Update: Meeting Time (Over!) NO DEAL


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UPDATE 5:22 p.m. ET — No deal. No decertification. No vote on the latest proposal. And no love for Michael Jordan.

The news conference held by the players after some four-plus hours of meeting between union brass and 43 players produced a litany of interesting comments from union executive director Billy Hunter and union president Derek Fisher.

The major points, highlighted in the first line above, are the ones that stuck out. And Hunter’s zinger at Jordan, the owner of the Charlotte Bobcats and believed to be one of the hardliners among the owners, was a direct hit.

“I would give him the advice he gave Abe Pollin,” Hunter said when asked about Jordan’s current stance. Jordan famously barked at the late Pollin, then the owner of the Washington Wizards, that he should sell his team if he can’t afford to make a profit without concessions from the players. “He [Jordan] should take his own advice,” Hunter said.

Fisher said his marching orders after the meeting couldn’t be more clear. The league’s “50-50” proposal presented Saturday, the one with the 5 p.m. ET Wednesday deadline, remains unacceptable. And both Fisher and Hunter shrugged off the notion that the league’s stance after the deadline will be considerably worse than the current proposal on the table.

They did make clear that they are willing to head back to the bargaining table and would reach out to NBA Commissioner David Stern in an effort to do so, before Wednesday’s deadline.

But as they vowed Saturday night, they refused to even present the current proposal to the players for a vote, saying that they would not take a bad deal just for the sake of getting a deal done before the deadline.


UPDATE 4:40 p.m. ET — Apparently the players’ meeting is already over (don’t know if that’s a good or a bad thing just yet), per Ken Berger of CBSSports.com.

Someone should be headed to the podium to address the media any minute now. Tune in to NBA TV — or the live stream on NBA.com — to catch it all as it’s unfolding. Some 43 players, with 29 of the 30 teams represented, are standing behind Fisher and Hunter.

Get your popcorn ready!


UPDATE 3:32 p.m. E.T. — Forget basketball players. A global player was apparently spotted in the midtown Manhattan hotel lobby where the union is holding its meeting.

None other than Former President Bill Clinton, according to Ken Berger of CBSSports.com, was seen in the lobby. No joke:

Add another name to the lockout-celebrity-sighting list. Bill Clinton just sauntered through the hotel lobby.

Someone ought to let him sit in on the meeting and see if he can’t help solve this mess!


UPDATE 2:53 p.m. ET — We could use some of those reality show hidden cameras in that meeting room in midtown Manhattan right now. It would make keeping up with the action in the union’s player rep meeting a whole lot easier.

They’ve been in there for a little over an hour now (TNT’s David Aldridge reported that things didn’t get started until 1:45 p.m. ET, some 45 minutes later than scheduled) and we can only imagine the depths of that discussion. With guys like Mo Williams, Russell Westbrook, Evan Turner, Mike Conley, Raja Bell, Matt Carroll, Theo Ratliff (all seen above) and so many others in the mix, the back and forth has to be dramatic.

We don’t have to use our imaginations with at least one former player.

Derek Harper, who toiled memorably for the Knicks and Mavericks (among others) during his playing career, told Dwain Price of the Star-Telegram that he believes a deal is imminent:

 “I think tomorrow we’re going to have a deal. I think guys want to play.”

“You talk about guys missing $300,000-$400,000 checks. That’s a lot of money to miss.”

The only problem is that Harper isn’t in that meeting room either. Like most, he is simply speculating on what he thinks might happen. And in a lockout that has seen its fair share of twists and turns, no amount of speculation can ease the minds of the masses.

While we wait, you’d be wise to read up on the ramifications of decertification, just in case that becomes our word of the day in the wake of this meeting. Gabriel A. Feldman, a professor in the Tulane University Sports Law program, provides all the details in this Huffington Post article.

We’ll cheat here and provide the final question and answer from Feldman’s article, a must-read, by the way:

If we end up with an antitrust lawsuit between the players and the owners, who is likely to win?
Given the complex and novel nature of the legal issues involved– regardless of one’s views on the merits of decertification and disclaimer– it is simply impossible to predict the outcome of an antitrust suit filed by the NBA players. Remember, even in the Brady case, two federal judges sided with the NFL players, and two federal judges sided (in part) with the owners. Granted, the NFL got the two judges it needed, but there’s no guarantee that a different set of judges in a different court will rule the same way. So, neither side should be particularly comfortable with the strength of their legal positions.

From a fan’s perspective, the hope is that the uncertainty and risk to both sides involved with decertification and an antitrust suit are enough to push the two sides to make a deal at the bargaining table. If not, I might be back later this year with an antitrust litigation primer…


UPDATE 1:19 p.m. ET — Was divide and conquer the plan all along? Even if it wasn’t, the owners might reap the rewards of that strategy in their lockout fight with the NBA players’ union. With the 30 team representatives gathering at this hour in New York for a meeting, it remains unclear what their stance will be on the league’s latest proposal.

But if the rumblings percolating around the basketball universe are correct, a divided union will have to mend fences within its ranks before it can consider its options in regards to the end-of-business ultimatum handed down by NBA Commissioner David Stern over the weekend.

Today we find out all we need to know about union executive director Billy Hunter and union president Derek Fisher. What happens after today will be a direct result of their stewardship of this process for the players. When you have players dead set against accepting the deal on the table and willing to sign a petition authorizing decertification, even when it goes against their core beliefs, as Orlando’s J.J. Redick insists …

“I am not in favor of taking the deal as it CURRENTLY stands,” told the Orlando Sentinel in an e-mail message early Tuesday morning. “The luxury tax is too onerous and has essentially created a hard cap that will make it incredibly difficult for the vast majority of players to get their fair value in free agency. We also need to have a strong mid-level, and luxury-paying teams need to be able to use it every year.

“As far as decertification, I am not necessarily in favor of decertification but I will be signing the petition to organize a decertification vote if a deal is not worked out in the next couple of days. Then the sides would have 45 days to get a fair deal done before we would officially vote on decertification.  IF it gets to that point every player will have to make a decision on whether to decertify or take whatever deal is on the table.”

… you know you are in need of strong leadership.

Stay tuned for updates throughout the day on the goings on in New York, where our very own Steve Aschburner is entrenched for however long it takes. And Asch is already reporting, via Twitter, that players like Carmelo Anthony (who is not a player rep) are attending the festivities today.

This is going to get very interesting.



  1. abel says:

    im really dissapointed in you ball players and im also including the nfl players as well. 1st of all, you guys make alot of money to begin with. tell me, how do come to a price of paying an athelete comming out of college any where from 55mil to 100 mil plus a signing bonus of half a mil to play ball. you guys make more than the president of the usa and he’s got the whole world on his shoulders. you guys have money that most of us fans will never get to see and you live in houses we’ll never get to live in, unless we win the lotto, and you still cry that you dont make enough. to me that’s greed!. don’t forget it’s us little people, the fan that pays up the rear just to go and see you guys play and this is what we get. what ever happen to playing for love of the game?, it’s all about money now and what a shame. you wanna save money?, you can start buy gettin rid of all the money suckin leeches you guys have hangin around you all the time.

  2. I agree with SpeakingRealityHere:
    The players are the workers in this case, I suppose fame and fortune have gone up to their heads.
    If the will not come to their senses the league will loose big time, because the fans will grow tiered of this greed.
    The bottom line in
    A. We want to see basketball
    B. The owners have other sources of income players do not

    I hope this will end soon or we will be back in the 70’s

  3. SpeakingRealityHere says:

    Forget about who’s right or wrong. Let’s talk about reality. Players, you have no leverage. ZERO. DON’T YOU REALIZE THAT???

    I know it sucks to lose a fight but you have no options. Ok, I take that back. You do:
    1) Take the deal you don’t like now
    2) Take a worse deal at some point in the future and sacrifice a ton of money between now and then.

    I’m not taking the owners’ side. Just saying they can wait this out much longer than you. Just accept it and move on.

    LET’S GO!

  4. Ralph R says:

    I love Bball as much as anyone. But hear is my point of view
    Reality is being lost here, this leaugue is in trouble in more ways than one. Players from my point of view are losing touch with reality.
    1-If it were not for us the fans they would not have the lifestyle they have.
    2-The owners are the ones that own the busines and spend the money and take the risks
    3- The players (yes great athletes) are the products and without a good product, there would be no business. They are taking advantage of what is given to them–not their fault

    But why should the players command this ordeal. If you were a business owner and had all the risks, shouldn’t you have more rewards? if I was a business owner, I would be very upset, if my employees demanded to make more than me and them having ZERO risk!
    The business owners, should reward their employees handsomly and prfit share (feed teh hand that feeds you) as the league makes a lot of MONEY, but in no way shape or form should they (the players) make more than the owners–WHY?

    Then there is us…Just like in any business market. It does not matter what you offer as a business. if we are not buying guess what?
    -The league HEAVILY suffers
    – Players don’t live the lavish lifestyles they have and DO NOT appreciate–I believe they never will as they have taken all of this for granted–And a large % of players are so ignorant they end of broke, even after making MILLIONS upon Millions–I cant fault them, take and make what they are willing to give you
    -The Union is GONE–They don’t care about the players. it’s a business. Bottom line they make a TON of money and claim to have the best interest of the players. Guess what –As long as the players are in position to make gazillions for them they don’t care. Look at how many players are done and broke after their careers, yes they responsible for their own acts, but where is the union when really needed. No where, these guys are no longer making them rich, so it’s no longer their issue.

    So, I honestly do not see how 50/50 is a bad deal–I bet anyone in this forum would love to share a 50/50 profit share with their employer in a NY second. Sure they will make a few 100ks or a couple of million less AND!!! They cant live on what they make now?

    The only people I feel bad for are the ones that are making a few bucks selling candy and sodas to survive and pay rent and put food on the table–. But most of all, the many elder people I see in the arenas trying to sell candy and sodas to try and get by. While these guys (the players) are arguing about making 5 vs 6 or 7 million

    So, maybe the losing a few seasons, to shake up the stupidity of both side is a good thing.

  5. TS says:

    Negotiations is fallin’ apart faster then a Darryl Dawkins busted backboard

  6. dio says:

    if there would be no season, dallas would be camps for 2 years right?

  7. Dave Law says:

    If I’m David Stern, I won’t meet the players anymore. Don’t accept the deal, simply cancel this season!
    Those players are so greedy!!

  8. Frugo says:

    I am hardly an expert on legal and economic issues behind this whole lock out thing but there is one thing that stands out as overwhelmingly obvious to any lay person

    owners are losing money, players are losing money, players have an offer to accept, if they do not, the next one will be even less favourable for them

    is it just me or the NBA players have taken this dispute into a more emotional level, and we all know that feelings taking over reason is not the best circumstance to do business

    this whole thing has gone way to far for the NBA season to start this year

    congratz to players – you just killed the nba basketball – lebron will go down in history as a player with no rings and a crucial figure in 2011 lockout that ruined the league – that’s your legacy Lebron

  9. Mike says:

    Can AT LEAST ONE NBA PLAYER explain to me how you LOVE playing ball? …. This is ridiculous…. Kevin martin knows whats right – the rest – you got no idea about reality…. none…. and until I hear some player tell me otherwise… You’re just a bunch of greedy rich kids playing ball who are jumpin up and down because your bosses (or should I say parents) are taking a small amount of money away from you.

    Reality Check NBA players – Stop being Greedy…. If a NBA player isnt playing basketball, what is he?…. yeah, EXACTLY

  10. It’s interesting how both sides seem not to care about the most important thing in the basketball – fans. Fans want basketball. Period. That’s what’s it all about. Fans.
    50/50 split of the BRI was the real deal. At this moment it seems to me that players will not be satsified with anything less than 52-53%.

  11. marcel2 says:

    I’m a simple man from Holland and I watch this dispute with growing disbelief.
    The NBA, a billion dollar capitalist enterprise, are desperately clinging to a sort of communist system of equality.
    Is this the USA or the Sovjet Union?

  12. Landbarron says:

    What this comes down to is that nobody likes to be told what to do. The last CBA, with the downfall of the economy has broken the system. Without a profit, there is no business…no matter how “talented” the players think they are! The longer they wait, the worse the proposals will be to reflect the losses. The owners are saying…this is what the LEAGUE NEEDS to succeed, or to have a chance to succeed. If one of the big franchises has already overspent and a good player becomes available OF COURSE THAT TEAM SHOULD NOT BE ABLE TO SPEND MORE!!! to pick that player up. Their argument that players should be able to choose between any team is #&$^ stupid!! Hey, if I’m looking for a job that I am qualified to do and I scan the papers…there is a salary proposed…I decide if I’m willing to accept that wage IF I’m hired. There should be NO WAY that a players worth is dictated by how many years he’s been able to keep a spot on any team’s bench. Most of these jobs in the NBA are friends doing friends a favor. How else can Stu Jackson blow up the Vancouver Grizzlies and then get a high ranking position?
    I was a fan…but the NCAA hasn’t looked this good since the Fab Five were rock’n. Go Carolina!

  13. chester says:

    mark cagioa go in the nba to have good basketball

  14. George G. says:

    I don’t think that the split of the BRI is the only problem. One of the players’ major request is having the ability as a free agent to choose where to play. And i don’t think that this point is wrong. Surely, it is very nice to see a small market team competing for a championship, having the same opportunities with a big market team. That’ s the NBA’s magic. In Europe, where i live, we don’t have this in football and basketball leagues. But, i don’t think that you can succeed in such a model by limiting the players’ options on where to play. Sports is not only making money, it’s also winning and fame. Is it fair for a player to lose his most productive years on a losing team? Surely, he will gain millions of dollars, but what about championships? Just think of Kevin Garnett’s case. He stayed in Minesota for twelve years, battling with a losing franchise. Yes, he won a ring in Boston, but imagine the Celtics acquiring him 2 or 3 years earlier.And this is only one example. If a player is not happy with his team’s performance you should let him go or try to make the team stronger. Keeping an uhappy player -superstar or not- on your team, only because of the hard cap, is the worst ingredient on your research for the ring. Nobody remembers a player from the millions he gained, but from the rings he won.
    Also, owners use to say that the NBA will be more famous if they have different teams winning the championship after one or two years. This statement could be right, but NBA history has proven the opposite. Remember the 70’s, the 80’s and the 90’s. During the 70’s the NBA had a variety of champions, but the other two decades were marked by the Lakers, Celtics and Bulls dynasties. Is the 70’s era more famous than the other two? I don’t think so. I’ ve started to watch NBA during the 90’s and it was very popular because of the Bulls. Yes, i remember small market teams like Utah competing for the ring and i used to like that, but the Bulls’ dominance didn’t harm the sport. I don’t believe that a hard cap is the key to success. First of all, you must have smart general managers. Nobody forced the Pistons to overspend on Gordon and Charlie V. Nobody forced the Magic to give Rashard lewis such a huge contract. Nobody forced my favourite Knicks team to hire isiah Thomas and make all these crappy moves during the past decade. Nobody forced Michael Jordan to trade Wallace for Przybilla. So, if owners don’t understand how to spend their money, a hard cap won’t save them.
    that’s my opinion. Maybe to some of you i’ m wrong. Sorry for the big post.

  15. Gary says:

    I don’t think the players are at fault. They are just trying to watch out for guys down the line, but it’s time to stop playing hardball because in the end this is a business, and they are workers. The owners and stern have the final say in how things will be and if they don’t like it they should find another job.

  16. Tony says:

    You should think of this like a regular job – what was the need for the players to stop playing and doing their job in the first place? They were not making enough?

    They are getting great offers then they deny. (50 – 50 split) come on that is a NO BRAINER!!!

    At this point it is foolish on their end, there are also many people out of work, due to these guys not breing able to come to a “Reasonable” agreement. Should the players own the teams now?

    SMH – as you can see from my simple statement, these players are fighting for millions when they likely already make more than anyone posting on this thread.

    Perhaps you should just turn off your TV when you see NBA on tv to show them you do not support their greed.

  17. SAD says:

    C’Mon i make 130,000 dollers a year and i still live like a king and the players earn like that much in a month so why FIGHT END THIS LOCKOUT JUST HAVE FUN ON THE PLAYING THE SPORT YOU LOVE RATHER THEN FIGHTING

  18. tim says:

    First off which team wasnt represented? I’m curious as to that particular organization didnt know what was going on or simply didnt care.

    Players please make that deal, you guys are very gifted athletes but 50/50 sounds reasonable given its in millions; a lot of people wont make a million dollars in their lifetime. We need to make this league competitive as it will likely attract more business investors affecting the expansion throughout North America and possible the world. Lets say if this season started on time, and with the global attraction of the game ever expanding, what you might have lost in a few measly percentages, you might have gain a few million fans. Instead while you continue to prolong this lockout, you will loose not only your paychecks, but the people that made you – us, the fans.

  19. Jesse says:

    I’m telling you man, all these players are talking about how they ‘LOVE ” the game of basketball but they just love the money they receive playing that game. If they really loved playing the game they’d take the 50/50 split. i do understand however they are and have lost a lot of money by going down from 57-50% but its nothing that the millions they will still make can’t fix. I’m starting to lose all respect i have for the players and i agree with what D.Rose said a while back, that being, one thing billionaires shouldn’t be arguing about is money

  20. William says:

    NBA players need to take the hit on this one. The NBA is losing money and they make way to much. The American economy is not doing well and they argue over millions? People are starving in Ethiopia and they argue over this? It is sad..

  21. Kevo says:

    MunyMike I could not agree with you more. Just to add, players should also understand that our country has been damaged financially and almost everyone has been affected by this. To think that you are for some reason excluded from this reality is a bit irrational.

  22. jonathan says:


  23. Daniel says:

    No Deal No NBA

  24. nick says:

    man life sucks without nba but we gotta deal with it and move on plus soccer is the best too

  25. Jeckyl, J says:

    Everyone wants Michael Jordan type money… yet none of them put in a Michael Jordan type effort :/

  26. ZULU says:

    No season? Wonder will Stern propose cutting his on 20 million dollar salary for austerity? Hey, since NBATV is broadcasting anyways can we get the Jump back on the air, plus more of allthe live programming? Tired of looking at old games and David Stern.

  27. zack says:


  28. Michael Dracula says:

    Oh my god, these people are ridiculous. If its standard practice for players to blow all their earnings and be broke a couple of years after they retire then they need some financial sense schooling. Don’t buy that bentley. Don’t buy your friends a bunch of expensive crap. A minimum wage of $500,000 over a number of years can easily be managed into a semi secure future. Anyway, the union seems to be acting on principle rather than being practical. Simple fact, you can’t expect your employers to loose money and not try to fix the broken model. The NBA are being a lot more generous than most companies are these days. I was never fond of Derek Fisher and now I can’t stand him for being the face of this nonsense. &%$§ing grow up

  29. Tal says:

    Beauty of the NFL model….PARITY!!!!!

    Yep…Even a small market team (Green Bay for instance) can compete for a championship. Until the NBA players and owners get a handle on this, it will become the next MLB. 10 teams pereinieally compete, and the others are just mediocre. Who doesn’t think Charlotte will be a powerhouse NFL team in the future with Newton, and the availability to fairly compete with draft choices and salaries? Look at the Bengals this year. A free equitable system is needed in the NBA NOW!!!!!

    No I don’t particualry care to watch not 1 time, not 2 time, not 3 time, etc…for the next 7years. I did enjoy the perineal LA/Boston series of the 70’s and 80’s, but as I Rocket fan I would have liked to see them in it every few years. But there were fewer teams back then. The present playoff system is a joke. Come one come all..Course 2/3d’s of the teams that compete don’t have a chance.

    Greatest players on the planet, and with these smart owners can’t sit down and work out an agreement where a Charlotte, Milwaukee, Washington,, etc.. Have a chance to compete for the championships of the future. I sincerely hope they work this out, but not with an agreement that doesn’t guarantee parity and a chance for ALL teams to compete for talent on an even level.

    The owners need protection from themselves, and the players are going to have take cuts in salary and benefits for the past greed and avarice of the owners, that have brought us to this present situation.

    Until some sort of agreement is reached that guarantees parity, I say let both sides sit, simmer, and stew, until they can figure out a CBA that will allow it.

  30. Govt. Worker says:

    Why do the players want to negotiate again about system issues, are the players dumb or something?? I know most of them aren’t educated but damn! Don’t you players get it?? The owners want to make every team competitive…The owners aren’t going to budge Wednesday if you try to negotiate systems issues…The owners want a more competitive league as a whole not more money…Remember the owners are multimillionaires and billionaires…Come on, these players have got to be close to stupid, no wonder this deal is taking forever to get done…

  31. Dwilli3833 says:

    I think the owners should hold to their guns. where in the world does an employee make more than the employer. This is ridiculous!! These half men are already getting paid way too much money for just playing basketball and besides, show me anyone of them that is not going to be able to live way beyond the average person if they take a so called bad deal. For those of you are defending this mess are the same ones complaining about how much it cost to go watch these overpaid half men, by their jersies, and any other fan gear. This shows you really how greedy and far removed they are from whats going in the world. you have millions of people out of work and their response is to put more out of work by being spoiled brats. The NBA was here before all of those ball players and it will be after their gone. So owners make all of them go home and sit down for the entire year and let look for someone else to pay that 51 percent.

  32. TS says:

    No basketball for the Holidays?!? Man, now I’m gonna have to actually conversate with everyone at the family events.

  33. tom B says:

    Players if you do not take the deal.
    You will see the owners will take alot more then you think.
    please do not let your union take you down.
    Your union is out of touch .
    players. The owners are going to win.
    Some of you players will wear a NBA jersey for the last time.
    Owners know who are doing the talking.
    Owners will have a pay back when they see no Fans in the stands.
    Players you have lost alot and more to come.

  34. jj says:

    don’t you guys understand owners are losing money?? very little respect for the players. Again, if they were smart people, they wouldn’t be professional athletes. No offense.

  35. MU says:


  36. Sean says:

    There are …….. 99% ( making a wild number but this world close enough to it) of people in this world that makes 30,000 or less a year… and they’re living perfectly fine and happy as ever. NBA players make millions and 22 teams out of 30 are losing money and they want more money??????? Do they have any sense at all???? Just forget the season if they wont take a deal.. PERIOD. end of discussion.

  37. jose rizal says:

    These so called “caring” players, ought to be replaced. losers to the core, socialism does not work.

  38. kobe24bryantlaallday says:

    all you need is love

  39. tony says:

    You nba guys suck a bunch off millionaires crying like babies its very very sad and its sad for the fans i don’t care anymore have fun babies.

  40. damn! says:

    personaly i think the offer 51% or 50/50 is just an equal share on both parts…
    just like in a company if you dont like the salary go somewhere else.
    and the company thinks your worth it..they will give you high salary…
    this is just give and take on both ends, especialy for those jobs within arenas an restaurants etc…
    they need the nba to run there bussiness and jobs…
    players already have 10 years of 57% of high income…
    owners just asking for equal share due to economy changes, if there is no changes on the economy i think it will still be 57%. players only have 7 years on agreement. if the economy change they can request for a different setup.

  41. Elliott says:

    What do you mean the players are to greedy their the ones bring in the money owners need to stop be money hungry and keep things the same

  42. Rob says:

    WE WANT A SEASON!. I dont get it .The NBA came off an exciting season. Big trades were made and alot of TEAMS were coming out of the shadows. CARMELO on the KNICKS with AMARE, LEBRON on the HEATS with WADE, even KENDRICK PERKINS on OKC with DURANT & RUSSIL WESTBROOK. The NBA couldent have gotten any better in the eyes of many FANS. WE LOVE THIS SPORT, and we love to watch some of the GREATEST PLAYERS IN THE WORLD PLAY. PLEASE CAN U GUYS MAKE A DEAL . WE CANT GO ANY LONGER.

  43. Sam says:

    What seems to boogle my mind is that during a recession when families are beginning to go into poverty more and more each day, we have pro athletes complaining that their not making enough millions! Really!? Grow up you overpaid ppl! Be happy for what you are blessed with!

  44. watcher says:

    It doesnt matter anymore who’s right or wrong, greedy or the victim etc. The owners have held the cards all along. It’s time for Billy, Derek and the rest to ackowlege that the players now have no choice but to take the current offer. The deals will only get worse from here on.

  45. BFoulds says:

    The players rejected the offer. It’s up on ESPN.com. How can you let ESPN beat you to the information? Sad

  46. Anthony says:

    Fisher is so greedy
    NBA player need this deal
    Fans are geeting mad

  47. BIRD22 says:

    I personally feel that discussing fiscal problems with the state of the economy at the moment is both callous and pointless. As far as im concerned the two sides shoud settle for a small compromise on both sides and reconviene these dicussions when the economy picks up. Its about time they focused on Basketball, because if that isnt more important to them than money their in the wrong business. Just do us all a favour and get back to the game!

  48. Wow, what a display of unity on the NBPA Press Conference. That’s how it needs to be at all times. I back up the players 100%.

  49. RaymondG says:

    They need to take the deal period! The only issue is that the deal forces the player to either play for the the love of the game, or play for money! If you want the money you have to do to a small market, If you love the game and just want to win, you can go to the big market with star friends and take a big pay cut.

    I just don’t why they are making such a big deal about the system. you can still get your money….you just have to go help out a small town and try to win on your own.

    On the other hand…..I still don’t like the owners…….they are all billionaires…..why demand a 7% raise in your own BRI percentages? Even with your loses, you still have more money than the richest Basketball player.

    This is just all just plain wrong!

  50. Jerry says:

    Players suck! They are too greedy! No matter how much they earn, half of them will go bankruptcy after retirement. Most of them are spoiled and stupid.

  51. the players please please please please please sign the deal we all want the nba season back so please please sign the damn deal.

  52. B-Ball Babe says:

    TAKE THE DEAL, FELLAS. Decertification is a JOKE at this stage of the negotiations. If players were serious about decertifying, they would have started the process months ago. And decertify for WHAT? You need REAL grounds and a change in CBA terms is not an excuse to just file an “UNFAIR LABOUR PRACTICE” charge with the NLRB against one of the most well-established sports organizations in the world. You don’t get to cry foul just because your boss decided to issue a pay cut. PAY CUTS ARE LAME, but they happen ALL the time, esp. NOW. DEAL WITH IT. WE DO.The NBA is NOT a sweat shop and NBA players are NOT victims. It’s not like they’re making minimum wage, like most their fans….Owners are bosses and players employees. Tell me what job allows you to go up to your boss and tell HIM/HER what they should be paying you?? WHERE is this magical place….;-)

    And do most “rank and file” players really KNOW what DECERTIFICATION entails? Do they really UNDERSTAND the implications of filing an ANTI-TRUST SUIT AGAINST THE NBA? The NFL’s didn’t get that much traction and neither will theirs, if they a re foolish enough to go that route. They have already LOST money from the NOV cancellation: how much more are they willing to LOSE? At 300-400k per game: is it WORTH it???? Don’t they have bills to pay, tooo? GET IT TOGETHER AND MAKE THE DEAL.

  53. Suf4c8 says:

    Sign the deal!!!!

    If it’s to dam hard to do so, can’t we make this deal not a 10 year deal?

    Sign a temporary 1 year deal, stop the drama and continue after next season.

    Basicaly, deal whit your problems in your OWN TIME.

    We, as fans, are entitled to have basketball for all the years of loyalty we have put into this.

  54. scott says:

    You guys make to much mone already, the cost to goto a game sucks. There shold be a flat rate and the rest of monies come from sponsers. There is to much crying in the NBA, hope management dont back down.

  55. JT1976 says:

    Everyone is at fault (Commisioner, Players and maybe owners too!), they want more money, that will always be the bottom line, Way back to 70’s 80’s and 90’s where all the NBA LEGENDS work their way up to make THE NBA FAMOUS did not say anything… its the LEGENDS who should or must seek some money and not these new generation. These so called new nba stars wants more money, the fact is, they want everything… all of them become greedy! (they forgot about the people who work beside them… people are getting sacked because of cutting back… why not agree now and play the game) NBA is no longer a country’s most watched game but NBA is internationally watched by all people – the question is… with all these people abroad buying merchandises, rights to watch in cables to support their team etc, why is it still not enough??? maybe they should start charging the sea animals so that we could make the NBA run again. They must limit the wages of the NBA players, they dont deserve to be an NBA player nor becoming a legend in the future.

  56. Danny says:

    I believe that the players should agree with the owners on the current deal. The big markets, which is where players will want to go, are will to pay a lot of money, even with a luxury tax. No matter what the owners do, they are going to always have a problem. It would be best for them to be more leinent, because then they earn money. Keep in mind the owners will already be earning more money, since the players dropped 7% of their income now.

  57. ChampionsDontLeaveTown says:

    Forget all this decertification talk. The owners should just start a new non-unionized league and if the players want to “Stand Together” they can do so as well. I wonder what league would win the day? If the players want to sue the owners for “antitrust”, maybe they should start a second league with new ballers…new stars will be born and LeBron can go back to Akron!!! Only NBA players would think the 57% of BRI is justified.

    Where do they get this sense of entitlement?? The only ones entitled to anything are the fans…NOT TO BUY SEASONS TICKETS POST LOCK OUT!

  58. Robert says:

    I wish they never make the deal. These is a big shame people, when you read how they are losing a couple hundred thousands dollars checks per week. Many folks can’t get from month to month and they are so greedy and can’t agree on “couple hundred thousands”. Go to hell both players and owners.

  59. ED says:

    Who cares the owners are stupid the players are a bunch of cry baby thugs who get paid millions for putting a little ball in a hoop. Then you have people who say they need the nba. Does the nba pay your rent there are a lot more problems in this country. Then watching cry babies about how they are not getting there $400,000 per game that they have a hard time living. Give me a break.

    • ED says:

      one more thing I run my own small company my employees dont tell me how much I can make. I hire them. they work for me I dont work for them. for them to be going after more of the owners money. The players are not paying for the coach and his staff the owners do. all the people in the office who sell the tickets. I dont see the players writing out there checks it is the owners. Who pays for there transportation to all the away games plus gives them more money too eat. The owners. You think when you make $400,000 per game you can buy your own micky D’s

  60. confused says:

    How did the owners manage to get almost everybody on their side?!

    This is the current economic issue in microcosm with employers/owners using heavy-handed negotiating tactics and the excuse of a poor economy to grab salary and other concessions from the employees/players. Why on Earth are you all cheering for the bosses?

  61. DJ3 says:

    If the players really want that much money, decertify the union and make a new league. Then they will have thier own league to own and manage and get all of the money.

    • ChampionsDontLeaveTown says:

      Forget all this decertification talk. The owners should just start a new non-unionized league and if the players want to “Stand Together” they can do so as well. I wonder what league would win the day? If the players want to sue the owners for “antitrust”, maybe they should start a second league with new ballers…new stars will be born and LeBron can go back to Akron!!! Only NBA players would think the 57% of BRI is justified.

      Where do they get this sense of entitlement?? The only ones entitled to anything are the fans…NOT TO BUY SEASONS TICKETS POST LOCK OUT!

  62. kguy28 says:

    I personally think owners should give a lil more the 50 percent just think about it who can actually name 5 or more owners? I know i cant

  63. Seamore says:

    Why do NBA players think they are worth as much as they are currently being paid? Even with the new deal, they are seriously over paid to do what they love. If they do not sign, the NBA should fire everyone and hold an open tryout that pays new players 200k a season. I bet we would find better talent and teams would prosper making the NBA more competitive rather than stacking teams in rich cities.

  64. Please just take the deal, please. END THE LOCKOUT!

  65. Patrick says:

    In the instance of Derrick Rose, I believe there should perhaps be a clause or stipulation that if a rookie excels normal expectations such as becoming league MVP he should be granted a certain bonus and increase in pay due to his increased value. This would not hurt the league because this does not happen very often. Again, just my view of things!

  66. Michael says:

    this lockout needs to end so us fans can watch basketball

  67. Rimajolese says:

    My goodness just sign the contract. Who cares if u lose a bit money. Shoot money comes money goes. Just sign the contract so we could have a season this year.

  68. nepaliboy says:

    As a FAN of NBA, NBA players PLEASE SIGN THE DEAL….!!!! CANT see NBA season not happening or postponed anymore.

  69. Dylan Robichaud says:

    To me the problem here is the players. Athletes are not good ” business men” they dont know whats best for them. I dont think they will sign the new ” CBA ” until they more time. My thoughts? Season starts the first week of Feberuary 2012

    • Danny says:

      You do know that the players are informed of what is happening, and are educated on the subject by their agents and by the members on their board.

  70. Steven says:

    I think the players are asking for too much. However, the owners are not very smart either. They overspend things and are now trying to cut things down. When you see these teams changing coaches this often, they are obviously not putting that into a count.

  71. AuLakh8 says:

    NBA players are too greedy they want more money to live an extravagant lifestyle but when they came in the NBA right out of college they would’ve played in the NBA for free. Even now I know lots of guys who would love to play in the NBA for free.

  72. Magic fan says:


    Please accept this deal. Don’t worry your families will be fine if u make 5m$ instead of 5.7m$. Your going to lose popularity and the little respect you have remaining

  73. Yolandasa says:

    I love how they talk about making a living like they get minimum vage or something… These players have more than enough money to live 5 life times and It’s just about greed man… They always want more its not like if they take the deal they wont be able to afford the house they were living in before… Maybe instead of lightning their one cigars with one 100$ bill , they have to use that 100$ bill to light up the next one

  74. Anthony says:

    Once you give a dog a bone, he wants a steak. After you have given the dog a steak, he wont eat the bone anymore. I really think its a lot of pressure on the players to take the deal. Honestly I believe they want to make the fans happy and have a season, but the owners are being very tight and are in complete control of these negotiations. I am curious to see if the season gets cancelled, will the Owners come with a better deal after they realize they need these players to make money. Lets tune in. As an NBA Fan, I want them to take the deal of course, but as a business man , I would not take the deal if I am a player!

  75. Longwood says:

    The owners should give the players what they ask,all the do is seat on their lazy butts and sign checks. They don’t get injured they don’t get traded and up root their families and resettle IN NEW CITIES they just SIT their and do abosolutely NOTHING AND COLLECT A BIG CHECK. The players should have a better retirement plan they should make most of the MONEY they bring the FANS thats who WE WANT TO SEE NOT DAVID STERN OR THE OWNERS. IF THAT’S THE CASE PUT MR.STERN AND CREW AND ONWERS ON THE COURT AND SEE HOW MANY AREAS THEY SELL OUT?! NONE!!!!! GET IT TOGETHER GIVE THEM WHAT THEY WANT AND LET’S PLAY SOME BASKETBALL!!!!!!!!!!!!

  76. chibulls11 says:

    these babies should happy they get paid for playing a freakin GAME and they want more….this isnt even a physical sport they whine when the hand gets slap….N WORDS to the max

    • Concerned fan says:

      Let’s not get ignorant now “not a physical games” i guess all the guys that go down with season ending sometimes career ending injuries are just making it up right. What you are not thinking about is all the risk that come with the game they play for a living. Their retirement is usually not more than 17 years away from when they join the league as a rookie Its really just a case of simple supply and demand when you think about it the owners are looking for people that have the skill to play the game that the players have, there is a very small number of those people in the world so the demand is extremely high for them therefore they get payed more. Ironic that you use “n-words” since the owners are acting like a bunch of slave owners right now and want to take over the whole deal making process, and are willing to lose a whole season because of it. The players have already came down from 57% to 51% (or maybe more) what more do you want from them do you realized that’s millions of dollars they already gave away. Just remember the owners are locking the players out not the other way around.

      • R4 says:

        Try playing Football, Cricket, Rugby, and Hockey. You will find that you can’t just pick up any of these sports for just fun. Basketball are the most non athletic sports in the world. Because if hitting 10 shots in a row is hard try it or putting a ball through a hoop is hard then try it. Try skating with a puck with no one around, try hitting a cricket ball for six or trying to 90 yard run in least than 10 second with no one around you with equipment. Believe me Basketball is creative sport mind you but its not that difficult to learn how to play its the checkers of sports… Anyone can score, why do you think the games point are so high.???

      • Andy says:

        And do You realise that this pay cut per one player is like couple of hundreds of dollars ? And this pay cut could save the league from bankrupting. This pay cut is also nothing for players. No organization is able to lose money on the yearly basis and prospect forever – things like that are always ending in bankrupting. And about what retirement are You talking about ? The one when You are 35 and You have many millions of dollars on Your account ? Hell yeee I am down with this. I would take such retirement at any time even if I would have to have broken knees or whatever. Man, just think before saying anything next time…

  77. Maarten says:

    51%? It used to be 57%, and now the players go down that much? And they are still considered to be greedy? And might have to drop even more? My goodness, the owners truly own them at the bargaining game!

    Don’t say the players need to sign, to save the season. The owners need to sign one of the player’s proposals. This is getting insane.

  78. amareisbeast says:

    come on move past the money wasn’t the whole point of becoming pro to do the thing you love?? Compared to a lot of people in this economy, you guys could have your salaries cut and still be doing phenomenal. Please sign the CBA so we have a basketball season.

    ~ a depressed fan 😦

  79. G~3 says:

    But ddnt they already make it clear that they were going to start the NBA season December 1, 2011? That’s hat the calender says..

  80. Danny says:

    Replacement Players!!!!!

  81. Jodi Jezz says:

    Take the deal so my Pistons can win the championship this year…

  82. James says:

    Lets get the deal done immediately. I have to say that I agree with it being a hard cap. This will help the smaller market teams compete and possibly have their fare share in signing stars. Lets not remember what happened to Seattle Supersonics. They couldn’t afford to keep the team there so now they are in OKC. We also have to be aware of the millions of viewers that are in foreign countries. We really wouldnt want teams to start moving over seas, that would be absolutely disrespectful. I think it was shameful for Lebron and Bosh to join Miami all with hopes of getting a ring. Jordan didnt complain about having other superstars! He made them become superstars. If the season is cancelled there will be no union and the owners will always have it their way. I dont think theres any need with paying rookies 10-20 million for 3 years. Derrick Rose will get what he deserves when his contract is up.

  83. Dennis says:

    Please do not come to any agreement until LeBum is too old to play anymore. Better to have no NBA than an NBA with him in it.

    • Vince says:

      He’s better than you ever will be, so sit there and WATCH while he PLAYS.

      • R4 says:

        @Vince it sad to that you believe another man is a better man than yourself. I respect the first view. People need to respect themselves before respecting or teaching their kids that an sport players is highly regarded. Players need to understand that one season gone is one year losss wages that you can every get back. Players average 6 years of basketball and we seen all before you can be replace. Ask Bird and Magic if they thought the game was dead when they left. Ask Jordan if he thought it was over for NBA but then they found Kobe, Shaq, and Wade. There is always going to be more players to come and fill the void but can majority of the players wait to get a better deal and lose a year salary doing it?????

  84. Anthony says:

    Take the deal

  85. superfan also says:

    they won’t, they were given waaay to good a deal before making them the highest paid professional athletes. Now they have unrealistic expectations.

  86. Patrick says:

    I think the owners should loosen up just a little on the system issues and come down a notch on the tax and mid-level. On the other hand, the players need to accept what’s being given because it does not seem that they are going to get anything better than what’s being offered right now. But to be honest, they have lost so many fans respect and loyalty through this lockout that it will take years to recover. Last season was a great season but they need not expect that again for a while. Just my views on it.

  87. Dashawn Lewis says:

    Come on you guys please sign the cba agreement.. I need basketball now!! I will lose my mind if we have no nba season this year.. #Tears Tears ;-(

  88. athanasia columbus says:

    nba player please sign the cba agreement or we will not have a season – a worried super fan

    • Anthony says:

      its fisher he is greedy
      he was more money

    • Vince says:


      Stop whining. You don’t have money to lose, so you should sit back and shut up. If the players/owners don’t feel that the deal is best for their financial futures, then they should work it out, and if games have to be missed, so be it. The last thing that they should do is sign a bad deal just to avoid missing games.

      • MunyMike says:

        Think of it this way, if the players dont accept not only will they be missing more games which in turn prevents them from receiveing paychecks, they will then be offered an even worse deal which includes a less flexible salary cap and luxury taxes will be higher. If the players vite to decertify then the entire season will be lost and then nobody will get paid. I think fisher is a good president but if the owners are offering up a 50-50 split its not that far off from the 52.5 that hte players were gunning for. its incredible how much money professional athletes make and in all honesty I dont think that a feww hundred thousand dollars less a year is really going to affect their lifestyles that much. Its called investing and saving, thats how u dont wind up broke. For you to sit there and comment that the players will be getting ousted is ridiculous because if that was so it would be an incredibly selfish reason to not accept this deal. at first i agreed with u but now that the owners have evened out their bargaining offer a little more it should be accepted. Think about all of the people who are out of jobs because of the lack of a season. If I made even half of what the least paid NBA player maid in a year i could live like a king for 5 years.

      • Rob says:

        The NBA and NBPA are making MILLIONS if not BILLIONS of dollers, Its no reason they should be disappointed with the loss that they took last year beacause its not going to leave them in a hole. The FANS are far more important than the hole orginization because with out us the is no money at all. The NBA & NBPA are really upseting lots of loyal fans. Im not saying they should accept a deal thats not fair, but 50-50 that should be more than fair to the averge fan.

      • athanasia columbus says:

        do you make the kind of money an nba player does?

      • athanasia columbus says:

        the league made a bad deal on the last cba agreement small market teams are not able financially make a profit or break even the player need to accept the deal for the future of nba basketball