Buckle Up For Free Agent-Palooza

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HANG TIME HEADQUARTERS — We apologize in advance for the conflicting reports you’re going to hear in the days and weeks ahead about basically any and every NBA player, free agent or not, being pursued by this team or that team.

Hey, it’s that time of year, just a few months later than normal.

The avalanche of rumors kicked off in earnest Tuesday afternoon, before the news broke that NBA facilities would be reopening for players Thursday and that team officials and agents could begin their free agent dance this morning, though no deals could be agreed to until Dec. 9.

If it seems like a shock to the system, it should. The lockout lasted 149 days, depriving us of the ritual of our usual free agent-palooza we swim in every summer, among other things. The fact is, we haven’t been immersed in this sort of rumor crush since the lockout began July 1. And now that the union is being reformed and both sides are on the road to polishing the details of the new collective bargaining agreement, it’s time to get your game face on and get back into the regular flow of things.

Of course, with a condensed free agency period/training camp all rolled into one, things are going to be a little wilder and crazier than usual. So again, be prepared to hear any and everything and just remember that until at least Dec. 9, it’s all talk …



Adrian Wojnarowski of Yahoo! Sports As Boston Celtics general manager Danny Ainge aggressively pursues possible deals for Rajon Rondo, the Indiana Pacers have emerged as an intriguing suitor for the point guard, league sources told Yahoo! Sports. For the past few days, Pacers officials – and third-party surrogates – have been making calls and gathering information and insight into Rondo’s reputation as a teammate and leader, sources said. The Pacers and Celtics have discussed the preliminary framework of a deal, but two sources said Indiana would need a third team to provide Boston with the talent it wants to do a deal. The Celtics are likely trying to gather the necessary pieces to make a bid for Ainge’s ultimate target: New Orleans point guard Chris Paul, sources said. It was unclear if the Pacers had begun to reach out to broaden discussions, but there was an expectation they would do so. The Celtics have been gauging Rondo’s trade value for more than a year, and have held discussions with teams about him across the past few trade deadlines and NBA drafts. There have long been divides within Boston’s front office, coaching staff and locker room about Rondo. He can be moody, difficult and stubborn, and several league sources were dubious if the Pacers’ young coach, Frank Vogel, would have the stature to deal with Rondo.



Marc Stein and Chad Ford of ESPN.com: The New Jersey Nets are prepared to offer a trade package featuring Brook Lopez and two future first-round picks to acquire Dwight Howard before the Orlando Magic center becomes a free agent in July 2012, according to sources close to the situation. Sources told ESPN.com this week that, to sweeten the proposal, New Jersey would likewise offer to take back the contract of Magic forward Hedo Turkoglu, who has three seasons left on his contract worth just under $35 million. Absorbing Turkoglu’s remaining salary would become financially feasible for the Nets after the expected release of swingman Travis Outlaw through the amnesty clause that will be included in the NBA’s new collective bargaining agreement and by including another smaller contract or two in the deal. No trade deadline for the 2011-12 season has been set in stone yet by the league office, but many team executives believe it will fall in March. Once the league officially re-opens for business, Howard’s future in Orlando is sure to be one of the season’s dominant story lines, along with Chris Paul’s future in New Orleans and the Nets’ attempts to secure a long-term commitment from star guard Deron Williams. It’s been an open secret around the league that the Nets’ dream scenario is pairing Howard with Williams, after they followed up their failed pursuit of Carmelo Anthony last season by trading for Williams just before the February trade deadline. It remains to be seen whether Howard will regard the Nets as a prime destination on par with the New York Knicks, even after they move out of New Jersey, but sources say that Russian owner Mikhail Prokhorov has long believed that teaming them up would convince both Team USA stars to commit their long-term future to the Brooklyn-bound Nets.



Josh Robbins of the Orlando Sentinel: New Jersey’s interest in Howard has been obvious. The Nets are just as desperate to hang on to 2012 free-agent-to-be Deron Williams as the Magic are to retain Howard. What’s also obvious — but rarely said — is that the Magic would jump at the opportunity to acquire a superstar point guard to pair with Howard and, therefore, increase the chances of Howard remaining in Orlando for years to come. So, it’s probable that [Magic GM Otis] Smith would make a counteroffer to the Nets in attempt to acquire Williams — even though the Nets probably would reject it outright. Aside from Howard, Orlando lacks enough desirable trade chips to make a deal happen. Smith almost certainly will be inundated with trade offers for Howard, a perennial All-NBA player who is on track to become the most decorated defensive player in league history. The Nets’ reported willingness to take on Turkoglu would enable the Magic to get far under the salary cap if Orlando also decides to use the amnesty provision in the tentative labor deal on Gilbert Arenas. Divesting itself of Turkoglu’s and Arenas’ deals would give Orlando a chance to rebuild its team via free agency. Howard is sick of all the speculation. Late Tuesday, a fan asked Howard over Twitter whether he’s ready for the “media circus” over where Howard wants to play. Howard responded, “imma cut my ears off so I can’t hear them.”



Ken Berger of CBSSports.com: There they were all in a gym together, the three men whose actions largely precipitated the lockout, along with a sidekick who must deal with the consequences. Chris Paul sat shoulder-to-shoulder with Dwyane Wade, Carmelo Anthony and LeBron James Tuesday for a good cause: feeding about 800 families in a partnership of Anthony’s charitable foundation and Feed the Children. On a rainy day at the Boys & Girls Club of Brooklyn, four of the biggest stars in basketball were back to talking about the game. But it’s so often not about the game when it comes to the superstars of the NBA, and so it will be with Paul over the next however many months it takes him to get where he wants to go. James made it to Miami with Wade, getting the maximum length, dollars, team and teammates he wanted. Anthony got out of Denver with the same max extension he would’ve gotten had he stayed there. Under the new collective bargaining agreement that has been tentatively agreed to and will be ratified in the coming weeks, neither is permitted. This is where the tangled web woven by James, Wade and Chris Bosh in Miami and Anthony in New York intersects with Paul and his desires to join Melo and Amar’e Stoudemire with the Knicks. The power and control that James and Anthony enjoyed are largely gone. In other words, what happened in the old CBA stays in the old CBA.



Howard Beck of The New York Times: From the moment the lockout ended early Saturday morning, Paul’s future has been the N.B.A.’s top (speculative) story. “I try not to pay attention to all of that different type stuff,” Paul said Tuesday at an event to distribute food to needy families. “My heart is in New Orleans. And right now, the reason I’m here in New York is like what Melo just said — it’s for him.” Anthony asked. Paul came. If only N.B.A. transactions were so simple. The Knicks are as far from acquiring Paul as they are from contending with the Heat. … The Knicks could clear $5.2 million by declining Douglas’s option and letting Shumpert and Renaldo Balkman go for nothing. But that would leave them with three superstars and no teammates, no cap room and few draft picks. So the trade route remains the preferred option. Except the Knicks have nothing to entice the Hornets, unless they are willing to trade Anthony or Stoudemire. Their next best player, Chauncey Billups, is 35. They have already traded first-round picks in 2012, 2014 and 2016 and under league rules must keep their picks in 2013, 2015 and 2017. Of course, the Hornets have no intention of trading their franchise cornerstone. If they do, they will easily find better offers from the Los Angeles Clippers, the Los Angeles Lakers, the Orlando Magic or any number of other suitors. The wedding toast was cute. The scene in Brooklyn on Tuesday was collegial. But Paul’s big dream is nothing more than a fantasy.



Sam Amick of Sports Illustrated: While ESPN reports that New York tops Paul’s wish list because of the chance to form a Big Three with Amar’e Stoudemire and Carmelo Anthony, Paul would have a chance to take the Big Four — joining Kevin Garnett, Paul Pierce, Ray Allen — to a new level in Beantown. Without Paul agreeing to an extension, however, the sources say Ainge will not do the deal. Intriguing as the Celtics possibility might be, the challenge for Ainge would be selling the 26-year-old Paul on the idea of joining a group of future Hall of Famers with an average age of 35. While Pierce is under contract through 2014, Garnett’s and Allen’s deals end after this season. What’s more, Boston is merely one of the many teams who will be making a serious attempt to land Paul this season. Paul, who will make $16.4 million this season and has a $17.8 million player option in 2012-13, is widely expected to turn down a forthcoming extension offer from New Orleans. If and when that occurs, it is believed that the Hornets — who have just five players under contract currently and hardly look like the sort of championship contender Paul wants to be a part of — will trade him at some point in order to avoid losing him for nothing in return next summer. The Hornets add a unique element on their own as well: They are owned by the NBA, which has led to the question of whether it would prefer Paul stays put. The league bought the team for $310 million last December and the franchise value would almost certainly take a hit if the popular Paul departs. He has long been hailed as a local hero, a classy member of the community and more than capable athlete who arrived at the toughest of times in New Orleans.



Guan Weijia of Sherdianhoops.com: When the NBA’s nuclear winter ended, Wilson Chandler was sitting in his bed, playing video games by himself. He opened his Twitter account and saw someone tweeting “the lockout ended!” But he didn’t believe it at first, “because there were rumors every day about it, I thought it just another one.” A phone call from his agent Chris Luchey came in later, Luchey told Chandler, “This time it’s true, the lockout ended. The NBA season will begin on Christmas day.” Chandler was stunned, as were J.R. Smith and Aaron Brooks. As you know, there’s a big difference between contracts NBA players signed with teams in Europe and those signed by players in China. FIBA required deals with European teams to include opt-out clauses allowing players to return to the NBA upon the end of the lockout; the Chinese Basketball Association (CBA) forbade them. Chandler, Kenyon Martin, Smith and Brooks, among others, signed contracts with Chinese teams, and now, some NBA teams have interest in bringing them back to America. The Denver Post reported that Martin will honor his contract, and Chandler is now saying the same thing. “What can I do? I have my contract with Chinese team, I won’t fly away, I can’t fly away. I’ll stay here in China,” Chandler said. Smith, Martin and Brooks will probably end up saying the same thing. “They have to play in China, and return to the NBA in March. The CBA season is much shorter, so J.R., Aaron and Wilson could take part in the playoffs. If play well, they can get a good contract next summer,” Luchey said.



Ken Berger of CBSSports.com: One of the surest bets of the soon-to-begin 2011 NBA free-agent period is that Nene wants out of Denver. Where he winds up, and how, will be among the most intriguing storylines when the floodgates open around Dec. 9. The Nuggets are operating under the firm belief that Nene will test the market as an unrestricted free agent, according to a person familiar with the team’s thinking. Six teams have registered interest, the source said: Golden State, New Jersey, Indiana, Miami, Dallas and Houston. Nene, the top unrestricted free agent on the market in the view of many team executives, will have a say over where he winds up — though not as much as free agents did under the previous system since free agents can no longer get max deals when leaving their teams via sign-and-trades. Nene, 29, has long coveted Miami and Dallas as landing spots, but would have to force his way to one of those teams via a sign-and-trade since both are well over the cap. And whereas LeBron James was able to get a max deal through a sign-and-trade when he went from Cleveland to Miami, Nene would have to settle for a four-year deal with 4.5 percent raises under the new system in such an arrangement. If the Golden State used the amnesty provision on Andris Biedrins, the Warriors would have enough room to sign Nene outright for close to the max — but again, that would be a four-year deal with non-Bird raises as opposed to the five-year deal with 7.5 percent raises he’d get by re-signing with Denver. There’s no incentive under the new rules for Nene to push for a sign-and-trade as opposed to an outright signing with another team, unless there was a clear preference for a team that didn’t have room to sign him.



Dan Bickley of the Arizona Republic: When the NBA reopens its doors, the reception will be chilly. Here in Phoenix, it will be time for rebirth, a time to move forward. Can a bruised bandwagon town learn to forgive and forget? The collateral damage from a nasty work stoppage has negatively impacted the owner’s image, which wasn’t exactly glowing before the five-month lockout. Going forward, Robert Sarver must find the right blend of charm and restraint, reaffirming Phoenix as a destination city for future free agents. Every team must woo and coddle their angry fans, from group hugs to free autograph sessions. Yet for the Suns, everything that occurs in a proposed, condensed, 66-game season also must be geared toward impressing stars such as Dwight Howard, Deron Williams and Chris Paul, the jewels of the 2012 free-agent crop. Rehab and recruit. That’s the only way the Suns return to championship form in the near future. When free to speak, Sarver and President of Basketball Operations Lon Babby must communicate the basics: how mistakes have been made, how a championship window has closed, how Aaron Brooks might be stuck in China for a while, how Lance Blanks really knows what he’s doing, how preserving cap space for a big splash in 2012 is the best play available. But the new era must start with the testimony of Steve Nash, the star point guard. Nash compounded Sarver’s image problem with a damaging tweet during the lockout. He defused the situation by saying he was a Phoenix Sun “through and through,” and that he and Sarver will clear the air in the near future.



  1. pwllams1 says:

    Paul and Rondo are both going to leave there respective teams. That’s pretty much a known fact. The celtics or N.o. would be smart to try and get a trade from the grizzles and aquire conley and maybe mayo or a draft pick or all three. That’s the only way the teams get bang for there buck cause NY has nobody to offer them, if u trade to the Lakers for Gasol you still end up with a start point gap and the point is a place a solid player is a must at to win games and conley is pretty cheap for the price he’s at and he’s a solid point… no paul or rondo by far… but solid

  2. Kyle says:

    how in the hell can danny have the nerve to even think about trading rondo. THE GUY SNAP HIS ARM IN HALF AND GUARDED LEBRON JAMES!!!!!!!!!!. that by itself is enough to tell rondo would die for celtic green. Im not worried about the celtics at all this year or the next. The lockout help our hof players heal and get rondo healthy agian. Jeff green will be more comfortable in this years offense. glen davis will improve his defense( and hopefully his vertical lol). Doc will draft one fo the plumlee borthers from duke(mason). so their is a bright future for us celtics

  3. mmja says:

    dwight howard to suns please.. last shot for nash. i want to see nash and hill win a ring

  4. big3 says:

    stop with rondo’s trade. anyways it’s miami’s time. We’ll bring home the Larry O’Brien Trophy. :D.

  5. ejay says:

    gogo gogo gogo knicks!!!

  6. brendan says:

    forget cp3 look out for howard Ainge you would want to be makeing some good decsions this year and one of them is not tradeing rondo go for howard he is the leader of that team and the big four you cannot trade paul pierce he is the heart of the team. keep the big 4 and look for howard ainge.

  7. stony says:

    trade Arenas, to who? this is not 2005. Arenas is one of the most undesirable players in basketball.

  8. Jochen-Celt says:

    I`m green, and true Celt! But Rondo`s play is not much improved as the folk hoped for the last couple of years! I dont see big improvement on his play-style in the future! We the fans wants some good move to change our current team play! koz i was bit dissappointed of their performance, especially on Rondo`s. He`s good coordinator, but we need smne who can lead us to 18th banner, that he`s not probably! So i want very right move of Ainge. CP3, i dont know who should be in place of RR, but smne who can lead us to banner. Tnx a lot folk, from Mongolia to Beantown!

  9. Steve C says:

    The Celtics are in a hurry to rebuild, its quite obvious otherwise they would not have traded Perk and Nate. I do not know why, but Ainge does not want to think about today and try to make a realistic last push the ring with the big three. He is already looking to the future. It’s a shame

  10. Teriac says:

    who would cleveland get? david west? lol

  11. vincent says:

    Rebuilding process for the Suns is a must and also for the Celtics. Does the Lakers need rebuilding or not yet? The Lakers players are not getting any younger so the championship is slowly closing out for them but still you can’t count them out to win another title. It seems like what happen for Orlando Magic back then with Shaquille O’Neal might happen gain with Dwight Howard, knowing that history could repeat itself, the Magic is trying to get Chris Paul but if they get Rondo in their team it would help them. The Magic is great shooting so if they get Rondo it wouldn’t hurt them a lot in terms of shooting percentage.

  12. Gadzmin says:

    Once the Celtics lets loose of Rondo, then bye bye banner number 18. And that will be Ainge’s most fatal decision as the president.

  13. chi_town_kid says:

    has ne1 considered maybe dwight howard 2 chicago for noah and boozer?? as much as i love noah howard would make up 4 his energy/slash defense and more then make up for the lack of offense boozer gave us. start gibson at pf and sign another forward 2 back him re-sign kurt thomas and dat = Championship!! rose can afford more rest with howard in there and wen howard is resting bring d-rose bak in.its a long shot but maybe something can happen chicago has the space and money for it especially if we send boozer 2 orlando

  14. TS says:

    Jeff Pendergraph is back, if anyone needs to put some muscle in that hustle.

  15. jack says:

    why do u have 3 players in king james position of small forward? lol 1 hes not a pf and 2 hes the best player in the game… hence im pretty sure hes going to start in his position… lol sorry just being obvious

  16. jack says:

    lol that team would be unbeatable for 5 yrs

  17. Jay says:

    Trade Rondo? You might as well not show up for games.
    As far as I’m concerned, Rondo’s the only reason the Celtics are winning games.

    Paul can Barely dunk, I still can’t forgive Ray Allen for choking against the Lakers after breaking the 3 pt record, and Garnett is just an intimidating cheerleader.

    Wait for the Old 3 to retire. Rebuild around Rondo 🙂

  18. heatallday3 says:

    all i gotta say is miami takin it this yr so other fans dont get your hopes up for anything

  19. PMC666 says:

    Excuse my ignorance because I’m pretty new to the ins and outs of NBA but do players not get a say in that they are being traded or where they are traded to? Here in the UK players in our sports can turn moves down if it doesn’t suit them.

  20. Hairo Wafo says:

    I always like a team with one superstar^^

  21. princrereyes says:

    butchog..magic should trade howard for lebron,.then trade nelson and arenas for turk for dwest and cp3..then sign nene..


    Dwight Howard to MINNESOTA! Think of all the alley oops from RUBIOOOOOO to HOWARD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Time to rebuilt Orlando? Love, etc for Howard, etc.

  23. Bruno Russo says:

    Trading C-Bosh, Mike Miller, Mario Chalmers and J. Anthony for Dwight Howard and Jameer Nelson would be the best thing to Miami. And use the MLE on some depth (SF and SG – T-Mac, Battier, Grant Hill)..

    PG – Jameer / House / Cole
    SG – Wade / Battier
    SF – LBJ / Hill / Jones
    PF – Haslem / LBJ / Some Vet for the Min
    C – Howard / Curry / Pittman

    • David says:

      Miami should not get rid of Bosh, they have already build the Big three campeign, and marketing is everything in a business like the NBA. Getting Howard is not that hard, because the Magic know that they will not keep them, and under the new trade rule you can get a player whos salary is 150% of the ones you are trading away, so that is like 10 million or so for the Heat. Even if all is lost, Howard can do what Deron williams is doing, just stick around anywhere for a year and leave via free agency.

  24. wade+james+bosh= must watch game says:

    i’ve seen so many people saying trade KOBE for HOWARD. it does not make any sense at all, kobe is the reason WHY those last championships, you think howard will be the next kobe in l.a? not in this era.. im a big time heat fan and not since the big three, but since wade was drafted to the heat. Miller WILL get cut from the roster to empty 5.4 mills to sign a true center or pointguardi in which we need a CENTER, probably taking nene if he’s willing to take alot less money for a championship, therefor miller might eventually end up in chicago and that will make the bulls a stronger contender as it is with miller only. miller had a long time to recover from injuries so he’s ready to hit that 40ish 3 point fg pct. and for the people who trashed the heat look at this, first year with the big three and already a trip to the finals, without a true pointguard nor center, how’s that for a first run with literally no bench/ strong rebounder? pretty sweet to me.

    • David says:

      That first year was miami’s weakest year, they can only get better now.

      • CJ says:

        Lebron James will go down as the best player ever not to win the nba finals…doesn’t matter where he plays he will never win a championship. Imagine the players you could put around d-wade if you got rid of LBJ.

  25. CJ says:

    who cares about the celtics..rondo or paul it doesn’t matter. the team is too old and their window is closed unless they start some serious trading with their vets while there is still a little bit of value in them e,g KG and ray allen.

    Dwight howard to nets seem most likely. I did like dwight traded for griffin and kaman at the clippers but they would need to get a decent pg to feed the beast. howard and williams = championships

    Id also like to see steve nash win a ring. he’s not going to do that in phoenix with the time he has left. So maybe if he can somehow link with the knicks or with the magic if they manage to keep dwight.

    spurs are finished forever

  26. Jordan says:

    Yes, Dwight would be good for LA, but they need a new PG above anything. Dwight’s best move would be to go to the Nets. Paired up with DWill they would be dominant. Just need a couple of solid role players and they are championship material.

  27. Lener says:

    if the miami Heat does it why can’t the Orlando Magic for me my option for Chris paul is to join Dwight Howard in Orlando magic besides Magic is lack of point guard and even Jameer nelson is in the stage of his prime it would be better for me if he join Dwight Howard along side with hedo and Jrich 😀 if the miami heat acquire James Wade and Bosh why can the MAGIC create a new force 😀

  28. shakenbake says:

    Miami – Phoenix = bibby/chalmers/picks for nash
    Magic – LA Clippers = howard for griffin/kaman
    Boston – Atlanta = garnett/j,oneil for j.smith
    Knicks – Denver = turiaf/williams/picks for Nene
    Knicks – New Orleans = billups/fields/picks/cash for c.paul

    • nuggetsfan says:

      How stupid do the nuggets look to u? turiaf williams and probably second round picks for nene?? a top 5 center in the league ur getting ahead of ur self

  29. Carlene says:

    Wow! I can’t even think of how exciting it would be to see Chris Paul as a Boston Celtic!! I think that is to good to be true..but what a nice thought eh?. I don’t really have too much against Rondo…just a few things. But to have Chris Paul playing along side of the big 3, WOW. I’d be alright in saying…Bye Bye Rondo..See Ya! Peace! Go Celtics!!

  30. Rich says:

    Seriously ?! Celtics is thinking of trading the nucleus of the team. Chris Paul is great but Rondo is the reason why the Celtics big 3 worked (unlike the Heat). If Celtics trade Rondo away, they batter watch out every time they play against Rondo’s new team. Rondo will be playing like a different beast against Celtics.

  31. jovan says:

    man who ever say Chris Paul for rondo a bad trade, y’all a** trippin. he way better den rondo to me , set people up better, better scorer, could set people up to score better, and could take over like he did against LAL

  32. Scotty N says:

    Miami heat should make a run for Aaron Brooks upon his return from China in March, also Samuel Dalembert. I said it last year, these 2 guys on the right, motivated team, could be just the pieces Miami need. Aaron Brooks was one of the better players in the league 2 years ago and will easily get that form back, Dalembert has always been a strong rebounding and defensive player, pretty much a Joel anthony with better height a little bit better offense and better reach.. There also not too expensive and will allow miami to keep the core from last year who are used to the taunts that come with playing along side the big 3…

  33. enzo says:

    i think nba teams should value their bench or role players. not merely re building a big 3 again. but this time they should create a super team with two superstars and a great bench. mavs did it against the heat. it’s really the big 3 vs. the dallas mavs. so for me, dwight goes to nj nets with deron and try to have a good reliable bench.

  34. SImon says:

    Shaq should sign a one day contract and retire with the Lakers because the rest of his career is a joke.
    Lebron and Bosh should come out as being gay and Wade can marry them in Connecticut (Lebron fans…give up. never happening. he has a better chance of getting Broadway on the McD Monopoly game.

    Lakers are taking it, with Bynum. Luke better retire with a back injury so we get 12 mil on the books these next 2 years. Fisher should only play the last 2 minutes of each half and in the playoffs. And all Kobe haters, come June, once again, will have nothing to say. so start talking.

  35. Robbie says:

    Doesn’t Ainge realize that he is insulting the future of his team? If he doesn’t find a trade for Rondo after these statements, won’t that add to any problem he had with Rondo in the first place? I personally think he should stay, he is so unique that unless his jumper has really developed it would be tough for other teams to be as successful with him as the Celtics are. Pursuing a Center would be a better direction I think.

  36. LakersFanSince1990 says:

    It is surprising to hear that the Celtics are contemplating trading Rondo. I’m a Lakers fan, but as overrated as I think Kendrick Perkins is, that was not a smart move on Ainge’s part. While skill is undoubtedly important, team chemistry is just as (if not, moreso). Trading Rondo would basically destroy any remaining team chemistry.

    As for the Lakers, they need an upgrade at point guard and a stronger bench. Fisher really needs to consider coming off the bench or retiring. (Is it any coincidence they struggled against the Hornets and the Mavericks last postseason, two teams with solid point guards?) Bench players become crucial in the playoffs, and while Lamar Odom is a good option for power forward and center, he can’t do it alone. Getting Dwight Howard wouldn’t hurt, but those two areas are where the Lakers are the weakest.

  37. Seyer says:

    @ you are the dumbest person I have ever seen. Dwight going to LA? He said himself hes not going there. I hope you do know that Bynum is not a good trade for Howard. Also hope you know that Lakers owes the most money out of all the teams($90 Million out of the $300 Million lost)!!! So Howard and Paul, forget about it. It’s not going to happen.

  38. Jaymoney says:

    Wow chris paul to the celtics, that would amazing. Rondos good but chris paul is just a step up

  39. MAVSFAN4LIFE says:

    Going to the Christmas game at the AA Arena… GO MAVERICKS!!!!

  40. Davis says:

    CP3 for Bosh.

    • MackDaddy says:

      Youre half right… but Miami doesnt need another guard. They need a real Big. Get rid of Bosh and whoever they can throw in, to make a play for Howard. Then it’s lights out- Miami wins 5 in a row.

  41. joe says:

    Trading Rondo away would completely screw over the celtics. they aren’t goin to land CP3, and rondo is the future of the organization. This would also piss me off considering they are my favorite team and rondo is my favorite player.

  42. Noah says:

    What is gonna happen with the hornets?

  43. DrPepper434343 says:

    T-Mac better get signed to a team, i just want to see him kill it like he used to

    • Pete says:

      This is about as likely as Kevin Garnett exploding this season to average 25PPG and 14RPG – it’s not going to happen.

      T-Mac is not who he once was – like Grant Hill and Antonio MxDyess before him, T-Mac is past the stage of ‘dominant’. Like these guys the best thing he can do right now is swallow his ego and reshape hs game to became a solid veteran role player who can fill in a need on a playoff contender.

  44. Dylan Robichaud says:

    didnt danny ainge learn from the perkins trade to preserve what u already have? jeeze

  45. tiger says:

    Rondo should be traded to the Grizzlies for Conley and Mayo, or Conley and Rudy Gay

    • Peter says:

      First lets just get one thing straight – no matter what happens neither Allen, Pierce or Garnett is coming off the bench.

      Now with that in mind, do you honestly see this trade working? Rudy Gay averaged 40 minutes per game last year in which he averaged 20PPG – do you see bhim honestly being satisfied coming off the bench in Boston, there is no way Doc is sending either Allen nor Pierce to the bench for to make room for anyone.

      Likewise OJ Mayo is more of a combo-guard rather then a pure PG – something Boston already have in Delonte West for potentially less money. Conley is also more of a combo-guard rather then a pure point. Why would Boston give up an exceptional pure PG in return for two combo guards, considering that in this league pure PG’s are rare as hell, and combo-guards pretty much grown on trees?

      The Rudy Gay + Mayo has about zero chance of happenning for this reason – he just wouldn’t fit the roster. The Conley + Mayo is more likely, but still highly unlikely. Likewise Rondo wouldn’t come close to filling the 25PPG void that would be created by letting those two guys go, so I don’t think the Grizzlies would be too keen either.

  46. Celtics fan says:

    Has Ainge lost his mind? Trading away Rondo is complete insanity. I know hes not the best shooter, he dosen’t have to be! Hes a great pure point guard I’d say prob tops in the league in terms of basketball IQ, Rondo is WAY smarter than either CP3 or DRose, not to mention, am I the only one who remembers game three? Rondo has the heart of a warrior, and thats something you can’t teach. If Ainge trades Rondo he should be fired. I think CP3 should play for the Lakers (cuz they already have alotta big men they don’t need Howard they need speed and quickness at the point) and Howard should come play for us here in Boston cuz were in dire need of a big man.

    • Pete says:

      I agree completely – while Rondo’s numbers on the stat sheet might not look as spectacular as the other top PG’s (Rose, Westbrook, Deron, etc) they are still impressive, and it’s the non-tangibles where Rondo is most valuable.

      For example, the toughness – who else out of the top 5 PG’s in the league would have played through that horrible dislocation that Rondo played through in the Playoffs last year?? Who else out of those top 5 could have played through the rest of the Playoff series with one hand and still been effective? Who else out of that top 5 will be as eager to dive to the floor, jump out of the stands, or do whatever they need to do to grab a loose ball? Who else from that top 5 was nominated for defensive player of the year last year? Answer: none.

      Rondo is what every team dreams of – a guy who doesn’t need to score to make his team better. The big 3 are all getting older, and yet last year every one of those ‘big three’ shot over 49% from the field – for both Allen and Pierce this was the highest FG% of their career. These guys sure as hell are ‘developing’ into more talented players, so I can guarantee you Rondo’s development as a playmaker had a lot to do with this. His ability to get them the ball in the right spots says alot about not only his playmaking ablity, but also how well he knows his teammates.

      Throw in a new PG in Rondo’s place, and kiss all of that goodbye. Everyones scoring percentages will drop, the offense will loose it’s flow, their perimiter defensive will worsen, and (just as happened with the Perkins trade) team morale will drop – it’s something that will affect not only the PG spot, but every other player on the team.

      Paul is an exceptional player, but one thing Boston doesn’t need (especially on their starting lineup) is more scoring, and that’s really the only thing Paul offers above Rondo. What they need is to pick up a tough centre to fill in the hole Perkins left (DeAndre Jordan, Nene, Tyson Chandler, etc – thought he latter are probably out of budget), a dedicated defensive stopper off the bench to fill the holw Tony Allen left (Grant Hill, Marquis Daniels, Shane Battier, Afflalo) and to resign Jeff Green, Delonte West and Von Wafer.

      This will give them a very formidable starting lineup:

      PG: Rondo
      SG: Allen
      SF: Pierce
      PF: Garnett
      C: Chandler / Nene / Jordan

      As well as deep bench which a good ballance of scoring, defense, rebounding, athleticism and size:

      PG: Delonte West, Avery Bradely
      SG: Delonte West, Von Wafer
      SF: Grant Hill / Shane Battier / Marquis Daniels
      PF: Jeff Green
      C: Jermaine Oneal

      Making moves similar to this is all that Boston would need to do to put them right back at the top of the ‘championship contenders’ list.

  47. DREAMER says:

    Dwight howard and chris paul should just go to MIAMI… nuff said.

  48. john young OKC says:

    i think cp3 will fit in nicely at OKC, although i think the guy will be awesome in years to come i’d trade westbrook and a pick or throw in collison. CP3 feeding durant, perk looking after defense=, harden and cook shooting threes for fun and the beast Ibaka adding the offense. Wouldn’t mind jamal crawford coming in too

    • Peter says:

      Hmm..that’s actually an interesting Idea that I hadn’t thought about. Westbrook is too scoring–oriented and seems to have some troubles playing second fiddle to Durant. Paul can easilly fill the scoring void left by Westbrook, but he’d also be perfectly comfortable being the number two scoring option – he’s the type of who who I think was the leading scorer in NO moreso out of necessity then anything else. Also Paul would get what he wants – a position on a champtionship contender.

      On the other hand Westbrook could go no NO where he’d be the number one scoring option and would have the chance to have ‘his team’.

      With the right pieces thrown it, it could work.

  49. Miami says:

    Ok.. What do we have not hard cap? or not clear yet..

  50. Miami says:

    No chance to old Boston w/o Rondo. It will be the second biggest mistake after the first one they did last years trade..

  51. Nick says:

    I hope to god that the Celtics don’t trade Rondo for Paul. If the Celtics can make it work with Rondo I think he is better fir for the team, this season isn’t something they should look to contend for, rather they should look to the future and keep the franchise going. In my opinion when Allen and Garnett’s contracts are up they need to sign for a smaller salary, espically Garnett. Next season if Howard is in the free agency I would think that he could potentially go to Boston. They are a defensive minded team, who has proved that they get the pieces around their stars (ie: Pierce gets Allen and Garnett), and the combination of him and Rondo would be amazing to watch.

  52. NEI says:

    Thank God NBA is back the world wouldn’t be the same.

    GO HEAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    They shold get a good center and point guard.
    This would be the dream team
    Paul as point guard, wade as shootin, lebron as sf, bosh as pf and howard as c.
    But its to expensive

    • @ says:

      And its also joke. You heat fans have screamed all along that lebron is the best, lebron is the best, just like girls. Yet he needs all of this fire power to win his first ring. Then when he wins it, oh hes better than jordan, oh hes better than Kobe, oh hes better than anyone who has ever played the game. You heat fans are awsome!

      • Pete says:

        Yeah, it really is a joke. For goodness sake, Miami already have their entire salary cap tied up in three players, and these Miami fans still talk about them adding Chris Paul or adding Howard – you are dreaming. The only way Miami can add any truly skilled players is if they find some older guys who still produce at a high level, but only have a couple for years left in the tank and have yet to get a ring – for example: Grant Hill or Steve Nash. Guys like this may be willing to sacrifice pay and take the veterans minimum to play for a potential championship team, so teams like Miami and LA (who are way over the cap) have a shot.

        Even as far a trade bait goes, Miami have little to offer any other team. Haslem is their 4th best player, but he’s no longer that young and right now he’s a major injury risk. Mike Bibby is getting old and has proven he’s purely a one dimensional player right now – just a spot up 3pt shooter. Dampier and Ilgauskas sure as hell aren’t getting you and trade value. Mike Miller and Mario Chalmers are about the only players that could get Miami any trade value at all, but Miami is already low on both depth and chemistry – getting rid of those guys for two guys of similar ability would hurt chemisty with zero gain, and getting rid of them for a single better player would hurt their depth (which is already limited). Miami are pretty much stuck where they are – their only hope is (as above) finding a washed out PG and big man (maybe Nash and Kurt Thomas) who can fill in some holes, and that’s about it.

        That is, unless they trade away Bosh…which would actually be a VERY good move. Bosh is fairly one dimensional in that he’s a weak defender, not really an exceptional rebounder, and not really a great low post scorer – he’s basically just a scoring PF and even then mostly a jumpshooter. Still, he has a big contact and very high trade value to the right team. For Bosh, Chalmers and a Miller (and maybe some picks) Miami MIGHT have a shot at landing Dwight Howard and Gilbert Arenas. It would allow them to start Haslem at PF and Howard at centre (which would give them more then what they give away with Bosh), it would give them far more toughness (which they need desperately) and would give them a nice complimentary group of guys to put around Dwebron and Lewade. Plus Miami is one place where Gilbert Arenas’s (with signifcant minute) might actually be a decent fit – and Bibby wouldn’t be such a liability coming off the bench.

  53. Mental1981 says:

    Boston – Don’t really care much about the Celtic’s ability to win games, but It would be a good scene for CP3 in Boston. He would definitely make them a contender for at least one more season, especially since he makes average players good and good players great, and he scores better than Rondo in every category, free throws, 3pt, jump shots and lay ups. He also lead in steals a few times.

    Nicks – don’t know what they can do at this point to improve besides finding a decent Center like Andrew Bynum, Nene or even Tyson Chandler, but can they afford it?

    Suns – need to do right by Nash and set him free. LA needs a PG young enough but seasoned enough to let Fish come off the bench and Nash would do just right, but would Nash really want to move to LA? Well there’s always Miami.

    LA – Has all the pieces needed for another championship. All they need is the zeal that they had before they became lethargic. I would admit though that if they sent Artest and Blake to Boston and received Rondo they would be better off. Then Odom can be moved to starting again as a Small Forward, and they could have Gasol back to PF, but that would require a healthy Bynum.

    Orlando – Needs to use new privileges of the new CBA to ease their Bad contract burdens; Arenas, Turkoglu which will unfortunately cost them Howard as well. They would have no other choice but to rebuild from scratch. Now that deal involving Howard to LA for Bynum and maybe Artest and Blake if they get to send Arenas/Turkoglu with Howard doesn’t sound so bad after all.

    OKC – Look out for them next season cause Durant is on fire.

    Memphis/Blazers – Have all the pieces and I guarantee you they make it to the playoffs next season if these pieces stay healthy. Gasol just 1UPed, and Gerald Wallace joining Batnum, Aldridge, Roy and the crew just bumped their team up.

    Miami – Stay focused and keep trying to get Fisher or some seasoned PG with coaching potential who you will listen to, cause we all know that guy aint Spo.

  54. NYKNICKS!!! says:

    wouldn’t it be great if CP3 went to the knicks. I also think that boston shouldn’t trade rondo and howard should go to the nets

  55. Dino says:

    Poor ole Raptors wont be gettin anyone I guess. Old leftovers or another useless European “bigman”. Nobody wants to play in Canada.

  56. agentgilbert0 says:

    all right to all you Laker fans you need to realize that LA does not need any more firepower. Acquiring Howard will do very little except burn their wallet. They already have two potential hall-of-famers along with bench power, a savvy veteran point guard, and an outstanding center in Andrew Bynum. Now I know the problem is he is always injured, but some of that is just bad luck (not to distract away from his fragility). Howard’s best choices here are to stay in Orlando or possibly go to a team that is in need of size, such as Golden State. He may also be a good fit in New Jersey, since they have money to spend, they have up-and-coming players such as Brook Lopez, and they will be very energetic and aggressive to start the 2012-2013 season. Not to mention the combination of D-Will and Howard will be inevitably deadly and the grouping of Howard and Lopez would be like a NJ (or Brooklyn) version of Bynum and Gasol in LA. I’m getting really sick and tired of hearing about all this hype that amazing perennial all-stars joining teams with other future hall-of-famers is a sure formula for championship rings. This is not what wins championships. Miami got close last year not because of Wade and Lebron, but because of Joel Anthony’s defense, Mike Bibby’s experience, Haslem’s experience, and supporting shooters who hustled for every loose ball. Besides, Wade and Lebron are a great fit for each other because they share the ball and are not selfish people, let alone players. They know how to run a team and not concerned with making as much bank as possible, but with winning as many championships as possible. This scheme to achieve the team with the most power is nothing but a publicity stunt and a surefire way to waste money.
    P.S. Rondo will never be as successful anywhere in the NBA except for Boston. He grew up with that team and he is the glue to all the players there. The only other possible fit for him is Miami because it is a similar team. Boston is sorely mistaken if they think even the acquisition of Paul will fit better. There is no better fit.

  57. Rajon Rondo says:

    Please trade Ainge instead!!! hehe 😛

  58. Daniel says:

    Suns get Howard and nash stays and develops the pick and roll it could mean championships for Phoenix.

  59. A guy says:

    It is pretty obvious Howard wants to leave Orlando and win a ring. The best thing to do is trade Howard for Griffin, it is obvious howard wants to go to Los Angeles.
    The Celtics should Never, never trade Rajon rondo. keep rondo in boston. He is the team.

    • @ says:

      If they had people like you working for a team in charge of making trades, its obvious you would be making some dumb trades.

  60. Rick Gallant says:

    Yikes! Rondo better not leave Boston. He’s cemented himself as their point general and the future of the team. If he leaves, I don’t know if I’d be a Celtics fan for much longer with Allen’s contract due next year. What a mistake it would be to lose rondo! Don’t do it Ainge!

  61. Gus says:


  62. dj_jayone says:

    i’m a heat fan all day and nnight. this would be the worse move for the celtic to trade rondo for cp3. as far as nene, he’s going to end up in miami or dallas. d. howard in .L.A… hmmmmm only if the magic can get bynum and kobe so don’t even think about it. but then again the nba needs some rookies fresh out of college to replace some of those old players..
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    • @ says:

      I see heat fans havent changed. Still smokin the crack rock down in Dade county ha? What can the heat pay Nene a year 30,000? Come on dude, put the pipe down, and start over.

  63. Dwight Howard says:

    Im not goin anywhere, thats it !

  64. G-G-G-G ..... Wallace says:

    josh smith + dwight howard = DUNK! + BLOCK!
    (and i hope arenas forgets his guns and will play like in 05-06…)

  65. Jonas Marck says:

    I wonder if the fans in new orleans would blame paul if he were to leave… On one hand I’m pretty curious what he would do in another team, but on the other hand I think it would be a nice gesture and a boost for his current team should he stay.

  66. ray allen #1 fan says:

    My Celtics need a big man bad….AIM FOR HOWARD OR CHANDLER!!

  67. Big d says:

    What about the other free agents?

  68. bob says:

    Dwight Howard should go to MIAMI. BEST PLACE TO GET A RING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  69. Tobias_WETZ_Germany says:

    what are these guys talking about? Does the golden colour of their jerseys mix up their minds? What kind of trades would bring D,Howard and C.Paul to the lakers? Do Lakers fans think of getting Wade and James, too? Guys, be realistic!

    I am not sure what the Celtics should do. With their current roster, the probability to compete for a championship is not high, the Big 3 are one year older. Paul could mix up some stagnant things in Boston, I guess, that a more scoring point guard could pretty well work out with those 3 guys,
    But I agree, for being a contender again they need new framework…

    Carlos Arroyo
    Avery Bradley
    Glen Davis
    Jeff Green
    JaJuan Johnson
    Nenad Krstic
    E’Twaun Moore
    Troy Murphy
    Jermaine O’Neal
    Aleksandar Pavlovic
    Von Wafer
    Delonte West

    Who brought solid recurring games in the playoffs? I guess, that West and Green have much more potential, but they have to show it on a daily basis!

    • unikr0n says:

      I along with thousands of other people didn’t ever think that dwade and lebron could ever end up on a roster together (aside from usa basketball). since those 2 joined miami together, ANYTHING is possible. i say you send bynum along with any future 1st round picks to orlando for howard. howard, gasol and possibly odom clogging up the middle while kobe and fish gaurding the perimeter? that makes for some pretty defense! now i know that fisher is definitely slowing it down and kobe is on his way to slowing it down but they can both still play some D. and kobe can still split defenders like noone else. and also when you have another superstar like howard on your team, that takes some serious pressure of kobe because they’ll be defenders having to choose howard or kobe. if they choos kobe, howard will have easy open looks all game long under the basket. if they choose howard then they definitely screwed up and left kobe wide open and you know kobe doesn’t miss wide open shots. whereever howard end up, i’m just happy to have the NBA back!!

  70. Zalo says:

    Die hard orlando fan, i say trade howard and give turkoglu take the picks, use the amnesity on gilbert and rebuild in the upcoming season. Try to deal for austin rivers maybe (from orlando). There isnt much you can do about Dwight i feel as if otis smith has not done a good job in the coming years to keep him in Orlando, acquiring arenas was an awful trade. Dwight deserves to be on a better team, and i can admit that.

  71. Connor Dillon says:

    I think that the Celtics don’t need to go for Chris Paul but need to go for Dwight Howard! They desperately need a good center and there you go! They also need younger players! Dwight is the perfect fit, I also believe that he would love playing on the Celtics!

  72. zXeRp says:

    Idk..I’m pretty sure Magic would take Bynum and Odom or Gasol and Odom or Gasol and Bynum and I think all 3 of those options the Lakers should be willing to make then sign someone like Nene in free agency

  73. Teddy Hodge says:

    Love that the NBA is back! Celtics would be stupid to get rid of Rondo! Get rid of pierce if you have to get rid of any one off of that team it needs to be Pierce. and Dwight, Go purple and gold man! LAKERS!

  74. hc says:

    Be ready for Sacramento to shock the basketball world!!!!

  75. Fhony Bryant says:

    BLOOP BLEEP BLOP POOP 🙂 i dont play this game you guys call ball basket….. i play football……… so please delete the basketball season for ever THank you 🙂

    ………P.S. GO CHICAGQ BOWLS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 🙂

    • rocketeer says:

      If you don’t play basketball and you don’t care about it, then why are you commenting here? Football is a great sport, but so is basketball. Its morons like you that make the sports community look stupid. You know what you need? A life, now go get one!

      Go Rockets! I know the team is not that good right now, but a real fan, BELIEVES.

    • jackwagon leader says:

      You jackwagon…. if you don’t watch ball basket as you refer to it why the hell you on a ball basket site reading a ball basket article??? get a life and move on

    • wade+lebron=3 says:

      getting really tired of NFL fans writing stuff like this on here, we don’t do this to you guys. I think you guys are afraid the nba will become #1 one day. Stop being a troll and go to NFL.com.

  76. Gall Bladder says:

    If the Celtics are smart enough, They should BUILD around Rondo. But maybe Rajon has/had an atittude problem so be it. Trade him.

  77. Eric Zap says:

    Yeah Celtics, go ahead and shoot your selves in the foot and lose Rondo. Dumbest move ever. CP is injured a lot lately, besides the fact the C’s have some serious chemistry going. DON’T DO IT AINGE! I told you all last year that you screwed the pooch letting Perk go. . . Rondo is the reason why I tune in.

  78. jamar says:

    We aint trading D.Howard to nobody so stop askin

  79. CTRL Z says:

    I wish Howard would come to LA, we need a stable, healthy and STRONG man in the paint. Would be interesting to see things play out with such an amazing defensive player with the combination of defense-minded Coach Brown.

    Would also be nice to get a younger, more efficient PG. Don’t get me wrong, Fisher is a well respected vet and great in the post season, but I think LA is long overdue for some younger talent. Im dreaming, but CP3 would receive a warm welcome 😀

  80. QuackPack says:

    why keep old naggin players in a team that consumes a lot of money in a team. its time to move on. be wise

  81. Dunk says:

    same as greak rondo is the future of the celtics id take rondo or paul anyday he knows this team and offence he done so much for the celtics how often you hear about paul schooling anybody look on youtube you see countless highlights about rondo workin hard and always goin for the win RONDO =CELTICS FOR LIFE

  82. Jerwin00 says:

    NICE NBA IS BACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! DONT TRADE RONDO 😦 TRADE D.HOWARD TO LAKERS GO HOWARD WANT SOME RING? GO TO LA LAKERS DUDE!

    • Badgers says:

      And what exactly are the Lakers going to give up to get Howard, they have nothing that the Magic would want

      • hc says:

        trade Kobe for Howard , then the lakers will win another ring, cus it’s not happening again

      • A Real Basketball Fan says:

        Andrew Bynum and Odom would make sense, it better than simply losing Howard in free agency

      • @ says:

        @Badgers First of all, at this point its no longer up to the magic whether the trade Howard or not. It goes like this, either they can trade him now and get SOMETHING in return. Or lose him and get absolutely nothing. Second, you say the Lakers dont have anything to give Orlando in return. Well, I know hes no Dwight Howard, but have you forgot about Bynum? Thats a deal that can very well possibly happen. Use your brain before you open your mouth dude.

      • @ says:

        @hc morons like you have by singing the same ol girly song for years now. It wont happen again, it wont happen again, it wont happen again. And look whats happened again and again. The Lakers have always been known to rebuild and continue to win championships. What makes you haters anything is about to change. And trade Kobe?!!! You idiot. Kobe will retire a Laker.

    • MackDaddy says:

      No way Howard’s ego can play under the shadow of Shaq @ LA. He’s going to go somewhere he can be a hero and win without the pressure of comparison. New Jersey with Williams is my bet.

      Russion Billionaire with deep pockets and not afraid to use them = Superstar pay packets and deep roster = Championships.

  83. Badgers says:

    Is there any more talk of the Magic trying to trade for Josh Smith as a way of making Dwight Howard wanting to stay? That would be one formidable post defense….

  84. paul says:

    nene go to GS they need big bodies

    • Renpurso says:

      nene to GS would be nice… they’d have a solid starting 5

      C – Nene
      PF – David Lee
      SF – Dorrell Wright
      SG – Monta Ellis
      PG – Stephen Curry

      with the right support players that is a pretty solid core, but tbh i hope nene stays in denver – if they get their players back from overseas i think they could be a surprise, not win but they could make some noise come playoff time considering how well they played after trading melo and the fact that most of their guys are young and are still growing

  85. Mark C says:

    Basketball is BACK. Loving IT!!!!!!!. Its good to hear those players that signed deals abroad will be allowed to compete in playoffs. I wanna see some rookies.Letz GO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  86. Greak says:

    Don’t you dare touch Rondo… I’ll never buy any of Celtic’s gear again if you trade him. Getting rid of Perk and Nate was too much already…

    • David says:

      Agreed, Paul replacing Rondo make no sense, or negative sense, what ever. Paul is not miles better than rondo but and will be stranded not where once the big three retire. The best thing for the celtics to do is to add complimentery pieces and compete for a championship this year and rebuild next year.

      By the why, I don’t know why am I even commenting on it, im not a Boston fan, maybe because the idea was so stupid. So what do you guys think about the Heat and who will they get?

      • James says:

        I think Miami will not get anymore big names unless they want to pay those millions of extra dollars under the CBA. In reality, Miami needs a strong point guard. If they trade for Chris Paul, they would really have to give up at least 3 mid level players. I’m thinking Bibby, Mike Miller and maybe Haslem. (Maybe Im overdoing it) Lol. But, theres no way they would be able to offer him a great salary because its taken up by Bosh Wade and Lebron already.

        Chris Pauls has already stated he would not sign an extension with Boston in which I agree because their 2 top scorers are retiring soon. He would be better off staying with NO and try acquiring Dwight or someone.

        CP cant go to NY because they have no money. Sure they can trade, but they already have no bench. They would actually have to sign D-League players or players that wont do them any good besides suiting up.

        CP’s best option is to join LA Lakers where he knows he has a great shot at getting a ring. The Lakers could easily go over the salary to acquire CP. Lakers are also ready to trade Bynum or Gasol along with Odom to acquire Dwight Howard. If it was me I would go to LA.

      • Jordon says:

        getting rid of rondo would make me hate the celtics and im a huge celtics fan. pacers dont even have a good enough player to trade for rondo ny way. i would wait untill the big 3 -pierce, garnett, and allen retire to start rebuilding.

      • No sense at all says:

        Why would you even consider trading Rondo for Paul? The big three will likely retire in the next few years – now is not the time to be building new combinations. Rondo plays well with the boys, even if Paul is better he wont be able to combine with the boys like Rondo does any time soon. The only thing that makes Paul better is his shooting and Rondo has improved vastly in the last couple of years. Even speaking about trading him may damage team fabric and how well he performs. I was a fan of Danny Ainge until he started shopping Rondo around…

    • MackDaddy says:

      Don’t worry… Paul aint going to the Celtics. He’s going to a team that’s winning long term- and unfortunately for the Celtics their big 3 are too old for Paul. No way he’s signing up to Ainge long term with a roster that old.

      NY cant afford him, and even if they swing something they’ll have no one to play with the big 3. That’s the mistake Miami made… no balance in their roster.

      It’ll be interesting to see where he goes, but it wont be Celtics or Knicks that’s for sure.