Raptors coach Casey completes staff

New Toronto Raptors coach Dwane Casey has completed the bulk of his coaching staff, with former Raptors assistant and 76ers and Magic head coach Johnny Davis agreeing to join his staff as lead assistant coach.

Davis coached Allen Iverson in his rookie season in Philadelphia, but was fired after one season. He spent parts of two seasons as Orlando’s head coach, and was interim head coach in Memphis after Marc Iavaroni was fired two years ago, before the Grizzlies named Lionel Hollins head coach. Davis, a former teammate of Hollins’ on Portland’s world championship team in 1976, remained on Hollins’s staff.

Davis will join assistant Scott Roth, who had interviewed for an assistant’s job with the Lakers under new head coach Mike Brown, but will remain in Toronto. Roth had been at Golden State, Memphis and Dallas before joining the Raptors in 2009, and also has extensive international coaching experience. Assistants Eric Hughes and Micah Nori will also remain as holdovers from Jay Triano‘s staff. Triano was fired at the beginning of the month and Casey was officially hired to replace him last week. Toronto is also hiring longtime assistant coach and scout Tom Sterner to the staff. Sterner was with the 76ers last season and has been with the Warriors, Magic and Mavericks in almost three decades as an NBA coach.

The Grizzlies might lose another assistant coach. Dave Joerger was interviewed earlier this month to join Kevin McHale‘s staff in Houston, but a final decision has not yet been made.


  1. EE says:

    If no changes are made to this roster, Raps win 30 games.
    Casey will improve our last place defense to ~20th or so
    Our young players should only get better, some more than others.
    The combination of those two will make a slightly better team. But we are far far away from a 50 win season. Not without different personals on this team. I can’t wait to see Bargs/Calderon traded after next season. I say you give Bargs one more chance with a legit Centre and a defensive system; if he cannot thrive in that, he’ll never be an allstar.

    • R4 says:

      I tell you this give Andrea a chance to rock ACC couple of more times. I rather have players in toronto that want to be here than paid players to get their contracts and ask to be traded later on. The way to build a strong foundation is to keep a core of players that what to be in Toronto. Trust me I rather have Mo Pete and Anthony Parker on this team because you knew they would play for this city not just for the raptors. We need to start looking for players like that and thinks will be great. Success will come once the players believe not just in the team but Toronto too.

  2. Bami says:

    Meaning he was politely fired

  3. Toan says:

    DA – Triano was not fired as the Raptors head coach. They didn’t pick up his contract. There’s a big difference. He remains an employee of the Raptors/MLSE.

    • David says:

      Took the words right out of my mouth. More accurately, they didn’t pick up a team-option year on his contract.

  4. Jay Triano says:


  5. NoNBALockout! says:

    No Alex English?smdh

    • pete says:

      I agree man! they need to have Alex English. He actually cares about the players and the game and has years of experience. He better be back next year smdh

  6. R4 says:

    This article should show you lost fans of Toronto Raptors when concerning the importance of them. Hard Cap is need for success to bring back the fans to the arena. I know many Toronto fans that just don’t care anymore because they know in today basketball we could never have a Toronto Blue Jays world series team ever. Players play where they want because the money difference isn’t as great if they stay. I wish if Lebron and Bosh salarys were cut more than half then maybe they would of stay know or decided to go but they would be paid alot less than a few million. There salary should of begin under 50 millions for 6 years. Hard Cap is need for the causal fans to come back to the game.

    • R4 says:

      PS. David your a great at what you do and I was loving the nba tv show after draft night where people that actually watch all 30 nba teams. I wish you guys can do that more often. I can of tried from see players on nba tv because they really can’t tell you anything about the in and out of basketball. David you guys take your job serious and try to learn more about every team rather than just the stars on the team. I think nba tv should address who they put on there because everyone seem to say the same thing but when it was Georgetown coach son, The Coach, and You on that show it made me want to watch more. Keep up the good reporter.

      • rapsalldayeveryday says:

        kudos to R4. i agree, completely and d.a’s my favourite nba analyst/reporter around!