Labor Talks: Something To Talk About?

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HANG TIME HEADQUARTERS — That glimmer of hope that cooler heads might prevail and save the 2011-12 NBA season is flickering again.

The sides are back on speaking terms, which is more than they have done since the players disbanded the union and filed antitrust lawsuits against the owners.

Exactly what they are talking about remains to be seen. But multiple reports have confirmed that “settlement talks” between the players and the league resumed in the past 24 hours and are ongoing.

More from Howard Beck of The New York Times:

Negotiations aimed at ending the N.B.A. lockout quietly resumed Tuesday, with a goal of resolving the dispute in time play games on Christmas, two people close to the talks confirmed Wednesday afternoon.

The exact participants are not yet known, but it is presumed that the talks are being conducted through lawyers for both sides, because of pending litigation. The talks, which began Tuesday and were continuing Wednesday, were first reported by Yahoo! Sports.

There are some necessary constraints on the talks because of the moves made last week by the players to disband their union and file an antitrust lawsuit. Negotiations are now considered part of settlement talks relating to the litigation. As such, the lawyers for the N.B.A. and the players must lead the way on an agreement.

Billy Hunter, the former executive director of the players union, is technically part of the legal team representing the players and could be part of the settlement discussions. Derek Fisher, who was the president of the union until it disbanded, is not involved in the talks. It is unclear whether Commissioner David Stern is involved at this stage.

If the parties can agree to the framework of a deal, the union will have to be reconstituted to negotiate certain items and to adopt a new collective bargaining agreement.

The parties need at least a handshake agreement in the next few days if the N.B.A. hopes to have games on Dec. 25 — the day that traditionally kicks off its national television schedule. It will take about four weeks to get a season started, given the time required to complete a labor deal, sign free agents and hold training camps.

There might be something to give thanks about (NBA related, that is) after all!


  1. moodmanrj says:

    If the season does fold, maybe it’ll open the doors for colleges to give scholarships to people who intend to graduate and give something back to society!

  2. moodmanrj says:

    I hope we do get a Christmas Start this year….so every fan will not watch it and boycott the players greed in such tough economic times. I love the NBA it’s my favorite sport. Pretty sad that someone can’t live off millions of dollars for PLAYING A GAME. I will not watch a game for 2 seasons out of disgust.

  3. Dollar Man says:

    This just in: there will be no 2011-2012 season. The owners have been planning this for years.

  4. Disgruntled Dave says:

    Hey, hey no more NBA that’s what it;s coming down to, I saw a news clip today during footbal (which by the way seemed to care enough about it’s fans to get a deal done) that season ticket holders in New York and New Jersey were demanding refunds for there season tickets not just for the missed games but for the whole thing! this will be the first step! I believe that this is why the talks secretly started again! thats the first step for the fans to take charge and force the greedy b****rds owners and players alike to take us seriously!!!!! and if not R.I.P to the NBA!

  5. Tommy says:

    I think the players need knew representation.
    They are overpaid and want more. Perhaps if some of the rookies found themselves applying for a job at Wal-Mart instead of receiving many millions of dollars for playing a game that they love and for only 8 months out of the year, they might stand up and except the owners proposal which by the way does not lower any salaries.
    People are out of work across this nation and the world and the players are demanding more money than the already excessive amounts they were receiving. (average salary is 5 million) Give us a break and get back to (ha ha) work.
    Ryiochi is correct in what he says about the players taking no risk and the owners taking huge financial risks. The concept of owners not needing to care about making money is naive unless it were Rothschild or Rockefeller.

  6. i enjoy watching basketball almost as much as playing. they need to come to an agreement and SOON!

  7. sac916 says:


  8. David says:

    The owners should not bully the players anymore and be thankfull that they are in the position they are in, being billionares. Many owners are in other businesses too and they know if they make a mistake there, they will not have a CBA to bail them out and they don’t have caps and drafts to ensure competitive balance either. The NBA is a business and owners should start to treat it like one.

    Hell, just give the players what they want and start the season, i want to watch ball. You know players will work hard and never make the amount of money you owners make.

  9. Robert says:

    All I wanted for Christmas was my NBA games.. That’s all!

  10. ddddd says:

    Here is the irony. The nba is not preaching real world tactics. In the real world if you make a mistake you have to eat the cost. Now these owners sign these players for way more than what they are worth and now they are expecting the CBA to bail them out. Just because players and agents think that these players are worth millions more than what these players are worth, doesnt mean that the owners have to dole out these horrid contracts. Now I know that Donald Sterling has been considered Mr. Cheapo of the league the past how many years with the clippers but, with the exception of the Baron Davis contract, Sterling has not been doling out extravagant contracts where they were not deserved. If owner x wants to outbid you for player y then player y is not meant to be, especially if the contract is going to financially hamstring you for years to come. Also the practice of awarding contracts for past work as in the Hedo Turkoglu contract and others needs to be eliminated. Especially if their game is not going to mesh with the coaches system. The contracts need to be structured to approximate the value of the player better over the years instead of what so and so can offer that player. Point being, if the owners are going to be stupid, it is them, not the players, and definitely not the fans that NEED to pay the price.

    • killin it says:

      Uhh, Yes they are using real world tactics,

      you see this all the time in Australia, the most recent one being qantas, the economy is good, the union manage to coax better wages, when the economy collapses, and the workers are used to living on their current wage and a business cuts pay, they all cry collusion. Fact is, it WAS a seller’s market, the seller being the player. There has to be some sort of regulation otherwise it’s not going to be healthy for the NBA in the long run.

  11. Vlad says:

    Let’s build a new leage with out unions help, because union KILLS America!

  12. Get it done. says:

    I’m an older fan with a lot of things to do so I wasn’t emotionally invested in NBA as much as I use to be. But I’m really starting to miss the games, the high lights the match ups. I’m really going through with drawl. And the Players and Owners have to realize if it doesn’t get solved soon …My 12 step program will be done and I’ll be officially free of the NBA… so sad.

  13. me.. again says:

    man this sucks, why dont you just shut it all down and let all the players go internatioinal. maybe they will get their 57% overseas.

  14. Adam says:

    As a “former” NBA fan (in a big way), I could care less about whether there’s a season. If there does happen to be basketball, I won’t watch until David Stern is relieved from his duties as commissioner. He’s the worst thing to happen to the game of basketball. Stingy!

    Owners know when they buy a team that they’re interested in other things besides profits. Of course profits still matter, but you must also consider the “consumptive” value of owning a professional sports team. There are a lot of things that owners do that cost them money and therefore reduce their profits because of their EGOS. In other words, owners know very well many of their actions will reduce profits, but they’re willing to pay that premium because they want to win. But when it comes to negotiations, they revert back to “profitability” to further exploit players. Listen public, the owners have never touched a basketball in their lives. Greedy businesspeople are a dime a dozen, but NBA talent is as rare as a 10 carat diamond!

    I say every professional basketball players should hold a meeting across the border in Canada and start a new league. TV stations around the world will still be willing to purchase broadcasting rights. Just like the NBA allows teams in Canada to play, the new league can allow teams in America to play. If not Canada, then China, Brazil, or wherever!

  15. TS says:

    Season still delayed so players can play in Obama fundraiser.

  16. jane smith says:

    its all about money…money game for the nba and the nba players

  17. MaFox says:

    perhaps if everyone on here was more optimistic, the power of positiveness will GIVE US A 2011-2012 SEASON !!!!!!!!!!



  18. Well, this is something anyone could have expected. At one point, it seemed like the season was lost, and now talks are starting again. But… We will see what these round of talks will bring. At this moment, I simply can’t imagine that they agree on a deal on friday. It just seems too fast…

  19. BriaN says:

    Get this done! The NBA must be JIMMERED this season! Fredette for ROTY.

  20. nba fan says:


  21. Ryoichi says:

    The fact is it all comes down to the human nature. One of the seven sins – greed.

    Let’s look at how a team is being set up. First, ther would have to be an investor, who would then bear all costs of salary, stadium maintence, marketing, back office crew, coaches and staffs and so on…. it wold be stupid for anybody to think that these folks put up a huge amount of money just becasue they love the game or they are trying to run a charity. Let’s face it, these people are in for a making a profit, a reasonable return for their investments.

    The players are being paid to paly the game, and mind you all, it is not your round the corner grocery store or McDonald’s wages. There players are being paid millions and millions to play the game, and what do they need to invest? Their time and talent, but aren’t we all in the reality realm? You go to work, you burn your youth and time, and use your talent to earn a salary. How many people would go up to their boss and tell them, “Hey dude, I want 52% of the company revenue to be given to us, the workers.”

    Really something to think about. Again, my mere opinion, and happy Thanksgiving.

    • Gary says:

      How many jobs offer the workers 57% then say “we need to cut back on your pay cause we made a mistake”?
      Better yet how many workers are willing to take a 4-6% cut?

  22. Telling signs says:

    Notice how few posts there are on here lately?

  23. Khan says:

    I’ve been checking everyday for the past 6 months hoping to read this, i hope it gets done

  24. The Mission says:

    It is time for the owners (e.g. Michael Jordan) to take responsibility for their poor judgement. If the pickings are not to your liking here in the States, then go overseas, and find some new talent. But you must stop shelling out money for these better-than-average-players, expecting now for the NBAU to bail you out of your recklessness!

  25. Tal says:

    So what…
    I hope they play to empty stadiums, and the TV ratings are beat out by the home shopping network…

    WHO CARES????

    • Knickfan212 says:

      I hope so too! I would like the players and owners to see just how important the fans are. Even if a deal is made, I would love to see everyone watch the games on tv and leave the arenas empty, atleast for the length of the remainder of this season.

  26. Rj Ryder says:

    I will not be surprised if there is no season this year. They will just keep postponing the schedule.

  27. Breen says:

    Agree to the terms (players) sign, date, get paid, lockout, unlocked. @ this point & since the start of all this mess you (players) were not going to win this disagreement of terms. Move with it players.

  28. Guatavo says:

    My brain tells me that this is a publicity stunt from one side or the other to publicly denounce the other when the talks break down and thus gain momentum in their legal settlements. My heart tells me that maybe there may be a piece of humanity left from both sides to consider the grandeur of the sport and the significance of what it would mean to loose a Christmas of Basketball because of a percentage point here or there. If this deal does not happen now it will be a huge blow for the fans moral; I know mine will be depleted. But as many here have already posted…. Don’t get your hopes up, it’ll only hurt more if/when they let us down again.

    Happy Thanksgiving and blessings.

  29. leeshot says:

    Shounds like players and management hijacking the fans

  30. Basketball_Fan says:

    If a deal doesn’t happen, then I suggest they don’t both continuing to give statements to the media re who’s fault it is or isn’t – it won’t really matter. See season cancelled, see fans P.O.’d , see fans take it out on the game by not attending or watching for a verrrrrrryyyyyyy long time in the future. It won’t matter who is or was at fault, all three groups (owners, players, agents) will suffer tremendously. To be frank, based on the ups and downs they’ve put us through waiting to know if a season is gonig to happen or not, I almost (I said almost) hope they fail so we can get on with punishing them severely for hurting the game after a stellar season like last year. Bring on the “less than cost” money losing game tickets and deals just to get us back to the game!!!! Cause that’s what it’s going to take!!! (are you guys listening?? 4 B…with a B…..Billion dollars is at stake, as are your mansions, Caddy Escalades and all the other nice stuff you own or want).

    Last chance boys……….LAST………CHANCE.

    If not – as the Great George Costanza once said “I’M WALKING AWAY”

  31. Gary says:

    I don’t know about them making the deal in time for Christmas, but I think they will at least come to an agreement and save some of the season.

  32. Scott says:

    If nothings reached by Friday, we might as well start talking about the 2012-2013 season.

  33. Hg says:

    Regardless of talks, I feel the plan by the NBA owners are still in effect. Make the players miss a couple of pay checs and they will become more reasonable.

    Either way I am not getting my hopes up or am I getting excited. If they get a deal done, other then being surprised, I would not be to excited, I have taken steps in my life to accept the things I can’t change and go on with my life in other adventures. That is not saying I will not come back to the NBA, that is saying until I see the ball hit the hardwood, I am not going to let them get in my head again. Oh have I erer told anyone that I don’t like disappointments LOL.

  34. BFoulds says:

    This just in, no deal. Who would have thought.

  35. Kyle says:

    I really want an NBA season, all of us NBA fans hope we get the deal done. One major thing I love about Christmas day, watching some Miami Heat vs. Lakers (like last year), over all just basketball on Christmas. GO HEAT and get this NBA LOCKOUT OVER WITH!

  36. GBOY says:

    Don’t get your hopes up.

  37. jack says:

    please this time….this is the last ray of hope