The Saber Rattling Gets Louder

Taking the posturing to a new level as the lockout begins its second month, the executive director of the players union suggested Wednesday the season is already in jeopardy, telling a conference at the National Bar Association in Baltimore that “If I had to bet on it at this moment, I would probably say” there will not be a 2011-12.

“We’re $800 million apart per year,” Billy Hunter, the head of the National Basketball Players Assn. told about 200 people during a seminar at the conference, according to the Baltimore Sun.

The NBA declined comment.

In the same Sun story, Hunter said David Stern was being limited by some owners in negotiations, insisting the commissioner take a hard line in trying to negotiate a new Collective Bargaining Agreement.

“In the last six or seven years, there is a new group of owners to come in who paid a premium for their franchises, and what they’re doing is kind of holding his feet to the fire,” Hunter said.

So it is we have reached a new stage of the labor dispute: Stern portrayed as a puppet. That’ll get a few laughs around the league.

While Hunter’s words are ominous, they also come with the usual, if unspoken, disclaimer that these are the things people say in heated public negotiations. Same with statements from Stern and other league officials. Things get said. Things get settled.

Hunter could turn out to be right from months away – no one would be shocked if the lockout carries into the season, at which point the calendar becomes as much of an opponent as the other side at the negotiating table. But for now, it’s more gut feeling than fact. It might even be another scare tactic.


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  4. Krajr427 says:

    Darn President makes how much a year for running the country and these jerks want millions to play a game. How about we pay our soldiers all that money they can die at any moment defending the country and these dipsticks are striking. Screw the players, the owners hands are tied and they are the suffering ones with all the free agency pressure, Now mostly thanks to LeQuit the constant CHOKER!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Krajr427 says:

    I hope they lose the whole season as the players have become far too greedy and all this super team BS has to stop. LeQuit has brought this on the NBA with his grandstanding and Decision BS. Listen I love the NBA but these guys are making way too much money to play a game as the rest of the world loses it butt and works like a dog. What did LeQuit say we had to do ” go back to our miserable lives someday!” Hello people they are competing on TV and are made famous for playing a Game. Let the players starve a little and then they will crawl back to the men who sign their checks and the fans who make them famous. Thanks Alot LeQuit for all your crap, why do you think LeQuit is being optimistic, he doesn’t want the world remembering how much his grandstanding has to do with the Owners saying this is enough. Wake up people, these guys are way overpaid!!!!!!!!

  6. FansNeedToTakeAction says:

    i think the fans make the NBA happen and if your not satisfied with how they are treating us why dont we stop wacthing and put a strike back at them.Were the one’s working 9-5 jobs sweating in the summer,freezing in the winter to pay them millions.Dont buy the merchandise,shoes ect…Then when all the fans disappear the players and owners will need us to come back.NBA,NFL and MLB all are nothing without YOU the fans! IF you go they are all out of business.So if you dont like how they are handling this “love of the game situation” why don’t you stop buying products/watching NBA?
    Actions are bigger than words people.
    I wont be watching euro-league even if they settle the lockout at this point i dont care i wont be watching lose some more fans for the love of the money.
    Shouldnt you do the same?
    if you don’t YOU feed there need for greed.

  7. justdoit says:

    i think the fans make the NBA happen and if your not satisfied with how they are treating us why dont we stop wacthing and put a strike back at them.Were the one’s working 9-5 jobs sweating in the summer,freezing in the winter to pay them millions.Dont buy the merchandise,shoes ect…Then when all the fans disappear the players and owners will need us to come back.NBA,NFL and MLB all are nothing without YOU the fans! IF you go they are all out of business.So if you dont like how they are handling this “love of the game situation”why dont you stop buying products/watching NBA?
    Actions are bigger than words people.
    I wont be watching euro-league even if they settle the lockout at this point i dont care i wont be watching lose some more fans for the love of the money.
    Shouldnt you do the same?
    if you dont YOU feed theyr need for greed.

  8. Josh says:

    I feel like a hard cap would be the way to go. This way there aren’t the Joe Johnson’s and Eddy Curry’s of the world being overpaid to play like crap (or not play at all).

    Think about it. The whole reason for overpaying a player is so he doesn’t leave you when he’s the best you got (Joe Johnson, Chris Bosh, LeBron James, etc).

    Say the hard cap is set to 50 million, and Johnson wants 20 of it. That leaves you 30 mil to sign 11 other guys. No team in their right mind will do that. The key phrase is “NO TEAM”. You don’t have to fear him leaving you for monetary reasons, because no team will pay him that much and still be competitive come playoff time. The whole “Wade-James-Bosh” thing won’t ever happen again, either. People see how 3 guys cant do it all, how it takes more than that. The best teams in the league (minus the Knicks) are built with money. Look at Dallas and Los Angeles. Even Orlando and Boston. It takes money to win. All we need to do is scale that down.

    • Krajr427 says:

      Love it you are correct. I hate the Big Three for what they personally have done to the game, Thank you Mavs for sending those butt nuggets packing. Choke again LeQuit!!!!

  9. greg says:

    these players think they r owed more millions, its a joke. what would they be doing if they didnt have basketball? probably flipping burgers, selling drugs or gang banging. they r too greedy, their egos need to be bought down a few pegs. where else would they ever make this kind of money, especially with the thugs they have in the league

  10. jerson bs says:

    I AGREE TO loveofdgame!

    Those who wanna stay and play, let them play. For those who wanna leave. THERE’S A LOT OF REPLACEMENTS. NOBODY IS INDISPENSABLE!

  11. loveofdgame says:

    Bring in the “REPLACEMENTS”…Come all ye’ NBDL players. They’ll be happy to make the minimum pay and it still more than an average joe makes out there. So, what ! basketball is basketball, I’d still watch em’. Quality may not be up to par but it’ll get there with competition. Let the stars play overseas, the game itself has gone international anyways. So let it be, let it be, let it be. Let the new replacement players set an example that it’s not all for the money but it’s for the love of the game. And let the owners learn from the mistakes of the past and build a better business system and not feed the egos of the players. Entertainment wise , like I said , basketball is basketball, they’ll always be another up and rising basketball talent out there waiting to be discovered. But dream right, it’s not always the money. Money is not everything, you can’t take it to your grave when you die.

  12. andie says:

    the players and owners should be reading this LOL!!

  13. NBAfan says:

    All boils down to business.. If any of us had a business where the product cost you more then the profit that its generation.. we would want to bail out too. This is not about owners and players not liking each other.. it’s about numbers.. this situation have gotten out of hand. Players are making way too much money now days. There are only 8 teams out of 30 that are actually making money which tells us that the current CBA its not working… and for the players that think that they will make the same kinda of money over seas.. dream in guys. not going to happen… I love basketball.. and i’m siding with the owners but the reality shows that this CBA needs to be change. Players will always make a lot of money they just gotten to greedy.

    Hoping that they can get together very soon. i’m afraid that we will see some movement by the first week of November when teams will stop paying players…

  14. Santiago says:

    Testing. Comment. Does this work?

  15. Dewey says:

    Owners are just looking at their current revenue and are not seeing the bigger picture here. The NFL and NHL are successful due to every single team being competitive from the start of every season. Sure some teams are more likely to win the superbowl or Stanley Cup than others in the predictions, but we are often times surprised who ends up on top in those leagues or who ends up in the big game (ie Cardinals, Panthers, and many other teams recently featured in the Superbowl) than who doesnt. The NBA could be this way under a hard cap as well. Making every team a competitive product will sell out more games and generate more revenue all around (ie consessions, tickets, merchandise, etc.) Must spend the money to make more back. Give the players more money as incentive to change the league to a more dynamic and evolving nature. It is win win for both sides on this account and I can not believe they do not see this. After a 5 year run with those percentages under a hard cap, then you could talk about owners getting more of the shares or change it back if it does not work out. With the new product, it will create more excitement amongst fans, and more fans will be more hardcore about their nba teams especially with shorter deals being made, more speculation as to who is going where will create tons of hype. Most people are not hardcore about the nba as they are with football or the nhl. They might have a favorite team, but I bet a Dallas Maverick fan is a more hardcore Cowboys fan than he is Mavericks if they like both teams. I personally watch every single Broncos game due to that any given Sunday, anyone could win. In the NBA, I love my Spurs, but sometimes, they just do not have what it takes to beat stacked teams like LA, Miami, or Boston. Or they will just stomp bottom feeding teams and I pretty much do not watch those teams due to their lack of talent. Just saying, create a more evolving league which will make people more hardcore about their teams and create more spectators. This alone will generate more revenue. At 40%, there will be more money to be had than under the current rules with owners getting what they are now.

  16. Dewey says:

    Players 60, owners 40…initiate hard cap to create a more competitive league with teams evolving every year due to shorter contracts. Will see even the smaller rise out of a hard cap. Much like the NFL. Just give the players more money as an incentive to change the cap rules. Can not ask for more money while also changing players contracts. Must give incentive to do such things. Owners just need to make smarter investments on wall street to get more money. Not take it from their players. Please do this and lets get back to playing. Msking a hard cap actually will require teams to utilize their staff talents a lot more rather than just relying on players to win things for them…cough cough Miami cough. Teams like the Kings, Clippers, and all the bottom feeders of the league get a sweet deal from a hard cap by having more superstars going around to more teams rather than trying to stack them under the current cap. Players looking for max deals will be spread out more due to the hard cap. True champions will arise having the talent spread that much more. Back will be the days it takes 2 to tango like Jordan and Pippen, Magic and Kareem, Malone and Stockton, Payton and Kemp, Olajuwon and Drexler, Shaq and Kobe. as opposed to superfriends club like Miami has or the big 3 in boston, or the knicks with what they are trying to do with trying to stack a team with melo, amare and whoever else they bring on board,, or the all star starting lineup of the Lakers. 60% player revenue will generate more role player funds to go around to build teams around the 1 or two superstars on each club. OKC and San Antonio already use this forumla, the rest of the league needs to get on board with it. 60% player money to keep the players happy while hard cap to make the owners happy by creating a more dynamic and evolving league. Do this and play ball!

  17. Fredrick Wells says:

    I think the season will start in November, but there will either be no PreSeason or some games will be rescheduled to fill up 82 games compared to a Lock-Out shortened 70 game season.

  18. Dtrust says:

    I am am a young adult (22) and I have my favorite teams but I’m a fann first of all do I want the lockout to end I didn’t want it to start but for us as fanns as a whole it was out of our control. I think that every player that makes the nba is making to much money even the guys that sit on the bench that the coach don’t even think about putting in the game .The way I see it is that the players and the owners are being greedy. The Owners are trying to fight that their franchise is not making money because the players make to much money but we wouldn’t be in a lockout if they payed attention to their club or what they was investing in. The players live luxurious type of lifestyles so they don’t wa’t to stop making top dollar because their franchise can’t pay them their money. I think both sides should agree on players recieving 40% and Owners recieving 60%because they have to gain back what they invested plus a profit to pay the employees. A guy shouldn’t be on a team for security reasons and get top dollar but don’t see time on the basketball court all season.

    I won’t be surprised if it takes until January get the deal done both sides are blessed

  19. JD says:

    Players be contented of what you are getting. You are paid millions of dollars for the job that you enjoy and love to do. The economy is in bad situation. If you will compare your salary to other people you are so blessed. So my suggestion is to follow what the owners and NBA wants.

  20. Lets get the NBA Season going!!! I hope the union will agree to the hard cap that these team owners want!

  21. mike says:

    Lets face it — no matter who is right or wrong with the negotiations — only the fans are being held hostage. Lose a season and see who gets the upper hand. We can guarantee attendance will be down, money will be down, contracts will be down.

    Get to the table, toss out the egos and negotiate in earnest — oh well, guess there is going to be a lockout,

    No such thing as a millionaire with no ego 🙂

  22. Kestas says:

    NBA is extremely unflexible as an organisation. Things like lockouts are unimaginable in European leagues. The team I suport plays in four leagues and none of them will ever have a lockout, because there are no strict CBAs and stuff like that. Hypothetically, one of the international leagues my team plays in may go underground, but who cares – three more remain 🙂 All leagues in Europe (national, international) change all the time – some teams go, some new, stronger ones come in or the old ones reenter. Players move freely and teams, as well as pleyers, are free to negotiate with very little restrictions. Nobody sells players or trades them like slaves. There are no drafts.
    Anyways, the most ridiculous thing about NBA, however, is that such a stagnant, autocrative, oldfashioned league of commercial clubs from one (ok, two) countries that represent individual cities still cals itself the World Championship… Lockout is good for you, it gets you back on the solid ground, if only for a short while..

  23. Cnastrom says:

    Oh and do you honestly think the NBA players care either way their still getting payed for doing nothing all year with out playing basketball.

  24. Cnastrom says:

    If the NBA really wanted to solve this problem they would make it so that all the teams in the NBA could only have a salary of 10million that way all of the greedy selfish pigs in the NBA would only be making 300,000 still 6times as much as the average person makes in a year and all the other money could go to helping orphanages starving children and communities that can’t help themselves not only should the NBA do this but all the overpaid sports should do this that way you know most of them would want to play because they love the game and not just because they love the money that they make which makes a lot of them not want to play cause they don’t half to when their locked into long expensive contracts and as far as some of the NBA players not wanting to play and if they didn’t accept this agreement oh well we’ll just get new players those selfish pricks could go find a job, look at the college players before they make it to the NBA are they making lots of money no there playing basketball because they love the game that’s what the NBA should be like that way kids would have good role models not hear on the news players getting into drug problems or yapping on twitter about mindless crap.

  25. bunbury says:

    im in favor of the owners. Players are all overpaid, as a result, owners are earning loses every year. Players are getting too greedy nowdays its ridiculous. Now you have overrrated players like PERKINS demaning more than what they deserve. This is how bad theleague is right now, and owners are 100% right. if owners are investing MILLIONS, shouldn’t they be profitable. and even worst, players are nowadays crying about their teams. they sign contracts and they demand a trade??? first they forget they all get contracts for their own benefit. what happens if they get injured. Dont they get paid despite not playing? right YAO MING, you got paid how many MILLIONS for playing 5 games in 2 SEASONS. players need to be teached a lesson. REALLY!

  26. NBA says:

    They are asking to much, lowering their salaries from 57.4% to 40%. I think they should lower it to 54.4% or something you guys have to work it out or you will have to say goodbye to the 2011 – 12 season and I don´t want to wait a whole year to see Miami win a title. Miami if you have any money left to get free agents, try to get a good center Dwight Howard, a good point guard Barea. Miami you guys saw what Barea did in the finals and on the other rounds,you should get him, You should get Carmelo Anthony and this would be the line up

    Point guard- Barea
    s. guard – Wade
    s. forward – LBJ
    p. forward – Bosh
    center – Howard

  27. Barea says:

    I totally get you ma.The NBA should give you something.You are a great thinker you are awesome

  28. loveofdgame says:

    The development of the game has gone worldwide…we’ve had a canandian and a german MVPs, and when the bulls and spurs won their championships it was a combination of players from overseas…it is sad that MONEY is the driving force for the sports players but it is what it is…if they go overseas then that’s their choice…but i would really be sad to lose the NBA. I myself r @ fault for enticing my nephew and my son about how much basketball players make. And encourages them that if they’re gifted enough that they can maybe get paid someday for playing the game they love. Now I know that it’s wrong to do that. Again, it’s a kid’s sport, let it be fun all the time not because of the expectations to be millionaires someday because of it. PEACE….

  29. NBA says:

    I think the NBA players are doing the right thing I mean they the majority of them have children and wives to take care of. They cant just lower from 57.4% to 40% maybe the lowest they can go is 54.5%. They have to work something out, i they don´t say goodbye to the 2011 – 12 season an I don´t want to wait a whole year to see Miami win the NBA championship. Carmelo anthony is free agent why doesnt he go to miami with J.J. Barea. VIVA PUERTO RICO

  30. bunbury says:

    you hear players saying ALL THE TIME, “this is all that matters, this is why you play the game, to WIN CHAMPIONSHIPS. Really, Hypocrites! They should loose the league for a while so that they can appreciate what they all have..

  31. James says:

    A lot of idiots posting on here. The players need to accept the cuts? They are greedy because they want to get the most money that they can? puhleez… sure they would not be able to play and would not get paid if it weren’t for the owners.. but its vice versa too. Without the players, the owners would not be getting paid. Not from Basketball anyway. People aren’t paying to see the owners… The players will get paid one way or the other because they can go elsewhere. The owners can try and bring some new players in that aren’t as good, but they already have that.. its called the D-League.. and I’ve never seen one of those games before. People keep saying that they shouldl accept the cuts because they are getting paid millions to do what they love. Bullshish.. They are getting paid millions to be the best in the world at what they do. Thats not an easy task… and its one that should be paid TOP dollar. Do you understand how hard they have to train to maintain one of those few spots in the NBA… where the competition for the spots is steeper than you can imagine. How much of their life has been sacraficed? How much scrutiny they have to deal with day in and day out. The owners don’t HAVE to pay top dollar for the best.. but if they want their teams to do well… they better start.

  32. Jim says:

    The recession is worldwide and everyone (with poss exception of oil companies) is having to face (or have already faced) the prospect of job losses and trying to find work in a difficult enviroment. In reality all professional sports stars are overpaid for what they do – Golf, Tennis, Soccer, Ice Hockey, NBA, NFL. I have no doubt that most give back quite a proportion of their wages to charitable foundations etc. But can any of them really say hand on heart that they couldn’t possibly survive on $5 million a year rather than the $10 million they were getting? Would all the superstars stop playing if the maximum they could be paid in a year was $10 million (not including endorsements). Is Rashard Lewis really worth $18 million a year? How do you spend $14 million in one year? The whole wages structure has left reality behind and the cost for Joe Public to watch the games live has increased to ridiculous levels to try and fund the wage bill. Time to get a reality check and get the wages under control with a hard cap coming into place in 2013/14 season of around $50 million per team. The players won’t get any more anywhere else so will still play.

  33. Robert says:

    I think its better that david stern gets fired. I think he is just thinking about himself en the bussiness around basketball. But everyone is forgetting were its al about. its about the SOUL of the game.

  34. HeatFan14 says:

    I believe the owners r asking a little 2 much of the players .. i mean they choose 2 overpay the players but the players are also being a little too greedy. i just hope the owners can realize they screwed up and the players can face the fact that they will still make enough to do whatevr they want 2. Im just a kid who wants to watch basketball and a season like the last i guess its all ncaa this year

  35. Alan I. says:

    Please ask some cooler head mediators, such us retired and respected players to call a general meeting amongst players,
    if it is worth not to forego the season, it is unfair to all basketball fans losing a season. Kids loves NBA and don’t dis-apoint them.

  36. Youme says:

    NBA where Négociation happens

  37. minimum wager says:

    stop the greed! id play for the nba for minimum wage! its the NBA!

  38. Dragon says:

    are people still following the NBA? there ARE other sports…

  39. basilva1 says:

    So how much will the owners make if there is no season? Are we seeing the same kind of shenanegans we are experiencing in politics? The hold everyone hostage and say no to anything, unitl everyone capitulates and caves on your demands?

    • MackDaddy says:

      Well its working for the republicans right now…. hog tie the President and prevent him from making any changes that reverse Bush’s tax cuts to the rich, and in the process stuff up our credit rating and economy. Then as an added bonus they score political points because they can claim that Obama hasnt done a good job. And that’s how you win elections…. plus Fox News does their mandatory beat up and hey presto ‘Republicans back in office!’.

      • Santiago says:

        Hey, MackDaddy, do us all a favor and break your keyboard in half. I’m sick of mindless sheep typing the same false statements over and over again. Bush’s tax cuts to the rich??

        Um, tax cuts by Bush in 2001 and 2003 significantly lowered the marginal tax rates for nearly ALL U.S. taxpayers. If anything, the rich, initially received less benefit from this because of the Alternative Minimum Tax (AMT). The AMT was originally designed as a way of making sure that wealthy taxpayers could not take advantage of “too many” tax incentives and reduce their tax obligation by too much. It is a parallel system of calculating a taxpayer’s tax liability that eliminates many deductions. However the applicable AMT rates were not adjusted to match the lowered rates of Bush’s cuts. This caused many more people to face higher taxes. This reduced the benefit of the two acts for many upper-middle income earners, particularly those with deductions for state and local income taxes, dependents, and property taxes. Basically, rich people faced more taxes, until they made adjustments in 2005 to reslove this issue.

        So, what you are saying is you are ungrateful for tax cuts that let you keep more of your money (or more likely, you don’t care because you don’t work/pay taxes). You need to realize that we are F’ed right now because Bush spend too much money on a land war when he could have just leveled it from the air. More importantly, and more to the immediate point, Obama said, “hey we are in debt and there is a slight chance we can get out of it… Or, I can spend more money than all the previous presidents and lead our country to ruins.”

        Obama chose the second option. In a few years, we won’t have enough money to pay the year interest of all the money we owe… let alone trying to whittle down the debt. It will no longer be a question of should we cut spending or cut certain programs… we will simply not have any money or any credit left to spend, period.

  40. digruntled Dave says:

    It’s time for a fan strike, they’re certainly not representing us how many of us can’t even afford to take our familys to a game because ticket prices are so outrages! the only thing this strike is going to do is raise ticket prices and it will cost more to watch it on TV. You can hardly watch it for free now you have to have pay TV to follow your team now especialy if it’s not your home town team! IT’s TIME WE THE FANS SHOULD TAKE A STAND!!!!!!!!

  41. Maz says:

    For what my opinion ia worth, I believe the NBA players have been spoilt in the past and the result is that they now live totally detached from reality.

    Anyone can see economies are collapsing all around the world people are losing their jobs, people are losing their homes, the US dollar has collapsed, the EU countires are falling apart. This is the reality and these players still want millions of dollars for throwing a ball in a hoop, its the players that need to adjust not the owners etc. I love my nba but reality is reality and the trith is the truth these guys are lucky to have a job in the next 5-10 years because i gaurentee most of us wont…peace

  42. alex says:

    Joe Johnson is on 23 million next season. Whose fault is this, the player’s or the owners? Why are the players expected to bail out the owners for their financial misdealings? Let’s imagine that the players cave in to the demands of the league/owners. What happens in 5 years if owners yet again get saddled with a bunch of joe johnson/eddy curry/jerome james type contracts??? Will the players be again expected to take a pay cut because the owners have over extended themselves into a tight financial corner??? The owners need to be taught a lesson in financial responsibility, not the players.

    • bunbury says:

      you forgot to mention rashard lewis. but superstarts are demanding these contracts/pay. teams are sometimes/somehow forced to pay them what they want or the player leaves.

  43. NBAWhat??? says:

    Don’t make a living on basketball it’s just a game coz after you get old and you don’t have any cash to spend what will happen to you? YOu’ll end up broke like Derrick Coleman? Latrell Sprewell or Antoine Walker?? Be Happy with whatever money you get while you’re still young and earning millions of dollars playing the game you love. Some players especially those who came from poverty wants too much money and that sucks. NBA Star for now and after your retirement and got broke you’re to the ghetto.

  44. trail_blazers_12 says:

    I’ve been a fan of the NBA for several years now. I have enjoyed going to games and watching them on TV. The NBA 2k game series is one of my favorites. I work long hours for minimum wage and I’m buried in debt but still thankful to at least have a job.
    The lockout is really leaving a sour taste in my mouth and as sad as it makes me I may never be a fan of the NBA and it’s players and franchises again.
    The players make millions every year; even the ‘bad’ players make $450k a year. The owners are billionaires and have most definitely made some dumb decisions regarding how much a particular player should be paid. The way I see it is that both sides are wrong and the lockout is a fight over who has to pay for it.
    I can’t relate to any of it at all. It’s millionaires arguing with billionaires over hundreds of millions of dollars–more money than 99.999% of fans will see in their lives.
    As has been said the lockout goes deeper than just player salaries; superteams (i.e. Heat/Lakers/any large market team with deep pockets) need to go. Small-market owners pay top-dollar for a non-superstar but still good player just to keep them from going to play with their friends in NYC or Miami. If they don’t then their franchise is sure to be a perennial lottery team with dwindling ticket sales.
    Basketball is boring when any team the Lakers play(except for any other superteam) is sure to be a blowout and the conference finals feature the same teams year after year. Lets see the Timberwolves have a legit shot at a ring, or the Hornets, or the Jazz.

  45. Carlos says:

    I don’t understand why Billy Hunter is recommending players to go play overseas. On the surface, he may think its an “intelligent” idea to put the pressure on owners to bend, but on a deeper level, your allowing Europe to allow NBA talent to go play over seas. We could literally lose the NBA as a whole, as FIBA would take over, and you would start seeing basketball players get paid like soccer players. You think NBA players would turn down $ 30 a year to go play overseas? Billy do everyone a favor and shut your mouth, because your so called tactic is not good for the league, the players, the fans, nor the owners. You could join the unemployment line soon brotha LOL.

  46. MP says:

    There seems to be a confusion: the BRI is basketball-related income. That is something players receive ON TOP of their already high salary. So, a 50-50 split is still somewhat unfavorable to the owners, who have to pay not only the players, but all other personnel as well, and have to pay for generating al that RBI. The players do not contribute financially in generating the RBI. A case in point: the owner of Cleveland paid for the LeBron jerseys but once sold, LeBron got the bigger piece of the income. Now, Cleveland probably still has a lot of LeBron jerseys they will never be able to sell. Cleveland’s owner had to pay for them – LeBron didn’t. So, the owners take all the financial risk. Is it really that greedy that they want at least half of the income (not even profit!!)

  47. Pmun says:

    I’m confident we can find other people in this world willing to go play basketball for far less money than the current players make and actually find individuals who truly love to play the game. The talent level might not be as high but thats not the point. I like to see winning team basketball… I could care less how good someone can dunk and well they shoot fadeaway three pointers, which by the way is not sound fundamental basketball… I got an idea. We all know that even though these teams have coaches, the players still go out and play how they want… The coaches really don’t have any pull over their players like in high school or college… So here is my idea. Give the players what they want but put in the contracts that each player no matter how much of a stud he is must listen to the coach and do what is asked. If they do not, pay cuts or even reduce play time for that individual. Players should only be getting paid such high slaraies based off performance. Not based on stats necessarily but stats and how the team is doing in the win column as well… Give them incentive to earn their check. If they fear losing money they may work harder and get done what needs to be done. Or they can go the opposite way and work less cuz their pissed and as far as I am concerned can go mow lawns for a living… Reality sucks for most people in this world and its time that these people be brought back down to it. In my personal opinion, Lebron James should give last years salary to Wade for that crap performance he put on in the Finals…. D wade played his heart out trying to win it all like Lebron claims to wanna do but when the big lights come one dude looks for a rock to hide under… Tell me how someone who can get to the basket 100 times out of a 100 times settles for jump shots in the NBA finals? Dude wasn’t even double teamed cuz they knew he would just shoot jumpers… So my point stands, homie should have had a paycut based on that performance. Don’t claim that all you wanna do is win and when the opportunity arises you just curl up in the fetal position!!

    • bunbury says:

      someone mentioned that the league should replace their players for players who will play for the love of the game. however, once you start paying someone (millions) i am pretty sure others would also want to be paid millions. and so on and so forth. the reality is, money (specially millions) will changed anyone’s midset. the more you have the more you want. and if you think you can get more you will try to get them. the nba/basketball is no different than any of the other main sports. the main thing here is to recognize the fact that the teams are earning LOSES. Why would you as an owner be inventing MILLIONS only to lose MILLIONS. dont make sense right. it’s a fact that nba players are overpaid. players are getting to greedy. they all want to be overpaid, they all want to content for championships, but once they get injured, like YAO MING, REDD, MCGRADY, ETC ETC ETC. they dont say a thing.

  48. idlir says:

    truth be told the players are overpaid! way overpaid … but see the thing is that that has no relevance whatsoever because they are employees and employees have contracts . what contracts do , is bound the employers (owners) with the employees (players) on right/duty basis for each party . in our case if the players fulfill their side of the deal (play) owners have to fulfill theirs (pay) . if there is a particular clause in the contract stating that if the recession knocks in the door there will be a contract renegotiation , than awesome the owners are in their rights to do what they are trying to do but they can not just wake up one day and decide right out of the blue that they cannot pay players as much as they are and that they have been fools to do so in the first place. guess what : the have been , total morons in fact but so what . it just shows that they have made wrong business decisions . We are so sad for them! (see the irony) unfortunately this charade is gonna get a whole nba season off our screens . Now im am not looking forwards to that !

  49. Nyisha says:

    Let all the greedy players play overseas where no one appreciates the game of basketball. The players attitude have been even ruining incoming college players. Why should top draft picks get 3 to 4 million a year. More than half the time they never pan out. There should be a hard cap, no exceptions, no vet min, no min salaries, no max salaries. Let the teams pay what they want as long as the players agree. Lets be honest all NBA players are making well above the federal minimum wage anyway. If the players do not want to agree I am sure they are plenty of talented players from AND 1 and in our neighborhoods just waiting for the opportunity to astonish the world. If I apply for a job and they do not want to pay me what I want I don’t accept the job. The players should do the same thing, go find someone who will inflate your salary.

  50. Joey says:

    Owners and Players are on equilibrium to each other because they need each other to survive and profit. Players need owners to pay them ,to give them the chartered flights to fly them out to games, to provide staff to care for their needs, and the list goes on. Owners need players to provide the foundation of this league: to play amazing basketball at the highest level, in the world’s best basketball leagues, so that they would attract fans like us to voluntarily pay to watch these athletes do what they do so that revenue can be generated to pay for their expenses. These are hard economic times that we are going through, and obviously most NBA players are much much more well off than many of us here. Plus, it’s not like the players are losing a hell lot here. It was a 57:43 split before, and they are only taking a 7% cut. Why not be positive, and grateful that you are still going to get 93% of what you used to get, and at least you still get half the candy? If a buddy and I were going to split a Mars bar, its a no-brainer that we would split it 50:50. Why? because it’s fair. Have the players forgotten about this basic rule of life on sharing a piece of candy? A very big, money-rich piece of candy we’re talking here…

  51. Hoops says:

    Keep the players locked out, sign up all new, young and willing to play players, top salary of no more than $2 M/year, drop the ticket prices and play some exciting college like basketball. I can’t bring myself to feel for the players. I mean how does an owner stay in business when a player who is paid multi million dollars just decides not to play some of the games. Few years ago players and mega stars played with broken fingers, hurt bodies because they played for far less and owners paid far less. So, owners did not have to protect an investment who was paid mega bucks for a hang nail like they do these days. And, when the team does not fill the seats and loses money who takes the hit? Can the owners turn around and ask the players to pay back some of their NOT earned monies? Sure, the owners are partially to blame also but the players are showing much greed here. The country is knee deep in dept, people are losing their homes, businesses and lives… If this season is lost I’m done watching the NBA. THEY SHOULD REMEMBER WHAT HAPPENED TO BASEBALL WHEN THEY ACTED LIKE BUNCH OF SPOILED BRATS… LOADS AND LOADS OF EMPTY SEATS…

  52. xXx says:

    why dont they just pay players who are playing… when injured the owners must pay only the amount of money the players used on rehabilitation and for there daily needs.. i think…

  53. tisa says:

    without the nba what basketball am i suppose to watch? and1 mixtapes?

  54. noel says:

    its all Business, money talks, blah blah! where’s the love for the game? You must understand, for the owners, it’s more of business and making money, that’s why they invested here. But for the players, DK was right on, being paid millions of dollars for something they love to do… I hope they also consider the fans…

  55. LutherJoe says:

    50-50 isn’t bad at all,..they should meet halfway, NBA is being watch worlwide, why risking all these world phenomenon just for money, c’mon Owners & Players do something about this, think of the wider window that you give to all fans, without the NBA i would rather get my cable subscription be disconnected,…thats how i love this game!!
    And before i forgot,..MAYWEATHER vs PACQUIAO would be great to fill in while this lockout is existing, what do u think? Mayweather, fight Pacman now?? would u?

  56. MJW says:

    Its the bigger picture that is more of a worry. Just think of all those people whos work is dependant on the Basketball season. The ticket sellers, the stadium cleaners and security, the shop workers who sell merchandise, the bars that show the games to full houses on game nights…all these things will be hit hard by a lock out and no doubt their will be many more people on the unemployed list. Its not just players earnings at stake here its other people lives

  57. Peeter says:

    I am from Estonia, I really can not undrestand, what is the problem here. You guys should have free market, it means that everybody should pay and get as much as possible. Why to regulate this. As I undrestand teams have inflated salaries and now when in recession, it should be wise to stop paying for next contracts so much. This should be business. You can not have some agreement in business matter, in one way or other it still will lead to standoff as one makes more then other. Teams should be competitors who play and fight for market share. Would it not be wise just drop every regulation set the caps free and watch what happens. As I can see there will be period of time when teams, who can afford will pay enormus salaries, then there will be some teams who will lose fans and they can not afford to pay these salaries anymore and also the salaries for super teams will drop as there is not any idea to pay more. In time these teams who can afford best players will win a lot of titles, but then it will become boring and fans lose interest in this sport. Then revenues drop and salaries will drop overall, so you can start raising salaries again to get fans back and business can go to salarie inflation again, this should be economy. The thing that you guys are trying to create in so fake. There always will be teams that can pay more, if you take this away then there will be locations where players would like to play as they can earn off the court more. Regulating free market only makes thing worse. If you quys would have proper recession in 1970-s you economy would not be in this kind of mess also. I think it is just common sence. In USA you guys have made sport a religion, but it is just a sport there are real values in life also.
    I actully really like NBA, my favorite teams is UTHA since Malone time. Hope you do not take this as arrogance to say these thing, it is just my personal oppinion and sorry for grammar english is not my first language, my first language is estonian. When in Europe 2013, come check out our song festival, you are very welcome:). There is 100000 people who come to see 25000 people to performe patriotic songs. Here is preview from 2008:

    • Nyisha says:

      That is why the NBA is a league. The more competitive the league the better it is for the league. To be honest there are only a handful of teams contending each year anyway and the free cap is essentially what we have because teams that go over the cap pay luxury tax. You brilliant idea does not work for the league. It is bad for the league when the only interesting teams are the Lakers, Bulls, Heat and Celtics, the league looses, the players lose, the fans lose, those dependant on the NBA, teams and affiliates for income lose, therefore the economy loses, which means Americans lose. Not a good idea when EVERYONE LOSES!!!!!

  58. ulise says:

    its funny how you say these players are greedy and do not not play play for the love of the game. there getting paid for something they love to do right?. but you never see the countless of house they have to spend in the gym and practice. ya’ll think they just get paid for every game they play. they work their buts off to stay in shape and maintain a high level of play. they have a special talent like any other musician, actor etc. know one complains how much money they make or how greedy they are. they have to endure all these rules like dress code, drug policies, containing their emotions on the court. david stern and his minions want to turn these players into drones. and once hey get injured or old, just kick them to the curb. i agree that many players stupid contract *cough rashard lewis rudy gay cough*. but who’s fault is that. i now damn well if your employer offered a large amount of guaranteed money for your performance you would take it too. so who’s fault is fault is that. an owner can own a team for many of years, but a player is expendible

    • Nyisha says:

      True but now that the owners are trying to rectify it by implementing measures to ensure it is less likely for players to be overpaid and stockpile the league on certain teams to completely compress the other markets, people are mad. The owners broke it and now they are trying to fix it and the players are like nope too late we are used to sucking you dry. The players get paid regardless of whether the team or the leagues make a profit, that is what salaries are. Now in the real world I would accept a bogus salary that I know that I really didn’t deserve but I also know that is how businesses go under and I would be looking for LAYOFFS right about now!!!

    • Bill Sievers says:

      Hey pal, we’re all expendable! I feel that todays players are way too greedy. Players back in the 50’s and 60’s (you know, before all this agent crap, ect.) played for love of the game way more than todays players. By comparison todays players have got it made in the shade. When my Dad was a kid in Brooklyn in the 30’s he told me he actually saw some of the dodgers players riding the El to the game in full uniform with their cleats on! Dad told me of ballplayers back in the day that drove a milk truck in the off season to make ends meet. i’D LIKE TO SEE TODAYS PLAYERS DO THAT!! They’d be looking for a different full time job. They just don’t realize how good they’ve got it. By comparison I guarantee you I do my job year in and year out as good as/or better than they do, and I haven’t had a raise in 5 years! TIRED OF THE GREED. Of course that’s just MY opinion, I could be wrong. But I doubt it.

  59. andie says:

    This would be difficult for us, fans! We are the ones buying the merchandise, such as jersey, caps and any collectible items.. We pay for the tickets, watch their games on TV thus helping the league earn, the owners and the players.. I agree that there’s greed on the part of the players, but with the owners as well. The players are the ones working for the owners, playing in the nba is a priviledge for the players, they showcase their skills and talents to the world, and are playing for the best league. It would be hard for the players to give in, say what if the player gets injured, yes they are covered, they have insurance but injuries are no joke. Injuries could be life threatening, and could end their career. The owners should not give or pay the players $10-$20M per year if they can’t afford. It’s their fault, if the players demand for more then trade them or don’t sign them. Look what happened to the Nuggets, they offered Melo more money to convince him to stay, but Melo opted out, he didn’t sign the extension. So now he’s in NY.. The Celtics traded Perkins because he demanded more money, the Celtics couldn’t afford to pay Perk more than $5M because he wanted $9M so they got rid of Perk. The 50-50 thing is ok, I’m really mad about this.. No NBA season is crazy!

    • Nyisha says:

      This proves what I mean. Perkins game is not worth 5 million but they offered him that and he still wanted more. They traded him and what happpened a team that had a great chance lost, nevertheless, they were right for not paying him. He is inury prone, he is not an offensive threat, and while he is a defensive force, he is not a defensive stopper. He gets 6 fouls like everyone else. I bet he is not going overseas because no one would want him. He epitomizes GREED!!! The players have taken over demanding what teams they will trade too. Denver could not trade Melo because he would not sign an extension anywhere but to NY, he forced the teams hand (which admittedly turned out good for DENVER) but owners need to take back their teams. You are right if they do not want to pay what the player is asking then do not sign them the problem is players are joining up saying they will only play for certain teams or teams that can afford to pay 20 million in luxury taxes are getting all the great players and they are essentially cornerning the market in the league. How can Milwalkee afford to pay luxury taxes to sign an ALLSTAR when they do not have players to make their team a profit. It is not fair. Toronto and Cleveland lost the pieces that made their team money so going over the salary cap to get players to allow them to contend to even make a profit is out of the question. How can a team that does not make money put a team together to compete with a team that pays out double their salaries. If you have more to spend, you have more to win. WRONG. Implement the hard cap NO EXCEPTIONS, now we are all equal and just because you team is worth three times what mine is does not mean you can spend three times what I have. Make the NBA about Basketball and Competition again.

  60. Garbagetime says:

    As an optimist by nature, I still think we could get the NBA this season. With the economy the way it is I think both parties really need to look at the bigger picture. Hopefully this issue can be resolved sooner rather than later. The players should agree to take a bit of a pay cut. There are some that claim to be all into community service and helping others yet they dont seem to be willing to make any compromises on their own behalf. I think its time for the players to show that they truely appreciate their fans and do what they have to do to get the next season underway, even if it means (heaven forbid) only taking 50% of the basketball revenues as opposed to the 53% or 57% (I forget) that they were getting before.

  61. Sp says:

    I’m devastated by this whole fiasco. I don’t support one particular team, I just live and breathe NBA Basketball. To see the entire thing heading for a flush is quite sad. Billionaire owners want more money from millionaire players who don’t want to give any of it back. Players should be paid at the end of the season based on their contributions. Its something that no other sport (correct me if I am wrong) has ever attempted before. It would separate the true basketball players from the money hungry wannabes with the great legal and management teams. It would see the likes of Rashard Lewis get 1.8 million a year and draw a line between looking like you enjoy the game, and looking like you enjoy the fame.

    • Nyisha says:

      That would be awesome. They should all get a base amount a year, every player something like 200,000 to live on and in the end of the year the players with the greatest contributions would get the teams max salaries. A team could say our top ranked player will get 15 million at the end of the season and so on and so forth. I think the players on each respective team should be allowed to vote for the team ranked players. Another idea would be to let the players on each team divided the teams salary up at the end of the year. Say a team has a 55 million dollar team salary. They can sit and vote on who should get what. Then we will see true colors of the players, not that they are not already showing them.

  62. Phillip Jefferson says:

    Basketball is my favorite sport and has been since I was a little boy and I couldn’t imagine there not being a basketball season next season. Both sides need to sit down and talk and iron out their differences and come to a fair agreement and I think the players do need to give some. I enjoy going to the Sixers Games here in Philadelphia. Don’t know what I would do without the NBA.

  63. bryan says:

    I love basketball and the nba. ive been watching since i was young. but the thing is. the economy that were in right now. ive been unemployed for 2 yrs. and to see players making millions of dollars like that and this bad “recession” were in and they cant take a cut? i dont think they could live in my shoes, id love to see that. yes they have an exhausted schedule and meant to be role models but instead of being a “face” for the nba why cant the players care enough to take less to give the fans what they want? a new season.. things have changed since the last agreement .. there wasnt a recession then. there is now….. time to rethink guys and actually give back

  64. omw says:

    i think the players should buy all the fans tickets to every game. since without us, they have no league. so if the owners butt is on the line for the finances, who should make more, them or the players. maybe the players should all be on a performance pay. if you dont perform you dont get paid. now thats fair. like rambis, whats his value really worth on the lakers. sure not what hes gettin. pay them like some workers, paid by the piece. maybe they could actually bust their lazy butt and look good. but nope, bench sitters makin more than the guys playin. cut their salaries, or it will be too late for more and more fans to go watch em play. the clippers were a good deal to go see, it was cheap, IT WAS. but next year they will be like the lakers. it will be funny when the lakers loose to them in the playoffs. i love the lakers, but i sure hate some of the players. i guess tell the players to go be some car saleslman, see if they can make 10 million a year.

  65. Alex Davie says:

    Could someone please reply to this saying exactly what the numbers were for players and owners last season and then what both sides are arguing for?

    thanks every comment is so vague its just all opinion that one side is greedy and that this side wants to much.

    maybe the fans should lock out the nba once it returns for annoying us all….

  66. Bill Sievers says:

    It’s a microcosm of what’s wrong with our country right now. The unbeleivable GREED of the wealthy and politicians. I guess the NBA is no different. I quit watching and following baseball after the 2nd strike, looks like the NBA is soon to follow. I guess it doesn’t really matter, as someone making less than $50,000 a year it’s been increasingly harder to relate to todays players anyway. Obviously they care way less about the fans than the almighty dollar. If they blow off this season I’d love to see the fans stop coming to games and paying the outrageous prices they do for tickets and concessions when they do return. Sadly that won’t happen, they’ll come flocking back like the lemmings that they are and all will be forgiven. Wake up guys, you’re WAY overpaid already, cut the crap and play ball!!!!!!!!!

  67. SomeRandomFan says:

    When I was a young kid I was in love with the NBA. I collected cards, played ball in school/playground, had posters… I wanted to be like Mike… Then the 98 lockout happened (I think that’s when it was). Even as a kid I thought it was absurd that millionaires were fighting over the money. Needless to say I stopped watching the NBA and buying the merchandise for a long time. I played ball because I loved the game but that’s all. Then Oklahoma got a team (I live in OK) and I decided this year to watch a few games on TV. I was hooked like it was the new super drug all over again. The story lines were great! Aside from the Melodrama I loved it all! I felt like a kid again. Then the season ended and another lockout commenced. I just think I’ll lose that level of respect I had for it so many years ago and I’ll drift away from it again. I know its a business but its hard to respect people making more in one year sitting on a bench then I’ll make the rest of my life fighting over money. I just wanted to share a little of my personal experience and hope the NBA and its players remember that its more then just money to a lot of people. I hope this gets resolved before I decide to devote my time and money to something else. THUNDER UP!

  68. Chaka Chuka says:

    There is more to life than NBA. People do something else than watch a ballgame. Who cares if they lost the season, I’ll be happier if all major sports went on strike. Overpaid pro athletes and their overcharged games.

  69. Are the NBA listening? says:

    I hope these sorts of comments are looked at by the league; so the whole of the NBA can see how preposterous the situation is viewed by the everyday fan. The league’s income is fuelled by the fans, and when you’re pissing off every single fan you have, that’s not a good sign.

  70. willie says:

    the owners should wake up and form a new league with the CBA rules (50/50 sharing) they want… shut down the NBA, and make a new league… hire players who are willing to play for the CBA rules, and market the league… thereby, eliminating the greedy players.

    • willie says:

      this way, it’s more basketball for everyone! the greedy players, who want to stick with the status quo can play somewhere else…. or play wtihin the new set of CBA where a fair (50/50) sharing is the rule

  71. dennis m says:

    The owners are being screwed, all the players deserve is a paycheck for the service they provide. The owners should hold out most of the players would be broke in a year and would play for peanuts or work at mc donalds. I love the nba and hope the problem is solved but as far as i am concerned the players should only get what there contracts say and they agree with. they should have no rights to the profits of the owners.

  72. Chris says:

    No get ready for a biggest viewed final four ever lol

  73. John says:

    I agree with defdun. It is the owners’ fault for overpaying players in the first place, and I can see how the players are so reluctant to take a cut in their salaries. That being said, the players need to sacrifice a little. 30% is a little steep, but the owners screwed up and now need to cut costs, and unfortunately for the players, losing a bit of their salaries is a must to increase the teams’ bottom lines. The players think just because ratings have gone up that they should be paid more, not less, but this is why they play basketball and aren’t businessmen. Revenues can be extremely high, but when you’ve got dudes making 5 million a year that only play 3 minutes a game, your costs are gonna be higher. They need to figure something out quick, or they’re gonna lose a lot of fans, putting teams in an even bigger hole.

  74. please stop breathing players says:

    greedy !!!!! greedy !!!!!! greedy !!!!! I hate you players you all would play for free anyway. You are just destroying what sport is all about

  75. And1 says:

    Today I read in newspaper that Jordan Farmar goes to Maccabi Tel Aviv from Israel, and that others players like Vince Carter, Dwight Howard, Mario Chalmers etc. r thinking to leave NBA because of this

  76. Real says:

    2012 dooms day starts with the end of the NBA 2012. The Mayan calendar predicted the end of the NBA.

  77. Connor Dillon says:

    This is ridiculous! I ama 13 year old boy and everything for me is revolved arpund basketball! I eat, drink and breath basketball. This whole thing is uncalled for. The players make millions a year to do something they love, why can’t they take a little less. There are families out there who won’t make nearly what they make in a year, in there entire lifetime! This is why the old basketball is the best, when it wasn’t all about the money, when it was about the love for the game!

  78. Mert says:

    I wonder if anyone check average player salary in Europe. Teams that compete in Euroleague ( a way though league then NBA ) has budget around 10-15 million $ for all players they have on their roster.

    NBA players are getting paid way too much money then they deserve and the contract length is a major problem because of the injuries these players can face.

    I am in favor of teams

  79. jeff24 says:

    i just wanted to see lebron james travel this season..

  80. Josephslive says:

    fu** u NBA gonna watch some other sport u friggin greedy pigs

  81. loveofdgame says:

    Players should just play for the love of the game…How much is how much…it’s a kid’s sport. Getting paid for something that you love doing is not good enough. Millionaires…c’mon…how much is enough. If there’s any nba players that have heart , they’ll sacrifice for this year just to play for the FANS. Then just go overseas next year if they still want to get paid for however much they want. LUV D GAME. FANS LUVS U….why not “just do it “(NIKE) for the FANS that paid your salaries ever since the conception of the NBA.

  82. nate filewood says:

    They are all as greedy as each other. Thats all there is to it. Its so frustrating as a fan because we actually care about the game, we dont care about the money or even how much it costs to go to a game. Its about the game. And they have all lost the point of it.

  83. ME says:

    same BS as in normal life, executives screw up and employee’s get to pay for it, just fire david stern his time is over…

  84. bxkelli says:

    I think it’s a conspiracy against the Knicks who are destined to win it al this year. 🙂

  85. lebronheat2012champs says:

    damnit i wanted to see the heat win their championship this season it was the season for them

  86. argene says:

    the players and owners should both grow up. both sides should learn to compromise. both wouldn’t be here if not for us, the fans. its a pity things should go this way.

  87. Joko says:

    For those who think the player’s money should be lowered gradually, let me remind you that this recession didn’t come on gradually. One week I was working, the next week I wasn’t, and without many funds. What if the new owners just decided that because they over-paid for their teams they should get a bail-out from Obama? Is that what yall think should happen? Get real. What if the owners decided to just disband the entire NBA? Put the entire gaggle of overpaid egomaniacs out of work? How would they like that?

    When a company is going under, the employees either take a large enough pay cut to get it back in the black, quickly, or the company goes out of business, end of story.

    This revenue sharing talk is a bunch of bunk. Smaller market teams should be allowed to acquire quality talent at a price they can afford so they can stay in the black. That’s what the draft is supposed to be all about. Players should have to live up to their original rookie extensions and stay put, or be individually locked out of the NBA for at least three years before they can go play for a team in a “market” where “they” want to be. This whole idea of the employees running the teams is nonsense. The inmates should not ever be allowed to run the asylum. The NBA is NOT a philanthropic organization!!!

    Some of the so called “stars” barely got through high school and, in this economy, would be hard pressed finding a job doing anything more than flipping burgers if they weren’t playing ball, so why should they be paid so much anyway? Let them go work on a road crew spreading asphalt for a season and see how much they “demand” next year? Or is it really only the ‘union bosses’ that are making these demands? Maybe they should de-certify the union and let each player negotiate a contract for himself. It might be more binding that way. Ya think?

    I love watching NBA ball and going to games, but I would welcome an entire season of only college and euro-ball if it meant bringing sanity back to the NBA.

  88. Doctor ECV says:

    I agree that it’s the players who should be blamed. Taking a pay cut would still leave them with so much money that 99% of humanity won’t even get to earn in their lifetime. They will never go home empty-handed after the season.

    I can’t blame owners who would rather skip a season rather than lose money. Better have a zero than negative balance sheet.

    Legendary players of the past played for a lot for less than these greedy ones. Maybe today’s players should think about the fans a little bit more. If it was about money, how come some players would rather play overseas for a lot less? Does this also mean that players like LeBron, Howard, Durant and Rose could kiss their championship aspirations goodbye? C’mon guys, great players are remembered for their basketball, not their salaries!

  89. Common Sense says:

    People don’t understand that these players are not being greedy but anytime you are involved with someone making money because of a particular skill you have, they are gonna have to give up plenty, if any of u can make me 300 mil and i only provide with a place to play and some medical coverage, how much do you think that you should get of that?

  90. chubbena says:

    At the end of the day, all of the people that were rooting for NBA – either owners or players, tomorrow they’ll have to wake up and have the same life that [they had] before they woke up today. They got the same personal problems they had today and NBA owners and players are going to continue to live the way they want to live and continue to do the things they want to do.

  91. KRAM says:

    OHHHH nobody to blame but the two both parties..anyway if lockout continues..still Hello nba 2k11 haha

  92. nba fan says:

    Players are making way too much any way. Who really needs to make $20+ million a year. in the AFL (Australian Football League) the top players are lucky to make $800,000 a season. It’s just typical American greed

    • Milo says:

      Mate, if Aussie Rules had 30 teams (instead of 17), an 82 game schedule (instead of 22), a country of 300 million watching (instead of Australia’s population of 20 million) — it too would have NBA-type salaries. The larger the market, the higher the wages…

  93. chillwill says:

    I say if the owners spend the money on a good team, then they will make money. The Heat, Lakers, Knicks and maybe a few other teams made money. If you have a good team then you should make money. I think it is bad buinsess when you put a bad team out there. So if your team is bad then you deserve to lose money. If you own a buiness and your product is bad then you lose money, I think the same about professional sports. Bad product results in loses.

  94. Rui Lima says:

    I love basketball and specially i love NBA. I love it so much that I cannot say which team I love the most because I love them all! I just love to see and to read about it, as some of you I think.
    But this time… This time, I’m with the owners and Mr. Stern. They paid A LOT to get the teams, they create jobs, they create facilities so we can watch them playing, practicing, talking to the press, etc. And also the players get facilities that allow them to be treated as kings (not only James, sorry dude), gyms, treatment, health insurances, etc.
    But still, players want to keep so much rules in their favor, even the major slice of the BRI!! What’s wrong with you? Look at the world right now!! Is it so important to get +10M dollars plus major publicity contracts and stuff like that?? Kobe Bryant made a movie for Christ sake! Nike productions, Robert Rodriguez? How much Kobe got?… Develop some brains dudes! If you love basketball so much you would play it for free in a situation like this, in a crisis like the one we have right now.
    Its important to create jobs, and most of all, is important to keep jobs so families don’t get ruined and they still can go out and pay to watch basketball matches.,
    End this madness… Please… Give the dollars way… Make the economy flow. Give up the dollars and you will be heroes! More people will want to see you playing, you will end up doing the right thing and get rich and play in the NBA!! What else do you need??
    Sorry for the shout hehe. Just needed to be said.
    Keep up the good work fellas. I still come here one time per day!

  95. Elliot says:

    everyone wants more money. I’d play in the NBA for average wage because I’d just want to play NBA basketball.

  96. dorf says:

    man, im meant to be coming over from aus later in the year also to watch some games…. its beyond a joke how money hungry these jokers are…. theres people out there with nothing and these guys are whinging about having 6 cars instead of 7…. get a grip play for the love you should be ashamed of yourselves

  97. defdun says:

    But why are owners in the red? Because they have been volontarily overpaying players. Because they have not run their busineses in such a way that they ended up with profits. If some small market teams can break even and other large market teams can make losses its obviously the “fault” of the owners/managers/presidents if they are in the red. Can’t blame the players for mismanagement or inflated salaries.
    Obviously both sides have to move and find a solution – if not, then the fan base will break away and it will be a lose-lose.

    Blame expansion to 30 teams for this scenario. I’m fine with 20-25 teams and the level of play is much better in a setup like this.

  98. Tom Waitling says:

    The people should sue both the players and the owners. It is outrageous that all these very rich people are playing this billion dollar game at the expense of all the fans. Very, very sad.

  99. tibaklas says:

    what? we won’t have those monkeys jumping around with the basketball next year? feed them more bananas, that’ll do

  100. Danny says:

    Wow, 800 million… that would solve some problems in the horn of Africa, and probably the rest of the world.

    Let’s put things straight and say that no competitor would go out for a team or location to party rather than win. The same with this lock out. The players didn;t enter the discussion to fail, neither did the owners. It may be a long cold 2011/2012 season without BBALL on TV but hey, I enjoy playing more than watching it anyway. Unless we can go back in time to the Magic, Bird, Bad Boys Pistons and Jordan days….

    The game has lost its appeal with all these big shot “look at me’s”. Stars rather join each other to win a championship than to compete with each other for one. I’m not much of a Mavs fan but man did I enjoy seeing a real team win the championship. That is what it shoud be about in the first place; spirit for the game instead of enriching yourself to a level you need 5 accountants to count your money for you. Basketball is entertainment to its fans and entertainment is worth money to its owners. Just keep it at a level that the game remains competitive and respected, salaries realistic and fans can still identify themselves with players rather than worshipping them as Gods. the more money we see, the more we want. But giving in??? They will eventually give in anyway, knowing the lockout will cause the league to lose a good percentage of fans.

    • Paul M says:

      The Mavs did what now? They have one of the highest payrolls in the NBA!!!! Team??? What would the Mavs do without Nowitzki? Dirk put them on his shoulder like all the superstars do. Don’t get it twisted…teams don’t win championships, All-Stars do. Ask the Bulls/Spurs/Lakers/Pistons.

      • Knuckleninja says:

        when i last checked the Mavs only had one superstar on their team not an “alliance” of three…

  101. realistic says:

    Im actually with the owners on this one,

    from the past decade

    – stephon marbury
    – rashard lewis
    – gilbert arenas
    – t-mac
    – yao

    and several others, all obtained fat salaries and did not play due to injuries/ underperforming

    what the owners want, is to eliminate these situations by shortening contract lengths so teams can rebuild earlier

    also keep in mind, several owners are in the red.

    • Paul M says:

      You are mistaken. The owners are NOT in the red. Some TEAMs are in the red. Trust me, the owners have, and will continue to have their millions or billions. Tax laws in this country will let them dissolve the business, file for bankruptcy, default on all their loans, with absolutely no impact to their personal finances what-so-ever.

  102. marc says:

    you have to blame the players. if the league and organisations are not making enough money to exist, then the players obviously need to accept a pay cut or go and look for a different job! they’re earning more than enough anyway…

  103. aj says:

    come on guys…I dont understand what theyre complaining about?? players make millions of dollars more than your average american for just playing basketball isnt that enough…they get to do what they want and love and get paid for content guys..its just agame and seriously?? your livelihoods at stake?? come on….you guys make lots of money….just learn to manage it..nuff said…dont be greedy

  104. prepet says:

    greedy by both party, didn’t realize that the America economy is doomed

  105. cremet says:

    the America economy is on the brink of a recession, but both parties are so selfish to see that. I don’t think they wanna do the lockout, do u know how much money they lose if they’re going into a lockout? by the way they’re handling it, they will have an NBA season this year trust me.

  106. NOOOO says:

    why why ? NBA is my life david stern do something

  107. listen and this would settle the lockout. says:

    this is simple someone has to budge. lets be honest most players don’t play 100 percent with effort. They say players take there game to another level in the playoffs. some do but lets be honest they just play harder. You make millions doing something you love. 30 percent is big, the owners cant expect to get that. 12 is reasonable. this sounds bad but its the truth. a lot of these players if they wasn’t playing ball they would be flipping burgers at mcdonalds. hell basketball gave them an opportunity to go to college, but its about the money. the owners need to sit down with the players and ask the players for a gradual change. plus financial reports from each teams should be documented every year. cause that lost the owners saying they are taking every year is impossible. the NBA has gotten better so that sounds off. think about the fans and the love of the game thats who really pays your check. i will say this if there isnt a season this year it would be like the last lockout. it would be a while before it gets back to its fan base. in defense of the owners the nba does need to change the process of players. low brand states cannot compete with high brand states. every team needs a chance to win, and the system we have does not allow that. The knicks, lakers, boston and even the nets can go over the Cap. other teams arent as financially lucky cause there money can not turn over as quick as those teams. if the knicks sucks fans still come out to watch them play if sacremento sucks no one comes to watch them play. a cap is needed to keep it as fair as possible. hell it would be better for the Nba. but come on guys even 15% give back isnt bad no more than that though

  108. jono says:

    surely for the good of the game they can extend the old cba by 1 year giving them penty of time to work this thig out. i know this would be a short term win for the players but at least no games would be lost and the owners would at least make something over the year unlike the 0 they will make

    • ? says:

      Haven’t you heard the story? They’re loosing money so $0 is better than negative quantities. That’s the story anyway…

  109. jsauce23 says:

    Both sides are greedy!! But bottom line is 50-50 is the right thing! And to those people complaining that its too big of a cut for the players….PLEASE!!!!…30% pay cut for your 125$ million?! You are still a @#%$ millionaire!!!!! And even if its the 800k thousand a year, you still could easily live very comfortably and luxuriously enough!!! Make it 51-49 if you players really must, or damn someone smart up, because this is so childish what you “adult” business men are doing…you dont really need all that money anyways…God bless america. :S

  110. Carlos says:

    man!! I was really looking forward to seeing Derrick Williams take the rookie of the year award…stupid lock out!!!

  111. Will says:

    Look all this, is just a bunch of arguments between a bunch of rich people. It is ridiculus how these guys can’t settle for an argreement when both parties get so much already from the game. Plus the NBA and owners will more than likely loose money due to the lockout as they can’t get any money from sponsorships. Look I’m just a kid from Australia, but it is stupid they can’t settle an agreement

  112. GniK911 says:

    yeah….the players are very greedy.50-50 is a very good deal considering players still have their commercials and other things which they make money on…and the owners should also be considerate since they earn a lot from these players also…

  113. Someguy says:

    Wow. NBA season, non existent. No more sitting on the couch watching the Blazers pwn the Heat. or hearing about Lebron and co. crying in the locker room. or watching derrick rose absolutely smash any opposition with a tommahawk dunk. worst of all, no Aldridge making the allstar game instead of being yet again snubbed maliciously. Whats wrong with the ol’ NBA nowadays?

    • Nyisha says:

      Someone is a Portland Trailblazers fan. I know Portland owners have a strong opinion in these negotiations with the contracts of Oden and Roy.

  114. Stu says:

    Everything that Billy Hunter has said and done both before and during the lockout has shown a clear disregard for the fans. It is clear that he is not in any way interested in expediting the process or even trying to get a deal done before the season is lost. Terrible attitude and the fans are the losers yet again.

  115. LOTM says:

    you know it really sucks. Right when my favorite team wins the championship, this happens. Its like nothing can stay perfect, theres always a catch. Come on, bring us some awesome b-ball like last season and stop being greedy!

  116. Humbleandhope says:

    Excuse my grammar and diction on my previous comment. I hope it was easy to read and understand.

  117. Humbleandhope says:

    I’m happy to see that many here feel the players are forgetting the large amount of salary they are making for such a great career. I believe the only excuses the players have is if they are fighting for a charity they are paying for or the like, or perhaps their salary might continue to decrease to a point where they make 100k a year. But we do know most of these stars have luxury they spend thousands on that they do not need.
    I hope the players reach an agreement so the kids don’t miss out on next season. I’m sure many kids are looking forward to see their favorite stars play.

  118. lakersfansince91 says:

    Though I’m not agreeing with the owners 100% I do agree that NBA players do make way too much money. Superstars like Kobe, Wade, Lebron, Melo, etc. making what they make is fine… they’re great players who carry the team and fill the seats with fans. But a guy like Luke Walton shouldn’t be making 5 million/year for doing nothing. I think that’s the part of the NBA pay structure that needs to get changed. The Mid-Level exception seems way too high. They also need to shorten the contract length so you don’t get guys who do good for one season and decide to take it easy once they get their long term deal… I say 2 years should be maximum length. They should also have a performance clause which lets the teams penalize the players If they get into training camp overweight and out of shape, if they drop in production, or are otherwise a distraction to the team: this decision would be entirely up to the coaching staff and GM of the team, not the owners, to make things basketball related not business related. In any case, I digress… Players and Owners need to get their heads out of their arses and come up with something but don’t give these players a free ride. Make these Prima Donnas work for their money!

    • Miss Kelly says:

      I agree with LakersFansince 91 – Players like Luke Walton and other “bench-warmers” should not be getting milions of dollars for doing next to nothing. That don’t make sense.

      • lakersforever says:

        except that those players work there buts off as well everyday in practice they have to play and play hard just becuase sombody doesnt get playing time doesnt mean he is doing nothing thats just stupid flying around traveling a huge part of the year and not being with your family is not easy for alot of nba players so even the bench warmers are playing hard and workin hard. now im not defending either side I think this whole this is stupid i say just go 50 50 and then these owners will have to get off there butts and work hard to make money its called running a business. good owners will find a way to make money and if they cant cut it then sell your team and reinvest your money

      • Gary says:

        @ LakersForever, 5 million a year to practice hard and play poorly in games? For 5 million a year I’d develop my game to be a better player, not a filler. But I guess once you make it there’s no need to try to get better huh?

    • dedefr says:

      2 years max for a contract? 5 is more realistic

  119. Kramer says:

    As someone who has watched pro basketball for more than 20 years it’s hard to watch this whole fiasco unravel and it leaves a sour taste in my mouth when it’s millionaire’s wanting more money from millionaire’s who help each other become millionaire’s. I know it’s more involved than that but the people who make this league go around, THE FANS, totally miss out and many will be lost and many just wont come back. It’s a pity coming off such a great season and with so many story lines still to play out we might have to wait another 18 months before they continue. So for now NBA my old friend it’s goodbye. Let me know when you have divided up your riches and want to play basketball again and i’ll think about maybe handing over some of my hard earned to go along and watch your games and buy your jerseys and wear your shoes and anything else you want to charge me for. I’m one of the many who doesn’t have millions to live a life of luxury and have to work every day to earn a living. I still need an escape from the daily grind though and i’ll go pay for that somewhere else.

    • LakersWillWin says:

      Well put my friend. Very well put.

    • Dave says:

      Kramer’s response is that of a true fan. Well said sir. As much as I would really have a hard time doing it, I feel that if this does ruin a potential season, I’ll be saying goodbye from the NBA as well until it re-establishes some of its integrity and appreciation for the game of basketball.

    • Teun says:


    • OzHeatFan says:

      Totally agreed.

      I have lost a lot of respect for the NBA in this past month. I hope that all those greedy millionaire mo-fos are feeling the pinch, because I know all those little people relying on the NBA for an income are.

  120. scud70 says:

    just a whole bunch of hot air… just decentralise already make the current contracts all null n void then we’d have the biggest FA ever recorded once its all back… and if there is a hard cap it’ll push all those useless players getting money n doing nothing out of the league and overseas where they belong… then it will be a superior league .. right now its more a 4 team league than anything else… u got money u got a title…

    • Nyisha says:

      I couldn’t agree with anyone more. Dump all contracts and start over, hard-cap no exceptions, players are always talking about being willing to take less money to win titles. I want to see it happen. Players like Andy V from the Cavs with his 50 million dollar contract is ridiculous. Lets be serious. The NBA is too Hollywood right now.

  121. Basketball Fan says:

    I agree that the owners want too much. You can not expect the players to take such a big pay cut, those that say the players are to greedy… why don’t you go to your employer and ask for a 30% pay cut. I know I wouldn’t like it, maybe 10% at the most sounds reasonable to me. I reckon that the lockout will last the majority if not the whole season. Its not the players who agreed to pay themselves large pay checks, so remember it before you blame the players. The teams are at fault mostly for overpaying players and not managing there businesses properly.

    • Joner says:

      Most of us literally would be on the streets after a 30% cut though. Even the poorest players in the NBA earn 20x what i do in a year.

      The argument you make about owners overpaying players is unrealistic as they have to pay players competitive money or the player will leave to go elsewhere, which would make the team worse. When this happens, the team sits at the bottom of the league and crowd numbers drop drastically. This then leads to less income for owners and again making losses. It’s pretty much a lose-lose situation for the owners. The players never lose money and as an accountant, i can see why owners (near the bottom market teams) are regularly losing money.

      The owners do need to comprimise aswell as some figures in the accounts such as ‘player devaluation’ is only a paper figure and should be disallowed worldwide in sports, unless a player has a career ending injury.

  122. R U serious says:

    Are you serious? You’re making it sound like the players have sacrificed sooooo much and are barely scrapping by to feed their families. It’s greed from both sides. The Players need to start realizing that the game is more important than money and basektball should be about competition. The Players just want the most money and don’t care if they play for a crappy team, as long as it has a “bumpin’ nightlife and big paycheck”. A player would rather go to the Nets and lose than go to a team like the Jazz and win.
    Things need to change, not as drastically as the owners want it to, but gradually. The league needs to be about love for the game and allowing EVERY team to have a fair chance at winning and grabbing a player when they enter FA. Every team should be looked at as a TEAM not a location. Superteams need to die and the entire league needs to be able to have a chance to compete with each other. The NFL didn’t rest until the lockout was settled because they wanted to play for love of the game. The players are just saying “$#@$ it, I want my money, I can make money overseas while the owners buckle, screw the fans”. BRING BACK OLD SCHOOL SUPERSTARS

    • Joner says:

      The old school superstars were worse than the current superstars. The comments made by Ewing and co were awful and smacked of pure greed. There are none of the leagues superstars negotiating the deal this time around so is certainly not their fault.

      As for those who are going abroad to play such as Deron Williams, they are clearly more interested in (a) trying to stay in shape for when/if the lockout ends and (b) spending time in a different country.

      • R4 says:

        Let’s be serious here Deron williams like to travel abroad. Most american that do travel abroad pretend to be canadian because people respect us alot more. I know most nba players don’t like it abroad. There are no jets only school bus to games, fans love real football and don’t care who you are, Basketball is like third wheel on a date abroad, so players ego’s will be crush. It is a different life abroad and players will learn that they hold no importance playing basketball abroad other than the superstars.

      • Abroad... says:

        Could you have possibly used “abroad” any more times in that post? XD

    • Paul M says:

      I think you’re smoking crack rock. The NFL got back to it for the “love of the game”???? Are you serious?
      The NFL teams are the richest sports teams in the WORLD. They got back to it, because way too much money is on the table.
      Only 2 NBA teams are even on the list of top 50 richest sports franchises. 28 NFL teams are.

      You guys need to realize the NBA is a business for all parties involved. The recession doesn’t even enter the equation, so not sure why you guys keep bringing it up. Yes, the players are millionaires. Yes, the owners are billionaires. What does that have to do with this situation? If I go to a job interview and am currently making 80K a year, and the interviewer says, “we’d like to bring you onboard, but you know, we’re in a recession, and there’s lots of folks who will do this job for 40K”, would I jump at the opportunity to work for 40K??? Absolutely not. That would make no sense at all. Just because there’s 15% unemployment doesn’t mean we should all be working for free.

      It’s time the owners take some personal responsibility. They’ve had no problems paying outlandish salaries for 2 decades, now that collectors are knocking at the door everyone’s getting nervous.

      • zimbster says:

        you’re absolutely right, my opinion.

      • Nyisha says:

        I understand what you are saying about paying too much for players and that is exactly what owners are trying to do. They want to a hard-cap. Players are like nooooooooo (then teams will no longer be able to overpay for us). There are so many exceptions to the cap that it is ridiculous. There should be a set amount that teams can pay period. The league would be so much more competitive because if a team is at the cap they cannot afford you unless the player takes less money.Teams want to ultimately win (that is all they care about) the same cannot be said of all the players. Some players want to win and others just want the biggest payday they can get. A team would be forced to put together a winning team with the same amount afforded to all other teams only this time they cannot go over and pay a luxury tax. Imagine how competitive the NBA would be if the Lakers could not afford Kobe Pau and Bynum and the Heat Bron Wade and Bosh. You immediately have about three of four players going to other teams. Players would not get contracts they do not deserve because there would not be a rich team like the Lakers and Knicks that can afford luxury taxes. It is a fact that the Lakers pay more in Luxury taxes than some teams pay for the entire team salary. This exeption is why the league has gotten to this point. Make a hard cap and let players really earn their salaries.

      • Stan says:

        If the job is paying 80K and the employer wants to drop it to 40K, you look for other employment! Find something paying 60K and take it, if nothing matching 80K exists anymore. For NBA players to go from $13 million (Deron Williams) to $5 mil is a pretty drastic drop, even if it’s still millions of dollars. It would be like us going from 80K to 30K, which is pretty tough. It’s difficult to fathom having that much money, but remember they are taxed at 40% or greater. Only the smart ones set aside money for retirement, the rest blow through tens of millions before they’re 40, then have to adjust to zero income and it’s very difficult, just like it would be for anyone else. The smart ones live like they make 150,000 per year instead of 3-4 million and end up doing pretty well in the end.

    • harold says:

      your right, players dont love the game anymore.

  123. Zaphod says:

    get ready for euroleague basketball on espn:)

    • NSideIndy says:

      Nope…they will just start showing more college basketball and the NBA will be forgotten about. Just think…if the NBA went away, more kids (athletes) would stay in school 4 years, get their degree and do something productive with their lives. And the college game would be more exciting.

  124. Hugh says:

    Greed, from both parties, I have never seen a game before, and was going to be in the states from Australia for a few months at the end of the season, I was excited to see my first NBA game, all I would like to say is thanks to All you overpaid greedy players! Unemployment is high world wide, perhaps you should find yourself unemployed with no money, then maybe then you will appreciate your million dollar wages more.

  125. 100%NBA says:

    Come on I wanted to see Kyrie Irving and Jimmer Fredette play as Rookies, the new look of the Wizards, and the All-Star Game (to see the EAST Win). Can’t wait for 2012-2013 season for Austin Rivers.

  126. Parai says:

    i can’t imagine Life without the NBA next season.. damn! i mean from November to June, wtf!
    but Mayweather VS Pacquiao wouLd be great..haha

    • MackDaddy says:

      Owners want too much of a drop. Ok… fine, they want to change things from the way they are. But the bar is set to what the players were getting in the last CBA… owners cant just make a completely new bar and expect players to drop to it. Owners are being waaaaayyyy too unrealistic. There needs to be a gradual change to what they want, not a complete butchering like they are attempting to do. I love the NBA, but I really do hope the players stick to their guns. They’ve compromised enough already, but the owners are just asking for too much.

      • DK says:

        Dude the players have not given up anything at all. They are paid millions of dollars a year for doing something that they love and the owners give them the opportunity to do it. How is 50-50 a bad deal?.. now if they asked for more then i would side with the players but theyre not. The economy is in a recession so lots of people are losing money. You have guys like eddie curry who made the maximum salary just for sitting on the bench come on…. they have to make big cuts in salaries just like the government has to get rid of wasteful programs.. i mean seriously.. i dont think asking 50-50 is too much

      • R4 says:

        Truth be told the players will never win this battle. The system actually sucks. Two thirds of all basketball team don’t even compete and Its the same team in competing year in year out. If players want to keep their salary then take out guarantee contract because, we in Toronto had to paid Alonso Mourning 10 million not play, that is stupid. I would love to see a parade oneday down world longest street, yonge street, oneday but in this current system that will never happen. Here a question to the players. Less money keep jobs or Keep your money lose jobs? You pick because we are in recession

      • Rolando says:

        Yeah i have to agree with Dk san man the players are getting to much, 50 procent of something is better than 100 procent of nothing. The players need to give something to make this work. You can’t pay Joe Johnson 23 million a year, come on man more people are starting to watch NBA Basketball and now there is the lock-out and a possible skip of 11/12 season. Why? because of money? The owners are greedy, of course, but this is bussiness. The players make it happen on the court and owners off the court. The owners have a lot of payments to do besides the players. These guys are getting paid for what they love to do. That’s it. The owners have to worry about getting everyone a paycheck in the organisation so 50-50 isn’t as bad at all. One Question; Better 50-50 or risk losing an entire NBA season because of money?

    • David says:

      It’s not about how much the players are getting paid nor about how they split the BRI. It’s a conceptual problem, normally a company give people bonuses at good times to encourage the good work. The NBA just had it’s best season in every aspect last season, now instead of giving people raises, they are seeking a paycut, this alone does not make sense. It’s the owner’s fault for making bad decision in purchasing teams for more than its worth or singing people like eddie curry, not the players’.

      • Mark says:

        Well Said Its not players fault teams were willing to pay top dollar for Joe Johnson or Curry or Jerome James. Theyre all called RISKS. Nothing is guranteed(performance,attitide,work ethic). Hawks knew Joe wasnt worth it going in so dont complain nowYou did it so he wouldnt sign anywhere else.Now they want players to correct those decisions by taking cuts,etc. Your not guranteed a profit in any business so why is basketball any different. These NBA players are employees not co-owners and shouldnt be expected to act as such. BTW most new owners overpaid for their team. Now that they realize that they want the players to bail them out on their overpaid purchase. This league is greedy keeping thirty teams and expecting them to all make a profit come on really. You can either eliminate 4 teams or shorten the schedule and expand playoffs. League is a little too watered down. Too many games on. Thats why NFL kills because its one game a week. The majority of the games are on Sunday when everyone can attend(no work). So its highly anticipated. NBA players work from NOV- to late April and some Mid June. Thats 6-8 months. NFL from Sept-early Feb. Thats 6mos at a game per week. Thats y NFL rules when we,re talking of fans,endorsements, revenue. NBA is too watered down.

    • Libor says:

      Hey man,

      I like NBA too, but look at fans in Europe – Partizan Beograd ,Olympiakos ,Maccabi – NBA fans are lazy fat pigs, only shouting “Defense ,Defense ” or Lets go Lakers ta ta ta tata ..boring.
      The best league is Euroleague,cause you can see frenetic fans in different countries living for each match ,not the US fans just sitting and eating popcorn like in cinema..

      I hope many great players will play in Europe ,cause there is nothing better than play in a arena with 20.000 crowd of singing fans … Dominique Wilkins said when he played in Europe ,that you cannot compare the fans in Europe & USA .

      This Euroleague will be the best !!

      • Fred Farris says:

        I have watched basketball games in Europe on television and they lull me to sleep at times. After awhile, the constant cheering when nothing is really happening in the game, gets old to me. I sometimes wonder if some of these fans are drunk or something by the way they act. If I am watching a game I like to think a little bit while watching. I don’t see too much time for thinking when 20 000 people are jumping up and down when their team is down by 15. To me that just amounts to blind cheering. If I cheer I want to be cheering for something worth getting excited about…not a 3 pointer to pull your team within 12. A little too much for me, European basketball.