Sprite Slam Dunk Showdown

HANG TIME HEADQUARTERS — Every single time there is a slam dunk competition in the NBA all we hear about is how it could have been better or what someone should have done.

It’s strange, you never hear that about dunk contests that take place on the black top (mostly because there isn’t a more organic form of basketball expression available than a good streetball dunk contest).

That’s why we have to admit to being more than just a little amped up about this summer’s Sprite Slam Dunk Showdown. The 10 semifinalists have been announced and the powers that be are asking that we, the dunk loving public, pick the four finalists chasing the crown of the best amateur dunker in the land.

And just so we are clear that there is no funny business going on, Kiwan “Smooth” Smith is not related and will not receive preferential treatment here at the hideout because he has the right last name.

The polls close Aug. 12, but you can vote as often as you’d like.

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