Union Rejects Proposal, Will Disband

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— 4:53 p.m.: If you’re like most of us, one minute you love Twitter. And the next … well, you know what’s on the other side of that line.

As huge a role as the social networks have played in this saga since July, you had to know they’d be on fire in the aftermath of today’s decision by the players to disband the union and reject the owners’ latest proposal for a new collective bargaining agreement.

SI.com‘s Point Forward blog captured the moment in all of its enigmatic splendor shortly after the decision came down. Click here to enjoy it/punch-a-hole-in-the-wall (careful, that wall doesn’t give much).

Our favorite?

It comes from Seattle native and rookie Isaiah Thomas shouting out another diminutive guard from the Emerald City (which boasts one of the deepest NBA rosters in the league these days), Nate Robinson:

Welp, since we ain’t playing hoop in the NBA ima sign up for a 6ft and under league back at the crib u down @nate_robinson lol?

It’s not nearly as funny as it would have been four months ago!



— 4:27 p.m.: It didn’t take long to track down the men heading up the players’ fight in what has shifted from negotiations to a lawsuit.

Both union attorney Jeffrey Kessler and his new partner David Boies answered questions for reporters in New York after the union presser earlier this afternoon. Their answers shed some interesting light on where this process is headed (text courtesy of our friends at TrueHoop.com):

Since the decertification didn’t work for the NFL, how much better is this disclaimer?Boies: Well, remember, in the NFL case, the disclaimer …. although it was ruled valid by the district court, was never really decided by the court of appeals. The point, too, in the NFL case, was whether or not there could be an injunction. As you heard in there, we are not going to seek an injunction. While we’re going to go back, and we’re going to look at legal options, you heard Billy say that one of the things the players are not going to do is go seek an injunction here.Why not?Boies: Well, my view, and this is one that Jeffrey and I may have a different view on, is that under the Norris-Laguardia Act it’s very difficult to get an injunction. That doesn’t mean you can’t have damages. And in fact, the whole point of the Norris-Laguardia Act was to stop injunctions and force the these kinds of disputes into the damage arena.Even if you could get an injunction — let’s say Jeffrey’s wrong and I’m right on this — it would be, obviously, a drawn-out process. And I think what the players are focusing on right now is what is the fastest way to get this resolved.

Kessler: If you look at it from a player’s standpoint, collective bargaining has totally failed. So rather than exercise their labor law rights to futility, they’ve decided to free up all players to exert their antitrust rights to triple damages. And we think — not we, the players — think that is the best protection for NBA players going forward.

How do you go about deciding who the plaintiffs will be?

Kessler: We’re not going to talk about any legal strategies or tactics.

Is there any indication, knowing how the NBA has been bargaining, that this will bring them back [to a more reasonable bargaining position]?

Boies: I have no expectation about that one way or another. I’m involved in this a few hours, OK?

I would hope that, in the face of a disclaiming union, where there’s no hope of collective bargaining, that the owners would reconsider whether, under these circumstances, it makes sense to continue to boycott. But I have no idea what their strategy is.

This is clearly uncharted waters for all involved, to a large extent. but these are the men that will lead the fight from the players’ side going forward. It would be wise to study up on them and their extensive histories in the litigation field.




— 2:19 p.m.: In the words of union executive director Billy Hunter, the “collective bargaining process has completely broken down” and the players have refused the league’s latest proposal. They have already begun the process to disband union. But they have not decided to decertify, there is a difference.

The players are filing a disclaimer of interest, an antitrust action against the league within the next two days. In basic terms, they are taking the league to court.

This decision puts the 2011-12 season in jeopardy and obliterates any hopes of the 72-game season that would have begun on Dec. 15 which was in the proposal the players rejected.

Hunter says players were not prepared to accept NBA Commissioner David Stern‘s ultimatum, saying they thought it was “extremely unfair.”

Stay tuned to NBA.com and NBA TV for more details.



— 1:47 p.m.: Meetings over!

Brace yourselves folks and tune into NBA TV and live here at NBA.com to see where things stand after the player reps’ review of the current proposal from the league.


— 1:37 p.m: We thought things were wrapping up in New York when we saw some tweets suggesting that the end of the meeting might be at hand.

But Asch informed us it was a false alarm. Someone mistook a break in the action for the end of the meeting. Oh well, back to what you were doing folks.

As soon as the meeting wraps, though, you need to be here. As my main man John Schuhmann tweeted earlier, if there’s a press conference it will be on NBA TVand right here on NBA.com.



— 12:09 p.m.: Well, so much for adding a few notes and sending that proposal back to the owners for a few revisions.

NBA Commissioner David Stern said the league was done “negotiating” last week and he meant it. More from Brian Mahoney of the Associated Press:

“I want to answer this diplomatically. The next time we meet to discuss anything, we’ll be discussing the 47 percent proposal. This is it …  we’ve been negotiating this for 2½ years. The owners authorized a revised proposal, and they said if it’s not acceptable and they want to keep negotiating, we present them with a 47 percent, flex cap proposal. They know it.”

This was in response to Mahoney’s question Saturday night asking whether or not the league would accept any tweaks for further negotiations.

That, my friends, is what the good folks at Merriam-Wesbter call an ultimatum!



— 11:29 a.m.: You had to know a weekend of direct hits aimed at agents representing NBA players would be met with some sort of rebuttal from said agents.

Well, Mark Bartelstein countered, courtesy of Ken Berger of CBSSports.com:, with a straight right of his own:

“If the players are going to make the concessions to address over $300 million a year in a shift in revenue from the players to the owners, the one thing the players should get back is flexibility, freedom, freedom of choice and a more vibrant and free-market system, because it’s a zero-sum game,” Bartelstein said. “Instead, they’re ratcheting down the system in the name of competitive balance, and that’s completely disingenuous.

“A negotiation is supposed to be about making trades,” Bartelstein said. “The biggest part of any negotiation is the dollars. That’s the biggest part of this negotiation. The players are giving the owners the dollars. If the owners are concerned about competitive balance, it can absolutely be handled through revenue sharing. And the myth they’re putting out there that they can’t share losses, there’s no truth to that argument whatsoever. Revenue sharing has nothing to do with sharing profits and losses. It’s about making sure low-revenue teams can have more revenue so they can be more competitive and you can have a better product. That should be done through revenue sharing, not through getting concessions from the players.”

These are scraps we’d rather were not a part of this negotiation, but this is where we are!



— 10:37 a.m.: Whatever the player reps decide today, there is no mistaking Luis Scola‘s position on the lockout talks. The Rockets’ big man wants the latest proposal put to a vote of the entire union.

He said as much on Twitter this morning:

At this point I believe that all the players should vote. not only the 30 reps.

Hard to disagree with him at this point. If nothing else, hearing from the entire union (rank and file, middle class and stars alike) would give us all a much better measure of where they stand on this latest proposal.



— 9:46 a.m.: In addition to the player reps and executive board members in attendance at the meeting in New York today, our very own Steve Aschburner is on the scene with camera (phone) in hand.

Asch spotted Russell Westbrook (red hoodie) and Luc Mbah a Moute heading into the hotel:

The players arrive at the hotel in New York ready to dissect and debate the NBA's latest proposal.


There are still voices suggesting that even with today’s meeting there are major hurdles in the way of a new deal. Adrian Wojnarowski of Yahoo! Sports highlights some of the “B-list” issues that could derail the process:

 If the players were to vote to accept the terms of the owners’ current proposal, the litany of B-list issues – including contraction, drug testing, Developmental League assignments and draft age eligibility – would still have to be agreed upon.

There’s a growing belief that Stern doesn’t have the ownership support to pass the very proposal he’s been pushing all weekend, and that owners would ultimately kill this deal with the list of non-negotiable B-list issues the players would oppose. This way, the league can say it worked hard to cut a fairer deal with players, but in the end, the owners will get the draconian ‘reset’ proposal that many of them have wanted all along.

“A lot of teams – more all the time – don’t like the deal on the table,” one high-ranking league official said.

That’s going to be an interesting discussion going on in that room this morning. We’re imagining this one turns into a pretty long day for all involved.

Sorry Asch!




— 8:33 a.m.: If your head is still spinning after a weekend of rumors, misinformation, Twitter chats and the ensuing chaos flooding the scene in the wake of the NBA’s latest proposal to the union, the next 24 to 48 hours will offer you no respite.

In fact, you’re in for another heavy dose of lockout-apalooza with the representatives from all 30 teams scheduled to meet with the union’s executive board members this morning in New York. They have decisions to make, be it season-saving or season-delaying, depending on the outcome of this meeting.

If they reject the proposal (read it for yourself in a PDF version of it here) without even taking a vote, as they did the last one, we’re floating into treacherous territory. And honestly, no one wants that.

The player reps need to go over this thing with BluBlockers. They need to study every word, absorb every nuance and then decide what comes next. But they don’t need to go into that room with their minds made up before examining the proposal.

What they do after that is a bit tricky. They could review the proposal and then pass it on to their membership for a full vote, and then we’ll have to await word on that outcome. They could also review it, add their own revisions and then try to send it back to the league (though NBA Commissioner David Stern made it clear over the weekend that he is done negotiating).

Whatever happens, it’s going down today.

And the one nagging thing that’s impossible to shake from our collective psyche here at the hideout is whether or not these men, these proud players, are ready to risk the $4 billion in revenues (and all of the other periphery revenue associated with just one NBA season) for the promise of something better than what is one the table right now?

The best and most succinct summation of what the player are chewing on right now was played brilliantly by Howard Beck of The New York Times in the final two paragraphs of this story:

By any measure, the proposed deal would be a major win for the owners. The players are being asked to take a $280 million pay cut, with shorter contracts, lower raises and tighter restrictions on the top-spending teams. But league officials insist that the deal is not nearly as bad as the rumor mill suggests.

“It’s of grave concern to the league that there is an enormous amount of misinformation concerning our proposal, both on Twitter and in the more traditional media,” Adam Silver, the deputy commissioner, said Saturday night. “We believe that if the players are fully informed as to what is and is not in our proposal, they will agree that its terms are beneficial to them and represent a fair compromise.”

Beck did attempt to add a little more gravity on what’s to come in the new NBA, but this is more conjecture on the part of all involved, since no one is sure that a new collective bargaining agreement can deliver on any of the things this proposal is designed to bring. But union executive director Billy Hunter and union president Derek Fisher are responsible for making very clear to the player reps what is on the table, not what everyone has heard is included.

(Stern used this memo to make that specific point to the players directly.)

In the name of competitive balance, ESPN The Magazine’s Ric Bucher (the man who got us rung up by the NBA’s labor twitter feed over the weekend) has sources that continue to spell out the union’s displeasure with the current proposal. He cited several issues within the new proposal that could be stumbling blocks to an agreement, including an “unlimited escrow system”:

The escrow system would assure that owners would be reimbursed for however much they exceed the negotiated amount of basketball-related income allowed to be spent on player salaries.

In the current seven-page proposal, a copy of which was obtained by ESPN The Magazine, the players have a choice of selecting a 50-50 split of BRI or a 49-51 band.

If teams spend more than the allotted percentage, they not only retain the 10 percent of each salary held in escrow, but if that 10 percent doesn’t cover the excess then the additional funds can be deducted from a one percent of BRI dedicated to “post-career player annuity and player benefits.”

If the excess still hasn’t been satisfied, future benefits and escrow funds can be utilized to cover it. In essence, it assures the owners that no matter how much they spend in any one season, they will not have to pay more than the stated percentage.

Another source of contention from the players side, according to sources, are triggers that would implement a hard cap on any non-taxpaying teams that use an exception to sign a player.

Great. More mixed signals. That’s all we need this morning.

And that’s why today, we know you’ve heard this before, ranks as the biggest day of the lockout so far. This could be the day all this madness goes away. Or it could be the day when the real fireworks begin. We’ll know one way or another in a few hours.


  1. Tal says:

    I have finally come to the conclusion, and I was a rabid fan, WHO CARES????

    A rabid NFL fan as well. But after the strike of 87, I quit wasting my Sunday afternoons for the next 10 years. Then when I finally got won back by the game, Bud Adams takes the Oilers and moves them to Tennesee. (I had been an oiler fan since the days of Blanda, Truell, and Cannon). I dropped the NFL like a hot potato again. I just started watching the Texans, 4 years ago and am now a rabid fan again…Oh BTW…My son in his 20’s “Discovered the NFL” because we didnt’ watch it in the house until he was grown..

    Never been much of a hockey fan, but just started to get into it and the Dallas Stars, when that strike debacle happend. Haven’t watched a game since..(This is from the casual fan standpoint).

    NBA…You have indeed lost me for a long time to come. As for your casual fan….Forget it…They’re gone. My sincere hope is that an alternative league (ABA type), comes along and mops up the floor with ya..

    This will be my last post here…I’m done, and as for the NBA….

    WHO CARES???

  2. Jako says:

    The fact that Fisher and Hunter wouldn’t put it up for a vote before the whole membership, shows that they thought that the players would accept the League’s proposal, and for some reason Fisher, Hunter or their agents didn’t want it accepted. I don’t think all players wanted to lose this season. I think they wanted to get paid.

  3. jacked up says:

    players have to realize that they are employees. To be quite honest they have no say! owners put the investment money up and pay the bills, PERIOD! if i dont like what my owner pays me, i got 2 options…..leave the company or start up my own company. i think everyone is in the same position on this website. Second, if im on strike im not gonna leave the country to take someone else’s job. Thats ridiculous, im gonna stay in the country and give back to the fans somehow and gain support. This is horible!!!!

  4. Mike says:

    Hey players! Since you won’t be doing much, maybe you can kill some time at http://www.nfl.com and http://www.mlb.com. Too bad there is a gap between the end of football season and the start of spring training, but what the hell, there’s always the “honey do” list. – Former NBA Fan

  5. specialfriedrice says:

    @ Bobby Chase, not every team is a global brand like the Lakers or the Bulls, most of the owners of the smaller clubs use money from their other profitable bussiness ventures to fund the clubs, NO ONE WHO EARNS A HECK OF A LOT MORE THEN THE MINIMIUM WAGE should be able to hold their employer to ransom.

  6. specialfriedrice says:

    SHAME SHAME SHAME, we make these guys the cash, GREEDY GREEDY GREEDY, and its we the fans who suffer. I used to respect Derick Fisher but now would like to see him fall of a cliff. Agents of players should not be bale to influence any players opinions just as clubs are not. Unions are a DISGRACE…seriously go to hell if you are in one. Thats my 2 cents.

  7. whatnow says:

    These players should create their own leagueand take all the money if its that easy. right? lease out a high school court call up their buddies and create a schedule. get someone to cam the games with their iphone and sell refreshments and a tshirt and keep all the money. Right?

    The players forgot the GOLDEN RULE!!! The Man with the Gold makes The Rules!!!!

  8. Michael Gallucci says:

    From the NBPA Disclaimer statement…”With no labor union in place, it is our sincere hope that the NBA will immediately end its now illegal boycott and finally open the 2011-12 season. Individual teams are free to negotiate with free agents for your services. If the owners choose to continue their present course of action, it is our view that they subject themselves to significant antitrust liability.”

    This means all players are free to negotiate INDIVIDUALLY as they please. This DECISION, in the words of Derek Fisher, is what is best for the players. That is, the present bargaining as a COLLECTIVE is a failure. You are INDIVIDUALS, do what is best for you as an INDIVIDUAL. This is what is best for INDIVIDUAL PLAYERS. But apparently this is not what is best for THE OWNERS as a collective? Apparently not.

  9. http://www.wix.com/vigilantec​hronicler/bill-murray-is

    Until Bill Murray comes out of the shadows to speak, I will be spreading the word. I believe Bill Murray is dying. The tabloids aren’t talking about this, so I am….and I’m taking it viral.

  10. Darla says:

    I simply do not understand at a time when our economic state seems so fragile, where unemployment percentages are at an all time high that the players and owners with outrageous incomes can inconsiderately decide now is the best time to take a hard stance and not find resolve in these negotiations. Forget about all the people that would benefit from games in the major cities but how about all the little people who have bars, restaurants, hotels etc scattered thoughout the country that benefit financially from these games. It is just insulting that the greed of the owners and the players are so important that they have no remorse or accountability from who is really being hurt by this. Because at the end of the day or season I shall say the Players and the Owners will still be Wealthier than the little guy who counted on the extra income that would have made a difference in their life had there been a NBA Season. Selfish Very Selfish!

  11. Michael Gallucci says:

    what I find amusing is Fisher’s statement that THIS DECISION is what is best for THE PLAYERS, while refusing THE PLAYERS a vote in THE DECISION that is BEST FOR THEM. Smacks of ELITISM, does it not? Kind of like the “we know what’s best for THE PEOPLE” attitude of far too many of our government officials. What is that “magical” DECISION entail anyway? A group of inaccessible (to the entirety of the league’s players) lawyers arguing what to the Fed Gov? How can these two or so lawyers argue “what is best for the players” when you refused them a vote?

  12. Ash says:

    “They loved this game…but we love the money”

    Dear readers of this blog: I agree with most of you all. It’s disgsting what is happening. From my perspective this is due to the ego’s of players and before now some of you say “…but the owners…” let me explain why I think it is not at all the owners fault that we’re most probably not having NBA basketball this season:
    Owners are business men, and I admire their honesty in a time full of economical chaos, they have the guts to stand up and say why they’re in this business: to make money. Yes, that’s their job. None of them are right now playing Basketball. They’re all team owners and business men, lawyers, economists and bosses of big companies. They’re in this to make money. They invest their billions to make a profit.
    Players are some dudes who finished highschool/college most likely with an average grade, just to become a professional basketball player. There are exceptions, but they only prove the fact that 90% of the players playing in the NBA have made it through college (if at all) thanks to their basketball talents. They made it to professional sports, into the one Basketball league any basketballer in the world dreams to play in. They made it into a league, which enables them to make lots of money while playing the game in the best possible conditions for a sport. If you don’t believe me, check how much basketballers earn in Europe’s and Asia’s top leagues, They become town and national heros by playing basketball. they get statues built and are loved and honored everywhere they go, thanks to the great publicity and image the clubs create for them. answer this: If Lebron James was born into a super poor family somewhere in Kazakhstan, believe me, he would today carry waterbottles around instead to play Basketball. All this to explain how FORTUNATE these players are. Life has treated them well. And I remember a time where players used to appreciate all that. It was the time when humble people played in the NBA.
    Nowadays we have no players in the NBA, we have business men trying to make some money playing basketball next to all their other businesses. As a player you want to play. It is your job to play. It is not your job to make decisions on the roster, it is not your job to decide on the future of the franchise, it is not your job to criticize anyone else than yourself, it is your job to play. The NBA has given too much in, allowed the players too much liberty (pointing guns in the locker room at each other was sanctioned by an expulsion for 6 months…are you serious?) in the last few years. They have consulted players’ opinions to a point where they think they can make decisions on who should coach them and who their teammates should be.
    And the players thank the NBA by not accepting (we’re still talking about multimillion dollar deals for NBA players and no paycuts) their proposal of a new CBA, which would make more sense in the end of the day for the sake of competition.
    …to be continued

  13. michael says:

    who the hell do these players think they are? what an insult to the population. i hope players don’t actually believe fans are going to side with them. if there ever is a season, i’m sure there are going to be plenty of “boos” aimed at the players.

  14. DISGUST says:

    I agree with ISSUE above. I have been a loyal NBA hoop fan for most of my adult life. I am so disgusted with the GREED that is obviously all these multimillionaire superstars care about. You know what I would get if I tried to demand that my employer share their profits with me?? FIRED !! I think that’s what the league should do, fire them all!! Forget about disbanding the NBA Union, just go ahead and disband the NBA itself! I will NEVER attend another game, nor will I watch another televised NBA game. I will just kick back and watch my college hoops!!

    THIS IS ABSOLUTE CRAZINESS !!! Players appear to be just a bunch of greedy, Money Grubbers……..To Heck with them ALL !!

  15. derek sullivan says:


  16. derek sullivan says:

    i am a huge nba fan i love basketball i am just so tired of all this crap you are all fighting over millions of dollars when i have to save for months to be able to go to a game i will tell you here and now i will go to or watch a game this seoson or next im done with all you money hungry pre madonas you all make moe in one season or even a game then most of will make in a lifetime so i will just stick with college basketball where the play the game cause they love it like we all do i hope all my fellow fans will do the same and not give the nba and its players any of your haed earned money

  17. ISSUE says:


  18. ISSUE says:


  19. ISSUE says:


  20. ISSUE says:


  21. Derick B says:

    It would be NICE if US the fans could reach an agreement to dont attend to Games or watch them on TV WHENEVER the league starts, SO BOTH OWNERS AND PLAYERS could recognize THAT MOST OF THE MONEY THEY ARE FIGHTING FOR COMES FROM THE FANS WALLET AND THAT WITHOUT THE FANS THERE ARE NO NBA. ITS IMPOSSIBLE THOUGH, IT WAS JUST A DREAM lol

  22. jabongga says:


  23. ivan says:

    This is really a slap on the face to the fans. They don’t care about the game no more all they care about now is the money hat happen to just loving the game and playing the game for the love of it. Not one time have they actually sorry to the fans or nothing. if they said they love the game and they want to get back on the court so bad maybe they should have sign the 50/50, but that shows whats more important to them. best believe the NBA lost fans do to this lockout.

  24. Jako says:

    I wonder, if the players win their lawsuit, will any of us want them back? After all, that will mean higher ticket prices, higher parking, more expensive concessions, etc. I think it’s time to start the NBA over with a new batch of players. By this time next year most of us will have forgotten all about the so-called stars…like LaBron who gagged in the playoffs. Like Koby, Wade, Carmello, Stoudemire, and all the other so-called stars who just couldn’t get it done in the playoffs. We had a playoff champion who played with an entire team effort and won it all. Who needs stars. Let them wish they had a job. If the players can decertify their union, why can’t the NBA just decertify and start over? Go Basketball!

  25. Ann says:

    Yesterday’s decision by the players was the ultimate display of arrogance, pride, and selfishnes, selfishness, SELFISHNESS. They obviously care about no one but themselves. I hope they can rest easy, thinking about all those waiters, waitresses, vendors, etc. who will not be able to put food on the table this year. Signing that deal just might have restored a little faith and respect for these men. They had the opportunity to help this struggling economy, and they spit on it. They have sent a clear message to all of us – will we listen?

  26. FlyGirl says:

    I am so disgusted right now, I can barely even type. The players had the power yesterday to single-handedly save THOUSANDS of jobs across this country, and they threw that opportunity in the gutter. They think their jobs are tough and they weren’t going to have the compensation and quality of life they are used to? Cry me a river! What about all the men and women in the armed forces who have to be away from their families for months, even years at a time? Or those working two or three jobs just to pay their heating bills? The NBA players have the nerve to say THEIR jobs are tough? If I hear Derek Fisher say just one more time what a “sad day this is for our fans” (and all of those who are now out of work), I think I am going to throw up! It’s not that I mind them bargaining for the best deal, but it was apparent the offer on the table yesterday WAS THE BEST DEAL THEY WERE GOING TO GET. Now I hope the courts give them exactly what they deserve – nothing. I have been a fan for more years than I can count, and I raised my kids to be that way, too. If this is the best our nation has to offer in the way of role models, we are all doomed!

  27. defdun says:

    This is ridiculous. what kind of negotiating is going on here? This is a lose-lose-lose situation for players-owners and fans.
    Both players AND owners are destroying value Mr.Stern. You are being held hostage by the “small-market” owners, as could be seen in Micky Arison’s recent tweet (you are barking at the wrong owner)! Maybe you should have thought twice before extending the league to such a large number, instead of keeping it small, high-quality and profitable. This was obvious that it will hit the small market teams in times of recession and now their owners are holding the league hostage and asking for “guaranteed profits”. No such thing in real life. No such thing as a level playing field in real life either, so stop trying to artificially create one. And if you really wanted to balance better, this would easily be achievable by revenue sharing schemes, but instead you’re trying to make players pay for unsuccessful small markert teams.

    Get Obama in as arbitrator, lock them all into a room and tell them you don’t come out until you have reached a deal.

  28. Kelanh says:

    This sucks, they had all the time, all the brain power and still can’t get this done. I think the players are to blame here. In the real world, if the company you work for is losing money, you either have to face a pay cut, or get laid off. I see three of my co-workers got laid off this year and it is not good.

  29. Superstarss says:

    LOL that sucks hope they all loose money for their crime on normal people im gonna go watch college B

  30. George G. says:

    One thing i forgot to write. The players’ big fault is timing. You don’t decide disclaimer of interest when you are losing games and now you put the whole season on jeopardy. Such a move should be decided during the summer.

  31. George G. says:

    I don’t belive that this strategy is going to bring good results to the players. This situation broke down, when each side took it personal and started viewing the other side as enemies. Both should understand that they cannot exist without the other. Without the owners there wonn’t be any teams and without the players there won’t be any employees. But, i cannot understand most fans’ point of view. “They make more money than me, so go back and play”, “you get paid just to play ball”, or “you are a bunch of crying overpaid babies”. If you think that playing basketball on a professional level is so easy, leave your current job and become a basketball player. Stop thinking of what they are gaining and you are not gaining. The players did what we are all afraid to do. They stood up against an unfair deal. Even though i believe that this move will become a boomerang, I want to see the owners reaction on this move. When you want to reach a deal you also have to give something. The owners keep getting and getting and getting. Now, they will lose more money than they expected. And don’t think that because i am writing all these, i come from a rich country. I live in Greece and i know a lot about economical problems and cutting salaries but i am trying to be a factual observer. I understand everybody’s dissapointment but don’t let your feelings guide your comments.

  32. The fact that Stern, Silver et al had to use YouTube, Twitter etc. to clarify specific parts of the offer to the players speaks volumes about Hunter. He’s either incompetent as a communicator or egotistical in representing only his own position or both.

    I fully support Stern, I’ve always liked him and have always shared the values that the brings to the NBA. The NBA without Stern’s 28 year leadership would be a lesser league today. I’ve never heard of Hunter until this lockout and have just found him to be one-dimensional and seemingly hell-bent on destroying the same values (competition, the cap, trade integrity) I mentioned earlier.

    I am 100% behind Stern and the owners and will never view the NBA players in the same way again. They have a union who fights in their best interests – fine, I get that, I am fine with that. But there is fighting in your best interests and there is looking to destroy a league for short-term gain.

    The players (who need it) and not the owners (who don’t) will kill this league. What a bitter irony.

  33. GBtha G says:

    I dont think there will be an nba season until next year.So like I said its these current ignorant bitch players that r responsible for this mess.No problem I got a Michael Jordan ( the greatest athlete of all time by all acclamations) DVD.

  34. jj says:

    when players will get fired at the end of this lockout they’ll be our #1 fans, trying to resurrect their now dead fanbase, in other words us!

    And maybe it’s a good thing. They just shot themselves in the foot. The owners will get it all, and the league will start to be competitive and more interesting. Over will be the time where 4 teams share the trophy! Over are the teams trying to put together super heroes teams like the Miami Hate.


  35. Kevin says:

    Well, there are some people earning less than 10k a year, fighting to survive. while these players, BOOHOO I am getting 10% pay cut, there goes my 2 million, oh no I am only getting 18 million a year, looks like I can’t buy that ferrari. toughen up and shut up, no one has sympathy for the players or owners, no one cares. we, fans pay your salaries just get the hell started

  36. NBAFANSUNION says:

    The End!!! NBA fans final ultimatum for owners and players: “BEGIN TO PLAY OR GO TO HELL” with your money – which you will earn less and less because fewer people will be watching you.
    Disappointed fans

  37. chris says:

    are u guys doing something to evade tax or what?? everyone that has commented has said that this is ridiculous

  38. chris says:

    everyone says we want competitive balance… but the league thrived over the heat and only the heat last season…. wake up people

  39. Danger says:

    F the lot of them! Players and owners both. Greedy %$#@ s all of them. Makes me sick. Makes me even sicker to know that when they finally do start playing again I’ll be right there watching 😦

  40. hempelchamp says:

    Hey, Derek Fisher…Go get yourself a real job, loser!!!

  41. mike says:

    The owners are greedy and want more money, they are all millionares. the players are millionares. i know, their lives are sooooo bad. poor them. it would suck to be them. boo hoo. i wish i had one day in your lives. a bunch of greedy people. the nba should never again reopen for contest. do us all a favor. lets just watch college basketball. at least they are still about the game and not the money. i lost all respect for the nba, the owners, and the players. it shows me what they are really like and what they stand for. no love for the game. just the money. sad. very sad.

  42. AMY LEE says:

    THE NBA:
    WHERE CARING (only for themselves) HAPPENS!

  43. tom B says:

    You are on another plant when you put the blame on Stern.
    You talk about Players bodys.
    I would like to make in one year what these players make.
    I wont make that in a life time.
    I look at these Cuys listening to a Union .
    The union has no business and directing the lives of People.
    I saw what unions did to the railroads .

  44. richard says:

    So if they disband the union, can the owner turn around and hire anyone they want to replace them. It’s only a 13 man roster, I’m sure they can pick up guys who didn’t get drafted and are stocking shelves now, that would kill to play.

  45. Troy says:

    Thia is what we need to do as fans it the only way to help these players out! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=L7iZaRpst9k

  46. zenobia says:

    These last few comments above are ridiculous. If someone snatches your pay by 7% you would not be happy. Why is it the players, players, players. They have gave, gave, gave, and kept going down. The Owners got “greedy” and wanted more, more, more. You know though the NBA will have to pay for it’s greed. Then, that is not good enough then putting luxury taxes that limit mobility. That’s Crazy! Look at Derrick Fisher and how his daughter had health problems, now if he were restricted to move, he would’ve been in trouble and couldn’t be there for his daughter. See, I look at the Overall picture. Yah, are thinking about the racial aspect. These black guys should be lucky to have a paycheck. Well, I’m sorry, no one wants to lose money, they came down, but they don’t need to be stripped of everything. They work hard in the NBA and traveling to different cities, and putting their bodies thru rigorous stress and tension. While all you guys do is judge sitting on the couch with popcorn and peanuts. They misss so much of their family life, and the basketball season is almost 9 months. I don’t know how they do it. Please blame Mr. Stern for “No Basketball”. I’d take my talents to “Euro”. I hope they all do and go abroad, NBA is only looking out for themselves.

    • Tal says:

      Nothing “RACIAL” at all. These guys aint the ONLY guys to take a paycut and undergo hardships in this “Wonderful” economy…

      What’s retirement????

      I thought I used to know, till the bottom dropped out..

      Welcome to the real world!!!

  47. P&G says:

    Unfortunately, it’s all about where you’re at when a deal is offered – the player’s feel they’re “losing” too much because their starting point coming in was so good. It was so good that the owners collectively couldn’t make money or be as competitive as they’d like, so what happens? The owners get together to “re-balance” the league which by definition means the players are going to have to cough up some of their millions (which could be argued they shouldn’t have had to begin with). They will still have it made in any real world sense but their collective pride has blinded them to reality.

    I’m with the owners on this one – there needs to be better balance. Yes, the players are who we pay to watch, but someone has to do ALL the other things to create the environment for the players to perform in. The players are paid very well to stay in shape and do their jobs, which is to give 100% effort (yeah, right) when they’re on the court (must be hard when millions are guaranteed – just ask Eddy Curry).

  48. kIwOk says:

    “We understand the consequences of potentially missing the season; we understand the consequences that players could potentially face if things don’t go our way, but it’s a risk worth taking,” union vice president Maurice Evans said. “It’s the right move to do.” – If Maurice Evans was quoted correctly and if you read between the lines, the players aren’t really looking for a compromise. The fact that he said “if things don’t go OUR way” in this context just shows that the players (and agents?) want to juice the most money out of the league as possible. It’s never about a compromise for the players, it’s about getting every cent they can get, regardless of the cost to the league’s goodwill, the economy around the stadiums, or the fans. The pending lawsuit due to the union decertification proves this point further. Players are going for the potential billion dollar triple damage angle to get paid even more at the cost of the league’s stability and what not. Players don’t care about competitiveness (they rejected a fair cap), championships (they are willing to let the 2011-2012 season slip), or their ball clubs making money and growing (they rejected a 50/50 BRI and other stipulations which can help the small market teams make money, or just break even at least) – they just want to get paid.

    You know what, sign the D-League players to the NBA teams, at least they want to play. There’s a lot of underpaid and underrated talents there unlike in the NBA, lots of overpaid overrated contracts that milks injuries.

  49. Anthony says:

    Look nba player u are not going to have fans
    Your fans are imported
    If u dont have and no basketball
    NBA player think about ur fans

  50. Trapp says:

    Please post on twitter, Facebook, every blog you can find, and tell your friends to do the same. “Just imagine the tone today if the players said we accept this deal because we are thinking about the fans!!”

  51. Trapp says:

    Man I am TIRED!!!! I understand the players perspective but this is a non winning situation. Your counsel should’ve been smart and did all this on July 1st. Now I’m no lawyer but I can clearly see that the players will be taking a worst deal down the line. Not only has the Union and NBA upset a lot of people by not settling this thing 2 months ago. Players will lose a year of playing for a better deal which THEY WILL NOT GET. Look at the big picture, you will miss paychecks, be 1 year older next year, upset true fans who will not purchase tickets anymore and you will still be at square 1. You won in 1999 and you gotta take a loss in 2010, you will have more leverage in 2020 but now your setting yourself up for failure. It will take 3 or more years to get your fans back. Mark my words, I know I will not be buying tickets or anything NBA related so I’m glad I will not be contributing to the BRI. I may watch a game or two but I will not be one who will forgot this lockout. Just imagine the tone today if the players said we accept this deal because we are thinking about the fans!!

  52. EmployMeNow says:

    bad move players,a very bad move..GO TEAM OWNERS!!! fire d.fish,matt bonner,ethanT, and all who opposes..

  53. Wayne says:

    I am very disappointed in seeing NBA players resorted to a union negotiation to earn more money. Union is a beginning of the end of U.S. competitiveness when mediocrity is acceptable. NBA was amazing when you cheer on your team or favorite player because they play hard to be the best and defy gravity. Being the best will also allow the players to get bigger endorsements and income for their family.

    Now I have low disregards and truly believe NBA players has tarnished the league. NBA is bigger than just the players and owners, many others relies on the day to day season to earn a wage. Furthermore, millions of dollars are used in advertisement slots.

    NBA will now be behind NHL… Good job for all the agents that only focus on short term commission goals and players not looking at the detriment effect of this turn down. When advertising dollars start to drop for NBA, all salaries and wages will drop for every player.

  54. Jong2x says:

    Hello to all,

    Let us not forget that most of NBA players dont have much knowledge to handle this kind of situation. They have the “TALENT” but not the “BRAIN”. All they know is playing basketball. During High school and college they don’t even focus on their studies because they’re busy playing basketball. So im not surprised with their decision, they’ve just acted what they think is right for them. I think its time for the NBA to require a college degree to their players prior to the draft. It hard to deal with people who are not equipped with much knowledge especially about legal issues even though they are being represented but still their own will prevails. For the NBA, make a NO COLLEGE DEGREE, NO DRAFT POLICY. It is nice to have guys who are intelligent enough to understand this kind of situation.

  55. thepresence says:

    just want to say goodbye to the nba and thanks to magic, bird and mike for the memories. ta- ta…

  56. Tony says:

    The overwhelming theme of these comments seen against the players making too much money. I don’t think I know anyone who would turn down money offered to them by their employer. I strongly believe that fear of loosing our jobs is the predominant reason we don’t demand better pay/benefits from our employers. The players have the opportunity to do what we will not do because of fear. So why are we condemning these players for doing what any of us would do if we could? I am pro labor even though I am an accountant. I believe know how to get most of those jobs that were shipped overseas returned here but there are not enough pro labor people to join in altering corporate America’s greed.

  57. watcher says:

    Everybody loses.

  58. mjkh84 says:

    Watching the players in the press conference laughing and carry on before it started is sickening. Having spent tremendous amounts of money on merchandise and game tickets over the years this takes a real hard blow at me. I’ve been an NBA fan since I was 8 years old, nearly 20 years now. After the 1999 lockout, they lost me for two or three seasons… I don’t know how long it will take for me to regain faith in the league now, especially David Stern who I already did not care for. As a Celtic fan and a Connecticut resident, this may be one of the last seasons that I will get to see Ray Allen; a guy who I’ve seen play since he was at UCONN, play ball in the NBA. I am a school teacher and I saw a huge spike in NBA interest among young fans last year… You will not hold the attention of a 12-18 year olds through a missed season. They will find other things to do, NFL, WWE, and believe it or not a lot of turned their attention to the NHL. This is a huge mistake by the NBA and NBAPA alike. Sad to see after such a popular season last year.

  59. Just do it. says:

    This whole lockout has been a eye roller every day. Sign, date, & play ball. Its time to get go.

  60. DJ Smith says:

    RIP NBA., twas good until you started giving long term contracts to subpar players- RIP NBA…Learn from the past & move into the future.Let’s Resurrect the old ABA with new rules such that yesterdays mistakes are not Repeated. i.e; contract term limits 3 years or less., money split 49% each with an 2% Fan kickback., no back to back games., 21 team league w/ red, white & blue balls…lets get this party started Quickly!!…;-)

    • Tal says:

      I LIKE IT…..

      Yeah.. A league with the DR, Wendell Ladner, Dan Issel, Ice man, Pistol, and other greats…

      I LOVED the ABA…

      Great POST!!!!

  61. Not Another Mistake says:

    Well, I had hope the players will decide not to make Another Mistake, but they just did! NO NBA SEASON!

  62. DeRoy Bryant says:

    I am done with Basketball, and the rich who wine all the time..they make millions, and tickets are already to expensive, so to pay their enormous salaries… So never again will I follow Basketball….DeRoy Bryant

  63. donotcareanymore says:

    why is it bad to have competitive balance? players (thru their agents prodding) are rejecting the deal because the deal would hurt free agency options, so they say. the owners just want to avoid what happened in MIA and DEN. players want to control the business, never mind that they are the employees of said business. with regards to owners trying to control bad contracts, it is not the owners fault but the player’s agents. who do you think drives up the contract price of high profile players? the players are happy with their milliions, but the agents want to have as much multiple multi-million, high profile clients in their roster so as to line their pockets. i feel sad for the players, because they are the ones caught in the middle with this. MOST of them just follow what their agents tell them, believing it is what’s good for them.

  64. J. Pla says:

    Let’s restrict of buying all NBA products,game tickets, and all the tv sponsor products and all will see real results. LET’S GO FANS!!!!!

  65. tom B says:

    NBA players will follow there Union to the end .
    I have to say this Players will never get back what they lost.
    i will say Players you dealt your self a dead man hand .
    Owners will have the last say.
    Unions in this country have sent companys out of Business and you will see what happens to NBA.
    Players what a mistake.

  66. dean says:

    450 dudes who should have stayed in school. What ignorant, arrogant idiots they are as a collective whole.

    In these economic times, to look straight into your fans faces and say ” screw you, we don’t get enough of YOUR money in our pockets” is outrageous.

    Also 450 players have affected an industry that employs thousands – arean a workers, those around arenas, media related staff, camera crews, office workers, suppliers of goods: from the little guy to the big corporations.

    Good luck getting sponsorsip deals in the future you idiots. The NBA Cares……….today they have proven that they only care about one thing………MONEY.

    Well, glad to know that as of today, every single player contract in the NBA is null and void. Have fun trying to get that money back anytime soon, morons.

  67. Braveheart says:

    if the player win on this good for them, but if they lose I hope they get a much even worse deal because they are super greedy.

  68. Rich says:

    Sacramento Kings
    Please send me my money back for my season tickets.
    If they decide to play next year keep your tickets and your greedy
    bunch of overpaid players. Fans will be leaving faster than a blowout
    in the fourth.

  69. izaak says:


  70. Peter says:

    Many people are struggling in the world right now with the GFC .NBA players need to wake up and play for the love of the game not money.They are already well paid and greed has taken over this sport , it’s about time they think about the average person in the street for once.I love the NBA but this is really a big kick in the guts and everybody has had enough.

  71. Roy says:

    I hate the nba. this isnt about a love for the game anymore. I play for free everyday. time to boycott the league.

  72. Rashad Taylor says:

    this is ridiculous. while people are out of work and struggling to make ends meet these greedy millionaires are pouting, crying and putting on a drama show. shame on them. people will find other things to do with their time then watch NBA basketball. this is just alienating fans nothing more. they think attendance went down before this just wait till they try to come back.

  73. Bilal says:



    You guys think that the players are being greedy and don’t deserve nearly as much as what they are getting right now in salaries and BRI??





    • Tal says:

      What Planet are you from Bilal?

      These superstars you mention have nothing to do with the other 99% of the league.
      As far as travel and relocation and the hardships on these poor guys whose average “CAREER?” is about 3 to 4 years…

      I travel around 40 weeks a year. Have been doing it for 33 years. I have been relocated 3 different times in that time period, with the quip from management…

      “Oh…BTW… You’re next paycheck will be in Dallas, Houston, NYC at the 1st of the year if you’re interested in staying employed”.

      Why do I do it…It’s FUN and interesting.. “If it aint fun don’t do it”.

      Pays allright as well. Not even close to 5.5 million though…LOL…

      And the players ought to realize this one simple fact along with my comment about having fun mentioned above…

      “There were people playing great baskeball long before you guys took the court, and there will be people playing great basketball long after you leave the court.”

      See that kid from Gonzaza last night break the record for 3’s in a game..
      Looked like he was having him some kind of fun!!!!
      Wonder what he was paid???

  74. Al says:

    The contract the players rejected will look really good after they lose in court and the owners offer them a take it or leave it agreement with little or no BRI. The teams will look very different when the tip-off for the 2012-13 season happens.

  75. Tobias says:

    I just think that when everyone sat down to talk, there should have been someone on the stand saying “You guys realize more than 75% of the people in the US make less than 100k a year…. heck 50k a year. and your arguing that the MILLIONS of dollars you make EVERY year is not enough. I mean you do realize I – as a regular every day citizen will NEVER make 1 million dollars. even if i saved everything without paying bills or taxes… WONT see just one million in my lifetime. That’s actually going to a job…. you people play in a gym and weight room. Sure wish someone would offer me to play a sport for stupid amounts of money, that way i can look at the owners and tell them …. NO that’s ridiculous you have to pay me MORE. forget these money hungry fools. and don’t even think about saying their not money hogs …. they really want to look at our country … in the LARGEST RECESSION ever…. and say you gave enough already. REAL People made REAL cutbacks and lost their jobs …. what have you Ball players given up? shrimp cocktails before games? right…. now their only before the press meetings. Take a second and look at your selfish plee. … just play the stupid game, and be happy we even pay you at all to go have recess

  76. lautre says:

    Euh, ‘xcuse me but… who benefits by the crime ?

  77. Sarge says:

    Bring on a wounded warrior league, bet those men and women would should you what professionalism means. Land of the greed! Let the Vets play! would bring back pride to American Sports… No Cry babies in the military!

  78. this is the agents faults they keep messing with everything and stuffing everything up come and sign me i’ll play for 100 k a year

  79. TS says:

    We, the fans, haven’t done enough. We haven’t bought enough $8.50 sodas. We haven’t bought enough $15 parking spots. We haven’t bought enough $6.00 small popcorns. We haven’t bought enough $40 upper deck tickets where 7 foot tall players look like little ants running around. We haven’t bought enough $90 dollar jerseys, or $35 dollar hats. We don’t scream enough at the refs when they make ticky-tack calls. We haven’t brought enough kids to the arenas, to ensure the love for NBA basketball can continue for future generations. Most of the blame for missed games rests squarely on the fan’s shoulders. And for that, NBA, I sincerely apologize.

  80. ALP says:

    greedy owner + greedy players = Heart Broken Fans/ No NBA season

  81. refund says:

    I was putting off asking for a refund on my tickets already purchased for this season with hopes it would be resolved. I’m done with the NBA. A 50/50 split offer is seen as being bullied? The owners are the business owners and the players are the employees. The average player salary would have increased by 2 million? Do the players expect to get any sympathy from the average working man? How many strikes do you see in the ‘average’ workforce today? People are happy to have a job and wages that don’t decrease. Get a clue players.

  82. Eddie says:

    Thanks players, fans will remember you forever, they don’t care about the fans only care about themselves, its really unfortunate that the NFL season is so short , the concession stand workers and all those that work the arenas are the real one hurting, no one cares about them , specially in this economy. I really hope that now there is no season, owners will take a lost as well but players just entering the NBA will suffer, also old players which were hoping for one more season before retirement,

  83. Time 2 Boycott says:

    As fans we should begin boycotting the nba today. cancle ur season tickets i know i will. stop buying jerseys, hats, and any merchandise from the nba. do not give them another dime. this has gone to far they are the highest paid athletes in any major sport. i will stick with the nfl and mlb. i enjoy basketball so much but i cant support a company that acts like we the fans dont matter. the owners might sign the checks but we all need to ban together and show all of them where the money comes from. we need to show the players who they are letting down. lets all ban together as fans and boycott the nba. lets show them what losing money really is. even if and when it comes back do not go to the arena do not watch on tv. we as a country cant keep jobs we are taking pay cuts. they are fighting over billions of dollars. forget about basketball for a few years. tell everyone fan u know to say NO 2 NBA AND ITS PLAYERS.

  84. Chuck says:

    I see these people as a bunch of greedy pigs. Come on they make millions playing a game, then they get paid to wear tennis shoes that are over priced and make millions more. The owners pay out millions to players, insurance, and every thing else. If the player gets hurt and can not play he still gets paid but he does not produce on the court. I see it this way the owners take all the risk and they want them to give up more than half the money they make running a business. In a normal job pay is about 10% of all expenditures and these clowns want the owners to give up over half of their profits man get a life. They are as bad as football players and baseball players. Greed they need to get rid of it. What i think the owners should do is agree with them and drop the ticket price to $10 a ticket and give them half of that, how long would it take them to cry like a baby.

  85. multi says:

    Man, i hope all the owners took attendance of those loser players who were standing on the stage, and made an immediate “do not hire these guys” list if this boils down to one-on-one contract negotiations with players.

    Oh no, Matt Bonner and Anthony Parker, i feel so bad that you’ve been paid millions to be one dimensional and shoot off balance low % 3 pointers.

    Get these fools outta here! Roger Mason JR…..GTFO

  86. Mike says:

    Supply and Demand. It will sort itself out as it should.

  87. hoopdoc says:


  88. Valdez says:

    I’ve been watching the NBA for almsot 12 years now. thanks to the players and the owners, you’ve ruined it. I hope you all end up broke somehow, I am not watching a single game anymore. You are all under my lockout. Enjoy your money, looks like you all forgot who is the reason of getting rich ( the fans). Have a ncie lifes.

  89. Ex-NBA Fan says:

    How to lose 50% of your fanbase in 137 days.

  90. HH says:

    Players need to stick to playing the game, and let the owners manage.

  91. Ron says:

    They both cut off their noses to spite their faces. When they split 1/2 of what they made last year over the next 3 or 4 years they will see the fans are the ones who pay salaries, and the owners will see the fans are the ones who pay their expences. The egos of both have cost them billions of dollars. Wait and see……………….

  92. Ex-NBA Fan says:

    The NBA really loves to s**t on its fans. Great strategy jacka$$es.

  93. I felt and knew that the union would reject the proposal. So much for the season!

  94. Alan says:

    You must be kidding. Im happy these layers decided to stay on strike. In the end they will get what they deserve….nothing!! i want to organize a fan strike so all the fans stay away from the arenas if and when this thing gets settled. Bring in new players at reduced salary. Open the arenas for games, charge a small entry fee. Get the people who really need the money back to work like the vendors and ushers etc. I promise they will come back to work on a 50/50 revenue split. If these players weren’t playing this stupid game for all the millions they are being overpaid they’d be driving a bus or cleaning tables. Greed and stupidity…

  95. Keith Ritchie says:

    I’m still speechless

  96. hakan says:

    hey players, lets come. comeee! come to europe, turkey, fenerbahce :))

  97. Kieran says:

    There are so many of Eric Cartman’s quotes to comment on this

  98. Mr. B says:

    “FANS” need to get their heads on straight, JUST LIKE THE PLAYERS!!!I am an elementary school teacher who makes what a teacher makes. I have kids, a mortgage, and am feeling the economy troubles like everyone else. NBA is one of the bright spots in my life and at first, I accepted the lockout as something that would get resolved. Now that we’re at where were at, how much money does anyone person need? With that in mind, these players need to be slapped in the face. You’re getting paid INSANE amounts of money to ultimately put a ball in a hoop! Now your not quite as much and your putting the guys who work at the arenas and everything else that make it the best experience for everyone out of work. Don’t talk to me about “business”! Don’t talk about standing up and getting pushed around! Your money comes from ME! You have a boss – accept it like “we” (99%?) all do! You are wasting the good years you have…your legacy’s are getting weaker…your pissing this fantasy dream life we all wish we could experience away! The money you are “not getting” could change the life of the average American. I’m a fan, and I’ve had it. No more time and money. It’s OK…the Jazz were never gonna win a championship anyways,

  99. Ron says:

    Talk is cheap! Actions speak! If you are serious don’t watch the greedy players. The owners will also suffer big time but………………………………………

  100. kostos says:

    This becomes way too riduculous……it’s a job… NBA players!…take it or LEAVE IT…. or How about NBA players just play for the love with minimum wages….like most hard working people out there earning their cash to put food on the table for family…..

  101. Carlos says:

    They should just let go of all these players that dont play for the love the game but for the greed of money. There are so many talented players out there that I am pretty sure they will play for 1000 a week if had be. I am going to tune into street ball from now on. This whole lock out situation is just ridiculous. There not seeing the bigger picture of restaurants loosing money, all the people that work to maintain the arenas and work during games are not working. My brother has been out of work because of this. The economy is already messed up as it is and these guys are adding to the saddness of things. This makes the saying “THE RICH GET RICHER AND POOR GET POORER”, so so true. Without us the fans, there wouldn’t be any league, these would just be regular people like all the other people in the country.

  102. John Doe says:

    Both parties are being selfish, greedy right now and ignoring the fact that the fans are the most important factor of the deal. We, the fans, should let the NBA know that if they don’t reach an agreement soon, then we’ll stop watching the NBA.

  103. chris says:

    is it possible to start the league with the d league players? screw the union

  104. Steve Morneau says:

    BOYCOTT THE NBA!!! What a bunch of GREEDY players. You all play a GAME and get paid millions…TO PLAY A GAME! BOO HOO that you cannot have millions more. Why don’t you all go get a real job…bunch of greedy gry babies that know nothing about business, but to ruin it! I have only missed about 15 celtics games in the last ten years…I refuse to buy a ticket or even watch a single game ever again. A sport that was damaged by rules and refs is now being damaged by the players. I hate the NBA and all of it’s players.

  105. Just Rockwell says:

    What owner is going to want to pay a player after this garbage??? How can a player look at their owner ( boss ), after you’ve just called them greedy and unfair. I would be fired on the spot for saying bad things about my boss, but then turn around and say ” Pay Me “??? What world are these players and owners living in???? I just listened to Derek Fisher try to placee all the blame on the owners, but in my opinion, the players and owners share the blame. The NBA players talk as if there will be no fallout for this stupidity. They act like NBA fans are going to come running to the arenas with money in hand begging to see basketball again. Well now, WE as the paying public need to take a stand and say NO to greedy owners and workers. You want our money to help pay your high salaries and popcorn prices, but when we ask you to compromise yourselves for the greater good of the game and the people who love it, you cant do it. All we keep hearing are excuses. Well, frankly im tired of it and I hope the rest of the country is to. Love and respect to all the hard working people who just wanted a little NBA entertainment for their hard earned money. Respect due to all the workers who will lose their small saleries because rich individuals are only thinking of themselves. The NBA, It’s everything that is wrong with our country today.

  106. Al says:

    Let’s make this the last professional sports strike ever. DO NOT go to any games for a full season after any strike. Teach these spoiled brats a lesson!

  107. RaymondG says:

    That wanted and demanded that the players take this deal!!!!! until I read it. It would be selfish for us to want them to enter into such a bad contract just so that we can see basketball.

  108. multi says:

    Greed greed and more greed. Do i really feel bad for Russel Westbrook in his $1000 track suit and backpack standing at the front of the stage demanding more millions. Or Kobe who makes more in interest each year off his sponsorhips alone then i will make in over ten years.

    Forget these guyz, promote the d league boyz, you will see ppl playing with heart and do it for $100,000 a year or less!

  109. Ryan says:

    Its funny, on the yahoo story covering this, there is over 1500 comments, almost all of them against the players, yet they keep saying sorry to the fans, and not signing the deal. I guess in their heads they think this disbanding of the union and suing is a good thing. That they will win and after start playing again, and all the fans will come back. I just wish someone would slap them in the face, and tell them how it is, your not going to win, your not going to get your way, and your going to loose a ton of money along the way trying.

  110. enz voli says:

    where is the love for basketball?

  111. scoretowin says:


    Please, please, please drop all these ignorant players and start the season with no union players. Please! The NBA is about the teams and the fans will show up. They will come crawling back. It amazes me that people with no investment want to dictate how they are paid. I understand if they were being mistreated. That is what unions and labor laws were created for. But, you would have huge support from the fans, and in my opinion, most of the players if you started the season with other players and those that wanted to cross the lines.

    • pax150 says:

      Greedy spoiled super stars they are way over paid ! I say fire the whole bunch and start over, with the ones that want to play even with new players , with non union contract, Maybe we can still have some sort of season of basketball for the fans.

  112. wojo says:

    you all make millions already, how much more can you really need? i know plenty of kids getting out of high school and college that will play for 500,000 a year. suck it up, you don’t need all that and be greatful your an american role model. sadly you all are role models yet military personel are thought of as evil. we fight so u can make millions and we make damn near bare minimum.

  113. G MONEY says:

    The NBA where no season happens…..

  114. Josephslive says:


  115. sarah k says:

    best season ever followed by the death of the league!!! bring in european players and these idiots can go over there and earn a tenth of the money

  116. G MONEY says:

    This is crazy, the NBA was on the rise, just had one of best seasons in a while. Now it’s all down the drain, fans are really upset with all the greed and tyranny from both sides and right now since the chances of salvaging a season is slim WHO CARES ANYMORE. These little babies can push for desertification, and say how they are being taking advantage of when they are making big bucks no matter the turn out. The NBPA made a fatal mistake for the game right now.

  117. jj says:

    I’m sorry but whoever says this was a terrible deal for the players, does not live in the real world. How being guaranteed to make multi millions each year is a terrible deal? In this economic downturn, I am taking any job that’s given to me. I don’t have the money to pay health insurance anymore. Bye NBA players, for not living in the real world, and for letting greed eat the last remaining part of your brains, which have never been too big anyway.

    They are not giving any respect to the people who are dying, starving, struggling to get by. With a 50/50 deal, you’re only losing 700k out of your 10 million/year salary. You’ll only make 9.3 millions. Poor guy, how are you gonna be able to feed your kid?

    I really had the hope that the players would accept this deal, therefore keeping myself interested in this league….but now this is too much. Again, saying that this is a terrible deal is pure disrespect to human nature.


  118. Deron says:

    Just end the f**king lockout already. The players need shove their pride aside and listen to the fans. Same goes to the owners. Derek Fisher, Billy Hunter, and David Stern are all playing a part in this whole lockout situation just for the media. When the NBA Lockout EVENTUALLY ends, I hope David Stern and Billy Hunter get booed and step down and I hope Derek Fisher get booed (even if he doesn’t have the ball in his hands) for having to put us basketball fans through 137 days of volatile, sophomoric, arguments and disputes about the percentages that lead to no where. F**k, even schoolyard children can make a better bargain and everything would be hunky-dory. If Derek Fisher, Billy Hunter, and David Stern want to take away our NBA games and leave us fans stranded, f**k them. We gave them chance after chance after chance to compromise and come to terms but now this is gotten on my last damn nerves. I hope Stern and Hunter resigns and I hope there is some intelligent basketball player (i.e. Dwyane Wade) that would take Fisher’s place as President of NBPA and take Maurice Evans with him also.

    • Ron says:

      You are angry at the wrong people!!! The players that want to play could have stepped up and demanded putting it to a vote. When they lose in court they will WISH they had taken the offer. It will be to late then. If I’m the owners I wouldn’t offer them more than 40 percent. Better yet a 75 percent to 25 percent of profit AFTER all costs except player salary has been paid. The players could have the 75 percent.

  119. DJ1234567890 says:


  120. Huseyin says:

    If this is a business, how players expect to win more then owners. More them stupid…

  121. Young Jodi says:

    I can’t believe the players rejected the deal! Now the players are going to get a worst deal with a hard cap and a lower BRI, dang you players are stupid…You should of accepted the deal…

  122. percy says:

    you cannot win in court… the owners do not have to employ you if they dont want to, very silly mistake…u need a better legal team

  123. Thaddeus says:

    2012. The year our memories come back, our present leaves(Lockout), and our future uncertain

  124. david seidel says:

    David Stern has been the emperor, and the NBA business model has been a total disaster. Stern would have us beleive that this is the players problem. The WNBA has a better business model that has more fan loyalty and it is sustainable. Complete and utter joke,

  125. cnbricks says:

    I’ve been following the Spurs and attending games since day one. We have money tied up in a season that probably won’t happen. We’re done with spending money on the league as a whole. The people who get hurt the most in this in the people who work at the arenas and businesses that make a living off of the games. The league and the players should be ashamed of themselves for the greed they are exhibiting when most of the country and the world is going through so much pain.

  126. Just Rockwell says:

    So the players rejected the deal because they want to be able to run to a team of their liking whenever they feel like it? I didnt like Alonzo Mourning when he did it with NJ, I don’t like how Carmelo did it last season and I dont care for the Miami Heat trying to make a dream team either. You gentlement get paid money that people would kill to make. If you love basketball so much, why does it matter where you play? You players are arrogant and think the world owes you something because you can play basketball, but it doesnt work that way. I dont know all the ins and outs of this deal and what it gives and doesnt give, but I do know this. When Im living in a world during a time when people are losing jobs and having a hard time finding work, when businesses are cutting salaries and letting go employees every day, the last thing I would do is ask for the publics sympathy for me and my 5 million dollar salary. I dont envy the players for making what they make, but it is truly, truly , truly upsetting for them to do this in front of millions of their fans during a time like this. This whole NBA labor talk or whatever you want to call it, has to be the dumbest thing in sports history. The owners dont care and the players really look foolish. As a fan, I really feel sorry for the little people affected by all of this. Im sure after you do finally get your deal done, those same workers wont get an extra dime from your deal, the people who work in the parking lots didnt get a chance to put away money like the players did. I expected more from the owners and players during a nationwide recession. I guess I was expecting too much.

    • Ron says:

      They cut off their noses to spite their faces. When they split 1/2 of what they made last year over the next 3 or 4 years they will see the fans are the ones who pay salaries, and the owners will see the fans are the ones who pay their expences.

  127. Derick - Ex NBA Fan says:

    They don’t understand that THEY CANNOT WIN IN THIS NEGOCIATIONS, Both sides need to FOCUSED on a deal where no SIDE WINS, Owners dont win, Players dont win, thats THE PERFECT DEAL. Because if the owners think they gonna beat these BUNCH of players they are CRAZY and if the Players think they gonna win these BUNCH of Business Men they are also CRAZY.

  128. NBA Fan says:

    Players can be replaced. Lets replace them with someone who wants to play for a normal salary. No reason players should ever get paid the amount they want. No one or no thing in this world is worth that amount of money. I do not care how good they think they are. The NBA is not what it use to be, and players need to accept a normal salary as they are not Kings. If they do not want a salary, fire them all and lets hold open tryouts for 200k per player a year. I bet we find MUCH better talent then the stuff that calls themselves players today.

    • Tony says:

      Seriously? During the bad years following the Heat’s championship, I couldn’t give away my season tickets even though we still had MVP Wade. That changed last year when we got LBJ. The revenue that would be generated from people going to the games with your 200k players would not be enough to cover the losses that the owners are claiming they need to recover now. 🙂

  129. zadoc says:

    I see the players as having a pretty good chance at winning this dispute by challenging the NBA over antitrust laws.

    POLL: Is hte NBA an illegal monopoly?
    Vote: http://www.wepolls.com/p/5065117/Is-the-NBA-an-illegal-monopoly?tag=119340

  130. Qwinki.com says:

    It does not look good at all! Petty for the game!

  131. Andre says:

    This is just flat out riddiculous at this point. We live in America, and America is the greatest country in the world because it allows you to own a business fully and partake in risk with the hopes of making money. The owners incur all the business risk in any business and its no different with the NBA. The players just play, they get paid whether the owners are losing money (which a lot are) or not. On top of that even the League minimu salary is more money than 98 % of Americans make so stop being greedy take the deal and let’s play some ball. I just cannot believe how entitled you guys feel, its insulting to the general public.

  132. jake says:

    how can they possibly recover all this money? this is going to spiral into absoulute chaos… id be suprised if there are more than 20 teams when they finally decide to bounce a ball… alot of players are going to lose contracts over this one.

  133. Dirt Squirrels says:

    The NBA has officially become a joke. Season over. Now everyone will more on to watch other sports and when and if the NBA comes back it will take a decade (like baseball did), if not longer to get fan support back. There is no way the players win this battle. They have just lost any chance to get what might have been a reasonable deal. Players union can say what they want but fans blame the players union and agents for this disaster. Greed has taken away any chance the players had of striking a fair deal.

  134. Keith Ritchie says:

    I’m speechless

  135. George G. says:

    I was expecting this move. But, i doubt about the results of this action. If they win, OK, but if they lose in court then things are difficukt for them. It’s an interesting but risky strategy. I totally agree with Troy Reese about the players’ contracts. I have siad it before: no deal can save the teams, if the GM’s are not making the right moves.

  136. ADA says:

    Good, European basketball is more team oriented anyway. How dare 400 players demand anything more than 50 percent of BRI. YOU ARE NOT THE NBA! THE FANS AND THE OWNERS WHO EMPLOY YOU ARE THE NBA! YOUR JUST LUCKY ENOUGH TO EARN A PAYCHECK!

    The league still exists with or without these greedy “talents” There are hundreds if not thousands European, South American, and minor league basketball players who would certainly be entertaining any be willing to be paid the salary that all of us fans make just for a chance to play the sport they love. People forget…NBA players get 500,000 MINIMUM!

    When did the players forget they play for the love of the game? In my opinion, put scabs and strikebreakers in their place and still have a season. We need some new talent in the NBA anyway.

    • Tony says:

      There is a baseball player from South America who just turned down a $210M contract for 9 years. You think he is insisting on a $100k annual salary instead? 🙂

  137. Fannomore says:

    Shame on both sides! and the Union! In a world where everyone is having to cut back to survive, two groups of people can not reach an agreement? Fans have paid for tickets, merchandise and given support for the teams and its players during the horrible economic times of the last few years. Both sides should give up more and contribute the rest to a non profit charity.
    Become responsible teams and organizations. Think of someone other than your selves. Neither side is dealing with poverty issues.

  138. Minnesota Man says:

    I grew up playing basketball and it makes me sick that these players a being so greedy. How about you stop making millions on the back of the fans. While many of us have had to cut back on our spending, the cost of tickets, cable tv, and merchandice keeps going up, on top of that tax payers are paying for the areanas and stadiums. How about you play for less money, charge us less for tickets, jerseys and tv and dont make us pay for the buildings you play in.

  139. ken says:

    unbelievable nba.. such good role models, killing alot of dreams out there with your greed,, not just the players, owners too. its all on you that dreams are crushed, people are disappointed and lost their jobs and now they cant feed their babies or little ones. Good job.

    The NBA, where despair happens.

  140. Gman says:

    This is ridiculous. Stop being greedy and end the lockout. I want to see Heat go all the way this year!!!

  141. I need a dollar says:

    So the players want more money…….but are now likely going to miss out on a years salary…….that would be more than what they would have lost by accepting the deal….as a result the fans have turned, less money spent on merchandise, i wonder if nike,adidas etc will cut there contracts as well.

    I understand the owners are “greedy” as well as mos tof them a multi millionares/. billionares……..but they were still losing money on owning a NBA team, they just want to make sure they clubs survive.

    I would like to see a secret vote to see how many players would be happy with the current proposal…those who just want to get back to playing basketball. This is robbing some of the best players in the world at the top of their game……..and robbing us all from watching

  142. Rich says:

    I can’t believe the offer wasn’t presented to all the players for a vote. Players should decide on this and not the advisers, and most especially not Hunter. Hunter and the advisers are benefiting from this prolonged lockout, this is where they get paid the most.

  143. waly says:

    THANK YOU PLAYERS…..now that you guys standed together it is in the OWNERS HANDS if they they really have the DESIRE to save the NBA……


  144. Matthew says:

    You now i was quick to complain about the decision but now being treated unfair at work no matter what the job is is wrong i get it they are playing the game they love but. If you love your job then you try to be enviorment that is fair to you and your bosses if any of the “fans” were in a situation like this at their job they wouldn’t take this laying down they would fight it (strikes) so why when an nba player stands up people that are treating him unfairly people suddenly have an issue. It wouldn’t be right of me to tell a bus driver to take an unfair for the sake of me wanting to ride the bus. granted these jobs are diffrent in importance and pay still its the same principle. just like its not the owner thats missing they’re family, getting injured, on the road most of the year.. I’d be happy with a 82 game season that starts on-time but if i have to wait next year so be it. People act like these fans now are the only people who will ever love the game. Fans will always come along. so people just be patient. You don’t rush perfection. This is my opinion if you don’t like it don’t reply to it. or insult me like a child

    • jeff says:


  145. Pchop74 says:

    Thank God… I don’t like NBA anyway… However, obvious egos on part of Union Heads… Good Luck, you didnt learn anything from seeing what happened to NHL couple of years ago… I want to see a hard cap.

  146. Steve Jones says:

    Being a fan for over 30 years I’m fully disgusted with the players and there shere incompetence. We are in a major recession if not depression and getting very close to a war with Iran and they act like everything is hunky dory and it’s not. I fully support the owners in this matter and I hope for the health of the league that it leads to the contraction of the Hornets and possibly the Pacers. David Stern isn’t Roger Goodell and/or Bud Selig and brought MY league from the brink of ruin in the mid 80’s..I guess he will have to do it again..

  147. tko says:

    if the nba season wont start, they will lose tons of fans for sure…

  148. Tal says:

    Players have cut their own throats.
    Owners…Bring on the replacement players!!!!!!

    Since the players no longer have any representation, they are free to sign with any team that will have them. Those that want to play should be given a chance if they’re good enough. Forget the players, and put on some B’Ball. Should be a highly entertaining season.

    Plenty of rookies, D’ Leaguers, collegians ready to play. If this goes on for a couple of years, everyone will be asking..
    “What was the NBPA??”
    “Oh they were that bunch of numbskulls who tried to ruin pro basketball, but are now too old too play and vying to be commentators for the new league..Beats unemployment”…

    Hard to beleive that guys with an average salary of 5.5 million would crap where they eat, but it just show you the ineptitude of their representatives. They know so much about the good of the players, they wouldn’t even bring the offer for a vote to it’s membership….

    Just idiotic…

    Hunter and Fisher…..Labor leaders???? Caeser Chavez and John C. Lewis are laughing at you from the grave…

  149. Scabbers says:

    The league should say screw the players and hire some scabs to play ball. There are plenty of poor talented players who would love the opportunity to play in the NBA for a fraction of the cost. Players need to get over their egos. They are not bigger than the game. If they really loved the game they would be playing right now. Oh well guess we will get to see a lot more ice hockey on TV.

  150. Troy Reese says:

    I want to say thanks for the nba players who turned this deal down. The players manned up. The players are the league, the fans buy tickets and uniforms and whatever because of their favorite player or team. I think the owners did not negotiate fairly and did not bargain in good faith. Every ex-ball player and independent writer who looked at this deal said it was a terrible deal for the players, but everyone is saying just take the deal because we want to see basketball. Well I think the voter in Ohio just stood up for their rights and I want to thank the players for standing up. With the help of some real fans youn can get a fair and equal deal from the owners, FAIR AND EQUAL. So all of the so called fans quit giving it to the players. Help the players, David Stern talks about the players as if they are bafoons and don’t understand the details of the deal. That is funny. Yet the owners are giving 100 million dollar contracts to Joe Johnson, Gilbert Arenas, and Rashard Lewis, 5o million dollar deals to Luke Walton, Brain Cardinal and so on. The owners need to fire some of their dumb GM’s and maybe we would be seeing the best players in the world balling right now. I am a real fan and I support the players, I hope you get the FAIR AND EQUAL deal that every real fan should want for you and your family. Good luck to you all.

    • matt says:

      I agree 100%. The owners are putting up ultimatums saying take this deal “or else.” The players not taking this deal says they are not as greedy as we think. Greed says take the deal and make your millions but they turned the quick buck down to make sure the owners know they want a say in how the NBA is run. AND people fail to understand the MAJORITY of the league is opposed to the owner’s deal. That’s democracy. It’s that what America is about.

  151. SAMAEL says:


  152. benji says:

    just threw my d wade shirt in the rubbish… never watching nba again!!

  153. SAMAEL says:


    • Tony says:

      It is interesting how people choose to overlook the fact that almost all these players have a college and relegate them to uneducated minimum wage workers. I will refrain from suggesting why that is so. Interesting also is that the current economic condition blanketing our nation was done under the watchful eyes of our Ivy League educated Wall Street Bankers so maybe all that education isn’t all that it is cracked up to be.

      My guess is that we all wish we have the ability to fashion our destiny rather than have it done by our employers as they do what they feel is best for their business. Hopefully our distate for the fortunes of these players is not a reflection of our own inabilities to do the same.

      Regarding whether fans will return or not, my guess is that some will not but most will. For heaven sakes, Apple has managed to sell basically the same iPhone to people five different times. 🙂

      • R4 says:

        One year in college doesn’t make you a educated person it makes you a drop out. I hope they do fix the drafting system so players at least have 2 years in college. Because alot of players are coming into the NBA as mature kids with no real understand for the game. Best players play awhile in college before coming to NBA.

        Tony your right about one thing. NBA is selling a game and regardless of how it is played people will come to see it. Iphone isn’t really that great but it sells like hot cakes. NBA might not be great after this new CBA for reporter because they can’t live big cities and report but people will still come to see the lakers lose more like Cowboys in NFL. Big market teams should need to win to keep NBA a float. NFL has proven it that small you are the more america cares. The bigger you are the more people hate.

  154. Jimmyflying24 says:

    Gradually,I feel frustrated and disappointed about the whole lockout thing….

    I think those greedy owners and players are just making fun of us who really love this game.

    If I remember clearly, the slogan of the NBA is ‘I love this game’, but right now I think they should change the slogan like ‘I’m greedy for money’ instead. They don’t think through that how and from who they can make the money, it’s fans…

    I really hate it when they keep negotiating and failing… Honestly, I have lost patience about this lockout B..S…

    I need to adjust myself and have a good life without NBA games, because it’s not a professional game at all….

  155. The Last Archimedean says:

    The players really screwed the pooch on this one. After they lose in the court the NBA will simply impose a new CBA with whatever terms they want and the players will have zero options but to accept it. The NBA could make it fpr 50 years with players getting 30% of BRI and an absolute hard cap and the players would have to come crawling back and say “thank you sir may I have another.” [Even the hardliners aren’t THAT draconian thpough.]

  156. Deborah Lewis says:

    I had an typo. I meant employers. Please disregard all mistakes.

  157. Jeannie says:

    The NBA has no love for the fans! Today they have lost many fans! The NBA will never be the same!

  158. big knicks fan says:

    so much happening, no result. NBA and NBPA are making a big mistake. entire season will be cancelled and they will lose a lot of $$$$ and trust from their fans. What a disapointment. They are all nuts.

  159. Deborah Lewis says:

    I am so sorry this is taking place as I love the game of basketball. That being said I feel these young men has taken an stand and I respect their decision. I have worked all of my adult life and I wish i had a say so in the way my employees have treated me. We’re the ones that have made these companies successful and the walk all over us. They become rich and we can barely pay our bills. Half of them don’t even have the decency to say GM. Yes lots of these young men are rich, but so are the owners. It’s not just about the money, but about the entire package. Compared to what the owners are getting in all areas, it’s peanuts to what the players are asking. As I have said we do all the hard work, they take away certain parts of 401k, raise medical benefits and all sorts of other benefits. Then they turn around and lay us off when things go wrong so they can continue to get their huge salaries. David Stern should be ashamed of his self. He’s not the one working hard, getting bruised up, being away from his family. He is not the innocent one. He threatened to pull the plug unless they accepted his offer and it backfired.

  160. Jimmy says:

    I love basketball, but greed on the players side needs to be stopped now. You work, you get paid – you don’t make demands like this from the boss. NBA, close the doors until their pockets start to dry. Then when endorsements fall and their pockets thin, they will take even a lesser offer. Second, the new players are only going to take so much of this – they are ready to play and get paid for the 1st time.

    • rich says:

      I agree,every working man needs to march into the owner of their company and demand 50+ percent of his profit.Greedy bastards that dont know what a working day is.

  161. Hook says:

    Wat to go ball hogs you will have your day in court enjoy your time off when you go back to work few will be there to watch you overpaid losers

  162. Nonya says:

    Go players. These other morons can cry and complain but. gets yours. I support your efforts and trials. Get the business done than have fun. To all of you who think other wise, shove it. Go Players set the example people all across the nation should follow. Stand up for what you feel is right no matter what the people and others say.

  163. international says:

    Well done boys… This BS certainly helps to make the league more profitable around the world… I’m just wondering who is still supporting these overpaid employees?? No, it’s not out of personal interest… It’s “extremely unfair” not to make more money than the boss…

  164. BBLover says:

    I will never spend the money I used to watch NBA games. Not much but I used to spend around $1,500 – $2,000 annually… up until this year. I hope I am not the only one and I hope loosing fans like me will translate into missing a lot more income than 2-3% of BRI.
    I am the biggest NBA fan but enough is enough – time to watch college hoops and some Europian BB.

  165. Just Rockwell says:

    I’ve lost respect for the players and the NBA. How dare you say you care about the fans and the little people who work in the arenas and the places near the stadiums. If you did care, you would do something to get this deal done. I hope no one ever watches the NBA again and you all lose your salaries and team. People are in the country starving and trying to make ends meet with minimal pay and you all cry over 80 million dollars????!!!! Are you serious???? This is a disgrace! I will never spend my money on the NBA again. In these tough times in our country, you spit in the face of every person who pays their hard earned money to watches and enjoys basketball. I am so disappointed with the greedy owners and players and I hope the rest of the country is also. So tell Derek Fisher and Billy hunter to stop apologizing to the fans because we are SICK of it. These are hard times , and people dont care about you makin 5 million instead of 7 million. When and if you do ever come back to play, i hope and pray no one watches because then you want US the public to go out spend our money to see you play. I hope you are ingored and thrown away, the same way you have thrown away the season and the love of your fans. YOU MAKE ME SICK!

  166. Shelia says:

    The owners are taking all the risk. They pay these players and hope they can hit a freaking free throw. The players don’t give a rip about the fans, they don’t care how many people they are putting out of work. I’m disgusted! I love the NBA, but it will be hard for me to ever support the players in their ridiculous quest.

  167. Celtics#1 says:

    what happen to this game?

    • K says:

      It turned into business! Professional athletes are paid entertainers. Just like Tom Cruz; Brad Pitt and Will Smith expects to be paid $20 million per movie, professional athletes feel their in the same industry and expect to be compensated at the same rate. Is it right or wrong; who’s to say?

  168. Al says:

    I’m done with this crap. NBA fan since the Bucks were founded. I’ll find something else to do. If I wanted to follow a court case I’d watch Court TV. I spent a couple thousand dollars a year on tickets. Never again.

    • K says:

      Good for you Al for taking a stand! But if your sending that kind of money to attend a basketball game; you’ll be back!

      • R4 says:

        Man that alot of money to spend when your teams hasn’t compete for champsionship in almost 12 years. The thing that kills me is that people in cities that haven’t never won a ship or compete. Use their hard earn money to watch their team lose every year. But if you ask the same guys to go travel, they would said no use because I have everything in America why go over there to see it. But your willing to shell out coins to watch the same team lose. Man

  169. MU says:

    The players act as if they own a portion of the NBA.

  170. Seamore says:

    Fire all “NBA” players are re-hire at affordable costs? I bet you find more talent than what you have now. 99% of the players are over paid.

    • R4 says:

      They can only do that through drafting new players. Funny thing is players don’t even understand that a year lost is a year lost from their career they can never get back. Man these players need new agents because If I wasn’t a start player or a centre. I would of sign up because truth be told my career is only going to last 5 years and not it going to be 4 years without a new CBA

  171. keebo says:

    Good for the players. that’s how you man up!

    • dp says:

      They are all just being greedy, no matter what deal they end up with, all of them will make a hell of a lot more money than people with regular jobs.

      What us fans should do, when they get back out there, is not show up to the games, dont turn on the tv, and not buy any jerseys etc.

      Lets see how much money they have to argue over then.

    • Hook says:

      Sure it is

  172. DT says:

    This is crazy!!! They really need to hurry up and end this lockout

  173. keebo says:

    DO NOT TAKE THIS DEAL! I am a die hard basketball fan but this deal sucks.

  174. Woonsocket says:

    If you think the national fan base is weary of all this B.S. now, just wait and see what happens if the entire season is canceled. They may be fighting over all these percentages now, but after over a year of no basketball, a nation of embittered fans WILL NOT be eager to open their wallets to supply those percentages. Players/Owners: = 1% Fans = 99%. Maybe we should move occupy wall street down to the NYC negotiating offices….

  175. Rob says:

    looks like nba player don t care about the nba fans around the world,they care only their money.how sad. 😦 im reall y waiting the new season.

    • K says:

      Why did it take this lock-out for you to figure that out? It’s always been about the money! Every professional athlete loves that paycheck and if they say their playing the game for any other reason, their lying! You the fans, will never receive the love from a professional athlete that you give to them.

  176. Cameron says:

    Players, take the deal, we wan’t ball!

  177. nba is dead says:

    if there is no official deal by today or the end of this week the whole NBA is done, dead.

  178. T-Vel says:

    I feel so desperate right now because of this NBA lock-out thing going on right now. Please guys stop being so greedy and end this thing today because I wanna see my players on the basketball court. If this season is over without a deal, basketball is done in my life and I will never go to an NBA game nor watch it on TV. Please do me this big favor guys, get it together and end this lock-out.

    • K says:

      T-Vel never say never! If this situation with this lock out is causing you to become “desperate” or depressed; whichever one, then whenever an agreement is reached you’ll be back! That’s a sad comentrary of your life if this lock-out is sending you into a state of “deperation!” It’s a game; entertainment, not a matter of life and death!

  179. Mr Big Money Bag$ says:

    the only small issue the players should have with this new proposal is Proposal 2.8 = “A team in any season that uses the Non-Taxpayer Mid-Level Exception or the Bi-Annual Exception, or that in year 3 or after acquires a free agent in a sign-and-trade, cannot at any time thereafter have a team salary at any point during that season in excess of the Tax level; provided, however, that a team with a team salary below the Tax level would be permitted prior to October 15 to engage in a transaction using either of the foregoing exceptions or a sign-and-trade that would result in its team salary exceeding the Tax level by no more than $5M, so long as it engages in other subsequent transactions to bring its team salary below the Tax level on October 15 and its team salary does not exceed the Tax level at any time thereafter”

    other than that, the deal isn’t bad…they should take it.Yes, some players will suffer and be cut off without a job but it will be only the lazy players who have no business earning millions or playing in the NBA. This is a good deal

  180. K says:

    Honestly; who cares rather the players sign the current proposal are not. For all you fans begging these players to sign or don’t sign; how is either way going to change your life? Just like the last work stopage when they had a 50 game regular season; as soon as the deal was signed, we got over our anger an went right back to watching these over indulged brats run up and down the court. Professional sports is meant to be entertainment; nothing more. So for all you fans that are hanging your every breathe on rather this current proposal gets signed or not; get a life! There’s plenty more to do until they decide to sign; so expand your horizons, venture out, enjoy life!

  181. Myron Carter says:

    yo nba is a big business and we the sheeple, i love playng basketball and nba2k12 add me up if u want on xbox 360 kn0wledgeb0y

  182. The lockout is dissapointing alot of fans around the world. If this lockout continues, it will be a huge dissapointment.

  183. Bobby Chase says:

    I love basketball, and the Cleveland Cavaliers. However, after reading the agreement, I reject it. I agree with management that they cannot operate successfully losing money but all business includes risk and they have an open ended way to continue to steal from the players and the game. The ten pecent and possible one percent is enough, if they cannot RESPONSIBLY manage their teams enough to profit with them, they should sell their teams to someone who can. I am happy to see no basketball, I will go to the park and play myself. We should all find other entertainment options because this season is done!

  184. Jong2x says:

    I hate it everytime the negotiation fails, they always trying to say ” we’re feeling sorry for the fans”. Did they really mean that? or there just trying to cover up there greediness. if they really feel sorry sor their fans then they should have ended up the lockout because the more they delay it, the more they will lose their fans.

  185. Jong2x says:

    How i wish i could also play the game i love with pay like the players…….

  186. Noel A says:

    PLease take the Deal. Let’s get the season started.

  187. DunbunDemo says:

    come on just get it over with your fans are loosing interest because of your petty dispute of how much money you make even though you make a lot more than most americans. We want to watch you play not argue about the ridiculous amount of money you make!

  188. Alex says:

    Seriously. The deal does not sound bad at all. Ok, the players will be paid couple 100k less. Big deal, less money to spend on partying and drugs. You still will be paid millions and millions of dolars. Many of players will go broke anyway after they retire, so whats this big fuss all about anyway? Just sign the paper and give your fans what they want! WE WANT TO WATCH BASKETBALL! Enough is enough!

  189. Jong2x says:

    Its been months since the lockout and i wonder why there is no one on the players ( i mean the so called SUPERSTARS ) really have the voice to represent their side? Instead, we see Roger Mason, Mo Evans, Ethan Thomas, Matt Bonner? are you kidding me? are these guys charismatic enough? I know they have certain position in NBPA but they must also consider that these guys could really help or isn’t it that the superstars have nothing to say about this lockout because they are very well compensated by their owners? i hope thats not the case..

  190. Enough says:

    I think Scola’s quote is interesting. I think it shows that the players feel like the team reps won’t accurately represent their wishes.

  191. Michael Gallucci says:

    Luis Skola is the only sensible voice on the players side? I doubt it. I think every player that agrees with Skola, if the NBPA insists on only the easily controlled small group of reps get to vote, should cross the picket line and denounce the union for it undemocratic tyranny, and sign individual deals directly. Go Skola, fight the power…which is as much your union leaders as anyone else.

  192. Odyss says:

    Oh for the sakes of everybody, NBPA, sign this! ‘Cause this is definitely the best offer you’re going to get until the next summer! Please, end this lockout now, ’cause otherwise, this season is lost…. 😦 Teams making their best offer now as a last opportunity to save the season!

  193. eduardo says:

    please please please take the deal

  194. George G. says:

    I am afraid that the players are going to decertify their union. I hope i’m wrong.

  195. cédric says:

    Take your time . We’re happy to have some very good nba players in europe 🙂 Especially in france . We usually lose against spanish teams , but with nicolas batum (from blazers) , nancy won this time .

  196. Jochen-Celt says:

    So guys….you should think twice on what you`re negociating for at first. NBA is based on fans, a tons of fans, and on their money of course. So we fans wanna that NBA should start as soon as possible. May the owners and clubs raise the price of games and matches, may the players have a more salary cup. We want just the basketball and pro-basketball, we dont wanna see your negociations, we`re boring now, finish your money mess guys you all, both owners and players. Think twice on what your league based, stop your foolish money negociations. Please stop now, millions of, billions of basketball fans are waiting for your decision, be responsible guys, be nice to your fans pls! I personally don`t want to see stars like Howard, LeBron, KG, and others plays in CBA, chinese basketball league, such a trashing league among the chineses! Let`s start our league guys!

  197. PeterA says:

    The Nba needs to end the lockout, its not fair to the people who love watching amazing players perform such as Kobe Bryant, Thats a extra year wasted and he is getting older. This is an embaressing measure to take place to the sport. Fans will be more then satisfied with a 72 game season. This organization needs to stop being greedy, and give the people what they want!

  198. Jong2x says:

    I’m from philippines and i’m a big NBA fan. However, I’m also tired of waiting for these owners and players to reach a new deal. I’m very disappointed with all these mess. I can’t speak for my fellow country men but i can see that many of us here will stop supporting the NBA if the season will be lost.

  199. Disgusted says:

    Players, reject the deal, please.

  200. kevin says:

    I think the lockout will lead nowhere season only to delay it. commisionaire the director and the NBA are not going down and that denying the salary just hope that this lockout to finish today and everyone is happy !!!!!!

  201. Fred says:

    This whole situation’s been very frustrating and interesting as well. It’s nice to know and understand a bit more of the business side of things, it’s sad not to have proper basketball as we speak. But these guys are talking about splitting revenues generated by us fans, I think they take us for granted a tad too much, they better come up with bargain deals when basketball resumes cause you can’t expect people to show up at will after months of arguing over millions of $$$ when the situation in the world is that bad.

  202. Nba season needs to hurry and start .. evrybodi is waitin on season to start yall can do better

  203. Kevin Garnett Fan#1 says:

    They should just hurry up and end the lockout because alot of people like watching the NBA and if we don’t have a NBA this year y’all will disappoint a ton of fans.

    • David says:

      I wish to wach basketball too. But as a fan we should not be selfish to encourage the players take a bad deal just so we can be entertained, it’s people’s jobs on the line. The owners have pushed the players way too far these past few months and I would like to see the players put on some risistance.

      • jeff says:


      • Gary says:

        @Jeff, it’s not the players fault you make 75k, which is a rather nice salary anyway. These guys went into the NBA with certain deals and options. Now the owners realize what THEY put in place has become problematic for them. Their solution, reduce the wages of the guys who are the reason they’re in business. Doesn’t matter if they make millions and are well off, it was stupid of the owners and NBA to continually increase their pay and make these large offers.

  204. Thiago says:

    A NBA está fazendo muita falta, esse acordo precisa ser acertado logo…

    Vamos Heat!!! Let’s go Heat!!!!

  205. MaFox says:


    I don’t know what to say

  206. Hg says:

    Is what is on the table, going to be interpedated by a lawyer to find loop holes, Or can we take it as face value?

    • J.S. says:

      Can they just agree to a one year agreement (which won’t really hurt any side), get the season on the way, and continue negotiating WHILE they play basketball?

    • No longer a fan says:

      Greed, That is the only word to describe this. The players (nor owners) don’t care about the fans (whom are the reason the whole business runs), the only thing they care about is greed. Everyone in charge of this needs to seriously take a look in the mirror and examine the person looking back, this whole thing is a good example of America’s greed becomming out of control.

    • ng says:

      its pretty obvious at this point that the players just really dont care about the game. i dont think the owners have no fault but at least theyre trying to make the league better. for the players its all about themselves. they want to be able to go to watever team they want and make as much money as they want and who cares if small market teams have nobody coming to their games and end up losing money and killing the surrounding economy. and no to put the cherry on the sh.it sunday that the players greed has created theyre asking for TRIPLE damages with this antitrust suit which will only cause a billion more problems if they win. the players might have just destroyed the nba today. so congratulations guys.

      • Gary says:

        That is not obvious. There are guys in control of the union who are in some ways looking out for other players, if you take time to look at the proposal, and in some ways they are being greedy. The more I read into these owner proposal, the more I understand the players. Except for the BRI issue. They should have accepted 50/50.

      • NotAPlayaWithoutAGame says:

        Speaking of greed and power, Billy Hunter is a trial lawyer and will make millions from this coming court case as part of the legal team – surely that’s some kind of conflict of interests??? It’s too bad that all the people out of work can’t be reimbursed by the NPBA considering all those players are still making money from endorsements and exhibition events.

        This is a disgrace to everything team sport is meant to stand for.