Big (Man) Issues To Address

HANG TIME HEADQUARTERS — No offense to Jonas Valanciunas, Jan Vesely or Bismack Biyombo, the biggest of the big men drafted in the top 10 of Thursday night’s Draft, but they are not the biggest name international post players that we’ll be keeping our eyes on in the coming weeks.

Sure, without a summer league to watch them perform in that makes it a little tougher to track their immediate progress, and there’s no telling when we’ll see Valanciunas in his Raptors uniform.

But there are two other NBA bigs that will have our undivided attention as we head into an uncertain July. Nuggets center Nene and Grizzlies center Marc Gasol are the headliners in a free agent class whose star power and depth pales in comparison to the flashy class of 2010 (LeBron James, Dwyane Wade, Chris Bosh, Carlos Boozer, Joe Johnson, etc.), a group still awaiting word on a new collective bargaining agreement before they can begin the process of deciding their futures.

As promising as that international crop of big men from the draft is supposed to be, and Valanciunas is considered by most the best long-term big man from the 2011 class, none of them will be as valuable as either Nene has been and could be to the Nuggets or Gasol has been and could be to the Grizzlies.

We are talking about two low-post anchors for Western Conference playoff teams, as opposed to long-range projects that no one is sure will be impact players in the league anytime soon.

The Grizzlies extended a qualifying offer to Gasol Friday, a formality to guarantee they can match any offers presented to their prized restricted free agent bruiser.

Gasol’s work in the playoffs — 15 points, 11.2 rebounds, 2.2 assists and 2.1 blocks as the Grizzlies upset top-seeded San Antonio in the first round and pushed Oklahoma City to seven games in the Western Conference semifinals — cranked his value up even more. The interest for 7-foot-1 Spaniard, who should expect a sizable raise from the $3.5 million he made this season, should be off the charts with so few “true centers,”  as one Eastern Conference executive put it during the draft, roaming the floor these days.

Nene’s situation is a bit trickier for the Nuggets, who won’t have the ability to match offers on their side. But they are already doing what they can to entice Nene to stick around, per my main man Chris Dempsey of the Denver Post:

The draft is done, but the hardest work is still ahead for the Nuggets in one area that had a dire look to it just a month-and-a-half ago: convincing Nene to stay.

The 6-foot-11 center is expected to opt out of the final year of his contract and become an unrestricted free agent, which leaves him free to sign with whomever he wishes. Nuggets executives Josh Kroenke and Masai Ujiri, however, reported good news on that front, saying they’ve had good meetings and positive feedback from the Brazilian big man since the end of the season.

“We’ve been having good talks,” Ujiri said late Thursday night after all of the draft day picks and trades were made. “We’re making good progress, I think. And I think Nene is excited. We’ve met a few times with him and a few times with his agent.”

Nene averaged career highs in points (14.5) and field-goal percentage (.615) last season, and was near career highs in free-throw percentage (.711) and rebounding (7.6). There was a component of appreciation Nene initially said was missing, and that it was as important as dollars and cents.

Since then, the Nuggets have bent over backward showing him the love.

“It’s been great,” Kroenke said. “We had one meeting with Nene, Masai and I did together. Masai has met with his people several times. I’ve had on-going dialogue with his agent. We’re going to continue dialogue into next week. I can’t comment any further at this point in time, but Nene is a player that we want to have here for a long time. He’s been a backbone of ours for the last several years, and he’s a big part of our future.”

With the premium on quality big men in the league at an all-time high, there is no greater priority for the Nuggets or our Hang Time Grizzlies than making sure both Nene and Gasol stay in the fold.


  1. chicago 4 ever says:

    Spurs aquire Tayshaun Prince for youth..Best comment yet (so true)

  2. Kemba Biyombo says:

    I really think that the Bobcats will get DH12

  3. GuintZ-Powered says:

    Well, look, BIG THREES, FOURS, FIVES just WONT WORK anymore as we have seen it in The Finals when Dirk Nowitzki and the Mavericks ousted the Big Three of Miami (Miami Thrice). The Lakers outlasted the Big 4 or 5 of Celtics a year before that.

    Just THINK. Those BIGS just wont work anymore. The last time it happened was when Boston Celtics won their championship 2007-2008 when they acquired the BIG Three and EVERYONE also started forming their BIGS s.

    Just giving credit to the team who relied on their players and won it all 🙂

  4. dasdas says:

    SPURS 2011-2012 nba Champion

  5. dasdas says:

    SPURS must trade richard jefferson to jason richardson…
    richardson will be getting his 1st nba champion ring…

  6. SD244 says:

    Trade lebron to lakers, so that he could win a championship. 0-2? are you kidding me lebron.

  7. Clint Davidson says:

    I see Nene in a sign and trade deal with the warriors.. Warriors get Nene, Nuggets get Biedrins and reggie williams and a second round draft pick

  8. TotoyMola says:

    in order for the Miami to be a champion next season they should get Hilario Nene & Samuel Dalembert for their Center Position and then, make Dexter Pitmann & Joel Anthony as their back-up. They should throw- Juward Howard, Jamal Magloire, Big Z, Eric Dampier for them to have a strong defender & scorer in the post. They should also sign Jarvis Varnado as back-up for Chris Bosh & Udonis Haslem for PF position. And sign Norris Cole as back-up PG for Mario Chalmers. Lastly, sign back James Jones & Eddie House.

    So, this could be the 2011-2012 Miami Heat Roster:

    PG- Mario Chalmers
    SG- Dywane Wade
    SF- Lebron James
    PF- Chris Bosh
    C- Nene


    PG- Norris Cole & Patrick Beverly(Reserved PG)
    SG- James Jones & Eddie House(Reserved SG)
    SF- Mike Miller
    PF- Udonis Haslem & Jarvis Varnado
    C- Sam Dalembert , Joel Anthony & Dexter Pitmann(Reserved C)

    This is surely be a strong line-up for next season. Pat please do something for Miami next season. Go Heat!!!!

    • NBAHASCAP says:

      haha think you idiot nba has cap spaces this is not an nba game. HAHA. Samuel Dalembert will be THE GREATEST CHOICE FOR THE HEAT. TRADE CHRIS BOSH FOR MARCUS CAMBY AND FELTON. TSK.

  9. haha! says:

    trade bynum for marc gasol. ^^

  10. 24 Black Mamba says:

    nene isnt even that good

  11. Marlos de Jesus says:

    Where is the GSW fans? Let´s show ourselves and our force and say that we want NENE at our team

  12. Marlos de Jesus says:

    Hi guys, at first time i´m from Brazil and a i’ll love to see NENE at the GSW. When Law, Radmanovic, Reggie and Bell go wy, we will have space to keep NENÊ and my team will have force at the front, look:

    PG – Curry
    SG – Ellis
    SF – Wright
    PF – David LEE
    C – NENE


  13. C Nene
    PF Bosh
    SF James
    SG Wade
    PG Chalmers

    We want NENE in a HEAT uniform

  14. the nba will change after free agency and draft 🙂

  15. I agree with iadera. Keep the core intact and give some quality time to the young guys. Don’t try to get any free agents thos summer. After next season the C’s will have tons of cap room with KG’s and Rays contracts expiring. Maybe make a run for Dwight who would makke a great fit with Rondo feeding him the ball.

  16. pipl says:

    I really dont understand why the hell spurs gave away hill, he was great for them.. no way parker will go anywhere now…. who will play pg??

    Besides I dont know knicks will really want to sign nene cause they will have to pay him as starting C, so their option on howard would already be closed or maybe they could use him then to trade for howard (I dont know), but I think knick would prefer much more to take Howard then CP3 thats for sure!

    Man but if Portland could sign Nene that would be awsome for them, imagine:

    Nene C
    Aldrige PF
    Wallace SF
    Brandon Roy SG – goes healthy and in old shape
    Felton PG

    If they could play a bit better D, Hell yeah, title is there!!!

  17. Michael says:

    Come to Miami, Gasol! We’ll give you the MLE and you’ll get more rings than your big brother! Easily….
    Ok, I know I’m asking to much…

  18. Joseph V says:

    I hope Nene stays in Denver. He’s the closest we’ll get to an All-Star till Ty really breaks out, which is coming by the way!

  19. CHI/MIA says:

    Okay now to settle the Miami Heat center problom they will nt get Nene unless Nene wants to get 1 Mil or less they should atleast try to get Dalambert because he plays D. Which is something the heat would love to have.Also discussing there draft great job getting Norris Cole great underrated defender and also Miami get rid of Bibby because at first when they signed them i was like yea finally an okay point bt he didnt show up for the Heat at all especially not in the playoffs.

    • Timu@Miami says:

      Bibby did on Game2 he was 4/7 behind 3 point line, and 14 points in 25min. But Spoelstra kept him on the bench whole 4th quarter, and let Chalmers to play 0/5 behind 3 point line before he shoot the game tying 3 1/6. Spoelstra gifted the Game2 by making tons of mistakes including the one I just told u. in Game 2 Bibby on the floor Miami +7 Chalmers on the floor – 7 . Again I am not saying Bibby did a good job but he was limited by Spo while he was playing great. We need a real coach first.

      • CHI/MIA says:

        Sure but 1 game isnt enough chalmers might of not played good of that game but in the rest he was the best point miami had. I believe spolstra had the ability to be a great coach but when your 3 years in the leauge and out of nowhere u get 2 superstars and a great player thats alot of pressure

  20. BoriKinG305 says:

    P-Riley said that he wont brake the BIG 3(D-Wade, LBJ, Bosh) but i say it like this… Bosh should go, he’s is way “too soft” for the HEAT. I think he was a waste, no defense or rebounds once so ever!!! like Pat said “no rebounds, no rings” plus we got the offense with Wade/LeBron/Miller(healthy). Plus another waste was Bibby.. I feel bad for my homie Arroyo, he was good for the HEAT, they went on a 20/21 streak when he was the starter PG. He’s a great play maker but things changed when his Grandfather died(his mentor) so Miami got rid of him to open up space for Bibby, great mistake! Arroyo vs Barea in the Finals? that would it been great, 2 Boricuas battling for their 1st ring!
    This would be a GREAT move “Pat” why dont we just trade Bosh/Bibby/Future Pick .. for D-Howard? Miami needs the strength and toughness DH12 will bring.. Ability to get rebounds, bring the D, and score easy alley-ups Wade n Bron will provide him.. Now that will be the most exiting basketball you guys will ever watch.. there wont be no competition!!! Plus DH12/WAD3/LBJ are great friends!!! and dont forget Norris Cole, he will be a big impact on the roster. But “MOST” important, LeBron James needs to MAN’UP with his childish and stop fearing the “illuminati” and we’ll be “UNTOUCHABLE” LETS GO HEAT!!!

    • CHI/MIA says:

      Let’s be real bibby bust gotta agree but with your trade idea i dnt agree because Dwight is better than both Bosh (no offense) and Bibby and then the draft pick rlly wuld the magic like a 26-30 pick in the draft wouldn’t think so. The Magic wont trade Howard because when you have the best center in the leauge and theres a possibility he might go to free agency i suggest keeping him until you get a great trade offer for a player of Howards caliber.

  21. cythe_14 says:

    Celtics need one of them since the departure of the two big men (shaq and nenad). One of them can help the boston to get its 18th championship…

  22. Timu@Miami says:

    Sekou: I always love reading your articles. I am amazed that you just ignored the best big man of the draft #3 pick Kanter. You either do not know him, or do not like him. Lets be fair to the big guy. Please go watch Nike Hoops + Check out the following stats, then reconsider your best big man list of 2011 draft.

    Turkey 95 Lithuania 74

    Enes Kanter Jonas Valanciunas
    35 Pts 14
    19 Reb 5
    1 AS 1
    3 ST 0
    4 BS 4
    36 Min 26


  23. Rockets Nene says:

    Rockets should get Nene, we have no Center im pretty sure Daryl Morey will do all he can to get one of these Centers on a free. It makes me laugh looking at the comments hardly any of them are viable i mean one of them even said CP3 and Howard going to Miami CAPSPACE IDIOT! I can definetly see the Houston Rockets snapping one of these guys up and id probably say Nene and this would instantly make the Rockets a playoff team

  24. cool knick fan says:

    knicks, go after Nene. i hope Nene wants to be in new york.

  25. vincent says:

    Marc Gasol will stay in Memphis but Nene can go to other teams and the Nuggets will everything to convince him to stay in Denver because they can not afford his services.

  26. letsgomavs!!!` says:


  27. Lebron iS a Dumv says:

    even if the miami heat sign a free agent THE QUEEN/LBJ STILL CAN NEVER WIN A CHAMPIONSHIP stop being a kid lbj
    SHE is also a member of the illuminati

    • Stop it says:

      he is a kisd a kid who makes millions of dollars that you dream of making and hes only 26. to the she crap SHE is 6’8 265 pounds of muscle so yeah call him a kid to his face in miami and then that will impress everybody jr.

  28. iadera says:

    JaJuan Johnson seems to be a hell of a player. 6ft10 with great 3 point shooting av. Doc needs to use him as much as possible. I d rather leave this Big 4 to try once more, than force to bring Josh S. or Nene to the team. If the trade doesn´t go as planned (no Big4 breaking), than let s rather sign some FA-s. But, as I said, JaJuan is a big + for the C`s in future.

  29. abi says:

    HEAT has no salary cap to get Quality players like Nene,
    unless they trade Bosh. (which i personally prefer, let say trade dwight for bosh and chalmers/pick)

    dwight will be leaving orlando. so the best thing orlando must do is get quality exchange.

    tayshaun is not YOUNG!

    CP3 i think is headed to NYK/dallas. especially with the success shown by the heats trio. N.O. just doesn’t have the willingness/capability to spend for talents like cuban’s team so I see no reason for Cp3 to stay there.

    vince to raptors? come on! NBA is not a sentimental place, its business.

    J-rich is good but i like hamilton more for bulls, he’s style of play will fit in nicely plus his experience is vital.


  30. magic4life says:

    spurs will sign nene to help tim duncan

  31. Yummy says:

    I’m pretty sure Daryl Morey is working furiously to bring Nene or Gasol to Houston. Denver and Houston were talking about trading during the trade deadline as well so I would not be surprised at all if they do a sign and trade. Not sure who Houston would send, probably one of the newly drafted members or another young player.

  32. jR24LEE says:

    Man The Lakers Should Make A Three Team Trade With Orlando And Chicago It Goes Like This The Lakers Send Lamar Odom And Bynum and A Future First Round Pick To The Magic For D-Howard And 2nd Round Pick
    Lakers Then Send Ron Artest , Steve Blake And Luke Walton To The Bulls For Deng And A Future 2nd Round Pick
    The Bulls Would Also Get J-Rich From The Magic And 2nd round Pick For Taj Gibson

    But What Would Be More Interesting In A Unrelated Trade The Lakers Send Fisher And Another Future Pick To The magic For Gilbert Arenas Lakers Would Be Unstopable At That Point But Ehhhh Mitch Does Think Like A Good GM Where Is Mr Jerry West When You Need Him To Come Out With Some Of That February 1, 2008 Trade Power (Wink Wink Gasol )

    • grizz says:

      dude do some math your trading 5 players for 2 players so what destroy the bench but have a good starting line up oh wait someone got injured now whos gunna step up not ratliff ill tell you that

  33. PETRO HEAT says:

    Heat needs a big guy,,nd they will get!! could be nene,,could be Dalembert,doesnt matter!! they will not have a lot of work 2 do!! they should grab some reb,,make some blocks nd play good in def!! Heat have LBJ,WADE,BOSH,CHALMERS,,NOW COLE,,nd they will do a lot of work!! (miller,haslem,,jj) !! next year,,HEAT definitively will win the championship!! are the most complete team in league!!

  34. If you are talking about free agent centres this summer maybe we should also be mentioning that the starting centre for the defending champions is a free agent too, Tyson Chandler. Dirk has called him the greatest team mate he has ever played with and you can make the case that he was a real difference maker to the team. In regards to Nene and Gasol I dont think either player is going anywhere

  35. Ventruck says:

    Marc Gasol is likely staying put. Memphis, like Atlanta, is actually stacked but just not executing for wins. If I was Nene, I’d probably want some kind of a change. He’d be a great addition to a number of teams, and can keep a starting position. Boston’s losing big men…good ones at least. I’d get rid of Troy Murphy and Arroyo for him if that was somehow possible.

    The mention of Aaron Brooks does come off like a great idea to me for the Lakers, although it’s not happening. If I understand right, Darren Collision’s future is a bit up in the air. I’d show interest.

    • Dieter says:

      Indeed, why would Gasol leave a team like Memphis.. a contender for the future. Conley, Mayo, Gay and Gasol will all get better in the next few years. Lakers & Mavericks won’t be playoff teams in the next few years, and the Spurs won’t be as good, so the Western Conference bigs will be the Grizzlies, Trail Blazers, Thunder and maybe the Clippers.

      Atlanta has almost reached it’s full potential. Joe Johnson and Josh Smith aren’t getting any better anymore. Only way to become a contender is by trading both, or even trade everything besides Horford. In 2 years we’ll now which boring big spender east teams will be topping the east for at least 5 years. Hopefully Paul will stay in New Orleans, Williams in New Jersey, and Howard in Orland but i doubt it. My guess: Howard 2 the Nets, Paul 2 the Knicks. Hornets and Magic 2 the lottery. Free agency is so wrong, hopefully there will be a hard cap

  36. knicksfan#33 says:

    the knicks wont get nene. We wont waste money on him when we r waiting for dh12 or cp3. Nene is a good player, but not a great player.
    Knicks will try to get dalembert cheap.

  37. BlackMamba24 says:

    I wish Lakers could get a good point guard like Aaron Brooks or maybe……… Steve Nash?

    • frans.a. says:

      maybe brooks but not steve nash… nash doesn’t want to be traded, he wants to stay with phoenix and end his career without a ring….

  38. tenin11 says:

    lalalalalal idiots spurs will be 2012 champss!

  39. cedric says:

    The spurs is my team but getting rid of hill is a mistake.They should have gotten rid of parker and jefferson. Hill is younger than parker and just need some more time as a starter.They still need a big that can help duncan.They need to get rid of bonner.

    Heat really get unstoppable if they can have a TRUE Center like Nene that can low post.
    Pat Riley shouldn’t sign Ilgaukaus last summer he is really SOFT like a Tissue paper. 😛

    C Nene
    PF Bosh
    SF James
    SG Wade
    PG Chalmers

    • Luke says:

      Nene is not a true centre at all. He’s a more natural PF

      • js says:

        yea I really dont see how people can like him playing next to chris bosh. both guys need another strong anchor in the paint to play effectively. they dont compliment each other at all. plus at the end of the day hes going to give up alot of money to play for the heat. im not saying he wont, but its up to him. Its going to be alot too there are teams willing to pay big im sure for him

    • Timu@Miami says:

      I think they are. As a 16 years Miami Heat fan, I honestly do not give much chance to Miami with Spoelstra. I am sorry to say that. He makes some mistakes you can not afford to make in finals.

  41. I am going to do something simular to what Ginger man 123456789 did above. This is what I think will happen in the offseason.

    Bulls- will sign J-rich
    Lakers- They will get Aaron Brooks becaause there is no other PG. Andrew and Pau are staying
    Mavs- resign free agents
    thunder- don’t trade Westbrook and start harden and get Jr smith for backup. young and explsoive just what the thunder need to run up and down the floor.
    Heat- Agree with the samuel Dalembert situation
    Sixers/Clippers- straight up kaman for iggy
    magic-unlike lebron Dh12 is staying because they are getting J-smoove for a jameer nelson and a Hedo Thurkolough
    Hornets- like howard, Cp3 will stay but only for the next year. then teams like the knicks and lakers can make a move. most likely knicks.
    Knicks- will stay the same but stronger and better because everyone is healthy.
    Suns-Get rid of Vince
    Raptors- sign Vince
    Warriors- Nobody wants Ellis so stay with the Curry/Ellis backcourt with Klay off the bench
    Pistons- keep rip and HELLO Brandon Knight. Resign Stuckey
    Spurs- sign Tayshunn Prince for youth
    Celtics- need to get young so play your draft pick Jajaus Johnson
    Nuggets- Nene ain’t going nowhere because the Nuggets then would be dying for a PF.
    Hawks- Nobody wants Jamal Crawford except the Bulls but Chi is getting J-rich so resign Crawford and get what you from the Orlando deal.
    Nj Nets- resign Khris humprifies

  42. HEAT2k11 says:

    NENE TO THE HEAT OR DALAMBERT. that plus a versatile point guard, MIAMI will be great!

  43. Hey Sekou says:

    What happened to Enes Kanter? Do you think he is not big enough?

  44. SPURSSSS says:

    Spurs should have kept Hill and traded Parker for Gasol. Then, Duncan can teach Gasol how to be more versatile offensively and naturally give the starting job to Gasol. But then again, why would Memphis take Parker when Mike Conley owned Parker during the playoffs…

    If only they can get a true center…Leonard reminds me of a Udonis like player…IDK how much of a help he can provide in the low post.

  45. MavsChamps says:

    I think gasol should stay and they will most likely try and trade rudy gay for someone else who is more defensive minded, maybe granger from the pacers

    if ne ne wants a tittle he will leave

    mavs need to re sign some of the free agents and make a packaged deal to try and bring dwight howard or Cp3, if D-will doesnt get the help he was promised we could see him in Dallas as well

    Thunder should also try for a trade Westbrook for someone like Cp3

    • IUPUI says:

      Are you stupid?? Why would pacers trade granger (captain of pacers) for rudy gay? They just aquired G Hill a great scorer. They dont need another one. Besides granger is wayyy more valuable than gay

      • grizz says:

        i disagree i think rudy gay and granger are very similar its just gay has more scoring options on his team and thats stupid gay just resigned last of season for 5 years god so of you guys need to do a little homework

  46. fan says:

    i think Gasol will not leave because Z-Bo resigned only so that Grizz will resign Gasol.Nene to Knicks.EPIC Nene+Carmelo+Amare=atleast conf.finals:D

  47. Spacejam13 says:

    Nene needs to come to Indy! all we need is a good big man and we’ll be set!
    line up:


  48. The comment that rose#1 just posted up started me thinking of 3 questions. Can anyone answer?

    1. Where will Dh12 go this year? (i thinks he stays in Orlando)

    2. If Dh12 goes to Chi town who will be the 2 guard? ( i think a cheap Michael Redd)

    3. Who wins it all next year? ( i think Chicago)

    • Stop it says:

      1. boston, la lakers, san antonio, or orlando
      2.keith bogans cus they couldnt afford a better one if they sign dwight especially with the new cllective bargaining deal. chicago needs more experiance espesially rose if hes gonna lead the bulls to a championship in his 4th season.

  49. MyMainManManu says:

    spurs.. jefferson should go.. find a way to get rid of him… include him in a tony parker trade and you will never regret… sign a true center that can revound well and block shots.. i tell you spurs will win another title…

  50. MyMainManManu says:

    Spurs should get BATUM… trade PARKER for a BIG… I think joseph will learn a lot from popovich.. he will be a great player… i tell you he will be ready for this season…

  51. rose#1 says:


  52. Melo7 says:

    nene to new york. he already knows melo and billups style of plya and they need a good center. he will fit right in

  53. Diego says:

    The game would fit better in OKC NENE!

  54. Batez says:

    I dont even know why I read these comments. Half of you idiots have no idea about what youre talking about, and the other half cant spell. Smh.

    • STFU_NOOB says:

      YOU go to both, you are an idiot and you don’t even know how to put punctuation marks. “Don’t”, “you’re” and “can’t”. but i love your comment, its a good laugh.

  55. Rudy says:

    whos saying stuff about me and memphis

  56. aj says:

    who will be the next Durant

    • QuestionMark says:

      No one, Durant is in his own league, and 6’9 SF with huge length and that can knock down jumpers over any SF, that is special.

      • KD35OverratedOnedimesional says:

        First, Durant is 6’11″… so if he can make jumpers over any SF, that because of the height disadvantage.. second, he’s taller than perkins so let him post over the tall PFs and Cs in the league.. well see what makes him so special… lastly, no defense at all… will only win championship because of good teammates…

  57. aj says:

    dallasmade a good draft picking up JORDAN hamilton

  58. 503 says:


  59. Victor Manoel says:

    Come on… Ray Allen and Glen Davis for Josh Smith??? Do you think the Hawks are crazy? They already have Joe Johnson, and Baby is good coming off the bench.

    Dallas will replace Peja with Rudy Fernandez, great deal.

    Gasol should stay in Memphis. I would love to see Nenê in Miami, but I think they can’t afford it. So, I see him going to the Knicks, where are his good pals Carmelo and Chauncey Billups.

  60. Rev. J Danger says:

    Look for Portland to sign Glen Davis. He’s been making the rounds at the local radio/TV shows doing LOOOOOOOOONG interviews. So has Samuel Dalembert.

  61. lyency says:

    Memphis will be ruined into pieces when Rudy Gay returns. Marc Gasol should find a real TEAM again, where he is fully appreciated. perhaps a rejuvenated Lakers?

    • grizz says:

      thats stupid id love him too come too the lakers but gasol is fully appriciated and why would they be introuble when gay comes back they made it too the playoffs with him id like too say they woulda taken out okc if he was health

  62. hasib says:

    Raptors have a crap load of money, if they throw a near-max contract at Gasol it is very likely the Grizz won’t be able to match. Gasol might like it over there, but Toronto also has Jose Calderon a fellow Spaniard, and it’s a young team which Gasol will thrive in. In Memphis Gasol’s averages were hurt because of the beast next to him Z-Bo, in Toronto look for him to grab 12 boards a night, and if Bargnani plays the 4 (which he will), this team will be dangerous.

    Same with Nene, Toronto will deffinentely throw him a juicy offer, and if half the Denver team decides to leave, Nene will do so aswell. There has been an article suggesting Tyson Chandler will want big bucks which Dallas will have a hard time coffing up.

    Possibilities are endless, but look for Toronto to grab 1 solid Bigman and 1 solid Forward in free agency. Best case scenario being Gasol/Wilson Chandler from their respective teams.

  63. CeLTiiCS_FTW says:

    yeah the celtics do need j smoove but there goes a major part of there defense u know the heart and soul.. if you want to trade some one trade ray allen and glen davis for josh smith

    • newbie says:

      why ray ray i like him in boston i would rather trade pierce but i would trade ray only for Kdurrant or kobe and i boubt that would happen

    • grizz says:

      that is a horrible trade i would laugh if someone offered me those two hacks ray allen is ancient and glen is undersized for his position sorry ill stick with j smooth

  64. frans.a. says:

    Marc Gasol should stay in Memphis, there’s no reason for him to leave a contender team nxt season with Rudy Gay getting good now… I think Nene should leave because the Nuggets is again building their roster to be a contender… Miami can’t afford Nene, Miami is broke, i mean really broke!!.. hahaha.. Maybe he should go with OKC….

    • newbie says:

      marc gasol should stay and i think would exept if he want to stick with he’s brother and go to LA nene to celtics i dream of this to happen but i doubt any of my prediction would happen 😀

    • QuestionMark says:

      Agreed, but OKC needs a rebounder at C, maybe Nene can start a PF and OKC trade Perkins for a C that can defend and grab 10 boards, anyone on trading Perks and Westbrook to Atlanta for Hinrich and J-Smoove? If OKC does get Nene, that would actaully be the most athletic team ever, Durant, Harden, Smoove, Nene, Maynor, Ibaka, but I would much rather prefer Josh Smith goes to Orlando, he will fit in much better there.

  65. derrick w says:

    The knicks pick up Iman Shumpert the closest thing to Gary Payton I’ve seen. Chris Singleton brings what they already have in Renaldo Balkman……..Josh Harrelson is tough and will rebound…Great draft New York.

  66. Wes says:

    You notice the article didn’t mention anything about defense, Bye Nene, I think we can do better. He is way to soft

    • ...nene fan says:

      wake up man.. without nene denver would win less the 35 games.. you think the birdman could do 1/10 of what nene does?? if you think so you are a waaay idiot!.. if you watch games.. than you know that nene open space for all teammates to play.. 1st quarter nene does everything the team needs..

      • nuggetsfan says:

        i agree with u 100% plus us drafting faried might have cleared up nenes offensive game because we arnt going to set up many offensive plays to faried

  67. Ginobili says:

    Nene should and will leave. Gasol should stay, I like the Grizzlies, their tough, play good team ball. Why my Spurs trade Hill? It hurts. I’d rather have parted ways with Tony “I Bash my team that drafted me and gave me a chance when no one else would”. He let a 2nd or 3rd year first time playoffs guard burn him. No offernse Mike. Dwight should stay in Orlando and Chris Paul will join him. The Knicks…..are screwed as long as Dantoni is head coach. Boston stays pact and makes one more run, I could see them winning the East one more time. Bulls could go after J-Richardson. I like what the Pacers are doing. Wonder where A. Jamison will go, he could make a difference on a contender.
    Should be a fun off season. And you know they’ll have a season next year, football too. Boohoo, I only get 35 million instead of 40 and my team’s owner only gets 1 billion.
    Hook me up with a job Sekou.

    • hasib says:

      Spurs got a good deal, they drafted a very underrated PG Corey Joseph from Toronto. The kid is very good, and SAN probably guaranteed him he would be drafted and stashed him away. That happens often and that explains why nobody really talked about the 19 year old on mock drafts. Anyway, I’m sure Joseph will do great and replace some of what Hill brought, but the real bonus was Kawhi Leonard.

      Leonard is an athletic freak, had him ranked as the 5th best talent in the entire draft. The fact that he went 15th overall was crazy, and SAN really got a steal. He’s going to take over Jefferson’s starting spot and will be extremely solid from the get-go. He’s a shawn marion clone, I expect him to score 13ppg as a rookie.

      • js says:

        I dont know alot about him but at this point I trust the spurs when it comes to drafting. When they make a push like they did to go out of their way to go get a guy, you know hes going to be good. I agree that dwight should stay and I think he will. He wants to, and you can say what you will about otis smith, but at the end of the day hes a guy that pulls the trigger and has no fear and making roster moves. He’ll do something to put the right pieces around him, at least he’ll try to. I really hope gilbert turns it around this year with a full off season with the magic, I thought while he hurt himself with a big mouth most of his career, what happened with the wizards he didnt deserve so good luck to him. I like the position boston is in, I thought jermaine was a pleasent surprise in the playoffs and I hope he continues it next year. they do need to get another big tho, what happened to troy murphy?!?! I wonder what they have planned with him. I liked the signing but then it didnt turn out to be much

  68. Christopher says:

    Nene should either go to Miami or OKC, two teams that need a very strong guy in the middle who can score. A guy that is a treat to other teams. Not like Anthony or Perkins.

    Nene to Miami.

    • nuggetsfan says:

      okc? nene would never do that to denver he might leave but leaving for okc is just horrible plus he doesnt get along with the guys up there

  69. HEAT2012 says:

    Can u imagine if Heat would get one of these guys especially NENE…whoooooooooooo weeeeeee..but yeah I think they’ll stay put where they are.

    • PISTON'S ALL DAY says:

      unless he only wants a ring, he’d never go to miami, they can’t afford either one of these guys, they barely could make a deal w/chicago to get the 6.3 back up point guard they got n the draft…Heat r broke, lol!!!

      • newbie says:

        i’m starting to like your comment they make sense to me

      • js says:

        I agree they cant afford him, and I dont think its the best option for them anyway. He does have a tendancy to get pushed around on the defensive end and its not going to improve playing next to chris bosh. they need a guy that can stand alone and handle himself with chris bosh not really being a huge factor in the paint. a guy like dalembert is a much better fit. they really dont need alot of offense out of their 5 they have it covered. chris kaman is another good fit but I dont think they have the pieces to intrigue the clippers

      • beattheHeat says:

        The Heat are not broke they are just in a very hard situation with the amount with the salery cap. If the salary cap was not implaced then Dwight would wear a heat jersey in the next year to two years.

  70. Steven says:

    I can’t imagine why Gasol would leave the Grizzlies but I doubt Nene will stay in Denver. I like him but most of the fans around Denver don’t, they think he’s too soft (sometimes I can’t help but think he they have a point). I hope he stays though because we’d be in a lot of trouble with out him.

    • PISTON'S ALL DAY says:

      i agree, Ne Ne’s gone man, he needs to go to a real contender like Boston or even if he made it to New York, then they could b in the contender convo..but gasol isnt leaving, he feels the love in memphis, and he’s tryna get from under Pao’s shadow

      • newbie says:

        yeah total agree with this one but somethings telling me nene won’t leave denver but i want him in boston hehe

      • js says:

        he’d be a good fit in boston but if money is something hes after I dont see them being able to compete with the offers hes surely gonna get. Its a good sign for them for now and the future but again hes going to have higher offers from other teams its up to him if hes looking for that huge pay day. gasol has his perfect fit with memphis next to z-bo and a team that goes to the paint first. no reason to fix what isnt broken. with rudy gay comming back they will be in the playoffs again and stronger, why leave

      • Beber says:

        Oh yeah Nene in Boston ! I think he would really be able to fill the spot ! Wtih KG, Pierce, Allen and Rondo they could have a really nice starting five ! Meanwhile Boston management did a great mistake last year when they traded Perkins an Robinson : except Jermaine O’Neal (who is more a PF) an Kristic (who played just a few minutes and no gone to Russia), they was nobody in the paint (Shaq was injured and no retired)… So Boston has no more real center for 2012 ! Let’s go Nene : sign with Boston ! 😉
        Concerning Gasol, I think he will resign with the Grizzlies… even if I would love to see him in the black and silver jersey… with the Spurs 😉 Can you imagine the monster power in the paint ? With Gasol and a healthy Ginobili, San Antonio can be a real pretender for a ring in 2012 !
        Greetings from Belgium

    • bigtruckdriver_666 says:

      gasol needs to stay out of grizz if he wants to get a champ ring like what his brother did..

  71. this is what will happen in the 2011 offseason excluding what already happened.

    Bulls- Sign J-Rich

    Spurs- Tayshunn Prince for youth

    Heat- Samuel Dalembert

    Lakers- will sign a point guard Aaron Brooks

    Celtics- will have to break up the big 4 at one point so trade Garnett and west For J-Smoove

    Magic- luckily I am one person who thinks DH12 will stay in Orlando for the whole year because Otis Smith knows what he is facing and Jameer is not getting traded because nobody wants him and Magic will do nothing this offseason because what can they do?

    Thunder- will not trade Westbrook and have same team

    Mavericks- resign your free agents

    Knicks- don’t worry Knicks fans but CP3 ain’t coming to NYC this year I don’t know about next year. They will have the same team but will be better because everybody is healthy.

    Raptors- Get Vince Carter back

    Hornets- Will not trade Cp3 because they will be better with West healthy and with the new draft pick

    Sixers/Clippers- will trade Kaman for Iggy!

    Warriors- Sorry GS fans but you gotta stick with the curry/Ellis backcourt because nobody wants Ellis 6-3. Klay Thompson off the bench.

    • JBR says:

      The Spurs MUST be old if they were to get Tayshaun Prince – who will turn 32 next season – “for youth” 😀

      Other than that, I like your observations, but I try to avoid predicting the future.

    • PISTON'S ALL DAY says:

      alright man, some of what u said was true, but i got a few changes brah..

      Bulls- Sign J-Rich <–YES

      Spurs- Tayshunn Prince for youth <–YES



      Celtics- will have to break up the big 4 at one point so trade Garnett and west For J-Smoove <—NAW DOG, NOT GONNA HAPPEN, LOL…C'S GOTTA BETTER CHANCE OF GOING AFTER NE NE, AND KEEPING THE SAME TEAM

      Magic- luckily I am one person who thinks DH12 will stay in Orlando for the whole year because Otis Smith knows what he is facing and Jameer is not getting traded because nobody wants him and Magic will do nothing this offseason because what can they do? <–YES

      Thunder- will not trade Westbrook and have same team <–YES, BUT THEY WILL START HARDEN THIS YR FOR SURE

      Mavericks- resign your free agents <–YES (HELL YES!!!) – OH, XCEPT FOR STOJAKOVIC, HE CAN SHOOT, BUT THEY JUST DON'T NEED HIM

      Knicks- don’t worry Knicks fans but CP3 ain’t coming to NYC this year I don’t know about next year. They will have the same team but will be better because everybody is healthy. <–YES, BUT NOT ENOUGH, THEY SHOULD GO AFTER NE NE AS WELL, AND THEY NEED A DEEPER BENCH MAN, AND A YOUNGER QUALITY POINT GUARD, CHAUNCEY'S STILL GOT IT, BUT IT'S GOING AWAY IN A YR OR TWO, WATCH, LOL…& THAT'S COMING FROM A DIE HARD PISTON FAN!!! YO, I CALL A SPADE A SPADE..

      Raptors- Get Vince Carter back <–HELL NO, RETIRE CARTER, U SUCK!!! LOL

      Hornets- Will not trade Cp3 because they will be better with West healthy and with the new draft pick IT DOESNT MATTER, HE'S LEAVING ANYWAY IN 2012..


      Warriors- Sorry GS fans but you gotta stick with the curry/Ellis backcourt because nobody wants Ellis 6-3. Klay Thompson off the bench. MAN, HONESTLY I LIKE THEIR BACKCOURT, I JUST THINK DAVID LEE NEEDS MORE HELP UP FRONT



      • DurantJR says:

        Iguodala may be listed as a SG first, but he’s really a SF because of his vesatility, besides Philly started him at the 3, with Meeks at th 2, so LAC can start Gordon& Iggy no prob

      • Ryan says:

        No lie thats a good line-up for the clipps if they get iggy.

        mo williams
        eric gordon
        andre igoudala
        blake griffin
        deondre jordan

        now they just need a good bench to go farther.

      • js says:

        its a good trade for both the sixers and the clippers. brand already thrived when he played next to kaman with the clips, and he’ll bring them the defensive presence in the paint they’ve been missing. and for the clips they will finally have a perimiter defender and scorer with iggy. they will look pretty scary with a lineup of mo, gordon, iggy, blake, and deandre

      • bigtruckdriver_666 says:

        i agree…the celts need NENE now that theyve thrown away their best defensive center..NE NE is as good as perk and has a cool mind rather than perk…

      • Arman says:

        sign and trage j-rich together with nelson and some other guy to make the trade work for cp3 for as you mentioned he’s leaving the hornets anyway. hornets shouldn’t stay with the illusion that he’s staying cause he has allready arranged with dwight to play together to cut miamis hopes of a repeat 2013 (in my mind miami are allready the 2012 champions and orlando will be champions in 2013). and forget about anybody who’s saying dwight will leave orlando and go to the lakers. he doesn’t need all that stuff to be champion, all he needs is a true pg who shares, drives and dishes, defends and makes the role players play better … so not nelson … kobe can come to the magic if he wants to play point guard, dwight won’t go to the lakers and pick up all the missed shots from kobe.

    • newbie says:

      i’m a total agree with Pistonn’s all day lol some of your comment are just to funny to think about

    • Mark says:

      everything seems plausable.. minus the fact raptors getting vince carter back, he’s old.. way past his prime. But most importantly, absolutely hated by the Raptor fans. Thats a negative to chemistry.

  72. Miami champs 2012-onwards!!! says:

    surely this two will stay with there current teams