China Escapes FIBA Asia With Olympic Berth

The FIBA Asia championship wrapped up Sunday with two critical games for first and third place that finalized the fields for next year’s Olympic action.

In the final, China edged Jordan 70-69 to become the ninth team in the 12-team Olympic field. Jordan came back in the fourth quarter and tied the game with 1:32 left. But they missed five shots that would have given them the lead, and the difference was a Yi Jianlian free throw with 28 seconds left after Jordan’s Ali Jamal Zaghab fouled him 90 feet from the basket. Yi finished with 25 points and 16 rebounds, while American Rasheim Wright led Jordan with 26 points.

Like Jordan, the Philippines went down in heartbreaking fashion in the third-place game, losing to Korea 70-68Marcio Lassiter missed the second of two free throws that would have tied the game with nine seconds left. And after Korea hit one of two on the other end, Joseph Casio missed a three at the buzzer that would have sent the Philippines to next year’s last-chance qualifying tournament. With their third-place finish, Korea is still alive for the Olympics and will join Jordan in that tournament, which will determine the final three teams in the Olympic field.

With senior men’s FIBA action now wrapped up for 2011, here’s a look at the fields for next summer’s two Olympic events…

Field for 2012 Olympics
Team How
United States 2010 World Champion
Great Britain Host
Tunisia FIBA Africa Champion
Australia FIBA Oceania Champion
Argentina FIBA Americas Champion
Brazil FIBA Americas 2nd place
Spain EuroBasket Champion
France EuroBasket 2nd place
China FIBA Asia Champion
Team 10 2012 Qualifier
Team 11 2012 Qualifier
Team 12 2012 Qualifier
Field for 2012 Olympic Qualifying Tournament
Team How
Angola FIBA Africa 2nd place
Nigeria FIBA Africa 3rd place
New Zealand FIBA Oceania 2nd place
Dominican Republic FIBA Americas 3rd place
Puerto Rico FIBA Americas 4th place
Venezuela FIBA Americas 5th place
Russia EuroBasket 3rd place
FYR Macedonia EuroBasket 4th place
Lithuania EuroBasket 5th place
Greece EuroBasket 6th place
Jordan FIBA Asia 2nd place
Korea FIBA Asia 3rd place


  1. Chinese Nationalist says:

    I’m proud that my team China has won as no.1 of WHOLE ASIA!!! We weren’t called the Asia’s Dragon for nothing

  2. diejay says:

    yuh, tired of supporting team philippines always give u a broken heart..remember the game when OLSEN RACELA misses 2 important free throw? looks like he’s MARIO LASITERS idol..LOlx..Phil wont be asian champs again.. it just happened that other asian countries are not really in to basketball, but now a days well eat dust.. hope this will wake us up

  3. Adrian says:

    I wonder if the US will play well in the 2012 Olympics. The players are great, but they won’t have played together like other teams such as Spain

  4. KITZ says:

    kelly williams missed 2 frethrows that would gave them d lead or a chance to tie d score..hope kelly must practice hard in freethrow shooting,,wala dapat kaba lalo na sa crunchtime,,international games po dapat hindi daga ung palabasin,,dapat puso pride of our country ang pinaguusapan..but nice game even we lost via a 2 pts..

  5. Michael says:

    Well.. another sad loss for the Philippines.. but hey.. the team reach to the FIBA-Asia Semifinals since 1987.. that’s their biggest improvement so far.. and they have a long way to go for the team..

    But my suggestion is.. we need to have some BIGGER POINT GUARDS and BIGGER FORWARDS.. that’s their main problem in their lineup.. they have some huge size disadvantages.. just like that game vs. China..

  6. frank says:

    we need a big point guard. Alapag maybe good but small enough to match up with the point guards of China.

  7. matt xavier tutana says:

    gilas made history for many years that philippines is one of the final four in fiba asia in the past 24 years,just always think we did not do our best yet that next time we can do better,i am proud to be pinoy

  8. rkoxp says:

    That’s ok, same with Miss Universe, next time they will be at 3rd place, waaaaaaaaaaa!!!

  9. KOREAhOOps says:

    daming emo , kapag natatalo ang team , umiiyak sila , im a korean , but aint k-pop style neggaz , i here in phillipines supporting ang giving charities for the victims of dengue , dont hate me

  10. KOREAhOOps says:

    mahang hang ba ung kim chee n pinatikim nmen sa inio , PILIPINAS SMART GILAS , asa kayo noh kala nio easy easy lng ang team nmen , dami pa foreigners sa team nio natalo pa kayo , wag sabihing chamba ung pag ka panalo ng korea nmen , youve seen the game

  11. Boksing na lang walang makatalo sa Pinas!

  12. KOREAhOOps says:

    PHI giLAs will enjoying eating kimchee right now they just lost to our national team korea, proud to my team

  13. jayson says:

    i think The Olympic Committee or the FIBA should review how they select Olympic participants..Only the champion qualified in the Asia Cup and only the 2nd and 3rd qualify to the Olympic qualifier while in FIBA America and Eurobasket, the finalists will go to Olympic and the 3rd to even 6th place qualify to the Olympic Qualifier.It is so sad that the largest continent has only one representative in the Olympics while the Oceania has 2. And its funny to think that there are only two teams that participate in FIBA Oceania (Australia and New Zealand) . The winner of the best of 3 goes to olympic and the looser goes to the qualifier..I hope FIBA Officials should look into this very seriously…

  14. xavier bayan says:

    We respect the rule of the FIBA. I observed that because the olympics will be held at UK 0n 2012 it is but proper that until 6th place of Europe Championship will be included in the qualifying tournament 2012. But please, FIBA Hierarchy consider a proposal to add more slots for ASIA. two (2) Automatic slots, for the ASIA Champion, and the 2nd place. The 3rd and 4th be included in the qualifying tourney. The same is appropriate considering the vast portions of Asia, the market of basketball in Asia and the population as a whole. Note China alone is not Asia, its prejudicial to other countries which have the opportunity to show their talents in the olympics for the love of the sport. Pls. be considerate. thanx! Long live Basketball.

  15. phamie says:

    So sad philippines didn’t made it. We are wondering why only one team to represent asia in the Olympics. It’s so unfair to us, look at europe. We are a big continent so we must at least three or even four participants in the olympics.

  16. yi says:

    philippines choked again

  17. quiet says:

    stop cheering for PHIL team. not worth playing for

  18. Eugene says:

    I Hope next OLYMPICS FIBA give 2 Slot in ASIA…..

  19. ben charles says:

    why japeth aguilar not playing with two important game???????????

  20. Eugene says:

    Well done GILAS… Good job Guys… although we didn’t get the slot in olympics we break the 24 yrs na we are not in final four….. Hope MVP continue Supporting the GILAS and recruiting college player to play in NATIONAL TEAM… LIKE RAVENA ( ateneo ) , GARCIA ( feu ) , TENG (ust ) , Slaughter ( ateneo ) , PARKS ( N.U ) and some other college player in NCAA….

    i also hope that if ever MVP do that… i am wishing that the college school were they play is also supporting MVP and allow then to play…..

    That is my opinion….


  21. eric,

    don’t ever include caguia or the old players in the pba. they don’t have big heart. just try select someone/somebody in the pba who have a big heart (just like rudy hatfield before). TeAM Pilipinas will can’t be a great team if they don’t change their style of play. change the brand/style of your game folks (Gilas). and too much guard, and they dont have a deep bench players. CHANGE THE WAY YOU PLAY. Play hard and play with a BIG HEART though…. anyway still great, better luck next time…

  22. Kbryant says:

    hi Philippines, “mabuhay!!”better luck next time, keep it are on the right track..

  23. quiet says:

    filipinos are not worth to play in olympics, same as azkals. lmao

  24. pinoy says:

    korny mo emerson ramos

  25. KingYEAH says:

    SMART GILAS PILIPINAS forever. Even if they finished fourth place, still, they’re coming again to rule Asian Basketball.

  26. SmartGilas says:

    i hope jason castro join’s smart gilas..chris tiu sucks

    alapag and jason castro at guard much better.For me Jason Castro is the best guard in PBA right now body,slasher,height,perimeter and 3point shooting

    Castro in , Tiu out

  27. anonymous says:

    Philippines had a great chance… too bad it didn’t work, but nice try.

  28. LeBrandz says:


  29. mandy says:

    Keep your head up Smart Gilas Team! Your country be proud!

  30. lon says:

    I understand if the PHI team would be beaten again by China, if they took advantage of Jordan. But the frustrating part is being beaten by Jordan at the semis, which is most important than the prelims round, and was beaten again by Korea wherein they lead the 1st half and lose by 2 pts. IT IS VERY FRUSTRATING! sayang na sayang ang malaking pagkakataon. ayon nga sa kasabihan ng mga pinoy, “Pera na, naging bato pa.”

  31. Brando says:

    What a heartbreaking loss yet again to South Korea, same of what happened in Busan. Eventhough our guys still played their hearts out..better luck next time…

  32. Julian says:

    Is Yao Ming any chance in the olympics

  33. GEDZ says:

    Maybe not now for Smart Gilas it is so sad to see the heart breaking loss to Korea, But i think we have a chance in that tournament we are the better team behind China it is just we fall short, Hope MVP will continue Gilas Program because we have a potential to dominate Asian basketball….

  34. eric says:

    SMART GILAS should start replacing their bench players with great PBA players while Toroman is their coach. We placed 4th in FIBA ASIA with Tiu and Baracael in the mix, how much more if we place Arwind Santos and Caguioa in their place off the bench? Fellow Filipino’s, what do you think???

  35. Kasey says:

    Nice try Guys [SMART GILAS]

  36. Noel says:

    Another sad loss to Korea. We could have won the ball game if not for the poor shooting ability in the free throw line. Just like the previous years we had with Korea. Leading by two and a missed free throw, then Korea converted a 3 point buzzer beater. Well, better luck next time.

  37. RyX14 says:

    What a heartbreaking defeat against Korea! So sad. It isn’t our time my dear Philippines. We will soon dominate Asia!!

  38. JWY BUOY says:



  39. Hareega says:

    Super proud of Jordan, we were very close to beating the giants at their home

  40. calvin johnson says:

    Dominican Republic gonna impresive u !!! #commitment

  41. I feel very sad for my country (Philippines) as they’ve lost to Korea for the qualifying match for 2012 London Olympics. But i’m still proud of Team Pilipinas!! Better luck next time guys!! We’re here to support you. Proud to be Filipino!!

    USA vs. Spain- Championship match men’s basketball 2012 London Olympics.

    Can’t wait to see Lebron, Kobe, DRose, KDurant battling against Gasol Brothers, Navarro, RFernandez and JCalderon for the Gold medal. Haha. Just my opinion though!

  42. Jeff says:

    i know this will happen to Gilas 5… i dont expect much.. but it is more exciting if they win…

  43. Eric Zap says:

    I enjoy seeing the USA with “2010 World Champion” in the field next to it.

  44. Emerson Ramos says:

    I am proud of my team SMART GILAS PILIPINAS… We lost the game on the scoreboard only but still deep inside we have the HEART OF A CHAMPION!!! MABUHAY ANG PINOY!!!!