Yet Another Twist In Rambis-Kahn Affair

HANG TIME HEADQUARTERS — And you thought the Minnesota Timberwolves’ muddled coaching situation/search/firing couldn’t get any crazier.

Well it has.

The latest twist, per the crew at Yahoo! Sports, is truly one for the HT record book. Rather than firing Kurt Rambis after two seasons, Adrian Wojnarowski and Marc J. Spears are reporting that Timberwolves general manager David Kahn recently floated the idea of reassigning Rambis to the front office:

Still unable to simply fire a coach he’s determined is done with the Minnesota Timberwolves, general manager David Kahn recently proposed that Kurt Rambis accept a reassignment within the franchise’s front office, league sources told Yahoo! Sports on Wednesday.

The prospects of Rambis serving out the remaining two years and $4 million on his coaching deal so closely with Kahn in the front office holds little, if any, appeal to Rambis, sources said. Rambis has little respect for Kahn’s basketball acumen, and perhaps even less of a personal affinity for him.

The two barely spoke over the final months of the regular season, and haven’t communicated much well into the offseason. Rambis has felt mistreated throughout the ongoing saga surrounding his future with the T’wolves, and prefers a finality to this endless public spectacle.

Kahn had believed that Rambis’ contract allowed for a reassignment, sources said, although those familiar with the agreement believe that notion would’ve been legally contested. There’s been no communication between management and Rambis for several days, sources said, and the coach remains in a strange sort of limbo: He knows he’s done as coach, but he’s still collecting his check as management actively searches for his replacement.

After initially raising the idea of a reassignment, sources said, Kahn has been less aggressive in its pursuit. With the idea more of a concept than a formal offer, Rambis hasn’t needed to officially reject the proposition. Inside and outside the organization, Kahn’s handling of Rambis’ inevitable dismissal is considered downright confounding.

This stuff would be funny if it wasn’t so ridiculous.

Whatever decision finally comes down on Rambis, and at this point we are prepared to wait until Labor Day if we have to, it won’t be the proper end to this circus.

That needed to come roughly two months ago or at least on the day after the Draft. Dragging Rambis and his staff through this saga for the remainder of the summer, though, is beyond cruel.

It’s time to let Rambis go, one way or another. It’s the right thing to do. And we’ll be more than happy to listen to whatever explanation is given for why this situation had to play out the way it has.

But it’s time to free Rambis from this foolishness.


  1. JackNM says:

    I don’t understand why Kahn hasn’t been fired yet. Other than drafting Derrick Williams (which was a no-brainer) and trading O.J. Mayo for Kevin Love on draft day he hasn’t done anything good for the team. He shipped out Al Jefferson, drafted Johnny Flynn and Wes Johnson, who have never lived up to expectations, and now this. Also, he drafted Ty Lawson 18th overall (who is doing very well in the NBA) and then traded him to Denver for a future pick. With that pick he drafted Luke Babbitt whom was then traded to Portland for Martell Webster. Webster hasn’t panned out either. Why is Kahn still calling the shots?

  2. Ben says:

    Does anyone cheer for T’wolves anyway? Lol, just kidding. They were pretty good against the Celtics when I saw them in early Jan.

  3. mike says:

    rick adelman is the ideal coack for the wolves

  4. Downs says:

    To be honest, I agree that Rambis’ triangle offense isn’t right for the wolves. They couldn’t catch on to it and ended up breaking their plays because everyone wanted to do their own thing.When they actually followed through with the plays, they scored and did some damage but what good is it to follow your coach’s plays 13 percent of the time?! Rambis tried an offensive scheme on a team with little obedience and almost no defense. If I were Rambis, i would look for other jobs because Kahn isn’t helping the team much. Why trade away one of your two best defensive players (Corey Brewer) when defense is your biggest problem?! Kahn doesn’t want to fire Rambis but he can’t argue with the owner, who has pretty much said that he doesn’t want Rambis to coach his team anymore.

  5. humanomaly says:

    you guys can dream all you want about blowing up the Laker team, but it’s not going to happen. They players sacrificed their individual games to run the team game, the Triangle offense…the players the Lakers have are players other teams would love to get at a “discount”….dream on. There’s 3 new Sheriffs in town…Mike Brown, Jim Buss and Kobe without the Triangle. Defensively, I’m sure Brown and staff will implement a defense that guides the attacking players into 21 feet of Defense…Bynum, Pau and Odom. Odom is worth much more than a one dimensional player, with Odom, you get a player who can play every position, some better than others, but he can do it.

  6. Thunderstuck says:

    James Harden should def start for the thunder this year…fear the beard!!! Id love to see nene in a thunder uniform, dont think its gonna happen thou, they could do a 3-way and send perk back to boston thru denver, bos could get jr too, have no idea what other peices could make that happen. Im thinking sam d goes to the celts and not the heat

  7. LETS GO MAVS! says:


  8. Justin says:

    Boston- will not sign jamaal crawford… 1st they sign jeff green… and they offer a deal for glen davis…!!! 2ndly they will look for a starting center and a low post treat because KG is Aging maybe Nene or D’Hward…3rdly they will look a Veteran SG like rip Hamilton to back up Ray Allen..!! and they will resign Delonte West..!!!
    Lakers- Lamar Odom is not important to the Lakers Franchise anymore..!! Recently His involve for a Trade in Timberwolves..!! Lamar for 2nd Pick 1st round…!! obviously they want a point guard to be the there starting point guard. because Direk can’t do it anymore. his small his slow but he his smart but the lakers think smart alone its not enough to compete against younger point guard like Cp3, Rose ,Rondo and Dwill…!!!
    Heat-they need a Long Defensive minded Center atleast 6″11
    Magic- i don’t think they will trade jameer and hedo for marvin and j-smoove!! because jameer and hedo.. are playmaker and better perimeter shooter than them..!!! magic needs a solid back up for dwight howard..!!!!
    knicks-they will trade chauncey billups for any younger allstar caliber pointguard… that can handle a run and gun offense
    Suns- will try to get JRich back..!!!
    Bobcats- They will try to get there team worst that anybody else..!!..they give away felton,jackson,gerald and tyson chandler.. for a bunch of role players..!!! i have a great respect for mj .but i dont think he made the right choices..!! mj is protecting his franchise from luxury tax!! but in order to form a championship team or a winning Team you have to take that risk and be patient..!! the market of the bobcats will go down because of mj’s decisions!! many will not buy a ticket to watch bobcats lose..!!!

    • mo says:

      maybe mj is making the bibcats worse just to get hiher draft picks possibly the elusive 1st pick

  9. @zeeshan says:

    are you crazy…?
    “Lakers/Pistons- Odom and Barnes for Stuckey and Maxiell”
    No way this would happen…
    Odom was maybe the best laker player this year. Yea I said it.

    • Lakerfan4ever!!! says:

      Agree!!! Don’t Agree on the trade… its the worse trade ever!!!

    • Luid says:


      Hope that Kobe have the same success than Bartolo Colon with his surgery since they got similar procedures.

  10. robbay2 says:

    kahn is an obnoxious gm.

    they need to get rid of him. and rambis doesnt need to be with the twolves, he needs to go somewhere else.

  11. slowturtle says:

    it’s always sad when the coaches get fired first when it is obvious the GM is the problem. kahn has absolutely no clue what he’s doing, he’s just reaching for good players and hoping something sticks to the way. also, it takes more than two years to build a team out of non-all-star players. there’s no kevin durant or russell westbrook on the team, they got kevin love and a bunch of scrubs — and they expected to be winning right now?!?!?!?!? timberwolves should hire a real gm first – one who understands players and his coaches system and then get players who can work in that system. the triangle isn’t a bad offense – you just have to have players who are smart enough to leverage the benefits of it.

  12. GI Joe says:

    Rambis should give it his all this season to be considered for a future job with another franchise. I know he has what it takes to be a swell coach. There R coaches with Allstar players and R in the playoffs effortlessly. Rambis and other coaches aren’t so lucky. The clips with Blake “The Beast” Griffin went from pathetic to the most exciting team since never lol. Del Negro’s Job is gonna B that much easier with ‘The Beast”. The Lakers New Coach is the luckiest guy to get a job with the Lakers. Coach Brown can win a championship on his first try because the Lakers have at least three years to B a threat.

  13. kwicker says:

    NBA trades that will happen…. CP3 at essence indicated that its almost a certainty that he ll end up in NY. as he s never been a Lakers fan. DHoward… said he d like to come home to ATL but its almost certain that LAKERS will give up Gasol, 1st rd draft pick, and possible MBarnes…. Lastly, Dallas Mavs will make Tchandler a max player..that s crazy,,, but, Cuban will do it. And last but not least… Denver is in negotiations with the heat.. and/or Chicago… nene, jrsmith…. for…..Taj Gibson, 1st rd, Deng… or Bibby, James Jones, Big Z, 1st rd,.

  14. Julz says:

    Seriously this has played out way to long. Rambis is not the right fit and but then either is Kahn. Its time for the owner to put an end to it before his team becomes an even more of a laughing stock. Fire them both. Rambis was hired to create an up tempo team which didn’t happen and Kahn drafted four point guards in his first draft then made a heap of trades to really do nothing. Flynn was hung out to dry and hope he dominates in houston under K. McHale.

  15. quiintus says:

    I think Kahn should step down. He’s seems to be a simpleton.

  16. tjl says:

    If Rambis quits, though, he will (I believe) forfeit the remaining contract. That’s too much money on the table. Truly, he isn’t the right coach for the Wolves, and no other team, if he’s gonna run that triangle. I feel bad for Johnny Flynn too. He was drafted to be a PG on a run and gun style team, and wound up in the worst offense ever invented for PGs — I mean, look at his rookie season, he got 13 and 4.5 APG on a team with Ryan Gomes, Damien Wilkins, an underused Kevin Love, and Ryan Hollins. Getting over 5 APG on a team like that seems impossible, especially with the triangle in place.

    It says a lot about an offense when the only time it’s ever been successful is when it has had Jordan/Pippen, Kobe/Shaq, and Kobe/Kobe, and Kobe/Gasol running it.It’s an excellent scheme for isolating great offensive players within a motion setting, but frankly it makes guys look confused when that great scorer is absent. There’s not enough movement to consider it a motion offense, and not enough pick and roll to be effective in the NBA. Wish the Wolves would have gotten Mark Jackson, or Doug Collins, or Scott Skiles, someone that brings the fire.

  17. 12Kevinmartinfan says:

    what about the rockets?? will they do anything this offseason?? anyone know??

    • robbay2 says:

      they need to cut down on the amount of players in their roster. they need a taller center, no offense to chuck but you cant have a 6’9″ guy and a 6’7″ guy to be a succesful front court.

      also, they could move flynn. but idk a place that needs a pg. maybe san antonio and take george hills role?

  18. okay bros, enought with the Rambis thinga ma jicga. lets talk offseason wat u guys think will happen when lockout ends. this is wat i think will happen excluding wat already happened.
    Bulls- i think the Bulls will not get Smith because of his attitude, richardson because of his age, and Crawford because of Atlanta needing him as a backup. i’m fine with all of that because i think the Bulls will get Oj Mayo in a trade for like Taj Gibson. I seriously think the Bulls need to let go off Taj.
    Magic/Hawks- i think they will trade J-Smoove and Marvin for Jameer and Hedo. dh12 stays in O-town
    Pacer-hornets-knicks- i think Pacers will sign David West and Hornets will trad Cp3 for Billups, Fields, tony douglas.
    Clippers/Spurs- i think they will trade Parker and Jefferson for Kaman and Mo.
    Lakers/Pistons- Odom and Barnes for Stuckey and Maxiell
    Sixers/Nets- i think they will trade iggy and speights for Brook lopez and Vugaic. huge rumors
    Timberwolves- i think Jr SMith comes to Minnesota
    Celtics- I think Crawford wont stay in Atlanta or come To chicago because he coming To Boston.
    Heat- they gotta sign a center. why not Samuel Dalembert
    Thunder- start Harden
    Nuggets/Kings- sign and trade Nene for Jaosn Thompson and Future draft pick. then i think J-Rich will sign with Denver.

    if anyone disagrees please let me know. i am very curious after the lockout ends! Thanks.

    • MVP4Nash says:

      Haha omg, are you being serious?

    • Evan says:

      I disagree with almost completely. Some of the players you talk about will definitely not get traded. First of all, Odom by himself is worth more than Stuckey and Maxiell, so why add Barnes in there? And if Odom does get traded, he’s going to be involved in a better trade than that. And CP3 for Billups and the others? No way, he’s another guy that would be in a big trade. What’s more likely to happen is West signs somewhere else and Hornets trade CP3 for Odom, other players would probably be involved in that trade. But trust me, none of the trades that you put up will happen. Good effort though

      • lakersforever says:

        i think this thinks that the laker front office is retarted! hahaha odom for stucky and maxiell!!!! and then the reason you gave for the bulls not getting crawford was that atlanta needed him but then you said he is going to bostan…. that doesnt even make sense

      • jonathan says:

        and you really think Odom is worth Chris Paul doubt it lol

    • WWJD. says:


      • ozbaketball lover says:

        well the magic stuffed up ther hopes when vince carter was trader for j-rich AND GORTAT, firstly carter is better and gortat is a wicked backup, i think if they make a trade for j-smoove something will have to happen from the small forward spot, hedo no answer for that

    • robbay2 says:

      hey i think chicago needs a 2 guard now.

      if they get Jrich it is instant championship.

      though he will finally have to change is number LOL

      however i like your spurs clippers trade. however make it Williams/Bledsoe/Kaman for Parker/Jefferson.

      then you got a trade. mo isnt going anywhere but bledsoe can be a futer pg.

      • ozbaketball lover says:

        mos a good pg though, if the cavs had a pf and sg last year there would have been a championship

  19. berkamore says:

    That’s what drives me crazy. Some people just have a hard time making up their minds. I usually just give myself a deadline and just move on. Otherwise, it just drives you crazy.

    If I were Rambis, I would just ask Kahn straight up: “Do I still have a job? If I don’t hear from you by………, I will resign or consider myself fired.”

    I know there is money involved but sometimes it’s a good thing to just move on.

  20. Rubio-Wolves says:

    Wow, this is just amazing. I feel bad for Rambis, even if he’s not the right coach for the wolves.