Expanding The Cast In Miami

HANG TIME HEADQUARTERS — Who needs a reality show when the Miami Heat provide us with so much of their own original content anyway?

It’s not LeBron James this time, though, who plays the star in this drama.

Dwyane Wade gets top billing in this funny but sort of strange one-man act, courtesy of Matt Moore at ProBasketballTalk.com, with a message to the villain that hacked his Twitter account.

After watching Wade frown and scowl his way through the end of the season in The Finals, and with good reason, it is nice to see him laughing and smiling again.

As for that reality show … if it’s anything like the three minutes of hilarious energy displayed in his viral ode to the hackers of the world, we’re buying.

In addition to Wade and James, the Heat could add reality show veteran Eddy Curry to the cast as well, — he starred in the highly underrated “PREPS: Chicago Hoops” back in 2001 alongside Pistons guard Will Bynum, former Duke point guard Sean Dockery and others.

According to Ira Winderman of the Sun Sentinel, the former Bulls, Knicks and Timberwolves center has been auditioning for the Heat in recent days in hopes of joining the Big 3 for next season’s run at the title:

A source familiar with the situation confirmed Sunday to the Sun Sentinel that veteran center Eddy Curry has been working with the Miami Heat in recent days, as the Heat look at free-agent options.

By league rules, teams cannot currently work out free agents who finished the season on an NBA roster. Workouts of those types of free agents cannot begin until July 1, when a lockout is expected to be imposed, shutting down all league activity.

Curry was waived by the Minnesota Timberwolves on March 1. In ensuing weeks he worked out for several NBA teams, including the Heat, in a bid to secure a place on a playoff roster.

Due to conditioning and other issues, Curry has played only 10 games over the past three seasons, including none this past season. He earned $11.3 million this past season, but likely would have to return to the league at a minimal salary. He is represented by the same agency that represents the Heat’s LeBron James, Dwyane Wade and Chris Bosh.

In April, Heat President Pat Riley, through a team spokesman, confirmed that Curry was one of “a half dozen” players the Heat had looked at, as part of a “big-picture” evaluation. The Heat is holding a similar evaluation of veteran free agents this week, in anticipation of a July 1 lockout start.

If his comeback bid is serious, Curry would be an interesting player to add to the Heat’s mix. The Heat didn’t have a low post offensive threat to speak of during The Finals, so the need is there. But Curry as the answer … that seems like a stretch, even for a team with as much superstar power as the Heat.


  1. calvin says:

    the heat have just came short with the lack of maturity and lack of strategy, but i really believed they should have won if they had not wasted crunch time possessions

  2. gamezone101 says:

    when lebron signed to the cavs and traded to the heat,
    that’s the start of hating him by the fans of nba.
    no wonder there are some fans who don’t know how to think
    when they make a comment on such star players in any sport

  3. cptech says:

    take a high profile center. because Miami heat weakest is on the middle. be frank if you have enough money take howard hahaahah

  4. trueLEBRONFAN says:

    1st off if your team didnt make it to the finals u cnt talk the lakers got swept wit kobe on the team that says sumthin about kobe he cnt do it anymore and ppl that be tlkin bout kobe got 5 rings yea he do bt he had 3 b4 lebron even came into the league and he only got 2 more after they brought in paul gasol and everybody else and everybody hatin on lebron cuz he went to the heat he can do wat he want ppl need to stop tryin to act like these bsktbll stars owe them sumthin cuz they dnt jus watch bsktbll and enjoy their talent cuz when its all set and done lebron gon be a legend wit 2 or 3 rings dnt nobody knows wats gon happen in the future so jus watch bsktbll and stop sayin wat yall would have done cuz it aint yall life it’s theirs so and ppl that say lebron choked um as i remembered lebron killed the celtics and he definitely killed the bulls and so if it wasnt for him they wouldnt have even made it to the finals in the first place so yea

    • KD-all_day says:

      lol lakers situation does not make miami situation any better. just like celtics situation does not make your finals’ loss a win. dont waste ur energy next time

  5. RIO says:

    good trade, howard for lebron

    • lkhyhb says:

      y would u do that thats not smart they should trade chris and bibby for howard and nelson y all of a sudden is everyone so ready to give up lebron

  6. boston.rondo says:

    dalembert??? no way but i like the dwight for lebron idea.and players do win games but the coach puts the players out.. put out the wrong players and ull lose.. spoelstra is arrogant and i mean look at doc rivers or phil jackson.. they have the mental game miami heat are like on of the best teams out there.. but they need a new coach.. someone who could switch thngs up.. cuz if lebron is out there then the go-to man is lebron if it can mixed up then theyll be more of a threat

  7. GJ says:

    @bballjunkie : why do stupid people like YOU always blame the coach when the team ain’t winning?!!!..LeQueen CHOKED!! but when everything is running smoothly who gets the praise?…stop blaming the coach for the players actions/performance on the court..this is exactly why LeChoke thinks he can get away w/ everything..because there’s always someone else to blame.

  8. Dennis says:

    what is up with everone saying lebron is still the best player in the elague, the best player shouldn’t choke every year, if anything wade is ten times better than lebron at least he is clutch. Also Kobe is way better than lebron his career speaks for itself nothing else needs to be said, so how about everybody stop saying lebron is the best and start being honest about who is actually the best and that is either kobe, rose or wade, and now you got to put Dirk up there because he is a scoring machine.

  9. hatersdontknownuthin says:

    realistically? maybe dalembert. vc if he agrees to the minimum after getting dumped, highly unlikely though. or tmac, he played almost decently as a pg in detroit good for 15 mins

    • hatersdontknownuthin says:

      they say he sucks, i bet lebron can beat these guys 5-on-1 with one hand tied behind his back.

  10. Fk btches says:

    Lebron haters just jealous he went to miami. But y would he stay in CLEVELAND? Wuts to do there, ummm….nothin? and u people say he sucks? look at urselves, u guys in the NBA? HUH fkers. and If Lebron sucksCarmelo must be A PEICE OF SHT.

  11. Hate the Haters says:

    do i smell some heartbroken cleveland fan,here?

  12. gggfgfffff says:

    jesus pat… you guys just cant bbe adding random players, settle down and go for players worth signing

  13. Howard says:

    They can be both traded before the trade deadline for the next season can’t they? Can anyone clarify please. Howard is the most consistent guy if not THE ONLY CONSISTENT guy in that roster. That being said, I can’t see Orlando being a threat with their current line up. With the salary they’ve got at the moment, they won’t be able to make so much moves to further improve their roster next season…meaning, they won’t have a chance at the finals unless arenas and turk miraculously gets so much better next season.

    If they can’t have a decent roster and Howard wants to win, it would be obvious that he would want to join up another team. I think for Orlando, even if Dwight is saying he wants to stay, Orlando can’t really risk “Shaq to Lakers” all over again. It would make more sense to trade for the best guy possible and only lebron would be capable of filling in the void that Howard will be leaving behind.

    Likewise in Miami, even if Riley is saying he won’t trade any of the big 3, this trade may be too much to resist if it does come up. They will still have a “Big 3” and a powerful presence inside. Their PF’s don’t have to pretend they are centers anymore coz you can play Howard for 35 minutes without complaint.

    With the core of Miami and the contracts in Orlando, they are both in the positions that they can’t really move a lot. However, this trade will make Miami a better team and Orlando not losing a lot for Dwight Howard.

    • HeatWade says:

      good point but i don’t think it’s possible unless Dwight accepts a lower salary just like lebron to fit in Miami and for Riley it’s still so early to pull up another trick after last year’s free agency…
      with the current lineup, Miami still doesn’t need a great big (i.e Dwight Howard) they just need a good one with the level of Nene and Chandler to be supported by Joel Anthony…

      • KD-all_day says:

        i see dwight as more of a guy who wants to carry a team on his shoulders and his shoulders only so im not sure he d be up for a quick championship with miami. i think what howard really wants is few better role players around him & big win for orlando. that being said, it doesnt seem like thats gonna happen anytime soon so orlando is better off trading him as fast as they can before they lose him to free agency..

  14. heatfan says:

    don’t worry heat will have best line up ever next year

    Nash / chalmers
    flash / JR smith
    King James / Vince Carter
    Bosh / Josh Smith
    Gasol / NeNe

    you can’t stop the heat, next not one, not two, not 3, not 4, not 5, not 6, not 7 years gonna be ours
    beat it nba hahaha

    • TRIBISKI says:

      not 1 not 2 not 3 not 4 not 6 but 0 hole..lol…LOSER
      Lechoke is a curse ..Heat sucks!

    • STFU_NOOB says:

      it already got beaten…. an in your face BLOCK by SALARY CAP!

      You can have that in your line up though….. IN YOUR DREAMS!

    • LABRYANT says:


    • HeatWade says:


      jr smith and vince carter?
      how in the world did you come up with the idea they can be a help in Miami?
      carter is d*mn too old and smith is just a clown…

      josh smith, gasol and nene?
      did you really think Miami can afford this three together with the big 3?
      get real man you’re making the rest of us heat fans look stupid…

  15. Zar The Knicks Fan says:

    Good Luck with Curry!

    • TRIBISKI says:

      Get Vitali Potapenko from Seattle Supersonics..

      MIAMI the biggest team loser ever..hahaha

  16. Law064 says:

    Eddy Curry?? Are they serious, C’mon they need more than him in the middle. The next season for them will be better depending on what changes are make. I say Anthony and Haslim plus Chalmers are keepers outside Wade Bosh and Lechoke. Everyone else is expendable get em outta here. Whatever they do I say they’ll be ok for next season they can only get better. But if Eddy Curry is what they’re looking into they should just suit up Eric Spo and let him play. Eddy Curry is done, a Chicago native but his career is done. 11 mil for last season Whoa they paid 10,500,000 to much. Good luck with that Miami, he would be the last thing they need another washed up has been.

    • LATILLIDIE (lakers2011-3peat) says:

      My man Law! Wats good?

      I agree with you, but I dont see how Miami gets too much better, because they dont have alot of money to spend, and with a lockout looming if a NEW hard cap is created it will only be harder for them…

      Haslem and Miller are under contract, Chalmers is a restricted free agent I think, but who knows if another team offers him more money and Miami cant match it, will he stay with the team???

      I think it will be best for them to trade Bosh or James, to relieve cap room, and bring in YOUNGER and solid bench players with one or two GOOD players in the starting lineup.

      Remember them three take up 300M in payroll for 6 years….

    • loll says:

      eddy curry is definitely not the solution but like LATILLIDIE said the problem is salary cap. Nobody really wants any of the players miami doesnt want so they r not gonna get anything more valuable than what they already have. as for curry again i feel like its almost the same hopeless move as taking eric dampier lol

  17. max hommy cayey says:

    ooohhhhh! thats an interesting suggestion dwight for lechoke sounds pretty good!

  18. Howard says:

    The best thing Miami has to do is to trade Lebron to Orlando for Dwight Howard! I think they would be able to trade them one to one. Instead of letting Dwight go to free agency, they can get arguably the best player in the NBA at the moment. Miami on the other hand would have a better team and a very large threat down low. Dwight-Wade-Bosh I think makes a lot more sense than with Lebron where Miami have no confusion with the “go to guy”. They would have a better team that way.

    • Alex says:

      That would be good for both teams but this will not happen.

      • LATILLIDIE (lakers2011-3peat) says:

        It would be better for Miami, but I dont think Lebron would agree to it….I dont think Howard would have a problem with it seeing as Heat would probably win a championship right after making this deal and he would sign a contract extension!

    • biebs says:

      I’m thinkin’ the same thing. but I don’t think orlando would risk giving up their most consistent guy for someone who has idiopathic choke syndrome.

    • FlashIsGreatest says:

      Hes under a contract so he cant but that would be awesome

    • lebron6 says:

      I would like to see Dwight get traded to Miami for Bosh and throw in like Ilgauskus or something, cuz then they have a center and wade and lebron who have chemistry. Bosh isnt as great as he was in toronto

      • loll says:

        @lebron6 it would clog up the paint way too much and nobody would trade dwight for bosh and iggy. isnt iigauskus planing on retiring anyway? if one of the big 2.5 gots to go it must be wade or lebron but this is not going to happen

  19. kobebryantfan24 says:

    KOBE: 23-15 record series in NBA FINALS. 5 RINGS!
    LeCHOKE: 2-8 record series in NBA FINALS. 0 RINGS! (HAHAHA!!!)
    lebron james sucks!!

  20. Arman says:

    they must be real desperate … I don’t understand that … Illgauskas and Anthony should be added by Bosh sometimes at the Center position, then Haslem can play the 4. That would also help Bosh getting a bit tougher but he should add some stengh if he want to help the heat, he is 6-11 and not that bad in rebounding so why not trying it. And if that don’t works give some rookie a chance or Dexter Pittman

    • bballjunkie says:

      Miami needs a COACH plain and simple, this sounds like Cleveland all over again. Bringing in players that can’t help while riding the gravy train. Plain and simple Spolster was in over his head he proved he isn’t ready for prime time, by not going small in game 2 on, thus allowing Dallas to play their game, soo comfortable that Carlise even changed his starting rotation because he read Spolsters inability to change his stratgey and go small, look what happened in game 6, at the half Dirk was 1 for 12, with Chandler on the bench 3 fouls. What did Spolster do come back with Anthony(role player) Chalmers (defensive liability) and let Dallas comeback agin and win. Don Nelson/Alvin Gentry/Doc Rivers ccould have coached this series and got the fast break going. It’s not rocket science. If I am lebron you get me a coach or else!. All the greats had great coaches not under studies? Where would Kobe be without Jackson? Lebron at point guard would have Dallas having to make earlier moves, while Marion would have had to guard him on the wings in transition. Miller/UD?House were not utilized effectively damed shame because they got there after 8/9 start, but when finally tested Spolster couldn’t deliver – I could have coached them and won in 5 games end of story .

  21. dan gilbert jr. says:

    who cares about this team?? LEBRON SUCKS!
    Any team that has a LEBRON JAMES in its roster SUCKS!
    Lebron: A self-proclaimed KING WITHOUT A RING!

    • STFU_NOOB says:

      Who cares about you??? NONE
      No team ever wanted you, so you suck MORE.
      You : Hated LEBRON coz you wanted to be LEBRON!

    • hughgoboss says:

      How may rings do you hateful bigots have

    • RM Poe says:

      I would agree for the most part. http://littleurl.net/94da27 LeBron does have a bad attitude and thinks he is better than his fans. Great article once again by Smith & hangtime. LeBron needs to work on building a connection with the fans before the hate is going away.

    • lkhyhb says:

      hope off give lebron credit where its due yea he messed up a little in the finals( one of them being a triple double) yall just mad he left clevland give lebron some credit and some space he brought yall to the playoffs be grateful for that if it wasnt for heim clevland wouldnt be nothing and u and all of clevland no it

    • lkhyhb says:

      and how is a self proclaimed king if yall was callin him that yall didnt say that when he brought yall to the finals did yall no! that why he be sayin what he be sayin cuz yall treat him nasty and dogg em out every chance yall get give him a break yall blow up every thing he do he did what he wanted to do and had the right to go where ever he wantesd to go cuz he was a free agent he wanted the best chance to win miami was that chance notice how good they where without having chimistry since tyhis is there first year clevland wouldnt of made the finals with lebron he didnt have a good enough team for him so be grate ful for the time he gave yall everyone nos that he wouldnt of won in clevland he had to leave so how low that droped without him he was there every thing how u go from best record to worst record but talk about how yall going to get a ring be fore the king yall sound dumb thats impossible kire might put yall in the playoffs but thats all yall better do what mephis did but clevland needs to pay the king some rrespect and thank him yall were so ungrateful good luck next year but go MIAMI HEAT ALL DAY EVERY DAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! MIAMI HEAT 20111-2012 NBA CHAMPS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!