with Bynum, Gasol, Odom and of course Kobe. No one in the league would be able to match up with the Lakers with the four of them on the court! Who would you gaurd? Yeah, I can smell another championship for the Lakers if Paul is acquired.

  37. NBA Fan says:

    There’s no way the Knicks can get CP3. They literally have nothing the Hornets want.
    Renaldo Balkman, Chauncey Billups, Derrick Brown, Anthony Carter, Toney Douglas, Landry Fields, Josh Harrellson, Jared Jeffries, Roger Mason Jr, Andy Rautins, Iman Shumpert, Ronny Turiaf, Bill Walker, Shawne Williams, Shelden Williams. That’s the Knicks roster, tbh all these players together wouldn’t cover the value of CP3. And they don’t have any picks to give up so there’s no reason why NOH should trade him there.

    LOL at the guy saying about all the talent being in the East. Durant, Westbrook, Griffin, Nowitski, Kobe, Gasol, Ginobili, Love, Parker, Reke Evans, Cousins, Aldridge, Nash… etc. I’m sure they’ll be able to compete.

    • ralph says:

      does not matter if the knicks dont have players that NOH want if cp3 wants to go to the knicks they are going to have to deal with them or lose him for nothing,as last year the nets had a better package but melo only wanted to play for the knicks, at least the NOH will be bad right away and get a top 3 or 4 draft pick…

  38. Michael says:

    CP3 is probably the best guard in this league,but after all when you look at the bench of the Knicks i don’t see a championship-team in the Knicks…It would be great for the NYK to get him,but that wont be enough…They miss a hard working defensive player to make them a competitive team for the title…Kninks only could be champs if they find a balance between defence and offence…besides Paul i would also look for a player like Nene, Chandler, and why not Marc Gasol

  39. jacob says:

    no this trade will not happen knicks dont have any sort of package of players or picks to get cp3, i mean really billups for cp3? hornets arent that stupid

  40. +john says:


  41. Rammy says:

    why is everyone mad about him coming to new york he initiated the idea at mellos wedding so of course thats what he want nobody cried when boston did, miami did it let the knicks breath donnie and mike been patient trying to put it together for years and now everyone getting scared yall jumped on miami band wagon too quick lmao

  42. George says:

    Hey guys! I would love to see Chris Paul to the NY Knicks and Dwight to the Bulls,playing with D-Rose! Then, we gonna have ball games daily ! Anyway,my opinion! Enjoy!

  43. Josh says:

    If them Knicks get CP3 then its a wrapp for the west. Then DHoward need to come home and come to the Hawks baby. #Hawks

  44. Lukai says:

    Dwight is gonna sign a Extension,CP will go to magic watch lets orlando!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  45. Yanique says:

    CP3 would be a good addition in New York not that Chancey was bad but the fact that Chancey is getting old…it the truth…and CP3 being young and vibrant would be a perfect match with Amar’e and Anthony. Then on the other hand Miami does need a point guard someone who other than Lebron and Dwade to handle the ball…but am leaning to the Clippers cause man do they need someone other than Griffin…

  46. McDougald says:

    This Big 3 is bigger than the heat’s big 3 simply because they all have inside and out skill set finding pieces to fit will be much easier than miami’s attempts.

  47. Bryan Brown says:

    I think CP3 should stay in NO or just dont go to the knicks because im sick of see these so called super stars ganging up one a team to win it really makes me sick wat happened to the old days with MJ,Dr.J,Jerry West, i hope he dont do that do the nba a faver so they can keep the rating and so other teams have a fair chance.

  48. JM says:

    CLIPPERS and CP3!!!

  49. Chris Paul should come to Orlando. Plain and simple. If they trade paul to the knicks, just like mentioned before, they won’t get anything great back. If he goes to Orlando, he’s not in the market he wants, but he’s with an all star center in a new arena and great fan base, and new orleans gets some good pieces in return. I say its a win-win

    • QuestionMark says:

      Exactly, Orlando can get rid of Turk, Arenas and Nelson, I would keep J-Rich though. If that happens Orlando opens up more cap space, so they can a good SF like Battier/Butler who can guard the likes of Lebron or Durant, along with a PF with more size and a backup C, Orlando is set.

      • Knick Fan (the Pearl) says:

        That would be a great move for Orlando to get rid of Turk, Arenas, and Nelson but New Orleans wouldn’t want them. Who would? Well, Nelson and Turk might fit somewhere but have bad contracts. CP to Orlando, along with some solid role players, and they would certainly challenge for the title. Highly unlikely that Orlando has the moveable pieces to make this happen. They have a lot of bad contracts.

        The Knicks have very little to offer. And who’s the GM now that Wlash is gone? They made a terrible trade for Carmelo. Lost all their pieces. If Dolan stayed out of it, we might be looking sweet. Problem is, even if we get CP, the best we will be is Miami without the defense. They will not make the finals, let alone win it. Exciting ball? Yes. Championship? Not a chance. Carmelo’s game was not all addition since his game took from Stoudemire’s.

        Knicks also need to replace the coach. Then again, maybe, Mike no D Antoni is perfect coach for players who don’t play tough defense. Exciting ball? Yes. Championship? Not a chance.

  50. MARCUS says:

    Miami can forget about winning a championship if they dont get a pure big man that will sacrifice his body for rebound, like tyson chandler. their big three play pretty, pretty offense, pretty defense, not enough sacrificing, and no words on their big men’s. theyre senior citizen tryna earn a few bucks, theyre old. watch how they come short again next year. i bet on this..
    As far as chris paul to the knicks, it wouldnt work carmelo anthony and amare stoudemire cover each other too much, amare is forced to play something he hasnt done all his career, remember how he was average close to thirty points before carmelo, pick and roll with felton. chris paul to orlando perfect, but with the friendship with melo, expect him in NY.

  51. Royale says:

    Im pretty sure most of us expected this to happen. Chris Paul wants pay, and the Knicks seem like the most decent team that can fit him. Though IF it does happen I don’t think they will win or even MAKE IT to the championship, simply because the Knicks are not an established team. Melo hasn’t found his place in the team yet, I believe Chauncey was clueless in the playoffs against the Celtics, and Amare was pulling as much weight as he could, but not alot. I wish I could have saw more of him. Anyway, Chris Paul may have a headstart, but I don’t think he is gonna find his place. Lebron fit in when he was went to the Heat. It was a natural fit. CPeepee is not.

  52. nba fan says:

    Does anyone who isn’t a knicks fan think this is a good thing? Selfish move by Paul, used to be one of my favorite players, but decided to swim in the Carmello sewer. Totally understand that he doesn’t want to play for the Hornets, but demanding a destination is pathetic. I’m sure some team would trade a first round pick to have him for a year, better than getting the garbage that the knicks have to offer. Then all the Hornets have to do is bomb the season, move to Seattle, pick up Anthony Davis and another good draft pick and they’ll be moving on up.

  53. The real ZZZANZABAR says:

    In as much as I love the Knicks, and definately feel that they will be the East champions if that goes down, Paul to the Knicks only means Howard to the Lakers…that means Kobe gets a 6th and 7th ring! Believe it or not, I think Kobe is ready to take his rightful spot at the top of the N.B.A back.

  54. Rucker Park says:

    As a hardcore knick fan, we dont need a point guard. What we need, as it was apparent last year, is a Big Man. There is no way that The knicks can compete in the Dwight Howard sweepstakes (I wouldn’t waste my time). The only logical choice is to see if you can get Tyson Chandler. He wont command the dollars that Chris Paul or Dwight will command but if you can obtain Him you filled a major void in the middle. Now, I LOVE Chris Paul (One of the greatest players in the league). If Chris Paul wants to come to NY how can you “not” try to accomodate that? “But”, a lineup of Chris Paul, Amare, Carmelo, and Tyson Chandler would be ohhhhhhhhhh soooo sweeettttt!!!!

  55. John DeMatos says:

    I dont know what the Knicks could actually send to New Orleans that they would want. Chauncy,along with any other tradable Knick, is too old or talentless for fair value- Without Paul’s consent to sign a long term contract no other team would consider trading for him when they know the Knicks will pick him up at the seasons end. I’ve been an NBA fan for life but this way of directing employment does not bode well for the league. My Celtics got lucky to be able to manage our signings but we had years of bad basketball and bad luck since the early nineties- How would it be if all of the vogue teams were just able sign all of the expiring- or near expiring- high level talent.

    Paul is going to have to hopefully grin and bear it this year or accept a trade to a different team after signing an extension. Otherwise he can sign anywhere he wants next year-he’d have earned it after honoring his current contract and then becoming a free agent.

  56. George G. says:

    Even though i like the Knicks i don’t want to see the same story like Miami. Dalls showed this year that teams, not superstars, win the championship.

  57. Anthony says:

    chris paul should play for san antonio Spurs

  58. Robert says:

    Who cares who wins the All Star Game. Completely irrelevant to the good overall teams and what happens with the league.

  59. Tom says:

    After CP3 if we just get a 7 footer that plays some defense and rebounds…we’d be a real problem for a long time. if i were the knicks front office i’d be eying Brandon Roy also…if the Blazers get rid of him. just so we can get some talent without having to get rid of any. I don’t know if they have the money though under the new system.

    • Ty G says:

      I agree. They should keep their eyes on Brandon Roy and Tyson Chandler, seeing as Chandler’s not really looking to join the Mavs again this season.

  60. rich says:

    IT IS NOT the players job to force to form their own superfriends. leave that to the organization !

    Mavs silence on re-acquiring Chandler and Butler and Barea are signs of something big is getting brewed. I won’t be surprised if they land Dwight and/or Deron. Cubes doesn’t mind overspending. He wil literally take a penny to a dollar if that’s what it takes to give the people of Dallas what they want.

  61. Knickfan212 says:

    Any thing that happens now will be drama because of the length of the lockout. I gladly except drama if it means Cris Paul is coming to the Knicks. I still don’t completly understand the new CBA so that means to me that anything is possible. Whatever the new CBA rules are, you can bet it wont be to benefit the fans.

  62. Chevy E says:

    Chris Paul will be good fit 4 the Knicks.They will have thier Big 3

  63. Jorge Merced says:

    If Chris Paul went to the New York Knicks I would completely forget about Miami!

  64. JordanL says:

    Happy for CP3 and the Knicks(my 2nd favorite team) but the east is just piling up to much starpower if Paul goes over there! If Paul goes to Knicks there is another superteam in the East along with Miami (and Boston if they werent so old). How will the west even compete in the all star game ; unless Howard goes to Lakers or something.

    Stoudemire left the west, Melo left the west, Deron Williams left the west; now CP3 looks like he’s on his way to the Eastern Conference.
    Also Steve Nash may go to the East becuz of all the rumors that he wants one last chance at winning a ring and he may try to go to Miami Heat.

    • mfbjay says:

      the allstar game is not that important, so stop making it seem like it is. what’s important is how will the smaller team in the east compete with these all star teams especially if they have to play each team like 3x to 4x during the season.

  65. unikr0n says:

    i think its pretty funny how these super stars can dictate where they want to go now days. the allstar is gonna start to really suck in a few years when all the allstar players are on the east coast. once kobe retires after the next 2 or 3 seasons, who’s gonna be left to play for the west allstars? it’s gonna be allstars vs. secondary allstars aka. allstar bench player .

    • KnicksYankees says:

      Well, if a player is in his last year of his contract, he has every right to demand that he will not sign an extension until after the season. It is the Hornets causing all this drama because they don’t want to be bamboozled next summer by having Paul leave without compensation. Paul isn’t instigating anything, he is just advising other teams that the Knicks are his preferred destination. He is in the last year of his contract, whatever decision he makes after this season is ultimately his to make.

    • ballerkj says:

      i agree bt there is still durant blake and westbrook

    • Trent Chucker says:

      i dont see the humor in it at all, or maybe ur sarcasm fails, but i dont see anything wrong with somebody asking for a trade a year before his contract expires, this is good for him and his soon to be x-team. as for all the talent being on the east coast, well, kinda short sighted to believe that things won’t eventually even out with the influx of new talents coming out of college/hs/int’l.

    • MackDaddy says:

      when youre the best in your field, you can pretty much pick and choice where and who you work for. what makes you think this business is any different?

      he’s earned the right to be in such demand, but you’d take it away from him.

      • 01kingsfan says:

        I don’t have a problem with players asking for a trade, especially if the team doesnt pay em for what theyre worth. What I do have a problem with is people like Melo who goes on saying the whole time ‘oh im not concerned about anything right now just wanna stay here just worried about my team’…yadda yadda yadda. If you want to be traded, just be honest and tell the media instead of dodging it.

    • R4 says:

      I thought the CBA was going to put an end to this madness. What the purpose of watching the game we love when it only getting worse. Where are the players that play their career on one team? This doesn’t suprise because Howard is going to LA either within this year or next season.

      Thanks to all the owners that fought for competitive balance. I guess you guys won, eh!!

  66. QuestionMark says:

    CP3 is better off in Orlando wih Dwight. A pick & roll duo like Nash/Stoudemire or Stockton/Malone and a good bench is better than havng three stars and no bench. Knicks should learn from the Heat. Dallas beat them because they had an overall good team, while the Heat just had Wade, Lebron and Bosh, and occasionally Chalmers who played well.

    • Orin says:

      But Paul is a floor leader and he is a great communicator. If you paid attn at all last season, you would realize that the inconsistencies on the Heat’s offensive scheme was because if a lack of a pure point guard. To me, Paul to the Heat would solve half of the team’s problems.

      • Sosay says:

        yeah no kidding, and why dont we throw in howard and kobe and the rest of the redeem team as well. that would definitely solve all of the heats problems.

      • QuestionMark says:

        That doesn’t really make a difference, if you watched Lebron in Cleveland, you would know he was the PG for them, and they were very successful. Knicks are better off keeping Billups because of his leadership and championship experience and CP3 is much better off with Orlando. Either way, Knicks are gonna have a even worse bench than what they have now if they get CP3. I could tell you now, Dallas, OKC, and Chicago are gonna be far more successful than the Heat and Knicks (with Paul), for one reason, they have depth and a bench. All Orlando needs is a back up C and a better starting PF, along with a back up PG, if they Paul and let Arenas and Nelson go, if they do that they will be contending for a championship again, that is much better than having to look for a starting C, and backup everything like the Heat.

      • chris says:

        rolfcopter lolburger.

        what kind of a retard are you? sosay has it exactly right, orin you’re a mug.

    • Marcos says:

      Dallas beat Miami because they played a better series than the Heat. Boston and the Bulls had a better bench than Miami and we still beat them…. It’s mostly about talent.

      • OzHeatFan says:

        HERE HERE… Well said Marcos… I’ve heard all this rubbish before last seasons play-offs started… Heat can’t beat Celts , Heat can’t beat Bulls.. and the Heat DEMOLISHED them both… (make no mistake there) we all thought they could beat the Mavs except the Mavs fans.. Mavs had a great bench and the shots kept falling or LeBron just choked, how ever you look at it… Heat don’t need a bench to win games…

        WADE, LBJ & BOSH…. as long as theres no injuries we will be seeing your team in the playoffs or hopefully finals again.

      • QuestionMark says:

        Not really, It was obvious Heat would beat Celtics, Celtics are getting old, I was shocked they beat Bulls, but it all came down to Lebron shutting down Rose, he is pretty much the only scorer on the team. They didn’t beat Dallas because they had Marion, Kidd, Terry, Dirk, Chandler who all pitched in to score. Dallas even beat the Heat when Dirk was sick, and guess who stepped up the bench.

      • me says:

        ive been watching the nba since the 80’s and talant alone cannot win the game. the heat lost to the mavs because james turned non-existent in the fourth quarters. the heat beat the celts because ainge traded perkins. they beat the bulls because boozer as he was in utah faded out in the playoffs. the most powerful weapon inthe game of basketball is not talent but confidence.

      • tobi says:

        thats why the heat acted like they won the chip wen they finally beat the celts bron and wade even started crying. heat=chumps….we gone see this year 62 game season should wrk in their favor as well as oxen

      • .... says:

        rose got good bench but have no one to help him as a main stay while boston was full of oldies and bad bench than heat so they lost to the heat while dallas hit the heat’s weakness heat is afraid of strong center bosh is weak on defense and kidd outsmarted chalmers it was just a bad match up for the heat

      • rc says:

        the reason behind the Heat’s lost to the Mavs is the “jinks” Le Bron brought from Cleaveland when he abandon them

    • BigMan says:

      ok QuestionMark, lets just forget about the boy who was onfire the whole series, DeShawn. he gave them the momentum they needed every game in his short playing time.