Labor Talks: New Deadline To Deal With

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HANG TIME HEADQUARTERS — You don’t need X-ray vision to figure out where the NBA’s labor impasse is heading this week (“straight past the ‘Dead End’ sign and over the cliff” is the way an agent put it to us early this morning).

The league has given the players and their union 72 hours to respond to their latest “proposal,” delivered during a marathon Saturday night bargaining session in New York. Union president Derek Fisher made it clear shortly thereafter that said “ultimatum” would not even be delivered to the players for a vote.

The end of business Wednesday deadline issued by NBA Commissioner David Stern is a car wreck we’re all being allowed to watch from a distance far too close for comfort. The threats — of a considerably worse offer if this one is not accepted by the owners and of the dissolution of the union by the players if they ignore Wednesday’s deadline — only make for a yet another wicked twist to an already disturbing tale.

Anyone assuming that at least some of the players are not ready to fight need only scan Twitter timelines, where guys like Deron Williams make it clear that they were ready to fight months ago: “I’ve been ready to sign a decertification petition since July? Can’t believe we are just now going this route! SMH”

That doesn’t sound like a union ready to capitulate or compromise, as union attorney Jeffrey Kessler made clear in the aftermath of Saturday’s nearly nine-hour session. It sounds more like players, at least a faction of them, willing to stare the league down on deadline day and come out swinging the morning after. What that means for us, the true casualties of this lockout, is the loss of more games and potentially the demise of the entire 2011-12 season.



Ken Berger of  In the end, the truest words spoken early Sunday morning came from Kessler, who said the owners’ tactics were “not happening on Derek Fisher’s watch. It’s not happening on Billy Hunter‘s watch. It’s not happening on the watch of this executive committee.” If the players successfully decertified, none of the aforementioned would be in power. A decertification petition requiring the signatures of 30 percent of union membership would put the union on approximately a 60-day clock before an election is held to disband it — and that’s only if the National Labor Relations Board authorizes the election. Typically, the agency does not when a union has an unfair labor practices charge pending. The mere signing of the petition by 30 percent of the union would not by itself cease negotiations since the union would remain in power until the election, which wouldn’t happen before January — if at all. That leaves two months for cooler heads to prevail. But really, the stopwatch has been set for four days — 96 hours to spare chaos. Of all the inflammatory words spoken after this latest fiasco, the words “best and final offer” were never among them. That’s legal mumbo-jumbo for this: There’s still time to end the ass-hattery, if everyone’s heads return to a place oxygen is available. The clock is ticking.


Adrian Wojnarowski of Yahoo! Sports: After reports that Charlotte Bobcats owner Michael Jordan had become one of the most vocal of hardline owners, union officials were anxious for him to speak up in Saturday night’s meeting. Union officials, just as they wanted to do back at the last labor meeting that Jordan attended on All-Star weekend, were determined to throw back at Jordan many of his old anti-ownership screeds from the 1990s. As one official said, “He never opened his mouth, not once.” The two sides didn’t spend a great deal of the 8½ hours engaging each other, but rather had the federal mediator shuttling back and forth between rooms, a source said. Stern’s ultimatum comes with the backdrop of player agents actively canvassing their clients to determine if there were enough votes to move forward with a decertification vote on the union, agent and player sources told Yahoo! Sports. Before proceeding, agents and players were waiting on the outcome of the weekend’s labor talks. Several agents and players believed support would grow for a vote on dissolving the union without significant progress on a deal. Agents and players took part in two conference calls this week on the subject of decertification. Boston Celtics star Paul Pierce has taken a lead in spearheading those discussions, sources said.



Chris Sheridan of The owners, Kessler said, had been the ones who brought an abrupt halt to the proceedings. After 3 weeks of preconditions that were levied and then removed and then levied and removed again, the owners circled back to basically the same place they have been all along while giving the players a take-it-or-leave-it offer that for all intents and purposes would max out at 50.2 percent of revenues going to the players, 49.8 percent going to the owners. The players had dropped to 51 percent, or as Kessler termed it: “Fifty plus one,” with the extra one percent ($40 million) being earmarked for improved pension benefits for both current and retired players. “These are professional basketball players,’’ Kessler said. “They are the finest athletes in the world. How do you think they feel about threats? How do you think they feel about efforts at intimidation? Who negotiates in good faith when they say it’s this proposal or (back to) 47 percent? Take it or leave it. This is not good faith to the fans. ‘’ Big, bad Michael Jordan had become Paul Allen 2.0 during the meeting, Kessler said, barely uttering a word. Arbitrator George Cohen’ suggestions, Kessler said, had been hijacked by Stern and turned into the owners’ official offer. The money quote from my news story, after the 8 1/2 hours of meetings and 60 minutes of dueling news conferences had ended: “The story here is they want it all,” Kessler bellowed. “They want a win, win, win, win. We wanted a compromise. Our 51 percent offer was based on a fair system. They would have to come to us on the system, but they did not.”


Howard Beck of the New York Times: This latest negotiating session, the 21st of the lockout, lasted for eight and a half hours, ending around 1:30 a.m. Sunday. Under the guidance of George Cohen, a federal mediator, the parties actually narrowed the gap on some crucial items before the talks collapsed. The players — who had vowed not to accept less than 52.5 percent of league revenues — proposed a 51 percent share, with 1 percent devoted to aid retired players. That moved them within 1 percent of the league’s longstanding proposal. On Saturday, the owners proposed a “band” that would pay the players 49 to 51 percent, depending on revenue growth. But the union said it amounted to a 50 percent offer, because the threshold for growth was so high that the share would never get to 51. Jeff Kessler, the union’s outside counsel and chief negotiator, called the 49 to 51 band “a fraud.” Yet it was ultimately the mechanics of a new system, not the revenue split, that killed the talks. The league’s standing proposal would eliminate spending options for teams that pay the luxury tax, by banning them from sign-and-trade deals and the use of the midlevel exception. At Cohen’s suggestion, the league proposed a “mini-midlevel” that would start at $2.5 million — half the value of the full midlevel — and would be limited to two-year deals. The N.B.A.’s proposal also called for an additional penalty — a so-called “repeater tax” — on teams that exceed the tax threshold three times in a five-year span. The union is open to the concept, but not at the steep rates proposed by the league. The net effect of the N.B.A.’s proposal, the union said, would be to eliminate the highest-spending teams from acquiring top talent — thus devastating the free-agent market.



Mitch Lawrence of the New York Daily News: The owners have not threatened to impose a flex-cap since last summer. But it’s a sign that they’re running out of patience with the players, who continue to hold out for more of the same soft-cap features that were part of the last collective bargaining agreement. “We want our players to play and we’d like to have a season and these are the terms upon which we’re prepared to gear up and get in as many games as possible,’’ Stern said. The league has already cancelled all of its November schedule. With the players already rejecting the owner’s latest offer, it seems fairly certain that December games will soon start to go up in smoke, too. In addition to the split of revenue, owners in this latest proposal want players to accept a decrease in the mid-level exception, from five years to two years for teams over the luxury tax. There would also be reductions in the terms of the exception for non-tax paying teams. The deal would also penalize taxpayers by not allowing them to work sign-and-trade transactions. Jordan is one of nearly 12 owners who don’t want players to get above 47%. But Stern said that he would have enough votes to get the deal for the players allowing for them to get upwards of 51%. That’s because Jordan, Charlotte majority owner, and other small- and mid-market owners who lost $300 million last season do not have enough votes to kill a deal. To ratify a deal, Stern needs a simple majority of 16 votes. “This is not good faith to the players or to the fans,’’ said union counsel Jeffrey Kessler. “The players will not be intimidated. That’s what the league is doing in presenting an ultimatum to us.’’


Marc Stein of Bear in mind that there’s a big difference between rounding up the 130 players needed to sign a petition to vote on decertification and finding a 50 percent-plus-one majority in a union of roughly 450 members amenable to actually voting for decertification. Because decertification is “risky and messy,” as established above, there is undeniable skepticism around the league about how many players would be willing to go all the way through with it. And maybe that’s why some ownership sources insist that the decertification process won’t have nearly as much impact as its supporters contend. But if it merely gets as far as a vote — no matter what would happen when decertification ballots are passed out — that’s when you’ll know that there’s really no hope for a 2011-12 season. If the union ultimately does decertify fully, there won’t even be time at that point to do what NBA commissioner David Stern does not want to do and stage another 50-game season. The reality, though, is that we’re still some distance removed from that crossroads. Wednesday is the deadline announced by Stern for the union to take the deal as currently constructed, but this sad saga can rumble on for at least another good month — and probably longer — unless Stern can convince the union that they better take Saturday’s offer because he’s serious about canceling the rest of the ’11-12 season before Thanksgiving.XX



Ben Bolch of the Los Angeles Times: Player reaction to Stern’s take-it-or-leave-it offer was swift on Twitter. “U gotta love an ultimatum,” tweeted San Antonio Spurs guard Steve Novak. “How does basketball ever even get to this point?” … All 29 owners gathered early in the day Saturday for a meeting among themselves, and Cohen met separately with players and owners before collective negotiations resumed. Small-market owners in attendance included Charlotte’s Michael Jordan and Portland’s Paul Allen, believed to be among those wanting to hold the players’ share of revenue to 47%. Among large-market owners were the Lakers’ Jerry Buss and Miami’s Micky Arison, the latter of the recent $500,000 tweet claiming he wasn’t the reason the lockout was lingering. The discussions lacked star power on the players’ side. Miami Heat guard Dwyane Wade, who had attended earlier negotiating sessions, announced via Twitter that he had landed in Sydney for the start of an exhibition tour. “Got off the plane in my jordan sweat suit,” Wade wrote, “but as soon as I walked out the airport it felt like Miami.” Clippers teammates Blake Griffin and DeAndre Jordan exchanged trash tweets regarding their alma maters’ Big 12 Conference football game in Norman, Okla. Tweeted Jordan: “Sorry but Texas A&M is going to smack OU today!!!” Final score: Oklahoma 41, Texas A&M 25. Jordan wouldn’t find a happy ending with the proceedings in New York either.


Alan Hahn of Newsday: Stern said that the league would spend Sunday writing up two formal proposals, one as outlined above and another based on a less appealing offer that would come if Wednesday’s deadline passes without an agreement. That deal, Stern said, would have two ominous parts: a 47-53 split of league revenue in favor of the owners and a “flex” cap system that would replicate the NHL’s hard cap. “We hope that this juxtaposition will cause the union to assess its situation and accept the deal,” Stern said. If they don’t take the deal, the union is faced with one option: to decertify the union and fight the league in court. That, of course, would take up the kind of time that would essentially kill any chance of having a season. Neither Fisher nor Kessler would address decertification, which has been promoted by several agents. Union executive director Billy Hunter did not speak to reporters after the talks because, according to a union spokesman, he was under the weather. It was yet another long day for everyone involved, as the owners met early Saturday afternoon to discuss their strategy going into the meeting with the players. Michael Jordan, the Charlotte Bobcats owner who is the marquee name among a faction of hardlining small market owners, was in attendance, along with Trail Blazers owner Paul Allen and Heat owner Micky Arison, who last week was fined $500,000 for a few candid tweets about the lockout. On the players’ side, Knicks guard Chauncey Billups, one of the most respected veteran players in the league, made his first appearance at the talks at the request of the union’s executive committee, mainly vice president Mo Evans. But it was Kessler who had the strongest voice after the meetings, as he continually charged the owners with having no interest in making a deal. “Who negotiates in good faith and makes an ultimatum?” he said. Later he added, “The big story here is they want it all.”



  1. Rich says:

    What both the owners and the players need to truly understand is that it’s the fans that run the show here. Fans are where the salaries and profits originate from, and if they keep screwing around with this and piss off enough of the fans then they’ll all get a hard dose of reality. I say to the fans, let’s put both sides in their place and boycott the NBA if they don’t get their sh*t together and come to an agreement.

  2. B-Ball Babe says:

    Want some advice, Gentlemen? MAKE THE DEAL. Everyday the pie your fighting over gets smallllllllllllllller… will already take you 2 years to make up for the shortfall in revenue. Oh and I would mention the 600 people or more who are on record as having lost their jobs because of your botched negotiations. I also won’t mention the dozens more arena employees, small market vendors and retailers and businesses you have rear-ended as well. No, i won’t mention them, because for all intents and purposes, none of the parties involved “CARES” about them…

    What I will say is this. YOU WILL NOT GET A BETTER DEAL THEN WHAT STERN OFFERED. MAKE THE DEAL BEFORE TIME RUNS OUT AND YOU ARE FACING 47% BRI, major concessions, contract rollbacks and what amounts to a hard salary cap. MAKE THE ^%$%$$ DEAL , SO PLAYERS CAN GET BACK ON THE COURTS AND PLAY BALLL!!!!

  3. Cadester says:

    Why don’t the players quit whining about not having benefits or retirement. when you make more in one season than the average american makes in a lifetime. go buy insurance and put away for retirement. Half of you don’t even know what it means to work for a living. pull your heads out and make a deal before you have no-one to buy tickets.

  4. jam says:

    Fisher act like too hungry as he can’t buy a fish for dinner he he…


  5. jam says:

    NBA CARES is false

    the real thing is ” NBA CARES ” for the money….

  6. jam says:


    players were starving for the money…

  7. GXI says:

    Fisher is naive that in his opinion by giving up 3.5% it would make up the loss by the league. Come on! Don’t you think the owners need to make some money for themselves? Are they here to just serve you the players by losing money year after year? And to get satifisaction of owning a team? You got to be kidding. That’s why 47% split is not unreal in the owners’ view.

  8. HiMyNameIs says:

    Hi, they should get the deal done soon. I wanna watch some games

  9. jj says:

    ANO15, your comment is not completely accurate. With a 50-50 deal, the players are giving up 7% of what they earn. If you make $15/hour, you would make $13.95 if you would give up 7%, not $11 like you said. In an economic downturn context like we are all in right now, if your boss says he will have to take away 7% of your salary to keep the business going, and if you have a family to feed, you would take it. Nothing you could do about it, and you could still be thankful to have a job and a salary. On top of that, someone who is an nba player should be thankful in the first place to make money playing basketball. They have talent, no doubt about it, but they are very lucky. Now, if your salary is 6 millions a year and we ask you to take away 7% of it, you are still making 5.58 millions. In an economic crisis context, what would you cry about? Is there anything you can’t buy with 5.58 millions that you could with 6 millions. And this doesn’t even include endorsement money.

    Owners might be greedy too, but they need to get their business going. Players have to make sacrifices, and again, making an average of more than 5 millions/year is not what I call a sacrifice.

    Players, shut the “f” up, take what’s on the table, and go play basketball! If it was me, I would take what’s on the table right away, thanking god everyday for being so lucky.

    And Derek Fisher, stop making us believe you care about fans and arena employees, you’re gonna make cry, you are so fake and pathetic.

  10. alejandro says:

    The NBA lockout will be end and there will be season Dereck fisher will fix eveything, Let the lockout end already please.

  11. Ano15 says:

    Both sides are to blame. I side with the players only for this reason. They are the employee going against the employer. In a way they are like many of us who work for an employer. They have the chance to do something we all wish we could and that’s have a say on how much we feel we deserve to make and actually have the chance to achieve it.Employers/Owners dont give a damn about their employees. If they could they would pay you as little as possible to do the job even if you deserved more. I understand thats business but when the players were suppose to receive 57% and they dropped down to 51% and the owners still would rather they go lower and not budge on the system that’s just pushing it too far. Thats like me earning $15 an hour and the company asking me to drop to $11 and I say ok if I can have an extra week of vacation and they say screw you $11 and thats it. They talk about having a competitive league. I say get GM’S that know what the hell they are doing. You dont need to spend tons of money to build a good team take a look at the Bulls. The Mavs beat the Heat with only one superstar and tons of great role players.Do your job right and you dont have to spend tons of money. Money doesnt buy championships. Ask the Heat or the Yankees in the last couple of years>

  12. Kyle Pham says:

    I wish the regular season would just start already! They need to make a deal soon, iam EAGER to go to a Golden State Warriors game.

  13. Staci says:

    I have watched the NBA for many years and this situation regarding the lockout is silly. These are suppose to be grown men working through things like adults. There will always be a side that will figure that they got the short end of the stick, just saying. When all is said and done, it comes down to morals, not the dollar. Both sides are involved in the NBA because they “love” what they are doing. In all aspects of life, it comes down to the “DOLLAR”!!!!! Lets just remember one thing, this isn’t just effecting just the players and the owners, how about the families of these so called adults. The fans should be the last people that really matter, yet the fans are also involved in buying tickets, merchandise, and satellite packages. These people are suppose to be setting examples for kids in the world, let just get this taken care of.

  14. melo says:

    lebron is trash.. CARMELO IS THE GREATEST

  15. shhh says:

    The company I work for don’t even give me .0001% of any related income.
    No sympathy for the players from me here.

  16. Robert - Romania says:

    Please, this is for real now. Let everyone see who’s lying!
    Every NBA fan must see this!
    Please, publish this link:

  17. frank says:

    the worse misstake was paying this players alll those millions like they are gods….look at king james…..1 ring 2 ring 3 rings and noooooooooo ring is my answer…….why pay someone who doesnt even have a ring and talks with no answer in the playoffs,,,,,, thank you my NEW YORK KNICKS!!!!! we dont need him…go NEW YORK!!!! and to all the players stop being greedy you got so much money that i dont need to work if they donate to me a million

  18. Ash says:

    I thought you play the game to be a champion or to be known. Not for money either way the players still going to be rich. Now they crying for more money who the hell is going to pay more money to sit in the nose bleed seat, I rather stay home and see the game on a flat HD tv. I think its bad management that the owners sign these players so much money then sucked the next season and raising the prices on the fans. I think thats why these small market teams not getting filled seats.

  19. frank says:

    the players are toooo greeeeeeedy!!!! they dont care about the fans…they make millllions more now and want more…..i need some basketball now…..lets sign new palyers and forget this players they could go back to school and doing regukar joba so they get pay 10 dollars a hr and lets see what they want after

  20. george says:

    I don’t think that lockout is players’ fault. Of course they are hardcore, but the owners have been indefinable. Each time the palyers back down they set a more hard proposal. You cannot make a deal this way. What they were thinking when they were giving amounts of money on overrated players?Was that a players’ fault? I don’t think so. Also, small market owners should understand that money is not the only reason for a player to choose their team, it is also the teams tradition and history and the city’s prospect on offering a good life. Just think about that. Imagine yourselves as professional basketball players. Where would you choose to play? In a small market or a big one?

  21. PO'd Fan says:

    The players are not going to accept this deal on Wednesday and there will be no 2011-2012 season. I truly believe this. It makes me want to cry. You guys are DESTROYING the game I’ve loved all my life. It’s so so SO SO SICKENING. I can’t believe this. Feels like I can’t wake up from a nightmare. Even when it finally does come back I’m afraid I won’t ever be able to look at it the same way again. What a way to damage your brand.

    Owners and players are both responsible. The really sick thing is that owners can surely ride out a missed season with no problems, most players can do the same pretty easily. Team front office employees and arena vendors are the ones who will really have hardships as a result of a missed season. You guys are disgusting examples to the rest of humanity. When history looks back on the early part of this century, it will be seen as the zenith of greed corrupting man. Predatory lending, ponzi schemes/Madoff, NBA lockout.

    Oh, and if we do get a season, like somebody else mentioned, they better not run the “NBA Cares” campaign, or ever again for that matter. Show you truly care and do the community work behind the scenes without utilizing it as a marketing ploy as well. Of course, this lockout situation has already provided the answer to whether or not they care.

  22. FFT says:

    GOD! At least YOU players still get money, no matter how much you’re being paid! It’s better than a lockout, which means no money!

  23. Realist says:

    These players act like they are starving and they can’t feed their kids. You make millions by putting a ball in a basket… You don’t see doctors going on strike because they want a share of the parking money for the lot, you don’t see Teachers going on strike because they want a share of the Cafeteria profits… If you see these people strike it is because they probably don’t make enough money…. I have always said Teachers, Doctors, and cops need to make the most money… Basketball players most of them only go to college for one year just to play in the NBA. People have to go to school for years to become Doctors and Teachers… IN my honest opinion Play ball or shut up!!!! Neither side really deserve money but players who already make 450,000 and up a year need to just shut up and play ball!!!

    • nada says:

      I read your comment it is very interesting and I agree with you for the most part about teachers anyway.

      the only reason I agree with the players on the BRI is that for that past 10 years they were getting 57% and the players were basically allowed to play where they wanted to play. The offered to take 4.5% cut down to 52.5 which is a big reduction…now the league wanted them to go down 7% taking 50/50 for what more money in there pockets..but the players did agree to go to 51% if other things were offered as far as where they could play later in there careers …the owners come back with the 51 but dont make any of the other changes… not fair negotiating.

      I think we need to take the fact that they are millionaire out of the equation and maybe it is easier to understand. Alot of people are offered and job with certain benefit package and a salary and we either take it or we dont. Alot of us look at our family situation we see how long we plan or working for this company and so on and so forth. Especially if we have a skill or a degree we try to make the best decision we can. Others take the first job that is available for a paycheck to make ends meet until they find the right job. These players dont have to take it they are not hard up and this deal will last for 10 years. But its a business and just because a lot more money is involved does mean that that is not true. The owners need these players and the players need these owners so all need to try and be reasonable.

      i want to see them play too but i rather them get a decent deal so when my daughter who is 2 is watching it 10 years from now this wont happen again.

  24. mavs fan says:

    Well, if there is no season the Mavs will be champs for two years……Go Mavs

  25. waly says:

    PLAYERS GO AND DECERTIFY the union, anyway there are few fans out here. The majority are on the owners side so, lets make a team and play for charity haha. Stern’s vs Le Bron’s in LA , but Stern better treat his upper lip herpes before the game….ohh sorry it’s the stress!!!!!

  26. Emmanuel says:

    if a deal is not done soon, there wont be a season, any they’re all going to loose money :/
    I want to watch basketball! not all this negotiation stuff.

  27. NeverMinor says:

    I’m losing the will to live with these negotiations. What we can all agree on is there ignorance towards the 3rd party involved… THE FANS! They could not begin to understand the damage caused to the fan base from these ‘talks’. If they did then i’m sure there would be have been a hasty solution prior to the season starting. It’s not something that can be calculated either i.e. average number of seats sold X ticket price X number of games missed.

    They’re forgetting the we can actually not care. Myself being a huge hypocrite, i will of course watch the games when they return whenever that may be. However, what must be realized is that the basketball world keeps revolving regardless of negotiations between people with money about solutions on how they should earn more money.

    As a side note, I feel sorry for players who have deliberately avoided involvement as to not tarnish there humble image.

    P.S if i see one more headline stating ‘Crucial Talks Ahead’ i’ll do something,… something bad.

  28. Joe Kokro says:

    Today’s NBA players, at least most, are not good like the ones in the 80s and early 90s but make more money. Even the subs are makong more money than the stars of the Magic/Bird era. So what the big deal about profit sharing when all they do these days is dunk and more dunks. I say, If the players do not accept the present offers, the season must start with replacements from the D-League or cut off the season.

  29. Viswas says:

    Players please agree the deal. And start playing NBA game.

  30. dan says:

    no matter what happens now, the players are gonna loose so much respect and admiration from everyone. they better not show those nba cares adds anymore because whose gonna believe them? they just dont realise how lucky they are, being so talented and having a league like the nba to be a part of. no matter what the numbers are or what the rich bosses are making, they have a really good deal! they as the heroes we make them, are expected to be heroes now and say ok, we’ll take whatever, as long as the fans dont suffer. i wish someone influential amongst the players would stand up an d say something. im sure some of them dont agree with the unions.

  31. Beogard says:

    i think it’s simple owners should get what ever they want, because in the end if the owners don’t make a profit then they have no reason to keep the team and then there won’t be any games anyway.

    I think there won’t be a season and players will not get anywhere with decert and lawsuits , take the deal or you will end up with far less then what you got now

  32. Oscar says:

    I don’t even care anymore. You’re losing followers after an amazing season full of storylines and controversy. Even I am hooked up with the NFL now. And tbh from just a few days back into the NFL I can see how the NFL is so more professional than the NBA. This is just dissapointing now. I don’t even read the articles aymore, I just check every now and then to see if the headlines say that these idiots made a deal. So sad and dissapointing NBA. now back to the NFL.

  33. PeteRock12 says:


  34. ban says:

    even if it does start,, I probably wouldn’t be watching any of the games as I just lost interest for the NBA. So sad.

  35. Adrian A says:

    It amazes me how the vast majority of fans state that ‘the players are greedy and should take the offer and play’; are they forgetting that the same dude that’s now threatening with a cancellation GAVE those players 57% and ‘cool contract options’ 10years ago, when the NBA was doing way worse and when, mwell, the small-market teams have FEWER means of gaining revenue? The internet nowadays allows you to buy Rubio’s t-shirt, if you’d like, whereas back several years ago, that wasnt really the case.

    You are NOT greedy if you dont want to give up 20% of your wage (yes, going back from 57% to ~50% on BRI is ‘giving up some ~15% of your wage) when YOU are the reason why the league is performing so well, and I dont think it’s fair locking the guys forever to a small-market team just to force that team to ‘deliver’. “Professional” athlete should mean just that – that one could get a contract depending on his skills, not on the ‘market he is in’ and ‘wage Jordan/Allen wants to give’. I found the vast opinion of the fans to be baffling – its not like just b/c i dont make more than 50k/yr. I’d like to have the wages capped at 50k, and guys should realize, at least now (if they dont do it when they watch the games) that 1) there are more players paid with ~1.4ml USD/yr than with those +15ml/yr. offers I keep on seeing; 2) They only have several years to play and 3) they’re immensely good at what they do and they’re the best in the world – and that’s not easy and, likely, not many of us, those paid with less than 50k/yr, are ‘among the best in the world’. B/c, mwell, its tough being the best – and it should be rewarding.

  36. BC says:

    okay i am surprised how many people say the lockout is the players fault. How is it the players fault? the players want to play. They have proposed several deals but corporate greed by the owners keeps pushing the lockout further and further out. the owners are to blame. they should be making that much money on an nba team. they are just greedy. capitalism must go. just play your employees and get over it. The players are the one that bring in revenue to the nba without them there would be no nba.

    • BC says:

      sorry typos

      they should not be making that much money on an nba team

      pay your employees and get over it

  37. tony says:

    im done waiting for this.. Theres only 1 sport that i love now, football! And i dont mean that crap nfl.. I mean real football or what americans mite call soccer. Glory Glory Man United!!!!

  38. Ari says:

    If any of both sides hire me i will close this deal in 5 minutes

  39. Vinny says:

    I don;t think there is any other enterprise or sport where 15 people will get 50% of the revenue and the owner and all other employees share the remaining 50%. Players are growing greedy day by day. No wonder why so many players become bankrupt after retiring as they don’t know how an enterprise is run. Owners has too many things to manages i.e. facility, debt repayment, sales/marketing. facility and operations.. Players should accept the current deal and start playing.. there will be fewer fans next year…

  40. Clark of Utah says:

    It is done… just sold all 6 sets of my season tickets so of which were very valuable 2nd row seats…. If the NBA can’t respect their fans enough to get their crap together then they don’t need my money… and yes I’m sure once the game comes back people will buy tickets again, but I would be very pleased if fans took a stance and didn’t fill the arena’s for a few months if not a season…

  41. Tim says:

    I have to say that this is the most pathetic thing I have ever witnessed. Yall are really arguing over who will have the lesser of billions of dollars, really? Man, this is sickening. All of you are rich, the only ones who are not are the ones who depend on the games to be played like the workers at the arenas or the stores surrounding the arenas, but they don’t matter cause you need that bigger slice of the pie. Maybe its because you need to go to the team you THINK you can win a championship with, or better yet protect yourself from your own silly decisions to sign a mediocre player to a multi milion dollar deal only to have him choke outside of his former teamates. Gentlemen this is a joke and not only are you losing money but the respect of the people who love the way you play this game. I know you don’t care cause at the end of the day “you’ll still be rich” right? This agitates me to no end, and the most dissapointing thing about all of this is I never thought I would see the day that I would be dissapointed by Micheal Jordan. Even on his worst day he was a king to me. He is showing his mortal side in this by being uncompromising when he could be using his influence to do what he has always done and add to the game only as he can. The fact that this has gone this long is shocking and at this point people are starting to care less if you all play or not. Some of you better hope they don’t dissolve those contracts if they decertify either lol…we’ll see how that works out for some of you.

  42. dudestar says:

    GREED is the one factor that caused all this delay, the NBA should be ashamed of themselves.

  43. Everybody count your blessings! Remember the non believers in Basketball are laughing about these..

  44. Mike says:

    I am not going to lie, I was gravely disappointed when the preseason was canceled, then I said alright a deal would be made before the start of the season, that was not the case. I only became a basketball fan like 5 years ago, soccer was and would always be my sport. Now I think to regain that spirit of loving the game, one would have to convince me that Basketball is not the new Wrestling. Money is not everything, people meet 50/50, owners and players, as of now I am regretting ever watching the sport of basketball, but regardless go CELTICS.

  45. Mike says:

    Just when I finally got some friends interested in the NBA, this happens. Both sides are losing fan support the longer this continues. If you lose revenue, there’s not as much money to share; so, who really wins here? I know I don’t.

  46. Horace says:

    The NBPA has to take the deal at this point. They just don’t want to this late into the lockout because everyone around the world will know that they lost. They should have started meeting with the league July 1 at 12:01 am, then we could have been watching ball right now

  47. Neil Anthony says:

    regarding the tax related issues punishing the teams who exceeds the tax cap, it should be make it a rule that the income that will be generated on the tax penalties should only be given to the teams that can make the playoffs.

    i rather have those small market lazy and irresponsible decision makers rot to non competitive teams than giving them a share of the pie and not doing enough to make their teams competitive.

  48. Griffin says:

    They’re all overpaid babies. LeBron is the poster child for overpaid athletes. Their greed has cost thousands of people their jobs and hurt hundreds of local businesses that depend on NBA fans. But hey, what do they care? Capatalism at its finest. Way to go America. Suck it up, and play ball while you’re still somewhat relevant.

  49. jj says:

    The only people who have the power the teach a lesson to all those people and especially the players, are us. Ultimately we are the ones who make this business because we bring the money. Therefore, if you guys really want to teach a hardcore lesson to those guys: BOYCOTT THE NBA! Don’t buy any overpriced ticket anymore, and forget about buying their merch. Because 52.5% of nada, is nada. The ushers and food vendors will still work cuz the games will still be happening, but I think those players should get the same salary as the ushers, for a season, to see how they feel.

    A quick and easy math: if the players agree to get 50% instead of 57%, they give up 7%. A rookie makes 40k a month. With a BRI at 50%, he would make 37,200 per month, instead of 40k with a BRI at 57%. Would this really be a problem, especially in an economy that’s going downhill right now and where everybody else is struggling? Also, do you know a lot of jobs where the entry level salary is 600k per year? I’m not even talking about the so-called stars (it hurts for me to call them that right now) who make 10 millions per year. At a 50% BRI, they would only make 9.3 millions/year, and that doesn’t include endorsements. Poor babies. About a guy like Garnett, that I used to admire as a player, and who makes 21 millions per year, it’s not even worth debating about it.

    Fans and nba followers, unite, and boycott the whole circus. WE HAVE THE POWER TO KILL THIS BUSINESS, and I wouldn’t be sad to do so. I’d like to have Derek Fisher as my main salesperson at Home Depot, where he would make 8$/hour, struggling to sell me a piece of wood or whatever, and where he would be eating his shorts all his life, regretting the 50% of the couple of billions him and his little dancer friends had the opportunity to share while the whole planet was suffering because an economic downturn.

  50. jonathan says:

    this is sad and stupid… I’ve lost a lot of respect for the players and the league. Sack up D-Fish…

  51. OzHeatFan says:

    The owners are the cause for the lock-out. The average NBA player has a small window of time at peak performance to make $ in basketball, then they must go make a regular living like the rest of us. Most owners are already rich enough to give half their money and business away and still be billionaires. They will continue to make exhorbitant amounts of money long after the LBJ’s & D Roses are retired.
    That is providing they make SOUND business decisions… NOT like the ones they made buying a business as volatile as a basketball team. Where the signing of players and the harmony between players-coaches-management is the connection to the fans/public and their paying $ that makes an organisation succesful.
    Basketball is a business just like any other.. make good business decisions and the business will prosper. If you are the employee of a company, no matter what level.. .you want the $$$, If your boss is stupid enough to employ you on more money than you are worth.. is that your fault??

  52. Purple_Guy says:

    I’d love to see someone organize a significant group of long time season ticket holders from all teams into a group that should then demand to be allowed to add their voice to these “talks”. Maybe a little common sense from the people who will ultimately be paying all the money to these owners and players will add more perspective, They all ultimately work for us and need to understand that better.

    Maybe they need to hear something like the fact that we could all boycott the season leaving them with nothing tangible to be fighting for anyway. They’ve had my 2011-2012 season ticket money for a long time already in this harsh economy and don’t seem to care enough to even ask how I or the other season ticket holders all feel about this mess.

    Mr. Stern, please set a few seats aside for us at the next meeting.

  53. bj says:

    150 years since J. Naismith was born bet he’d be rolling in his grave if he knew that his great game was being stopped simply because of money. END THIS LOCKOUT NOW.

  54. lonnie steward says:

    hurry up and take this offer yall losing fans day after day all over money that a lot of people in the world do not make this lockout is frustrating and uneccessary all of yall have (rbi) rich basketball income a lot of people wish they was in yall shoes and all this over money yall either need to get this deal done or yall gone lose a lot of fans as yall should know no fans mean no money no drive

  55. RehdhC says:

    The players sholdn’t hold all the cards in free agency. It makes the entire design of the Entire league a joke if only five teams or so draw big Name free agents. Having less teams would be a step backwards. The only reason talent gets diluted is because some teams get all the talent. That must stop. IF you are willing to sign for the minimum as a star, they make no rules against that, so you still have a choice where to sign. Financial gain is an incentive to sign with clubs who otherwise get shoved aside. That is a good cba guidline. Get oaid more, and the talent gets spread even. IF you want to form a big three you ahve to sacrifice alot of money personally. You have free will. Sounds good to me.

  56. dak says:

    us as fans need to take a stand with a boy cot of the nba lol

  57. Rupert Bear says:

    If the players aren’t going to play this season President Obama should send them to Iraq or Afghanistan to help out the troops, then they might learn more about REAL life than just being breedy b*stards holding thousands of innocent employees to financial hardship in one of the worst economic times on this planet for decades, do these morons care about anyone else but themselves, don’t make me laugh. If i was in charge, I’d send the union leaders on a 6 month boot camp and tell all the players to get back to work, or, be made unemployed.

  58. What says:

    I hope these dudes go broke so they can see how tough it is to be an average American, they complain about taking a small pay cut when there are people all around the world starving, people who are struggling to eat, pay bills, put clothes on their backs and these greedy overpaid moguls complain about losing money, IT’S RIDICULOUS ive lost all respect for the NBPA and the players. They should be ASHAMED.

  59. LoveBBall says:

    some of you ppl sound like bitter failed athletes. i don’t here any crying about baseball players making too much money. secondly the owners are billionaires, and lastly its not all about money really the players would take less if they didn’t want the system basically not allowing a players to go and play where they want. so i don’t blame the players. lastly if you think euro league play and college basketball is played at a higher lvl than the nba then you know absolutely nothing about basketball. most college players can’t even make it to the nba lvl. america sends leftovers overseas and they become stars. and the best players in europe play in the nba. the nba is simply elite the best of the best and highest lvl of basketball on the planet.

  60. David says:

    i just want to watch my MIAMI HEAT play already!!! GET A DEAL DONE NOW!!!!!!!

  61. Ryan says:

    Its disgusting that this has carried on as long as it has… And frankly i’m tired of hearing about it now… There will NEVER be a “winner” in this ongoing battle of stupidity.. Both sides have already lost.

  62. CK says:

    Players have enough money already, clubs are losing money and the average Joe working for the stadium ain’t getting paid.

    What’s the issue again?

  63. Marcus Bastos says:

    At this point, I don´t blame the players. The owners want a big change in the current system. I think they already have what is necessary to get a wealthy business going. Although, as a NBA fan, I want the start of the season, the best move the players have is to descertify and potentially blown up the entire 2011-12 season.

  64. DJ1234567890 says:

    The NBRI. That stands for non-Basketball Related Income. I chose that name because the players are not playing basketball, they are just millionaires making $5 million per season. They also have endorsements to make their incomes. They are not suffering, and neither are the billionaire owners, they are trying to save their franchises, but only the small-market teams are. Players, just take 50-50 and whatsoever the rest. The fans are suffering. So are the people who have lost jobs because of the NBA lockout this year. Do not decertify the union, because that might cancel the entire 2011-2012 NBA season. Instead, have everything go in the owners’ favor, make the new CBA last for 20 years at the least, and, like I said before, do not decertify the union. Man, I can’t wait for Billy Hunter and Jeff Kessler to be sacked. But do not keep Derek Fisher, because it would be nice to see a new president, Jameer Nelson in my opinion, but let Derek Fisher still play in the NBA.

  65. Gabby says:

    I’ve been a fan of MJ, the player, for so long but now after hearing his position.. NO MORE.

    MJ – You can always sell your Team… your not good in managing anyway.

  66. FAQ says:

    Small market teams can form their own league and bring reasonably priced basketball to N America.

    Yes… expand into Canada and Mexico and leave the NBA in financially secure big markets.

  67. FAQ says:

    The players must stand pat because they came down and all the owners want is more more and more concessions from the players.

    Wasn’t it Barkley who said there were too many NBA teams and the talent was too diluted?!

    Fold the losing teams and that will help the league and the game… and the real talent will get rewarded.

  68. Former World Heavyweight Champion David Arquette says:

    Well I think that we should all get together and buy the NBA. All of us fans. That way we could pay those players minimum wage and they could make their money off endorsements.

  69. Denise says:

    Its not so muc the money,…. the OWNERS make majoriity of the money no matter what the deals say. Thats why OWNERS lke PAT RILEY can give 3 of his PLAYERS a littel over 100$ mil…… A PIECE… What the other players want more say so as to where they play and can play for a number of years… right now I am a very disappointed fan of BOTH sides.
    I do find it hilarious that MJ has to eat some of his words!

    • David says:

      First of all, Pat Riley is not the owner of the Heat. That honor belongs to Mickey Arison.
      Second, its always about the money.

  70. tenin11 says:

    hey guys wanna join me ?let`s boycot this so called “NBA” where greedy happens!

  71. nba is the only important thing in my life says:

    please end this lockout and start the season, i love watching the nba games, also they are really entertaining and its all ive done for the past 5 years and it always cheers me up

  72. upset says:

    What is 50% of nothing? NOTHING and that is what the players and owners are going to get if they don’t come up with a deal. I personally hope both the players and the owners loose everything. Maybe, just maybe they will realize how stupid and greedy both sides have been by trying to gain the advantage over the other. I do believe that the players need to realize that if the owners don’t make a profit there could be a chance that the owners could go bankrupt and that will be a losing proposition for all involved. The players would be without a job. Common Sense tells us the owners need to be successful in making a profit so all players may have the oppertunity at being successful and making the type of money the majority of us just dream about. PLAYERS USE YOUR HEADS!!!!!

  73. bulls23 says:

    NBA players are among the highest paid of any sport around the world, and they are kicking up a fuss because the will be paid a fraction less to do what they love? They need to realize that they are some of the most fortunate people on the planet this is absolutely ridiculous

  74. jazz21 says:

    the nba where no agreement happens

  75. waly says:

    And for those who said that players are not willing to give…..ok now the basicaly accepted the 50/50…but owners came out with more and more restrictions in system issues…so WHO IS NOT WILLING TO NEGOTIATE?….with chicago people restect..SHAME ON JORDAN,he is not my best nba player any more.

  76. Alex Marrero says:

    The players really don’t understand how the marketing system of the U.S. works. The owners take financial risks by purchasing these teams. Should they have had better sense than to do that? Yes, but that’s irrelevant. In our economy, demand determines supply, and that directly influences employment. If demand is suddenly lower for a product, then the producers lose revenue. The people who make/sell those products will start losing salaries/jobs to make up for those losses. Is it fair? No, but it’s how this thing works. Players should be happy that they’re not losing their jobs like most of us do. And whenever they decide to stop thinking they’re above anyone else or even the system by which the U.S. is based upon, since the owners have much more leverage then they do, I will welcome them to the lives of 95% of the population and simply say “sucks, don’t it?”

  77. RehdhC says:

    I used to love the NBA. Up until yesterday. I’m sick of this. I know it doesn’t matter to either side, but I’m harboring a growing hatred for NBA basketball. Example: I was so worried abiut Dwight Howard leaving the Magic, Now I wonder why I even ever cared so much. Hey, Owners, players, do whatever you want phony idiots I stopped caring about you stupid fools! You ruined it.

  78. waly says:

    Players should not take any deal based on threat,ulimatum,punitive,….no way….you guys say TAKE IT becuase you just want to see the games, but in the botton you guys dont care about the players. Insane, how come the NBA is going to build a healthier and stronger league based on the above mentioned conditions. Owners cleared demonstrated they are the ones that dont give a shat about us, employees and families, so been on their side is been like them.

    • real fan says:

      Im with you on that one, id rather not see a NBA Season than watch these greedy owners get what they want, they have billiones, It’s crazy how anyone on these comment board can call the players greedy, it’s not about the players, its about the people who love the sport and the future players who will eventually join the NBA in the future as well as the retired, thats what the players are fighting for, anyone who disagrees cant really call themselve a fan

      • Elk says:

        What the top players make in one year would be enough for the average person’s lifetime…. and you call them not greedy! The Owners are the ones taking the risk with the business,. They are businessmen, if the business doesn’t make a return then why would they own a team? The owners are just trying to make a profit so that the team is worthwhile, otherwise there will be no NBA!

  79. MU says:

    I hate the players. They don’t care about the fans and the workers! They only love themselves!

  80. Lakers-NBAKings says:

    Only good American sport and it’s in a Lockout…
    No reason to watch ESPN or TV anymore…

  81. If the players are not getting what they want then why should the owners? If the owners are not getting what they want then why should the players? If the fans are not getting what they deserve then why should the players? seriously

  82. lideroo says:

    All the league and the players are doing is losing fans with all this non-basketball greedy nonsense.

    Good job guys!!! Real smooth

  83. Matt Terry says:

    Take the deal and play the game. Players, quit acting like spoiled babies!

  84. berks says:

    I hate when fisher talks about fans and small people like employees, If he does really care then accept the 50-50 I don’t know how much money they want..they already have the salary that is a hundred thousands per month compare to mine which is 2000 only..Owners make business, players makes the selling owners are always greedy like the one that I have, but I cant say no because I want the job..

  85. Ari says:

    Players deserve a lockout so now they will see how wrong they are on not taking the deal offered
    most of players doesn’t have their money invest and a tons more doesn’t even have education they just jumped from a college gym to the nba getting a dream salary from night to morning now they will loose everything

    good luck

  86. Nick says:

    This is getting crazy now ! I live in England and when tell friends about what is going on they can’t believe what i’m saying ! I put most of the blame on the owners , but the NBPA have their share of the blame too ! Part of me wants the players to hold out, but in the end the owners will win, so i’d take the offer on the table now, before you lose a full season and an even worse deal in the future, it’s money you will never earn back !

  87. Paul says:

    As a NHL fan I see lots of simerlaritys betwwen the nhl lock out and the current NBA ,billionare owners,millionare players,all saying NO !!! The NHL lost a season before sense prevaled .I’m sorry to say the NBA is going the same way.Eventually owners/players will lose enough money and then there will be a deal.

  88. Meh says:

    Meh, the union should reject it just on principle. If they allow themselves to be bullied into accepting a “take it or leave it” deal, it sets the precedence for future negotiations which will just further harm them.

    An ultimatum is NOT negotiating.

  89. TS says:

    Somebody should go get Stern a mocha, that kid looks spent.

  90. MT FUJI says:

    The nba is a dying game. The best atheletes are playing in the nba but the best basketball is not being played there. The COLLEGE game and pro ball in europe is far superior.Hell even the WNBA PLAYS better basketball with more hustle and effort than the rich no work ethic millionairs in the nba. I am not on either the owners side of this lockout. I used to be a huge nba fan until david stern SCREWED OVER the fan base in Seattle with 40 years of tradition. I love the fact that the league and the players are killing the pro game of today because it needs to die and go to EUROPE

    • LoveBBall says:

      saying college basketball and euroball is played at a higher lvl than nba basketball tells me you know nothing about the game

      • Elk says:

        It’s true though. NBA teams don’t play the beautiful sturctured defence of college teams, and they don’t play with the same hustle like The Euroleague during the regular season. However in the playoffs they do start to play proper, hard basketball

  91. Michael says:

    Billionaires arguing with millionaires over money….PATHETIC!!! The longer this lockout lasts, the more its hurting the fans and the people that run those arenas. I would love to be one of those players that get that 2.5 million dollar contract. GREED is whats taking over in this lockout and the players don’t realize how fortunate they are to making as much money as they are already. Take the deal and lets play ball!!!

  92. emptynestdave says:

    Come on players, your not gonna get a better deal than this and decertification will never get you enough to make up for what you would lose between now and then. I agree the owners could have been more polite than “take it or leave it”, but man up – the offer ain’t that bad

  93. 2kWade says:

    like come on already get the deal done if this season goes to an end because off this lock out that is one championship gone down the drain for many teams who has hopes especially great aging teams who are on their last stretch like the Celtics or other teams like the Miami Heats who want to prove themselves. Get this season going already i thought these guys wanted a ring more than anything now 2.5 – 3% is causing delay WOW just WOW

  94. NBA Swag says:

    Hahaha I hope the nba never recovers from this lockout…NHL FTW

    • urdgd says:

      yes hahaha that would be great but I think they need decertifacation first. next you have the players separating. And then, maybe, just maybe, in a couple of years hockey will take the lead from basketball

  95. Big Kitchen says:


  96. Anthony says:

    make a deal

  97. DJ1234567890 says:


  98. Greed says:

    I suppose that if the players vote on the current proposal, it would be accepted and all this nonsense would end immediately. Greed from both sides (mainly players though) has led this lockout to the point where us, fans, have become really frustrated.
    The thing that both players and owners do not realize is that this prolonged lockout will have much harsher consequences on the thing they have been arguing about – BRI. If, and that is a big if, there is an NBA season this year – the BRI that they will split will not be higher than 2.5 billion (maximum), and it will take at least two years for the NBA to be able to generate nearly as high a revenue as last season, in my opinion. So when you do the maths – they area all fighting for much less money than they think they are fighting for.

    Have fun over the next 2-3 seasons with players’ cut wages and teams continuing to lose money, because of a few percentage points of a pie that is becoming smaller as we speak.
    We, fans, can live without the NBA for a while (although it is tough), but the real losers of this lockout at the moment are employees, who are losing their jobs, and their families… players and owners will pay for that from the smaller BRI next few seasons!

    • MITRA says:

      I completely agree with this view. Players, please close the deal and accept the offer; you have no other way to go at this point except decertification.

      Please think about the financial hardship of hundreds of people who are financially connected to the league. It is their bread and butter.

      Please make a trade off between you accepting a few million dollar less and the survival of a large number of ordinary hard-working wage earners who depend on the league.

      Please take a shot!!

      • tide23 says:

        its not the money thats the big concern, its atleast having the opportunity to play where they want to play even if it means for less money. the players have let go of there ego’s but its still not enough they know that the players want to play real bad stern is cool its not him its some of the small market with bad management fault.If you think iam being bias just look at the archive from the beginning and listen to both sides and all the experts from and

      • hah says:

        hah-not the money. thats a good one.both side are greedy.point is the players are stupid if they push this any furhter.take the deal. tha players will lose. period. they dont have the money or time to outlast the owners. its a lost cause. take the deal

  99. Man, I don’t even know what to think anymore after watching last nights NBA TV live coverage of the press conference. We the fans are being pulled in all directions and don’t know who to believe. The only thing that matters is that they get the deal done already and get the season going. Just do it!

    • Got2B says:

      David Stern is not devoid of any blame, his attitude in this whole debacle is rediculous. I hope at this point the whole season is canceled and maybe next year as well, I don’t want to hear about owners losing money if they were worried about that they should not have bought a team., and believe me if any of you think the owners are losing money you have no business putting your two cents into this conversation. I am proably the biggest nba fan alive but at this point I have lost interest in this season.

      • rage says:

        what makes you think they are not, be real man, you dont know what the finacial returns have been the last few years, what makes you thier accountant. If you think you are the only NBA fan who understands whats going on then you are mistaking. I dare you to go to your boss and ask him/her if you could make more money than them and see where that lands you. It is both the owners and players, and frankly, im tired as a fan for Kessler, the union and the NBA bringing us fans into the damn thing.