Adelman In Minnesota?

HANG TIME HEADQUARTERS — Admit it: the Minnesota Timberwolves’ coaching search has gone on for so long you forgot they still haven’t replaced Kurt Rambis.

Any and every available coaching candidate worth his whistle has been in and out of the Twin Cities to speak with general manager David Kahn and the organization’s brass about the open spot. And you can finally add ex-Rockets coach Rick Adelman to that list, per Jerry Zgoda of the Star Tribune:

The Wolves brass worked for weeks to get Adelman to come in for more than a phone interview.  If he wants the job, and they can agree on a salary, the job is probably his.

The salary would probably have to be around $5 million per year.

Adelman joins Don Nelson and Sam Mitchell, likely, as the team’s top candidates.  The 65-year-old Adelman has taken time off during his career, and the thought is he might want to take another year off to spend time with his family.

Adelman’s career record is 945-616 in 20 seasons with Portland, Golden State, Sacramento and Houston. He favors an up-tempo style, which is said to be what the Wolves seek.

The list of candidates linked to the job is extensive.

In addition to Adelman, Nelson and Mitchell, names like Larry Brown, Terry Porter, Mike Woodson and Bernie Bickerstaff were all mentioned as possible replacements for Rambis. Of this group, only Woodson has landed elsewhere. He has already signed a contract to join Mike D’Antoni‘s staff in New York.

If Adelman is the choice, the Timberwolves have every right to be excited. He would improve the situation in Minnesota the minute he walks through the door.


  1. AOP says:

    He is a great coach, maybe the best in the league. (I know people are going to call me crazy when zen master and pop are out there) But this guy wins so many games with or without talent. Kings were his talented team back in the early 2000s, and that offense was absolutely beautiful! Rockets didn’t have McGrady or Yao, one always getting hurt, and he still is able to put together a pretty good season. He did great in Portland! His teams have more chemistry then any I’ve ever seen. Kahn hasn’t made the best decisions as GM, but if he brings in Adelman that’ll take him from D- GM rating to B-. If someone can get an offense going and win 10 more games than last yr just by changing philosophy, it’ll be adelman!

  2. Taylor says:

    The smartest move would be to hire Don Nelson. Adelman will never stay on long enough to see the Twolves become relevant and I bet he will realize that before he accepts any jobs. Don Nelson already admitted to people that he likes to go to bad teams and turn them around. That’s what he does. He would gladly coach them for 3-4 years until they were ready to start reaching for the playoffs. The Twolves aren’t ever gonna be championship competitors, but they could be a playoff team every year eventually. And Kahn already said he wants an uptempo, exciting style of basketball….. Don Nelson….. Adelman wants to win, Donnie wants to teach and have fun…..

  3. Jalen Steve says:

    Rick Adelman is perhaps the most underrated coach in NBA history. Landing him would be a major coup and a master stroke for the Minnesota front office. Had Frank Vogel not put the Pacers in a tough position by doing such a surprisingly good job in his interim role last season, Adelman would have been the no-brainer choice for that franchise as well.

  4. I0I says:

    Theres only one problem with Adelman he never won big one with more than good enough teams think about it

    • Zar The Knicks Fan says:

      if it wasn’t for Zen master he would have had, 1 or 2 titles in his resume. he had good teams but he never had best players or best teams and he did his best with whatever he got.

    • gary says:

      what team was more than good enough?

  5. Johnnydawla says:

    Come back to Sacramento, Rick! We miss you!

  6. Dzaak says:

    No way. Only reason why Rockets let him go was to give him a chance with a contender. It would be a slap in the face of Houston to see him go to another rebuilding team. People just don’t understand. They think the Rockets were stupid for getting rid of him, but no it was smart because rick would be wasting his talents on a team that may just make 8th seed.

  7. Ivica says:

    Adelman is a great choice…I still remember those Sacramento days with Peja, Vlade, C Webb…he never had Michael or Kobe alongside to win championships, but he always found the way to make something out of his teams…

  8. Rob says:

    I agree with a lot of what’s being said here about the Wolves needing to understand that this is a process. It’s going to take two or three years for them to be competitive – and that’s why I don’t think Adelman will sign with them. At his age, and with his record for actually sticking around on a job, this would probably be his last team, and I don’t think a coach who’s gone so close would want to retire on such a low note (no offence to the Wolves).

  9. jer says:

    I know as an old school Blazer fan that Adelman is one of the best coaches (and has been year in and year out) for over 20 years. He should make it into the hall of fame. If the TWolves get him, they will finally have someone they can hold on to

  10. I think Larry Brown would be a better fit. Its seems like the kind of team he would take and get them to the playoffs and then leave it to someone else like he did in Charlotte. That would be when Aldeman comes in. But I think anything going forward for the Wolves would be great (as opposed to pooling draft picks and then trading away players for more draft picks). Though I guess that one falls more on front office than it does on the head coach.

  11. Hill says:

    this would be good for all.

  12. Sean says:

    Zardoz Brumley: “Adelman has already said he doesn’t want the job”

    Says who?? You don’t hop on a plane for no reason..

  13. Yesca says:

    i agree with the guy saying Frank just doens’t seem like the right fit in Detroit. I just can’t see this working out. I could be wrong but that was a bad hiring, and another bad move by Pistons managment.

  14. JWY BUOY says:

    NBA… City of Superstars… pls end the Lock out… We’re Asian are excited too….

  15. unknown says:

    if Sekou is right about this, (he normally is right)
    then this could not be better news for the timberwolves
    Adelmans team always overachieve, especially last couple
    of seasons in Houston with all those injuries, his team always
    come up a winning percentage. That being said, the timberwolves
    need to understand that this is a process, the first goal for the organization
    is to crack the 20 win wall that has been over them for the past 2 seasons
    and then improve from there. While Adelman is definitely a step in the right
    direction, it isnt a quick fix. That last line is what the timberwolves organization
    and fan base should keep to their heart.

  16. Zardoz Brumley says:

    Adelman has already said he doesn’t want the job

  17. Matt says:

    I disagree about Frank. Where Frank isint one of the top coaches. He will build an identity for the piston squad. Which is exactly what Detroit needs.

  18. Vlad(Canada) says:

    Adelman, please don’t sign with T-wolves!!! Adelman in New York = NBA Championship

  19. Zar The Knicks Fan says:

    i wonder if Jerry Sloan might wanna come back. he might be able to do those 1-2 punches (that he had with malone-stockton pair) again in a few years with wolves since the wolves are packed with good point guards and good forwards

  20. CGrizzle says:

    Aldeman Doesn;t want to go to the wolves… He only left houston so he could have a shot at the Lakers

  21. aj says:

    I think the Pistons should have added Adelman to their search. I get the impression that Frank, though probably competent and capable, isn’t a good fit for Detroit.

    • bunbury says:

      ithink the lakers should’ve hired adelman. he is in my opinion one of the best coaches. the rockets did very well under him, took them to the second round (without mcgrady) took the lakers to 7 games (without yao).

  22. (: says:

    this would be good for the twolves….all the best to the organization