Labor Talks: One Last Chance?

HANG TIME HEADQUARTERS — Might there be a glimmer of hope for an on-time start to the NBA regular season?

If so, it likely hinges on the goings-ons and the outcome of what Howard Beck of the New York Times reports is a “final and unexpected” meeting between the league and the union before Monday’s “deadline” to preserve the full NBA season:

The meeting will involve the primary negotiators for each side — Commissioner David Stern and the deputy commissioner Adam Silver for the league, with the union represented by its president, Derek Fisher, and its executive director, Billy Hunter.

Stern said last week that he would be forced to cancel the first two weeks of regular-season games on Monday if the sides did not have a breakthrough at the bargaining table. They have not met since then, with the N.B.A. insisting it will not move beyond the 50-50 split in league revenues that Stern proposed last Tuesday. The union rejected that stance, saying it would not resume talks with any preconditions.

It is not clear whether the league has moved off of its 50-50 proposal, or whether the union has softened its insistence on receiving 53 percent of league revenues in a new collective bargaining agreement. It is also possible that the sides are negotiating other, structural issues in an attempt to move forward.

TNT analysis David Aldridge confirms an 11th-hour meeting will be held but says players have not accepted the 50-50 proposal as a precondition to meeting. As of late Friday night, the sides were believed to be standing their ground, per Aldridge. But with the looming deadline on tap Monday and the pressure on both sides bubbling, something must have changed.

Since the details of the meeting are sketchy at best, it’s probably foolish to read any more into this latest development. But any meeting, any significant contact, is better than the alternative.


  1. Duane says:

    The deal is dead. the season is now dead. Both sides want to much and they think it is better to cancle the whole thing.

  2. Anthony says:

    Some people want to see a basketball game. Some people pay thousands of dollars for a season of 82 games
    So not the lockout. Its not cool for the fans like me

  3. Greed says:

    It all comes down to this – the FANS give money to the owners, who give money to the players, as the players play the game, which is run by the owners and attended and enjoyed (more often than not) by the FANS… Players and owners should really, really, really think about what money they will make without the FANS and make a deal right NOW!!!

  4. J. Pla says:

    All of this Bull…….t Is only because some platers make too much preasure to the others trying to take them to the
    NBGP ( stands for National Basketball Greedy Players) We all recognize their talents , but enough is enough and recognize that the fans paying for everythig including all their vanities .Be more sensible at least once in life and stop the hipocresy.

  5. t dot says:

    i don’t see how it is better is some guy in a suit is making more money instead…

  6. Syed Fazal Akbar says:

    Put the league on notice: Every week locked out would raise the split 1 point above 57% … at least for this season.

  7. stardom says:

    Come on guys you are the highest payed athletes in the world, maybe owners demand too much but think about us millions of fans waiting for you! Prove the world that NBA is professional balanced league not moneyball

  8. LakersWillWin says:

    Fingers crossed….

  9. kobebryant1991 says:

    i really don t understand lockout…is that because players wants more money or what??
    if that was the lockout reason, we need to ask each other why we r greedy??

  10. Will Brown says:

    i love nba, i don’t know what ill do without it

  11. Brad says:

    Come on guys.. lets get this season going….

    last season was one of the best NBA seasons in a very long time and this season there is a lot to look forward too. The new look Knicks, the Lakers –minus phil/triangle offense , South Beach and the magnificent trio, the young Thunder and the list goes on

  12. Juan says:

    the problem here are the players. they want more money because they say what they make is not enough. but the real fact is that they make a lot of money but they just wast all their money in cars, mansions, private jets, and other unreasonable expenses. most players go bankrupt right after they finish playing in the NBA because they have no idea what to with money, they only like to spend more and more, what player need is to get a better education so that they do not waste everything and so that they stop complaining about making millions of dollars per year. i love the NBA and i watch every game that i can, and all the players are just being unreasonable, they will loose many of the fans for being so griddy. there are thousands of people that are right now without a job because the players won’t accept to make a little less money. they do not understand that is not only about them, the NBA moves a part of the economy and right now the economy will loose many important jobs, if they don agree.

    • David says:

      When you really look at this, I do not see the players as being greedy wanting more money. They have came down from 57 to 53 which is around 160 Million Dollars.

      The owners need to take the football approach and split the gates and television deals 30 ways. It makes no sense when the Lakers sign a 3 Billion dollar TV deal and the Sacramento Kings sign a 10 Million Dollar TV deal. That is what would keep the small market teams in business, not trying to get a few points on Basketball Related Income. Just my opinion. But I do think 53-47 is fair or 52-48.

  13. goldenflare says:

    Seriously doubt a deal will be made in the next few weeks, both sides seem too stubborn. It’s slightly ironic how the league will lose more money this year through game cancellation then giving an extra 2% BRI. It’s a real shame for the fans.

    • Guinnyss says:

      Dude, they planning an “emergency” meeting, Something is going to budge. The bump in the road is the 50-50 deal. From 57-43 they should just work with 53-47. The union can’t expect a big jump to 50-50 when the players are the ones bringing money to the game. Personally, I think it should never be 50-50 because players make the game not the owners.

      I think it’s going to be sealed at 53-47. that will break the ice for other conversation and Stern not canelling the first 2 season. If they get over the 50-50 thing, i can see other issues getting rapped up by the end of the week. Giving players enough time for a good training camp.

      I see Lebron and Wade looking hardcore in outstanding condition yesterday. I see Bosh is still weak under the rim SMH, i wihsed he had worked on that this summer. DANG BOSH!

  14. Frank L says:

    I agree… I never thought i would say this but the hell with the NBA, this is coming from a hard core NBA fan , that enjoys and loves the game everything about it and for a long time, man i watch all the games on tv , and go to some games ( cant aford much), im in san diego and i live with the imposible dream that some day will have a team back in the city, since i was i kid my dad would take us to the showtime Lakers games, its the sport for me, i celebrate the start of the preseason with a big BBQ party and continue to enjoy the rest of the season like a teen age groupie, im one of the few people i now of that get so cought up in these sport because I LOVE IT!!, and beleve me when i say that if the cancel even 1 game of the season, because of these need for more money by both sides, when every one in these coutry is going throw the worst times “ever” (myself 2), i say the hell with you, damn you, and i will ban the NBA form my house, as much as it will hurt not to watch the game, it hurts more that nobody is taking in mind what the FANS might be feeling, how bad its making you look to us, you do have some issues to fix, i agrree, but you should have started in may and kept the pressure on, so the fans wouldnt loose 2!!!!!!!!!

  15. Peter says:

    The real issue here is that lebron caused this. Over two thirds of the teams have real problems keeping their high end talent and are basically stepping stones these days when the stars finally realize their only shot at winning is going to one of the few teams that can spend what ever they want. So as long as there is a chance that another miami team is created by the players not the teams themselves, the teams that have no shot at winning would rather not play then have their fans continue to waste money supporting them. In the long run a lost season is better with hope that in the future winning will fix everything instead of a slow loss of fans with no real hope of winning and bringing the fans back.

  16. MUBWAR says:

    Agreed with everything Aditya said.

  17. Predmester says:

    Fisher should retire insteed…

  18. eric says:

    both sides know that the owners lost billions of dollars due to the 57-43% rvenue share so why dont they just make a deal that says first 2 years of the deal owners get 51% players get 49 and later for the rest of the deal players 51% owners 49% and the players are being immature for not accepting the hard cap all sports need it to keep the league competitive just look at mlb the yankees are always #1 because there is no hard cap

  19. aditya says:

    rich vs richer……they all win

    people who lose is the general public…….

    good point i read a while ago, what are the owners doing when they see everyone struggling…..they’re not reducing ticket prices etc…….the only people who lose are the general public who want to see the games

    • Bobandy says:

      I agree completely.

      Look players, you can either make less money or NO money! But the real losers are the fans, and the average folks employed by the NBA (stadium workers, broadcasters, team staff).


    • Aideb says:

      You are right on the money about what you said, but how can the owners reduce prices? Prices have went up on everthing from electric etc. They have to try to put a good team togerther and that cost of the fans dont even pay that bill. I am not for the owners but for the game.

  20. Aideb says:

    All I have to say is that this makes me sick. I understand that the players want there moey, but lets look at what going on. Nba needs to do something to keep the integirty of the game. They need to make a hard cap and to make sure that we don’t see the same teams always in the playoffs. How many teams are in the red, but the players want more money? There is millions of Amercians without jobs? With this lockout there is more without work, that works at the games. I am a hugh fan of the game and normaly fly from Alaska to Arizona to watch the suns play. NO MORE for me. I am going to voycott the NBA not because of the owners, but the players.

  21. Youss says:

    Better than nothing ! Come on, let’s get to work people, we need our full 2011-2012 season !