Hunter Says Mediation To Take Place

Billy Hunter, executive director of the players association, said Wednesday that officials from the league and players’ union will meet with a federal mediator on Monday in an attempt to rejuvenate the failed labor negotiations. 

Hunter made the disclosure in a wide-ranging interview with Mike Francesa on New York’s WFAN sport radio. The show plans to air the owners’ side on Thursday.

Last-ditch efforts to reach a new collective bargaining agreement failed Monday, and the NBA announced the cancellation of the first two weeks of season. The preseason already had been canceled.

 “There’s a short window in an NBA player’s life,” said Hunter, advocating for the players. Under the owners’ proposal, there will be a “compression of salaries,” he said.

No talks were held Tuesday, none had been scheduled for Wednesday or Thursday and on Friday,  Hunter was going to attend a regional players’ meeting in Los Angeles. Within the next 10 days or so, barring a meeting, a breakthrough and a handshake deal, another two weeks of the NBA season will fall, reports’s Steve Aschburner. That would mean another lost payday for the players and, in losing November entirely, about $800 million from the initial $4 billion pool of Basketball-Related Revenue.

“I think they want to break us, and we have to fight,” said Hunter in the interview. “We are resolute,” said Hunter, asked whether the players would stand firm.

However, Hunter said he remains optimistic that a resolution will be reached, perhaps before Christmas, a big day in the NBA.


  1. Knickfan212 says:

    If it turns out to be a hard cap, then owners will have to adjust to the new rules. Every team will have the same cap and, i think there’s no luxury tax with the hard cap. It’s about time they followed the rules anyway. Every team can be competitive and as far as teams in a small market it will be on them to keep attendance up.You can’t blame the others because you’re in a small market, they can always move. Hard cap and 50/50 split should be cool. You have everyones dream job which is getting paid for doing something you like, the owners have the venue to play and have to pay the salaries. 50/50 sounds good to me.

  2. Knickfan212 says:

    Mediation will do nothing unless he has the power to make the final call, as it is now he’ll only be suggesting and suggesting is the same as back and forth which is what they’re already doing. The players need to fold their hand because their bluff will never work.
    The owners are billionaires and they can wait 1,2 or 3 years if they had to. This is just another investment to them and they will still make money from other projects. The players, will need those checks soon as they start dipping into savings, if they have any. and the guys just coming in are already in debt from spending money they haven’t seen yet. I see nothing wrong with a 50/50 split, they still make money and some also have endorsements. Instead of being greedy and stubborn they only hurt themselves. The players preaching stand our ground are already near the end of their career so they can stay strong the other players i bet are ready to give in and play. These young players need to talk up

  3. The Players are geting the big pay checks because the teams offer them this tohave the best team but it all teams gould only spend the same amount for players salerys then they could not give the players so much money. Now the teams need to hold down costs so they can make a proffit. If these ruls were in place the problem would not be there and the NBA would be blaying basketball today

  4. Cesar says:

    Teams need players and players need teams. Nevertheless, the NBA is not about owners as it is about players. When I watch the Lakers play, I watch the players not Mr Buss. Owners have hired unqualified people to run their teams, and this is why they are where they are. Teams have huge salaries for underrated players that have no business making what they are making.Now they are crying because they can not afford them. I rather not mention any names, but these owners have placed themselves in this position. Indulge to repeat What MJ said in 99,” If you can not afford players because of your own mistakes, sell your team to someone who can.”

    • SYED F AKBAR says:

      Well put Cesar, very well put !

      The players are slum rats. Yes.
      They make truckloads of money. Yes.
      They squander it on gambling, drugs, guns. Yes, yes.
      They are arrested for driving while intoxicated, possession of narcotics and/or firearms (and now on alleged murder charges). Yes, yes, yes.


      Should they help plugging any holes that they reasonably can ? Yes.
      Should they bend and yield to a fair extent ? Yes.

      But just like a player suffers the consequences of his acts, so the owners must bear the burden of their decisions … hiring Kwame Brown at #1 … not hiring Kevin Durant at #1 … not knowing the population of New Orleans … losing money in a Casino business in Vegas and trying to recover it from basketball … THE OWNERS NEEDS TO FIX THEIR PROBLEMS … THEMSELVES !

      Losses, Level Playing Field, Fairer Competition … pretenses … jargon … to squeeze more money.
      Even if true … they are INTERNAL issues and can only be resolved INTERNALLY, among the owners.

      • Nisa says:

        You are all talking balderdash. You probably can’t even play a sport. Whatever the players want to do with the money is their business not yours. Players also do a lot of good deeds such as help fund after school programs, build hospitals and huge donations for research. It’s time people stop spreading negativity and hate about athletes. If they get paid 10, 20 or 100 million to play a sport- great, they deserve every penny because its a skill and if you were that good-you would want to get paid that amount as well. Don’t hate because you cannot play.

      • Gary says:

        Akbar get real. The vast majority of professional athletes are well off after retiring.

  5. LeBron James says:


  6. Zach says:

    The players and Billy Hunter are such ignorant wastes of space. The world doesn’t revolve around you people. Stop with this paranoid “they’re out to get us!” mentality. You act like this is some unjustified invasion on your rights by the NBA, but many of the proposed modifications to the system are entirely necessary for a healthy league. Get over yourselves and do something for the good of the NBA and those affiliated with in it who aren’t lucky enough to be playing for millions. Stand firm? Against what? I’ll tell you what: against a competitive league, against preventing unemployment, against not disgracing the old school players, and against paying some respect to fans (not fans of the celebrities, but fans of the GAME)!

  7. Jako says:

    The owners need to cancel the entire season and then see how the hot shot players like it. These spoiled players need to find out exactly which side their bread is buttered on. Fisher and the other higher paid players might be ok, but what about the bench players who are making the minimum? I think if all and I mean all the players were actually polled or allowed to vote, they would soon want their paychecks to start. GO OWNERS. LOCK EM OUT TILL THEY CRY.

    • R4 says:

      I agree totally. i know that fisher and hunter are working overtime trying to keep players in check because the young players just want to make money they want to be pay what there worth. No rookie player want to grow older and still have an extra rookie year because they miss a season. There more rookies and role players than superstar. But the offer to a vote and see which side stands together. it will be a battle between Paid me now vs. Paid me later

  8. ballboy says:

    this is a perfect situation for Mikhail Prokhorov the Russian NewJersey Nets owner to bankroll a new league. he is the wealthiest owner in the NBA reportedly worth $17.8 billion and could afford to fiance a new league without any outside help. once the owners see a new league taking shape they will beg the players to come back at any cost.

    • Gary says:

      Yeah he probably could, but he’d lose more that half that to start up a new league and that’s what this is all about, owners not wanting to lose anymore money.

  9. GarbageTime says:

    I think its a good step, however this should have happened a long time ago (by a long time, maybe a month or so). It should have happened before part of the season, and even the pre season was lost. My opinion anyway.

  10. ballboy says:

    players should start their own league. all the pieces are already in place. all they need is stadium leasing and legal guidance. having owners is so not cool when you can do it yourself. it’s not very different from being self-employed. also ….no 50/50 split with owners so salaries will skyrocket to almost double what players make now. cut out the middle man and sell direct to your fan base. it’s as American as apple pie.

    • Ray says:

      Wow … this have to be the most nonsense stupid comment i ve ever seen since this thing started ….. who need owner right? who is going to do the payroll and the promotions and all the backstage work that the player dont even see??? who? Nate Robinson? Metta World Peace?… or perhaps the Birdman Andersen hahaha wow .. Real Stupid…the players need to stopo acting like they dont need owners .. and get this thing done … premadonnas

      • GarbageTime says:

        I agree with Ray.

      • ballboy says:

        you sir are a dummy personified. who’s gonna do all those things you mentioned such as payroll,promotions,backstage work,etc,etc,….the very people that are now out of work due to the lockout dummy. it’s tools like you that the system counts on to not think outside the box. there once was a basketball league called the ABA that merged with the NBA,arena football competes with the NFL and the WNBA is growing so it’s not impossible dummy. all the behind the scene people you mentioned are now officially UNEMPLOYED dummy and would love to go to work for a new league. climb out your mom’s basement and get on a plane and experience life fool. there’s more to life than being a dumba$$ couch potato.

      • SYED F AKBAR says:

        Regardless of our opinions, we would do well without insults and invective name-calling.

        You probably did not intend to use it that way, but a ‘prima donna’, literally translated, is Italian for ‘first lady’. It is used to describe the lead singer in an opera.

        Come to think of it … the players ARE the lead singers in the opera called the NBA.

        Ballboy, players starting their own league is THE ideal solution. The chances of that actually happening, alas, are slim.

        And it is not because the players lack the administrative or managerial skills required for the task (professionals in the field are available for hire by anybody).

        It is because those holding the goose that lays the golden egg will destroy it before they let go of it … they are doing it now, aren’t they ?

      • Albertb says:

        Agreed players do need owners… in all respect, players are losing over 300 million ever month they dont play… in the today’s economy these sports people do not need huge contracts… like does Lebron need a 100m contract…mean while the Australian NBL championship team in 2009 earnt a total of 257 thousand…. seriously wake up players… i understand that these people have sacrificed their life to play this sport but they dont need excessive incomes.

    • Dorken Wackenburg says:

      NBA players are not capable of managing ANYTHING business related. They need to just stick with bouncing and throwing balls and hanging out at strip clubs, texting each other, etc. Having a tattooed, pierced body and being able to bounce a ball doesn’t prove that you know how to run a complex, comlicated business.

      • Gary says:

        And you are so much smarter because you make what? Five figures for four years of college? Or whatever your case may be. Stop being jealous that you choose the wrong career.