Labor Talks: Nuclear Winter No More!

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HANG TIME HEADQUARTERS — Merry Christmas NBA fans. Our 149-day lockout nightmare, and the NBA’s “Nuclear Winter” is over.

It’s a little early, but most appropriate now that there is a tentative settlement agreement on lawsuits that will pave the way for a collective bargaining agreement between the NBA and its players, reached after a marathon, 15-hour Black Friday-early Saturday negotiating session in New York.

That means the shortened 2011-12 season starts on Christmas Day, a 66-game season with training camp and free agency starting simultaneously on Dec. 9 and season-opening slate of games — Boston Celtics at the New York Knicks; Miami Heat at the Dallas Mavericks; and Chicago Bulls at the Los Angeles Lakers — that should serve as a fitting return our beloved game for fans around the globe.

All that said, a multitude of issues remain. But the framework of the new deal is done — we’ve been telling folks for months now, this thing wasn’t officially over until we had NBA Commissioner David Stern and (former) union executive director Billy Hunter sitting next to each other smiling … “Yahtzee!”

As’s Steve Aschburner reported before the sun rose over the hideout, “players are to receive a “band” share of basketball-related income ranging from 49 percent to 51 percent depending on the league’s growth (with a more reasonable shot at 51 than in previous offers). A laundry list of system issues, meanwhile, are intended to make the NBA more competitive across its 30 teams.”

If the immediate player reactions are any indication, the rest of the process is strictly a formality. These guys clearly want to get back to what they do best.

Opinions will vary in the coming days and weeks about winners and losers. We will leave that for others to decide (more on that below). But I think it’s clear that the owners returned to the table ready to compromise in ways (the players already had) to ensure that we see NBA basketball before in time for the 2011 on that 2011-12 season to mean something.

In that respect, it’s a win-win for all sides (players/owners and most importantly the fans). Now, back to the news at hand (with a special HT hat tip to the dogged Ken Berger of for breaking the story) …


Howard Beck of The New York Times: As a frantic Black Friday gave way to a sleepy Saturday morning in Midtown Manhattan, the biggest deal of all was consummated in a law office tucked between FAO Schwartz and the Apple Store. With handshakes, sighs and weary smiles, the N.B.A. and its players resolved a crippling labor dispute, allowing them to reopen their $4 billion-a-year business in time for the holidays. A 66-game season will start on Christmas Day, ending the second-longest lockout in league history. The deal was reached at about 3 a.m. Saturday, on the 149th day of the lockout, after a final 15-hour bargaining session at the law offices of Weil, Gotshal and Manges. “We’ve reached a tentative understanding that is subject to a variety of approvals and very complex machinations,” the league’s commissioner, David Stern, said at 3:40 a.m., “but we’re optimistic that that will all come to pass, and that the N.B.A. season will begin on Dec. 25, Christmas Day, with a tripleheader.” Training camps and free agency will open, simultaneously, on Dec. 9, giving teams two weeks to prepare. The three Christmas games are likely to be the ones that were already on the schedule: Boston at the Knicks, followed by Miami at Dallas and Chicago at the Los Angeles Lakers. The rest of the schedule will be reconstructed and released in the coming days. “We’re really excited,” said Peter Holt, the San Antonio Spurs owner and chairman of the league’s labor-relations committee. “We’re excited for the fans. We’re excited to start playing basketball, for players, for everybody involved.”


Brian C. Mahoney of the Associated Press (via The Washington Post): After a secret meeting earlier this week that got the broken process back on track, the sides met for more than 15 hours Friday, working to save the season. Stern said the agreement was “subject to a variety of approvals and very complex machinations, but we’re optimistic that will all come to pass and that the NBA season will begin Dec. 25.  The league plans a 66-game season and aims to open training camps Dec. 9, with free agency opening at the same time. Stern has said it would take about 30 days from an agreement to playing the first game. “All I feel right now is ‘finally,’” Miami Heat star Dwyane Wade told The Associated Press. Just 12 days after talks broke down and Stern declared the NBA could be headed to a “nuclear winter,” he sat next to Hunter to announce the 10-year deal, with either side able to opt out after the sixth year. “For myself, it’s great to be a part of this particular moment in terms of giving our fans what they wanted and wanted to see,” said Derek Fisher, the president of the players’ association. A majority on each side is needed to approve the agreement, first reported by The NBA needs votes from 15 of 29 owners. (The league owns the New Orleans Hornets.) Stern said the labor committee plans to discuss the agreement later Saturday and expects them to endorse it and recommend to the full board. The union needs a simple majority of its 430-plus members. That process is a bit more complicated after the players dissolved the union Nov. 14. Now, they must drop their antitrust lawsuit in Minnesota and reform the union before voting on the deal.



Adrian Wojnarowski of Yahoo! Sports: The owners made “significant moves” toward the players on several important system issues that long separated the two sides, a union source told Yahoo! Sports Saturday morning. “There’s still some tweaking to those that needs to be done,” the source said. After the tentative agreement was announced, some players privately said they would not vote for the deal, believing they had conceded too much to the owners. Still, there is not believed to be enough support to block ratification. “We’re optimistic that the [agreement] will hold and we’ll have ourselves an NBA season,” NBA commissioner David Stern said at a brief news conference held in New York with Players Association executive director Billy Hunter and president Derek Fisher. Free agency and training camps will start on Dec. 9, Stern said. Under the current agreement, the regular season would have a 66-game schedule that begins on Christmas Day with three games: Boston Celtics at the New York Knicks; Miami Heat at the Dallas Mavericks; and Chicago Bulls at the Los Angeles Lakers. Players are not expected to be permitted to start working out at their team facilities – or with coaching staffs – until camps open on Dec. 9. “It’s finally great to wake up to this kind of news,” Houston Rockets guard Kevin Martin said.


Chris Mannix of Sports Illustrated: • Jeffrey Kessler nearly killed the deal. Again. Sort of. Kessler, the union’s outside counsel, has been a lightning rod for criticism during this process and a frequent target of Stern for what the NBA believes has been a disruptive influence in the negotiations. On Friday, Kessler nearly torpedoed the negotiations again when he, via speakerphone, asked the NBA for a 51 percent of the basketball-related income. Stern and Holt, who have been vehemently opposed to giving the players any more than 50 percent, rejected the proposal. While Kessler was merely the vessel delivering the union’s message, his offer infuriated representatives from the league and, according to a source close to the NBA’s Labor Relations Committee, nearly ended the negotiations. The two sides stayed at the table, however, and, according to the source, eventually agreed on a band that will give the players between 49 and 51 percent of the BRI. • The NBA is happy with this deal. The players are OK with it. Complete details of the new CBA won’t be disclosed for a few days, at least, but it’s clear the NBA got much of what it wanted. It reduced the players’ share of BRI by at least six percent (or $240 million per season) and will ultimately put significant restrictions on player movement, through the luxury tax, that will prevent big or more attractive markets from luring top players away from their incumbent teams. “I think it will largely prevent the high-spending teams from competing in the free-agency market in the way they [have] in the past,” [NBA Deputy Commissioner Adam] Silver said. “It’s a compromise. It’s not the system we sought out to get in terms of the harder cap, but the luxury tax is harsher than it was in the past deal and we hope it’s effective. You never can be sure, but we feel, ultimately, it will give fans in every community hope that their team will be able to compete for championships and that their basis for believing in their team will be a function of management rather than how deep the owners’ pockets are or how large the market is.” The players? It seems they got a deal they can live with. While many players will likely be unhappy with the concessions made by the union, the majority will vote to approve the deal, in part because they believe it’s the best deal they can get and in part because they are not willing to sacrifice an entire season’s salary.



Henry Abbott of Common sense suggests players – many of whom have not followed all that closely, and almost all of whom love playing NBA basketball – will approve the deal.  But Hunter’s caution is not without reason. Compared to Stern, Hunter has a bigger, less predictable group that has surprised him more than once in this process with stridence.  There are more than 400 players, for one thing. For another, many of them are incredibly competitive and are sensitive to the idea Stern and the owners have walked on them. And the players not only have real power — some of them are plaintiffs in a case that must be dropped for the NBA to operate – but they also have some bitter pills to swallow, including spending cuts that will affect several free agents in the years to come, a smaller mid-level exception, and less job security for many rank-and-file players.  There may be some salesmanship in how Hunter, Derek Fisher and the Players Association handle the next few days.  If I were doing the selling, these are some of the points I’d make: *NBA free agency – the bedrock of every players’ market value — is not everything it once was, but it’s alive and well. There is no hard cap, and every team will have at least some kind of mid-level exception every year. * The Bird exception has led to some of the league’s best-paid, winningest, happiest players, and is essentially untouched. *Minimum team payrolls will be climbing. The league instituted this in the name of competitive balance. But it will be in effect whether or not better players are available for stingy teams to sign, and whether or not owners know how to spend that money wisely. That’s a win for free agents. The Grizzlies reportedly signed Zach Randolph in part because they had to get their salaries up to the league minimum. There will be more deals like this in the future. * The best way to really make a lot of money as a non-superstar NBA player is to touch off a free-agent bidding war. Revenue sharing will help even the most tight-fisted teams to join these once in a while. If $3 million or so sounds like a decent salary to you, right now, for the first time have as many as 30 teams that both want you and can afford you.


Chris Sheridan of Here are some of the key details of those moves, according to a league source who was privy to the details of the tentative agreement and shared those details with _ On the financial split, the players will receive between 49 and 51 percent of revenues, depending on annual growth. The players had complained prior to Saturday that the owners’ previous offer effectively limited them to 50.2 percent of revenues, but the source said 51 percent was now reasonably achievable with robust growth. _Owners dropped their insistence on what would have been known as the Carmelo Anthony rule, preventing teams from executing extend-and-trade deals similar to the one that sent Anthony from the Denver Nuggets to the New York Knicks last season. This means that if Dwight Howard, Deron Williams and Chris Paul want to leverage their way out of Orlando, New Jersey and New Orleans, they will still be eligible to sign four-year extensions with their current teams before being immediately traded elsewhere. _ Teams above the salary cap will be able to offer four-year mid-level exception contracts to free agents each season. Previously, owners were asking that teams be limited to offering a four-year deal one year, a three-year deal the next, then four, then three, etc. _ The rookie salary scale and veteran minimum salaries will stay the same as they were last season. Owners had been seeking 12 percent cuts. _ Qualifying offers to restricted free agents will become “significantly” improved. The sides had already agreed to reduce the time for a team to match an offer to a restricted free agent from 7 days to 3. _ A new $2.5 million exception will be available to teams that go blow the salary cap, then use all of their cap room to sign free agents. Once they are back above the cap, they will be able to use the new exception instead of being limited to filling out their rosters with players on minimum contracts. _ The prohibition on luxury tax-paying teams from executing sign-and-trade deals was loosened, although the freedom to execute those types of deals will still be limited.



  1. It has finally and officialy ended. Now we can sit back, relax, and watch some basketball… That is what fans do, right? After all these labor talks, it will be very nice to watch NBA again. Hope this will be a great season!

  2. Rich says:

    first game christmas day ?! it will be crappy for any teams playing their first game of the season. it will be like all-star games ! why not start a week early so christmas day games will be more competitive.

  3. blazerfannnn!!! :) says: <— copy and paste! watch this video on youtube for all u BLAZER fans =)

  4. Tal says:

    I’m hoping they can win me back next year…
    This season like 98 will be just another Asterisk season.

    In the mean time I’m with the guy above. NFL and college hoops. I really find it disgusting that Melo tweets, “I’m so happy to give you fans the “Gift” of Basketball for christmas”..Yeah…You did the fans a real favor. LOL…

    Nope…I’ll be casually watching, this season from time to time. but this left such a sour taste in my mouth, it may be a year or 2 to be what some of you nimbskuls call a REAL fan again. (Even though I saw the Elvin Hayes and Lew Al Cindor at the astrodome umpteen years ago.)

    We wont be see any stellar ball from the NBA this year..NCAA on the other hand..March Madness!!!! Bring it on!!!

  5. Magic fan says:

    When will get back to normal????

  6. Heatwave says:

    I just don’t get why people come on here to complain. It’s great that we will still get some of the season so sit back and be glad, or just don’t watch.

  7. John Anderson says:

    A few weeks ago the season was in jeopardy if they didn’t have a deal then. Fast forward and now somehow they manage to get in a 68-game season. The reason the players didn’t cave was because they knew the owners were lying. Go play ball. I’m not watching. Lucky for the NBA that NASCAR season ended. Auto racing, in general, picked up a bunch more viewers due to lack of thugball (foot and basket). I was a big fan of ball games until this year. F1, Indy and NASCAR rock. Don’t knock it until you try it.

  8. robbay2 says:


  9. Teriac says:

    nba is back! yeah 😀

  10. heh8meN1 says:

    For The FANS:
    Excited and anxious I await my dream
    To escape, applaud And embrace my team
    Opening day I always can trust
    It’s just for this high That I crazily lust
    Return of our hero Does brighten the days
    Just briefly, my troubles Get lost in the haze
    The grace from the field Arouses the crowd
    Reflects on the days When I was quite proud
    I’m more entranced Than the average fan
    I used to play, you see And I know I still can
    That time I drove the ball With such loft
    My exit atop shoulders As they carried me off
    This pastime and I Just fade into one
    Expanded upon From father and son
    My boy is young And awkward for now
    I just need the time And can show him how
    I really am quite close Just a break away
    From straightening things out And being okay
    I can help my team To regain its glory
    With just a little twist To the same old story
    Players say now They play for themselves
    This causes a burning Within me that dwells
    The fan is the one Who pays for the game
    Which bestows all the riches And welcomed fame
    The players will listen But really don’t hear
    All the while just hiding Behind an invisible tear
    I grow tired now of all this greed
    And chart a course to set things free.

  11. alexzandro says:

    who cares if NBA will start on December 25

  12. KMill says:

    Why are there so many dumb fans that are willing to crawl back to the NBA? I’ve always loved basketball, but the NBA players proved that they DON’T CARE AT ALL about the fans, only about their money. All across the country there are many people out of work and losing their homes, but these players, who already make MILLIONS to play a game, wanted MORE MILLIONS or they wouldn’t play. You “fans” are just begging to be treated like dirt again from players who only want your money. Wake up and quit being such pushovers. Anyone who is a real fan should boycott the NBA until the players and owners realize that there is no NBA without the fans.

  13. mel says:

    Though there are a small handful of teams that actually respect the game & represent the NBA well (i.e. Dallas, OKC, Chicago, Boston), the damage has been done. I agree with John Frame’s comments a little earlier. This type of financial discrepancy was absolutely unheard of in the days of Magic, Bird, Nique, Barkley, Isaiah, Mike (early), Hakeem, Ewing (you know, basically in the days where cats still loved the GAME for THE GAME, and it was, “oh yeah- we get paid too”. If it were possible, the departed patriarchs of the game would be disgusted in their graves off of this blatant disrespect for THE GAME. I also will not watch an NBA game this year and if I accidently catch some highlights I will wash my eyes out with soap.

    What kind of example is this setting for the rookies, or the other lessers of the NBA, who through this, are being taught to “be heard”, rather than to “be thankful” for being blessed to be healthy & talented enough to be in a position to be drafted, and then to be drafted. The game used to be about GIVING (giving 100% on the court, and giving back to the fans, who stretch their tight budgets to support multi -millionaires). We now are reminded what really rules the league.

    I wish they hadn’t a resolved it. I would of been (and will be) better served watching the replays of the games from the 80’s & early 90’s. Now THATS BASKETBALL, NAHHH MEEEEEN!!!!!!! I do have a buddy in the League (MIKE WILKS) from the 2-9 in MILWAUKEE, and I Know his character and I will tell you he is definitely NOT to be named among those envious of the extra cheddar. He is one of the few who is content in his state and extremely thankful for his blessings. But other than that, the NBA is dead to me. I dont hate against those who still like it (have fun). It just wont be me, ever again. WOW, I cant wait till the big east tournament……..

  14. kobe HateR says:

    this will be a awesome season for boston fans….

  15. Stacy James says:

    Why’s everyone so happy on here? Would you be happy if your Dad got screwed at work by the boss? Idiots!

  16. Nathan says:

    Finallly. time for john wall to javale mcgeee!!!

  17. Final says:

    Yes the NBA is back

  18. From the great words of The Rock “FINALLY THE NBA SEASON IS BACK” Christmas day Wade vs Nowitzki, Kobe vs Rose, Melo vs Pierce. Alright My Heat Homies let get a championship braaa. I got so much money last year on bets gambling $950 at that. Who’s going to bet right now? Season on the Way

    Free Agency Realistic Predictions: Nene to Miami (Nene said money will not affect his decision and now with the amnesty clause in), J.R Smith to Lakers, Jamal Crawford to Bulls. SEASON ON THE WAY

  19. I says:

    Finally the NBA HAS COME BACK to da FANS 🙂

  20. Gifted says:

    i won’t beleive it until i see the first tip off

  21. robert says:

    Its time for Clipper Nation to rise up!!!!!!!!

  22. I cried tears of joy knowing that the game I love and the players I respect will soon be my center of attention again. NBA basketball is the only television I watch, and I am proud of the players and owners to unite and sacrifice a lot to reach a settlement. I love profesional basketball and I am the most dedicated and biggest spurs and NBA fan. Go spurs Go

  23. WhooCarez says:

    Not about time, but about the greed of sports… I LOVED baseball until the MLB 1981 strike. Sayonara to those guys….I still attend 1-2 baseball games per year, but I won’t feed the greed. The NBA has never held a warm spot in my heart and I had hoped their lockout would have lasted at least 100 years! I don’t care about those players any more or any less.

    I hang onto the NFL, but they just seem to care more about the impact on their fans than the other sports. Go NHL!!!

  24. Jose Calderon = MVP says:

    $4,000,000,000… I guess it wasn’t that hard finding a way to split all those zeros after all!

  25. BBall Maniac says:

    Finally the only reason to look forward to Fall is back. IT’S ooONNNN!!! C’mon OKC Thunder! KD & Russell . . .Let’s go Get Em!!!

  26. iGOThops28 says:

    bismack be dominating everyone

  27. monica says:

    yay!!! im excited to see the blazers play!!!!!<3 😉

  28. it’s about time, I’ve been watching football which i love, as i do the NBA. I’m glad to see both sides ended this hell-winter.

  29. Will B says:

    yes!!!!! Go Grizzlies!!!

  30. Needbig says:

    The owners are greedy. The players are greedy. But, I am greedy, too. I want my NBA. PLAY BALL

  31. j says:


  32. MJ says:

    I am sorry players but I am not going to watch NBA anymore, you guys disappointed me with your greedeness. I’d rather watch baseball or hockey now.

  33. N4A says:

    Gonna watch my C`s
    oh yeah!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  34. Backlash says:

    I hate people who comes on this site which is called ‘” and complain about the NBA , what kind of sense does that make..if you don’t like the NBA why da hell are you on the site? that annoys the hell out of me..but anyways forget the negative people…we finally got the NBA back after 4 long months..I can’t wait till opening night , Miami/Dallas finals rematch ..Knicks/Celtics rematch ..and to top it off ..the lakers and bulls, and not to mention ..we get to look foward to watching all the new rookies play jimmer freduette , kemba walker ..kyrie irving , brandon knight , derick willams etc ..and I also wanna see how the second year players developed ..john wall , evan turner , landry fields, jrue holiday ..eric bledsoe..I’m expecting dexter pittman to be the starting center for Miami also.

  35. malik says:

    yessss i can watch the knicks dominate now

  36. Joshua says:

    Thank you Santa Claus!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  37. monica says:


  38. Blackmamba24 says:

    Yeah your right another chance fro Lebrick to choke.

  39. KB24 says:

    Kobe Bryant on His haters: “Shut up those folks saying…I’m done.” Can’t wait!!!!!!

  40. Richard Jensen says:

    Sekou – I am pumped that the season is back on…but you seriously need to use a dictionary when you write your columns. As a sports “writer” the writing element is important regardless of whether or not this is a “blog”. The word “appropriate” does not mean what you think it means. When you write, “It’s a little early, but most appropriate now that there is a tentative settlement agreement” you sound like a high school kid trying too hard to fit in with the college crowd, or, more appropriately, like an average sports fan trying to rub shoulders with David Aldridge…and failing.

    • Nellie says:

      Please let us not judge others, Sekou has worked hard to obtain and publish this information for people like you. Instead of writing negative comments, one should appreciate the NBA and those who work hard to write about it.
      Anyway, I am very proud and anxious for the season to start as I am the biggest and most dedicated spurs and nba fan. Go spurs Go.

  41. DrPepper434343 says:

    my life just got 10x better

  42. Max says:

    Check it out.
    The NBA is back and this is the blog to read. It takes an insightful look on all things NBA.

  43. SL says:

    Honestly, part of me doesn’t care WHAT team wins – the Lakers, the Heat, the Celtics, the Nuggets, the Bulls, WHATEVER – AS LONG AS THERE’S AN NBA SEASON.

  44. hardfan says:

    another chance for lebron…… . .. .. . . . .to choke.. . . ^^

  45. BASED GOD says:


  46. hardfan says:

    at last…’v been waiting for this lock out to end since day 1 of the lock out…going to this website everyday and this is the first good news since the lock out started…and i am a happy fan now…

  47. Barea # 1 says:

    Wooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo Yeahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh finally the NBA is back where it belongs

  48. truballwe says:

    thank u basketball gods for makin it happen….! back to work!

  49. Aaron-1 says:

    This is exactly what I’ve been waiting for since the beginning of the lockout; Can’t wait to see my Lakers and all the teams battling it out in a 66 game season

  50. Anthony says:

    Finally the is basketball cool

  51. ztomz says:

    agree with you john frame. too greedy. they should lower the prices of tickets so we can watch live games. i am also an nba fan since this is a famous sports in the philippines. you can play basketball anywhere. really love to watch live games but the tickets are too expensive plus you have to pay for parking and have to travel for 6 hours and the nearest for me is only portland since i live in british columbia,canada.

  52. Nisha-Let's Talk says:

    Yeah baby!! Now that’s what I’m talkin bout! That HEAT gon win this 66, 67 game seaon. Don’t hate. DIE HARD MIAMI FAN IS OUT! 😉

  53. Anthony says:

    Im going to watch basketball on christmas yup

  54. john frame says:

    Hoped they would never come 2 an agreement then maybe we couldk eep watching all the REAL basketball being showed on TV.(college).who can afford 2 go 2 a game.have 2 b an Exec or business person 2 afford it.should have cut tickets 75% and salaries 75% and concessions 75%.then the owners and players would still b rich and maybe some of us common folks could go 2 a game too.I am 57 been working since age 14 and will not make a million in my entire life.what they make on 1st contract coming out of the draft would support me and my family 4 life.BigTime at that.maybe some Free nights 2 get some people that love the game to come.why not? sure they could afford it.been a suns fan since childhood but will not watch a game this year as others i know will not do.Greed will get you 2 Hell quicker than anything.and both sides have Greed

    • Gary says:

      Oh may god. SHUT UP! I make under 40K and can still affored to attend games. If you can’t affored it maybe you should look into making more money instead of expecting them to drop prices for you. LOL. I can see you walk into a car dealership saying “really who can affored this Kia. You should drop the price and then I’ll think about buying it”.

    • FINALLY says:

      freakin idiot!!!!!!! if u hate the NBA y r u on da website?!?!?!?!

      • Beth says:

        I agree with FINALLY. I look forward to watching basketball as a sport…weather high school, college or NBA. Business and $$$ gets in the way of every profession. Nothings perfect. But I love B-Ball!

  55. FINALLY says:

    i agree with ben, nugs unstoppable!

  56. FINALLY says:


  57. ben says:

    Denver Nuggets we back!!!!!
    Kenneth Farried + Ty Lawson on the same team!

  58. colt says:

    to late for a basketball season now, ill stay with football for Christmas. hopefully others will follow and this turn out to be the worst ratings for basketball ever. and the fans will speak up in that way to show neither side was winners in this that their actions lost fans.

    • Gary says:

      Shut up and go b***h about it somewhere else. Real fans are happy.

    • Jay says:

      I hope they lost fans, because the hardcore fans won’t leave because of what happened. Maybe they’ll watch their money better, but they don’t leave. It’s the fairweather fans that usually run their mouth about NBA and basketball that they know nothing about. So now the players get a season and their paychecks, the owners get there due profit, resturant owners can make up some money, and fans get xmas day game plus far fewer pathetic trolls! WIN WIN WIN WIN. All we do is WIN!!!!

  59. Joseph says:

    Does this mean we get the old back?!!??!!?!?!?

  60. Blazers712 says:


  61. Lakers R Us says:

    Need to start watching the Kobe show again! lol

  62. Lakers R Us says:

    I guess after watching the major league baseball players come to an agreement these NBA dudes decided to wake up and smell the coffee! Nobody makes any money if there’s no season and everyone loses! Now maybe we can watch some basketball!