Bobcats Walker, Biyombo Ready To Rock

HANG TIME HEADQUARTERS — We have no idea what kind of pros Kemba Walker and Bismack Biyombo are going to be for the Charlotte Bobcats.

There are legitimate questions surrounding both players, though we have a feeling Walker will answer many of those the minute he hits the floor under a veteran coach like Paul Silas and Biyombo will do the same with a little time and seasoning.

We do not, however, have any questions about their ability to entertain and connect with fans. Both of these young men possess all the personality needed to fit in on any NBA team (and they’ve got moves, too. Check them out six minutes in):


  1. brandon says:

    I feel like Bismack and Kemba will be the new Shrek and Donkey show haha

  2. Xavvva says:

    I personnally love the bobcats but i was a bit worried when michael Jordann traded G.Wallacce for no one but he looks like he is improving every day, and i look forward to the future. Before we go anywhere we need another lottery selection i9n next years draft. love ya bobbys! ❤

  3. feisty says:

    trade dj augustin and boris diaw to suns for josh childress and channing frye. =)

    • JMackk says:

      Josh Childress and Channing Frye, Really? DJ has an upside that could be valuable to a number of teams and is definately worth more than Josh Childress or Channing Frye. Childress can’t play, he has done nothing for Pheonix and Frye had a few very good, lucky games. If we had to trade Diaw and Augustin, I would consider the two of them for maybe someone like OJ Mayo, the Grizzlies have tried to get rid of him many times and i could definately see him helping the Bobcats in the future. =)

  4. r3y says:

    Well done MJ for hiring Rich Cho who did a great job during the draft and the trades. The Bobcats is much more younger, athletic and exciting now. Biyombo and Walker will make a big impact to this team. I just hope the Bobcats can keep them together for the next 5 or 6 seasons. Im sure they’ll be a playoff contender.

    Congratulations Charlotte Bobcats!!

  5. MARK says:

    trade DJ augustin!

  6. allaround baller says:

    this is pretty good step but, stephen jackson is on the edge.
    too bad they sent out g.wallace he can still doing a lot

    without a senior they’ll need a very long time dude, i don’t know what’s next.
    with this 2 only, bobcats wont get playoff for 3 next season

  7. tan says:

    I’m one of fan of jordan? I hope this is the time to strengthen the team of bobcats to the success of basketball.

  8. GM S. says:

    They seem like good guys, best of luck to the Bobcats.

  9. RM Poe says:

    Michael Jordan is making the right decisions for this young team. Yes I am a Jordan fan, but I did have my doubts about his administrative skills. The Bobcats got two quality players that will not just simply add to what they have but puts them in a position to build off of them too. Give this a read . Love the NBA Hangtime Blog, awesome! Again great job Bobcats!!

  10. BoyWonder says:


  11. Rocket33 says:

    Well done MJ! Got Charlotte my two favourite players in the draft. Hope they both make a big impact for the Bobcats this year. I’ll be watching closely that’s for sure!

  12. john lade says:

    yeah i agree with you and i think the person who wrote it is right