Labor Talks: Take The Deal Or ‘Reset’

HANG TIME HEADQUARTERS — Just to make clear where the league stands on its weekend proposal, NBA Commissioner David Stern sent a letter to the union detailing exactly what he is prepared to do by and after Wednesday’s 5 p.m. ET deadline, according to The New York Times.

If the union agrees to the league’s latest proposal (or “ultimatum” as union president Derek Fisher termed it), it’s time to get down to the business of basketball.

But if not, the “reset” proposal signals a serious rollback in concessions previously made, including a shift from the 50-50 split of BRI to 47 percent for the players, a roll back of current contracts, the implementation of a hard salary cap and the reduction of contract lengths..

More details from the Howard Beck of The Times:

The salary rollback, which was part of the N.B.A.’s first controversial proposal in 2010, had not been included in any league proposal for many months, and it was not publicly mentioned by Stern when he announced the ultimatum Saturday night.

But the rollback was included in the letter Stern sent to Billy Hunter, the union’s executive director. A copy of the letter was obtained by The New York Times.

The union has until 5 p.m. Wednesday to accept the N.B.A.’s last proposal or have it replaced by the reset proposal, Stern wrote.

“Rather than simply proceeding, as we could have, to offer a less favorable proposal at this time, the N.B.A. is providing an additional period of time for the players association to consider our 50/50 proposal,” Stern wrote. “We are hopeful that the prospect of a less favorable outcome for the players will prompt the players association to realize that the best deal that can be reached is the one the N.B.A. is prepared to make right now.”

Stern closes, “Billy, I sincerely hope that we can reach an agreement over the next few days.”

With the union representatives from each team set for a Tuesday meeting in New York, you can bet Stern’s letter will be a hot topic on an already packed agenda.  The itemized differences in each proposal detailed in Beck’s story are startling but clear. One is obviously much better than the other. That’s why the reports of the union seeking additional meetings with the league before the deadline shouldn’t surprise you. We’re down to crunch time.

In a lockout filled with hollow deadlines, Wednesday’s is shaping up as the most serious one yet.



  1. CoachK says:

    I think it should be put to the players that they have to split all sponsorship income with the NBA, and that they should have to open up their books to the public debate as they have demanded the owners do. Let’s face it, the NBA is why they are treated like kings, eat for free, get great deals on cars, can walk straight in to any club, not to mention all their side businesses and entrepreneurial activities. BRI needs to include all basketball related income which is pretty much every cent these players have ever made, will make or be discounted for.

  2. Felix says:

    Why are the players complaining when the owners are paying them in the first place? They aren’t the ones losing money. They aren’t the ones asking for a BRI split that’s actually reasonable. They aren’t the ones who pay their team over $60 million every year. By not accepting the owners’ proposal, the players are keeping themselves and the owners from getting paid because there aren’t any games for the rapidly shrinking number of fans to come to.

  3. rich says:

    Ever wonder why there are less than 50 players the day before a big deadline ? This just means that the majority of players are willing to take the 50/50 offer.
    What any NBA player is earning now should be able to take care of them and their family in their life time, if they live life reasonably ! They should not be thinking that they only have 5-10 yrs playing career. They should plan individually on their future finances after basketball. These players wants to live with pro-athletes salaries until they die. That’s just greedy !

    NBA wants a hard cap so every team can compete. NBPA doesn’t want it so they can demand unlimited salaries. Now who’s greedy and who’s for the love of the game ?

  4. Finally says:

    David Stern on the idea that the players are making all the concessions: “I would argue that if I were them also. But another view on this is by working together with us over the last number of years, 30 years or so, we’ve taken the average player salary from 250 thousand dollars a year to well over five million and if we make the changes that are in the owners current proposal we will take a small step back from the $5.5 million average salary to something above five and we will grow it over the life of the proposal to well over seven million dollars. This at a time when there’s nine percent unemployment, when all of the risk on this business is on the owners and the five or six thousand other people who help make it. We think it’s a very fair accommodation. ”

    This is completely rational and perfectly put and should have been said a long time ago. Maybe if it had been said at the beginning this whole thing probably could have been avoided. Instead Stern and the owners initiated the talks with veiled threats and ultimatums. Such a shame.

  5. Sammy says:

    It’s time… to bring in all of the D League players into the NBA! This would remedy the issue. Bring back players like Antoine Walker, Jamaal Tinsley, and Bobby Simmons! We all know that they are much more exciting than players like Kobe, Lebron, and Durant…

  6. TOMPP says:

    anyway, NBA’s watered down – just look at the best center now – D12: no technique, no jumpshot, no FT’s, no court vision, only has strength and vertical.
    IMO in 80s and 90s he’d barely average double-double
    Refs makin stinky calls, players getting away with travels and carrying the ball way too often,rules disallowing any defence, and now they just argue for months about the money – guess something’s wrong

  7. dsi says:

    There’s just no way for the owners to justify their negotiating tactics. They are taking unfair, unethical, and probably illegal advantage of their monopoly position.

    The owners say “we’ve mismanaged the league and lost $300 million”. The players say “look, we’re not sure we even agree with your accounting, but we’re going to give you over $200 million anyway. Now, we do our jobs; it’s time you do yours and manage better.”

    That’s not good enough? The owners want to be able to make almost unlimited errors, without any real financial consequences? Absolutely ridiculous.

    I honestly hope, at this point, that the players decertify and sue the league. I hope they get triple damages. And I hope the current crop of owners (especially the whiners) are forced to sell their teams to new owners who manage their teams with the careful-but-competitive attitude that made them their millions.

  8. Philippine Fan says:

    They claim that they play for the love of the game. Then they should be willing to play with basic pay. These players should feel fortunate they are getting more than what they really need to get by. There are a lot of people out there who’d beg to get a job. And these players are willing to lose an entire season to get that 3%?
    And what’s so bad about the even split??? 50-50 IS NOT BAD AT ALL. That’s already half of the pie. Come on!
    More than anything, I think greed is taking precedence over logic.
    So what if the owners want to earn more? ITS THEIR BUSINESS anyway! They have every right to hope and want more earnings. If I think about it, players are even lucky with the current proposal.
    Some say think about the future generations. But are they really at the losing end? If anything, the future generation will simply not get as much money. BUT THEY WILL STILL GET MORE THAN ENOUGH.
    Its time for players to stop thinking how much they’d get in their bank accounts. Its time to think why they play this game in the first place.
    Come on DFish and NBAP, its time to get the ball bouncin and shootin some hoops again. Take the freakin deal!

  9. A Real Basketball Fan says:

    BRI should be 0% players, why? because they already make a salary. If I worked on a car manufacturing plant, Id get paid a salary and nothing else. If the company sells a car, me and my coworkers wont get 57% of revenue, thats just STUPID. Players whould be thankful they get paid so much for just playing the sport they are supposed to love. All this is BULL, this happens when a bunch of uneducated people get paid those amounts of money. If they wanted to take care of their families, as most say they do, they´d just be smart, spend less in stupidity and more in investments. There is so much I could say, but I must accept that, in the end, Im just an angry fan that wants to see Steve Nash get traded and win a championship.

    • WFUnDina says:

      I guess you could say the same thing about the owners. I mean its ALL the players faults the owners are losing money. Not like maybe they should invest it better.

      • A Real Basketball Fan says:

        I disagree, if anytthing, owners ARE trying to make a good investment with this deal, your comment implies that owning an NBA franchise is not a good investment, and by the look of things, it is not, but they are trying to make it an actual investment instead of a money blackhole right now.

  10. TOMPP says:

    today’s players don’t give a damn about the game, it’s all about the money they make. They just want more and more – that’s what Dennis said and he was right, as usual, it’s a pity not many people take him seriously and do consider him an idiot.
    In economic crisis time, smart people should accept paycuts, and those offered to NBA players are really small in relation to their income.
    I see perfect athlete loving his sport and being able to able to play it for free, especially after he made millions $ years before

  11. waly says:

    Nyc Guy says:
    November 7, 2011 at 9:24 pm
    Ok so if you already had 57% of your company and your boss said now take 47% and be happy with it, that works for you? Do you know how hard it is to make it to the NBA? do you know how many dedicated hardworking athletes dont make it? The NBA is not “Home Depot!” the front line players are not replaceable, and they generate BILLIONS of revenue based on the skills they have. The deal sucks, and most of you guys have no idea that your criticizing over 400 professional athletes for wanting a bigger cut than the 30 owners who are worth more than the combined worth of the teams they own! really!?! who goes to MSG to see James Dolan?!? Who goes to the Rose garden to see Paul Allen?!? Cmon guys cut it out!

    Bro….this is the ONLY comment that make sense in all the bullshat here, I agree with you 200%, you don’t turn your back on players the way majority of fans do here. Men these players help lots of people, they have charity non profit organizations. Mike Miller from the miami heat donated $1,000 000 to Miami children hospital. They all have donated millions to Saint Jude Hospital for children with cancer. Cmon guys, we all want a deal done, but dont turn your back on players.

  12. guy says:

    Basketball is awesome

  13. george says:

    I totally agree with nelson. Well said.

  14. Byrdymann says:

    If I was the players I would tell the owners, “lets just cancel the entire season and see you next year. Everyone thinks the owners have move strength and money to hold out longer. Lets see if they can hold ouot 2 years. If the owners are losing so much money, how can they continue with the WNBA, D-league, and future expansion in the international markets. Let’s face it, these owners make their money from TV contracts and advertisements from major corporations. they are splitting 4 billion dollars amongst 30 owners vs 450 players. u do the math. Not to mention concerts, conventions and other conferences in their arenas. Some owners arenas are financed by the state, so where is the burden on them not to make a profit. Of course, I am totally for the players.

  15. Nelson says:

    your all retarded… get off the players back.. its business just as much as it is a sport at this level… its not the 50/50… if you actually listen to what they are saying… both sides are pretty much ok with the money.. its the freaking system that the players don’t like… it makes it a lot harder for a player to be moved out of the team.. the players don’t like that… if the players don’t see a team going anywhere.. they should have the option to be traded to put themselves in a position to get an NBA championship… with this retarded tax crap they can’t do anything.. they would have to waste valuable years with some crap team.. and if the NBA is so worried about the league being competitive.. maybe the crappy team owners shouldn’t overspend for players… and learn how to draft.. such as Detroit overpaying for its players…. i hope they don’t accept… and don’t accept the next deal… and the deal after that will probably be even more retarded then ever.. so i hope the don’t accept that as well.. ” i don’t want to want to say when we would call of the season yet, because clearly we are not there yet… and i don’t want to make an idle threat.” – David Stern…..yea because this whole accept by Wednesday or the deal gets worse thing isn’t a threat… i bet you that its the crappy teams that are really pushing for this… and they have nobody to blame for being crappy other then themselves…. lmao

    • Greg says:

      First of all, we’re not retarded, last time I checked, free speech was still in effect :). Its our opinion, so we could be right or wrong, in people’s perspectives, not retarded…Second of all, look around the economy. You stated that business is business, if 8 out of 29 teams are loosing business than the system doesn’t work for either side. I agree with you completely, the system is out of whack, however, it has nothing to do with being retarded, it has to do with people and the economy AT THE TIME of the deal. If you were put in a situation where you are making $120K a year and your boss came up to you today and stated, due to the current situation of the business and economic developments, you have 2 choices, A) we give you a great reference letter, severance pay and stock option, but you need to resign, or B) You take a $40k a year paycut.

      What would you do? Chances are you’re not going to find a $120k a year job in today’s market, hell you might not even find a job, I’d say you’d take $80k a year, which is still very, very good money by today’s standards (depending on where your demographic is). Now translate this into million’s of dollars. If the players are smart they have millions saved up and invested, take the pay cut and play the game, if that’s what you really care about in the first place. Guarantee a lot of the players just want to play the game already and move on with the CBA.

    • Alex says:

      “waste valuable years?!” really?! makes no sense! they are making a crap ton of money during these wasted years. If the only thing that makes those years meaningful is fighting for a championship, then why are they so stuck on money issues now?

      And overspending on players, yes it is management fault, because they want to either win or entertain the crowd, but where is that stupid decision money going? Oh, right, to the players, so the players don’t want to encourage smart management.

    • guy says:

      YOUR retarded?sounds like you’re retarded

  16. Greg says:

    Here is What the OWNERS should do:

    1. If the players do no agree to this deal Throw the the Heck out!
    2. Get a lot of European Players, College graduates and pay the the $150, 000 a Year. (see who will complain!)
    3. Stop babying these spoiled brats, who only care about themselves, when the majority cannot find work with Bachelors/ Master Degrees behind their belts.
    4. Split the wages lost by people who where really effected by this Lock out: Sales People, Ball Boys, Concession workers, Concierge, valet parking people and other WHO truly make the game happen. There are way more than 429 people effected by this, and instead of saying “that we care about you guys, PROVE it.
    5. Stop the bickering and get down to business, if you want to make a point, make it. Be done with the season, because these NBA players will no realize anything until they’re not getting their paychecks. They missed only 1 or 2 paychecks as off today.

  17. Darrick Flye says:

    This is a labor dispute. Thats what america is founded on . When the actors or the screenwriters guild went on strike. Everyone applauded the laborors. Now the NBA wants an actual partnership. Everyone wants them to cave in because they want to see basketball. I love the sport. I wanna see it too. But happy employees are better perfoming employees. HERE SOMETHING A LOT OF THE PUBLIC DOESNT KNOW. There’s 650 million dollars that comes off the books TO THE OWNERS BEFORE ANY SPLIT TAKES PLACE AT ALL……DIDNT KNOW THAT ..HUH? Now do the math. it ends up being 50/50 after the players proposal. The owners propoasal would take the ACTUAL split to the low 40’s…..These are very wealthy men woh get more wealthy off the athletes……WHAT THE WORLD FORGETS TO LOOK AT. THIS IS A LOBOR DISPUTE. JUST LIKE ANY OTHER

  18. Aldin says:

    There must be a lot of players that are unhappy how things have been run by D.F.
    Lot’s of players that are willing to play with at 50-50 deal.
    Kick out the overpaid brats and let the real men play!

    And to @Truth Be Told (November 8, 2011 at 8:07 am).
    Come on….Really? I’m not from amerikkka, but these “black Americans” that are plying in the NBA, earning a lot of money are greedy bitches. The are NOT considering any one else then them selves. What about all the other people working around the NBA? All the people involved? Should they have a minimum pay, just because these poor “black Americans” can get another new car? More bling? They are just as capitalistic as the owners.

    • K@T says:

      Let me explain something to you. This is a lockout, not a strike. The owners locked this season out. The players would play for exactly what they made last year or what they signed on their contracts. Really, “black Americans” greedy? How about ignorant people that’s making society worse!!!

  19. pukeattiti says:

    just quit the nba if you ( players) dont want the deal that is being offered. no one forced you ( player) to go in the nba. if you dont want how they run this league then go.

  20. Jackson MacDonald says:

    Does anyone really care about the greed exhibited by both the players and owners? The sides seem to have forgotten the fans. Take the deal, don’t take the deal. I could care less.

  21. Jamil says:

    u wont get a better one fisher…. 😦
    hope they get this done by wednesday..

  22. Joe says:

    Truth Be Told is absolutely correct. There are underlying issues here besides money. Fans should support the players… because who wants to see the owners suit up and shoot hoops?

  23. stephan says:

    Just sign the deal !!

  24. Truth Be Told says:

    Many of you people really don’t get what this is abt, do you? The only thing you’re seeing is money! But basically, although money does play a huge role in this obviously, this is more abt principal. Principal meaning that the overwhelmingly afro-american players from mostly poor social backgrounds are fed up with being screwed over buy white supremacist capitalist owners who view them as nothing more than another resource to generate revenue. The best example for this sentiment being Dwayne Wade telling David Stern that he is a respected man with family who not ought to be treated like a child during a heated confrontation in one of the lockout meetings. Yes, these players are now payed millions of dollars, but most of them didn’t forget where they came from. And it makes sense, just think abt it! What has been the most pressing issue over the last few months? It’s something that is called “Basketball-related Income”. There you have it, BASKETBALL-RELATED. Now who’s doing the basketball here? How in the world do the owners even come across the thought that they have any right to take close to half of that? The real problem here is not wether the players make 1.5 or 1.8 million dollars a year. The point is that star-players like Wade, James, Pierce and the likes have finally developed the confidence to challange the owners for treating them like their property, when they should treat them like equally respected human beings. Do you think your boss owns you? If you had the power, wouldn’t you try to make your boss respect you more, pay your work better and generally give urself the feeling that you are worth the effort? I would certainly do so!

    Now what the majority of you should do is encourage the players to work for a FAIR deal instead of stigmatizing them as nothing else but greedy millionaires, just because they earn more money then you do and find themselves in an actual position of power. They’re union is doing the same thing that you want YOUR union to do for you. Get the best deal they can, no matter wether it’s from the mining industry, retail industry or whatever else industry YOU are working in!

    • WFUnDina says:

      Well said.

    • Alex says:

      Oh boy…

      You say: The only thing you’re seeing is money! But basically, although money does play a huge role in this obviously, this is more abt principal. Principal meaning that the overwhelmingly afro-american players from mostly poor social backgrounds are fed up with being screwed over buy white supremacist capitalist owners who view them as nothing more than another resource to generate revenue.

      I say: I’m afraid the only color a good business man sees is the color green. Are you a socialist? I wouldn’t mind that, I am one too, but face it, this is the U S of A… The only thing that the common worker is to the owners/employer is ANOTHER RESOURCE TO GENERATE REVENUE. What the heck else would you have it be? Friend, family, peer?

      When you defend DWade for being such an adult.. isn’t he one of those who contribute to the rising divorce rate? Having kids just shows he might not know anything about contraception.. This stuff doesn’t make you an adult, much less a responsible one. Let’s be real, a lot of the NBA players are ridiculous brainless puppets, while most of the rest are simply hypocrites. I’m sure there are also decent people there, as I have examples, but it’s by far the minority.

      IF I NEVER SEE ANOTHER NBA PLAYER PAINT A HOUSE “FOR THE COMMUNITY” (NBA Cares bulls#it) IT WILL BE TOO SOON! Those clips are plain insulting to our intelligence as is Fisher beginning all his speeches with something along the lines of “our fans are most important thing to us!”

      You say: The point is that star-players like Wade, James, Pierce and the likes have finally developed the confidence to challange the owners for treating them like their property, when they should treat them like equally respected human beings. Do you think your boss owns you? If you had the power, wouldn’t you try to make your boss respect you more, pay your work better and generally give urself the feeling that you are worth the effort? I would certainly do so!

      I say: That last part makes a valid point, ideally there should be respect between the boss and the worker. Did ElBJ show respect to his boos when he left him out to dry, did Melo, or basically every other big star who wanted out of where he was? This negotiation cannot be friendly now.. it’s a war, the owners feel as if they are taken for fools by some uneducated senseless jocks.
      PS: And one last thing.. it seems that it doesn’t matter how big of a percentage these guys make, most of them end up with nothing in just a few years after they retire… and that with all the benefits and people looking after them. So I don’t know if 50% is fair or not, but I think the players have bigger issues to consider than a few percentage points of BRI.

    • kvn says:

      Well said! A lot of people are blind. Reading a lot of these other comments is really killing me. People are confused.

    • Someone says:

      Michael Jordan is white?

    • mat says:

      principal?? duhh maybe you meant principle

  25. JR says:

    These guys need to remember they came from nothing. Are fans part of this negotiation? Maybe they can make ticket prices actually affordable for the common man. I have to travel if i ever wanted to see a game, and i dont think the game should cost more than the hotel.
    I should have known last year was too good to be true. The Momentum is totally crushed

  26. WFUnDina says:

    30 teams in the NBA, 4 Billion dollars in revenue. That means each team, IF THE OWNERS, would share local tv contracts, they would each bring home, 130 million dollars. Now the Salary Cap is 60 million dollars. Each owner would still make 70 million dollars. If the owners opt to go over the salary cap, that is on their own responsibility.

    Here is the kicker people. The OWNERS DO NOT WANT TO SHARE ALL REVENUE, EVEN AMONGST THEMSELVES. If they would do this. I’m sure the players would give some back, but they should not be burdened with losses of irresponsible owners, who give foolish contracts.

    I don’t watch to see the owners pockets grow. I watch because I love watching the best athletes in the world, play the greatest game in the world.

  27. douglas says:

    just to clarify this, does the NBA players share their comercial deal with their NBA team, Come on most NBA teams are losing money , even the most prudent teams like SPURS are losing money, how do you expect them to continue to run the team. Money just don’t fall from the sky. If i was the owner and i spend 200 million buying the team and all i get is losing millions every year i might as well put my money in the bank or something. Players gets to share the profit and not the cost. If they really want to be fair lets just make them split the profit instead. I mean come on , players do’t get much risk. once you sign the contract you could still under perform get injured or somethin and u still get paid. what more can you ask for. I don’t mind the players asking more if their team actually earn money but they don’t with this econmic times they should be lucky that the terms aren’t much worse

  28. Dave Law says:

    Most of the players were poor people before entering NBA.
    They have already forgotten NBA make them became a multimillionares.

  29. nba says:

    players already took a step down but the owners and the league wants more. the owners and the league makes the money off the players anyway so why are the owner wanting more BRI. Without the players playing there will be no fans no income. I don’t even see why we even have a lock out. And plus nba players are rich if you want to threat them to take the deal good luck this lock out might be going for a decade

  30. T says:

    This is the first time you’ll see fans from all 30 NBA teams agree on the same team. The players and owners are the ones at fault, take the deal, play ball and hope us fans forgive y’all for what you guys did.

  31. Nate says:

    I hate reading the comments on the lockout; People are so naive. How are the players being greedy? They didn’t ask for this lockout. The owners did. The owners wanted more. The union is simply “attempting” to give the owners what they want without taking away too much from their players.

    NBA players are special. People who’ve dedicated their lives to the game. If any of you commenting now could do half the things the worst NBA player can do. You wouldn’t be sitting in an office somewhere envying the players for actually being valued enough to the point where they can negotiate what their wages should be. NBA players are hardly replaceable, unless you want to watch Eurobasket all winter.

  32. Norm says:

    I’m looking at Derek Fisher now like I always should have. “He won’t let the players take a vote on the deal.” What?! Don’t you think more than 50% of the players would except this deal that’s on the table right now?? Of course they would. As much as I always defended Derek back when he did Utah dirty… Well, they were right. Derek Fisher is a scum bag.

  33. mark says:

    im sick of this whole damn thing, do players realise if a season is cancelled then the deal is going to get significantely worse from there,,,, hence if u wont take this deal then u wont take one next season when its gonna drop to a significantely worse deal…. hence no next season…..hence no season after, i love the players dont really know much about the owners… but i can do maths…. what are u all holding out for players?? there is no way u will get a better deal even if u win 1% next year, too much revenue being lost, too many fans being lost… tv contracts lost most importantly for the money side…. just agree and avoid missing 4 yrs of nba because that is what will happen

  34. Olie says:

    I think David Stern can eat a couple breakfasts sausages all day! Go players see through to the end!!! I can wait another season, – your hugest fan

  35. george says:

    I am refering to the ones supporting the owners. They decided to overpay the players, it was not a players’ demand. Now, they are negotiating in a hardcore way, which pushes things to the limit. Players sacrificed some profits in order to help but the owners -not all of them of course, there are some owners that push the others to end the lockout- are implacable. When a business is having financial problems the first ones that must lower their salaries are the managers and then the emloyees. I hope the small market teams that pushed this situation where it is right now, will never win a championship.

  36. Raps fan says:

    The players in the NBA currently have one of the best situations moneywise of any of the major sports. Look at the NFL, NHL and even MLB they all either have a hard salary cap or little or no shairing of revenue. Grow up players take the deal and stop whining.

  37. JordanFan says:

    Well… this is going so wrong. They should negotiate and establish an amount that could suit both parts. The show must go on, the losses are much bigger by stoping it so much time. I think there isn’t very much love between the two parts, this thing not being very normal. In this circumstances, when diplomacy makes this world go on, the two parts should get a deal; it would be nice for the show to begin befoe Christmas.

  38. Gary says:

    Well I hope a deal is not met. There are more people out playing ball were I live now that there are no games on.

  39. Lou says:

    just take the deal please! if the NBPA had gone to 51% last week instead of Billy Hunter storming out with his own ultimatum we might be watching games by now!

  40. dex says:

    you guys just think of yourselves just to be able to watch them play. how about if i tell YOU that i’d cut your salary from $10k down to $8k a month. would you be happy? how about if i compare your dollar salaries to the salaries of garbage collectors here in the Philippines earning barely $600 a month? Everybody are in their own league in terms of earning money just respect that fact. Let them fight their own fight and let them come up with a decision that they’re gonna be satisfied with. Its not as if you’re gonna die right now without basketball. I’m not being biased with the players as much as i want the season to start already but COME ON! you people burn the players too much! What’s wrong with people just wanting a fair deal for themselves? they gave up 57% down to 51% didn’t they? What’s wrong with that?

    • watcher says:

      OK. So no-one should have an opinion and the comments in this blog should either be blank or as wise as yours? Gimme a break. BTW the owners have gone up from their initial offer of 47% BRI.

    • mat says:

      its not that they are going to have their salaries cut from $10k to 8k, BRI are incentives in addition to their salaries. with the 57%, the owners lost a lot of money and they just want to rectify the problem by adjusting the % in the BRI. look at it this way, if you own a business and you’re losing money, wouldn’t you want to talk to your employees about lowering their profit share rather than you folding up? employees should make a sacrifice too especially if the economy is bad.

  41. Max says:

    I’m one of the most die hard NBA fans out there. I know about Kobe’s “unconventional” taste for foods, I can recite the original 13 rules of basketball, I’m a walking-talking encyclopedia of players stats and I even know the educational background of most of the NBA GMs! Players don’t take the deal, don’t give up on your right! Keep supporting the communities you are in and don’t succumb to the unscrupulous pressure that some of the owners are putting on you. A wise man once said “If you cant make a profit, sell your team!”

    -Your biggest Fan

  42. Doc says:

    Owners write checks, players cash checks. Owners are still billionaires without NBA, but players would be out on the streets pumping gas and washing dishes. Players need to display gratitude and remember to keep perspective on things. You will still be able to provide for your families and live ‘comfortable’ lives splitting 47% of 4 billion dollars each year. Yes, that is correct, 450 players are worried about having to split 47 % of 4 billion annually between them and not being able to pay their bills, not to mention their salaries they get paid even if they call in sick or blow and knee joint. Perhaps if there was a plan in place to prevent basketball pro baby mamas from claiming so much per month in child support the need for such high salaries would be reduced. Maybe they could work that into the CBA.

    Get a life, play ball, and end the lockout!!

  43. I think the players should just hold off for 12 months. To show the NBA who’s Boss

  44. tony says:

    I guess if I was making 80 thousend a year and and my employer tells me he is cutting it to 20 thousend a year, i should be happy because some other people on minimal wages don’t make that much, even thou I am still making him money.

    I guess, actors should not ask for millions for making a film….come on guys, the players have the same right as you do to make sure their salery is inline with what the comapny is making off them.

    The owners have you guys fooled. I bet you the owners would straighten up real quick if they didnot have the players on contract, and the players could really go overseas and sign those really big contracts and don’t come back?

  45. arben says:

    u know as much as i loved nba as much as i cared, now nba sounds nothing to me, i wont watch it again, i want to watch people playing to win the game for the fans for the city for the team,,,all the want is money screw them guys let them play oversease they dont make nothing in there

  46. Seriously says:

    It seems the owners are getting really hardcore, the players dont have much to bargin with other than not playing and that hurts them as well. Mind you the only reason the players make so much is because the owner VOLUNTARILY DECIDE to give thme that much. What abot the fans? we make the game because we are interested in it and watch it and pay to see it, without us, skill or no skill, its table tennis. If we make the game don’t we deserve to see it? The owners are really just caretakers of the teams, and the players, should just play, they can make as much money out of endorsements as they like, ( even lesser known players can do local endorsements) . A lot of people would gladly play for free or run a team for free.

  47. Joe says:

    Just replace the players, i dont get y the owners dont hire new players from all over the world it might not be as good to watch but id still watch it i care more about the teams and the atmosphere then i do about the players, there are top american ball players all over the world playing in leagues for peanuts they would jump at the offer in a millisecond to play in the nba for less than a million a year, please owners fire the players and hire new ones its the only way to win and settle this rubbish, and wouldnt it be great watching kobe, lebron, wade carmelo, and all these big names playing in china and europe earning peanuts lol id love it and it would really rub the salt on the wound for them. CMON OWNERS MAN UP AND FIRE THESE GREEDY MAGGOTS, id watch either way im so sick of these players now i prob wont even watch a single game if a deal was made the nba dont care about us the fans and they make me sick.

  48. Patrick says:

    I vote to accept it ! I don’t care if the players make 6% less (53 BRi vs. 50 BRi is 6%). I’d be fine if the average NBA salary was $800k/year. That’s still very rich by my definition.

  49. leeshot says:

    Al is crap is no sence these idiot make 10 times more than they should half
    of them do no even no how to speak english. every other word that comes
    out of there mouth is ya no over paid bunch of spoild brats.
    and the owners are not much better

  50. SportsGirl says:

    Go Players!! don’t give in. You are the product and brand that’s bringing in the dollars. It’s only fair that you get your fair share. People who are putting down the players for sticking to their guns are just jealous. I am sure if they were in their shoes they would do the same.

    • MO says:

      I dont know about that! Players are spoiled, $2 million and taking a paycut to $1.8 mil doesnt seem unfair. Want a better deal? More endorsements? Step your game up! How is it that low performing players who cant win a title (ie LBJ in Cleveland) still want the big bucks? I dont get it!

      • A Real Person says:

        I’m no outraged at some of these posts. Players are playing a GAME folks. A game kids play for fun but these guys get paid millions. Bottom line….owners are not making money. Money needed to pay other REAL people salaries and not PLAYER salaries. If they can’t pay, they go out of business. The players are showing their true colors. GREED. It makes me cringe to hear Derek say it’s a SAD day for the people to park the cars and work in the arenas. It is a SAD day. The REAL people working in the arenas, parking the cars are the ones losing their homes, can’t feed their kids or take them to the doctor when they are sick. YOU however, are sitting there in your mansion, driving your FANCY cars and able to take your child to the doctor but still want more. You dont care about the REAL people this is effecting. If you did, you would accept the deal and get on with playing a GAME for a living and making more money than one person who works in that arena in SEVERL lifetimes. Listen to your FANS and get back to playing BALL!

      • tylor says:

        take the deal.. i feel bad for the companies that have to shut down there businesses i.e bars outside the arenas because of this greed! Oh and u talk about playing the game for free? keep in mind in HS we had to pay to play lol.

  51. levisa says:

    The union kept saying that they are all agree and stand firm on their decision not caving in to the owners. I think that’s union talking not most of the player. For the players, some of them are seeing their opportunities are slipping. I would say if they actually get to vote on this the lockout will be over. The owners may loose a lot of money but they are financially secured.

  52. BASKETBALL FAN31 says:

    I want the lockout to be over as much as the next guy. But what people are not considering how much money the owners are making off the players. Yes the players make more money than most of us will ever see. But when you really think about how much the owners make off the players the players are actually underpaid. Yes there are a few teams that are not making as much money or even loosing money. The majority of the teams are making money.

  53. CCF says:

    This is not about basketball. This is about business. The business of entertainment. The owners put up the investment for the teams. The players put up their labor for the sale of goods and services. The owners have a business to administrate from the top to the bottom including payroll, arenas, and vendors. The players are the base for the income, no one comes to see the owners play. No one buys an owners jersey or shoes. This whole scenario comes down to power. Who has the power and who will keep the power. Remember: Absolute power corrupts absolutely! The public is the loser.

  54. Ck says:

    Maybe some of the fans don’t know the rules but most overseas teams are only allowed to have up to 2 foreign-born players on their team and since there’s only a limited amount of superstars and all-stars, the rest of the 90% of the players will have to find another job. The union, I’m sure, knows that and this is why they don’t all jump ship. If you’re in the “elite”, obviously you have options…BUT if you’re not, would you want to push for this??? This lockout is mainly about the “journey men” and “bench players” that have to feed their families on a measly (sarcastic) few million a season. The other stars can probably live just fine but their greedy too and it becomes more about ego and trying to make more than the “other guy”.

  55. levisa says:

    they always say they are doing this for the future players. 50/50 split in the next ten years the future players will still make millions it’s not like they are getting minimum wage. Talking about doing the things that they love. Come on take the deal.

  56. Dipboy says:

    And oh yeah…not once have the owners put the jobs of all the concessions people, security, mascots, dancers, etc… in their proposals. It’s all about the money for themselves. A lot of rich selfish people trying to learn how to share.

  57. Dipboy says:

    What I love about the whole thing is that this is a “LOCKOUT”!!! Not a “STRIKE”. The owners have locked the players out and made the take this or else demands. I do think the players are paid a whole lot more than an athlete should be paid, (Heck, I don’t know anyone who would turn down doing less for more money) but guess who made that dumb decision? OWNERS!!! As far as the pay cuts, the players are willing to take that and still give back 240 million a year. Thats a great deal if you’re the owners that have claimed to have lost 300 million. That’s an average of 10 mil a year for Billionaires. If I ain’t gone feel bad for millionaires, they definitely get no sympathy, especially when they are making way more in their other businesses. I want to see some ball, but anyone with any business sense understands why this is a terrible deal for the players. I wish everyone’s boss would come and tel them to take a pay cut and then take another 10% off. Let’s see the reactions then.

    • MO says:

      Id definetly agree but i only make $10 a hour So your comment cant relate to the “average american”. Your talking about multimillionares! Players are spoiled… A boss is a boss, not supposed to be a favorite in the workplace!

  58. kevo says:

    players…….Forget the NBA make your own league!


    • Hehehaha says:

      Ya hahahaha

      Get your own television deals, get your own arenas, organize your own season schedules, organize your own playoffs, make your own trophies hahaa :D:D:D

  59. TS says:

    The Miami Heat owner’s harsh comments which resulted in a big fine was not a very smart thing thing to do. Didn’t he watch his team play last year? That money is needed to hire a Center for Spoelstra, not to make dumb and unthoughtful comments, while a fragile and depressed NBA community is listening and hoping.

  60. jonylares says:

    As much as i love basketball an hate that their is a lockout i really think that the player should stay strong and keep fighting for what they believe is a good deal and if a complete season is lost then so be it because im tired of owners of team and big corporate s always getting away with what they want never thinking about nothing but them self. So players stay firm and i support everything even though i wish basketball was back

    • MO says:

      Id agree if the players was signing the checks. Go upto your boss and tell him “im going to get a raise and wont show up until you give me one” let me know what he says… lol

  61. Barry D. says:

    I don’t think you can blame the players, because they aren’t getting to vote on 50/50. You have to just blame Fisher and Hunter for trying to show what smart guys they are and screwing the whole thing up for fans and people who make their living from NBA games. And for what? So they can protect a free agency system that’s wrecking the league. I know it’s not fun to be on Stern’s side, but those guys pay the bills and keep the lights on. I think the players are going to wish they had never elected D. Fisher president of the union. Betcha.

  62. Los Bulls says:

    Dear David Stern,
    Let these brats decertify and lets get some real ballers out there. Replacement players. You want to see a small markets city get behind their team? Then watch some no names go out there and give 100% and earn their paycheck!

    • Wynder says:

      Yeah at least the replacements will be playing with heart and not all wrapped up and worried about money! Haha

  63. Mat says:

    Ima go watch base-ketball movie, where they dont deal with this crap

  64. MO says:

    Why do the these players keep saying they are the reasons why fans watch the game. Im almost positive that 99% of americans will watch NBA basketball with replacement players (the 1% obviously being players, agents, hunter and kessler…lol)

  65. Dtruth says:

    Why are they having this strike…. The players need to concentrate on their investments. *Remember, around 80% are broke or in bankruptcy after five years later. It doesn’t matter how much they make because they’ll be broke…see the history.

  66. Billy Carson says:

    I am extremely disappointed in both the NBPA and the NBA for allowing this situation to occur in the 1st place. It is a very selfish and irresponsible act by both sides. The antiquated labor system needs to be reworked ASAP to prevent a debacle like this from happening in the future. The trickle down effect of lost wages will effect millions of hard working Americans, some of which are not even fans of basketball.
    This orchestrated mess is effecting so many areas that I can’t even count them all. There is going to be an increase in foreclosures, car and boat repossessions, businesses closings, unemployment, airline tickets, rental cars, hotels, ticket outlets, parking services, janitors, media crew, arena workers, state income from tolls, taxes, bond monies, photographers, licensed clothing re-sellers,.. The list goes on and on.

    Both sides get it together. The entire world is laughing at us again…… We look like idiots over here.

  67. Rawkdawg says:

    Regardless of the outcome, I think we fans of the game should boycott for as many games as are missed and show them where the income they are hollering about comes from…
    No going to games, no watching at home, no listening on the radio. Dont buy the products from the sponsors.
    Sure there is no league without owners and players but there is no money if there are no fans.

    We can cripple them more than they can do anything to us.
    We can still go bak to our crappy little jobs and take what little money we have have and spend it elsewhere!

  68. Celtics fan says:

    I’m so sick of this garbage. I don’t care about what the league or the Union wants, I just wanna watch some basketball, stop bickering and figure out a deal already.

  69. nba fan says:

    the owners who lock the players out! unfair to say that the players are being greedy..theyre willing to give up some of their earnings..but make no mistake about watch NBA cos of the players not because of the owners

    • MO says:

      Who you think got you those players? Who advertised them to fans? Who sets up the dumb player bobblehead nights? OWNERS! I hate my boss as much as the next guy hates his but he is my boss. If he tells me i got to take a pay cut, i could either work with the pay cut or quit. ONLY 2 OPTIONS OUT THERE… NOT AN “ULTIMADUM”

  70. tommy says:

    You act like NBA players are just regular employees, people don’t go into stores and buy things because of the employees, but people watch basketball and buy things related to the nba because of the players, the nba is driven by the players and the owners should have known that when they decided to invest in a team. Don’t knock the players for trying to get the most they can for their talent

  71. Anthony says:

    NBA player took the deal stop cry

  72. Will B says:

    this is just Derek Fisher being greedy. The only reason he won’t present the deal to the players is because he knows a lot of them would accept the deal at this point, and he is to greedy to go down to 51%. From now on us as fans much boo Derek Fisher every time we see a Lakers game whenever the season starts

  73. texasbullfan says:

    just shut up and play basketball and accept a deal already. if the season is cancelled I blame the flippin players union. most nba players make MILLIONS thats more than what most americans will ever have in terms of income. first steriods ruined baseball and now greed is ruining basketball its a real shame.

  74. bk says:

    Let’s think in the sick care way.
    When the sick care cost is too high, the government lockout the doctors and drug companies.

    Then, we won’t have skyrocket sick care bill.

  75. JBCrew says:

    I truly dont understand why this players are fighting for, They make rediculous money, You loosing your fans by draging this so far we all sick and tired of all this meetings and no deal yet, Just take the deal and play basketball aready!

  76. SqueezyD says:

    Imagine me telling my boss, ‘hey I want you to pay me a ridiculous salary for 6 years regardless of how useless I become AND as part of my package, i want you to split your profits and share 52% of it with all your employees.’ Put it into perspective Derek and Billy, the proposal is good enough now and for the next ten years. The players are EMPLOYEES, get used to it. What, earning 500k per year for a bench warmer who’s living out his childhood dreams as a career isn’t good enough? Or like earning 8 mill a year instead of 10 is gonna make a difference to someones lifestyle… Give us all a break.

  77. Frank says:

    Just to clarify the NBA owners are offering 49% guaranteed revenue split with additonal split only if the league meets NBA targeted revenue projections which wont happen for years now because many fans are already losing interest in the NBA. Already I am hearing Kobe Bryant is signing with Virtus Bologna of Italy and Manu Ginobili as well. The NBA will be lost for maybe even 2 years as this battle will most likely drag out into the courts and agents will also get involved to protect their interests. I hate the NBA and pro sports in general after all this crap

  78. hc says:

    If season doesnt start in December I will be done reading anything related to the NBA

  79. ChiBull42 says:

    50-50 IS a raw deal when ur coming off a 57-43 split the year before. It’s the owners who are being selfish not accepting the 52.5. The players are the ones who fill up the stadiums and they deserve a majority of the revenues after all they are the ones bringing it in and their careers are limited… people siding with the owners aren’t true fans

    • BFoulds says:

      It’s not their business. The end.

    • Larry says:

      Really, so you go to your local team for the players? You wouldn’t go for the team itself, civic pride, cheering the city, you go for the players! So what if your local team sucks and you have no so-called NBA STARS, then you don’t go? Lets take Miami for example. Before Lebron and Bosh no one would go to games, no one cared, Wade didn’t bring the fans in and they weren’t important to the city. You bring in 2 NBA Stars and people come watch but just for that reason and your probably thinking, “See, it’s all about the players” but why couldn’t Wade bring the crowds? I live in Sacramento where people support the team win or lose and there isn’t a superstar player here but we love are team. You think players should make money off of team logo shirts (did they design the logo, help pay for the shirt, sell the shirt or give a crap for the city when most don’t even live in the city they play for), money off of food (really, seriously, they think, oh you came to see me which means you have to buy a hotdog which means I sold that hotdog), seriously, wow, a real fan is a fan of the overall product and experience of the game and not individual players. I’ve lived in 6 NBA cities and Los Angeles was the only one that the fans only cared if the Lakers were winning and if they weren’t they wouldn’t go. Kings, Raptors, Clippers, Warriors and Suns all have fans that go for the love of the game and city and not for the players. Kids go for the players but real fans go for the TEAM, City and love of the game.

  80. russell says:

    Tired of the NBA Lockout? Do something about it!
    NBA Fanout:

    The NBA owners and players have decided it is more important to posture and fight over percentage points of the already billions of dollars they are earning (from US, the fans by the way) each NBA season. During the negotiating, the losing of games, the back and forth over revenue sharing, and the cancelling of games, is either side really considering the fans in all of this? In all sports, owners and players are only worried about the money. So why don’t we remind them where they get it from? The NBA owners want a lockout? I’m calling for a FANOUT. We the fans need to step up and make sure they know who makes it possible.
    I am asking all NBA fans to “ballcott” the NBA this upcoming season if they ever even get it together enough to have games. It’s simple. I’m not asking anyone to stop rooting for their team. I’m not even asking you not to watch games. Just for one season, we can take action.
    For the 2011-2012 season don’t do 2 things:
    1. Don’t go to any NBA games.
    2. Don’t buy any NBA merchandise. No jerseys, hats, stickers, cups, NBA TV packages. Nothing.

    If we do these 2 things the league will have to take notice, and think twice next time they want to cancel our favorite game. How much revenue would they even have to share with each other if we do this?
    I’m encouraging people to do this, just for one season. Why should we let them have all the power? Sign this petition if you agree with me and you are willing to sacrifice just a little bit this one season (and it will save you some money). Let’s show some union solidarity of our own NBA fans. Ballcott the NBA and show them who this is really all about.

  81. Zebeldarebel says:

    Even with the deal on the table, players will still be making more than any other professional athlete… -_-

  82. Haven’t watched a single pro game since Spreewell was allowed to CHOKE HIS COACH. That’s frowned upon fiercely “IN THIS ESTABLISHMENT”….Send the league to Europe. Maybe they can put up with the BS. I can’t. The talent is there, no doubt, but if you can CHOKE YOUR COACH, and not be banned from the league, this league I will not watch, no matter how good the players are!

  83. camelo pardalis says:

    These are normal negotiation ploys between ownerships and labor unions. The only thing that makes this different is the interest of fans. I think that the press overestimate fans’ interest. To a large extent, fan discussion about this matter is negligible. Of course there are a few who can’t survive without an NBA season, but they are a very small minority of people who watch basketball. I’ve watched the vast majority of my team’s televised games in the past, but will find other things to entertain me if the negotiations fail.

    Fans who can’t survive without an NBA season should get a life.

    It sounds to me that it is the interest of the superstars who are being protected by the union. We would like to hear the opinions of the rank and file players. It is not them who would cause penalty taxes to kick in. I can’t see a decertification approved by the majority of players when this hard caps principally affect a small minority of “stars”.

  84. greeeeed says:

    seriously, players continue to say they are NOT employees? Last I checked the way you make money is by being an employee for someone right??? They are being ridiculously arrogant.. Yes I agree that the players are the ones who attract the fans, durrrrr, but without the owners where would the players be playing?!?!?! And it just shows you the players only care about trying to team up with multiple all stars to start winning rings, rather than doing it the RIGHT way and earning it through hard work with role team players as well that play ALL 4 quarters (sorry Lebron LOL). The fact is that they keeping comparing previous numbers of 57% of the BRI… well, that was a SCREWEd up system which the players lost NO money, but instead 22 owners lost a combined $650 million over 2 season?!?! They still aren’t losing money with a 50% deal, they are simply not making AS much while helping owners stay in business so they don’t need to sell the team or move the team to another state.. uggh sooooo sad. i don’t even want to watch the news on the NBA anymore, it’s disheartening. I thought players were suppose to be about the heart of the game? what happened to that?

  85. David Stern says:

    Hey David Stern tu deadline me lo paso por el orto. ACM1PT. sabeee!!!!

  86. Kieran says:

    We are the 99% of people who want to enjoy the game versus the 1% who obviously don’t. Damn I should have joined one of those “Occupy” things!

  87. roy says:

    can anyone tell me what happens if the players de certify?

    • Ron says:

      No season is what happens. And if the players lose which they should. I HOPE the nba offers them a 60/40 split. I’ve always thought that sounded very fair and maybe still to much pay for players. If I was the owners I would have them on buses and comm planes and staying in Motel 6 and anything else I could think of to save money. And all endorsement money would go in the BRI pool except 10 percent for the player that had the endorsement.

  88. Jonathan Dyer says:

    Thank goodness that we have the NFL.

  89. damn! says:

    hope this lock out end, players should accept the deal…
    other are losing jobs, just think of it, give and take…
    just for the sake of others…
    im not from the u.s but im with the other who are losing jobs…
    and players should save wiht thier salary…

  90. Malachi says:

    This lockout is depressing. Just thinking that the season was suppose to start already and the fact that it hasn’t because they’re still arguing over BRI is depressing. All I can say is R.I.P 2011-2012 season.

  91. zandz says:

    Players are Players….Owners are Owners…This is the basic concept that one should recognized. who’s giving the salary? what are this player fighting for? lol

  92. Janice says:

    I don’t want them to take the deal. I want it to drop to 47% for the players. That is even too much for them. A lot of the players from the old days did not even make close to what these players are making and a lot of them were better. They also were willing to play hurt for the good of the team.

  93. chubbena says:

    The players should start a league of their own – with their own money. Well, it will never happen.

  94. tenin11 says:

    nba where greedy happens

    • andru says:

      well put Tenin11, I could add for: NBA where people with no emphaty for others happens, NBA where enough for most people is not enough for greedy people happens,….. (I have a long list by the way)

  95. Dan says:

    Is that english? What is “50 feet whole first attempt”? Do you mean hole? whole? hoe? Also, what does jumping have anything to do with players not taking a half a million dollar check a year.

  96. rich says:

    the mere fact that the players are refusing a hard cap means that they are just greedy for money and not the competetiveness of the whole league.

    Players – even with the 50/50 split, you are still compensated way way above average as compared to most americans. You get to play the game you love and you’re able to provide happiness to your fans. You will not, not in your life time, will get a better deal than that playing elsewhere. It is high time for you to talk just among yourselves, players only, no advisers, no Hunter.

    • MO says:


  97. Bulls Fan says:

    Accept the deal union and stop depriving the fans and the employees that lean on you for work/steady incomes. If I can live on roughly $25,000 a year, I’m pretty sure you will be okay with the thousands/millions that you are still being offered. Your mind is still wrapped around what the deal was last year and all the money you were given…grow up, it was too much money for you anyway and it shows…you’re now greedy individuals that only play the game for the money not for the love of the game. Disappointing.

    • Wynder says:

      Well put Bulls Fan…this is the best deal that they will be offered so their greedy #*@ should just take it and start playing ball. I agree…and also, the owners aren’t going to offer a deal that is going to hurt them currently or in the future (which is what the players think). Come on Union, grow up and take the deal.

    • Will says:

      I agree. Seems like the player’s “baseline” salary expectations got set too high over recent years. I think of Larry Bird and MJ making a few million a year back in the day. Don’ tell me new salaries are higher merely due to inflation.

  98. Laker Fan says:

    Its a good thing the Union is not accepting a 50/50 deal or a 47/53 deal. Later the percentage for the players will only get smaller and smaller. So if D-Fish hold out on wednesday I wouldn’t be suprise, I would to if i were him.

  99. Stephan says:

    The players just want to blackmail the NBA to make a loss so that they can be paid more. However, if the NBA continues to loose hundreds of million every year it will eventually fall back on the taxpayers (as it always happens) to support the inflated NBA salaries. The teams will find a way to force the cities to support them so that they do not shut down or move. It is also wrong to say that a 50 / 50 split is a fair partnership. Even with 50 / 50 the players make 100% of the profit and the NBA makes around 0% profit (The only profit is the increase in team value). An equal partnership is splitting the profits, which would be a 75 / 25 split of BRI for the owners. Of course this is not going to happen, but the idea of the players to call 53 percent fair and 50 percent unfair is ridiculous. These are just arbitrary numbers and with both of these numbers the teams will very likely make 0 profit or a loss.

  100. aj says:

    As much as I want to see a season, the offers by the league are ridiculous. Yes, millionaires are fighting with billionaires about who gets more money, agreed. Then again, the players are the bread and butter of the whole business, so offering them 47 with rollbacks on contracts is pretty ridiculous. Hope they don’t give in and decertify. Players can still go play abroad and make a decent living.

    • chubbena says:

      Go play abroad and make a half decent living comparing to what you get here in America and only in America.

    • rich says:

      go abroad ?! haha ! they’ll only get a small fraction playing abroad as compared to what they’ll be getting accepting the 50/50 deal !

    • Janice says:

      All can’t play overseas. THink about it, if the company or organization you work for give you and the other employees 47% of the business, wouldn’t you be estatic?

      • Mister says:

        Amen. Well said Janice.

      • Nyc Guy says:

        Ok so if you already had 57% of your company and your boss said now take 47% and be happy with it, that works for you? Do you know how hard it is to make it to the NBA? do you know how many dedicated hardworking athletes dont make it? The NBA is not “Home Depot!” the front line players are not replaceable, and they generate BILLIONS of revenue based on the skills they have. The deal sucks, and most of you guys have no idea that your criticizing over 400 professional athletes for wanting a bigger cut than the 30 owners who are worth more than the combined worth of the teams they own! really!?! who goes to MSG to see James Dolan?!? Who goes to the Rose garden to see Paul Allen?!? Cmon guys cut it out!

    • Ron says:

      Get real! It’s just like any other business. The workers bring in the money, but if the company didn’t start it up and foot all the costs there would be no jobs. The pay overs seas would be about 1/4 if the players were lucky. Why isn’t the endorsements the players have part of BRI?

    • MO says:

      AJ, Thats a joke, if they are willing to go overseas and make peanuts compared to what they have been making and what they WILL be making with the new deal, why not just sign the deal. That absurd to go overseas on a “pricipality”. The league is full of spoiled kids. Ignorance by fans like you is whats fueling this pointless debate.

    • sshhh says:

      “offering them 47 with rollbacks on contracts is pretty ridiculous” – I might be wrong, but from what I understand the % they are arguing is not for the player contracts, rather it is for the BRI split. Am I wrong?

  101. totalbs1 says:

    David Stern, you forgot to mention, accept the deal or be replaced by replacement players. NBA owners remember that these bums can be replaced. They are only athletes and anybody would be happy to do their job for free, much less 50/50. I’m unemployed and can play basketball, draft me. 🙂

    • Elan says:

      haha good one I need a job too

    • Eric Zap says:

      Hell yeah, make me a player, I’ll play my butt off for a fraction of what those guys get.

    • BBallfan says:

      No one would pay money to see everyday people play ball. It is not a simple task to replace these players. Guys like Kobe, LeBron, Wade etc fill arenas at home and away. The televised games would lose commercial sponsors, if not for the PLAYERS. The owners would have a HUGE loss. The NBA is built on the players. The I think there is some funny accounting going on on the owners part. Yes some markets are not as profitable as others, so what? When was the last time you saw an owner file bankruptcy, or loss a home?

      • waly says:

        THANK YOU

      • Chucky53 says:

        Well i’m not sure if people would not play to see players that aren’t as greedy you have players in the D-League who given a chance maybe just as exciting. Also, there are players on the teams of And 1 and other teams of that caliber who would be exciting as well. They may not start out as the caliber of some of the NBA players but I bet given a chance to make this kind of money that they are making they would more than step up their game.

  102. me loveED says:

    I don’t even care anymore…

  103. McDonald's says:

    90% of these players should be saying:
    “Do you want fries with that order?”

  104. waly says:

    If in real life someone tells you to jump a 50 feet whole first attempt or you will have to jump a 100 feet whole!!!….what does it means?….

  105. JNIer says:

    How selfish can people be. These players are all millionaires getting offered 50% split of revenue and they are telling everyone that still isnt good enough? This lockout is ruining the game, sport, and destroying the league.the shorted season is bad enough for the fans, Is the goal for the greatest sport in the world to disappear? Reach an agreement, and apologize to the fans.

  106. Jonathan says:

    I’m down in New Zealand and have been following the NBA and Jason Kidd since he was a rookie. We’re coming to the U.S for our honeymoon in February and while an NBA game isn’t the only reason we’re coming it’s something that I’ve wanted to see since 1994. Now because of selfish antics this may not happen, I think it’s entirely rediculous that the Players union thinks that they are getting a raw deal, how much is the average wage in the NBA? Most people make in a year what a lot of players make in a game, I think it’s time to get a little perspective here.

  107. Jako says:

    Wow! This lockout is the best sport on the internet. Too bad Stern hasn’t thought to televise it live. I’m sure it would be great.

    In the meantime sports fans, you could tweet or Facebook message your favorite players and tell them the owners are serious about not losing money anymore and about making ALL teams competitive. Why do we have a draft where the worst teams get to pick first if the players will just bolt to another team? Is that keeping it competitive? Once a player is drafted, they should be allowed to play for that team only. For at least ten years. That would give the management a chance to surround a “star” with the supporting cast to make a championship team.

    Enough said. Quit squabbling players, or go back to flipping burgers at mickey dees.

    • R4 says:

      You make perfect sense about the prospect of players always leaving for greener pasture. Maybe when this new CBA is introduce in its true form it might speak directly to small market fans that have supported these big franchise far too long. Think about this. NBA is a 4 billion dollar business, that earn majority of their profit in big market. There are many fans in small market that cheer for big market team because they are on tv all the time. Take that small market team out of the picture. Vancouver, Seattle, and Charlotte and New orleans before they got teams. You will find that support for the NBA doesn’t exist, hence you lose profit gain before as loss in today game. Now you remove more team from league and you have less profit because it equal less fans. So in reality small market teams are needed for Lakers, Heat, Bulls to gain more revenue because I doubt it that people are travelling with their hometown team this isn’t soccer in europe. Take basketball out of small market you make big market even smaller without other markets to tap in. Just think about it? how many people have nba team and have friends that support another team? that is because his hometown has a team to cheer against take that away and city without a team will just move on ask seattle or new jersey or vancouver or buffalo

  108. waly says:

    GO PLAYERS…DECERTIFY UNION…I wana see the commissioner and hardliner owners giving and ultimatum and threatening a judge…hahaha…that would be funny. Stern is to old to run the NBA, his lack of control has been taken by the owners to push and disrespect the players and to show no mercy for employees losing their job.

    • R4 says:

      When you say Stern too old to run a league then Billy Hunter to old represent players that he tripe in age. It would be funny to see the 24 teams the majority of the voting power cry about the union breaking up. But it would be more fun to see the 24 teams deciding that Basketball no longer runs a profit and it would be best to ask the 6 top teams to paid them out to leave league?? That would be funny because you yourself will only have 6 teams to cheer for and ball players will only have 90 position fight for. Man I luck you don’t run a business.

  109. Steve says:

    At this point I hope they never reach an agreement; even if they do I’ll never watch or support it ever again.

  110. Dwade says:

    I hope they accept, i need basketball in my life. im getting tired of football.

  111. Sult says:

    Derek, be smart and take the offer. Dont destroy NBA. Be happy with the millions you guys will be still making when the whole country’s economy is going down the drains.

  112. lakerfan says:

    Take the deal proposed now or the deal will get worse message to the Union do not miss entire season or you will lose more money you will end up losing anyway if you take it to court i mean already 76 percent people do not care. If the season is cancelled alot of customers will be lost

  113. B-Ball Fan says:

    OMG!!! I am getting so TIRED of this LOCKOUT!! Just ACCEPT the deal and go on with basketball already!! The season is getting shorter and shorter everyday. I don’t understand what the players are complaining about; they are making A LOT of $$$$$$MONEY$$$$ while playing the game they love. NBA is loosing Fans! SAD 😦

  114. I hope that I am wrong here, but it looks to me that this thing may be dragging itself till mid season, if not until next year. Hoping for the better though as I am anxious to watch the Knicks come together this season.

  115. Magic fan says:

    Please accept union! The players don’t care !! Stop trying to act tough! Everyone knows your all spoilt and NOT tough. Just do your job, which is entertainment

    • R4 says:

      sick and tired of Derek Fisher tell me the fan that he looking out fo rmy best interest. Be quiet and stop trying to make stop us the fans from revolting. People are starting to realize that ball players make too much money.

      • theroffness says:

        honestly, if I was a basketball player making as much as I did before the lockout, I would be pissed that the owners are trying to make me take a pay cut just so they can have a better chance of profiting. Now I know they already make a lot of money, but they worked for that by dedicating theirs lives to basketball. Imagine you are working for some corporation and you’re getting paid, lets say 200k annually. Now what would you do if your bosses or the CEO demanded you to take less money just so the company can make more money. Knowingly taking less money is against human nature because NO ONE in their right mind would make a decision that would leave them with less than what they already had. I say, keep it up players. I don’t mind taking a year off from watching basketball

      • One side of the story is pretty... says:

        Or what? Have the teams continue to run at a loss and fold, and then have no NBA at all? Where else can the players make as much money and get the exposure they do? Nowhere. Stop being so naive.

      • Andy says:

        “theroffness” – are You st***d or what ? Noone is talking here about normal people earnings, but about milions of dollars that players are earning and are the best payed pro athletes in the world. This is just sick. And now they are arguing about a pay cut in such a hard times. And we are also not talking here about a 50% pay cut or so which would be a crime, but a small, lets say correction. Also, the owners do lost money last few years and this is also sick. This is business and everyone wants his share of the pie – keep in mind, that owners are hiring also other peoples that are working in this business and not only players. I love basketball and if anyone would like me in his team I would play for 1 milion or even for 500K for a season being the happiest person in the world and doing what I love. If You know a person that is earning so much and is doing what it loves then this has to be one happy person.

      • Andy says:

        And one more thing – this is the same thing like with banks. The workers wich are directors, managers and so on had given themselves so many bonuses and extra pay checks that now we have such a crisis in public financials. Do You guys really think that the owners would put saved money to their pokets and go home ? No, because of the one simple fact – those are businessmans and they will invest it. Invest it in whatever – in their own companies, other form or they will take that money and for example renew or rebuild their buildings. Aanyway, if those teams will be still loosing money the owners will cut them and that will lead to a simple fact, that the league will bancrupt and that will be the end of great NBA.

  116. jjdubs22 says:

    They better accept this deal. If more games are cancelled. I’m giving up. I’m sick and tired of NBA Game time rerunning episodes throughout the day and no offense to legends of the NBA but I’m sick of the Look back. I don’t think anyone cares about that anymore. play ball and don’t be selfish. 50/50 split is a Partnership and if you want to get paid and not loose fans take the deal. enough is enough. there is only so much football and hockey i can take. I’m even watching canadian football stop depriving us of our favorite sport. Please

    • andru says:

      I don’t give a damn if the season will start for ’11 ~ ’12 or not. If the season still forced to be held for this season it will be less competitive (less preparation, less preseason games, what else can u expect ?).
      I’m give up for these greedy players. I’m in Indonesia, here we must struggle for every cent that we had (yes, we’re also not immune from global economic crisis these days), hearing some of these players begging for more profit for their own sake is really disgusting (if you realize how much money they made each year).
      I already shift my sport interest to soccer games currently, with no clear future for basketbal game’s interest anymore.
      So for those greedy NBAP: ” You guys already hurt the very basic of basketball game’s fun that is sportivity & competitiveness, you have no emphaty for fans & even for the game. I’m really shame with you guys !!!”

    • Jumpman23 says:

      thet do care about the fans its just the owners hat are greedy for money but you are right but you still got to think about the little bit of an effect of the future generation players of the next 7 to 10 and like they said even 20 years.

      • Jumpman23 says:

        and dont give up just have faith in the NBA and its chance of a season well at least not a complete one

  117. I hope I am wrong, but I see this thing dragging out until mid season, if not until next season. Hoping for the better though as I am anxious to watch the Knicks come together as a teem.

    • scud70 says:

      your 90% right the season is pretty much over … the other 10% is the off chance that the id*ots from both sides stop throwing the millions/billions they make into the fans faces who pay hard earned money in a horrible economic time to watch these guys play and actually make a deal before wednesday….

  118. Matt Terry says:

    We don’t give a poo if the players are unhappy making at a minimum of 500k a year, up to 26 million.
    Take the concessions given by the owners, Derrick Fisher, and quit being a spoiled brat.

    • TWizz says:

      I honestly dont care if there will be a season or not this year. If there is one, it will be lame. So many players have left overseas, a lot which cannot opt out of the contracts there, all because of this stupid stuff going on. So without so many players, of course only the teams with the most stars will once again have a chance at winning the championship.

      I do however hope that this deal is done by next season, so that these other players have a chance to get back.

      • chulodo says:

        Are there really that many players who are committed to their contracts overseas?

        AFAIK, only a few don’t have out’s.

        For example, D-Will definitely has an out.

        Here’s a list as of less than a week ago. Most of them have out clauses–or haven’t even signed.

      • TWizz says:

        There are of course more who can opt out of contract than those who can’t. But the fact that stuff like this has hurt some teams, like the Denver Nuggets, is a shame. They have 3 nice players, Wilson Chandler, J.R Smith and Kenyon Martin who won’t be able to opt out of their contracts. Those 3 players were each big reasons why they went on that nice run at the end of the last season.

        For this season, each team should have a fair chance at going for the championship (it’s not really “fair”anyways, but at least have all their players). It’s a shame what the greed of a few can do to a lot of peoples favorite sport.

        We will see what happens though.

    • QBerg says:

      I hope the stadiums fill with boos when the players are introduced for the first game this season IF there is a season, its all just about greed and pride now, 50/50 and cap concessions, take the bloody deal!, Here in australia the 2 major football codes pay their players 29-34% and that is considered reasonable, the players can still save themselves in my eyes by taking this deal before wednesday, but i highly doubt it now, TOO MUCH pride and greed. For all you owner knockers, im sure you’d own a business that lost money every year, gauranteed that you would never be competitive in the marketplace and youre office filled with workers with no loyalty to you and just sit back and think how sweet it was, Dum di Dum di Dum DUM