Labor Talks: Finger-Pointing Season

HANG TIME HEADQUARTERS — If you thought October was filled with empty rhetoric from both sides and nastiness that prevents progress in the NBA’s lockout saga, wait until you get a load of the new narrative.

The only thing worse than yet another breakdown in lockout negotiations is the incessant finger-pointing that kicked off in earnest on what should have been the opening night of the season.

And it’s open season on any and everyone connected.

Both of the union’s top guns, executive director Billy Hunter and president Derek Fisher, have been targeted. The agents are taking their fair share of fire as well. And you know the players, in general, owners and NBA Commissioner David Stern should all be used to it by now …


Ken Berger of It’s lawyer vs. lawyer, owner vs. owner, agent vs. union and logic vs. ego. Ego is winning in a blowout so far. There’s no basketball Tuesday night, and none Wednesday night, when the Knicks were supposed to host the Heat at Madison Square Garden. There’s none for the foreseeable future because the owners and players can’t compromise, and the hard liners on each side won’t let it happen. Who’s to blame? At this point, there’s plenty to go around. But we know enough about the portion of the deal that’s been negotiated — and I agree with the New York Times’ assessment that it’s “about 95 percent complete — to more narrowly assign blame. If I had to pin it anywhere, it would be squarely on the hard-line owners and hard-line agents. Each is preventing its side’s negotiators from pushing this basically done deal across the finish line. Much has been made of the owners’ intransigence, and for good reason. Every conceivable aspect of this deal has gone the owners’ way: minimally a $1.3 billion pay cut for the players over the first six years of a 10-year deal; shorter contracts; smaller raises; a more punitive luxury tax; more restrictions on trades and player movement. The players pulled into the dealership looking for a tune up and instead had their ride battered mercilessly with sledgehammers. The $500,000 fine assessed to Heat owner Micky Arison for using Twitter to expose the obvious rift between big- and small-market owners in the negotiations gave credence to something NBPA executive director Billy Hunter has hinted at for months: the owners are not on the same page. As of Friday, when the talks blew up again over the sacred split of BRI, the hard liners were still winning.


Adrian Wojnarowski of Yahoo! Sports: After Billy Hunter made the grand stand of marching out of Friday’s bargaining session, refusing to negotiate below 52 percent of the NBA’s revenue split, a strong movement within the Players Association emerged that vowed the union will never let him act so unilaterally again. From superstars to midlevel players to rookies, there’s an unmistakable push to complete the final elements of the system and take this labor deal to the union’s 400-plus membership. Beyond that, there’s an even larger movement to push Hunter, the Players Association’s executive director, out the door once these labor talks are done. All hell’s broken loose within the union, and no one is exactly sure how they’re going to get a deal to the finish line. “Billy can’t just say it’s 52 or nothing, and walk out again,” one league source involved with the talks told Yahoo! Sports. “That will not happen again. It’s time that the players get to make a decision on this, and there won’t be another check lost before they do.” Rest assured, there’s a vast gulf in the union, and it’s growing with the passing of every day. Players Association president Derek Fisher’s letter to the players convinced no one otherwise. NBA commissioner David Stern and the owners know it, and it’s part of the reason they won’t raise their offer of the BRI revenue split to 51 percent. There are system issues that need to be resolved for players, but this deal gets done at 50-50, and that’s been true for a long, long time. In the end, there are two courses for the union: Take the deal largely on the table or blow this up, decertify and lose the season fighting the NBA in the federal courts.


Marc Stein of Sources told ESPN The Magazine’s Ric Bucher that the union’s executive board has scheduled a Thursday session in New York in the wake of multiple public denials from executive director Billy Hunter and president Derek Fisher. The denials followed numerous published reports since the weekend that the union’s top two officials are no longer working in concert. In a letter sent Tuesday night to NBA players and obtained by, Hunter wrote: “Contrary to what is being said in the media, Derek, myself and the Negotiating Committee are of one accord. Derek is a fearless defender of player rights both at the bargaining table and behind the scenes, and he carries out his duties as President with the same degree of courage, focus and tenacity that he has exhibited on the court as a five-time champion. We are all well served to have Derek in a leadership capacity during these negotiations.” Those remarks echoed comments Fisher made Monday night in his own letter to union members in which he strongly attacked a report from Friday. alleged that Hunter and another unnamed member of the union’s executive board have questioned Fisher about his relationship with NBA commissioner David Stern and deputy commissioner Adam Silver. Later Tuesday night, after the release of Hunter’s letter, Fisher took it a step further, issuing a statement in which he revealed that he has “issued a letter through my attorneys demanding a retraction for the libelous and defamatory stories the site and reporter have continued to publish.” Fisher said: “The statements made in recent articles on the Fox Sports website are inexcusable. Among the many baseless accusations, to allege that I am working with the league for my personal gain is unequivocally false. The implication that I am doing anything but working in the best interests of the players is disgusting, defamatory and a flat-out lie. “Regardless of the media reports, the Players Association, our staff, Executive Director and Executive Committee are unified and working side by side to serve our players,” Fisher continued. “There should be no more distractions. We must continue to negotiate a fair deal for our players.”


Greg Cote of the Miami Herald: Twitter is so often numbing shades from innocuous to insipid, small bites of banality. You can follow celebrated sports figures on the social network and sift through an endless parade of Tweets no more illuminating than this guy’s lunch plans or that guy’s “Rise and grind!” testimonial. There are occasional specks of gold, though. There can be truths revealed, often unintentionally, as when unfiltered proclamations of prejudice say as much about a person’s absent judgment as about his bigotry. Sometimes great truths are revealed in surprisingly casual asides that speak volumes even in the brevity of 140 characters or less. That happened this week to Miami Heat owner Micky Arison. His truth said so much of what the NBA wanted kept hidden — revealing more about this ongoing lockout than a dozen of commissioner David Stern’s official statements — that the league punished Arison with a $500,000 fine for violating its strict gag order. It’s funny. Arison is forbidden to comment about the lockout, and yet during the lockout (when tampering rules do not apply) LeBron James is free to go on Twitter and openly invite Steve Nash to join the Heat “so we can help each other get our first ring.” It can be a complicated animal, freedom of expression. As a quick aside, Arison will require no second job or telethon on his behalf to settle his fine. To a man worth close to $4.5 billion, half a million is loose change under the sofa cushions. It was an extraordinary amount nevertheless, though, the punitive gesture mirroring the NBA’s embarrassment to see itself exposed.



Howard Beck of the New York Times:  For months, Commissioner David Stern has insisted that the league’s 29 owners are unified in the goals, methods and necessity of the lockout, which is in its fifth month. He maintains that stance, Arison’s glib posting notwithstanding. “He believes his tweets were taken out of context and understands our concern about them,” Stern said Tuesday in a telephone interview. “And he’s very much on board with the other 29 owners about the deal that we want.” If fans and commentators view Arison’s words as a declaration of self-interest, an attempt to distance himself from the more hawkish factions, Stern said he understood it. Arison himself conceded “that it might have had that impression,” Stern said, “but he didn’t intend it to.” The punishment leaves its own stark impression. The $500,000 fine is five times that of those levied on two other owners — Charlotte’s Michael Jordan and Washington’s Ted Leonsis — for labor-related comments. Without confirming the amount, Stern acknowledged that the fine was tailored to the circumstances, but not because of what Arison wrote. “It was more about his timing,” Stern said, noting that the message appeared on the very night that negotiations collapsed. “We’re trying very hard to get a deal done with the players, or we were, and we don’t need any external distractions to that focus.” At the moment, there are no talks, and none planned. Negotiators briefly discussed bringing back George Cohen, the federal mediator who presided over three days of talks last month. But Stern said that Cohen would not be returning.


Mike Bresnahan of the Los Angeles Times:  Above the din of millionaires arguing with billionaires, there was an email from George Moreno, a fourth-grade teacher at Micheltorena Elementary School in Los Angeles. “Yesterday at our school fall festival one of my molars hurt. I make a mental note to schedule an appointment to see my dentist in January 2012, since my miserable $1,000/year insurance ran out in July. A minute or two later, a 9-year-old student of mine shows up to the fall festival wearing a homemade Halloween costume made from the two large sheets of paper I gave out on Friday. I bought the paper at Staples Office Supply with my own money. The student had colored the paper and came as a slice of pizza. Since the student is homeless, I did not charge admission and handed the student’s mom a $3 card to spend, courtesy of the PTA. They stayed the whole day. The bigger moral question for me is twofold: 1) Do these owners and NBA millionaires deserve my support at all? 2) Is it time for my friends and family members to bring up this topic in workplace lunchrooms? Feeling a bit beat up and sad here….” He’s not alone. Pistons forward Austin Daye tweeted: “Today is a sad day today was the first official day of the NBA Season!!!” He added: “Who wants free tickets to the pistons game tomorrow night????? #lockout”


Mike Monroe of the San Antonio Express News: Spurs owner Peter Holt seems to understand the debt he and Robinson and other Spurs owners owe to Tim Duncan. Chairman of the owners’ labor relations committee, he said as much to reporters after negotiations blew apart on Oct. 20. In refuting the notion the Spurs proved it possible for a team to thrive financially and win championships in a relatively small market, Holt said the Spurs had lost money in 2009-10 and 2010-11 and would have run in red ink sooner if not for good fortune in the draft. “Fortunately, a fellow named Tim Duncan showed up and David Robinson before that, and we won some championships,” Holt said. “We were able to go deep into the playoffs. It helped cover our losses. If we had not had that situation, we would have been losing money even before these last two years in this last CBA.” Now Duncan will pay dearly — about $211,000 per game — with each one that isn’t played in what could be the final season of his brilliant career. Duncan was just entering his second season when the owners locked out the players in 1998, not yet of a stature to play an important role in collective bargaining. Then, it was left to Michael Jordan to intercede in collective bargaining talks. His Airness famously told Washington Bullets owner Abe Pollin that if he could not afford to run an NBA team, he should sell it. This is not to suggest Duncan should confront Holt the same way, but wouldn’t his presence add a rich texture to the fabric of the union’s stance? And perhaps he might be just the right union member to make the same suggestion to Jordan, now owner of the Bobcats, that Jordan offered to Pollin. After all, it’s when selling a franchise that the owners truly cash in, with no obligation to split those proceeds with anyone.


Joe Cowley of the Chicago Sun-Times: The sad thing is, in many NBA markets, Day 124 of the lockout was met with apathy. That’s usually the response when we watch millionaires argue with billionaires. Bulls have big year ahead. Not in Chicago. The fact that opening night in the NBA came and went without a game being played should have stung a little. Make that a lot. This is a Bulls team with unfinished business. This is a fan base that still has a bad taste in its mouth courtesy of the Heat’s “Big Three’’ ending the playoff run in the Eastern Conference finals. There is something empty about winning a title in a shortened season. It’s an asterisk. And what’s holding it all up? A 2 percent gap in revenue sharing between the players and ownership. Two percent. Five hundred jump shots a day, six days a week, and it’s 2 percent that’s keeping the lockout alive and well. That’s hard to swallow. In most labor disagreements between players and owners, I’m on the side of the players. This one, however, is a no-brainer. The blame is solely on ownership. If you spend the last decade handing out bad contracts that you eventually can’t afford, that’s on you. And if NBA teams are going broke, let’s see the books. Show us the evidence of your demise. But it will never happen. Do you think NBA owners want the average fan in a struggling economy to see him paying his buffoon of a son-in-law $500,000 a year to make paper airplanes and not be an embarrassment out in public? No, thanks, they’ll take the pass on that.



  1. Sully says:

    I am genuinely glad to read this web site posts which carries lots of useful data, thanks for providing such information.

  2. MT FUJI says:

    The nba is a dying game. The best atheletes are playing in the nba but the best basketball is not being played there. The COLLEGE game and pro ball in europe is far superior.Hell even the WNBA PLAYS better basketball with more hustle and effort than the rich no work ethic millionairs in the nba. I am not on either the owners side of this lockout. I used to be a huge nba fan until david stern SCREWED OVER the fan base in Seattle with 40 years of tradition. I love the fact that the league and the players are killing the pro game of today because it needs to die and go to EUROPE.

  3. tom B says:

    I read some of the comments on how players in the future will suffer from the 50-50 split.
    My heart goes out to future NBA players
    Rookies in the future will get a minium of 1.5 million
    Well i made 45,000 last year I will trade there jobs any day.
    I also would like the Fans who blame the owners for this.
    4 billion is the total take and the players still want 53 per cent
    They are living on another Plant.
    Players Take the 50- 50 split and run with it.
    The Clock is running and you are going to lose alot more.
    Fans who blame the owners go ask your boss for a 50-50 split and see what he will say. Hit the door.

  4. Anthony says:

    Fans are sick and tied of the lie
    Fans are getting mad its NBA and NBA player fauilt .

  5. Damien Nortier says:

    Why don’t NBA fans start going on strike ? Why don’t they show that ALL THE MONEY, each and every dollar used to pay the billions this league makes per year, comes from them ? I really don’t get it : same thing as Ancient Rome when people were given “panem et circenses” : bread and arena games. It’s just a shame here that true fans demand for the NBA season to begin, I hope it will be cancelled and the NBA will know a major collapse. And if it doesn’t, then I hope the fans don’t show up to games ! BOYCOTT those greedy guys ! Don’t give them YOUR money ! This being said, I know it won’t happen, capitalism has just taught people how to obey, not how to think by themselves.
    BOYCOTT BOYCOTT !!!!!!!!

  6. Pippenfan says:

    Money and greed corrupt all sports. It appears that many players have lost their love for the game, fans and winning, it’s all about “me and my brand” (Lebron/Iverson are perfect examples).

    Meanwhile many owners just view it as a business with no love for the game. It’s all about the money.

    Collectively are arguing over extra millions meanwhile 10% of the US population is unemployed and millions are on food stamps. It is pathetic and as a fan who loves basketball I may never watch again.

  7. Paul says:

    The reason why the players aren’t going to stand down is because they were guaranteed contracts. If they weren’t, they wouldn’t have signed with that team. Another reason, is if they back down now, then the next CBA they’ll have to back down again. It will get progressively worse. Either way, the owners need the players more than the players need the owners. And why is no one thinking of all the employees in the stadiums? Oh, that’s right. The billionaire owners don’t want to give out salaries for this year because it will cost them less. Another reason for the lock out…

  8. nr says:

    Players are greedy! Who pays for the plane to take the players to all the cities around the US? Who pays for the hotel that the players get to stay in when they play? Who pays for the food in the locker rooms, drinks, specialists to help these players? Who pays for the therapists, doctors? Who pays for all these amenities that regular employees of a regular company don’t receive? THE OWNERS (AKA THE EMPLOYER)! These players are spoiled beyond rotten and yet they want to take a bite into the BRI? The players make at minimum a million dollars in their career, granting that is the minimum that they will make. How many of us regular people would be happy to make a million in our lifetime? I could certainly live comfortably by one paycheck an average player receives. Do the owners tell the players to go out and buy a fleet of cars each worth half a million? Do the owners tell the players to go buy all their friends million dollar houses? Do the owners tell the players to salary all their “buddy’s” and give them a paycheck to walk next to the player and look sort of important? The answer is NO! The players themselves are foolish with their money, so its no surprise that at the end of their career, they are broke because of their own fault, not the owners! Their should be no BRI! Magic Johnson didn’t make the salary that today’s bench warmers make, yet he is investing wisely and has made a career as a business man. In short, the players make a salary, and the owners make a salary. The players want a share of the owners salary….HECK NO! Keep your stance Owners! Players need to learn respect of the employer. In the normal world, an employee would be fired if they did what the players are doing.

  9. ray allen #1 fan says:

    everyone has really good points…I just miss the NBA…I really do… the judge should setup some temporary agreements to make the business run again… something that is RIGHT DOWN THE MIDDLE and active for the season…. fans deserve free tickets to games for this one -____-

  10. Rockets says:


  11. So Tired says:

    The owners have made it clear what they want, and 50/50 BRI split. Billy Hunter and Derek Fisher keep saying no to this as player representatives……why not put it to the players themselves and let them vote on the current offer? I’m sure they would be more then satisified with the current deal offered and just want to put rubber to court, see the cheques mailed and get this season going.

  12. Fan says:

    Jordan was a great basketball player but right now Bryant is following you with 5 rings so as owner you are the worst one … are in the split owners who want to change everything if you dont have money to run your team why do you buy it? To all others mediocre owners if u want to run a team you need money.

  13. JD says:

    STERN if you can’t get a deal with the players so why you don’t retire and also retire those mediocre owners that want to profit but dont want to pay nothing. New NBA will have Stern out as chief….and the teams that should be out are CAVS-WOLVES-WIZARD-RAPTORS-CLIPPERS-KINGS-WARRIOS-BUCKS-PACERS-BOBCATS and let the rest of the team play a hard game and with all help need it. Will be a more attractive NBA and longer season to 102 Games with 18 Players per team 15 Availables to play each night and Salary cap to 70 MILLIONS not exceptions and maximum salary of 12 MILLIONS a year. But right now STERN you disapoint us the fans. LETS GO ARISON keep talk and u are the best.

  14. Tal says:

    Finish what got started in 98….

    Let’s go a year without the NBA. 2/3rd’s of the the teams are losing money anyway, and most of those teams put an inferior product on the floor, so we, THE FANS, can pay to see the elite teams compete against them as they get their hat handed to them..

    Please Mr. Stern and Mr. Hunter…
    Don’t wimp out like you did in 98..
    Let’s take this to the logical conclusion.

    NBA cut by 2/3rd’s the teams..(Hell they’re losing money anyway by your own admission). which means 2/3’rds less players, (Which is okay, because the present system will never have PARITY) which euqals superior product on the floor to rich owner/Major media market teams that survive…

    Then Mr. Stern wont have to worry about the small market teams, and Mr. Fisher wont have to worry about protecting the journeymen players, because their wont be any.

    C’mon guys..Don’t wimp out and blink like 98.

    Bring it to it’s logical conclusion and give the FANS a quality product, instead of a milquetoast league for 2/3rds of the FANS…

    And when you sign the CBA….
    Just make it you have to be a major media market, (Like NYC) or an ultrarich owner (Cuban), or no further expansion…

    Bet this post doesn’t make it to the board either…

    • GreedSucks says:

      I agree completely except I would say cut 1/3 of the teams, not 2/3, leaving 20 teams. I think that would be a GREAT league, both in product output and financially for all involved. Unfortunately there’s the obvious repercussion of all the people that lose their jobs from the teams that get cut…

  15. Jeff says:

    I seriously think the NBA should input a system where players have to work to earn. Too many players are overpayed and are getting what they don’t deserve. I say the 50/50 split is a reasonable BRI. Honestly I don’t think the players should even get 50, but much lower than that.

  16. Marki from Philippines says:

    just give me a $500dollar a year and I will play even in the big market teams

  17. RIP NBA says:

    these guys are not even playing and they are still getting attention. just forget about it and when they come back to play let me know. you know what, we should teach these guys a lesson. who are they without the fans? f that! even if they come back lets just not turn up to the games, not buy tickets and not watch it on tv, not buy any jersey or anything. and then?

  18. Me says:

    Haven’t heard the word “fan” since the lockout began in the summer. See ya NBA you’re like the the greedy bitch girlfriend who doesn’t remember how she got that nice ring or free vacation

  19. Goossens Hubert says:

    After 30 years working with USA people : I can state : you’re rotten in mentality and you see only $$$$$$$$ ( and he is weak , don’t forget that ). People like the owners and the players , making this amount of money , should be in jail ! But that’s your way of livin’ , I suppose : money rules the world and your stupid $$$$ minds.
    P.S. ( post scriptum . I do explane , otherwise you don’t understand ) : my daughter is a US citizen and my grand-son a born American. I’m not proud they are.

    • Outsider says:

      Maybe the players union should help the government fix the US economy, they seem like pretty smart fellas… or better stil maybe the US government could bail out the players remaining 2%, they seem us deserving as bankers…

      The greed shown by these tall freaks is not only unbelievable it is unhuman! Have they taken a second to look outside their fake lives to see the real world?

  20. Coffee Time says:

    NBA writers, ESPN commentators, and ESPECIALLY FANS – You all made your intentions clear without any regard for the person on the receiving end. You were all blindly

    Critisizing Finger Pointing Blaming Over Analyzing to name only a few examples

    You even had physiologists on your after show games going into crazy depths and coming up with hurrendous claims putting words and speaking on behalf on how the player was feeling what he was trying to do, what his problems are!!!

    This is basketball for pete’s sake!! stop with the commercial brainwashing it’s disgusting,I mute the tv so my kids don’t hear, the media knows how easy it is to play one side their side their view thus making up your view to those who aren’t wise enough to see.

    A cowards trait – NBA commentators and ESPN tv crew- Speaking on behalf of the player’s, on how they felt, emotionally, reasons for their actions, focusing on the one superstar, and creating their player ego when asking questions and analysing when in return the answers given by the actual superstar were ” it’s about the team” what lessons are we teaching our kids,students,audience?? if it’s ok to listen to utter lies and bull crap why don’t we accept it in work,school,family, education, etc..?? Hypocrites!

    The same people who televised,paid and supported the players are now the same people who turned their backs,insulted,televised their one sided personal views brainwashing the viewers to agree with their own views.

    You all should be disgusted in your actions and learn that we are all human and deserve the same respect and care that you show your neighbour,son,sister or work employee.

    The world we live in is so full of greed with no regard for the other person, this is why there is such a huge gap between the minor “Rich” and the major “poor” =75% world population

    And suddenly countries are becoming bankrupt, or are being forced into borrowing billions of dollars from other countries.

    And your stuck here worried about a measly 2% while your ego is blocking any sense from coming in.

  21. Tim says:

    Should we the fans pay 2% more to see them play again? We have steadily incurred ticket prices raises and loyally continued to pay to watch the game we love. We have never went on strike even though the average family cannot really afford to go to a game a year….but we do…we make sacrafices to watch this beautiful game. However after seeing the stubborness of this dispute and the greed involved, I certianly would not give in to a 2% ticket increase to end the strike. No…I think they should just give us the 2% they are arguing

  22. gian pablo says:

    why not give the 2% back to the fans! owners get their 48% while players get their 50%. 2% just spread it for lower tickets, cheaper everything. it wont be much but at least both sides will not feel they let the other side win. with this scenario, the fans get something also!

    Just my 2cents.

  23. Ben says:

    Maybe when they finally decide to go back to playing (if they decide to go back to playing), then we the fans should have a lockout of our own and not attend any of these games. I don’t think that we should support a bunch of greedy people with our own money or wallets as people have said before. The world doesn’t stop when the NBA stops. I wonder if either sides of this dispute have thought that the fans would be pressuring them so much that the other side would give in. Well I’m certainly not pressuring anyone, I couldn’t care less if they don’t play again this season, I’ve had enough.

  24. danny says:

    This lockout should continue! It made me realize that I have waste alot of my time and money to feed these greedy millionaires. Now I wont have to rush home from work to watch a game, or lie to my gf that Im busy studying. The worst part is that its a real slap into the face to all of us. NBA does not care. side note: players should also stop yelling at the refs all the time. they have a real hard job to do, they cant instant replay all of the fouls and calls. the players with their big egos yell at them like they are not human. I’ve always hated that about the NBA. take the foul and play some basketball already!

  25. TS says:

    It may be finger pointing season in the labor talks, but over here it’s basketball season. Instead of watching the best ballers in the world have at it, I had no choice but to watch soccer. Which I had to turn it off because my brain went numb like I just drank a big Slurpee, headache included. I suppose it had something to do with soccer being terribly boring? BRING BACK THE NBA A.S.A.P.P.P. (extra P’s stand for pretty please)

  26. Baljeet says:

    I think that the lockout should be 51/49 or 52/48. I think that this would be good for both.

  27. Ted says:

    You guys who think that the players are more to blame are PLAINLY STUPID. True they are both to blame, but c’mon. The players gave out 6% of their shares. and owners wont budge. and they still want to get more from the salary cap. Owners are billionaires. The average NBA salary is around 5 million dollars. The owners? Probably way more than that. So who do you think needs to give out? Stupid people.

    • willie says:

      the owners are in the NBA for business…. who would want to run a team just to lose money? if not for the owners, there would be no NBA…. if not for the players, the NBA would be… still be the NBA, but with different players…. maybe the less greedy ones…

      the players are overpaid, even if they gave back the 5%, players still earns a lot… what’s 5% of 5M? 250k! so they will earn 250k++ less annually . the owners are asking for a pay cut of 7%. that’s STILL a little less than 4.75M!!! is that so small that the players won’t play for a living… a game which they love?

      owners btw, don’t get anything on player endorsements, example, NIKE, GAtorade, etc…. these are BRI as well…. how come the owners don’t get a share of these?

      so what if there’s a hard cap? it’s gonna make the owners more responsible with their spending and players will play to their best to be in the roster…

      as everyone has said before, if you don’t like the policies where you are working, and if you think you are not making enough $$$, then go to a different company where you will earn what you want….

      players are to be blamed for the lock out… greedy…

    • GreedSucks says:

      So you’re saying that because the owners are billionaires that they should buy these basketball teams as a public service and be content with operating at a loss? Sure they could go lose everything they invested in the team and still be insanely rich but it’s a business and it’s all about sustaining and growing.

  28. Jupit says:

    At this point it doesn’t really matter who’s to blame. The owners have all the money – they own this league and they will win. Players need to cut their losses, prove money isn’t everything, take the 2% and play ball.

    Go Jazz.

  29. timo says:

    NBA players are the most over-paid athletes on the planet, hands down. Baseball probably next. Point is, if you are with the players in this, you likely don’t have a clue. Take the time to understand the numbers. If not, don’t post, don’t vote and don’t comment.

  30. Eddie says:

    this is not fair to fans, the 50/50 t is more than fair , players make enough money, if there was no owners there will be no team, union leaders all they think is about justifying their check, if you would allow players to make a decision on their own they would have been playing by now.

  31. A conflict of this magnitude is not about money, nor sadly is it about the love of the game. Conflicts of this magnitude are about something much deeper and much more emotional than what either side is expressing. Conflicts that run much deeper, like those often expressed in primary family relationships, are often resolved when at least one of the parties, if not both of the parties, can come to a place of understanding the wound each has inflicted upon the other. Fortunately, both parties are exceptionally smart and forthright in their manner. And, fortunately, there are now clues that point to the primary wound each has caused the other.

    If you know like I do what those wounds are and how they were caused, then chime in your support for this direction and let’s remind each of the parties how to begin the process of acknowledging the specific cause of past pain so we can move on.

  32. Wernan E. Peralta says:

    It’s plain and simple.. Owners and Stern are getting too greedy.. Some are right saying that if the owner of a team can’t make it a profitable one, sell it. There are small market team that thrives, went deep into the playoff and even San Antonio wins multiple championships. Reading reports regarding this lockout makes me wonder how much blood these owners wants to squeeze from the players. The players have lowered their stance based on their previous agreement, that is from 57% to 52% I believed. That’s a 5% differential and if we compute the total amount the players are giving in, it will be 5% of $3 billion which is $150 million per year. (Correct me if I,m wrong David Stern). For 10 years, that is $1.5 Billion.. How much these owners want? Owners are getting too greedy that they still can not agree on with these players’ concession. The product, NBA itself, will loose it’s value as days without the games go on.. These will in effect have an impact on the value of each individual teams. Calling all the owners!!!!!! Let the game begin before NBA fans forsake you all.. It’s simple..The players have already give in, it’s now your turn…!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  33. Eduardo Alvira says:

    Let me switch job whith any player making the minimum and I play in the NBA. we’ll see if they can support there family the way we struggle… GREEDY Suckers

  34. NBA CARES(NOT!) says:

    GREED on both sides. Players are overpaid already, and that shorter-career-life excuse is just lame. Why can’t they find a second job after playing ball? I’m definitely not buying tickets/merchandises this year!

  35. clayton says:

    Another thing that i would work on in the deal is outdoor games! everyother sport has played outdoors why should basketball be the exception. I think it would be a huge burst to the game, I would have the games be played in rain and snow too, obviously not a down pour or a blizzard but flurries or sprinkles is not going to kill them, football, baseball, soccor all have done it, I think its about time that the nba stops being babies and plays outdoors, at least make the roof retractable so you can have games outdoors when its nice out. we all grow up playing outdoors anyways, so why not have games out doors, and if you try and bring up the injury part of it then i give you the answer that these people get paid an EXCELLENT amount of money, i think they can have a slight risk here, really football players do it about every week, and so do baseball, ive seen them both play in snow, rain, blizzards even! i think basketball could handle it! they only real concern i would see is it being windy, it wouldnt be that bad if you had a stadium surrounding the court (retractable roofs).

  36. a life long laker fan says:

    people enough 50/50.

  37. GreedSucks – If the salary cap means nothing then why are so many owners determined to address the system that allows a disparity between the Lakers (£110m) and Kings ($45m) at the top and bottom end? Of course it isn’t everything but it’s clearly a big factor in how likely you are to be able to contend, this is simply common sense and most NBA fans I think want to see more roster-spend parity.

    The Bulls low payroll is largely due to lucking out on D Rose in the lottery and also having Noah as a recent league entrant on his rookie contract. No-one else in the league has 2 such All Star calibre players that command such a (relatively) low wage. They have been very fortunate.

    Clearly allowing a relatively level roster spend IS important to establish long-term competition. I fail to see why the NFL is so different from the NBA. Surely given the chance the premier players in each position in the NFL would love to play for the same team, however the league has the economic structure in place to prevent this and the league is all the better as a viewing spectacle for it.

    Remember Jordan’s comment about Ewing: (paraphrasing) “I didn’t want to join him, I wanted to beat up on him”. That’s the attitude most basketball fans want I’m fairly sure.

  38. ban says:

    My comments by the way, are based also on the ones I’ve read on this blog. Just keep an open mind guys. I want to see the season start as much as anyone. Lots of players are probably on their final year, or would have an expiring contract at the end f this year, just like Jason Kidd. I sure would love to see him play one last season, if it does come to that.

    Every one has a point to prove, all teams, all players, even coaches. Just hoping for the best.

  39. ban says:

    Come on, no blame should be on one side alone, and everything being talked or debated upon is largely about money.

    There are numerous points you should consider.

    One, selling a franchise is not the answer to a an income-losing business. Reason being, most of were sold far less than the actual amount the previous owner bought it for. Just like cars man, it gets old or beaten down, loses it’s value,. but if you still get good mileage on it and is kept in good condition, you call still sell it at a good price. Doesn’t it make sense that you buy a team for 300M, go for few seasons and rather than getting revenue to get back the 300M and start earning real money out of what you buy, you lose more.. of course I wouldn’t hold on to that and try to sell it.. at 300? no, far less as no one will buy it at that price as it doesn’t create revenue. so with that said, selling is not a good option.

    Another, growth of the nba and not just a select few teams, understandably teams have a range limit of years to lose and or gain money to see if they can sustain it or not. Obviously you want a team to go more than just 5 or 10 years or even 20, but last as long as the league will last, (hopefully forever) and if putting a hard cap on max salaries would help then they should give it a go. Whatever deal they do decide on will expire anyway and have another go at it. The goal here is sustainability. Just as all of us who have debts, we wouldn’t spend more to what we can actually earn right?

    Third, where do you think the salaries come from, revenue from ticket sales, events, and everything else that is sold.. which includes the money that goes into the players’ salary, then why would not the 50/50 split work.. I mean that should be in itself already a bonus for you guys. Doesn’t that make sense?

    Fourth, now for the players, you do earn what you do, play hard, be what the team needs, whether be a role player or a leader,, that’s what you are paid for, yes.. and like any other job, you do good, you get a raise, you do better, then other people also take notice, you do your best, other companies will want you and offer you contracts.. same thing.. not everyone in the NBA do last as long as 11 years, well that\s how fierce the competition is.. just imagine how many other professions also took a blow with the recession, IT’s, job-specific and specialists laid off.. Isn’t it a good thing that you’re living out your dreams and playing your favourite sport and be paid for it? I would love that.

    Fifth, owners shouldn’t be as rigid as they should be when it comes to contracts, if a player is worth it, as mentioned above does his best, then reward him.. and having additional benefits, especially when retired.. obviously more catered to the rank and file players, should also been given notice. Like what said, competition is fierce and not all really do last as long as they should, not all are Jordan-esk, what’s due is due, it should be given.

    Lastly, where did all the talk about the other people that work to run the arenas, the ticket sales, and all other odd jobs like towel boy or floor moppers, and every one else in between.. don’t you think the game should resume because of those people who are average to low-average earners, just like myself, they should be the ones given notice as they are the ones suffering more than the players and the owners put together. Not to mention the millions of fans around the world. The league should begin and give credit to those workers.

    So again, rethink what’s important. If it’s about the money, work for it, for the owners, if the players are legit, then spend on them. for the split, 5-/50 is fine. Do it for the workers, and all the fans. Don’t be greedy.



    im a HUGE basketball fan

    i luv the game and i want it back!

  41. Barea # 1 says:

    This lockout thing is not going anywhere I am so sick and tired of this.I just pray to God that this ends before time runs out because the NBA=faith family and hope for everyone

  42. bk says:

    Just release those players that think they can get 52 or higher in Europe or China.

    • clayton says:

      lol sounds good to me! im glad they get paid to play a game and never have to do real work once in their life meanwhile real people with real jobs are at risk everyday of their life of injury or death and get paid minium wage or slightly more while these guys get paid millions to go play a game once a day, then go sit in their manison that they cant afford after 2 years, because they have 7 cars (one for each day of the week). worthless, greedy, bastards! You have the right idea!!

  43. Alejandro Cervantes says:

    Please end lockout. I hope the deal goes better and fisher has it i know fisher does he can do it. The players dont need money. Being a NBA player you dont need money nothing i mean you will get pay and everything but just show talets and play for the team and peaple watches every game. im a big nba fan. This will be fix because i know NBA season will happen i belive it will.


  45. chad dixon says:

    I will never look at the NBA in the same light…I’m disgusted as a (use to be) fan. I’ll watch it on TV, but seriously doubt that I’ll ever go to another game knowing what I know now.

  46. Duh says:

    The few percentage points they are now fighting over will be chump change compared to the damage this lockout has done to the league.

  47. George says:

    Get Billy Hunter out of the union!!! The guy is a big joke!!! “52 or nothing” and then walk out of the room ceasing negotiations? I thought we left childish conduct like that in grade school when you walk out on your mama because she tells you to clean the room. THE GUY IS A JOKE! Get someone in who can behave in a professional manner and represent the union well. I am happy that there might be a rift in the union. It seems the only way we will move forward from this absurd situation is if there is a major disagreement in the union, which will lead to internal pressure to accept the 50/50 deal. Otherwise, those clowns are going to “stand United” on their own without a fan base relatively soon…

  48. ZZZ says:

    I have officially decided to give up on NBA. That’s it! It disgust me to see millionaires and billionaires arguing at petty 2% differences while demising 100% of the basket ball fans worldwide. Without the fans you millionaires are nothing. Nor will you billionaires reap in billions of profit annually. BYE BYE NBA, FOREVER!

  49. jacob says:

    first of all the nba glory days are gone, as all tallented players have retired

    for me this is why the nba will never come back:

    no tv ratings
    bookmakers are at loss

    if the biggest players now r happy with 2 million a year , yea maybe it will comeback

    lebron james got a 90 million contract when picked?

    mickeal jordan earthquaked the nba each time he played and he was never close to that kind of money

    basically david stern killed the nba by not setting up a salary cap, sponsors mainly are to blame

  50. Explain to Me says:

    The REAL problem is that salaries were allowed to balloon up to an average of $5.2 million before anybody said anything. Now the players feel entitled to earn those kind of figures because the precedence has been set. Let’s reverse course on this nonsense of people making 200 times what a teacher or police officer make to play a game that brings enjoyment to millions of people. This whole situation is garbage.

  51. Jason says:

    Hope the players and oweners are reading all these comments… and feel sorry for all those nba fans…
    Y cant players just play with little bit less money? they still have lots of money…
    Y cant owners just give them mooney? the world does not have enough money they cant keep the money for themselves…

  52. CTRL Z says:

    If the NBA ever does come back, I hope everyone boycotts it…..and it drowns all alone.
    Sh*t on the NBA the same way the NBA has sh*t on all of us fans…let US teach THEM a lesson.

    I grew up watching the NBA with my dad and have always loved and appreciated the game and the athletes. Enough is enough though.

    The NBA’s days are numbered.

    All the stadium employees have my sympathies as well since they are out of work and they are the normal everyday people like us, struggling to feed their families and make ends meet.

  53. willie says:

    nobody wants to watch the same 6 teams year after year contending for the championship…. the owners are preventing a yearly championship affair between lakers, mavs, celtics, bulls, knicks and heat …. this will kill the NBA…. team imbalance is not good, since people from other cities and those cheering for other teams will lose interest… why will they watch of they know their team has zero chances of winning…

    having balanced teams is good for the league… these players are uneducated slobs with a Me first attitude

    • GreedSucks says:

      You CAN’T balance the teams. The best players are always going to want to play in Miami, Los Angeles, New York… It’s just the way it is. Get over it and move on. And as far as teams being able to pay more, it may give them a slight advantage, but it is very slight. Look at the salary rankings of the teams that made it to the playoffs last year and of those that made it far in the playoffs and you will understand. Smart management and prime location is MUCH, MUCH, MUCH more important than all the money in the world and always will be. End of story.

      • Err….you CAN balance the teams. It’s called a hard salary cap. Ever heard of the NFL? It’s quite a popular league I believe.

        If not a hard cap, we need something very near. willie is right – an NBA with only 6 or so big market teams able to compete for the title would quickly become very boring.

      • GreedSucks says:

        James. The hard cap in the NFL is not the reason small market teams are competitive. It is because football is a totally different animal than basketball and a team’s chances can not be significantly altered by one player as is the case in basketball. The Miami Heat had one of the lowest payrolls in the league last year along with the Bulls and the Thunder. The salary cap means NOTHING. It’s all about management. YOU CAN NOT ARTIFICALLY BALANCE TEAMS. The only way would be for the league to determine which players go to which teams, and that will never happen.

    • Fan says:

      You got it Willie less team make the NBA more competitive and more interesting to watch because we know whos going to the final each year CELTICS HEAT LAKERS SPURS

  54. Just Rockwell says:

    The NBA and The NBA Players are truly, truly, truly stupid for this JOKE of a negotiation. To do this in front of millions of people who are living check to check is a disgrace to working people. I hope the NBA goes down in flames because it is sickening to watch all this drama over 2.5 percent. The NBA doesn’t CARE, the NBA Sucks!!!! Big Time!!!

  55. small market owners suck says:

    Though I agree the idea that players getting more than 50% is foolish, they should get 50-50 or less. Its the owners that have locked out the players this isn’t a strike. I for one blame the owners and nobody more so than that pathetic clown Dan Gilbert. Heres a guy whose gotten 2 first round picks in the past ten years, but because hes too incompetent to bring Lebron some help hes ready to kill the season its obvious. Why he should he care? No season means D Wade goes a year older without playing, its means he doesn’t have to watch his pathetic loser team have another 19 win season. I mean seriously this guy won the lottery TWICE and all he can do is whine that things aren’t fair. If any of us won the lottery twice in a decade, for us to say things aren’t fair would be ridicolus. Mark Cuban works in the exact same system Gilbert does, and he took Ross Perots tax write off joke off a team in a town that lives and dies with their NFL team and made it a profitable championship team if he can do it theres no reason it can’t be done for the Bucks in the home of the Greenbay Packers, Memphis and OKC took their small market teams deep into the playoffs, San Antonio has done it four times. As the Knicks have proven money can’t buy titles and titles aren’t a guarentee you’ll profit. Arison like Cuban has turned Miami into something more than the MSG south that it was in the early 90s. The Bulls were cows before Reinsdorf, the Celtics had their rough spot too before Wyc and Buss too has changed the fortunes of the Lakers. They all did it within the rules. Maybe its not the system thats broken, maybe hes just a bad owner. It can be done with ANY TEAM in any city if the ownership is willing to invest and make smart choices and invest yourself in the job. Instead you’ve numbskulls like Gilbert who wanna a throw a giant tantrum, he can’t play by the rules so hes gotta take his ball and go home. This guy is the epitomy of miserable human garbage, and looking back on those pictures of the crypt keeper Adam Silver with that little twerp Nick Gilbert makes my stomach do cartwheels. He should be forced to fork over the rights to Kyrie Irving to Micky Arison. At least with the Kings you have a team thats got a lot of heart history that is really struggling, Gilbert is just a horrible team owner and the sooner he sells the better.

    All I gotta say is this, I’m a diehard Celtics fan, this team is my life, this looks like its very likely going to be KG and Allen’s last season, and if that means I’ve already seen the big three together for the last time, I’m gonna be EXTREMELY EXTREMELY angry, haha see right now I’m just annoyed impatient and frustrated, but if the season is cancelled I’m gonna get real furious and guys like Gilbert should prepare for a flurry of angry expletivie riddled hate mail. Cmon guys, I just want my Celtics and my Bulls back. If the small market guys don’t wanna play then to hell with them, Mavericks Lakers Blazers and Rockets can be the Western conference and Bulls Celtics Heat and Knicks can be the east everyone else drop off the face of the earth for all I care.

    • Phil says:

      Hi from germany. This lockout is so dissapointing, seeing billionaires on the one side and multi million dollar players on the other, talking trash every week. Don´t forget where all your bucks came from! The Fans want to see nba basketball! I want to see nba Basketball! So please start the season as quick as possible.

    • GreedSucks says:


  56. willie says:

    actually i find this battle between them entertaining… that’s why im following every bit of the drama….

    this is definitely better than watching greedy pigs, disguised as clowns, playing basketball….

    owners are in the NBA since it is a business for most of them…. players are playing basketball for the love of the game and should be well compensated for their talent…. however, when they are already paid astronomically for playing basketball, and they still want the larger piece of the pie, that is unacceptable…. that is greed…

    the owners are generous in sharing the profit of their business to their employees…

    i hope my team in this GAME wins via blow-out…

    GO OWNERS!!!!! BEAT the Union!!!

  57. gene says:


  58. willie says:

    my take, all of the expenses are shouldered by the owners… ex. stadiums, medical expenses for injured players, repair and maintenace, labor force wages (other than players), marketing,rent, utilities, taxes, etc.. whatever is left after all of these expenses if there are any, is for the owners……

    there’s a big possibility, that the superstars are earning more than the owners, since all the players pay to play basketball are their shoes, gas, food and taxes….

    there’s a reason why they are called owners… it’s because they own the business…..they are the ones who have financial risks… so bigger pie should be for the owners…

    i think the owners are generous for offering 50/50…. meaning, half of the profit they share to their employees… so who’s greedy now? who wants the larger piece of the pie, which in any way they are not entitled to?

    greedy player pigs… smiling, making turnovers, fumbling the ball, missing free throws, bringing in illegal firearms..hahaha 🙂

  59. Barry says:

    No doubt they are all greedy. The only difference between the two sides i hear is that one side – players – want it to be “FAIR”, and the other side – owners – want to make a profit. The part I can’t understand, is why the people who own the business don’t get to pay at a level where they make a profit… even if they are lousy owners! What’s wrong with that? I agree with everyone who says 50/50 is fair and if you let the union vote, we’d have basketball and less whining all around.

  60. John says:

    You guys have already missed my B-DAY BECAUSE OF THE LOCKOUT!!! THAT’S JUST CRUEL!!!!!! GET ON WITH THE NBA SEASON ALREADY!!!:((((

  61. Fredrick Wells says:

    Only looking for an 82 Game Regular season. The NBA is able to extend the Season to Early May and Condense the First Round of the Playoffs. Depending on when the NBA is to Start the Season, the 82 Games can be scheduled in full either by having the remainder of the games scheduled after the currently scheduled Day of the Regular Season along with some additional games to fill in the four day gap, or Condense the Regular Season to where they play back to backs but not exceeding two nights in a row (not exceeding 5 games in a Week) and no less than three games in a night (the current schedule allows a one game night or a no games scheduled night).


    i find this entertaining and annoying all at the same time. For those of you out there who feels that the PLAYERS deserve most of the money, GO TO YOUR CREDIT UNION AND BORROW THE MONEY TO START A BASKETBALL TEAM! Obviously there is no NBA without FANS, but not stating the obvious. Owners do not purchase a NBA for chits and giggles!!!!!!!!!!! They became billionares for a reason, and Im sure it wasnt LUCK!!!!!! If most of the players wouldve took advantage of the FREE RIDE EDUCATION, that mose people cannot get, they would now how to be financially sound. But, they want ENTOURAGES, 30 CARS, 40 HOMES, and on top of it, they LITERALLY STOP PLAYING AFTER THEY SIGN THE HUGE, OVERPAID CONTRACTS. The NBA wants a LEAGUE just like the NFL, if you stop playing up to your potential, YOU GET CUT!!!!!!!, JUST LIKE ANY OTHER JOB!!!!!!!! Lets not forget, this is their JOB, they are not owed anything. For most of those who not only went to college, but actually graduated, most of them only stand to make anywhere from 50K to 100K if their lucky, and they can retire comfortably and still live and take care of their families, but most of these uneducated THUGS, feel that their MULTI MILLIONARE CONTRACTS ARE NOT ENOUGH, really? really? REALLY? REALLY? GET OVER YOURSELF, YOUR NOT WORTH THE MONEY YOU MADE SO FAR, CONSIDER YOURSELF LUCKY!!!!! THE OWNERS ARE NOT GOING TO BACK DOWN THIS TIME AND YOU WILL BE OUTSIDE LOOKING IN. If the owners are not making money, there is no reason for them to have a season, they will continue to make their money from their outside ventures, that made them rich to begin with, THEY DONT NEED THE NBA FOR MONEY, THEY ALREADY HAVE IT, AND THEY KNOW HOW TO KEEP IT.!!!!!!

  63. alexe says:

    If the owners lost a lot of money with the last CBA, why on earth will they ever agree to a contract where they will lose again? The players don’t lose money. All they do is gain money…millions! They have the gall to say owners are greedy! Is it greedy to not want to lose money? Greed is making so much and still wanting more!

  64. John says:


    • ed says:

      BUt its not fair the 50/50 theres teams out there makin a lot of money cuz theres players out there that brings a lot of fans..its like in baseball look how many people go see pujols when the cardinals r does pujols deserve a big contract?yess….look at lebron james he bring a lot of fans and he is not even makin what he suppose to make and talkin about lebron he make cleveland cavs one of the top 5 teams makin a lot of money in the last 5 years…ohhh now the owner gilber want different stuff cuz he star is not there..ohh plzzzz owners are the greedy ones…theres some owners out there that are ok with the players gettin the 53% ohhh but wait a minute we dont hear them talkin cuz we just need to listen to the greedy ones…lol i will go with the players its a sport that a lot of people follow if theres team not makin money then blame it to their organization cuz they dont know how to look for the right players and build a good team period…players all the way with or without season..stay strong guys lol

  65. man on fire says:

    it hurts me to say it but i am no longer a fan of the nba. The sport i have loved has died. ive spent every day for the twelve years as a supper fan of the Rockets. i remember plays. games. dates. and moves form seasons ago. i now feal that i have waisted my time and money on this. ive gone to games purched cloths and got hats for me and my children. hear me nba. you have lost a fan but you don’t care about that you have millions of others in other counties around the world. maby that is why the nba has pushed the over seas stuff. the Game i love will never be the same to me. as a child i played for fun. back then there where kids that where verry good hard to gard. i held my ground as a undersized forword fought hard and diden’t make a dime. i would pay to see that. in a date in time where money dosen’t go as far, that is what i want more that any thing to watch people who love the game. All i see now is the greed. i don’t want and will not have these values tought to me children. i don’t want them to play basket ball because if they are verry good and hard to gard they may end up greedy like the nba.

  66. waly says:

    Our meeting on Friday, however, did not collapse because of system issues. Our Negotiating Committee reached the unanimous conclusion that the NBA’s 50% ultimatum, combined with the league’s hard line position on the remaining system issues, was unacceptable for the players.

    As you know, NBA players have received 57% of BRI for many years. In an effort to make a deal and save the season, in past meetings we have offered to reduce our share to as low as 52.5% with certain system issues in our favor. On Friday, considering the many system points we had already conceded, I hoped and expected the owners would move towards our proposed BRI number. Instead, Commissioner Stern insisted that the NBA would move no further than 50%, and I ended the meeting.

    In my view, a 50/50 split of BRI does not adequately compensate the players for our services to the NBA. Remember that BRI does not reflect the total revenues generated by the NBA. The NBA is allowed to take hundreds of millions in “expense credits” before sharing any revenue with the players ($543m in 2010-11). Given this, under the NBA’s proposal, the players would receive only 44% of total revenue generated by the league. By comparison, we received 50% of total revenue under the previous CBA, and our 53/47 proposal would reduce the player share to 46.4% of total revenues. In addition, compared to our former 57/43 split, the owner’s proposed 50/50 shifts more than $300 million per year to the owners, which equates to more than $3 billion over a 10-year deal. A move of this magnitude guarantees operating profits for all owners irrespective of quality of management and does not allow players to adequately share in the growth of the league

    CRYSTAL CLEAR, ….the league is lying, if not why they do not show their numbers?, come on Mr Stern, come public and show your numbers!!!!….stop all the blah blah blah and brain wash whith your inocent look like….league sucks

    • man on fire says:

      sorry man but you just don’t get it. in my bussiness if i am not guaranted a profit i don’t do that job. who in the world would do that. you must have gone to college gone over a fue number books and think you have a grasp of what is going on. i can’ jump on the poor player band wagon. they make millions. the owners make billions and they also payout billions to there others who work for them. maby i can put this in to words you under stand. if this whole thing was a car the moter is the players and driver is the owners the parking spot is the fans and there money is the gas. the moter won’t run but the tank is full but it is leaking out and the driver dosen’t want to use his own gas to move. meanwhile the whole thing is heavy and are parked on the fans who are now have gas driped on them. what is the match? TIME is the match. if they don’t move they will blow up (lose the fans alltogether) the parkinglot

      • waly says:

        well if you wanna eat it…fine, I dont believe a word the league says , I dont trust a punnitive,irrational and hardliner posture. but you are rite, TIME is the key

    • Joey says:

      Well said

  67. Gabriel says:

    I thought he’s Conan O’Brien…nothing new, we have to wait

  68. themightymrp says:

    “NBA cares” …. about the fans?? I think not!

  69. themightymrp says:

    As always, its the minority who spoil things for the majority. I’m sure if you could take a secret ballot of all players and owners then 90% + would have been happy to make the deal for a 50/50 split by now, just to get the season started. It’s those few greedy people who want that ‘little bit more’. The players earn plenty of money and will continue to do so even with a 50/50 split. Hell I’d love to earn even $1 million a year, let alone $15 – 20 million and upwards! The players complain they will be losing money… so what.?…. you can’t keep your 5 Ferrari’s and 3 homes??! Take a look around at the real world people who manage on a lot less, think of those people connected with the NBA who have no job while the lockout continues. Whats more, most players have some kind of sponsorship deal with a company to subsidize their income anyway!! The owners hold all the cards here, they are mostly billionaires who can hold out for as long as it takes.

    Phil – United Kingdom

  70. GBtha G says:

    I tell ya this the players are the ones losing the hardest.the owners can still save that money.Dont get it twisted: the players are to blame.Nuff said.

  71. NBA Sucks says:

    The owners players say they’re trying to get a “fair deal”. Ok, if they really want a truly fair deal here’s my proposition. Lower the average player salary from $5 million a year to about $500k a year. Then the owners give away 60% of their profits to charity. That sounds more than fair to me. They’ll still all wind up millionaires. And do good things for the world.

    • themightymrp says:

      Well said

    • Anthony Quatrone says:

      This is a bigger “Fantasy League” than ESPN’s, Foxsport’s or Yahoo’s.
      I’m just curious as to what the Median salary is, guessing it’s less than $5M and closer to $3M, I’m not siding with the players, cause it’s still so much more than the average fan is making, really just curious, just found it $2.3M is Median salary.

  72. FAN says:

    maybe we all should stop going to the stdiums……they should understand that we are the ones that pay their salaries and make the owners richier…….this is ridiculous both sides are greedy………….STOP going to games maybe they will learn

  73. NBA Sucks says:

    Players and owners. They’re all ungrateful, disgusting people. Try living on 40k a year like most of us do and you won’t complain about making 1 million less a year so you only have $4 million a year to live off of. It makes me want to vomit.

  74. 50/50s Fair says:

    I don’t understand why they cannot agree on 50/50.
    Here are some stats for the people that think the owners are 100% the problem:
    The average American makes around $32,140 a year.
    The average salary for an NBA player….$5.15 M a year.
    The average NBA player makes apprxomiatelty 160 times the amount of the average American.

    However, the owners are not 100% fighting for their money. If the players got their way, there is a chance some teams would go bankrupt, and, as an avid fan of the league, I want all teams to be able to continue on in this league. The owners are fighting for their personal income no doubt, but they are also fighting to keep their franchises alive, and this is something we all would like to see. The players, however, are fighting for everything else. They want their fat paychecks to remain fat, even if it means putting people out of jobs.

    It sickens me to think the players like LeBron, Kobe, and Durant are still making millions off endorsements, while their bickering is putting thousands of people who depend on this league for paychecks in deep economic trouble. It’ll get to the point where people will lose homes, it’s not even about the NBA anymore to me, it’s about the people that will suffer. On a more selfish level, I use this league to get through days I feel depressed. Now, I can’t imagine looking at this league the same. Getting over the previous lockout was tough enough, and to think nobody has learned is depressing to me. The NFL players were selfish as well, but they knew they had to get work done, and they made the decision that benefited the fans and employees of the NFL, whether it was their goal or not. I’m sick of hearing NBA players apologize. If that salary drops $2 million, it’s still 100 times more than the average American, yet that is too much for them to give up. It is absolutely sickening. No player loves the game, they love the money and the fame. I always tried to deny it, blindlessly saying “not everybody is in it for the money, they do love this game.” But now I know that it’s all just lies.

    Those end-of-seaosn videos where they were thanking the fans, the players saying they love and depend on the fans every day, it has all been proven to be big, fat lies. And though the NFL players may have been similar, they were covered up for a while, and they ended it much faster. I cannot stand these players. The only way I’ll get past it is if it starts December, preferably the 1st, but if not, I couldn’t bear to go through another 98-99 season, and I won’t watch anything. The 99 season was awful, and I’m not going to go through it again.

    So for now, goodbye NBA. Shame you guys had to lie about your love of the game.

    • GreedSucks says:

      I couldn’t agree more. I think the league is taking its fans for granted and figure like most events, we will have a short memory. We’re just wallets to them anyway.

    • Bossman says:


    • Joey says:

      The average American is “average” as you said. An NBA player is the most gifted athlete in the world. Standing that tall with that ability shows nothing “average”. In fact there are approx 425 players in the NBA and approx 317 million people in America. If my math stands correct, that means only 1 in every 1.95 million people are an NBA player. Keep in mind there are approx 100 international players making the odds higher. NBA players are just right…. A hard cap and/or revenue sharing is the problem

  75. nuke says:

    they are all greedy they only think of themselves not the fans. period…………

  76. benjo says:


  77. NBA Sucks says:

    The average player salary has grown 260% since 1995, from $2 million to $5.2 million. The average teacher’s salary has grown 15% since 1995, from $34,000 to $40,000. When is enough enough? These guys get paid 130x what a teacher makes to throw a bouncy ball into a hoop and they’re fighting over a few percentage points while people making less than $50,000 a year are being laid off, or having their salaries cut if they are even lucky enough to keep their jobs. The players’ salaries should never have grown so exorbitantly in the first place. Give me a f’n break. As far as the owners The owners and players are all living in a bubble and they can say they care about the fans until they’re blue in the face, but the truth is they don’t. Not one bit. They’re all interested in lining their pockets. It’s a sad, sad world we live in.

  78. sean says:

    Never “Blogged” before in my life…that being said,I felt compelled to try to reach out to the NBA via their website and Leave a Message. Couldn’t find a Direct Blog,so I tried to search for Blog. This is when I found a screen offering me an opportunity to click on “ANY” Players Last Name. Isn’t it HILARIOUS,couldn’t Find Any Search for the “OWNERS”!!!!!! Get it Stearn and the Rest of you GREEDY and Disgusting Humans…..You “Own Nothing” without a Product to Market,good Luck filling your Arenas with “NO NAMES”,you honestly think people will pay to see an inferior product. Last time I checked the Best team on the planet is the “Globetrotters” and Please try to name Three of them,and then look at the Gate Numbers…Maybe you guys should just sit back and Enjoy getting “FAT” off of other peoples hard Work!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thanks for your time….

  79. Eric Zap says:

    I can sit out this and several more seasons if that is what it takes to get a good deal done. Players get payed too much money, let the owners hold out for as long as it takes.

  80. Art says:

    You know I’ve bee addicted to NBA since the late 70s and every year I spend many nights and valuable hours either watching a game or two or catching up on the highlights and scores. Throughout the years as I see players getting more greedy and arrogant, every year I tell myself I should watch less and do something more productive with my time instead of watching idiots like Lebron James and Dwayne Wade who “sacrificed” and “took a pay cut” so they can “play together” … it breaks my heart that they had to settle on $1.8 million “per month” instead of $2.2 million. I mean how do we expect them to put food on the table on a salary like that, no wonder they have to take part time jobs working lousy jobs, pushing products for Nike, T-Mobile, etc.
    Anyhow, this lockout and hopefully elimination of the entire season will do “everybody” some good. They players will wake up, the Owners will think twice about their business decisions, and best of all I will get over my addiction and get some of my life back. That’s it for me!! I will still follow some of my favorite teams; Blazers, Lakers, and Clippers but from the distance.

    • Knutt says:

      Business is the key. Players like Lebron and Wade made a bad business decision. LeBron left his THRONE to be a Gesture in Wade’s court. He not only blew his wad, but he also sent Cleveland into a economic problem. Now they can’t afford a Highend player and will have to hope to see a star in the drafts. He also got his coach fired. He will never prosper and if he does, he should send it to Cleveland. I’m a Die Hard Lakers Fan and I wish Kobe would entice a player to leave his team to come play with us. Not to mention take a pay cut. He would be a BBall genius. Yes Howard may come or Paul that is free agency trading. Bron Bron had the whole City in his hands. 60 win games and no ring. Make better decisions and the game will go on…

  81. jesus says:

    look I don’t support the owners and I don’t support the players, but in my humble opinion if im running a bussiness and the people that work for me are making MORE % than I’m making thats just wrong. owners are in their right to make more money than the players just because its their own money that is at risk if an NBA franchise fails then the owner looses everything while the players don’t have to pay a buck… just an opinion

  82. Brian says:

    Hi guys, i m very sad im from argentina and in december i will be in ny wondering to see a nba match but with this lock out is very difficult!!! Sorry for my english!! hope!!!

  83. NBA Sucks says:

    Screw you NBA. Never buying tickets to your games again or your merchandise. This lockout is a real slap in the face to us fans.

    • BKS says:

      Agree 100%. I don’t care if you solved this today. I’m sick of all the greed (on both sides). I would like to thank the NBA (and it’s players), however, for giving me back all the time I used to waste watching your product; not to mention the money wasted buying your merchandise. I’m sure I can find a better use for them. I hope y’all lose your jobs and every penny you’ve invested in this business.

      • Bballer says:

        No one should turn up to watch the games, once they start dribbling again. How about organising a No Fan night.
        Show them – the greedy players and owners that the fans matter. See how they like to play in empty stadiums.

  84. jamez says:


  85. thepresence says:

    hi, i’m new here,actually and it sucks big time. ive been following the nba since the great days of the 80’s and im a big magic johnson fan. the last time i felt this way was 20 yrs ago. the difference is, today i am pondering to say goodbye to nba completely.

  86. The greedy owners are 100% at fault here!

    • NBA FAN says:

      The players are just as greedy!

      • Chris says:

        The players are definitely more greedy than the owners.

      • dmontani says:

        they’re all millionaires and billionaires, so it goes without saying that not budging over 2 percent is greedy, but the owners wont budge on almost all issues

      • LJ says:

        The players have brought there offer down by 6%. The owners have done no compromising

      • Joey says:

        NO! The owners are greedy. If the players take a 50/50 split, future players will suffer and end up like the NFL players of their old CBA. Besides revenue sharing is gonna be the heavier issue in the end. The owners who won’t show the actual books, plan to sucker the players down to the 50/50 then they still have to resolve disputes on their side. Basketball players are of the rarest species of all athletes. They are the toughest to replace w arguably quarterbacks and standout hockey players next. Football, baseball, soccer, etc., players as well as actors and celebrities are a dime a dozen in comparison. What constitutes the value of a basketball player to go from 57-52 percent ? Oh wait, 57-50? Yeah OK! Understand the Lakers, Bulls and Knicks collectively generate more than the rest of the entire NBA. Either a hard cap or revenue sharing is whats gonna get the jump ball at mid court not a 50/50 (7point) raping of the players. Remember this folks, the NBA players do have the money, backing, education and a solid foundation to start their own league. YES they would not make nearly as much money in the short run, however they would greatly benefit in the long run because fans, money and media will follow the best talent in short time. Attempting to start their own league is equivalent to taking that BS 50/50. I’d rather see no season seeing it’s not 82 games anyway. In addition, I don’t care to see the best athletes in the world become suckers to a league full of bad investors/owners. I will be highly disappointed to see the players fold. A true hoops fan agrees.

      • Javier says:

        I read the comment of Joey and I really dont understand… how can any person “suffer” with a paycheck of 5 MILLION DOLLARS (average player salarie)??? And they are playing basketball. They are playing. Come on! Get serious. Now, let me ask this: If you and I make some bussines, and we make a compromise of say: two years for that bussines. And at the end of that amount of time I let you know that I have been loosing money and of course you don´t. I will say you, ok, lets change some things, and your reply is: Hey!!! If you loose money, thats your problem. Keep loosing it for all I care, this system works for me. So I tell you, OK, if that is your posture, I really don´t have more interest in this bussines. And then you go on and tell I´m greedy… And your argument is that I have a lot more money under my bed… Ha, ha, ha. I insist, lets get serious. It´s a dream for millions of persons to play in the NBA. I get they are the show, they are the persons that make possible what we see, but and this is a BIG BUT, is there any chance, ANY that they were making this HUGE amount of money in any other country? In any other work? In any other league?? For my point of view, if the owners are offerind the biggest offer they will get in ANY place of the world, that isnt a bad offer.

      • Knutt says:

        The players are the one’s working… The owners benefit from the players. Think of it this way, we work to make the owners look good and attract them money. So we are not only employees, but recruiters as well. This is a small price to pay when you sale out arenas. Boston is not complaining just pay the players and bring my fans in the seats.

      • dawi says:

        why players has BRI share?i thougt if you are an employee in a company you only have incentives.bonus,13th month pay and SALARY.if you are a good player you can get many endorsement and sponsor,that is your own income and goes to your own has share in your endorsement?

  87. STATandMELO says:

    hey guys why not go to 51/49? i know its hard for you guys but Mr.David Stern you are the boss, please respect us as fans you should let us see NBA basketball once again. and Mr.Derek Fisher aren’t you guys making tons of money already? you must know the economic downfall of the US and give a little bit more to the owners. lets face it 50/50 deal is a good deal its fair, i know your the product atleast make it 51/49 that maybe more that enough to make you happy it may not be the best but atleast you still have a slight edge on the pie. David Aldrige is right to complete this deal you must make a move that you wont like since david stern is at 50/50 and the players are at 52/48 then do to 51/49 its a move for both sides to end this lockout. to the owners specially the small market teams if you love the game of basketball please dont abuse the game, dont say we made a lot of move but if you look at your moves it was imaginary. you guys really think the hard cap and a 61/39 deal could make the NBA great? dont make me laugh its the drama from trades, hard working players and fans like me who watch every moment of the game. if you guys dont want NBA basketball go sell your team and buy an NHL or NFL team. i feel really bad i can imagine the NBA being lame but i still have my hopes up please if anyone will end this lockout its both the owners and players. start thinking about the fans and dont be to greedy because in the long run you will both lose and we will lose interest. hope anyone of you here me out

    • Tom says:

      Owners, your inability to negotiate with your own employees reflects your obvious lack of leadership. Nobody feels sorry for you. Nobody cares that you cant run a successful business. If you cant hack it, sell the business. I look forward to the day when your inability to compromise causes you to drown in debt, and turn into a peon like us. Suck it owners. Suck it Stern. I will watch Euro ball and make sure your stale league doesnt get a dime from me.

      • Frank says:

        How can you people justify your words in saying that the owners “don’t know how to run a business?” They are billionaires for Gods’ sake. If they didn’t know how to run a business they wouldn’t be where they are.
        I personally think that the players should accept the 50/50 split. It is a gift. Every penny made by the players is a profit from their perspective. The owners have costs involved in running their teams which the players do not have. Regardless of how much money the owners hold back from their “employees” (players), the players are still making a lot of money.
        Players accept this deal and let’s play some NBA basketball.

      • scud70 says:

        and who will buy the flawed business? no one because the system is flawed all you have to do is look at Miami to see that its flawed… why are so many people scared that maybe with a new system the smaller market teams might actually have a chance to put up a fight? its a failure that it took this long to realise the system is stuffed and end up going to these lengths to fix it… thats where failure is and has been for years….

      • dawi says:

        players always say they want to PLAY,PLAY,PLAY,PLAY basketball so dont mind the MONEY accept what your employee give you.

    • Dorken Wackenburg says:

      I am your master now. You will do as I say. Sign the deal and lets play some ball.

    • Knutt says:

      I like the way you think, however we the fans are suffering but the players are attracting us to the games. I believe that the players should have a bigger cut. As we see now! No Players No Games. When is the last time a D-League game sold out. Trust me I am a ticket holder for 2 teams and for me it is hard, but I want the up in coming stars to benefit. If we settle now, then they will lose in the future.