Pacers Announce Vogel As Coach

HANG TIME HEADQUARTERS — The Indiana Pacers have announced that Frank Vogel has become the team’s permanent replacement for Jim O’Brien.

Two league sources, plus an advisory sent out by the team on Tuesday night announcing that Pacers president Larry Bird and Vogel would meet with the assembled media Wednesday morning at 11 a.m. ET, confirmed what has been the worst kept secret it Indiana basketball since the Pacers’ playoff run ended.

Vogel helped guide the Pacers to their first postseason appearance since 2006, guiding them to a 20-18 record to finish the regular season. The Pacers were eliminated by Eastern Conference No. 1 seed Chicago Bulls in five games in the first round, but put up a fight from start to finish against the favored Bulls.

One of the major factors working in Vogel’s favor, per one of those sources, is that he was able to recruit former Los Angeles Lakers assistant coach Brian Shaw to join him as the new lead assistant for the Pacers. Shaw, a candidate for several head coaching positions around the league the past two seasons, brings a championship pedigree, as both a player and coach, with him to Indianapolis. Shaw interviewed for the Pacers job in 2007 before O’Brien was hired.

Vogel’s hiring leaves just two other coaching situations unsettled. Kurt Rambis still has not been told of his fate in Minnesota and the Detroit Pistons’ search for John Kuester‘s replacement is ongoing.


  1. JoJo says:

    Wow, so many discounting a team that pushed the Bulls to the limits and lost because they had to play the refs too. I think the Pacers are going to be one of those surprises. These young guys are fearless and hungry.

  2. someguy says:

    Haha vogel is the german word for bird.

  3. Number1Houstonrocketsfan says:

    @cool knick fan. A good trade would be sending Billups, Landry Fields to New Orleans for CP3, Belinelli because if CP3 come to New York without trading anybody then Billups would get 28 or so minutes, if that happens then Billups would be frustrated and maybe buyout of his contract. So i think that trading Billups, and Landry Fields is good thing for both teams

  4. Larry says:

    Ya anyone that thinks the Bobcats are getting in the playoffs before the Pacers didn’t watch the Pacers at all. The Bucks got better, but so did the Pacers in acquiring George Hill. And don’t forget the Pacers have like the 2nd most cap room to make a move on the upcoming free agents. The Pacers will have one of the best benches in the league next year. Don’t sleep on the Pacers.

  5. ron says:

    AIR23phillipines: Paul George will be the next young Tracy McGrady? What are you smoking? Not even the same type of player, forget about the talent difference. Thing is, I’m not sure you’d want him to be. I believe McGrady has won a grand total of one playoff series in his entire career. He’s always been a numbers guy — you look at his numbers and think “wow, guy is solid”. But you watch him play and see why his teams don’t win. An offense-killer, a defensive liability and not a team player by any stretch.

  6. ron says:

    dru THE try pathi: The Pacers are a decent team, but you remind me of the delusions I used to have about the Bulls when we supposedly had this “core” of Hinrich, Gordon, Deng, etc. and we’d always be in the game “until the last two minutes”. Lots of teams stay in games until the last two minutes. Well, those last two minutes are the difference in the NBA, and it can take years (and a stud like D Rose) to get over that hump. Just look at the Bulls-Miami series — all but one of those games was tight until the final minutes. Result was a series loss. Don’t delude yourself that hanging tough for 45 minutes means something. It didn’t for the Pacers against the Bulls, and it doesn’t for any other team. Good luck in 2011 — if we have a season! I lIke that Pacer team.

  7. Jamie says:

    If Indiana Pacers can sign David West then they will be a title contender. This lockout dooms this next season though.

  8. cool knick fan says:

    sorry i meant soon not son.

  9. cool knick fan says:

    what about the knicks, they’re locks for the playoffs. I have a dream that one day son, carmelo anthony would stop hogging the balland that the knicks get CP3 and become a deep roster, and that they’ll win a title,soon………..AND START PLAYING DEFENSE!!

  10. cool knick fan says:

    though that could be true No.1 Rocket fan, remember when Rudy Gay got injured and peoplethought Memphis was doomed, but they took it all the the way to game 7 in the 2nd round. i think the pacers will be in the playoffs, they seem so confident. and though the bucks improved, charlotte got worse, by trading captain jack and gerald wallace.,and drafting bikumbyo who is extremly overrated. the sixers improved but they don’t have any firepower

  11. AIR23philippines says:

    paul george will be the next young tracy mcgrady……. just wait and see NBA FANS………. im hoping that frank vogel will let lance stephenson flow his talent on the court………..frank vogel should teach them the confidence on how to do it.and brian shaw should teach them how to defend like a champ and put them up against kobe.

  12. Roy Hibbert? says:

    After reading all of you guys comments above I can see that none of you said anything about Roy Hibbert? If anyone can make the Pacers reach the playoff it is big Roy! Don’t get me wrong I love Danny G and Darren Collison but I think that the most important piece of the puzzle to reach playoff for the pacers is a dominant offensive center in Roy Hibbert (But still good performance from Darren C and Danny G.)

  13. millerfan4life says:

    great move by the pacers organization! the pacers-bulls series was a preview of them guys making a go at it next season. people ranting about how bored they get from watching the pacers are all idiots. this is a fun TEAM to watch. i wouldn’t bet much on lance but hey, everyone deserves to prove themselves.
    great job by larry for putting these players together. the guy’s a whiz, you gotta give him that. PACERS IN THE PLAYOFFS!!!

  14. dru THE try pathi. says:

    I’m glad we (the Pacers) made him the coach. He got my vote when he put PaulGeorge and D.Jones on D.rose in the playoffs. Brilliant move!!! Miami, Boston, Chicago, Orlando and Hawks are locks for the playoffs just like last year. Pacers are good enough to compete w/ any of those team up above so without a doubt I think the Pacers will make the playoffs again. There is NO WAY, IMO, Bobcats, Cavs, Raptors or Wizards make the playoffs. 76ers and the Improved bucks have a shot but they don’t have enough talent to compete w/ the Pacers. People are forgetting, we have lance Stephenson. YIYI GO PACERS!!!!

    • Ben says:

      Lance Stephenson….Born Ready lol. That kid’s such a beast, I don’t think anyone knows though. He’s been taking NBA players since he was 14 years old at Rucker Park. Kid needs to get some minutes to show everyone what he’s got!!

  15. berkamore says:

    Well deserved. What took them so long?

  16. Youngindy21 says:

    Great choice by Indiana. And they are getting Brian Shaw too which makes it even better because Kobe wanted him for the Lakers. The Pacers are going to be really good next season. Some of you people are trying to say that Granger is overrated. Really? He averaged 22 pts and 6 rebounds in the playoffs. That doesn’t sound overrated to me. Danny Granger reminds me a lot of Scottie Pippen. He is a star but not quite on the level of the Lebron’s, MJ’s and Kobe’s of the League. Pacers will definitely make the Playoffs this year because their only true competition in the Central Division is the Chicago Bulls, they have a lot of cap space for free agency, they have a lot of talent on their roster, and their young players such as Paul George and Lance Stephenson are only going to get even better. People sleep on the Pacers but that is only because they haven’t actually watched them play.

  17. prettydonz says:

    wade is always the best in miami

  18. WhereisEricMontross? says:

    I can’t imagine Charlotte making the playoffs…..Cleveland might be more of an immediate threat to be honest…

  19. Rams says:

    all of you wrong… this young team learn so much from the Bulls series.. no doubt that this Pacer team still in a Playoff picture.. Milwaukee can chase the 8th seed if Bogut is healthy, and Jennings at his prime (i think Jennings career is over after his 54pts.) Charlotte still cant find the grooves..

  20. AmareisBeast says:

    Its a solid choice for a coach, but I don’t think they will be all so good next year. They had a good season, but Granger is way overrated and cannot make that franchise a winning w=one like LeBron or Amare. Plus, the Bobcats have solidified there offense and Milwaukee will fill into the eighth seed with a winning record if Brandon Jennings stays healthy. The pacers have a great bench, but before people surround Collison, who is to small to handle a team himself, and Hansborough gets some all star talk, the pacers will be out of the playoff picture. With that bad of a losing record to make the playoffs, and a stronger Eastern Conference than ever, Indiana can kiss the next few years off hopes and dreams behind.

  21. Number1Houstonrocketsfan says:

    ummm.. I don’t think that Pacers are going to make the playoffs next season because Charlotte, Milwaukee, 76ers are all going to improve because of the draft, which will leave pacers in 9 place or lower. Also there are injuries that happen, so if Granger goes down again or another key player like Collison, Hansbourgh, George, etc. then the Pacers are out of the picture.

    • QuestionMark says:

      The Bucks with Capt Jax will make the Playoffs, better if they can pick a PF like David West in FA, they will at most be 6th seed, Philly hasn’t improved much, but will stick around the 7-9th seed, Charlotte isn’t ready yet, they don’t have a true scorer since Jax got traded, hopefully there will be a full season next season, if not the NBA should just wait till the season after, rather than playing like 50 games again.

    • dru THE try pathi says:

      I disagree. I don’t think Michael Jordan can name the starting 5 of the Bobcats. They traded away their best two players (g.wallace & captain jack) and now have arguably the worst team in the league. Milwaukee improved but they have no bench and are not good defensively. 76ers are going to come down in the rankings specially after (i think) they trade Iggy. You’re right about injury and of course that can happen to any team. Besides Miami, Celtics, knicks (forgot them on my other post) bulls, magic and ATL the rest of the seeds (2 of them) are wide open and IMO Pacers have the best chance of getting that 7th spot. I wouldn’t be surprised if we end up beating Orlando or ATL. People are already forgetting that all 5 games of the Indiana-Chicago series, the game came down to the final 2 minutes. Go Pacers and boooo lockout. PEACE and have a great day.

  22. I HATE THE LOCKOUT! says:

    The name says it all!

  23. lakersforever says:

    I think he is an alright coach nothing special he shows some of the similar problems that there old coach had. its clear that they need to put the ball in there point guards hands derren collinson was most of why they were in the series against the bulls. now they have hill as well they need to let derren play 36 to 40 min a game and they will win alot more games no offense to danny granger but he aint good enough to me to be called the leader of that team

  24. Warriors says:

    he deserves it. pacers will be good next season.