Labor Talks: Bleak Outlook Ahead

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HANG TIME HEADQUARTERS — You knew it was strictly a matter of time before these things began percolating again, the much-feared exodus of NBA players to overseas playing options during the lockout.

The only semi-surprising part of this latest wave is the names of the players involved.

Heat star Dwayne Wade has finally added his name to the list of players weighing the merits of an international excursion while this process plays itself out:

“I told my agent to just take a peek,” Wade said in an interview with The Associated Press. “It’s time. There’s a possibility that we’re not going to have a season. We’ve got to see what’s out there, what the possibilities are. I want to play competitive basketball this year. I’ve missed a year of basketball in my life before. I’m not trying to miss another. I don’t have too many years of basketball left.”

Word came a little later from’s Sam Amick that Kevin Durant‘s agent, Aaron Goodwin, is in discussions with a team in Germany (one that would allow him the flexibility to return to the states if and whenever an abbreviated NBA season begins), one of several options, about the Thunder star potentially making the trek for a temporary stint:

“We’re just discussing it,” Goodwin said. “We’re in discussions and it’s definitely a consideration, but we’re not in the final stages.”

Disturbing news?


No one want to see some mass exodus of NBA stars at such a crucial time in these labor talks, and despite all of the legal proceedings going on around the country on behalf of both sides, we very much consider this an ongoing situation.

But we agree with most optimistic fringe in the belief that there is more than enough time on the calendar to turn this thing around and salvage some sort of an abbreviated season.

Then again, hearing that cooler heads have not prevailed in the hours and days since the players rejected the owners’ latest proposal and disbanded the union, is a bit disheartening. And if you let ESPN The Magazine‘s Chris Broussard (actually his sources) tell it, things are as bleak right now as they have been at any time in the previous 140 days of this dispute:

The source acknowledged that the two sides need to resume negotiations in order to save the 2011-12 season. But the source also added that his gut feeling is that the season will be lost. The lockout entered its 140th day on Thursday.

“There’s just not enough time,” the source said. “I imagine that another effort (at negotiating) will be made toward the end of December.”

… “No one wants to miss the season, but about half of the owners are willing to miss the season if it means fighting for a better deal,” the source said.

We will try and focus those first few words of that last sentence. “No one wants to miss the season …” We can only hope that much is true, because the bleak alternative — one that is becoming more and more of a reality as the days go by — is the true doomsday scenario everyone wants to avoid.

It’s like Ken Berger of points out, there is no winner in this mess if it continues on its current path:

As we prepare for the winter of lawsuits, legal maneuvers and court-sanctioned arguing in what used to be the NBA, the wheels also have begun spinning among team executives and agents as to what it all means.

As of now, it means nothing but a lot of very bad things.

While our heads are spinning with the intricacies of antitrust law, not to mention the Norris-LaGuardia, Sherman and Clayton acts, what about the names that are far more familiar to us? What of Deron Williams and Chris PaulDwight Howard and Tyson Chandler, the Big Threes of the Heat and Celtics?

There is still time to salvage some degree of reason and sanity before the attorneys fully take control of your sport. The first step came Thursday, when owners convened a conference call to plot their next move after the players disbanded the union and took their fight to the courts under antitrust law. Given that legal experts agree that the only certainty is that it’s impossible to predict which side will win, the reasonable, intelligent approach would be for owners to authorize the league’s attorneys to furnish a settlement proposal to the players’ attorneys in hopes that an agreement can be reached before unconscionable damage is done.

… There isn’t a lot of legal precedent for a pro athletes’ union winning significant damages against their league, and that’s for a reason. That’s because there have always been, and remain, sound reasons for one side or the other not to want to risk defeat or score too overwhelming a victory. There’s a point where routing your opponent in a sports antitrust action becomes just as big a loss for you, and that point is when you emerge and realize that the people you just annihilated won’t make particularly good partners when it’s over.

That’s the thing about mutually assured destruction. By definition, everybody loses.



  1. Thomy says:


  2. DALGART says:

    NBA Players, Owners and the League, should definitely agree on the 50/50 split.
    Another Two Issues they should agree on, should be. 1). Shorten the Games. Season is It’s definitely much too long. Teams that are not showing substantial competition and profit, instead of complaining, pull out of the League.
    There’s several Teams operating “In The Red”, and waiting for Bailout. As it proved with Jordan’s Bobcat.
    Which is why, he’s the Biggest “Upstacle” in the Negotiations.

  3. Warner says:

    I have to say I tend to blame the players more than the owners, but I’d say the blame is 65-35% for the players. David Stern was telling the NBPA for MONTHS that the best offer he was authorized to give was the 50% BRI. The players took forever to get down to that number and games had to be lost. I truly believe if players were willing to budge sooner, the owner’s would have given more concessions on system issues. However, the owner’s figure they’ve already lost games (meaning revenues) so they might as well get whatever they can with system issues. Look, the players deserve a high salary, they are some of the most talented players in the world. But again, when the league suffers, players HAVE TO GIVE UP CONESSIONS. The last CBA was broken in the players favor. They’re acting like spoiled brats who just had their endless supply of candy taken away. The Players are so busy crying about what they’ve lost, instead of being thankful for what they have. Even with the way the new CBA was structured in the proposal, the players have it BETTER THAN ANY OTHER LEAGUE IN THE WORLD. The owner’s will win any lawsuit for this isn’t a work stoppage per say. The owner’s simply exercised a clause in the previous CBA to opt out. Nothing more, nothing less. The players could have done the same thing. Let’s get this friggin thing worked out already. Or else this 4 billion “pie” will no longer be there.

  4. Ex-NBA Fan says:

    Why do the players make such a big deal about winning the championship during the season when they’re willing to forgo a whole season over issues that are simply not worth it. In the end, basketball will be basketball and these guys will still make millions.

  5. Over it says:

    This strike has gotten ridiculous from both sides. Stern giving ultimatums publicly only turns this into even more of a pissing contest than it already is. As far as I’m concerned, the players are making a considerable amount of money in a poor economy and are abusing their positions, spitting in the faces of fans. You’ve got players like Luke Walton making over 6 million a year riding the bench all season long. The owners and league are bosses and the players are employees. As with any job, they have the option to take the money that is offered to them or work elsewhere. Personally, I think they’re being a little greedy, possibly influenced by agents, in wanting more when there are people all over this country performing the same job and getting paid less than they previously had been. Both sides seem to have handled this terribly and both sides are going to lose either way. It will likely take the NBA years to recover from this and as stated before, that piece of pie they’re fighting over is getting smaller and smaller by the day. LETS PLAY SOME F’N BASKETBALL ALREADY!!!!


  6. Jim says:

    Union is a bad word for most other businesses. Why is it NBA owners are so adamant about negotiating a deal with players union?
    Run NBA like any other business. Forget about the salary cap. There will be winners and losers, Pay as little as you can get away with.

  7. Tony says:

    How many people posting here feel that they are overpaid or even appropriately paid by their employers. If you think you are not, are you then suggesting, using James Hinchcliffe’s logic, that you are not important enough to your employers?

  8. watcher says:

    Yawn. Are we there yet?

  9. Jonathan says:

    probably the players will learn to appreciate their privileges in the NBA when they begin playing overseas. Lower pay and lesser standard basketball arenas. and hopefully big name stars will now realize that their market values for endorsement has dipped considerably. then maybe the next time around they will learn to appreciate their blessings… this is a sentiment from the Philippines

    • I agree with this. The players are about to be blasted out of their comfort zone and will learn to understand the hard way that what they’ve taken for granted for so many years is not all down to them. If it was, why aren’t they still playing in front of thousands of fans? The owners, administrators etc. are so much less important than them in their eyes so why are they even in the mix?

      Think about it this way – why would the NBA possibly want to force through a deal that would be terrible for its players? It would create bad blood and prevent future kids from taking up basketball. Players – THE NBA ARE NOT IDIOTS. They want to work with you, they want you to be happy but they also want TO MAKE A PROFIT. What is so hard to understand about this? By all means protect your own interests but you have no reason to be so militant when you are employed by such a terrific league and enjoy such wonderful rewards for doing so.

      Good luck earning a comparative pittance in front of average crowds in Europe and China.

  10. BMS says:

    I’ve been a hardcore fan for over 20 years, but have to admit that this cheesy soap opera is getting tiring!!! Shame on all of you [League, Owners, Players and Agents]!!! Give me a holler when there is basketball again!!! Kudos.

  11. Boston.exFan says:

    NBA cares!

    cares for their money…..not us.

  12. specialfriedrice says:

    @ Not another Mistake, the only winners out of this mess now matter how it is resolved is the GREEDY PLAYERS, they will earn their millions per season NO MATTER WHAT, whereas the club owners and the NBA itself will be trying to claw back all the ground that this mess made them lose…

  13. Tony says:

    Those who support the NBA owners (as well as other sports) to be businesspeople as conventional businesses are should insist that they uti;ize only their own money in all aspects of their operations including paying for their own facilities instead of using public money. Then they can argue that they are truly powerful and ontrol the league. If it wasn’t they the players who drive these businesses why are the owners seeking competitive balance through restricting player movements? They players aren’t that important right? And since when does Apple or Microsoft refrain from hiring a genius so that s/he can go to another competitor to foster competitive balance?

    • Tony says:

      And here is a perfect example for my argument. The owner for the Montreal Expos sold his team to MLB for 150M and then borrowed the 150M he needed to buy the Marlins from MLB. He had mostly rookies who eraned him a world series championship and then shipped those players away when they were ready to make more money. Bear in mind that all this without any of his own money. I saw some games where outfielders in Montreal had to play on an artificial rug that bunched up creating a injury proned situation. Since that championship the Marlins have done very little and we continue to ship out good players to avoid paying them their worth. At some point the city of Miami put up over 500M to build the new stadiun (that is forcasted the city over 2B when they finish paying off the cost of that 500M) Still no money from the owner who accountants have claimed has not been honestly disclosing his financial position. So is this owner the one who will be responsible for the success of the Marlins or is it the players if they can string together some dcent seasons and put people in the stands? Same with the Heat. I couldn’t even give away my season ticket before the big three got here. Last year was the only year the Heat made money. They even had losses in their championship year. But they were willing to spend their money and it paid off for them Gilbert is not willing to spend money so he ended up loosing LeBron. Do anyone even remember the four other starters that went to the NBA finals with LeBron? He had to do it alone and he was outmatched against the Spurs no different than Rose was against the Heat. People who are willing to invest in their business should not be dictated not to do so just because others aren’t. But that is why there is a collective bargaining agreement. Because it is not like conventional and should not be argued like one. In this business, the money earners are the players, not the owners.

  14. Boston.exFan says:

    Only the superstars and greedy agents are making things worse coz they want more more money. They were not thing about the union and the average players. Now that the season is almost gone, the superstars still can earn their millions in China,Europe..etc…. but what about the average players??? They will just seat and pray that this will end soon.

    Now, how will pay their mortgage??? the superstars or the agents??? The real victim here are the average players..

    Let’s watch soccer instead.

  15. uh says:

    NBA – No Basketball Again

    NBA – Not Basketball Anyway
    (what with all the carries, and travels, and flops, and whining, and ,,,)

  16. TS says:

    I’ve run across many people that don’t watch NBA Basketball. I ask them, “Why don’t you like the NBA?” Almost everyone’s response has been, “Because the players get paid way too much.”

  17. haters says:

    lol at all the people that thinks players r been thugs…. who goes to the stadium to watch the owners play bastketball? NO ONE…some people are saying the NBA made them…….so if they were bad players would they be there?…people you guys r putting at the owners wayy to high …they make the profit out of the players….. the deal should have been signed at 52%

  18. The People Rule says:

    We need to make a statement as fans!!! If we stand and say we will unite and boycott not go to games together and make a strong movement they will get there sh*t together.

  19. John says:

    This is just a fight between the riches, like honestly, both are at fault here. Players are earning like what? minimum of $1,000,000 per year? thats like triple the average salary…and the owners are just a bunch of rich people who doesnt want to lose money…

    • BFoulds says:

      so the average salary is 333,333.00? wow, I’m way under average.

      lmao seriously some of the comments you numb skulls make are outrageously dumbfounding

  20. OK so the players are suing THE LEAGUE IN WHICH THEY PLAY??!! Furthermore, a league that has already said it is losing money hand over fist. Huh?

    Surely even if the players win they still lose as they will cause irreparable financial harm to an already cash-poor league and furthermore lose the goodwill and respect of the owners (their bosses). Can you imagine the climate in which games take place if the players win? Will there even be a league left?

    Way to go, wonderkids.

    The only satisfactory outcome to this whole mess is a humiliating defeat for the players and a reminder to sportsmen and women all over the world that THEY ARE NOT BIGGER THAN THE LEAGUES AND FANS THEY REPRESENT.

    • dave says:

      the NBA and owners stand to lose long term, not the players … they can play internationally, and eventually international play is going to become more lucrative

      maybe they are losing money, but its not the players problem, they’ll get their money somewhere … basketball won’t go away, the NBA might.

  21. dave says:

    I wonder if part of the problem is David Stern’s heavy handed fines, penalties, and suspensions on players in the past. He just seems like a bully, and doesn’t seem all that respectful towards players.

    Maybe this has factored into how the players view things, and they simply don’t buy that the proposal is fair … although they do make good salaries, they know how Stern has behaved towards them in the past, so how can they be expected to co-operate with someone like him?

    • Part of the reason I love the NBA is the discipline of the refs and general integrity of the game, much of which is down to Stern. We’re talking about grown men who make millions of dollars here, let’s not forget.

      But yeah, maybe if we just allow the players to run wild like mad dogs during every game and never fine or sanction them for acting poorly on or off the court then everything would be a lot better. I’d LOVE to watch 48 minutes of indisciplined chaos every week, that’s what pro sport is obviously about. Top athletes should do what they want, whenever they want.

      Seriously, get a grip.

      • cline says:

        the point was the penalties are overly strict … who said the players should be able to do whatever they want?

        lighten up

  22. JC says:

    It’s the owners faults for paying ridiculous contracts to players that don’t pan out and now want out. If they want to be competitive on an even keel with all the other teams without spending too much money then firstly put every team in the lottery every year and agree with the other teams not to pay them over a set point. Secondly cut your season to 41 games and after that start a 30 team playoff system. How more even can you get. Everybody’s happy?

  23. Alexandar says:

    Players say “I Love this game”.. but now we see that they “Love just money”…. Shame for them…

  24. Not Another Mistake says:

    Who will come out winner in this NBA mess? No one. Between the Owners and the Players, who will come out winner? Technically, the winner will be the one who have gained a lot in a the next labor agreement whenever that might be signed. If I may make a little prediction, I may favor the owners. Business is important in America this day. The court might take a hard look before ruling out against the owners. If NBA owners are destroyed in this labor mess, the whole professional sports organizations in America are in danger of being annihilated. And that’s very hard to imagine.

  25. b-rad says:

    Lets remember these guys get paid millions to play a GAME! Yes we all love to watch but its a game. They got overpaid on the last deal and they know it and are too stuborn to give some back. The problem is franchises are losing money. In order for this game to exist and there be a place for players to play the franchises must be profitable to survive. My gt feeling is the greedy agents are beind the scenes pushing the players buttons. The players need to swallow their pride, take the deal and get this season started.

    • Tony says:

      Is it still a game if two of them bumped into each other and become paralyzed? They put much more on the line than most conventional workers and their compensation demonstrate it.

      • killin it says:

        I have never seen a NBA player break their neck… There is no hazard for hazard pay, unlike American Football…

  26. tom B says:

    You are right on when you said owners make the City the towns.
    There is more then just the players it is everything around the city when a team comes to your city.
    The bars resturants parking radio stations tv stations advertisers so much in making this work.
    I feel for the poor workers who are not working.
    I suport the owners they put citys on the Map like mine. Milwaukee
    Look at these Citys that just have Baskketball .
    there is alot more to this then just the players.

  27. waly says:

    JORDAN injected the league with his greedy venom in a time-sensitive moment. He became part of the tenacious half dozen owners claiming a harder CBA contract knowing that it could lead to cancelation of the 2011-2012 season. My question is:

  28. Please, let wisdom prevail. This is a matter that should’nt prevent fans from enjoying their beautiful game of basketball. I am appealing to all and sundry to keep their calm, and make progress with the talks. We are really missing our baske ball game. What is money? We are all going to die and leave it here. Common boys, let us do something positive for the love of the game. Thank you.

  29. Juan says:


  30. Terry says:

    we should boy cut the damn nba. The money they are fighting over is from the fans pockets, and yet we have no voice. We should decide not to attend their arenas and purchase their team merchandize for the same length of time they took the game from us.. and we will see how much there is to split 50-50 or whatever they agree on in the end.

  31. Avenger says:

    Someone please tell the players to wear a freaking suit to a news conference. These guys look like immature children who didnt know what to wear!

  32. Xcelle says:


  33. Rico says:

    The owners have been making money for decades. They money off other mens talent. A player could get hurt then their done. I player only has limited time in the league. The Jordan’s, Johnson and many others had to find other ways to make money after hoop. The owners are going to make money for decades to come. They make money if they sale.

  34. Fan ONE says:

    This war between team owners to players, and all together posing for one of the most impressive scenarios hara-kiri in the history of professional sports in the United States: last season won the highest ratings since the days of Michael Jordan, and destroy it. There is even one hero you sympathize with, just a long list of spoiled selfish and disillusioned fans and apathy. This struggle is not with the game or the fans, despite attempts to pretend it; are just millionaires who want to save their own skin. Team owners are looking for someone to clean the mess they got a bad decision for years; players are fighting to maintain their status as highest-paid American sports, and in between are children raised on the slogan “I love this game”.

  35. negroj says:

    por favor ya dejen la huelga y ponganse a jugar que pierden mas al no hacerlo ya me aburri de no ver nba

  36. jj says:

    At this point, I’m even getting tired of you all fans….

  37. longtime fan says:

    What ever happenned to the Love of The Game?? Now it’s money money money… players are crying over not making over a few million a year… Players should play cuz they are entertaining us…

  38. longtime fan says:

    What ever happenned to playing for the Love of the Game?? Now days its all about the money…sad isn’t it? Now you have got people crying over not getting paid over 5 million a year…must be rough…

  39. ChampionsDontLeaveTown says:

    Once big name players like, say, deron williams, tony parker and the Gasols go to Europe the Players lose their anti-trust lawsuit…oops…too late for that!! If KD, Wade and Bryant go to Europe the Anti-trust lawsuit falls flat on its face HANDS DOWN. The NBA is not the NFL. They are not the only game in town. There are atleast 30 other leagues that these guys can go play in. Granted the financial pay off is much much much much (I could go on) LESS, but professional basketball leagues all over the world pay decent salaries (people work 20 years for a six figure salary!!!). Taking the anti-trust route with the same law firm that the NFLPA used sounds like the NBAPA got sold on a bum legal strategy…

    We will lose this season and possibly the next and the players will likely never get anything over 47% of BRI.

    Its so sad it hurts.

    • Ron says:

      I BET if it had been voted on over 6o percent of the players would have voted to accdept. So who should we REALLY be upset with?

  40. Anthony says:

    Fisher is a cry baby



    I READ ONE BLOGGER WROTE THAT “I don’t need this crap! I can play basketball for free!’



  42. mcado says:

    The NBA should be ashamed.
    The NBA players should be ashamed.
    I don’t blame the owners – its their team, its their money.

    I blame the NBA for allowing this to happen – There should never be allowed stoppage of teams playing. IF the “So-called Stars” don’t want to play then allow the owners to sign people that want to play.

    I blame the Players because they get over millions of $$$$%% to play a game. Not to save a life, of protect a country. Just to put on a pair of shorts and play ball. Yes, their entitle to get paid and make money. But the lockout is not just about the players.

    Its about the thousand of workers, merchants and small businesses that depend on the games to be played.

    To MJ the great.
    “Fighting for their quality of Life! ” – when you make as much money as these players make – their quality of life is pretty good.
    When owners buy a team they also buy a city. – Yes, a City, a town even a state. Because now all of those vendors, workers, start-ups depend on the team to bring some type of revenue.

    Its not just about the Owners, Players or the NBA. For everybody has a right to earns as much money as they want – that’s what this country was built on.

    But its also because of this self-ish mindset – the country and even the world is on the brink of financial disaster!

    • uh says:

      The NBA.
      Where Ashaming Happens.

    • Tony says:

      Do you think those players who are not “so called stars” can put 4B in the till? Forget the B, think they can put enough to cover fixed cost? Then why is Gilbert complaining if he can get by without LeBron?

  43. ddddd says:

    Owners allow their GM’s to dole out stupid contracts. The owners need to be accountable for that….. NOT THE PLAYERS!!! Now the owners expect the system to bail them out. I mean seriously regardless what the new cba entails whenever that is, owners should be forced to get out of their own mistakes all by themselves. I mean the knicks were forced to tank it and develop their young guns until they were able to get out of Isaiahs mistakes. After that they were able to sign Amare, trade for Carmelo and Chauncey and still have enough flexibility to sign a 3rd star in a few years when Chauncey’s contract comes off the books. In the meanwhile Chauncey Billups is NO SLOUCH! and New Yorkers even though they understood the plan, New Yorkers do not have the term “tanking it” in their vocabularies and reacted accordingly. In other words NY is not the place to do anything but perfection in basketball. Now lets force the rest of these teams to get real, eat their bad contracts, and actually start reseting the market so that players are actually paid what they are worth, instead of what the agents think they are worth.

    • Cones says:

      You forgot that NY is one of the wealthiest markets in the league. Small market teams don’t have nearly the payroll they do. The fact they have been so bad the past decade proves they failed worse than everyone thought they did. No way a team with that kinda payroll should have been that bad for that long.

  44. Sosa says:

    it does kind of disturb me that jordan…a legend and former nba player…now wants to rape the current nba players…deal wise. he was in their shoes, how dare he…..

    • usobn says:

      how dare he? how dare u

    • Jolan says:

      MJ was the greatest player ever, but he is an arragont prick. if he cant make money from his team, he should take his own advise and sell the team. he isn’t doing any good for himself anyways, you think players are going to want to wear his shoes after the deal he is after?

  45. Jorge says:

    Camon people end with this,i will go to USA with my family next january and we want to see the most amazing basketball in the planet.
    My son ask me everiday if you guys already end the labor dispute.
    Please think about the fans around the world.
    Thanks and think about it.

  46. chin says:

    the players will win! Stern needs to go home, he is rediculas!

  47. MJ the great says:

    I understand that the owners have the checkbook, and that NBA players make a lot of money, but I can’t believe the amount of people that are mad at these Americans for fighting for their quality of life. If you want to make the amount of money they make dedicate your entire life to a single cause and chances are if you are fortrunate enough to be execeptional enough at what that cause is, you too can make millions. David Stern is an idiot that got lucky that there were players like Larry Bird, Magic, and Jordan that caught the attention of the entire world. I’ve never seen any other Commission not even try to bridge the gap between players and owners. The previous split before the last deal was 54 percent so 50 percent is really unprecedented. If the players have agreed to that take one step, make the length of the deal shorter, and then try to fix more system issues as time goes on.

  48. Tired Fan says:

    LOL, indentured servants… that’s hillarious. What kind of indentured servant gets paid millions of dollars??? How much money is enough? If your company paid you $1 million dollars/year, and the company as a whole was losing money and asked you to take a 7% decrease would you rather that than lose an entire year’s salary? I think both sides are idiots. Both sides are willing to lose more money by destroying a season then would be gained/lost by either side if they did a 50/50 split.

    • BFoulds says:

      they aren’t even arguing over the split of BRI anymore, where have you been the last month? System issues are keeping players from signing

  49. jrstock says:

    come on nba players…man up and .take the offer already….i paid for cable TV for nothing,but a black-out season,,,,,i dont think so…I want my money back AT&T Uverse…

  50. Peppe says:

    Players going overseas weakens the player’s antitrust case. The NBA won’t successfully be sued for abuse of a monopoly position if there are other leagues around the world paying well for NBA caliber players.

    If the NBA wants competitive balance instead of dynasties then we will get hard caps and the dispersing of talent. The BRI split is the only thing the league will move on and it is not going to run at a loss, so they won’t move far.

    • James says:

      Why won’t the league provide the financial records to back up its statments? If they had done that in the first place the players would have gladly given up whatever was needed for them to make a profit. But they haven’t been able to prove that they are loosing the money they say they are… so why should the players give it up on their word?

      • I don’t recall the players ever taking that stance. They began from a very heard-headed “We’re not giving anything up” and then moved as negotiations went on, constantly telling us how much they’d moved without ever addressing the question of whether it was enough to make the league solvent.

        If the players HAD taken that stance, I would have supported them more. They just let their testosterone run wild and acted like spoiled kids throughout the whole process, never once praising the wonderful league that they play in or showing a genuine regard for its future. The owners, by contrast, were much more transparent with their figures and objectives.

      • Ron says:

        It did!!! Where have you been? 3 years ago the league lost 370 million 2 years ago 340 million last year 300 million and ove the 6 years the cba went a little ove 1.5 billion!!! Where have you been? Get your head out of the sand.

  51. lord p says:

    can’t wait to see allstar players like D-Wade & CP3 in europe!!

  52. waly says:

    Shame on Michael Jordan for been soo greedy, after he made his millions out of good CBA, he is no more a vivid legend for me, he is now a SOB that came out to complicate even more these negotiations. JORDAN… IF YOU CAN NOT MAKE PROFIT, WHY DONT YOU SELL YOUR TEAM?
    Commissioner is a claw playing the good grandfather character….bunch of idiots that don’t give a shat about us or basketball.

  53. David says:

    The players should scratch the current season and the 2 that follows and also their current contracts. They need to start a tempory league for a few years. The players need to show who actually hulls in income here in the NBA.

    • Yeah because the players will have time to set up franchises, authorise stadium builds, marketing, insurance etc., all that routine stuff that comes easy to those lazy owners and backroom staff who never made a tough turn around J in their life so know nothing of pressure and hard work.

      At least they’ll be able to overpay themselves without worrying about bankrupting the league though, seeing as they own it.

      Very best of luck to them.

      • lideroo says:

        The league creates the teams.
        The teams signs the players.
        The players are paid by the teams.
        The league has to account for all expenses.
        Marketing brings money to the league.
        How would we know about all these players if it wasn’t for advertising?
        Players you have the best job in the world, and are not getting treated like servants.
        I can’t agree with the players because of that simple fact.

      • David says:

        No one forced the owners to overpay players, they players seemed to get paid alot because their hardwork has made the NBA a 4billion dollar league. The owners should not punish the players because themselves made bad decisions. Please just stop locking out the players and let them play. The owners have lost more money this year then they had all last year, it’s not good for basketball as well as a business. Just extend the previous CBA and play.

    • Ron says:

      HaHaHaHa! Dumb!!! As a rock!!!

  54. tom B says:

    The owners will not lose they have the check book.
    Remember NBA was started with men with money.
    The owners have the money to start a whole new league.
    And that will come..
    The name NBA has such a bad name the Owners will change the name and go on.
    The people who do not follow NBA will never follow it.
    For the reason Players and Owners are all selfish.
    This goes deep with a lot of people when they can not see how players make so much money and they are fighting
    to hold on to a job .

    • Sosay says:

      yeah, the owners write the checks, but their problem is they realized they gave them too much money, but its like, well, the players already have that money. They can hold out too.

    • DaKreeAtor says:

      Umm…no Tom B!!!!!!!…that is foolish thinking….I agree with James…the owners will LOSE this time…as it is already has been publicly indicated that the B(OWNERS) were not bargaining in GOOD faith with David’s Stern …ULTIMATUM…also how could they start a league w/out……ummmmmmmmmmmmmm……PL:AYERS…..and surely not talent level D-league players….what about the history of the NBA up to this point…starting from even the merger of ABA…..forget about dolloars for once sec…think about all the Heritage, Blood, Sweat and tears the PLAYERS have put in to create this Monolith of a Sport(2nd most popular WORLD-WIDE)….USA b-ball will ALWAYS be the standartd for which the sport is measured. BOTTOM LINE….not one fan watchest the sport because of DAVID STERN, his step-child Silver, not the owners……..ZIPPO….it is the PLAYERS that PLAY the GAME and are the best in the world at it. THE END.

      • Jkey says:

        Sure the NBA has the best players in the world, but if they have no team to play on, where do they go? Overseas, where not the entire world can watch. I don’t get to watch European basketball, do you? If fans don’t show up to games at all, who are the players playing for? What is the point of them playing if no one is watching?

        My worry is that it took a while for the NBA to get back on top of things. More fans tuned in to games over the last few years, more tickets sold, teams like Memphis, OKC, NOH started performing that you didn’t expect to and things were looking pretty good. Now this is not just a spanner in the works, this is a potential sporting catastrophe where the NBA and the players are shooting themselves in the feet. I would imagine a number of fans are now rejecting the NBA in the future, either against the players or the owners and the NBA will see the repercussions of this.

      • Ron says:

        Almost every player in the league would sign. They have NO where else to go. Do they really want to play in Europe for 1 to 2k? Dumb!!!

  55. BFoulds says:

    Players will win in court. League will bankrupt. NBA is dying.

    • Ron says:

      They have NO chance, and if something unbeiliveable happened they would have no place to play because the owners would go bankrupt and shut down. Why would the players turn down a huge contract from the nba then go oversears for about 1/8th the money? I don’t understand their reasoning.

  56. James says:

    There’s not going to be a season until the owners wake up and realize they’ve tried to take too much and aren’t going to get anything at all until they come up to 52% of BRI and amend some of their more aggressive stances on the system issues. Until they do this situation is obvious; the players will take care of themselves. And why not, the League isn’t trying to take care of them. The players are being treated like indentured servants in these ngotiations. “Take this offer or the next will get worse.” Who the hell says that to a group who have been willing to given 5.7% of BRI over ten years? Who gives up 3 billion dollars in financial gain and still has to sit there and listen to this garbage??? Screw the League!

    • David says:

      You are my man James, I agree totally. Now I wish the players can win the case and get that idiot Stern off that chair.

      • Mattly says:

        One is entirely ignorant and naive to call David Stern an idiot. Magic Johnson and Bill Russell, will tell you that David is an extraordinary business man. Try to understand that Stern plays a large roll in enabling these athletes. I will quote Johnson, “you can disagree with the man, but don’t attack him for what he stands for.” , “This league is more diverse than any other league and has more minorities in powerful positions than any other league,” , “”That’s all about David Stern and his vision and what he wanted to do. He made sure minorities had high-ranking positions from the league office all the way down to coaches and front office people.” – Magic Johnson

      • Ash says:

        You honestly think the players are in the right? So the players should all act now like business men, and forget about the game, that made them famous. It’s the owners that GAVE them 57 % in the first hand. They realized it was a mistake, and have clearly stated that they don’t make money, and they need clearly to make money to SURVIVE as a franchise. So the players should screw the league? The league made them what they are…What if all those players would have played in Kazakhstan? Would anyone care if they are called Fisher or Anthony? Believe me, no one would care. Anything NBA players are today, they are thanks to the league and the franchises that made them look like heros and cleared them the path to big sponsorship deals with brands.
        But in the end of the day they’re just the players…And players can be replaced. I would tell anyone who doesn’t want to take the deal off the top to go and look for a different team. Bye bye…and next please: Who wants to play in the best Basketball League in the world in one of the 30 best clubs in the world? Any team will still have a big line in front of their office to sign up for tryouts, wanna bet?

      • MagicFAN says:

        Really indentured servants. Hey I have a great idea lets not agree with the proposal that gives us our garaunteed millions (highest paid pro athletes) and instead take a pay cut to play over seas. They dont play as many games, but the one thing they do alot of the NBA players are not fond of is PRACTICE. NOT A GAME BUT PRACTICE. WE TALKIN ABOUT PRACTICE.
        Good luck. Ask the NHL players how their lockout worked for them. They missed a year and took a worse deal. You can watch NHL games on VS. The casual fan stopped watching hockey and are maybe just starting to return. If they want to lose money they can never recoop and lose fans that buy their shoes, sports drinks, etc. then by all means lets go to court…….Mark my words a deal will get done that is still not favorable for the players and they will be thankful to receive their million dollar pachecks again. If not maybe it would be nice to have a 6’10” fellow bag my grocieries or sell me the shoes his name used to be on. ITS THE OWNERS LEAGUE. The owners gave up too much on the last CBA. Besides maybe the league made more money then even if thats the case they are not making it now. Many companies have asked their employees to take a paycut to avoid losing their 40K/yr job. I dont have any sympathy for the players.

        The problems they have with the midlevel is they want to make loads of money to go anywhere they want and feel the league does not want them to be able to move. Well they could move under the new agreement but they would have to take less pay. If its about winning a championship then take less money.

      • David says:

        Ash, just to clear up, the main business in the NBA is basketball, not business men talking deals, so David Stern, you are not part of the core business. The players agreed to give management 43% of the BRI they hulled in playing b-ball and doing advertising, that 43% is quite generous for a management fee and statium rental, don’t you think? I would glad to be part of the management even if they gave me 25% of this 4 billion $ industry. The owners made bad decisions and lost money, the players did not do a thing wrong by playing hard every night and giving NBA one of the best season and playoffs last year. So owners, it is time to thank-you to the players for offering that generous 47% of BRI.

        On a side note, I don’t think cap and system is such a big issue. MLB has survived for centuries without caps and it still have the BRI split less than 57/43. This counter proves stern’s point of competitive balance and good for the sports bs. Put is this way, if a league is as durable and popular as the MLB, I know the system and management is correct.

    • C'mon Man says:

      Sorry but I dont see how the league treats players like servants. If the players think the NBA treats them bad wait till they get a taste of europe n china.

    • imad akel says:

      I agree with you man.
      Any argument that the players were in the wrong gets voided when you realize they WENT to 50%. They got that low.

      Now the owners are just trying to change the game as we know it by changing all these system issues.

      JUST when memphis got good. JUST when teams like OKC and Chicago and Miami (who are not the Lakers or the Celtics or the Spurs) were getting fitted to start dominating the early part of this decade. JUST when the Clippers finally got a true superstar. JUST when new york started getting good again. JUST when that Memphis underdog team went from a “pity” playoff team to a black horse fan favorite. JUST when the Mavs finally put their money where Mark Cuban’s mouth is. JUST when it all got interesting, the owners have decided that the league is not competitive enough.

      The owners are searching for a league where all 30 teams make the playoffs… COME ON. That’s what the draft lottery is for! And if a team consistently sucks then the owner should either SELL the team or suffer the financial consequences.

      • James says:

        You got it right on man!

      • Cones says:

        ARE YOU KIDDING? So you think the system right now does not need to be fixed? You think it is ok for a couple teams to have double or close to triple the payroll that other teams can have? You think teams like Cleveland and Denver are ok with what happened to them and how their star players were taken away and they could do nothing about it? You mentioned the Clippers having a great superstar, it is sad because few Clippers fans expect Blake to stay. Utah had to ditch their star player to avoid getting gutted like Cleveland did and Melo held the Nuggets hostage all season. You don’t think the owners are considering this? You blame the owners for not improving through the draft but are ok with good players being bought by the big teams. You said it best the mavs had to put up the money to finally compete for a championship. Have you seen how much they had to pay that roster to be able to compete with the upper teams? You are right Cuban put his money up for sure, he bought that championship. You think owners (even the wealthy teams) should have to put up 80 to 100 million to have a chance to be a good team? No it is better when there is a better system to keep competitive balance. I agree with those that said they have no sympathy for the players, thats how I feel. You get paid millions to play a game. Stop crying. Many people in this economy have had their bosses tell them that to keep the company alive they need to take a pay cut. Only the spoiled rotten nba players say ‘no the millions I will get is not enough, I need more millions’. But lets not take it out on all players. There are many players that would have loved to have accepted the owners proposal and get back to playing, because they understand that they get paid millions to play a game. These stupid players that decided no are fighting over a percentage of the pie but doing damage that will decrease the size of the pie. Do they realize?

    • dennis m says:

      YOU HAVE ISSUES, the league owes these players nothing but a paycheck for services. nothing more the players are acting like thugs trying to strong arm the owners. I hope the owners win and give the players far less than 47% they dont deserve that much. the nba teams need to start hiring scabs and get on with the season lets see how long the players are willing to stay out after that. be nice to see that.

      • RJ says:

        The Players are the league, and it really seems like the owners are the party trying to strong arm the other. The league won’t be anything like it is with a bunch of scabs, and I’m saying this as a guy who loves underdog players (The only NBA jerseys I’ve ever bought are Ronny Turiaf and Darius Miles). The players are the product, and the product would be significantly worse if they did that. Really, the players have a right to as much of the money as they want. The owners are businessmen; they need to figure out how to turn a decent profit, or accept that they’ve failed in their business venture. This is the same thing we see as regular people who have to work regular jobs in our society: We do all the work, and the people up top making tons of money want to keep making tons of money, and they don’t care if it means screwing us over. We just here that they’re necessary measures for the good of the company/institution, and what can we do aside from accept it, even if we know better? Believe it or not, the players are the little guys here, but most of them are fortunate enough to make enough money where they can at least hold out against the people in power and perhaps prevent themselves from getting totally screwed.

    • Ron says:

      You are dumb as a rock if you honestly think that will EVER happen Get real! The best the players can hope for now is about 48 percent and the same system that was on the table 2 weeks ago. And in another 2 weeks that will drop and continue to drop until it’s down to about 40 percent and a semi-hard cap. The players blew it!

  57. Hg says:

    I totally agree,

    If you annihilate somebody or something and later on want to be partners. It would be a rough road to hoe.