Sprite Slam Dunk Showdown: Vote!

HANG TIME HEADQUARTERS — The polls are still open but time is running out for you to vote in this summer’s Sprite Slam Dunk Showdown.

You have until Friday to get your votes in (and you can vote as often as you’d like) for the 10 semifinalists, who were already announced and highlighted here at the Hideout last month.

We’re trying to identify the best dunkers in the land by trimming that list of semifinalists to four finalists. The winner earns the title as the best amateur dunker in the nation, a lofty title by most anyone’s standard.

(Do you really think dunk legends like Dominique Wilkins and Darryl Dawkins would be involved if this wasn’t serious business?)

That’s why we have to admit to being more than just a little amped up about this summer’s Sprite Slam Dunk Showdown. Now it’s up to us, the dunk-loving public, to pick the four finalists chasing the crown of the best amateur dunker in the land.

Without a summer league to speak of and no highlights to be found, the work these semifinalists have put in is the best elixir for those of us in need of a high-flying/acrobatic dunk cure. So check them out and vote so we can watch them square off for the title in Orlando during All-Star Weekend.

And for the record, if Zach “Jonsey” Jones and Brandon “Werm” Lacue don’t make the top four, we’ll be petitioning the good folks Sprite for a recount.

Remember, the polls close Aug. 12, so hurry up and vote.


  1. word says:

    This years contest was better because of JaVale and Derozan and few others but still not great. It was better then Howard winning on a no dunk… Yes he has hops but he did not technically dunk. Each year there are a few good and great dunks but the majority have been nothing special. I would also like to see them do a horse style version. one guy does a dunk and the next has to do the same. Make the guys do something different.

  2. dante cvln sanders says:

    lebron james we need you in this slam dunk contest

  3. duh says:

    of course those dunkers are better! they practice all day at the gym to get their dunks right and create more dunks!
    just what do you expect from NBA players?? only chance an NBA player who gets to dunk like them are FROM them!

    though i have to agree, stop all those gimicks and give me some REAL dunk!

  4. rohitdubey says:

    the greate sprite dar ke age jeet hai


  5. word says:

    The winner should be invited to compete in the NBA dunk contest. maybe then the NBA players will bring some creativity to the contest. The contest has been pretty much a disappointment the last couple years

    • Jordan says:

      Yeah, because JaVale McGee was so boring last year. This past season, the dunk contest was amazing. These guys in the summer dunk contest are fantastic, but the NBA dunkers are still way our of their league.

    • Mike says:

      I’m tired of people saying NBA players’ dunks aren’t creative. No player is going to practice even 10 minutes a day and blow out their knees to win a competition that has almost no effect on his salary, which is ultimately the most important thing.