Larry Brown To The Timberwolves?

HANG TIME HEADQUARTERS — This one sounds too good to be true.

As if the Minnesota Timberwolves haven’t done everything in David Kahn‘s powers to make themselves the most interesting non-playoff team in the league this summer, now comes word that their seemingly never-ending coaching search has taken yet another sharp turn toward yet another Hall of Famer.

Larry Brown is the man in Kahn’s crosshairs these days, per a report from Jerry Zgoda of the Star Tribune:

After interviewing Rick Adelman and Don Nelson over the weekend, the Timberwolves intend to interview Larry Brown and possibly one or two others in this first phase to replace fired coach Kurt Rambis.

When the Wolves will interview Brown, who has coached teams to both NBA and NCAA titles, is uncertain because of a recent death in his family, according to a league source with knowledge of the team’s search.

If they do, they will have interviewed two coaches among the top six all time in NBA career victories. Nelson is No. 1 with 1,335. Brown is No. 6 with 1,098.

The Wolves so far have interviewed Bernie Bickerstaff, Terry Porter, Mike Woodson, Adelman and Nelson. Add Brown to that list and four of those candidates are age 65 or older, a sign team President David Kahn is looking for experience and track record for such a young team.

Brown, 70, has coached nine NBA teams and was fired by Charlotte 28 games into last season. He would appear to be a long shot for the job, because he’s not the kind of coach with fast-break basketball in his bones and is known for being impatient with young players. He also often wants to trade much of the roster after taking a new job.

But there is a connection here: He and Kahn have known each other since the late 1970s, when Brown coached UCLA and Kahn was a student-newspaper reporter there, and Kahn considers Brown one of his mentors.

We’d be lying if we said we’re anything other than completely intrigued by the idea of Brown and Kahn rekindling their working relationship, albeit with a much different dynamic now with Kahn as the boss.

As infuriating as it can be watching the Timberwolves operate sometimes, we have to admit that Kahn keeps things extremely interesting.

Now if he can just make a decision on his next coach a little faster than he did in firing his Rambis …


  1. adrixe says:

    I don’t think larry brown will take this job. he said before that the last team he’ll coach is micheal jordan’s team. he wont play for another owner.

  2. longtime fan says:

    kahn keeps saying he wants a run and gun type offense> I disagree. We will be fine in transition but we need to establish an offense thats going to work day in and day out. When we are running, we have way to many turnovers which leads to easy buckets for the other guys. Lets just get a coach ( i dont care who it is) that can get us firing on all cyclinders (I hate the triangle offense) so we can finish games strong instead of setting us up for a bonehead play at the end of the game.we are a young team with quite a bit of talent so lets get some offensive sets that can take advantage of that. Last year guys were too worried about where they had to move, they didnt look comfortable at all offensively. These guys are professionals, let them play in an offense that lets them feel the game. good things will happen!

  3. Paciorek says:

    I would love to see Rick Adelman coaching the Wolves. Like everyone else has stated, he seems to get the most of his players, and that was one area Kurt Rambis really lacked in. Furthermore, Kevin Love played on the same high school basketball team as Ricks son, and appear to like each othe very much. That could bridge the gap in K-Love resigning with this under acheaving, albeit, intersting Squad!

  4. Delle says:

    Mike Woodson would be the best fit for this team, he has a proven track record of improving and playing consistently. Wolves also need a proven scorer who can spread the floor well. Don Nelson could have been a good fit, but then the players don’t match his system, it would take a lot of roster tweaking to contemplate for the absence of up-tempo players. One coach who would definitely be a bad hire would be Larry Brown, he is old, complete opposite of what Kahn wants, tends to walk out on his players in the middle of the season.

  5. Kamote says:

    I’d go for Adelman. The work ethic he brought to the Yao-less (and TMac-less) Rockets is just amazing. I think it would be very good for the team if that type unselfish, blue-collar mentality would be instilled to the young wolves. Though they have potential stars in Beasley, Love and maybe Rubio, I still think these players would be better if they play team ball rather than trying to be part of the elite players of the NBA. I mean they should shoot first on having a solid, unselfish team. with this then they will start winning… and the more they win, the more the players would be recognized.

  6. Ri says:

    Rick adelman will be a better choice. can fit into any system. this will be his first time coaching a talented young guys.
    Rubio johnson beasley love and free agent big men. with Pg luke Sg Webster Sf free agent Pf D. williams C. Milicic – pus elington and miller. T-wolves are solid just need to find a system.

  7. AFBren says:

    Mike Woodson or Bernie Bickerstaff should be a strong candidate for the Twolves head couching position. Alderman, Nelson, and Brown need to retire and enjoy the good time of life. Brad Miller also may want to hang up his tennis shoes.

  8. Br0k3nst0n3 says:

    i bet Rick Adelman would be a nice fit to the young club..
    talking about a young team Nelly have not made a Warriors a playoff team even though they have a good players like monta, biedriens etc.. and this was a young team too,,
    or otherwise just fire Kahn.. get someone who has a more knowledge about the

  9. Sullyman says:

    Dave Joerger for the Head Coach! Give the greatest minor league coach of all-time a chance to continue his winning ways. Everywhere he goes, he just wins. Plus he’s from Minnesota, and he would love to bring winning basketball back to his homestate.

  10. 2time NBA Rookie of The Year says:

    I think Don Nelson would be a good coach for the wolves except that he’s getting older.

    • Marco says:

      I agree. Don Nelson would be perfect for the Wolves. I just don’t understand why they wanna interview Larry Brown…. I mean, he’s a great coach but he’s far away from being what they need: a coach who let the players freely express their skills on the court. Nelson is perfect for a non-playoff team: at least the fans would enjoy the show. Choosing Brown wouldn’t make any sense…with him as head coach Rubio would sit on the bench every given game ’cause he doesn’t play defense!

  11. Vlad says:

    Adelman seems by far the best fit. What you want in your coach 1st of all is the capacity to make the most with the roster he has, make them play at their maximum level. Adelman seemed to get even more than 100% from his players in Houston.

    His teams defend, play very hard and they run (what Kahn wants); one of the best fast breaking teams in the NBA Huston was last year. The only thing i don`t know is how he works with young players, how patient he is. Maybe that is why they didn`t hired him by now because i can`t think of any other reason.

    Nellie is the kind of coach that will run run and run, like Khan wants but i think his teams run to much and to fast, a little out of control. It`s got to run but you need to play smart if you want W`s. And most importantly, his teams don`t defend. Playing a running game without defense is suicidal. The whole ideea of a running game is to run after stops not after made baskets.

    And another thing:
    Brad Miller in Sacramento – Adelman coach
    Brad Miller in Houston – Adelman coach
    Brad Miller in Minesota – well…tradition has to be maintained :)))

  12. Yep says:

    Van Gundy is an idiot.

    Aldeman has a great track record, and I think he’d be a good fit for the wolves. Kahn of course won’t choose him because that would be far too logical. To Kahn’s credit he’s done some right things along the way, but got nothing for big Al, and made a scapegoat of Flynn who actually would have flourished under Aldeman.

    The only reason he hired Rambis was because he was just as big an idiot as Kahn.

  13. GabrielXL says:

    Any team that hires Larry Brown or Don Nelson deserves exactly what they get. That well known, “you can’t teach an old dog new tricks” meme couldn’t ring truer in regards to these two.

  14. unknown says:

    This guy Kahn just cant seem to pick a coach for nothing. Fired Rambis and now he wants a coach that can work with a team like he has the youngest team in the league. It isnt going to be Brown or Nelson.

  15. Shaw22 says:

    If Kahn is going for a veteran, he should go for Adelman. He does a great job with working rosters around and getting a team with no all-stars working for the 8th seed like in Houston. Now with a great Forward like Love and to hoping Rubio lives up to everyones expectations, Adelman could be a big fit for this team. Might bring some life back to the Wolves.

  16. JONNY says:

    Jeff Van Gundy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  17. Maxfield says:

    It is time Larry Brown and Don Nelson retire from coaching. There are alot of promising young coaches that the Wolves can consider.

  18. TWolvesfan says:

    adelman for wolves! yeah

  19. okay Brown is the worst fit for the wolves possible. just terrible. i like lawerence frank as their new headcoach.

  20. js says:

    I just dont see this happening. He’s an old school coach that likes veteran players, especially in the backcourt. Twolves vets consist of like brad miller and luke ridnour. You think he’s going to have any patience with the whole ricky rubio debacle? IDK I feel if Larry Brown is going to coach in the NBA again its going to be a playoff ready team, or at least a team that fits his style. I dont think the Twolves can afford ANOTHER layover with a couple more seasons of huge roster changes, which is what would happen if Larry is hired. They have some nice pieces and need to hire a coach whos style is fit for the team they have now. For the sake of the franchise and their fans who have been waiting since the KG trade to take a step forward

    • unknown says:

      I agree that Larry Brown is not the right guy for the job. He has a heck of a resume but this is not the team for him to try and make a comeback in the NBA with. I feel that Don Nelson & Mike Woodson are the best two candidates for the job. I would rather have Mike Woodson than Don Nelson but either teams will be a step in the right direction for the youngest team in the nba. Just my opinion

    • robbay2 says:

      I agree.

      David Kahn doesn’t know a thing about basketball if he is even considering Larry Brown. He’s a good coach, but a polar opposite of what the Wolves need. Try Mike Woodson or Rick Adelman.

      • Giles says:

        Bottom line, athletes win games, not coaches, and the T`Wolves still need to improve their roster, which is primarily management not coaching responsibility.