Smith Speaks On Howard, Help

HANG TIME HEADQUARTERS — We can speculate all we want about the Orlando Magic’s plans for keeping Dwight Howard in the fold and away from the free agent sharks in 2012.

But why speculate when Magic general manager Otis Smith is willing, at least somewhat, to talk about the Magic’s plans for Howard and his help:

Fine, Smith was less than forthcoming about his plans. But you had to know that the Magic’s gathering to introduce their newest rookies — Justin Harper and DeAndre Liggins and this afternoon would turn into an inquisition about Howard.

So much has been written and said about the game’s best big man since the Magic’s season ended in that first round series against Atlanta, but so little of that has come from the mouth of the man charged with keeping it all together.

Howard, meanwhile, seems to be enjoying his summer. He and Gilbert Arenas are having quite the time these days “planking” all over Orlando.

The only thing better would be pictures of Smith and Magic coach Stan Van Gundy planking right along with them …

Jokes aside, Smith has to know that these questions about Howard and his future will persist until the day he announces his intentions or puts his signature on a new deal. And even then, if that new deal isn’t with the Magic, the questions will persist.

Good luck with all that Mr. Smith.


  1. f .ya says:

    man we talking about smith we not talking about no kobe , kingjames,or michael

  2. hhhogannwo says:

    Dwight Howard should go to Boston and win a championship there. That would be the best move for Dwight!!

  3. Superman says:

    Dwight Howard could not go to the Lakers given that they will have Kobe, Pau, Walton, and Blake under contract for the 2012-2013 season. Furthermore, Ron Artest and Derek Fisher will exercise their player options which will push the Lakers salary cap to well over 67 million. Lastly, Teams do not want to take on a large contracts such as Pau because he is owed over 38 million for the next two seasons and he is getting older. If the NBA switches to a hard cap, then this becomes even more difficult. Realistically the Boston Celtics can afford Dwight given that they will have only 30 million on their books since their roster will be depleted. Phoenix could also afford his salary with 39 million if Steve Nash resigns or if does not resign 28 million. The one key thing essential to this whole process is whether Dwight decides to even exercise his player option which I believe he will. There is no way he leaves 19 million on the table and tests free agency. He stays in Orlando one more year and then tests the market because no other team can offer this amount since the owners will certain trim the salary cap.

  4. justin kimberlin says:

    ok so here is the deal kobe is better than lbj so is lebrons carrer i am a bulls fan so i dont really care for lbj but that wont stop me from sayin he is one of the best to ever play the game, as for micheal and kobe doing it by themselves, sorry but thats bs right there, ever heard of scottie pippen? how about pau gasol or shaq, what lbj did was wrong only because of how he handled the situation get off his back ppl do it all the time, dwight on the other hand should never ever be compared to kobe like someone commented earlier dh is a center kb guard you cant compare those position 9 out 10 the guard will win. howard should go to the windy city but that wont happen because who is chi-town going to give not noah deng rose gibson that would screw the entire core up and put the bulls where they are now just one foot in the door. miami would never get him either they already have way to much to pay for in thier big 3 plus the only way he will remain in the east is if he leaves through free agency the majic would never trade him to the east because then he could stop a future majic team from makin it, if he wants to win a ring the best bet is l.a. kobe is a great player and after the outing we saw from gasol this past post-season some kind of pacage with him would probalby be smart beside think about how powerful the lakers would be with dh and bynam maning the frontcourt to very big and powerful guys oh yea, just put kb at 2 ab at 4 and dh at 5 no one would be able to grab a board against team and ppl often forget how much damage a team that is strong on the board can do, i mean after all the team that holds the best regular season record ever was great on the board, simple put if you rebound you win do matter if you have great d or a great offense if you cant board you cant win

  5. Wade3 says:

    DH12 in Miami for Zydrunas, Juwan Howard and Bibby/Erick

  6. dante says:

    without a doubt howard is the best center today but definitely not the best player…compare to kobe is a big no no no….kobe is the best player today, lebron is not even a far second..durant is even better than lebron..wade is even better than lebron too.

  7. Carmelo#7 says:

    Dwight Howard to the Knicks!

  8. MARX says:

    TORONTO! Howard should go to Toronto. Demar Derozan+Howard=ridiculous…dunking on everyone. Bargnani can slide to the 4, which is his natural position. Toronto has the cap room to overpay him too. Best thing is, he will not catch ANY hate whatsoever for going to an already stacked team! Plus, he can make Toronto a real contender while being the undisputed franchise player.

  9. James Naismith says:

    It seems that few on this site understand how a salary cap works.

  10. DeShon says:

    Dwight should stay in orlando. If he goes anywhere people are just going to say he cant when without (insert name here). I wish NBA players would stop trying to chase after MJ and Kobe rings, Orlando will have their time he just needs to be patience. Same thing with Lebron he would of eventually won a ring in Ceveland.

  11. Gediminas says:


    Your comment made my day πŸ˜€

    I won’t even bother to go into details, because a statement that Kobe is the best player in the NBA is ridicolous in itself.

    2011 playoff efficiency ranking:

    1. Chris Paul 30,8
    2. Dwight Howard 30,3
    3. Kevin Durant 26,5
    4. Lebron James 26,4
    5. Dirk Nowitzki 26,2

    20. Manu Ginobili 19,0

    28. Ty Lawson 17,2
    29. James Harden 17,2
    30. Andre Iguadala 17,0
    31. Kobe Bryant 16,9

    Kobe Bryant is probably one of the most overrated players in the NBA, always was. He is a good scorer, but his obbession with being like Mike (which he’ll never be) is draging his team down, always. Sort of a rich-man’s J.R. Smith.

    • STFU_NOOB says:

      That is 2011, you wanna see carriers? wait till those that you listed there be on the same age on bryant and let me see their carrier STATS… thats the time you can argue… but if you are basing only on one SEASON…. GTFO.

  12. DaNickman says:

    Dwight wont go to Lakers there era is gone and i think he may wont to play with a wining team so to all u lakers fans, go hate. I think he will go to a fresh team maybe thunder. Also he may not go to boston i mean aging roster no thankyou

  13. julius says:

    Dont ever go to Laker or somewhere they want to do for you,,better stock to Magic?

  14. TD Steward says:

    Just a FACT FYI, Kobe can only be given credit for leading the Lakers to two NBA Championship seasons, let us never forget, it was SHAQ that lead the Lakers to their first three- and that is the FACT… and please understand, that take nothing away from Kobe being a great player in his own right, His work ethic and ALL.
    Let it rest.

  15. thecap says:

    Lakers are 32 Mill over the cap,
    Orlando are 31 mill over…
    Boston are 18 mill over…

    Chicago are 2 mill under, with a trade Chicago could definately acquire Howard.
    Bulls are easily in the best position to sign Howard or another star for the future.

  16. TD Steward says:

    Howard,Ladies and Gentleman,

    All kidding aside, should be heading to New Jersey and team up with D-Will. Just saying what I’m saying…

  17. Ryan says:

    this is about howard and the magic!i can’t see any lebron on this article!
    you just made lebron more famous than howard!

  18. heatfan says:

    keep dreaming ppl Miami will get them all, if 3 all stars is not enough we will make 5 and put all NBA first team in heat line up. don’t think salary cap can stop up. cuz mastermind pat will make it happen. this is gonna be heat next season

    CP3 / mario C.
    D wade / JR Smith
    LBJ / Vincinity
    Bosh / Josh (josh smith)
    D12 / NeNe

    yeah that’s right NBA, we gonna rule. not 1, not 2, not 3, not4, not 5, not6, not7, not 8 years….

  19. tonton says:

    Howard, go to LAKERS…go.go.go.

  20. Chub says:

    This GM really doesn’t give any motivation.
    He talks like he doesn’t care about anything.
    I really to think that Kenyon Martin (as he is a free agent) could be a great bonus for the Magics.

  21. 12Kevinmartinfan says:

    Dwight should go to Houston!!

  22. Mark Caguioa says:

    Yes, i love to play with DH

  23. dwightimba says:

    put dwight to heat, dallas, lakers, bulls, spurs, or any other decent and consistent team, will win a championship.
    dwight is too imba, he carried orlando with himself… and made to finals once…

  24. Kobe Overrated says:

    Thats right he should go to lakers so kobe can get another ring, thats the only way kobe could get another one, he needs someone like shaq who can carry the team, kobe is nothing without the likes of shaq and pao gasol, look what happened this postseason without gasol lakers got eaten alive, kobe can never carry a team he is nothing but a jordan wannabe

    • STFU_NOOB says:

      I admire KOBE’s TALENT and SKILLS ..but hell, i admire your STUPIDITY even more!!!! do you know what basketball is? ITS A TEAM GAME.. if you say, SHAQ or GASOL will win it with out a KOBE, then why didn’t SHAQ do it in ORLANDO? why didn’t GASOL had it in MEMPHIS? ITS A TEAM GAME, KOBE won WITH SHAQ and SHAQ won it WITH KOBE, if it werent for all of the LAKERS TEAM they WOULDN’t WIN!

      now, slowly… READ MY NAME

  25. Vince says:

    Adam Morrison = 2 rings; Lebron = 0 ring JUST SAYING!

  26. Β΄King says:

    Dwight sould stay in orlando.

    Then they should get a real PF that can help Dwight in the post. And then trade jameer away,

    Arenas – Richardson – Turkoglu – josh smith/David west – Howard

  27. MAVSisTHEBEST says:

    HEY enough for your trade fantacies dwight to(lakers,celtics,heat if you want a team that allstar youd be better to play video game) i mean if im dwight im not going anywhere it would be better if he stays with the magic . let the magic find a good teamates for him . LOOK AT THE MAVS THEY WON A RING WITHOUT A TONS OF SUPERSTARS just have faith and hardwork

  28. JcMagCUire says:

    howard should be in lakers together with kobe and if chris paul also signs then lakers will have a big three …… lakers are after to have a big three like miami and boston!

  29. Cesar Canonoy Jr. says:

    if howard will go to L.A it’s a nice choice……..howard needs a talented and veterans point guard and he will get a championship ring…that naver happen his nba carrier..

  30. ckakay says:

    HOWARD TO PISTONS bring back the title to the palace.sorry for my bad english.=)

  31. dale says:

    go to celtics

  32. Howard should stay in Orlando and pair up with CP3.

  33. Anotnio says:

    I think Howard would be a great fit for the Lakers, who are also one of the few teams that can give Orlando something (potentially) valuable in exchange: a package centered around a young potential franchise player in Bynum (if he stays healthy, he wouldn’t be that far from Howard’s level) and maybe Odom / Artest, while swallowing Arenas’ terrible contract (which could even help the Lakers, as PG is their true black hole).

    With something similar to that, it’s a win/win situation (or, at least, a “not-lose-so-much” for Orlando).

  34. Paul Jones, Liverpool, UK says:

    Lakers need more than just Dwight. Artest isanywhere but in the game at the moment, Odom is best coming off the bench, and Gasol was a bust in the playoffs this year, for whatever reason, could’ve been a one off. Fish is finshed and Blake isn’t the answer to anyone’s question. People are saying Kobe can go forever, but he can’t, he has lost a step, as you’d expect, because he is old for his age, in the league at 18 and all those playoff runs take their toll. MJ did his 3 years at UNC, missed almost a whole season in 86, had his 18 month basbeall sabbatical, so was in better shape at 35 than Kobe will be. Lakers need a top ball-handler more than they need Dwight. Bulls should move heaven and earth to ship Noah and Booz for Dwight. Gibson at the 4-spot is ready. Rose, Bogans/Brewer, Deng, Gibson and Dwight, they’d only need 75 pts a game to win with that D.

  35. FWS360 says:

    Dwight to LA! Dwight to Chicago! Dwight to Boston! Dwight to OKC!! Dwight to Heat…!!

    Everybody is making arguments where Dwight will fit best… I think few realize that take any current contender, add Dwight Howard, equals super-powered team!! That’s because guard-center combo is a proven championship formula (like Kobe-Shaq). Whether it’s Dwight-Rose, Dwight-Kobe, or Dwight-Wade, plus a good supporting cast (since they are contenders), is a championship team. Just about every team wants Dwight since guards are plenty these days.

    As for all these trade possibilities, I doubt it. Noah and Boozer aren’t enough for Dwight, Orlando doesn’t need more role players. Dwight for Bosh + bench warmer is the same. Dwight for Bynum + Brown/ Artest might be ok, if Bynum weren’t injury prone. Dwight for old guy from Boston isn’t good for a rebuilding team. Dwight for Westbrook isn’t good, Orlando doesn’t need another a point guard. Dwight for Pau Gasol is close to a fair trade. Dwight for Durant is fair but I doubt it would happen. Besides, it’d be like Dwight never changed teams at all.

  36. sonsonson says:

    June 29, 2011 at 7:15 pm
    Wow the Lakers suck and will always suck as long as they have Kobe Bryant. Wade will get LeBron a ring

    Oh my God. I pity Lebron because people keep on saying Wade will get him his ring. what a baby. he should get his own ring. he should lead the way to get that ring. not let other people get it for him. if he’s the best he should act like the best.

  37. LEBRONHATER666 says:


  38. Rolexander of Tondo says:

    Rings doesn’t determine greatness, but more of being luck because you are in a better team than the others.. do you think Haywood, cardinal and terry are better than malone, stockton and lebron? they all belong to dallas but are they even half the greatness of those three players i mentioned? even kobe, he cant win it alone.. when shaq was traded what happened to miami where did they went? he got lucky cause gasol came. and even pierce was nothing without allen and garnet back in 07.. dont bash people for choosing what they think is better for them.. and why would you care? its their life we are talking about not yours.. just watch and enjoy the game.. and besides they are not giving us money for this. they dont even know our names.

  39. Rolexander of Tondo says:

    You guys are talking about the real NBA and not NBAlive or NBA2k wherein you can trade anyone you want for no reason at all.. These are people we are referring to and they all have brains which some of you doing comments dont have.. Just wait and see, and bashing lebron wont do anything. he will win a ring someday whether you like it or not.

  40. VinceNBAFAN says:

    Guys!! Think about D-rose & D12 together!!! No one can deny it!!! they can get as many ring as they want.

  41. Zack Abdul says:

    Why we are forgetting the Suns …..They need such a player … If that happens …Suns are back

  42. melo14 says:

    do you why lebron cant win any ring? its because, he was an Illuminati.. and im so sad for wade and bosh that they cant also have a ring because of lebron’s bad luck. by the way i think Howard will fit in NYK because he has been familiar with the players their ans specially the coach.

  43. 2xNBARookieOfTheYearLOL says:

    if dwight is going to OKC i wish westbrook will be traded. he can score he got some moves but he’s still a baby he is childish that’s why they lost.

  44. fthat says:

    dwight howard 7 years also couldnt win a ring…. when he’ll leaves haters will hate… JUST LIKE HATERS DID TO LEBRON.. CMON!!!! BUNCH OF NONSENSE… HOPING FOR SOMETHING AND PREDICTIING WILL GONNA HAPPEN MAKES U S2PID!!! TSK TSK

  45. Sven says:

    don’t trade howard to lakers lakers can win without howard the orlando need howard because laker they have artest fisher gausol and kobe orlando only have 1 player that lifting their team to win so don’t trade howard to lakaers

  46. 2xNBARookieOfTheYearLOL says:

    Dwight wants to stay in orlando but if he will be traded i wish he joins the NYK amare and dwight dominating the paint rawwwwrrrrr πŸ˜€

  47. JORDAN=6, KOBE=5, SHAQ=4, WADE=1, DIRK=1, LEBRON=Egg! O says:

    What if KOBE BRYANT will be a free agent. = PANIC! PANIC! PANIC! =)

  48. Daclan says:

    What if KOBE BRYANT will be a free agent. = PANIC! PANIC! PANIC! =)

  49. PILANTROPO says:


  50. F.S says:

    i can tell u this much…for the photos ive seen…it doesnt seem like arenas is in good shape…thats what worries me the most i guess…

  51. makobix says:

    i do like lakers and there old fashion triangle offense, so there is no need for dwight howard.i had no doubt about the skills of each player on the league the way they finish their task in which team they belong, it is because they drafted as the best player among others. well, we cant get easily give a failing mark to those superstars who failed to bring the ring with theirself coz its a teamwork. talking about teamwork is getting to know each other like kobe and shaq, jordan and pippen, karl malone and stockton, wade and lebron, and some others… all of them experience lossing and winning. what i want to see is a new duo like t-mac and dwight more or likely different with kobe and shaq and wade with lebron.

    go lakers!

  52. PHX13 says:

    GO TO THE SUNS, howard will fit in perfect with nash in the pick n roll. that play will be unstoppable. howard will become mvp and finals mvp in one season. go the suns.

  53. alexMflip says:

    Imagine: Howard for Butler, Chandler and third player to the Mavericks. Would be a nice deal: Dirk shooting from outside and Howard making his job under the baskets. With Terry moving into the starting lineup to the 2…
    The only thing the Mavs then need, is a nice PG. DontΒ΄t think that KiddΒ΄ can play any longer on this level.

  54. mAC Ediesca says:

    Send Justin on L.A XDD

  55. biebs says:

    I think he should stay with the magic. nothing wrong with that right? let him be what he can be with the team he’s been with his entire career. just like nowitzki and the mavs. it can work out. eventually.

  56. Gerald says:

    josh smith to orlando ( howard stays )

  57. Jordan Forever says:

    I said it before and i’ll say it again,

    The perkins deal was not a fluke, Howard is already a Celtic.

  58. heatfan34 says:

    i love how this artical is about dwight but still more trash talking about lebron obvisiouly u guys all love lebron especially the cavs fans because you guys can’t stop saying lebron james

  59. heatfan34 says:

    lakers arent getting dwight lakers are a great team without him plus the one coach loves bynum and already said he aint getting rid of him

  60. dwight should go to lakers so dat he can get a championship ring. and should exchange with bynum and artest

  61. Pablo says:

    All of you are fans and some are fanatical, those hater comments on Larbron is hard to understand,I feel he actually
    had your wives or girlfriends on dates.None of you have a MBA from Harvard or any GM or coaching experience . Most of you only played on a CYO level or at all, so think before you comment on something none of you have insight on.

  62. The Observer says:

    Why is everybody hating on LeBron?
    Everybody saying hes a looser..That dude earns more than you guys all togather go n play 1 vs 1 and he’ll eat you inkl. your 20$ bbal shoes πŸ™‚
    He is not good coz he hasn’t got a ring.??..That means Horry is 2x better than his Airness?
    LeBron is a crybaby? …All you dudes are crybabies with nothing to do..just crying the whole day on about leBron
    All The Haters are from Chi Boston and LA and not even from Dallas. I think even the Ohio guys have finished with him.. So we all know why they’re still hating
    Greetz from SUI. Go Thabo and Thunders πŸ™‚

  63. MARVIN says:

    howard to lakers !:))

  64. atlhawls says:

    Your an idiot dude derick rose n dwight howard thts a gud trade!

  65. js10jj says:

    Really it drives me crazy with all these idiot people that actually say LeBron sucks! Come on I hate Kobe but I’m not dumb enough to say he sucks! Look the Miami Heat wouldn’t even have made the finals if LeBron didn’t play Jordan-Like (hence why he got the comparison from Scottie!) against Boston and Chicago! And where was Wade??? Nowhere to be found in those two series!! But oh yeah LeBron sucks huh?! Idiots! If you people actually watched the series against Dallas and how they defended the Heat they knew Lebron was the key factor to their success. They had Marion guard LeBron with Chandler and Dirk or another help defender (if Dirk was out) guarding Lebron with a triangle, like what teams used to do MJ. And who was guarding Wade all game one on one???!!! Ahhh OLD Jason Kidd! LeBron was playing smart taking what the defense gives him and his TEAM couldn’t produce!!! The Heat are one player away from making it really unfair in the NBA! They need a pure shooter and it’s over. If they would have got Ray Allen before he resigned with the Celts it woulda been a wrap. But Riley will find a knock down shooter and then the Heat will be untouchable for about 2-3 years! Im out like the Lakers in the 2nd round!! Priceless!!

  66. hasib says:

    Miami would be smart to offer Lebron for Dwight

  67. nash says:

    im agree with putriska..hope dwight will join our suns.

  68. CelticFan419 says:

    Howard needs to come to the celtics he is exactly wat we need in a big man hes way better than perkins was and i think he would fit in well with our offense and you already know hes gonna dominate on defense wherever he goes

  69. putriska says:

    i want dwight to suns to get ring with nash

  70. putriska says:

    I want dwight to suns to get the ring with nash.

  71. lets GO mavs!!!! says:

    go to dallas d12—– jkidd,rudy f.matrix.reDIRKulous.d12

    2nd unit—– barea,jet.cardinal,tyson,stevenson,mahinmi.beaubois..

  72. watcher says:

    Newsflash Laker and Heat fans. After the new CBA is established (in which there WILL be a hard cap put in place), you wont be able to sign Howard unless you jettison practically the entire roster and turn the team into Superfriends #2. ie: a couple of franchise players and not much else. The Heat have NO chance in signing Howard despite their riches. The Lakers might, but that means getting rid of Odom, Bynum, Metta and Pau’s contract. And that will leave your team looking worse than Orlando is now. And Kobe’s still cashing large cheques but isnt getting any younger. I don’t care if he goes or not, but in the words of some latin toff ‘caveat emptor’.

  73. Zar The Knicks Fan says:

    i really want to see dwight in NYC. NY really need a player with defensive mind. our big man amare is more of offensive player. with coach Mike D system offense is not a problem in NY. +melo being one of the best offensive players (b4 all you kobe, and lebron fans hate on melo, i didn’t say all around player, i said one of the best offensive player and i wasn’t saying it cuz i am knicks fan. it was voted by GMs and Coaches , melo, kd, kobe were top 3) if any i will say NY got too much offense and too little Defense. it will be Phoenix suns all over again. so it will be great to see DPOY in NY line up. ofc that mean we will have to loose good point guard in billup (he still got it although he’s old) but it is easier to find decent point guard or develop one (like rondo) than looking for a good center (great center in dwight case). i would say NY try to get dwight and get a decent young point guard and give it a try. or develop the rookies.
    think about it how cool would that be to see dwight and amare tearing inside, dunking, rebounding and melo dropping from outside in offense and then with dwight and amare clogging inside it will make most team a jump shooting teams (and we can live with that). well it is just theory i don’t see knicks have anyone that magic would like to have, billup is good but old and field is good player to put in trade but it don’t think it’s enough to get dwight.
    if NY can’t get Dwight i really want to see him in west especially in OKC. that mean amare got one less big man to deal with in playoff plus OKC with become a true power in west

    i like that westbrook + perk + draft pick for dwight thing. i think nate robision can start in OKC. he’s good energy guy and play his heart out and not a bad pg.
    think about this line up
    Nate + Harden + KD + Ibaka + Dwight
    that’s not only great lineup, that’s a scary line up….and part of me really wanna see that (that’s if NY can’t get dwight)

  74. Wow the Lakers suck and will always suck as long as they have Kobe Bryant. Wade will get LeBron a ring

    Wade will get Lebron a ring if only he will auction his 2066 ring and lebron will be the highest bider.

  75. Celtics08Champs says:

    Howard should go to Celtics. We need a center really bad. No more Shaq. Jermaine just keeps getting older and Big Baby Davis should stick to playing PF.

  76. cavs fanatic says:

    This will never happen, but it would be amazing for the cavs to land Howard. He and thompson would be a great defensive pairing up front and it would be sick to see dwight catching lobs from Dr. K or Davis. woo dream large.

  77. bagetsvinnie says:

    Put James Yap in LA.. and you can win multiple championships..

  78. PH.ALASKA says:

    howard should stay in Orlando! nothing else they have a great chemistry together with nelson. there is no other players know how to back up howard rather than nelson. if these two will stay together and be healthy what ever team the will be playing they have shot at the tittle. nelson can score we know that and howard can defend down low. as long as these two got got a heping hand especially defending the wing side they are unstoppable!! orlando should keep howard and find player that can defend not to score.. they should sign price…

  79. Alberz says:

    Howard should stay in ORLANDO, signed free agent Kenyon Martin and james jones… defense and offense in bench….

  80. dwightdabeast says:

    Dwight should go to the knicks

  81. Seanele says:

    how can Lebron win any ring..if he only good for 3 While Kobe, plays with brokern finger and won the ck, you guys too funny.

  82. andre boston says:

    kobe is done. howard will play in boston

  83. Douche says:

    you lakers fans just mad coz kobe got swept by dallas

  84. kb24 says:

    I have fun reading all this comments, to see how many ignorant and kobe haters exist…Why does everyone one outside of L.A hate on the best current nba player in the world…………ignorance is big when people say that Kobe has a big head and does nto share the ball……………i understand that most haters do not want to see dwight join forces with kobe, because you all know pretty much the championship is in the bag…………….KB24………….

    • Celtics08Champs says:

      Most people don’t hate the lakers. It’s just their annoying cocky fans we hate

      • mike says:

        we got every right to be cocky were the best team in the NBA you celtics fans are just mad cuz you know that boston will never win a title again. and keep dreaming about dwight going to boston its not going to happen. he already said he wants to go to Lakers

  85. Celticsfan says:

    howard needs to go to boston he wants a ring, boston would be best fit to get it

  86. Dwight Howard will end up being a Laker. The Lakers always get the player they want. They didn’t want Lebron, Wade, Amare, Melo…Their plan all along was Dwight Howard. Given the right situation Dwight will bring you Rings…Now only if they can manage to get both D12 and CP3 and shut the league down and produce not 1 but 2 but 3 but 4 but yeah u get it…haha

  87. daboyregino says:

    Let there be a 3 team deal between bulls, magic and warriors
    Chicago gets Howard
    Orlando gets Boozer and Ellis
    Golden State gets Noah so they can play Klay Thompson more

  88. Joex Lim of DC.PHILIPPINES says:

    Howard should stay in ORLANDO ,in order for Howard to get his first championship, they should acquire a big man an elite center ( a seven footer like Tyson Chandler ) that can score and that can help Dwight on defensive end, just like Marcin Gortat (too bad they trade him to Suns), that’s the missing pieces Howard is needed! if that takes place then Orlando is back of being a championship caliber team!!!

  89. daboyregino says:

    let there be a 3 team deal Golden State, Bulls and Orlando
    Chicago gets Howard
    Orlando gets Ellis and Boozer
    Golden State gets Noah so they can use Klay Thompson more

  90. Magician says:

    Dwight is going to stay in Orlando and win a championship there any time soon. I will like to see CP 3 and Mark Gasol joining the Magic. Who knows what kind of deal can make Othis Smith, his team have talented player that could be a great fit for other teams. He cam make some moves in order to keep Dwight and win a ring or two.

    Orlando is going back to the finals, yes, I do believe in Magic!

  91. Orlando Fan says:

    What pisses me off is everytime an all star + trade rumors are mention ppl r like
    ” oh (insert person here) would be such a good LAKER”
    lakers can barely afford to get another all-star (let alone a PG or a new C) with the roster and the huge salaries they have right now
    lakers are a good team, BUT NOT EVERY ALL-STAR IS A GOOD FIT ON THE LAKERS!!!!!!!!

  92. Edson Nascimento says:

    I’m the only guy who actually thinks that Dwight could do the same thing that Wade and the Heat did? (Wait to resign in the Free Agency when the team has cap salary to bring some stars like CP3?)

  93. Aisrel says:

    King Lebron???? Only King Have A Ring and that KOBE. Go DWIGHT move to LAKERS. Cheers

  94. Aisrel says:

    King Lebron????? Only king Have a Ring. go Dwight move to Lakers.

  95. ImEmboy says:

    it will be another KOBE AND SHAQ TEAM UP.. ROSE HOWARD…


  96. Clone says:

    Sending him to LA, Boston, Chicago, etc sounds good.. but it wont really be a thing if he wanna win ring”S”.
    C’s and Lakers are getting older everyday . kg/pierce/kb/allen, most will be retired after max 3 more seasons.
    With the bulls, sounds cool also, but Rose will have to stop takin 30shots/game cuz their relationship wont last long :p

    If he wants “many” rings, better try to fit as free agent in a young team that has a good potential and needs a big like Portland (Aldridge/Roy/Matthews/Batum), OKC (Durant/Harden/Westbrook/Maynor) or even why not GS (Lee/Wright/Curry/Ellis)

  97. DwightHoward says:

    I’m going to Cleveland!

  98. Bo says:

    All of you need to understand that it’s not about the best deal the magic gets, it’s about where Howard wants to go. If they trade him to OKC and he doesn’t sign the extension there, then what happens? That’s why I think he’s going to LA, he’s the Superman going to Hollywood. And if you look back to his interview during the all-star game, they asked him what superstar would you want to play with, and he said Kobe Bryant. He’s either going to LA or staying in Orlando.

  99. QueenJAMEsCHOKE says:

    If dwight will leave Magic and he’s like LeChoke.. couldn’t win a ring without going for the easy way out..

  100. Carlo says:

    yeah wade will Get Lebrons Ring (a wedding ring ) πŸ˜€

  101. THE HEAT says:


    • STFU_NOOB says:

      FACT : MJ won his first 3 peat age 28-30… so you saying MJ didn’t win until MID 30’s is A FAILURE!

  102. daniel lopez says:

    suns is agood team for dwight,,,///

  103. alone in new jersey says:

    howard should come to the nets and play with d will. maybe deron will stay then. we can stand to part with lopez, humphries, and/or vujacic if we can bring dwight to jersey.

  104. cool knick fan says:

    hey earl in your dreams. with knicks: PG-Billups SG-Fields or Douglas SF-Melo’ PF-Amare C-Howard, and then knicks win, but i’d rather have CP3 than howard so he can replacebilllups, i hope knicksget nene, chandler, or marc gasol in free agency, but they want Kurt Thomas, knicks have to resign Shawne Williams,i think derrick brown should be resigned too. Knicks with CP3:PG-CP3 SG-Fields or douglas SF-Melo PF-Amare C-?, still a title. GO KNICKS GO

  105. BUBULUBU says:

    I think Dwight should go to the bobcats so Michael Jordan can give him some free hanes.

  106. Zach says:

    Fire Otis = Keep Howard.

    You’re all a bunch of band-wagon, fair-weather fan, vultures: hypocrites. The same people who damn Lebron for leaving are asking another player to do the same in order to salvage their own teams. Basketball is not an Soap-Opera. Appreciate what you have and hone it. Might I remind you the Mavericks won: a team with ONE superstar. It’s a TEAM sport.

  107. cool knick fan says:

    th thunder would not trade westbrook, maynor is not good enough to run the show, westbrook could be a top 10 player. I hope he comes to the knicks. but he’s stayin’ in orlando.

  108. jayjay023 says:


  109. TRUENBAFAN says:

    dwight should go to the knicks. him melo, stoudemire, and cp3 maybe. he will win multiple rings

  110. Star says:


  111. choi says:

    blazers +d12
    dwight howard-C
    aldridge – PF
    Wallace – sf
    roy -SG
    Felton – G

  112. talkalotofcrap says:

    i cant believe some of the crap comments i read here. Players should go here or there and make that team unstoppable.
    when has fans ever been involved/initiated in a trade or caused it.???

    people hating on who ever KOBE LEBRON.
    they make it sound like NBA is easy. id like to see some of this people commenting to get out there and even try to play 5 mins on court with these guys.

  113. Nobody says:

    There are a lot of teams that can use a dominant big man and probably the best center in the league, Lakers can’t match the offer that these team will make, unless Dwight is set on going there, there’s little chance he’ll end up playing with kobe

    As for Heats being brought up, well, I don’t like them or hate them, but at least they made it to the finals.

    For those who are rooting for them, you’ve got to admit Lebron and some other players need to stop vanishing at the big games, it’s mentality.

    For those who say the Heats are nothing or even bad — they made the finals, and did pretty well with a one year roster and with Miller and Haslem just joining the team at the last minute. With all the things that ppl say they’re lacking, they made it to the finals. So you’ve got to give them a bit of credit.

    BUT. Next year’s(or next season, whenever that’s going to be) league will be fun to watch, with all these young team improving and making a run, Memphis, Bulls, Thunder, Nuggetts and throw in a couple of teams that were always there. And don’t forget, New York, although they kinda just ran out the door this year, 2 of their star players were injured, and i don’t think the roster building is going to stop here. It’s going to be great basketball.

  114. john says:

    even though lebron james doesn’t have ring it doesn’t mean he’s bad. he will learn from the mistakes that he made, and carry it on through his career. people are ignorant to thinking that Miami lost because of him.

  115. john says:

    dwight howard is the best come to new york

  116. Kobe-Philippines says:

    What we need is a point guard.. CP3 is the best choice.. But of course, Howard would be a great swap for Pau.. Dallas and Heat.. better get ready!!

  117. expert says:

    i hate it when superstars are joining other teams to win championship..other teams will be useless and it wont be fun to watch anymore

  118. earl says:

    dwight sign and trade for duncan..
    magic will buy out the remaining contract of duncan..
    duncan will return after 30 days for SA.. nba rules
    it now dwight duncan jefferson manun parker.. πŸ˜€

    LeBron will get a ring somehow, he still have 10+ yerars in the nba they just need a decent CENTER and post up moves for LeBron

  119. Michael says:

    Dwight should take a look at Dirk..Got close to a ring back in ’06; had some early play-off exits following that; continued to improve his on weaknesses but remained an All-Star..Slowly Dallas execs bring some talent around him (mostly seasoned vets), and this year they go all the way. While Miami had a good run, the way they didn’t gel as a team and relied on 3 players should show Dwight that there is no quick fix.. It takes hard work, time, and a team unit to win a championship, and Dwight should know that Otis and SVG are trying to build that, but it won’t happen overnight. He is young with plenty of time left, look at Dirk to see what perseverance and loyalty can bring.

  120. Delly says:

    Send james to the Magic for Howard.Howard + Bosh = Best 4 and 5 combo in the league.

  121. Rocketsalwaysclutch says:

    Dwight will be guaranteed rings in LA…Kobe has two more years of elite basketball ahead of him and as we have learned Lakers have no trouble attracting other top notch free agents to make the move to Hollywood :)—these are just FACTS!

  122. Airwind says:

    Either Dwight Howard stays in Orlando by adding Josh Smith to their line up or trade Howard to Chicago.

  123. flakker says:

    Orlando has one year to keep Howard happy, if I was Otis Smith I would gamble a little bit. first of all, get a back up center on the free anget market( I’d pick Deandre Jordan) and then get a superstar in Chris Paul og someone. I am a Magic fan because of Dwight and if he goes I will root for his team but still also the magic

  124. celtics fan says:

    go to the celtics will be unstopable.will still domanate even after the big 3 eara.rondo green howard.

  125. elliott says:

    Why do you guys get mad if a player leaves a team and city they want to WIN dont blame them blame your gms and I hope dwight go to La for bynum and odom

  126. aussie celtic says:

    love to see the big fella end up in green, only needs the big 3 to come to party and say they wanna redo there contracts and give up 4-5 mil each and hello championship and banner 18

  127. Jesse W says:

    The bottom line – Kobe has won more championships and competed in more playoff games (not to mention Finals) than all the names mentioned above. No matter what anyone says, this is a story about Dwight and the Magic, and all of a sudden it turns to Kobe bashing. While Kobe has slowed down some (and we all will on our jobs as we age), he is still a heck of a player with killer instinct. Trust me – Kobe has at least one more title coming his way before he retires, Dwight Howard or no Dwight Howard.

  128. Slick 19 says:

    Lakers trade Bynum and Gasol and get Howard and Arenas. Then, sign Tyson Chandler to a long term deal. Then, let Shannon Brown go and sign Jason Richardson. DYNASTY!

  129. King says:

    All of you saying he wants rings I doubt it, all nba players want is the money, i’m sure he wants one but where ever can pay him the most is where he will want to go.

  130. SA says:

    dwight to San Antonio?

  131. Own-a says:

    Dwight should stay, for less money to lower salary cap. So they could pick up free agents or trade for players that could help during the playoffs, whether scoring off the bench, change tempo or defensive match-ups. Magic will make it to the playoffs for a couple more years and have a chance to play for the title.

  132. jg2290 says:

    who ever is saying chicago is not thinking logically. D-Rose is going to want a 20 mil a year contract along with already paying Boozer, Noah, Deng. They cant afford him and why would the magic trade him to an East team? He’s either staying with Orlando or coming to LA

    • thecap says:

      i dont think you understand the salary cap…
      Rose cant request $20 Mil, just yet anyway, and by the time he can Boozer’s contract will have expired or been traded.(Hopefully to Orlando)
      The Bulls are one of the only decent teams who can actually afford him, with a trade of course.

  133. CHITOWN says:

    6+6+6+6=24 4 lebrons equal 1 kobe!!! DO THE MATH

  134. nejerry says:

    Unlike most of you I believed Dwight when he said he wants to stay in Orlando. So I expect to see him in a Magic uniform.

  135. Bulls239133 says:

    If Howard ever seriously considered winning his first ring then he should consider joining some legitimate championship contenders team like the Bulls, Spurs, Boston or the Lakers.

  136. Smokethatazz says:

    lol D Howard going to end up with the Russian in New Jersey the Nets watch.

  137. pennyaCe says:

    Can’t get over LeBron? or I must say…LeBron haters!

  138. dwight says:

    dwight howard needs to think deeply if he stays in orlando he will be endup like charles barkley all star player without a ring. he needs to pay attention on what other free agent doing, lebron bosh joins wade MIA, carmelo joins amare in NY and soon cris paul will be there, Bulls has a bunch of good young talents around derick rose,
    if he didnt leave orlando i bet atlanta will beat him again in the playoffs. think dwight its eaither LA or Bulls the best place for you. so that the 3 punks of MIami will not even get ring until they retire. HAHAHHA

  139. lhanna1560 says:

    WHERE DO morons like Anklebreaker come from, they should put him in an insane asylum, he’s gone NO brain.

  140. pennyaCe says:

    Any team that will have D12 on their roaster would definitely be a playoff contender or a championship contender.
    3 THINGS to look forward for the 2011-2012:
    1. Will LeBron and company win the Title?
    2. D12 a Laker?
    3. LOCKOUT……….NO WAY!!!!

    • Ace says:

      I strongly doubt that any team with Howard is a championship contender. Basketball is a team game, and not based on only one or two good players (see Dallas). Orlando has done a pretty good job providing Howard with a deep sharpshooting backcourt, so he can do damage inside. Still it wasn’t enough. What else does he want? Now he wants to have better players around him? He wants to make decisions on who the Magic acquire? Get out of here. Learn first how to shoot FT’s and how to defend without elbowing or fouling the attacker. Howard is one of the most overrated players ever. He is a good center, but not the best.

  141. OrlandoMAN says:

    Ok all you guys are dumb if dwight doesnt sign the contract otis smith will trade him mid season most likey and tradeing someone like dwight only means we are getting some very good players back like if he went to LA we would get bynum and gasol or maby bymon brown and artest but either way the magic will be in the playoffs every year for the forseeable future

  142. The Todd says:

    ya whoever thinks dwight going to LA would make a difference, think again, Odom, and Gasol are just as good of big men as dwight, so all they would be doing is bringing in another man to their rotation. Lakers need a better guard if anything, like dwill or cp3. Now in all seriousness Dwight should go to New Jersey and Hook up with Deron Williams, and hopefully get a few others to follow!!! However with D’will as a free agent, it would be sick to see Dwill and Dwight, head down to LA and hook up with Blake Griffin!!!

  143. Clayton says:

    He should come to boston. Just think.. the Big 5. Dwight would definitely get get his dream as NBA champion. Rondo and Howard would dominate together even after the Big 3 are long gone. Just imagine Rondo alley ooping Dwight to posterize LeChoke

  144. mike says:

    GO TO THE LAKERS DWIGHT. that is if you want a ring

  145. jahs says:

    1st of all all ppl sayin “go to LA so lebron wont get a title” grow the hell up! its been almost a dang on year dangit! dwight is not going 2 la

  146. boston17 says:

    I was reading into some of the magic’s website. And it also said he wouldnt do what Shaq did with the Magic, so for all those hopeful Lakers Fan, he will not join the L.A Lakers, he said he wouldnt do what Shaq did before booking it to L.A and he would rather go to another contender team, because he will be overshadowed that Shaq and Kobe got a 3peat, and most Howard and Kobe will get realistically will only be 1 and at most 2, depending on the health of Kobe. So it just drop it to those hopeful L.A fans

  147. LOCKOUT says:

    Chris Paul and Dwight Howard will join Kemba Walker and Bismack Biyombo in Charlotte Bobcats. Then Phil Jackson comes out of retirement and coach MJ’s team. This would only be possible with the new CBA and finally MJ would start to spend money for this team.

  148. Frogger says:

    I would like to see Howard stay in Orlando so that, if he ever wins a title, he will be able to enjoy it as much as Dirk, knowing that he will have had to work for it. BTW, I would like Howard to realise that, until he learns how to shoot free throws, no matter where he goes, he will keep being the reason why his team wins and why it looses.

  149. chellie says:

    howard needs to stay with orlando and bring his team a title. if he goes anywhere else he’ll be just like lebron and thats not a good look, ORLANDO MAGIC 2012 CHAMPIONS

  150. mCloven says:

    i know that made me crack up

  151. mCloven says:

    hey its mCloven and i think dwight should go 2 either the thunder or the piston.cuz if he goes to thunder (along side, durant and weastbrook) that will be the new power house in the weast, but if he goes to the pistons (along with the new brandon night and kyle singler) he can groom them into true nba”ers to bring the title back to detroit………..p.s. realy people the lakers dont have wat it takes to beat the heat (not that im saying im a heat fan)

  152. Cha says:

    Dwight should go where he feels he could get his championship. Looking the Magic’s current roster, there’s not much of winning to do there or can be used as a trade chip to lure stars. I really though Lewis really kept the team from falling apart too bad he wasn’t producing anymore.

  153. cedric says:

    He should come to the spurs


    dwight should come to charlotte

  155. clubs says:

    howard should stay

  156. clubs says:

    howard should go to clevland

  157. bull23 says:

    dwight shoud go to the bulls, it’s a chi town ting all day

  158. lebronwadeboshbetterthanshaqkobe says:

    Dwight will probably go to Lakers, but Bosten needs him the most, Rose+Dwight is no shaq+kobe, they are very different players,
    MIAMI 2011-2012 CHAMPIONS

    • mike says:

      im just saying lebrons been in the nba for 8 years now. still ant got a ring that should tell you somthing about him. he spent 7 years with clevland couldent do it there and now he cant do it with miami ether. if kobe and dwight team up its over hands down…

  159. Silver says:

    why do only dumb lakers fans comment on

  160. Robert says:

    Not a Magic fan, but I think the most positive thing that the Magic has right now, was the line meant to be humourous about Arenas and Howard “planking” all over the place. I think that Arenas is a superb player, whatever he has done in the past, and if he is motivated, can play at the same level he once did. If he and Howard build a strong friendship, as well as point guard-center relationship, they would be difficult to stop

  161. Mavs Repeat says:

    Dwight, Dirk and Jason Terry…think about it.

  162. Rik says:

    howard and cp3 to bobcats and you have a championship contender team…
    and who knows within 2 or 3 years….champs…?
    lakers is done for, too old….boston too, sure they’d be championship contenders for a year and then its downhill….
    go for bobcats!

  163. miCkoy says:

    LeBron go to LA…

  164. 3ggy RG'z says:

    Dwight Howard you should go to OKC to join Kevin Durant & Russel Westbrook that should be a good team for you….or New York Knicks with Carmelo Anthony,A’mare Stodemire & Chauncy Billups then in the next summer the knicks get CP3 thats good….or The Los Angeles Lakers With the Black Mamba ….any ways if you go to any of this 3 teams you would win a NBA Championship whith the orlando magic you can’t win a championship …i am trying to say pleas go away from the orlando magic and miami….sorry for mi english but i am a 15 years old from Puerto Rico and you,Kevin Durant & Kobe Bryant are the favorite players for me in the NBA and i would like to see you with Kobe or Kevin

  165. dwight go for suns….nash carter hill fry howard for vstarting five

  166. Brendan says:

    Go celtics howard no prob getting a ring with that kind of a roster at the 1 rondo 2 ray allen 3 paul pierce 4 kevin garrnett 5 dwight howard unstopable lineup celtics will still win even without howard but for the future the celtics would be unstopable

  167. asdf says:

    it’s destiny, wilt, kareem, shaq, gasol…. you’re next in line dwight, it’s gonna happen, and should be better to come in your prime like shaq and kareem did and win big.. wilt came late and could only snag one with the lakers… be smart dwight, if you want to win think LA.

  168. Connor Mac says:

    Dwight should go to New York then they would have Amare, Chancey, Carmelo, and Dwight.

  169. WaitingForLA says:

    I WISH THE L.A LINE UP IS LIKE THIS . 5 – DH12 / 4 – PAU16 / 3 – RA15 / 2 – KB24 / 1 – Ai3 !!
    i wish Ai be back to NBA and get sign to L.A !!
    GO L .A !!!!

    • dedefr says:

      All you dreamers who think that Dwight will go to the lakers are what i like to call wrong. THEY HAVE NO CAP SPACE TO SIGN HIM

  170. Coby says:

    Is Bynum coming back next year? It’s ashame that’s he is still playing. The guy got paid so much to show off his dirty behavior is just garbage. Another laker role model!!!!!!!

    • pepejohn says:

      bynum at least showed he did not want to be showed up. everyone but kobe and bynum pretty much gave up. it was a dirty play. But i do understand it. The punishment fit the crime. Nobody was injured from it. I think he made a point, if you drive the lane don’t just think about me blocking your shot. Next year the shooting percentage when he is on the court will be very low in the paint.

  171. #1HeatFan says:

    Dwight for Bosh…

  172. RYAN says:

    the best fits for dwight to win, would be l.a, knicks, bulls, maybe the celts but not a long term thing, thunder and who knows he might end up staying, but i think he would be good in l.a and bulls the most, but i think dwight would be best with l.a, cause he wants to be the man, if he goes to l.a he will win a couple wid kobe, and he will become an even better player with him and when kobe leaves he will be unstoppable, kinda like kobe becoming greater wid shaq

  173. D3nis says:

    men you still tinking about Lebron…… move on, i am no a Lebron fan but give the men a break, all he wants is to win a shampionship like any body in the NBA. now you want Howard to go to the Lakers then what????? all he needs to do is force Orlando to bring better guy’s and the Magic will be a good as any tem in the NBA… that’s what leader those they don’t ask they demand!!! because they know what it take to wins.

  174. kobe says:

    Howard should go to lebron so they could become dynasty of NBA. NOOT

  175. Superstarss says:

    if howard goes to the lakers hes lebron n2!!!!! stay in orlando, become a MAN and bring YOUR town the title dwight

    • elsabor1972 says:

      He is a man, he’s just tired of losing, as was Shaq. Players leave their teams because they want to win it all. If you surrounded by mediocre players then you arent going anywhere. He did work for orlando and now its time to move on. He’s gonna get rings with the Lakers

      • dedefr says:

        Dwight cant sign with the lakers because they have NO cap space left. a more likely destination would be….CHICAGO

  176. #BULLS says:

    dwight should develope a jump shot to make him unstoppable! He would then be more like Amare stoudemire though. But with a lot of DEFENSE!! And GOOD KNEES. So that would make it easier for him to play along with other bigs at the same time! I saw he was making some mid-range shots this season. I dont think he’s comming to the #BULLS because we clearly dont have enough to trade for him and still have a solid team… I love MY #BULLS but, we just dont have the guys for that. And besides, Orlando may not even trade him until the deadline. If they’re trading him, because who’s to say he doesnt resign with them if help arrives?

    #GO BULLS!!!

  177. Bob says:

    Im a huge Magic fan and I have been for my entire life and as much as I hate to say it, there is little chance that Howard will sign the extension even if the Magic are able to find new and better teammates for him this summer. I still believe that the magic will be a team to compete with in the east next year regardless of who’s on the floor, however I doubt they will win the finals or even the east. My opinion is that the magic need to work a deal with multiple teams and get many young, new, and talented players in return for Howard much like the Nuggets did with Anthony. I do not like the idea of Dwight being traded to the Lakers for Bynum, Brown, Gasol/Odom. I understand the Bynum is a young talented center but the other players in the deal are expensive and past their prime. The Nets or Thunder seem like he best solution for the magic since they are building for the future they will be willing to give up a lot for the All Star. Go Magic

    • OKCKD35 says:

      Thunder are rebuilding for the future? Really? Werent they just in the WCF? arent 13 of their 15 under contract? at the most we give up Westbrook and Perk and a draft pick. If not we go to the finals anyways next year lol

  178. Staxx12 says:

    Magic and Kareem, Stockton and Malone, Shaq and Kobe, Rose and Howard… FAST DONT LIE!!!!

    • OKCKD35 says:

      “stockton and Malone” never won a title, i guess it does lie lol

      • CHITOWN says:


      • bullz says:

        they were still one of th best duos the leagues ever seen but jordan and pippen were better

      • Law064 says:

        Stockton & Malone would’ve possibly won 2 rings if they weren’t facing the Bulls and #23 the G.O.A.T. 1 of the best duo’s ever. The best tandum to run the pick and roll

    • QuestionMark says:

      Rose and Dwight.. Just so you know Magic and Stockton averaged around 11 asts, Orlando should get CP3 who averages 11 asts, CP3 and Howard is far better than Rose and Howard., you also forgot Nash and Amare, even though they didn’t last, they were still great together.

  179. clipper says:

    howard go to clipps for caman and moon!

  180. jeremy says:

    dwight is going to L.A he knows where to go if he wants to win a championship and dats wit KOBE and the LAKERS

  181. yeeeeoow dwight cum down to lakerland win multiple titles, lequeen will cry hahaha i can see wade sick of lequite and coming over in a few yrs wen kobe retires hahaha luvin ittttt,,, lakeshow back again

  182. I think Dwight would be a good fit for Celtics or Pistons. He could win several rings unlike LeBrick Queen Shames.

    • rj says:


      • LATILLIDIE (lakers2011-3peat) says:

        Detroit is a dead city, why would he want to go there after being in nice, sunny, things to do ORLANDO FLORIDA

  183. jeremy b says:

    dwight should go to the knicks his best future would be with the knicks the new big and inproved big three

    • Milli says:

      There won’t be a big three, Amar’e and Melo don’t even get along, that Knics team won’t last!

  184. Nili says:

    Howad should come to the Bulls so Lebron could never win a title, lets face it who will be howards tandem , kobe ? he’s at the end of his prime, now D.rose is still young already won the mvp, I mean think about it, the best point guard and the best center together , the addidas fast dont lie partners , what do u think , I tink they win it all if howrad comes to the Bulls.

    • KobeDoinWork says:

      Bulls are good and D Rose be doin his thang but kobe is still in his prime and D Rose aint the best piont gaurd u aint watchin CP3 /DWill or /Rondo

      • thecap says:

        @ KobeDoinWork

        Rose ain’t the best PG? are you going to explain? or was that just a brain fart. Another uneducated laker fan, lol

      • LATILLIDIE (lakers2011-3peat) says:

        KobeDoinWork, i love kobe too man, but kobe isnt in his prime anymore…he is past it, he is still a top 3 top 5 player, but the same explosive kobe who blow past anybody is gone, but thats kool because he is getting up in age and that happens to all the greats

  185. Christopher Edward says:

    Dwight should go to Miami and replace Bosh

  186. zirom says:

    go for the lakers and you will get what you want.. RINGS!!!

  187. LEBRON IS THE BEST PLAYER EVER IN HISTORY Dwight is no where near his level Micheal Jordan is hater cuz he knows lebrons better. FTW MIAMI HEAT 2011-2012

    • Lechoke says:

      You’re absolutely right! that’s why he won 6 championships(3peat x2) right? Oh WAIT! M.J did that!

      • FAIL says:

        even DJ MBENGA has more championships than any of the Miami players o.o

      • mike says:

        then how come lebron dosnt have any rings???????

      • mike says:

        kobe and michael did it by there selvs lebron couldent even do it with bosh or wade he must really suck then. dwight knows whats best for him and what best for him is to go to the lakers. GO GET THAT 6 RING KOBE AND TIE IT UP WITH MICHAEL!!!!!

      • dedefr says:

        note to mike: that was year one of what, 6? and without a decent pg or c. depending on who they can get the Heat will win it all next year

    • Chris says:

      I agree with one thing mj is a hater cuz he knows lebron AND kobe are better maybe even magic johnson too

      • KobeDoinWork says:

        As much as I love the Lakers and my boy kobe he is extremely good but he aint better then mike and lebron is not in the discussion

    • Sarkies says:

      Lebron can’t even win a ring in an era that is easier to win than the 90’s so that was about as big of a lie as the Heat winning the 2011 Finals. I mean, who the hell has a pre-season championship party? Oh well :p They wasted al their money :p HAHAHA!!! Lebron will never be anything like Jordan. He will never win a ring as long as he stays with the Heat who by the way is overstocked with a bunch of washed up players without a ring. Well Lebron will be one of them soon as long as he stays with them.

      • L24 says:

        Lebron will not win championships. He will just be a looser, and that is his DESTINY.

      • dedefr says:

        depending on who the heat get in free agency they WILL win the championship next year. and l24, LBJ will win and he aint a loser. Did you see what he did in Cleveland?

      • LATILLIDIE (lakers2011-3peat) says:

        yea we saw what he did in cleveland, and thats where he should’ve stayed….he not in cleveland no more so thats irrelevant to bring up now

      • STFU_NOOB says:

        Heat a WASHED UP PLAYERS WITHOUT A RING??? DIDn’t HASLEM and WADE have that one already?

    • OKCKD35 says:

      If LaQueen was the greatest he wouldnt have stunk up the finals so bad. He is a big baby, no wonder he teamed up with D-Wade, we all know Durant should have won the MVP over LaQueen 2 years ago (as Durant had more PPG and his team improved by 27 games, where LAQueens team lost more games than the year before) He is a good player but he does not have the heart of a champion. If he couldnt get it done with Wade and Bosh on his team who does he need? LeBron is so overhyped its ridiculous, of course he will have stats when he always has the ball (Cleveland) but the sad thing is he can’t close. He chokes everytime he has a chance to advance. I think there are quite a few players better than LeBron, you just dont follow basketball, (Dr. J, Elgin Baylor, Wilt Chamberlin, Oscar Robinson, Michael Jordan, Kobe Bryant…the list goes on), pull your head out!

    • DurantJR says:

      Im talkin 2 Lebronisthegreatest lol

      • mike says:

        who cares????? not me or anybody els. lebron sucks and everybody knows it. and if he was really the greatest he would of had plenty of rings by now. but he doesnt. to be real with you his name shouldent be brought up in the names of michael jorden and kobe bryant who has plenty of rings.

    • Milli says:

      @Lebronisthegreatest: You sound even dumber than Lump Master!

    • LABRYANT says:

      lebron is the greatest for sure..during the regular season that is…..once crunch time appears he plays like

    • QuestionMark says:

      Lebron won 6 championships with his clutch performances… oh wait that was MJ, and oh yeah Lebron isn’t clutch.

      • dedefr says:

        LeBron aint clutch? go look at some stats. the only time he choked was against dallas

      • LATILLIDIE (lakers2011-3peat) says:

        dedefr only time he chocked? Man look at the Boston series last year…..the same kind of collapse, back then he could say “well i didnt have enough help” but now he has bosh and wade so what more HELP does he want????

      • QuestionMark says:

        Lets see, there was Dallas, the 5 game losing streak in the Season, Boston last year, etc. Only time he was clutch was against Boston and Chicago this year, but when mattered most againt Dallas in the Finals he choked once more.

  188. Go Chicago says:

    everyone who thinks dwight is going to leave the lakers is crazy.
    everyone who thinks dwight is going to the lakers is crazier………….

  189. stevenking says:


  190. Lacedogg says:

    fire Otis Smith….he doesn’t know what he is doing

  191. Christopher says:

    We;re fine with Bynum and Gasol. We dont need Howard. Didnt you see the game where Bynum and Howard were going at it. 2 centers duking it out and in the end have nothing respect for each other. Howard needs to stay in Orlando and grow with his team. Not like lebron and be a cap-out.

    • cris nyandoro says:

      we are obviosly not fine, what are you saying, kobe,d-will/CP-3 and howard? thats an amazing lineup. those three people know how to win games and when it matters most, and when kobe leaves we still have paul/willianms and howard. ” we are fine without howard we have bynum and gasol” your dumb i swear, i cannot take anymore dissapearence acts by those two and at the wrong time aswell, I AM SICK OF IT, L.A IS SICK OF IT. AND IF YOU ARE A LAKERS FAN YOU WOULD BE TOO!

      • QuestionMark says:

        Lakers are known for size, getting Dwight and and CP3 would actually make them worse because I am sure NO and Orlando would ask for Gasol, Bynum, Artest or Odom, that would leave no one at PF, or SF, Lakers just need a way to get better bench players than Barnes or Blake.

    • KobeDoinWork says:

      I like this comment alot bynum and dwight went at it like crazy and they do that everytime they play because honestly if he dont come to LA the team is still good and will still win championships so they dont need him as much as every other team needs him bynum is bigger then him anyways he is just better but bynum is great as well but i would love to see him in LA

      • LATILLIDIE (lakers2011-3peat) says:

        bynum problem is his gets hurt every year, injury prone….if the guy could stay healthy i would have no problem keeping him because when he plays he plays good

  192. Henry says:

    Dwight to Celtics, just so y’all know! Rondo servin’ up alley-oops all day homie!

  193. Lump Master says:

    howard to the bobcats= 13 championships

    • Sarkies says:

      WOW! Lump Master, I mean this with all due respect. Never post a comment again. That was as stupid as it gets. Howard wants to go to a chamionship contender. Like a current one. You might as well have said the Cavs or the Wolves. That was an awful comment and I want you to apologize for it :p HAHA!

      • Daniel says:

        ok the wolves wouldn’t be too bad of an idea tho…they could trade d. williams, rubio, wes, johnson and some draft picks for howard…and the wolves would be bad…of course they might want willliams and beasley..which would still make the wolves a good team…doubt they could pull off that trade but still just as realistic as some of the other ridiculous trade rumors i’ve heard for howard

    • That Damn Good says:

      That’s quite possibly the stupidest thing I’ve ever read…..

    • QuestionMark says:

      If Dwight can’t lead Orlando to ONE championship, I doubt he can lead Charlotte to 13.

      Dwight should just stay in Orlando and Orlando should try to find a way to lure CP3 here, I also think Orlando should get Gortat back, even if it means VC is coming back, maybe even try to add Brooks along with them, CP3 and Brooks as PG is really good, Gortat already proved how well he can play, and VC is alot more consistent than J-Rich.

  194. B says:

    Uhh Dwight comes to Chicago and then lebron never wins a ring… LA will basically be done once Kobes gone in what 2-3 seasons? Rose and Howard together is unbeatable for the remaining of their careers

  195. Prof Pelo says:

    The Lakers do have the players, other than Kobe, that would make a trade for Howard “fair”. They could package Gasol or Bynum with other players to keep Orlando competitive. The Magic should have learned their lesson with Shaq and trade away D12 before they become Cavs south.

    • L24 says:

      They should trade Bynum in place of Howard. Bynum is a great player, but I am not sure if he can stay healthy all season. He is so fragile and If he will experience another injury I wont be shocked if he will turn like Eric Dampier (The Most Useless Center Ever).

  196. Ronaldo says:

    Dwight should go to the Lakers! Its the best place for him to get the chance to win NBA titles! Alongside with Kobe and hopefully some other star such as D-Wll or CP3 or whoever star come to LA!

    • OKCKD35 says:

      I think he would have a better chance winning it all in OKC!, trade Westbrook, Perkins, and a first round, start Maynor, Harden Durant, Ibaka, and Howard, Reggie Jackson as 6th man. Nice looking squad

      • OKCBW0 says:


      • bullz says:

        trade westbrook thts so stupid dwight is goin to chi town 4 boozer and noah

      • dedefr says:

        So you would trade one of the top young pgs in the game and one of the top defensive centers just for dwight? Give me a break. Dwight aint worth that much.

      • Tom says:

        word haha if you made that trade the thunder would be exactly in the same position to winning a title as they are right now if not in an even worse situation, trade two of your key guys for 1 key guy. Westbrook is really young he’s going to be a ridiculously good player when he matures and starts to play the game a little smarter. I might trade perkins and ibaka with some 1st round draft picks if they have them and try to pick up kenyon martin in the free agency.

      • LATILLIDIE (lakers2011-3peat) says:

        dont u fools realize westbrooke will probably leave the thunder anyway…..this guy wants the spotlight too much, and wants to outshine KD …when KD is THEIR BEST PLAYER….i forsee this duo breaking up like SHaq and Kobe

      • STFU_NOOB says:

        @TOm — nc one. i’d like to see martin on OKC!!! hehehehee…

    • dedefr says:




  198. JW71 says:


  199. boston.rondo says:

    dwight would go to boston if they can afford him they need bigs i mean KG, jeff green jajuan johnson, big baby is useless if hes not in a good mood..if he goes 0-4 hell stay 1-7 i mean hes uselss.. we got jermaine troy murphy.. free agents if we get smith and/or dwight that would be awesome.. dwight at the 5.. rondo + allen at the 1 and the 2.. pierce at the 3 KG/smith at the 4 and dwight at the 5.. is an awesome lineup but with the new salary cap rules u never know

    • boston.garnett says:


    • ManicD says:

      You forgot one, dotRondo……… in DREAMLAND.ZZZZZZZZZZZZZ

    • jerson says:

      hey u dont know how to calculate their salary cap do you?..d celtics can afford t get smtih n my opinion f deyl make sum gambles but i think its impossible to get dwight..salary cap bro..but stil im a caltics fan..

      • LATILLIDIE (lakers2011-3peat) says:

        the celtics do need him after getting rid of Perkins, Perkins doesnt fit the thunder team at all….he was at his best in Boston with the Half Court setup…

  200. anklebreaker says:

    dwight should go to the lakers so lebron could never win a ring

    • sameer patan says:

      And you should go to school so you can grow up!

    • lakeranklebreaker says:

      He should come to the Bulls so Lebron never gets one and Kobe never gets another

      • ATLhawks says:

        i like that one the most

      • Sarkies says:

        I agree with lakeranklebreaker. And Patan, you are just an idiot. If you were saying that in reference that Lebron is going to win a ring, you are about to be upset every year until he retires. He is on a team that has nothing to give as far as points or defense. It’s just him, Wade, and a decent player in Bosh. Sorry but if Howard went to the Lakers, they would dominate and don’t even try to deny it. I’m not even a Lakers fan. I personally hate them, but they will be nearly unstoppable if they get Howard.

      • ThunderUpz says:

        or if the Thunder could get Dwight.. then that would that either Lebron or Kobe cant get a ring

      • Stop it says:

        mentally retarded.
        who on the bulls would howard be worth trading for.

      • celticpride says:

        and you should learn to move on and let go

      • KobeDoinWork says:

        I love the bulls and everything because i live in chicago and u got to love your home team but as good as the bulls is even with derick rose and dwight howard they still can’t beat kobe bryant who is the best player in the nba and his team the lakers they might beat the heat but not LA

    • That Damn Good says:

      LeBoring won’t ever win a ring anyway, & Dwight wouldn’t do it with the Lakers, Kobe’s head’s way too big to share any spotlight, especially with someone better than him. We’re gonna lose Dwight, I get that. It’s just a matter of where he goes & what, if anything, we get out of it….

      • Sean says:

        Yeah, Kobe’s head is too big and cant share the spotlight? Thats why he has played with Karl Malone, Gary Payton, Pau Gasol, Ron Artest, Glenn Rice, and not to mention Shaquille O’Neal. Kobe may have said some things and is definetly cocky. But when yur the best, why not. ha. Jordan did that and I dont see you talking crap on him. And as far as Dwight being better than him, please, grow up and watch basketball and look at their stats and tell me one more time that Dwight is better. Cause he sure didnt show it in the NBA Finals 2 years ago.

      • Heat Fan #6 says:

        Sean, it sounded sort of like you were trying to compare kobe to michael jordan. and that is just dumb. i admit kobe’s pretty good but not in any way comparable to michael. I’d like to see dwight go to the heat but that isnt goin to happen. I’d say thunderupz idea of him goin to thunder sounds good. westbrook howard and durant all on the same team would be unstoppable. plus it would be fun to see them go against the heat

      • KobeDoinWork says:

        stop talking trash and talk fact no matter what u think about the way kobe acts he is the best in the league he must have beat your favorite player to much for u to like him and dwight might actually be thinking about coming to LA

      • dedefr says:

        LeBoring? LBJ is one of the most exciting players in the league. And did you see how close they came to the title this year without a decent pg or c? Next year they are the team to beat.

      • LATILLIDIE (lakers2011-3peat) says:

        at this fool dedefr, you keep talking about a decent pg and center. Miami will have find both of those each year in a draft, because them 3 take up too much money, they will only be able to sign old veterans like juan howard, erick dampier, mike bibby, ect. because they are CHEAP…only way they can get a decent player at either spot is if someone wants to take a PAYCUT, and with a lockout seeming to happen, a new collective bargaining agreement will at some point come into effect which will make it even harder for them to afford players

    • Sean says:

      I agree 100%

      • ROSE#1 says:

        Kinda like Kobe showed it against the mavs?, please are you kidding me dwight is way better than kobe at this point in there careers. I do agree that at one point in time Kobe was deffinately better than dwight will ever be. And my last point is that Kobe is deffinately almost as good or as good as Micheal Jordan. What has Jordan done that Kobe hasnt besides one ring that Kobe will win…….? Nothing. Also just because its trendy to bash LeBron dosent make it right or cool. He never said he was the best ever you guys just expected that out of him. If your gonna bash LeBron why not bash Kobe for doing even worse against the mavs? DWIGHT TO CHICAGO!

      • vince says:

        one thing jordan did that kobe hasn’t? he never lost in the finals…..

      • Dwight To Miami says:

        I would like to see Dwight come to Miami and get Bosh and Ilgauskus out of the way. Bosh isnt as great in Miami as he was with Toronto

      • Sigh says:

        Why the F**K are we comparing Kobe to Dwight ?!?!?!? DWIGHT IS A MF’ING CENTER. KOBE IS A GUARD. WHY ARE YOU COMPARING THEM? I swear, you people annoy me to no end with these bs comparisons between players of completely different body-types and positions. Enough already.

      • LATILLIDIE (lakers2011-3peat) says:

        ^^^^^the guy above me said it best

        kobe and dwight shouldnt even be compared to one another…

    • tyler says:

      Wow the Lakers suck and will always suck as long as they have Kobe Bryant. Wade will get LeBron a ring

      • Mr Meech says:


        stupidest comment ever posted on

      • KobeDoinWork says:

        kobe better than both of them they had to make a big three that can’t even beat dallas in the finals and they only made the maimi big three because neither of them could beat the celtics thats why they both was crying once they finally took them out the playoffs they crying like they won the finals kobe been to the finals three times straight recently and won twice and unlike your team with them two losers on it my boy kobe beat the celtics in the finals and has 5 total rings lebron has none and i bet mike brown get one with kobe before lebron gets his first kobe gone get him the ring lebron couldn’t in cleveland

    • bballjunkie says:

      As long as Mike Brown is the coach Kobe won’t be getting another ring soon either. The only way is Kobe tear up his contract and become the modern day Bill Russell (16 Rings) some as player coach. Van Gundy,Sploster, Brown are all wanna B’s. Thank God they are starting to interview real impact players who played the game for coaching positions instead of these understudys.guys. I can hear Mike Brown now defense wins championships yea but it takes damed sound offense too small game/big game and sometimes as a coach you may have to sprinkle alittle of both these styles to win a series these coaches don’t have that. I love lakers too but truth is the truth.

      • KobeDoinWork says:

        I respect a fellow laker fan like yourself but truthly u are a little too worried mike brown aint phil jackson but he will get the lakers back on track kobe always win so there aint no such thing as kobe not getting another ring just because he choose to be nice sometimes and let other teams get one doesnt mean he wont win another the following year dont forget what happen when the celtics finally won one he came back and won two LA ALL DAY

    • R4 says:

      he will leave and why? most players leave the team because money isn’t determination anymore. When you make so much money now it time to go look for ring. Howard will go because he can generate money off commerical and doesn’t need large salary to balance that out. I wish Howard understand that he need to work on his post move more and leadership role on the court. He sometimes seem lost in moment he should be strong.

    • L24 says:

      Yes, I definitely agree with your comment. He should go and be part of the lakers team and win as many championships with the Black Mamba

    • KobeDoinWork says:

      I see people mad because u right if dwight go to LA the lakers will win every year especially if andrew bynum is the backup center

      • LATILLIDIE (lakers2011-3peat) says:

        To get Howard they would have to give away Odom and either Gasol or Bynum….since Bynum is a center, I would think they would swap center for center since Pau plays so well at the 4 (even though this year i dont know what happened to him)

    • A.L.4 says:

      Go to LAKERS! If he wants to win a ring, change teams. Teaming up with Kobe will show to miami how to win a championship. Lakers really need a secure center (due to Bynum being injured so often). Heading over to Chris Paul, please fasten your seat belt abd join Lakers. If Chris Paul, Dwight Howard and Kobe Bryant combine, it would be way more exciting than the losers at Miami (Dwayne Wade is the only one who deserves another ring! And whats up with Chris Bosh, he’s not even a superstar). Com’n Dwight and Chris, open your mind and think what it is like to have lots of rings like Kobe 24!

      • LATILLIDIE (lakers2011-3peat) says:

        salary cap would never allow cp3 and dwight with kobe, kobe has the highest salary next season 24mil….only way it could happen is you get rid of Gasol (cuz he has a big contract too) Bynum, Odom, and probably would have to throw in other guys like Luke Walton and Artest

    • Kaygee says:


    • khalis says:

      Or to the bulls!